Family (Chapters 10-12)

Chapter 10: A well kept secret

Reimu began her morning after her lovemaking session with Flandre by finding a worried Remilia and explaining what had happened.
Remilia reacted with great surprise at first, but when she had heard the whole explanation (along with Reimu’s apology for not telling her sooner), as well as listened to Flandre’s side of the story, her eyes teared up.
She embraced her sister and cried “I’m sorry Flan! All I ever did was try to keep you away from other people so that you wouldn’t have to hurt anyone. I never stopped to consider your feelings. I’m a terrible big sister for not realizing sooner how much I’ve hurt you!”
Flandre didn’t really know how to react, she had never seen her sister this way, so Reimu decided to help them out. She kneeled down and put her hands on their shoulders.
“The important thing Remi, is that now we both know her true feelings. It’s what we do from now on that counts”.
Flandre looked at her, then at her sister, then large drops started to form in the corners of her eyes.
“Reimu! Big sis!”
The two sisters embraced each other while Reimu put her arms around them both. They stayed that way for several minutes, slowly rocking back and forth, their quiet sobs being the only sound in the room.

When they headed to the kitchen for breakfast they decided to take Flandre with them.
Upon arriving everyone looked at them and seemed nervous.
Reimu went straight to the table without breaking her stride, then sat down on a chair and told Flandre to sit in her lap. Remilia sat down to her right and motioned to Sakuya to bring their plates.
As the maid bowed and went about her task, Reimu caught Marisa’s eye and gave her a small wink.
The witch nodded slightly, then looked at the younger vampire and said “So Flan, what do you plan on doing today?”
Flandre seemed surprised by the question. She contemplated her answer, then said “Um, I haven’t really thought much about it…”
At this point Reimu caught Alice’s eye with her gaze and gave her the same small wink. Marisa noticed and lightly nudged her friend with her elbow.
Alice snapped out of her stupor and quickly gathered her thoughts.
“H-hey Flandre, I got a rather large collection of dolls, do you want to see it later? You might find one you like”.
“Ah, can I really see? I’ve heard you are really good with dolls!”
“Of course, I am a puppeteer after all”.
“Yea, you should see her fireworks display with her special brand of exploding dolls” Marisa added.
Flandre’s eyes widened in anticipation.
“Can you make them explode in different colors? Like these?” She asked while pointing at her wings.
“Sure, if I adjust them a little”.
As Flandre laughed in excitement and anticipation Reimu looked at Marisa and Alice. She smiled and gave them a small nod. Marisa grinned in response.

Reimu and Remilia spent the rest of the day walking around with Flandre. They let her speak to everyone else that lived there, showed her the new bathroom and greenhouse and just generally had fun together with her.
They both kept a cautious eye out for signs of her wanting to break anything, but surprisingly no such tendencies showed themselves.
When evening came and they where all back in Remilia’s room, Flandre stood in front of her cupboard with a huge smile on her face.
“I had so much fun today! Thanks for letting me be a part of this family, everyone is great!”
“You’re welcome” Reimu replied.
She then added “And I think I speak for both of us when I say this, let us apologize to you again Flan. We will do better from now on”.
Flandre became a little embarrassed as both Reimu and her sister bowed their heads.
She shuffled her feet and said “W-well, I suppose I should apologize as well. Sorry for hitting you Reimu, that was bad of me”.
The shrine maiden smiled, patted her head and said “All problems are solvable, as long as we talk about them. Goodnight and sweet dreams”.
“Yea, goodnight Reimu, big sis”.
She bowed and entered her cupboard, feeling happier then she could remember having ever felt.

Remilia let out a long sigh, finally allowing herself to fully relax. She had been worried about so many things, how Flan would act, how everyone would treat her, everything.
She looked at Reimu, who also visibly relaxed but also looked happy, and thought to herself “This is but one of the reasons I love you so much, my dear shrine maiden”.
Aloud she said “Thank you Reimu, from the bottom of my heart. I have been worried about Flan for so long but never been able to come up with a solution, and it was so simple. I kind of feel like an idiot now”.
“You don’t need to fret Remilia, it took me quite a while to notice it myself. Not just Flan’s feelings, but Suika’s and Aya’s as well. I guess we were both so focused on the bigger things that we completely failed to notice the important smaller ones”.
They shared a laugh over their mutual silliness, then embraced and kissed each other.
It was in moments like these they were both happy about their ability to understand one another.

During the next few days that passed Flandre became rather well integrated into the group.
Alice told her that she would make a special doll for her and that she would let Flandre help with the design.
It was Reimu’s idea that if the vampire was involved in a process to create something she would have a greater appreciation for the value of hand-made objects, and subsequently be less inclined to destroy things without thinking first.

Aya gave Flandre a diary and told her to write down her thoughts in it.
“Telling someone what you think has a very therapeutic effect on the mind, and if it’s something you feel like you don’t want anyone else to know about you can entrust it to your diary” was the tengu’s logic.

When she played with Orin and Okuu, Reimu made sure she was nearby. She didn’t want them getting to exited with Okuu carrying her egg around and Orin being pregnant, so she kept their games at a level of low intensity.

Reimu and Remilia took turns being Flandre’s ‘watcher’ whenever she wasn’t in her room (assisted by Marisa and Sakuya respectively). This was not because they didn’t trust her, but simply because there where several things she still had to learn.
Sakuya had been observing them all during this time, and she now felt stronger then ever that she wanted to reveal her secret.

One evening, after she and Remilia had seen the young mistress of when she entered her cupboard, Sakuya left the room and headed for the front door. She had seen Reimu and Marisa sit outside it talking earlier and she thought that they could still be there if she hurried.
As luck would have it, her guess turned out to be correct.
She bowed and said “May I request a word with you both in private?”
Marisa looked up and said “Hmm, you look a little stiff Sakuya, are you feeling ok?”
“I would prefer to answer that question when we can’t be overheard”.
Marisa lifted her eyebrows a little, then said “Well, the soundproof resting room is just inside the door, we can talk undisturbed in there”.
She and Reimu stood up and walked through the door, then entered the resting room and closed the door behind Sakuya as she followed.

Reimu looked at the maid and concluded “You really do look different from your usual self, has something happened?”
Sakuya realized that her hands where trembling slightly. She quickly hid them behind her back.
“Let us all take a seat before I start”.
Reimu and Marisa looked at each other, then sat down on the sofa. Sakuya placed a chair in front of the sofa and sat down facing them.
“Let me begin by asking you this, why do you think I am so accomplished at being a vampire’s maid when I’m a human, handle knives so well and is skilled at making food that doesn’t show that it contains blood?”
Marisa crossed her arms and said “I’m guessing it’s not because you’ve served Remilia for a long time, if it was that simple you wouldn’t have asked”.
Sakuya nodded. “Your assumption is correct. It is because I am not just human, but something else as well”.
She paused for a moment, hesitant, but then finally mustered up her courage and said “I am a half-vampire, a Dhampir”.

Marisa nodded to herself. “I DID think it was slightly weird that your eyes turns red whenever you fight, so that’s the reason then. It’s your vampire side revealing itself”.
“Indeed, and my power is that of a vampire as well, but with a slight human twist to it”.
The maid reached into her pocket and produced her watch.
“This isn’t a magical object, but it is made by my own hands. I can channel my power through it and in doing so I can control it to a much higher degree”.
She looked at the watch, a strange expression on her face.
“My human mother always warned me to never use my power when I was younger, she tried to teach me how to blend in with humans and said that my power was the biggest giveaway”.
She put the watch back in her pocket and continued her story.

“Anyway, when I grew up I eventually ended up joining a league of vampire hunters. I figured that if I showed them that I was fighting for the sake of saving humans then maybe they could accept me when I eventually revealed my true self”.
“For a time it worked great. Fighting came naturally to me and we always wore masks on missions. The reason being that we wanted to keep those we cared about safe from retaliation of any kind”.
“Of course, to me it was also a convenient way to hide my eyes in a battle.
I was also able to extract blood from the killed vampires, using my timestop to prevent anyone from seeing, before we burned their bodies. I am capable of drinking both human and vampire blood so I sustained myself that way”.
“Did you have any friends among the hunters?” Reimu asked.
“Yes, three of which I became really close to as time went by”.
She paused for a second as her face became more sad.
“However, it was not to last”.

“There was this one vampire that took us a while to track down. He showed particular brutality towards his victims and we were all rather worked up by the time we finally cornered him.
It was a fierce fight, the toughest one yet for us all, before we finally had him on the ground”.
At this point, Sakuya’s left hand started to visibly tremble. She grabbed it with her right hand and tried to hold it still.
“I walked up to him where he lay, flat on his back, and just as I delivered the killing blow he threw one final attack at me that hit my face and, as if to spite me, knocked of my mask”.

Sakuya went very quiet at this point. Both Reimu and Marisa could guess what happened next, but they sat there completely silent, waiting for her to be ready to continue.
Tears started to fill the maids eyes, she buried her face in her hands and started to cry.
“That was the worst moment of my life. My friends standing like statues, staring at my eyes. I could not see their faces, but I will forever remember how their voices sounded when they screamed at me, called me a traitor and then how they.. how they…”
Her voice trailed of, a silence fell over the room for a brief moment, but was soon shattered.
“How they tried to kill me!” Sakuya howled in a voice full of pain and despair.

Reimu and Marisa were frozen where they sat, neither one could even imagine what that moment could have felt like to her, but they both realized how painful it must have been to remember.
After about a minute (during which Sakuya kept her face hidden behind her hands) they both got up, walked over to her and embraced her, Reimu from the right, Marisa from the left.
“It’s ok, we are right here and we won’t leave you” Reimu whispered in her ear.
“You can cry as much as you need to, just let it all out” Marisa whispered in the other ear.
Sakuya moved her hands away from her face and let out a long scream, then let her tears flow freely as she cried, her two friends holding her tight as she did.
Mixed with her tears of sadness where genuine tears of joy. She felt an immense gratitude towards the two women who held her, as they showed her the kind of complete acceptance she had been so cruelly denied in the past.

Eventually Sakuya regained her composure. She straightened up and said “I, I’m alright now I think”.
As Reimu and Marisa loosened their hold and moved to look at her face, she threw her arms around their necks and said “Thank you, you two have no idea how grateful I am towards you in this moment”.
Marisa smiled and said “I’m honored that you felt you could trust us with something like this, I had no idea you carried such a burden”.
Reimu put her hand on Sakuya’s head and gently patted it. “I’m guessing you never told Remilia about any of this because you didn’t want her to know that you used to hunt vampires”.
The maid nodded. “You are correct. After I escaped I just wandered randomly, thinking that I was little more then a joke. I tried to fit in with one of my races by hunting the other, but in reality I don’t belong with either one, or so I thought at the time”.

They all sat back down in their seats and Sakuya continued.
“When milady Remilia found me, I was sitting in an ally and had completely given up hope.
So when I saw that she was a vampire I willingly offered my neck to her, thinking that it was the better way to get killed. You can imagine my surprise when I barely felt the small amount of blood she drained from me”.
She paused for a second, then continued.
“I will never forget the words she spoke to me after that.
‘You are the first person who has been happy to see my fangs and seemed disappointed when you didn’t die from my bite. I’ve taken an interest in you, so I’m giving you a choice. Stay where you are, or take my hand and become my servant’.
My destiny was changed the day I took the hand milady offered, and for that I will be forever grateful to her”.
“And you think that if Remilia was to find out about your past, you would lose her the way you lost your human friends” Marisa filled in.
Sakuya slowly nodded.
Well don’t worry, you can talk to us as much as you want about it, we will keep your secret”.
Sakuya looked at them both, then bowed.
“I truly, honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart”.
She lifted her head again and continued “Truth be told, I already feel like a weight has been lifted of my mind”.
“I’m glad to hear that” Reimu responded. “I like you Sakuya, we both do. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know”.
“Thank you Reimu, but you have helped me today, more then you realize”.
They all rose to their feet, then hugged each other again.

When they were about to leave the room Marisa suddenly spoke up.
“Heh, I guess this is about as good a time as any to say this. Sakuya, when you came to speak to us I was discussing a little something with Reimu, namely plans for tomorrow night, and those plans include you”.
Sakuya looked a bit inquisitive and replied “Oh, and what kind of role did you have in mind for me?”
Marisa grinned. “Well, come to my room tomorrow evening and I’ll tell you”.
Sakuya bowed and answered “Very well then, I shall come visit you tomorrow then. I look forward to whatever it is you have planned”.
As they left and closed the room, Sakuya headed of in the direction of her own room.
She happily thought that her day could not have turned out any better.

Chapter 11: A wonderful union

Sakuya woke up the next day feeling elated. She could not help but think that Gensokyo’s current crisis was one of the best things that had happened to her, even if being happy over a bad thing did make her feel slightly guilty.
As she got dressed her thoughts drifted down her river of memories and she realized something. She loved Gensokyo and everything it had given her.
Nobody feared her because of her ability, she was just one of many people with a special power.
She could live in peace with her beloved mistress, she had friends who trusted her.
And now, I finally have friends who know everything about me, and accepts it”.
Just like yesterday, this thought made her warm inside and a smile spread across her lips.
Marisa told me to come to her room in the evening, I’ll go when my work after dinner is finished” she thought as she left her room and headed for the kitchen to get started with breakfast.

When she got to the kitchen she noticed someone was already there. It did not take long to identify who is was.
“Good morning Reimu, good morning Marisa”.
Her two friends who stood over at the stove turned towards her with happy smiles.
“Well hello there! Reimu and me thought that we should try out a new recipe today”.
“Yea, Marisa said that I needed to improve my culinary skills a bit, which is true when I think about it”.
Sakuya let a small giggle escape her, it was obvious that Reimu wanted to learn how to properly cook for her children. The way she went about it was also very similar to Remilia.
Aloud she said “Then I shall get started on setting the table”.
They all small talked as they went about their tasks.

The new recipe was for a special kind of bread that smelled really nice when it started to bake in the oven.
Sakuya found herself stopping to smell it every time she passed by to get something from the cupboards.
After a while she noticed Marisa’s expression and said “You appear to have something you want to ask me”.
The witch nodded and replied “Yea, I kinda do, but..” as she gazed at the doors.
Sakuya realized what she meant, grabbed her friends shoulders and froze time around the three of them.
“There, now we can speak freely with no risk of getting overheard”.
“Well, I was just wondering how you were with food in general, what can or can’t you eat for example”.
“I can eat the same kind of food humans can eat, there is nothing in particular that gives me trouble. Except overly hot foods”.
“What about garlic?”
“No, my human half eliminates the weaknesses to sunlight, rain, silver and garlic. I do still need to drink blood though and I don’t have any vampire fangs”.
“How did you solve that problem then?” Reimu asked.
“Well, my knives can serve as a perfectly good substitute to sharp teeth, and I also buy blood from the doctor in the human village. He usually takes blood samples during his checkups and then saves it for when I come by to buy it”.
Marisa looked a little puzzled. “But isn’t Remilia’s sense of smell really good? You must have had the smell on you after drinking blood”.
“I only drank it whenever I was preparing the young mistress’s food, using my timestop like I do now to make sure nobody could observe me. That way the scent could easily be explained as having gotten on me while I was working with it”.
She paused for a moment, then said “I was actually a bit relieved when the young mistress wanted to come with us, since it meant that I had the perfect excuse to include more blood in the supplies. It would be hard to convince milady of the need for that amount otherwise”.
Reimu reacted to those words. She looked apologetic and said “Sorry Sakuya, I didn’t even realize how close I came to causing you a lot of trouble”.
The maid smiled and said “It is perfectly fine, there was no way you could possibly have known”.
Reimu smiled back, a little embarrassed.
Marisa happily said “All’s well that ends well, so let’s all do our best”.
The three friends joined together in a big group hug, Sakuya feeling like she was drifting on clouds.
The mere idea that she would ever have friends she could discuss this topic with was something she had not dared to hope for in a very long time.
She smiled and thought that she was incredibly happy over her decision to open up to these two.

The rest of the day seemed to go buy in a pleasant haze. Sakuya found herself thinking that every task seemed more fun, smells seemed more pleasant and the artificial sunlight shined brighter (just to name a few things).
As she walked into the living room to clean it she met Patchouli.
“Hmm, you seem awfully bright today Sakuya”.
The maid quickly bowed and answered “Well, I just get so happy when I think about the young mistress finally being able to make friends. She seems so much more at peace lately”.
“Yea, I suppose you got a point there. Remi is also feeling better now that she doesn’t need to worry about her sister as much”.
“And on top of that, both of them are going to become mothers, Milady confirmed her sister’s pregnancy on the same day Suika’s was confirmed”.
Patchouli crossed her arms and smiled a crooked smile. “That shrine maiden sure is something else, to not only be able to capture both their hearts but to bring them happiness as well”.
Sakuya felt a warm feeling in her chest. “Yes she is, and Marisa as well”.
She then winked at Patchouli and said “But you would already know about that”.
The magician blushed, looked away and said “I w-would prefer to keep the details to myself”.
As she turned her back and got started on the cleaning, Sakuya felt that she could hardly wait for the evening to come.

Once dinner was over and all the dishes where done, Sakuya headed towards Marisa’s room.
When she stood just outside the door she hesitated a little, then shook her head and knocked.
“Come right in!” she heard from the inside of the room, so she opened the door and entered.
Marisa got up from her workbench and came to greet her.
“Welcome, I will be your official guide for tonight’s event. Please begin by accepting this”.
As she spoke, she produced a small bottle and held it in front of her.
Sakuya took it and asked “And what might this be?”
The witch grinned. “Remember when I said that I would find a new use for those mushrooms? I just did, yesterday in fact. That’s why I was discussing it with Reimu”.
“Oh? Is this some new kind of transformation tonic then?”
“Not exactly, it’s more of a reversal of what I originally used them for”.
Sakuya raised her eyebrows. She thought that Marisa was being weirdly cryptic.
“Anyway, just drink that and then we’ll get going”.
“Alright, I admit you have piqued my curiosity. I shall play along”.
She uncorked the bottle and drank it all down. Marisa grinned again and said “Good, now follow me. My chambers are ill suited for tonight’s activities”.

They exited the room and closed the door, then Marisa lead the way straight towards the soundproof bedroom in the back.
I had a feeling we would head in this direction” Sakuya thought.
When they got there Reimu was waiting for them. She gave a welcoming bow, opened the door and gestured for them to enter.
Once inside she closed the door behind them and locked it.
“Allow me to inform you of potion Marisa gave you earlier. It’s effect is that any semen that enters your body for the next 12 hours will become sterilized, basically preventing you from getting pregnant”.
Before Sakuya could ask, Marisa answered “As for why you would need something like that, the answer is simple”.
The witch stood behind her, put her arms on her shoulders and whispered right into her ear. “Because we will be filling you up with our love tonight, my sweet little maid”. She then extended her tongue and licked the ear.
Sakuya shuddered slightly. Reimu quickly moved in from the front and put her hands on the maid’s breasts, then sealed her mouth with a kiss.

As Marisa moved down and started to kiss the left side of her neck, Sakuya put her right arm around Reimu and bent her left arm back and around Marisa’s head.
She held them tight while eagerly returning Reimu’s kiss and slowly rubbing her butt against the witch, thoroughly enjoying herself.
The shrine maiden pulled back, looked into her eyes and smiled. She then got down on her knees and lifted Sakuya’s skirt up.
She extended her tongue and traced it along the smooth inner thigh, slowly moving up.
As she did, Marisa grabbed the maid’s shirt and pulled it up, revealing her breasts.
She cupped her hands around the breasts and started to knead them rhythmically. Sakuya placed her own hands on top of Marisa’s, then tilted her head back and kissed her friend.

When the tip of Reimu’s tongue had almost reached the line between skin and panties, she stopped and moved over to the other leg, then started the process over again.
Sakuya could feel the cloth covering her crotch getting damp and her legs tremble slightly. She put her own fingers over those that where caressing her breasts and pushed them in harder.
Marisa responded by further invading her mouth with her tongue and swirling it around, licking everywhere she could reach.

When Reimu got to the top a second time, she didn’t stop. She used a finger to pull the now wet panties to the side and put her lips around the eagerly waiting pussy.
As she let her tongue play across Sakuya’s petals, she also put her left thumb against the clit and began to gently stroke it. Her right hand fond its way to the maid’s butt and squeezed it.
For some reason, Sakuya got incredibly exited by the fact that Reimu’s head and hands where hidden from sight under her skirt. That, together with the way she was pressing Marisa’s hands against her breasts, made her feel naughty and bold.

Sakuya soon felt something other then Reimu’s hand bump against her butt.
She reached down with one hand and touched it. It felt hard and tube shaped.
Marisa giggled and asked “How does my penis feel?”
Sakuya could feel her heart beat faster and her breath become heavier. She smiled and “I would like to inspect it a little more before I give an answer”.
Marisa grinned and lifted up her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.
Reimu pulled Sakuya down onto her knees, kissed her, then grabbed her chin and slowly turned her head towards the now freely swinging and fully erect penis.
“Go ahead, use your mouth to inspect it as much as you want” she whispered in a sultry voice.
Marisa moved closer and Sakuya could feel her saliva starting to flow. She parted her lips and accepted the dick into her mouth.

It had a slightly weird smell at first, but it was definitively Marisa’s smell so she didn’t dislike it.
She grabbed it around the base with her left hand and began sucking on it.
Reimu grabbed her right hand and closed her lips around the index finger. She twirled her tongue around it, stopping to suck on it, then moved on to the next finger and repeated the process.
Sakuya took the hint and adapted her own technique so that it mimicked Reimu’s. She looked up and was happy to see the expression on Marisa’s face in response to her efforts.

They kept going like that for a while, then the witch pulled her dick out and said “Go lie down on the bed, face up. We will continue there”.
Sakuya did as she was told and once she was flat on her back Marisa got on top of her in a 69 position, grabbed the maid’s legs and plunged her tongue into her honey pot.
Sakuya opened her mouth and caught the penis that was swinging in front of her face in it, then resumed her licking and sucking.
Reimu crawled up to them on all fours, then lowered her head and licked the maid’s butthole.
This double attack combined with the strong, thick smell that filled her mouth and nose drove Sakuya mad with lust.
She increased her pace and tried to lick all parts on the penis in her mouth that she could reach, slobbering saliva all over her chin and making obscene noises.
Acting in such an uninhibited way, and doing it together with two women who showed her all the love and acceptance she could wish for, made Sakuya feel incredibly happy and turned on.

She soon felt the dick stiffen and heard Marisa let out an odd voice.
She then heard Reimu say “Get ready, here it comes”.
Not two seconds later Sakuya’s mouth started to fill up with a warm and sticky liquid. She happily swallowed it down and continued to suck on Marisa’s penis, not wanting to miss a drop.
When the witch groaned and finally pulled it out of her mouth, Sakuya gasped for breath. She touched her throat and traced her fingers along it, looking happy as she did.
“Wow, she swallowed your whole load without spilling a drop” Reimu said eagerly.
“Yea, she truly is a hard worker isn’t she?” Came Marisa’s reply.
They kissed each other before moving on to Sakuya, taking turns kissing her neck and mouth.

“Here, now it’s my turn” Reimu said as she stood on her knees and pulled up her skirt (just like Marisa, she wasn’t wearing any undergarments).
Sakuya got up on all fours and started to stroke Reimu’s now exposed penis with her face, smelling it as she did.
“Haha, you’re just like a dog” Marisa laughed. She then placed herself behind Sakuya and pressed her dick against her entrance.
“Well then, I suppose it’s only appropriate to treat you like one then, if that’s what you want”.
The maid whimpered, then moved back so that Marisa’s tip slid into her wet pussy and opened her mouth, extending her tongue.
“Look Reimu, now she is really begging for it”.
“Since she is being such a good girl, I say lets give her what she wants”.

Reimu and Marisa put their hands on Sakuya’s head and his respectively, then plunged their hard dicks into her eagerly waiting wet holes.
As they began thrusting Marisa put one hand behind Reimu’s head and pulled her into a kiss. The shrine maiden eagerly returned the kiss and her cock repeatedly poked against the back of the maid’s throat.
Sakuya greedily sucked on the hard penis invading her mouth, making more obscene slurping sounds. She felt the witch’s dick penetrate her and tried to squeeze down on it a bit more.
They kept going until she could feel both dicks stiffen. At that point she threw her arms around Reimu’s waist and pushed her member down into her throat.
Reimu groaned as she came and Sakuya could feel the warm liquid dripping all the way down to her stomach.
Marisa started pumping her pussy fast as she also came and filled her belly with warmth from the other end.
Afterward they all collapsed on their backs breathing heavily. Sakuya let her finger trace circles around her navel, feeling the warmth spreading through her whole body.
She put her arms around her two friends and pulled them close. “Can we please do that again? I want to feel both of you inside me at the same time”.
“Wait, are you suggesting what I think you are?” Marisa asked.
The maid smiled and said “I believe I am”.
She then straddled Reimu, drops of semen leaking from her pussy, and kissed her breasts. She made sure to treat them both, then traced her tongue up the shrine maiden’s chest, throat and chin before planting a big kiss on her mouth.
As Reimu embraced her and returned the kiss, Sakuya lowered her hips and stroked the penis with her wet pussy, feeling it get harder again.
Marisa lowered her head and started to lick Reimu’s butthole, then inserted her finger into it and twisted it around as she licked her penis.
It did not take long before it was fully erect again. Once it was, Sakuya inserted it into her pussy and started riding it.
“Ah, it feels so good to fuck a pussy that’s filled with your cum Marisa”.
“Hihi, our cute little maid here seems to enjoy it a great deal also. Let me in on the fun will ya?”
Marisa let a big drop of saliva fall onto Sakuya’s butthole, then slowly started to push her wet dick into it.
As the maid let out a small cry, Reimu started to caress her back and kiss her neck to take her mind of the pain.

Once the full length of her dick was inside, Marisa paused and remained still. Reimu started to move her hips up and down while continuing her kissing.
Sakuya’s pain subsided and was slowly replaced by pleasure, shortly followed by moaning.
Marisa slowly started to move, making sure to be careful at first. She increased her speed little by little and was soon moving at pace matching Reimu’s.
“Ah, ah, ah, I can feel your dicks rubbing against my insides, it feels so good!” Sakuya shouted as her moans got louder and more intense.
Reimu and Marisa could feel their dicks getting squeezed hard (and rubbing against each other through the maids inner walls) and also began to moan.

Soon they all forgot about words and just fucked each other without holding back. Sakuya screamed in pleasure as she came over and over, her friends continuing to thrust into her as they came and filled her insides with their sticky warmth.
When they couldn’t go on any longer they collapsed in a heap, breathing hard as they tried to catch their breath.
Once their pulse calmed down a bit, all three of them started to giggle. They didn’t know why and didn’t care, it just felt good to laugh while caressing each others bodies.
Eventually Sakuya asked “Can you make more of that medicine Marisa? I have a feeling milady and the young mistress would appreciate it if you did”.
The witch smirked and said “Oh, I always planned on making this available to all our residents here once I figured out the formula. Everyone deserves to get the chance to have this much fun after all”.
They all continued to laugh as they pulled the covers over themselves, joined in a big, warm group hug.
Sakuya felt a little sleepy but didn’t try to fight it, she knew her dreams would be wonderful tonight.

Chapter 12: Two sneaky pairs

Reimu was the first one to wake up the next morning. As her eyes slowly opened she was greeted by the lovely sight of Sakuya’s and Marisa’s sleeping faces.
She smiled to herself, feeling a pleasant warmth in her chest as she caressed their cheeks, then slowly ran her fingers over their naked bodies.
As her friends stirred and started waking from their slumber, she greeted them with a grin.
“Good morning sleepyheads, time to rise and shine”.
“Good mooorning” Marisa yawned.
“It is indeed good, especially when I get to wake up between you two like this” Sakuya said with a sleepy smile.
Reimu waited for them to sit up and rub the sleep from their eyes, then leaned forward and embraced them.
“I don’t say this often enough, but I am really happy that you are here with me. It is thanks to your support that I feel that I can actually handle all this”.
She made a small pause, then more slowly said “I love you”.
Sakuya and Marisa both blushed a little, then returned the hug.
Once they released each other Marisa awkwardly scratched the back of her head and said “D-don’t mention it, this whole thing is going to be to much fun to miss anyway”.
Sakuya placed the palm of her hand on her chest and said “If you would let me Reimu, I would like to borrow your words. They describe my feelings towards you and Marisa in this moment very well”.
They all looked at each other, then slowly started to giggle. It grew until they collapsed on the bed, laughing as hard as they could.

Once they had all gotten dressed they left the bedroom. Sakuya headed towards Remilia’s room to help her mistress and Flandre, Reimu and Marisa headed to the kitchen to get started on breakfast.
As they walked Marisa’s hand found it’s way to Reimu’s and they entwined their fingers.
The witch leaned a bit closer and whispered “Just so you know, I don’t say this enough either. I love you”.
Reimu turned her head and looked into her friend’s eyes, then planted a gentle kiss on her lips.
They both grinned as they continued to walk, hands tightly grasped.

After breakfast Reimu started cleaning all the shared spaces, starting with the hallways.
When she passed by Alice’s room the door opened.
“Oh, is it cleaning time? Do you want some help Reimu?”
“Yea, I’d be glad if you helped me. Sakuya is busy watching Flan today”.
“No problem, just give me the dust rags and I’ll get them into every nook and cranny with my dolls”.
As she spoke, her fingers rolled and moved in different directions and eight dolls dressed in maid uniforms came through the door and lined up behind her. Reimu looked at them and smiled.
“By the way, how is Flan’s doll coming along?”
“Rather nicely actually. I’m having her make it herself mostly, I just do the hardest parts and the details that are a bit to small for her to do well”.
“Can I ask what it looks like?”
Alice shook her head and answered “She specifically asked me to not tell anyone, she wants to show it of when it’s done”.
Reimu thought to herself that this was a good sign. This was the kind of experience she wanted to give Flandre, pride over having created something.
Aloud she said “I can understand that. It’s going to be fun to see it when it’s finished”.
They continued to small talk as they got started on their cleaning.

Marisa spent some time after breakfast playing with Orin and Okuu.
She was trying to teach them how to play shogi (the idea being that it would be a good way for them to learn how to think more methodically), and to her surprise they actually seemed really interested.
Currently Marisa was playing as the white side while the two pets played the black side together (black moves first in shogi).
She had opted to be rather passive in her initial moves in the first game, which had made her opponents eager to attack. Their brave knight’s and lance’s charge was then cut of by a sneak attack by her rook and bishop, followed by the pawns marching as a wall and finally the bishop and two knights jumped over and through the defense lines, promoted and cornered the king.
Afterward she had explained what she did to beat them and what they could do to counter it and they had started their second game.

They were being much more cautious now, careful not to fall into another trap. Of course this meant Marisa had all the time she needed to set up attacks, snipe a few of their pieces, then drop them back on the board under her own control to checkmate the king.
She then repeated the process after the first game and told them to try playing against each other.
As she sat beside them watching them play (Orin trying to be subtle and sneaky while Okuu favored heavy assaults), she noticed that they seemed much more focused then they normally were.
After watching them for a few minutes she asked “What do you think about this game so far?”
Orin looked up and said “I like it a lot, it’s so much fun!”
Okuu laughed and said “It’s even a little like us, in a way”
This caught Marisa’s ear and she asked “Hmm, why do you say that?”
The raven shrugged and replied “Well, I just thought that it’s like many of us here. The opponent’s pieces that you defeat become your own, just like how we became Reimu’s friends when she defeated us”.
As Marisa thought about this, she realized it actually made a lot of sense. She wondered why she hadn’t noticed the similarity before.
Orin laughed and chimed in “And look, even the amount of piece types match, there is one king to represent Reimu and seven other types of pieces, same as the number of future kids she will have”.
Marisa looked it over and said “I guess I really picked a good game to bring along then”.
They all shared a laugh before they continued their match.

Marisa got up and left the pets to their game, she had just remembered something she wanted to check up on in her room.
As she left the living room she saw Reimu and Alice enter through the door on the other side of the room and start cleaning it.
When she got to her own room she sat down and continued to read the book she had left open on her desk. She was trying to make a new spell and was researching various things that she could mix to achieve the desired effect.
She kept at it for a while and read through the rest of the book but didn’t find what she was looking for.
“Hmm, maybe Patchy has a book I can borrow on this subject. I should go and check”.
She snapped the book shut, got up and exited the room.

She headed back towards the living room, she knew Patchouli liked to bring a few books and read there after the cleaning was done. It probably had something to do with the absence of dust.
When she got there she was proven right, the magician sat in an armchair at a table with a bunch of books stacked up around her.
Aya was also there, sitting at another table and writing something. The tengu carried her egg in pretty much the same way Okuu did, in a cloth hammock that was tied around her torso.
She looked up when Marisa entered and smiled greetingly.
“Anything new I should know about?” she asked happily.
“Not yet, but I’m hoping to change that” Marisa answered.
“Just make sure to let me know if something important comes up, I need to document it as quickly as possible in that case”.
“Not that I can claim to know why you need to do that, but sure, why not”.
“Great! Thanks” Aya happily chirped and went back to her writing.

Marisa moved over to Patchouli’s table and started to shuffle through the books.
“And just what do you think you’re doing?”
“Looking for fitting research material, I’m trying to perfect a new spell”.
“And who said these books were free to borrow?”
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna borrow them, I’m gonna sit right here and read them with you ze”.
As the armchair was of a decent size it had enough space for two people to sit in it, even though it got just a little cramped.
This didn’t seem to bother Marisa much though as she sat down next to Patchouli, grabbed a book and started reading.
The magician’s face was a mix of displeasure and happiness as she grunted “Well, I suppose that’s better then stealing them”.
“I’ve never stolen anything, I’m only borrowing things you know”.
“Yea, borrow with a very ‘flexible’ return date”.
Marisa threw a mischievous look at her friend and said “There is something I prefer to steal though”, then quickly leaned in and kissed her.
Patchouli quickly pushed her away and whispered “Not now, the tengu is in the same room! Imagine what she would write if she saw you do that”.
Marisa continued to smile, traced her finger along Patchouli’s jawline and whispered back “Yes, imagine indeed”.
The magician turned her head away and tried to hide her face behind a book, but she couldn’t hide the ever so slight tremble in one of her fingers.

At that point Reimu entered into the room. She was done with her cleaning and wanted to check up on Aya who she had spotted earlier.
She walked over to the table and sat down on the tengu’s left side.
“I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now, but if that journal of yours isn’t for publishing, then what exactly is it for?”
Aya looked up, smiling. “Think of it as a diary of sorts. You got to admit this entire event is rather unique, it would be a shame for it all to fade from memory once it’s over”.
Reimu scratched her head and said “So are you saying that it’s for personal use only?”
“Not quite, it’s meant for the inhabitants of this little mini-Gensokyo, present and future”.
She paused, gently touched her egg with her left hand, then smiled again and continued “Every country needs it’s history recorded after all, and I’m the most suited individual here to carry out that task”.
At the thought of their future children, Reimu’s expression softened and she put her own hand on top of Aya’s.
As they both slowly caressed the white egg they looked into each others eyes. Aya parted her lips a little and exhaled. Reimu inhaled the warm air, then exhaled in the same way and Aya inhaled it.
Reimu put her right arm around the tengu and moved her chair so that they sat right next to one another.
She moved her left hand up and gently squeezed Aya’s breast through her clothes.
They put their foreheads together and took turns gently breathing onto each others faces.

From where Marisa was sitting she saw Reimu and Aya from behind. She could clearly see that SOMETHING was happening even if she couldn’t see the details.
She glanced to her right and saw that Patchouli’s face was still hidden behind a book.
At that moment a thought ran through her head. “Hmm, she probably hasn’t noticed those two yet, lets see if we can make this interesting”.
Holding a book with her left hand, her right hand slowly wormed it’s way down to Patchouli’s leg.
Once there she grabbed the magician’s skirt and lifted it up over the knee.
Patchouli’s leg twitched a little and Marisa tried to imagine what kind of glare she was currently trying to give her through the book.
She slid her hand in under the skirt and slowly moved it up the leg. It trembled more the higher she got, until her fingertips touched cloth.
At that point she heard an angry whisper, “Marisa! What are you doing? They will see us!”
The witch grinned and whispered back “No they wont. They have their backs turned and there is a table full of books covering us, the important parts at least”.
She then leaned a little closer and continued “They could still hear you or see your face if they turned around though, you better make sure to stay quiet and hide your face with that book of yours ze”.
As she spoke, Marisa pulled the thin fabric that was blocking her path aside and tapped her fingertips on her friend’s flower.
Patchouli swallowed and held her book closer to her face (probably too close for comfortable reading), the tremble in her fingers more visible now.
Marisa moved her middle finger around and poked at the soft lips from many directions, making sure to cover it in the juices that was slowly starting to flow.
Once she was sure Patchouli was wet enough she slowly pushed her finger through her entrance and started to move it around.
The magician’s breathing got heavier as she tried to withhold her moans. Marisa couldn’t see her face, but she could see the now very red ears.
She pushed her finger in deeper and slowly rubber her friends clit with the thumb as she did.

Reimu massaged the breast in her hand a little harder and changed her grip every now and then. When Aya closed her eyes and let out a slightly stuttering breath, Reimu quickly glanced at those sitting behind her. She saw Patchouli covering her face with a book, read ears showing, and her fingers and shoulders where trembling. Marisa caught her eye and winked as she moved her right arm, causing Patchouli to jump in her chair a little.
Reimu grinned at her mischievous friend, then turned back to Aya who was now opening her eyes again.
She smiled as she held the tengu’s shoulder a little tighter with her right hand, then moved her left hand down and slid it under her friend’s shirt.
Aya’s eyes widened as she stared at Reimu and nodded her head towards Patchouli and Marisa behind her.
Reimu smiled and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry, they are both to busy reading to notice anything. Just make sure you keep quiet and we will be fine”.
As she spoke she caressed the area around Aya’s navel, then moved it up and grabbed the breast she hadn’t groped yet. She put the nipple between her thumb and index finger and squeezed it hard.
Aya’s mouth opened, but before she could make a sound Reimu sealed it with her own mouth. She licked the tengu’s lips, pulled back and said “Besides, when you are in my arms you’re mine. You do not have the option of saying no”.
The words had the expected effect on Aya, she always became very turned on by the thought of being treated like a possession by Reimu.
She put her free hand on top of the one that was grabbing her breast and touched in through her shirt. She then pressed on it, pushing the fingers harder against her breast.
Reimu understood and began massaging it harder, then leaned forward again and stuck her tongue into the eagerly waiting mouth.
She swirled it around, licked the back of Aya’s teeth and wrestled her thin tongue into submission with her own.

Marisa was watching the show from behind, but she got the gist of it.
She grinned happily to herself, then inserted her index finger as well into Patchouli’s now very wet honey pot.
She started moving the fingers in and out more decisively and wiggled them around. As her friends breathing started to get labored she put down the book she was holding in her left hand and started to caress Patchouli’s cheek with it. She traced her fingertip over the lips and felt the hot breath on her palm.
When she inserted her third finger into the sopping wet pussy, Patchouli could no longer suppress her voice and a small, soft moan started to escape her.
Marisa quickly put two fingers into her friend’s mouth and gently pushed the fingertips into her throat.
She then started to move her left hand’s fingers in and out of Patchouli’s throat at the same pace that she fucked her pussy with her right hand’s fingers.
She could feel the warm tongue licking the palm of her hand and the pussy pressing down on her fingers. She kept it up until her friend was almost at her limit, then leaned in and kissed her beet red ear.
She had to shove her fingers deep into Patchouli’s throat to stop the loud moan from escaping. The magician’s whole body was shaking as she came and Marisa’s hands got covered in juices and saliva.
Throughout the whole thing she still managed to keep her face covered by the book.

Reimu felt Aya starting to squirm in her seat. The tengu loved getting her mouth stimulated and was currently sucking on Reimu’s tongue as if it was her penis.
Reimu continued to massage and pinch Aya’s breasts (alternating between both of them) as she pulled out her tongue and gestured to her friend to stick hers out.
As Aya complied Reimu started sucking on it the same way and touched the back of the tengu’s neck with her right hand.
As this was one of Aya’s weak spots her eyes closed hard and her body shook, if her tongue had not been stuck between the shrine maiden’s lips she would have made a lot of noise.
Reimu kept sucking for a short while, then released it, looked her friend in the eye and whispered “Drink my saliva”.
She then deep tongue kissed Aya and did her best to salivate as much as possible and pour it all into her mouth. As she did she also grasped her friend’s breast hard and caressed the back of her neck.
The tengu eagerly swallowed what was given to her, her whole body shivering.
When their mouths separated they both took a number of deep breaths, trying to match each other’s rhythm.
Reimu smiled and whispered “Did that make you feel good?”
Aya blushed a little and answered “More then you know, I think I came a little”.
They sharer a silent giggle as they hugged each other.

Marisa and Patchouli had left the living room first, something the magician had insisted on.
When everyone gathered for supper that day, Aya and Patchouli both tried to avoid looking at each other.
Reimu caught Marisa’s eye and gave her a small smirk. The witch answered with a smirk of her own, they both knew that their partners were trying to avoid seeing any sings that the other one had noticed anything.
The conversation at the table was usually rich enough that nobody took any particular notice if one or two people were more quiet then usual, so Reimu and Marisa quietly enjoyed their little moment of shared secret knowledge.

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