Family (Chapters 6-7)

Chapter 6: The bond

The crystal in the wall next to the door started shining and gave of a low, ringing sound for two seconds. This was more or less a “doorbell” of sorts that Marisa had installed since the walls of the room were soundproof and the door could be locked from the inside. Both Reimu and Marisa had keys of course, but they had agreed that the doorbell system was the better primary option if the room was occupied.

Reimu woke from her near-slumber. She had lost track of time because it had felt so nice to just lay there and snuggle with the two pets.
She looked at their relaxed, happy faces and smiled to herself before getting up from the bed and getting dressed. Then she put their clothes on the bed, gently shook their shoulders to wake them up and told them to get dressed.
Once they were all presentable she opened the door and was greeted by Marisa and Patchouli.
“Sorry, I lost track of time” she apologized.
“No problem, I actually suspected that might happen so I came to check on you guys” Marisa replied in a cheerful tone.
She then looked at the two now tired but happy looking pets that stood right behind Reimu and continued “Looks like everything went well”.
Reimu blushed a little and quickly said “I’ve purified the room so it’s yours now if you want it”.
Marisa grinned and said “Hehe, you just had to call it that didn’t you?”
“Hey, it is a technically correct term, I don’t see what’s wrong with it”.
“O there’s nothing wrong, it just sounds funny ze”.
“Whatever. Hey you two, don’t fall asleep yet, we need to get to your room first” Reimu said to the two pets. They both yawned and grabbed her sleeves as they followed her towards their own room, looking very pleased.

As they watched them go, Patchouli asked “Why was that choice of words funny exactly?”
Marisa turned to her and answered “When we set this room up Reimu imbued the floor and walls with an anti-stain barrier. When you activate it by infusing a little magic into it all stains, along with any smell, are purged and just become odorless smoke that drift out the air vent. I referred to it simply as cleaning, but she insisted on calling it a purification ritual”.
“I see, well technically you are both correct, it is purely a matter of perspective I would say”.
“Perhaps you’re right” Marisa laughed.
They both entered the bedroom and closed the door.

After locking the door they sat down on the bed.
“How are you feeling Patchy? Your asthma should be better now that you are out of that dusty old library”.
“I feel like I should be the one asking how you feel, given how hard you have been working as of late”.
“Hehe, yea maybe. It’s been a lot of fun planning and setting everything up though, I can’t really complain”.
The witch leaned closer to her friend and continued “Besides, now I have the perfect excuse to spend quality time with the people I love”.
The magician blushed a little but otherwise kept her face straight.
“And if you steal my books in here, you wont be able to hide them from me. So that’s a weight of my mind” she replied.
“Is that an invitation to steal something precious from you?” Marisa asked with a devious smile.
“Interpret it as you wish, just keep in mind that you will be scored on your answer” Patchouli said as she showed a small smile.

Marisa reached out and put her hands on her friends cheeks, then slowly pulled her into a kiss.
She kept a slow pace as she moved the tip of her tongue over Patchouli’s lips before inserting it into her mouth.
When their lips separated she smiled and asked “What’s my score for that one?”
“Hm, I would say about B+” the magician answered.
They both smiled and embraced each other. Truth be told they were both kind of tired and they just wanted to share a few quiet moments together, so they laid down in a mutual embrace and closed their eyes.
“It’s going go get busy around here once our ‘new guests’ arrive isn’t it?” Patchouli said quietly.
“We will manage it just fine” Marisa replied. “We have to. We owe them that”.
“I guess you’re right. Let’s all do our best then”.
“Yea, lets” Marisa mumbled as they both drifted of to sleep.

When Reimu woke up the next morning she didn’t feel as tired as she thought she would have.
“I’ve got to remember to thank Eirin for that energy medicine later, it really works well” she thought to herself.
She got dressed and opened her door, only to be greeted by a familiar sight.
“I’m getting a distinct sense of deja vu here” she muttered.
“Don’t look so down, it’s a brand new day for brand new scoops” Aya chirped happily.
Reimu shook her head and said “Why are you here again? Did you think the same strategy would fail less with repeated tries?”
“Just exploring all my options here. I’ll swing by those two later, you just happened to wake up first”.
“Lucky me then” Reimu sighed.

She walked past Aya and headed to the kitchen where she was greeted by Sakuya just like yesterday. Remilia was there as well, taking cocking lessons by the looks of it.
“Oh, this is new to me. I didn’t know you had picked up an interest in cocking Remi”.
The vampire looked at her and said “Good morning, and yes, I thought I should try a new hobby once in a while”
When Reimu walked up to the stove to check what was on it, Sakuya grabbed her arm and stopped time for everything around them.
“The reason milady wants to learn this new trade is because she wants to make her child’s food herself when the time comes, but please don’t say anything about it yet”.
Reimu laughed a little and said “I sort of figured it was something like that, Remi is actually a very kind and caring person, even if she tries to hide it sometimes”.
Sakuya nodded in agreement with a small smile on her lips, then canceled her timestop and went back to her pans.

When they were done setting the table Remilia asked “So, did things work out yesterday?”
“Well..” Reimu began just before the door opened and Orin and Okuu came walking into the room in an orderly fashion. They walked up to the shrine maiden and began stroking their cheeks against hers while smiling broadly.
Reimu smiled back, patted their heads and said “Go to your seats, I’ll join you shortly”.
As they went over to the table Remilia said “Well then, I suppose the answer to my question is ‘better then expected’, would you agree?”
“Hehe well, I’m actually a little surprised myself. Thanks for your advice yesterday Remi, I think it really did the trick”.
“Glad I could help” the vampire said as she grinned a little.

Reimu sat between the two pets during breakfast. They were both a bit clingy and took turns feeding her, looking very pleased as they did. She decided to let them have their fun as it was actually rather pleasant to be doted on once in a while.
She did make a mental note to teach them a little modesty later on though. In moderation of course.
After breakfast she let them out to play, noting that they were no longer acting in a hyperactive manner, then went to check on Alice.
When she got to her room she heard voices as she knocked on the door.
“Enter” she heard Alice say and opened it.
Suika was there as well and the two seemed to be working on something.
“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Reimu asked.
“I’m trying on the baby clothes Alice made” the oni happily chimed.
Reimu was confused for a moment before the saw a bunch of mini-Suikas on the work bench, all dressed in different baby clothes.
Alice blushed a little and said “I just wanted to see what they looked like when worn, it helps me improve the design”.
Reimu smiled, walked up to Alice and embraced her from behind. The puppeteer let out a small yelp and blushed deeper. Reimu held her for a while and then whispered “I’m so glad you are here Alice”.
“M-me too” the blonde girl replied quietly.
After releasing her Reimu turned to Suika, pulled her into a hug and said “And you as well, you troublesome little oni. I get the feeling the kids are going to love playing with you. Just keep your sake bottle corked tight around them”.
Suika laughed and said “Of course, I may like sake but even I know better then to let kids drink it”. As she was talking she uncorked her bottle and one of the mini-Suikas grabbed it and took a large gulp from it.
All three of them shared a warm laugh.

Later that day Sakuya heard a knock on her door. When she opened it the shrine maiden stood there.
“Have you seen Remi? She doesn’t seem to be in her room”.
“Milady is currently playing with the young mistress. Do you need me to relay a message to her?”
“Yes, you can tell her that I have invited her to the bedchamber tonight, if she can come of course”.
“Very well, I shall inform her when I get the chance”.
Reimu grabbed Sakuya’s hand and continued, “I also wanted to check up on you a little. Please don’t overwork yourself by trying to do everything alone, especially once the workload increases”.
The maid’s face softened a little. “That’s very thoughtful of you Reimu, but you need not worry to much. I am used to keeping a much larger house in order”.
“Even so, once all the kids arrive it will be a lot more work then I think we can imagine. And I can’t just sit on my butt and let someone else do all the work in my own home”.
Reimu paused before continuing. “Listen, I know you decided not to be a mother candidate so that you could be of more help to the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun as well. Both me and Marisa would love to spend some quality time with you”.
Small, red flowers slowly bloomed on the usually so composed maid’s cheeks.
She bowed and said “Thank you, it makes me very glad to hear you say that”.
They both smiled before Reimu left saying “Tell Remilia that I will be waiting for her in the evening”.
“I shall do so” Sakuya replied.

When the evening came Reimu was waiting just outside the bedroom door. She did not have to wait for long before she saw Remilia approach.
“Hey Remi, how’s Flan?”
“She’s just fine, she was sleeping when I left her”.
“That’s good to hear. Well then, I welcome you to my humble abode”.
Reimu opened the door and bowed. Remilia bowed and entered.
Once she had closed and locked the door Reimu drank a bottle of Marisa’s potion and turned to look at the vampire who was now sitting on the bed and had taken her shoes of. She waved with her bare feet, smiled deviously and said “Come little shrine maiden, crawl over here and lick my feet”.
Reimu got down on all fours and slowly crawled towards the bed, feeling her excitement rising the closer she got.
When she reached it she extended her tongue and slowly traced it across the top of her friends foot.

Reimu and Remilia shared a special bond. They both carried a responsibility towards others and they were both typically the dominant partner in their relationships.
As such they could understand each others longing to be the submissive partner once in a while, so when they had sex they usually took turns being the dom and the sub.

Reimu was now licking the soles of her friends feet. Remilia let out small gasps and commanded “Lick my toes”.
Reimu took the big toe into her mouth and sucked on it, then licked the other toes before inserting her tongue between them all in order. Remilia smiled and said “Just look at you, a shrine maiden who gets turned on by licking a little girls feet on orders. You are a hopeless pervert aren’t you?”
“Yes, I’m a horny bitch who gets turned on my your loli feet”.
“Come here and open your mouth bitch” the vampire said as she grabbed Reimu’s hair and pulled her face close to her own.
She then inserted her fingers into Reimu’s open mouth, grabbed her tongue and gently pulled on it.
She smiled, opened her mouth and let her own saliva slowly drip into her friends mouth.
Reimu’s body shuddered a little and Remilia said “What, do you want to say something? Well you have to swallow your meal first”. She then inserted her hand into the shrine maidens mouth (it could fit rather easily because of their size difference) and started to slowly pump her fingers in and out of her throat.

Unlike the first time they had tried this, Reimu no longer gagged from this treatment. Instead she happily accepted the fingers invading her throat (even grabbing Remilia’s arm and pushing it in deeper) and licked Remilia’s palm.
The vampire laughed as large amounts of saliva covered her hand and dripped from her friends mouth.
“Look at you, slobbering like a bitch in heat. How very shameful. Why don’t you put that bitch mouth to use and serve me here?”
She withdrew her hand and pulled up her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties, then grabbed Reimu’s head and pressed it against her crotch.
The shrine maiden grabbed her friends hips with her hands and started licking her clit, taking great care to make as much slobbering sounds as possible.
Just like she hoped, Remilia used it as an excuse to berate her further.
“O you are nasty aren’t you? Making all those sounds as you humiliate yourself by getting ordered around by a loli. What am I going to do with you?”

Reimu stood up and pulled up her skirt, revealing her fully erect penis.
Look at how I’ve gotten by lusting after you, I’m a bad girl aren’t I? You need to punish me properly now”.
“Indeed, it seems like I do” Remilia answered as she grabbed the dick hard.
Reimu winced a little but didn’t move.
The vampire leaned closer and opened her mouth, then lightly scratched her teeth against the shaft. Reimu let out a small scream but didn’t protest.
“Good girl, now stand still just like that” Remilia said as she leaned back and lifted her legs.
She pressed her feet against the penis and said “Look, it’s a foot pussy. That should be more then good enough for a dirty girl such as yourself”.
She then started stroking her feet up and down along the shaft, occasionally pressing them together harder.
Reimu’s breathing got heavier as she started to moan but she remained still.
After a while Remilia could feel the penis twitch and said “O my, are you perhaps cumming?”
The shrine maiden nodded.
“Ha, then come! Show me how you disgrace yourself by cumming from getting your cock stroked by my feet!”
The vampire picked up the pace and saw her friends face contort as louder moans escaped her. When she felt the penis stiffen she aimed it towards her stomach and pulled up her dress past her navel. Reimu gasped as she shot her white juice all over her friends belly.
Remilia was breathing rather fast herself as she said “Look what you did, you got me all dirty. Clean me up”.
Reimu got on her knees and started to lick the cum of Remilia’s stomach. She held it in her mouth as she slowly lifted her head and looked into her friends red eyes.
The vampire gave her a small wink, a signal they used to tell each other when they wanted to switch to being the sub.
The shrine maiden nodded, then reached up and grabbed her friends head before sealing her lips with her own.
She preyed Remilia’s mouth open with her tongue and then force-fed her the semen in her mouth.
After making the vampire swallow it all she pulled her head back and said “You have been a bad little girl milady, and bad little girls need to be punished”.

She pushed Remilia down on the bed then grabbed her legs and held them so that they pointed straight up in the air.
Her friend shuddered and said “W-what are you going to do to me?” in a voice full of false fear.
Reimu just smiled her most devious smile and said “Just you wait, I’ll punish you good”.
She grabbed her hard penis and pressed the tip against Remilia’s flower. Her friend gasped as she slowly started to push the head in.
She kept going until the tip of her penis reached hit against something. Her friend showed a fake crying face and whimpered “Stop, you’re pushing against the entrance to my womb you brute! If you go any further, I will lose it!”
“Fine, then feel free to lose it” Reimu replied and gave a final push. She could feel the tip slipping through the entrance and pressed on until she reached the inner wall of the womb.
She stayed there for a while and licked Remilia’s feet again.

The vampire continued to fake crying as she whimpered “Y-you barbarian! You have defiled me! You have violated my most sacred place!”
She then gave Reimu a signal with her hand to keep going.
Reimu nodded and said “O, I haven’t really done anything yet. You are about to learn what it truly feels like to get violated”.
She grabbed Remilia’s legs and slowly pulled her dick back until only the tip was still inside, then began thrusting her hips back and forth. She made sure to reach the back of her friends womb with every thrust.
Remilia squirmed, screamed and moaned as she did her best to squeeze Reimu’s dick with her pussy. Every now and then she gave her friend the go-ahead sign with her hand to show that she was ok and wanted her to keep going.
Whenever she did Reimu would berate her with harsh words like “Don’t pretend to hate this, you actually like it don’t you?”
“You just love it when I violate your precious spot like this, I can tell”.
“What? You want me to stop? Because I think you want me to ravage you harder you little loli slut”.

When Reimu felt the now familiar pressure build she leaned in so close that their faces almost touched and lowered her voice.
“Now I will truly defile you. Just lie there and take it like the slut you are, I know you will like it”.
The vampire gave a small nod as she put her arms around the shrine maiden neck.
Reimu embraced Remilia and increased the speed of her thrusts as they both moaned hard.
When she felt it coming she pushed her dick in and came directly inside her friends womb. They both screamed and held each other as hard as they could.

Afterward they laid down face to face, their hands caressing each others bodies.
Reimu smiled and said “I always feel so liberated and calm after I’ve been with you, I love the way to can put my heart at ease”.
Remilia smiled back and said “It’s the same for me, even just talking to you seems to calm me down. I’m really glad I made that scarlet mist back then, otherwise we might never have become this close”.
“Hehe, that mist was a bit of a pain though. But I love that mischievous side of you as well”.
Remilia gently stroked her friends cheek and smiled, then they shared a warm embrace and kissed.

Chapter 7: Stop the presses

Reimu slowly woke up to a pleasant sight. Remilia laid on top of her, still sleeping, with her cheek resting against her chest.
She was so light that the weight wasn’t a problem and Reimu loved falling asleep while embracing her friend in this position, because then she got to wake up to this sight in the morning.
She smiled to herself as she gently put a hand on the small girls head and slowly stroked it.
“Wake up my sweet little princess, it’s morning”.
Remilia stirred, yawned and opened her eyes.
“Good morning Reimu, did you sleep well?”
“You know I did, and I got to wake up to a lovely sight as well”.
They both smiled as they got up and started to get dressed.
The lamp in the ceiling that was set up to show the same color as the artificial sky outside was shining in typical morning light which meant that Sakuya was probably making breakfast at the moment and they both wanted to help.

When they exited the room Reimu almost immediately sighed.
“What’s the term for multi deja vu?” she asked.
“Ayaya, I’m not sure there is one, but I can look into it if you want” a certain reported replied.
“We don’t have time for this right now, it’s almost breakfast time” Reimu said quickly and started to head towards the kitchen.
“That’s alright, I got plenty of time” Aya said happily as she followed them.
As she walked, Reimu was thinking. “This is her typical behavior when she is trying to get more attention, I should think of something”.
She reviewed the night schedule in her head and came up with an idea.
Smiling to herself a little she turned towards Aya and said “Come to my room tonight, I’ll give you the interview that you want to bad”.
“Really? Thanks Rei” Aya chirped.
“Please don’t abbreviate my name like that, I don’t like the way it sounds”.

At breakfast Reimu was sitting between Remilia and Sakuya. The vampire leaned closer and whispered “Are you perhaps thinking up a little scheme for our resident reporter?”
“You could say that I am. She is very clearly begging for attention so why not give her some?”
Remilia smiled and said “Well, just do what you think is best, you’re starting to get the hang of this whole ‘being the master of the harem’ thing”.
Sakuya let out a small giggle as Reimu’s face grew slightly hotter. She didn’t try to deny it though, what her friend said was true after all.

Reimu spent the morning in her room planning for the night. She considered a few options before making up her mind, then left the room and headed towards the front door.
As she exited the shrine she met the two pets, who’s faces immediately brightened. They both hugged her (Okuu from the front and Orin from the back) and rubbed their heads against her.
The shrine maidens mood lifted as she smiled and patted their heads. She then leaned her head back and pulled on Orin’s head until their lips met.
She gently kissed the cat as she gently pressed Okuu’s head towards her own neck. The raven stuck out her tongue and slowly licked Reimu along her throat.
After staying like that for a little while she put her hands on Okuu’s cheeks and started kissing her. Orin leaned forward, took Reimu’s ear into her mouth and started to suck on it and move her tongue all over it.
After separating from the kiss Reimu pulled them both into an embrace. They smiled happily and rubbed their heads against her chest.
“Good girls” she said as she released them and patted their heads. They smiled and looked very pleased.
“Have you seen Suika? I need to talk to her about something”.
“I think I saw her over in that tree” Orin said and pointed.
“Ok, thanks” Reimu said and started walking.
She knew what tree it was, it had a branch that was perfect for Suika to rest on when she was drinking and a thick crown of leaves that gave a nice shade so she often sat in it during noon.

As she got closer to the tree she could indeed see the little oni sitting on her favorite branch with her sake bottle.
She knocked on the tree trunk and said “Hello, anybody home?”
“Sure am” Suika answered in a cheerful voice as her head came into view.
Reimu flew up and sat herself down on a branch of the same height.
“I wanted to ask you something. Aya has been bugging me for attention for a while now and as I was thinking about it just now I had this little idea”.
“Oh, and does that idea involve me in any way perhaps?” Suika asked.
“Indeed it does. It may sound a little strange, but then again this whole situation we are currently in is nothing but strange, so I thought it was at least worth asking. You are free to say no by the way”.
Suika took a gulp from her bottle and smiled.
“Hoho, now you’ve piqued my interest. Do go on please”.
As they sat there in the tree, Reimu explaining her idea, Suika’s smile grew wider the more she heard.
After explaining it all Reimu asked “So, what do you think?”
Suika jumped over to her friends branch and happily exclaimed “Of course I’m in! This sounds like to much fun to pass up”.
“Great, then meet me in my room after dinner tonight” Reimu said as the two shook hands.

Once dinner was done Reimu passed Aya on her way out of the room and whispered “Come to my room in a few minutes, I may have something for you”.
The reporter’s face lit up as she whispered back “O, just let me go grab my notebook and camera, I’ll be right there”.
Smirking to herself, Reimu walked to her own room and closed the door behind her.
Suika was already there, waiting.
“Is she coming?” she asked.
“Yep, she is even bringing her camera like I hoped”.
The oni giggled and said “Hihi, this is going to be fun”. She then dissolved herself into mist and drifted up to the ceiling.

After about a minute there was a knock on the door. Reimu opened it and welcomed and eager Aya.
“So then, what kind of news do you have for me today?”
“I think I’ll let you be the judge of that” Reimu said as she made a sign with her hand.
Suika re-formed herself above Aya and quickly pulled a cloth bag over her head.
The reporter let out a surprised yelp as her legs got shaky and she quickly lost consciousness.
Suika caught her before she hit the floor and hoisted the now unconscious tengu over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
“That went well, your black witch friend sure knows what she is doing”.
“Yep, the sedative she soaked that cloth bag in really works well”.
“Alright then, time to move on to phase 2”.
They left the room and headed towards the bedroom.

Aya slowly opened her eyes as she regained consciousness. Her vision was blurry and she had a hard time seeing where she was. She shook her head and tried to focus, only to realize that her movements where restricted. She was sitting up with her back against a wall (and what felt like a pillow), her arms were tied together behind her back and her ankles were also tied together.
She closed her eyes and tried to remember how she could have gotten here.
“Hmm, lets see, after dinner Reimu told me to come to her room, then I went to get my camera and notepad, then I went to her room and…”.
She opened her eyes and the scene before her came into focus.
“And then everything went dark, is that it?” Reimu asked from where she was sitting on the bed in the room.
Aya stared at her for a few seconds before she started talking.
“Reimu? What happened? Why am I tied up?”
“Well, what happened is the following: A little trixter knocked you out, this little trixter in fact”.
She waved with her hand towards the other end of the bed and the mist cloud that was drifting there formed itself into Suika. The oni grinned and waved.
Before the confused Aya could ask, Reimu continued.
“As for why you are tied up, well, why don’t I just show you?”
She got up from the bed and slowly walked over to Aya.
She extended her index finger and slowly ran it along one of the tengu’s legs, starting at the ankle and moving all the way up to the edge of her skirt. She then moved her finger to the other leg and went back down to the ankle.
Aya noticed she had been holding her breath and let it out with a big gasp.
Reimu smiled and lowered her head. She then started to slowly lick the top of Aya’s feet before moving on to the calfs.
The tengu started squirming as she noticed that she was now breathing through her mouth.
The shrine maiden moved up past the knees and started licking the thighs and caressing them with her hands. She slowly moved up and the higher she got the heavier Aya’s breathing became.

When she was right at the edge of the skirt she grabbed it with her teeth and slowly lifted it up. She then gently poked Aya’s flower with her finger through the now wet panties. The tengu moaned quietly as a shiver went through her body. Reimu grinned and pulled back.
“Ah, no! Don’t stop now!” Aya shouted.
“Oh? Do you perhaps want me to push you down and take advantage of you when you can’t do anything to stop me?” Reimu asked in a jeering tone.
Aya slowly nodded as her face got redder. Reimu giggled and said “You always do this don’t you? You always pester me and intentionally try to annoy me because you secretly desire me to assault you. Go ahead and answer, Suika is writing down everything we say”.
The oni grinned as she sat on the bed holding Aya’s notepad.
The tengu opened her mouth and hesitated. Reimu looked at her and said “Oh, maybe I was wrong, do you perhaps hate it when I do this?”

She opened Aya’s blouse and slowly twirled her nipples between her fingers. She then began to massage the tengu’s breasts as she took one into her mouth and sucked on it.
Aya started squirming again, trying to rub her legs together. The shrine maiden took the nipple between her teeth and lightly pressed down on it. After earning herself a light scream from the tengu she let it go, squeezed her breasts and kissed her. She wrestled Aya’s tongue into submission with her own and poured her saliva into her mouth.

When she broke the kiss she took a step back and said “Are you sure you don’t want to confess how you truly feel? I can make you feel even better if you do”.
As she was talking she took of her skirt and panties, letting her erect penis swing freely. Aya stared at it in awe as Reimu laughed.
“That’s right, I’ve fucked you before but never with something like this. I got a new experience just waiting for you if only you confess that you want it”.
Aya slowly opened her mouth and quietly said “Y-yes, I want it. I want you to grab me, to hold me down, to control me and ravage me. I’m always annoying to to provoke such a reaction”.
“Good answer. Then I’ll give you what you want”.

Reimu grabbed Aya’s head and poked her lips with her penis. “Open wide” she said.
When the tengu did as she was told Suika came up to her and stuck a finger into her open mouth.
“Hold still for a moment now” she said as she weaved a spell.
When she was done she said “Ok, take a deep breath and hold it”.
Aya inhaled and noticed that something felt a little different when she did. Once she nodded that she was done Reimu stuck her dick into her mouth and said “What Suika just did was fill your lungs with high density air, basically it holds enough oxygen for you to not have to take another breath for at least 7 minutes”.
The oni grinned as she took out the reporters camera and said “What that basically means is that Reimu can fuck your throat all she wants now without you risking suffocation. And I’m going to capture it all on camera so you can see the lustful face you make as you get abused”.

Aya’s mouth started so salivate like crazy when she heard this. Reimu noticed it and said “Oh, did you perhaps get excited by the news? You’re going to love this then”.
She then pressed her cock further into the tengu’s mouth until she reached the back, then continued until Aya’s lips where at the base of her dick, the head having reached far down her throat.
She stayed like that for about 10 seconds and Aya could feel that she indeed wasn’t choking and felt no shortness of breath.
She looked up at her friend, pleading with her eyes.
Reimu nodded and pulled back until her dicks head was out of the throat, then pushed it in again. She kept going as she slowly increased the pace of her thrusts.

Aya did her best to roll her tongue around Reimu’s penis as it kept pumping. She could hear the loud slopping sounds she made and feel the large amounts of saliva that was dripping down her chin.
Combined with the feeling of her throat getting invaded, Reimu’s smell filling up her mouth and nostrils and the feeling of being helpless ad unable to fight back it all turned her on like crazy.
Her legs squirmed as she tried to rub her clit against something.
She heard Suika snap pictures with her camera as she said “Oh, look down here. Not only are you making a very naughty face right now, your panties are absolutely soaked. It’s leaking through them at this point”.
“I’ll have to tend to that once I’m done here it seems” Reimu said as her pace increased again.
Small tears of happiness formed in the corners of Aya’s eyes. The shrine maiden grabbed her head firmer, pushed her dick all the way in and said “Get ready, here comes your meal”.
The tengu could feel the dick swell slightly in her mouth just before a thick, warm stream started to flow down her throat. She closed her eyes and did her best to swallow it all down, feeling like her stomach got warmer as she did.

When her orgasm was over Reimu pulled her dick out and looked at Aya’s dreamy expression.
“That’s a good face you are making right now, I’ll be sure to show it to you later” she said as the camera clicked again (and Aya started breathing normally again).
“Now on to the main event, what you were really hoping for”.
Suika picked up Aya, carried her over to the bed and put her down to that she was standing with her knees on the floor and her body bent over the side of the bed. Reimu put one hand on the back of the tengu’s head and pressed her face down into the mattress.
Aya could feel her friends penis pressing against her flower through her wet panties and quickly grew excited again.
Then Reimu pulled the panties down and left them around Aya’s thighs. She then shoved her dick into her friends honey pot in one hard stroke.
Aya let out a loud moan full of pleasure. She was so wet that the penis slid in without any trouble.
Reimu didn’t waste any time and started to thrust at a frisk pace. She grabbed the tengu’s tied wrists and pulled her back and forth in a matching pace.
Aya was so turned on by the treatment that it didn’t even take 2 minutes for her to come, moaning hard as she did. Reimu kept pumping her dick into her honey pot as she came.
Once the strong orgasm subsided Reimu moved one hand down and grabbed Aya’s breast. She then turned her friends head with her other hand, leaned forward and kissed her, starting to thrust again as she did.
Aya let everything go and just drifted on the pleasure. When Reimu came and filled her up with semen her body shock with a new orgasm as she took it all in.
Afterward she collapsed on the bed as Reimu untied her hands and feet. The shrine maiden then embraced her friend, patted her head and whispered “Did that make you feel good?”
“Yes, very good. Thank you so much” Aya replied in a quiet but happy voice.

Reimu tucked her friend in and put the beds covers over her. She then turned to Suika and said “Alright, give her camera back. She can decide for herself what she wants to do with the pictures you took”.
The oni laughed and said “I’m gonna have fun imagining what she ends up using them for”.
After they gave the camera and notepad back Reimu said “Ok then, lets give her what she has been asking me for since we all came here”.
“Yea, lets do it!” Suika answered happily as she floated up until their faces were level, threw her arms around Reimu’s neck and kissed her. The shrine maiden embraced the oni and answered the kiss.

As they kissed they both stripped down to their birthday suits and Reimu sat down on the bed with Suika clinging to her. Reimu lowered her hands and started to caress the oni’s back and butt. Suika giggled as she continued to kiss her deeper.
After a while Reimu pulled back and said “You are actually pretty good at kissing when you are not drunk, have you considered being sober more often?”
“Hihi, I love doing everything from fighting to relaxing while drunk, it makes it more fun. However, I will always sober up for something like this”.

As she spoke, Suika twirled some of her hair around her finger and pulled it of. The hair strands turned into mini-Suikas that floated through the air and landed all over Reimu’s body.
They all started licking her everywhere, from her feet, calfs, back of the knees and thighs to her navel, back, breasts, armpits, neck and ears. Suika herself put her mouth around the shrine maidens penis and began caressing it with her tongue.
Reimu moaned loudly as the pleasure spread throughout her whole body. She put 2 fingers into her own mouth and sucked on them and her other hand on Suika’s head, pushing it against her crotch.

It didn’t take long for her dick to get rock hard again and when it did she grabbed the oni’s horns and pulled her up.
Suika smiled and sat down on Reimu’s dick. It easily slipped into her dripping wet honey pot.
She folded her arms and legs around the shrine maiden and started sucking on her breasts.
Reimu grabbed around her friends back and butt and they both stated to move. She could feel all the tiny tongues licking her as Suika’s tight pussy squeezed her cock hard. She moaned loudly and held the oni tighter as she continued to thrust into her.

After staying like that for a few minutes, Suika got up and said “Let me give you something different”.
She then turned all the mini-Suikas to mist that drifted into her breasts, enlarging them.
She placed her friends penis between her now immodestly large boobs and pressed them together with her hands and began moving up and down. The dick was wet and slippery enough to make it easy.
Reimu gasped and said “Oh, your breasts feel so soft and nice, I love this feeling”.
“Hihi, then I’ll keep going, I want you to come all over these big boobs of mine”.
As she spoke, Suika took the tip of the penis into her mouth and ran her tongue around it while she continued to stroke it with her breasts.
She kept going until Reimu said “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”
The oni buried the tip of the dick between her breasts as it sprayed it’s hot load. A small pool of semen formed in her cleavage.
“Hold it still now, it’s a delicate balance right now and I don’t want this to go to waste” Suika said.
Reimu smiled and answered “Then I’ll help you savor it as much as you want”.
She dipped her fingers into the cum pool and then put them in Suika’s mouth. The oni greedily licked the semen of them and swallowed it, licked her lips and said “Delicious”.
Reimu cupped her hands and scooped up the rest of the cum in her friends cleavage, then slowly poured it into her mouth.

Once Suika was done swallowing it all and licking the fingers clean, she smiled and said “Will you let my lower mouth drink it as well?”
She then grew in size until she was so tall that Reimu’s head only reached up to her hips.
The shrine maiden let out a small laugh.
“You are surprisingly naughty when you are sober aren’t you?”
She then moved hear head close to Suika’s crotch and ran her tongue over her now much larger pussy’s folds.

She licked them for a bit before she moves up and started sucking on her friends clit.
As she did the oni started to moan.
“Ah, come on Reimu, pierce me and make my pussy ready for your dick”.
Reimu put lifted her right hand and slowly started to push all 4 of her fingers into Suika’s warm, wet hole.
She then began to slowly twist her hand as she pushed it further in, only stopping once her whole hand and her wrist had disappeared into Suika’s pussy.

The oni moaned and gasped.
“Yes, that’s it, now pound me with that fist of yours”.
Reimu began to pump her hand in and out like a piston, making sure to keep sucking on the clit as she did.
With Suika’s pussy enlarged like this is wasn’t hard, but it still squeezed her wrist and hand tight every time she shoved it in.
“Ah, I can feel you scraping against my insides, it makes my pussy want to drink that thick, white milk of yours”.
Reimu pulled out her hand and Suika returned to her normal size. The oni then got down on all fours on the bed and stuck her butt in the air.
“Come on, stick that cock back in me” she said in an eager voice.
“Very well then” Reimu replied as she grabbed her friends butt cheeks and pushed her dick into the eagerly waiting pussy.
She began thrusting and moved one of her hands to Suika’s breast. Her other hand grabbed one of the oni’s horns and pulled on it whenever the thrusted into her.
“Ah, yes, that’s it. Pound me hard like that!” Suika yelled as her back arced and her whole face looked happy.

Her honey pot really did its best to wring Reimu’s dick as hard as it could whenever it pulled back, then opened up to let it back in.
She kept fucking Suika hard as she bent forward, shoved her hair aside and licked her neck.
Her pussy tightened again and Reimu almost winced. She could feel her dick getting massaged from all angles as the oni’s pussy thirsted for her cum.
She increased her pace again and pushed a little deeper, hitting against the womb entrance.
“Ah, you’re kissing my womb with your cock! Now I really want your milk”.
“Then I’ll give it to you, make sure you don’t spill it now”.
She kept going until she felt the orgasm coming, then pressed her chest against Suika’s back, embraced her and held her tight as her dick sprayed it’s load and filled up her womb.
Suika let out a scream followed by a long moan and a very pleased look on her face.

They laid down as spoons for a while, their breathing slowly returning to normal.
Suika was the first to recover.
She looked at Aya, smiled and said “Well, did you get any good pictures? I’d like to see them”.
Aya’s face was very red as she answered. “No, I decided not to take any pictures. I did take a few general notes however”.
“And what is it that you plan on doing with that material?”
The tengu looked away for a second before saying “It’s a journal of sorts that I record all the happenings here in, I told you it wasn’t for publishing Reimu”.
The shrine maiden looked questioningly at her for a few seconds before shrugging and saying “Well, it doesn’t really matter that much anyway”.
She then got up on all fours, crawled over to Aya and said “What matters is that I got a good chance to give you two some loving, and we will most likely get lots more in the near future”.
The tengu blushed again as Reimu caressed her cheek and Suika showed a wide grin.
Reimu laid down between them and held them with one arm each.
“Good night you two, sweet dreams”.
She watched their faces relax as they cuddled up to her and basked in the warmth of their bodies.
She closed her eyes and slowly started to drift of into a happy sleep.

When Reimu woke up the next morning she felt warm and relaxed. She was greeted by a happy looking Suika who smiled and said “Good morning, anything to drink before breakfast?”
Reimu laughed and said “I’d better not, it wouldn’t be good for my mood in the morning”.
They grinned at each other before waking up Aya.

Once they were all dressed they left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen. A nice smell could already be felt coming from it.
When they got there Alice and Marisa were over at the stove and Sakuya was finishing setting the table.
“Good morning” she greeted them. “These two ladies wanted to help out today so I left them in charge of the food”.
Marisa turned her head and said “Rise and shine sleepyheads, we got something that will blow your drowsiness away ready for you right here”.
“Hmm, are you perchance trying out a new recipe?” Aya asked as she opened her journal and produced a pen.
Alice nodded and said “It’s a little spicy but I think you will like it. Please have a seat”.

Once the rest of the house’s inhabitants had joined them at the table they all tried the new ‘Spicy Shrooms’ as Marisa called it.
The taste took a little getting used to but they all soon noticed that their moods brightened considerably.
“Mmm, this is actually really good” Patchouli said, looking more awake then most people had seen her.
“Indeed” Sakuya continued. “You have to teach me this recipe later, it is rather intriguing”.
“Nice job you two, I needed that” Reimu said.
As everyone helped themselves to some more Marisa grinned and said “I told you it was a good idea Alice, you should show some more confidence in your recipe writing skills”.
Alice blushed lightly and said “As long as you help me out, cocking for others is not exactly in my comfort zone”.
Marisa patted her friends back and said “Of course, you can count on me”.

After breakfast Aya excused herself and headed towards her room.
Suika grinned and whispered to Reimu “She probably wants to develop the pictures I took of her last night and ‘put them to good use’, if you catch my drift”.
Reimu smiled and gave a small nod.
She then went outside with Suika and brought Orin and Okuu with her.
Once they walked through the front door the oni took out her sake bottle and started drinking happily.
Reimu rolled her eyes before gesturing to the two pets that they where free to play as the wanted, then went back inside the house and went to Remilia’s room.

When she knocked on the door the vampire opened it and said “Well hello there, did you properly tame our wild resident reporter last night?”
“I believe my treatment was effective yes. Thanks for the vote of confidence the other day”.
“Hehe, no problem. It was true after all, you really are starting to grow into your new role rather nicely”.
Reimu smiled and asked “How is Flandre? I’ve been wondering about her for a while now”.
“She’s fine actually, once we got her installed in the cupboard over there she went back to normal”.
“That’s a relief, but just to be sure I’d like to check up on her once in a while to see if she shows any signs of developing, ‘destructive urges’ shall we say.
“Hehe, I know what you mean, I’ve been thinking the same thing myself and kept an eye on her along with Patchy and Sakuya, but I would be glad to have an extra set of eyes on her”.

Remilia walked over to the cupboard and knocked on the door.
“It’s me Flan, I’m coming in”.
She opened the door and walked into the room. Reimu followed and saw that the room did indeed look just like the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
Flandre came running from a corner of the room happily yelling “Big sis! Reimu!”
Remilia caught her sister in her arms and held her tight.
“Reimu came to visit you Flan, she wanted to see how you were doing”.
Flandre looked at the shrine maiden and smiled happily.
“Thanks for letting me stay here, this is so much fun!”
Reimu walked up to the younger vampire, crouched down and patted her head.
“I’m glad you and your sister are here Flan, just be careful with the things in here. We are a little limited in what we have access to for the next few years”.
Flandre smiled and said “You don’t have to worry, I won’t break anything that isn’t mine”.
She then said in a calmer voice “I just want to play with you from time to time, can you do that please?”
Reimu hesitated a little, ‘playing’ usually meant something less then harmless when Flandre said it.
But she made up her mind and decided on her answer.
“Yea, sure. I’ll play with you when I can”.
“Yay! Thanks Reimu!”
“You’re welcome”.

Later, when they left the cupboard, Remilia turned to her friend and asked “Are you sure that is a good idea?”
Reimu looked back and answered “Yes, it’s better to give her something she wants if it helps keeping her in a good mood. Besides, if I am to be the master of this house I have to act like it, I can’t just run away from a challenge when it presents itself”.
“A ‘challenge’ eh? Thank you for not choosing a more negative sounding word to describe my sister”.
Reimu looked a little apologetic for a moment, but the next second both of them burst into laughter.

She left Remilia’s room and headed for the soundproof resting room next to the entrance. Once she got there Marisa was standing next to the door leaning against the wall.
“I figured you would be heading this way. How are you feeling Reimu?”
“I feel alright, I just need to take a moment alone and collect myself. So much has happened these last few days and I still haven’t quite organized my thoughts properly”.
“Do you want some company?”
“In about ten minutes or so, I’ll leave the door unlocked if you decide to come back”.
“Alright then, see ya in ten”.
Reimu entered the room and closed the door.
As she sat down in the completely silent room she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, feeling herself relax ans she did.
It was weird to think how quickly she was growing used to this strange situation.
“I guess Marisa was right about me, in one way at least” she thought to herself.

She just sat there in silence for a while and tried to not think about anything.
Eventually the door opened and Marisa walked in.
“Feeling better?”
“Yes, but I sure could use a hug right about now”.
“Good thing I got one right here then”.
Marisa sat down next to Reimu and put her arms around her friend. Reimu did the same and the two of them just sat there holding each other.
“Thank you for being here Marisa”.
“No problem, I like it here”.
They both smiled and before sharing a kiss.

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