Eternal Fyre

> You and Frye fool around the rest of the day and night.
> Morning rose over the Monster Realm.
> You manage to wake up before Fyre seeing her laying next to you.
> Her pale body beautiful in the rising sun.
> You decide to let her sleep.
> You quietly get out of bed and head downstairs.
> It was time for breakfast.
> You decide to cook her breakfast today while she slept.
> Fyre must have been exhausted from all of last night since she stayed asleep even after you had finished breakfast for both you and her.
> You bring up a plate for both of you.
> Fyre was still asleep in bed.
> Coffee was the next thing but you saw none in the house.
> You hear Fyre getting out of bed so you head back up.
> “My dear, you didn’t have to do this I was going to suggest we go out to eat this morning,” she says.
> “I didn’t want to wake you Fyre, you looked peaceful,” you reply back to her.
> “Well aren’t you just the best,” she said sitting up in bed and grabbing her plate.
> You smile back at her before joining her in bed with your own plate.
> You both eat together while the sun finishes rising.
> “Coffee shop down the street afterward?” she asked finishing up her plate.
> You nod in agreement with her.
> Once you both finish your food up she gets up still nude to get dressed.
> You do the same except you were at least half dressed at this time.
> You and her both finish getting dressed before heading out of her home.
> She takes your hand as you both walk down the street together.
> It was nice being with Fyre again and it would be even nicer if you could make that move happen.
> You both enter the Warm Delights that was near her home.
> You wait shortly and both order without a scene this time.
> “Why not I show you around a bit instead of just heading back home?” she asked as both of you head out of the coffee shop
> “That sounds nice actually, if I am to live here I need to know the area.” you reply to her.
> She leads you around the town and near the harbor that you normally enter through.
> This area of the Monster Realm seemed quite nice with things being decent and convenient.
> “This area is quite nice,” you say to her.
> “I know that is why I picked to settle here, it is much cozier than the more expensive area’s where most of the higher power lives,” Fyre responded.
> You ended up running into one of your crewmates.
> You break the news to him that you are staying and to tell the crew to not wait up for you.
> He doesn’t try to argue with you seeing who you have on your arm, he simply wishes you both the best.
> “We will need to work on getting your re-located here soon, I’ll make the calls necessary and arrange the meeting with my mother,” Fyre said to you.
> That was going to be a problem, the Demon Lord herself would not approve of this relationship in the slightest. A commoner dating a Lilim was nearly unheard of.
> You and Fyre head around more, grabbing some fresh produce for dinner.
> “Well, it is getting late time to head home now,” she said to you after picking up the last thing.
> On the way back to her home, she gets a phone call.
> “O-Oh mom I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon, o-oh you are on your way right now, well I can cook for us tonight see you soon,” Fyre said before hanging up.
> Your heart sank, such short notice for this meeting.
> “Relax dear, just be yourself it will be fine,” Fyre reassured you.
> You both quickly rush back to her home.
> She tells you that she will start dinner and you head up to shower and get ready.
> You nervously shower alone while Fyre is downstairs, your mind racing thinking about meeting her mother.
> You finish up your shower and get dressed once more.
> You head downstairs to Fyre in the kitchen, seemed she had prepped some of the coffee you got at Warm Delights earlier in the day, which was just what you needed at the moment.
> “She will be here shortly dear relax a bit,” Fyre said to you as you sat down at the table.
> You sip your coffee and wait patiently.
> A knock was heard at the door a few minutes after.
> You stand up nearly dropping your cup of coffee.
> “Relax dear please it will be alright,” Fyre said gently kissing you on the lips to reassure you.
> Fyre opened the door, it was her mother the Demon Lord.
> You see her enter, she was an indescribable beauty.
> The aura in the room instantly changed the second she was in with the door closed, you felt a power an extreme power.
> “Evening dear,” she says to Fyre giving her a kiss on the cheek.
> Her eyes soon immediately met yours.
> “You must be the man who is seeing my daughter,” she said approaching you.
> You instinctively bow to her.
> She requests you stand back up, this is business.
> You do stand back up before apologizing still incredibly nervous.
> “Be a dear and bring me a coffee, I am sure I smell a fresh pot,” she says to Fyre.
> “Refill dear?” Fyre asks you.
> You nod in response.
> “Sit down, we need to talk,” the Lord said sitting down in the closest armchair.
> You sit down across from her.
> She crosses her legs while fixing her hair.
> “So, my daughter tells me you are a commoner? It honestly fascinates me to view normal mortals,” she said with a small smirk.
> “I am a normal mortal yes, I do trading in between the realms I bring the freshest produce and products here,” you reply to her nervously.
> The Lord smiles once more.
> “I understand, my daughter has expressed her interest in you. Fyre has always been different from her other sisters I always have been struggling to get used to what she wants,” she spoke to you.
> Fyre enters back in with the coffee for both of you.
> “Thank you, dear,” the Demon Lord said to Fyre taking the cup from her.
> “T-Thank you, my dear,” you say nervously taking the cup from Fyre as she kisses your forehead.
> The Demon Lord smirks against seeing that while sipping her coffee.
> “So, Fyre tells me you want to move out here?” The Lord questioned you.
> “Y-Yes ma’am I could keep my job out here as well as stay with Fyre and we wouldn’t be apart,” you said.
> The Lord sips her coffee and closes her eyes.
> “Such a nice place the Monster Realm isn’t it? The highest and strongest temptations live out here, and a commoner like you falls into the arms of a Lilim, I trust you to keep my daughter smiling like she is,” the Lord said to you.
> You sip your coffee and sigh in relief.
> “So smile a bit now, welcome to the family dear,” she said raising her cup to you.
> You raise your cup to her and say “T-Thank you, my Lord.”
> Fyre was listening from the kitchen as she finished up dinner.
> The biggest smile crossed her face hearing her mother speak those words.
> “Now for the next part of business, you need fast travel between realms to collect your things and set arrangements?” the Lord asked you.
> “Yes my lord, arrangments in my world wouldn’t be too much I could just sell off furniture and other things I won’t be needing anymore,” you tell her.
> She smiles at you again, “I can take care of your travels when needed, I will have Fyre contact me and I will arrange for both of you to go and come back,” she then says to you.
> Fyre enters back into the room with both of you “Dinner is ready,” she said happily.
> You, Fyre, and her mother the Demon Lord eat your meal and she tells Fyre what you and she talked about.
> Of course, Fyre said she overheard while finishing up dinner and she wants to quickly make the move as soon as possible.
> “Well, we will get you both out there tomorrow, give Fyre a chance to see your side and get things situated,” the Lord said to you both setting her fork down to her plate.
> “Excellent, we will be up early for the trip,” Fyre said.
> You take it upon yourself to collect everyone’s plates once everyone was finished eating.
> “Food was delicious dear, I’ll have to have you both over at the manor for dinner and of course the annual meetings of power,” the Lord said standing up and straightening herself out.
> You and Fyre walk her mother to the door.
> “It was a pleasure meeting you dear, make sure my daughter stays happy I trust you can do that?” she asks you.
> “Y-Yes my Lord I will ensure that,” you reply back to her.
> “Good, see you tomorrow both of you,” she said kissing Fyre on the cheek again before heading out the door and back to her drivers heading back home.
> Fyre closed the door before embracing you kissing you deeply on the lips.
> “Perfect, it couldn’t have gone better now time for dessert,” she said lifting her dress showing she wasn’t wearing panties.
> You both head upstairs and indulge yourselves in the delights of each other’s bodies for the rest of the night.
> The next morning came with Fyre laying on top of you.
> “Morning Fyre,” you say kissing her on the lips.
> “Morning babe,” she replies kissing you back leaning up sitting in your lap nude.
> You lay in awe at Fyre’s body.
> Fyre gets out of bed and you quickly follow.
> You both quickly get dressed to meet up with her mother today.
> After a quick coffee and breakfast her mother soon arrives.
> You both greet her and get into her car and her drivers take you off.
> She takes you to a place that is near her manor.
> It looked ancient.
> “Very powerful magic energy is in here, transport magic is even possible,” the Lord spoke to both of you.
> “Letting us use transport crystals?” Fyre asked her.
> the Lord smiled and said “Yes.”
> “I’ll handle that stuff and we will get back safely,” Fyre said.
> “This magic charge should last a few days which should be enough to get things settled?” the Lord says in a questioning manner.
> “Yes, it shouldn’t even take that long I don’t have a whole lot,” you reply back to her.
> “Well, working out here should grant you some more opportunity and some quite luxurious items,” the Lord spoke handing Fyre a small crystal.
> “Alright dear, take my hand with the crystal and we should end up straight at your place if you can just envision it,” Fyre said.
> You take Fyre’s hand and lace your fingers with hers before you know it you are right outside your old apartment building it was like a flash.
> “W-Wait that’s it?” you question her.
> “Yeah easy enough so let’s head up.” Fyre replied.
> You and her both head inside, you immediately get stares from your soon to be former neighbors.
> You both head into your small apartment.
> Fyre observes your soon to be past living situation.
> “Bedroom?” she asked seeing nearly no furniture and a bare kitchen.
> “Y-Yeah that is where everything is.” you say to her back.
> You feel a bit off bringing her here, she is seeing how you struggled before meeting her.
> You lead her to your bedroom which was also quite bare-bones.
> A bed, desk, tv, and a small bathroom.
> She helps to pack up, mainly clothes and essentials. You even offer one of your neighbors your tv which they accept.
> “Babe, can we talk for a second?” Fyre asks just after you get rid of the tv.
> Fyre sits down on your bed and pats a spot next to you.
> You sit down next to her.
> “I know you think that I am judging you for all of this, but I am not. I know things can be tough but look things are looking up,” she said.
> ” I-I was thinking you were I cannot lie,” you reply to her.
> Fyre sighed “My dear, look you mean the world to me I am not going to think of you any different, we are both moving on to bigger and better things, we have each other and we will always have that,” she said placing her hand on your cheek.
> Fyre leaned in and kissed you deeply on the lips before saying “I love you…”

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