The desert was scorching and filled with sandy wind as per usual. Honestly, the harsh conditions would have seen any unprepared human, and even a few of the weaker mamono, to their knees within a matter of hours.

But Maverick was quite a bit more prepared than the average human or mamono as he made his way through the shifting sands. His long cloak did not billow in the wind for it was fastened tight around his body, covering his long, woolen shirt and pants. The clothing wasn’t fancy, especially not the rough boots on his feet, but they were simple and of a light color, principally a light blue with shades of auburn.

He took a tentative swig from his water skin before carefully tucking it away lest he drop it. Maverick loved his job, even if it did not pay, he loved the act of traveling, and he even loved the much less dangerous aftermath of reaching his target. But he was no fool; traveling the desert, alone no less, took careful management of resources to both survive and not be caught by the… excitable inhabitants.

‘Speaking of, I better get a move on before dark falls.’ Maverick thought as he adjusted the scarf around his head to see that the sun was halfway through the blue expanse of the sky. ‘I should be able to make it before dark but I’d have to work by torch light if I wanted to do my usual.’

Maverick knew, deep down, that despite all his precautions his “career” was to be a short-lived one. He kept himself to the most isolated and barren of places, away from places of mystical power, and even places of rumor. Mamono could technically be found anywhere but the vast majority at least liked to be where people were, human or otherwise, they tended to not like complete isolation. But this was a temporary measure at best that would last him a few years before something snapped him up; lone adventures simply didn’t last long and he’d made peace with that.

He could fix that, get professional and resourceful help. ‘But they would come from a place I simply couldn’t tolerate.’

With that last, sorrowful thought Maverick increased his pace even further. He needed to be careful not to over-tax himself but by the gods he always needed some way to burn off his frustration whenever he thought about his college.

* * * *

The site wasn’t breathtaking. “Breathtaking” implied a kind of child-like surprise and marvel at a truly exceptional visage.

The squat little temple in front of him, with more rubble than actual support columns left to keep the ceiling up, was anything but. It was dark, gloomy, and had obviously not been disturbed for quite some time. Not “breathtaking”, what this site was “fascinating” though. It was located in the middle of nowhere in the desert despite obviously having been crafted with great forethought to still be semi-standing after so long. And most interesting of all to an archeologist like Maverick was the clear signs that the building extended lower underground. It might have been different in the past, but the worn away foundation and shifted ground revealed an underground portion.

‘But first things first; Need to make sure this place doesn’t come down on my head while I go in. Which mean it’s time to start with my favorite part of the job.’ Maverick thought with a smirk as he readjusted the pack on his back, he’d need to set up camp inside just to be safe.

As he walked along the perimeter of the great structure, he waved his hand and arcane power solidified the fractured and eroded pillars. It was always a marvel to look upon these constructions and know that something that looked so large had been built with such rudimentary tools. Likely without the aid of magic either. This was the part of his journey’s that gave him most joy’s; restoring old cites to their previous glory and unlocking the context for their creation within.

This desire, in fact, was only about a quarter of the reason that his peers had turned on him; His unusual finesse and reach with chrono-magic and using them on things of historical importance was only slightly looked down upon and prohibited for a few cases but not worth being annexed for. No, what had gotten him banned from his college and sometimes outright attacked for “heresy” was due to something far more controversial.

Maverick thought on this very fact as he finished with the last of the exterior supports, he could reach and then made his way through the now repaired arch-way. And perhaps, had he not been so absorbed in thought and focused on his magic, he might have noticed the engraving of a beetle on the top, inside curve of the entrance. With very thin engravings connecting to it and twisting further into the temple itself.

It just goes to show that no matter how experienced or well prepared, when sufficiently distracted anyone can miss a crucial detail.

* * * *

Two-and-a-half hours of careful casting and sneaking around an unknown temple later, Maverick found himself at what he believed to be the true “heart” of this building. In a room connected to a truly expansive hallway there was a massive vault forged of stone and gold with a merely weathered mechanism to show for damage.

‘Truly exceptional craftsmanship.’ With a satisfied sigh Maverick waved his hand and restored the base to functional condition.

Unwittingly sealing his fate.

Once the faint arcane carvings throughout the whole base, concealed by a thin layer of dust and grim, lined up perfectly… nothing happened. Maverick then went to camp, figuring that he could work on getting past the vault in the morning once he’d gotten some rest, oblivious to the sub-sonic sound of magic building deep within the vault he now set out to camp in front of.

As Maverick started to roll out his bed-roll and made a small fire with his tinder box(he had magic but it was best to conserve his energy for tomorrow, he was pretty well tapped), he reminisced on his few… not quite “friends” but he at least considered them acquaintances.

He’d met them during his many travels, outcasts like him to a certain extent. Liam, the bookish villager with a knack for the mystical in a town near an old tomb. And Laurence, the haughty summoner he’d seen while navigating a decrepit watchtower bordering a mountain range. Both were outcasts in their own way, especially Laurence considering he’d been cast out from his own magical college of research.

‘And all for the same reason, just different flavors.’ Maverick thought soberly after finishing his bland rations and getting comfortable in his bed-roll. ‘Mamono, or more accurately, our mild interest in them.’

The Order’s influence spread far and wide, so the result wasn’t particularly surprising. Regardless if it was just researching ingredients they used like Liam, being willing to study their summoning rituals and sources of power like Laurence. ‘Or like me.’ Maverick thought as his eye lids drooped. ‘Who just wants to study their history and see how their civilizations got to where they are today.’

‘But they’ve stopped sending letters as of late and have stopped replying to my letters. Even though we only talk on a monthly basis, it seems curious.’ These would be Maverick’s last musings as his head was awash with negative emotions, like a depressive maelstrom as he had to contend with the prospect of becoming even more alone in his travels.

Maverick Gerard fell hard into an unrestful sleep.

* * * *

<Quite impressive.>

The word’s poured into Maverick’s ears like honey and were the first to greet him upon waking… except they weren’t words. They didn’t reverberate inside this place like every other sound did and the voice seemed to be right next to him but he felt no breath against his skin. Maverick’s eyes snapped open and initially he saw nothing amiss, his half-asleep brain only registering that all of his stuff was in the same place, nothing had tripped the alarm spell he’d set up in the hallway, and he even felt well rested. Then he fully awoke and noticed the subtle purple glow coming from behind him.

Maverick turned around and his mind buckled as he witnessed a god.

<Didn’t cleanse the grim and dust though.> The “voice” radiated out from a massless form that seemed as deep as the ocean depths and twice as wide while still somehow being contained to what now seemed like a pitifully small room. <But I suppose functionality over beauty is something mortals have to contend with. Luckily for you; those of us closer to the divine can bring together both.> It roiled and blurred at the edges like pitch black mist, so dark that it made the natural darkness around them look as bright as sunlight by comparison.

Maverick’s chest felt like it was burning as sweat began to build rapidly all over his body despite the cool air of the night. His legs twitched with fear but could not muster the will to properly move himself, they merely trembled when he tried to push any will into his muscles.

<Let me show you the proper way to do it.> The voice slid through his mind once again as the corners of his vision began to darken. The room had remained mostly the same despite her proclamation for a few seconds… save for the glowing purple lines he could now see beneath the dust-caked interior.

What felt like the entire world began to shudder and shake, and the sudden movement jostled him onto his back. With a shock he took in a giant gasp of breath, only now realizing he’d held it involuntarily out of fear. Now he watched in astonishment as his body shuddered and shock as he gulped in air and tried to rationalize his situation.

It was like his own spell craft writ large.

He could feel the very structure of this place shift past the fear consuming him, the very angle that the floor was at evening out slightly. Then the dust along the interior cleared, presumably because he’d already dealt with the internal structure, revealing the intricately carved surface underneath. Then the being went even further, every chip, scratch, and worn bit of texture was molded back to perfection under a shimmering gold and purple glow.

In the span of seconds, the dreary ruins of before had now been reverted back to their true form; an inner sanctum of smooth stone and gold fit for… royalty.

‘Fit for a Pharaoh.’ He realized with dread as that sickening voice violated his mind again.

<I can feel you shivering, you know.> For once Maverick noted that the voice sounded feminine but it’s tenor still seemed completely disconcerting in how unavoidable and perfect it was. <It’s understandable though. You’ve just seen magic far beyond your kin, it is only natural to feel some trepidation in the face of superiority.> Then the two ethereal gashes within that darkness flared, as if focusing on him in earnest, and that was enough to spur him into action.

Maverick was up in a flash and cast his greatest warding spell, a silver glyph forming a veritable wall between him and the thing as he started to back away-

He felt his magic shatter at the same time he went from standing in the center of the room to pressed against the far wall in the next instance. His mind briefly failed at the sudden loss of sensation of his ward being so thoroughly destroyed before he saw, or rather didn’t see, what had him now. The massless sea was pressing him against the wall, and had been careful enough to not splatter him against the wall despite moving him at such speed, and now all he could do was squirm against what felt like an unfiled, invisible force countered every movement he made. The cloud eventually went from just holding him by his torso to rapidly crawling along his body and enveloping his skull. Maverick wasn’t so proud as to deny admitting that he audibly whimpered as his vision was completely swallowed.

Long seconds past as the young boy screamed and yet no sound was produced within this being before its hue shifted abruptly, its “eyes” turning pink while the rest of it shifted to a deep purple. Then, with only a bone reverberating purr as waring, he whisked through the halls at impossible speeds before being dumped in a room. The door behind them slammed shut and he heard several large mechanisms lock it in place as he looked up and tried to figure out his surroundings.

The room he was in was obviously a bed chamber; the golden gilding on everything and beyond massive bed made that clear. But that seemed almost ordinary compared to what the entity was doing now as it loomed over him. It was becoming more compact, assuming a general humanoid shape before its substance blurred in its entirety and Maverick witnessed the bottomless power he saw properly honed.

And what a sight it was. The body it now assumed was a soft and curvy figure accentuated with trim muscle. Her face was just as marvelous, if not more so; strong, angular features that suggested an aristocratic lineage, small nose, soft lips, and piecing red eyes. All framed by a silky wave of raven black hair, even the golden ornament atop her head seemed to enhance her beauty. She was enshrined in erotically place straps of fabrics and claps that barely covered her modesty as she walked toward his partially kneeling form. Her ornate crown gleamed even in the moody light of the room and its golden sheen was shared by the decorative bracers on her wrists and ankles. Her generous bosom bulged obscenely while being barely contained by shiny, black leather and mummy-like bandages acted as stockings. And either odd scars or some kind of tattoos gave her dark skin red, jagged patterns that reminded him of magical glyphs, though the design was completely foreign to him.

This was all, however, slightly marred by the expression on her face that mirrored that of a desperate beast in heat that was about to ravage its mate.

‘Oh.’ Was all Maverick could think as her predatory expression registered past the literal divine beauty.

<Yes, you see the problem now. The magic of this era seems to incur a certain toll.> She walked forward then, as if every step had the privilege of carrying her forward. He flinched at her sensual and graceful approach before she simply walked past him and sat on the edge of the massive bed. In fact, now that he was so freaked, he could now see all the odd things that seemed out of place in any bedroom. He saw a what looked like a primitive yet advanced chemistry station, various potted herbs and plants around the place, and what looked like a tomb with a title he couldn’t even begin to decipher.

<Ahem> Somehow the sound of throat clearing reverberated through his mind and his attention snapped back to “her”. She still didn’t look human despite not having any visably inhuman features. Hell, she didn’t even give off the feel of being a “person” really. The way she carried herself, how her eyes seemed to see beyond the what was physically in front of her, and the literally perfect form that was her body dispelled any façade of humanity or mortality.

The pharaoh made a pulling motion with her hand and a spectral collar and chain appeared around his neck. With sharp tug, while uncrossing her legs, she had him kneeling between them with a dumbfounded look on his face as he spied her thinly covered and obviously wet crotch.

<Lick.> This time it wasn’t a simple word flowing through his mind, it was a command that demanded obedience.

‘Well,’ Maverick thought as his hands trembled and began to subconsciously pull his face closer. ‘I just need to make her cum. Then maybe if she lets her guard down or goes to rest, I’ll have a plan…’ His thoughts trailed off as he tugged her cloth out of the way and saw her wet, puffy cunt lips. It was practically a heart shaped entrance that said “Enter here” and Maverick leaned his head down to do just that.

The pharaoh moaned openly at the first proper lick and probe of her fields in millennial, shivering shamelessly as her lover continued. Maverick was a little experienced but such an immediate reaction was unexpected but not unwelcome. He immediately pressed the “advantage” by probing deeper, licking and nibbling at places her already knew to be sensitive areas. The pharaoh’s legs flexed and tightened rhythmically as the young man continued his service, two brown thighs molding perfectly to his head. The wraps around her calves and lower thighs were surprisingly soft against his skin as she slid her feet along his back in fits of pleasure so sharp her toes curled and her moans crescendo.

Maverick continued his lip lock with the pharaoh’s lower lips for a while longer before going in for the finisher. He’d expected the wetness, end even the tightness, but not the aroma. It was unlike any perfume or lotion he’d smelled before; it was exotic and heady, like the most powerful of incense as it drove him to tongue her further. He drew back, little as he could with such powerful thighs keeping him in place, and suddenly assaulted her clit with tongue, lip, and teasing teeth with no warning. The Pharaoh cried out, a louder groan of ecstasy as her hands immediately shot down, got a grip on his head, and push him in hard and instinctively started humping his face.

Then, just as suddenly, he was yanked from between her legs and to eye-level with the scary woman as she panted openly. Two impossibly strong hands dashed any ideas of wriggling free as the woman held is head in place, gazing into his eyes with naked lust. <That was… impressive, surprisingly so. Perhaps my long rest has made me particularly sensitive.> She’d switched back to her method of speaking within his mind and it didn’t take Maverick very long to figure out why. She switched her grip from his head to wrapping him in an embrace that lead to a firm, almost domineering kiss. <But I don’t want to cum just yet. Indulge me a little before we get to the main course.> She projected into his mind, the lewd sentiment in her words while tasting her luscious lips making his cock throb all the harder.

‘I’ll just finish her off at the next opportunity. I just need to make her cum.’

What followed was a pretty one-side make out session that Maverick was rarely allowed to pull out for air from. She tugged on his lips with her teeth any moment he slacked and eagerly suck on his own overwhelmed oral organ. Either she liked the taste of herself or the feeling of being over him but either way things were starting to get heated. Their bodies were soon deliberately grinding against each other as they held each other in a tight in embrace to deepen the kiss further; her hands switching from tugging his hair, to messaging his back, and even squeezing his ass while he could barely hang on. Her form just felt so perfect and pliant in all the right places that tiny jolts of pleasure lanced down his fingers.

Eventually she separated with a frustrated hiss and snapped her fingers, causing Maverick to feel like everything below his neck was covered in warmth. But then he looked down and realized that purple flames were rapidly eating away at both his and the pharaoh’s clothes. Even her golden vestments melted away harmlessly, flowing from her voluptuous body and off the bed to pool onto the floor. In no time at all they were both naked and the corruption slowly influencing his mind over took his initial goal and warped it so that only the last part mattered; ‘I need to make her cum. I need to make her cum.’ All thoughts of fleeing afterwards had disappeared as Maverick looked upon her perfectly sculpted body and pressed her back first into the bed.

<What are you doing? She asked with a curious and tempting raise of her eyebrow. If she had a mind to stop him, she could with no doubt. But his position and the state of his painfully hard length narrowed down possibilities dramatically.

“I- I want to be on top, please. If you’ll allow it, my Queen…?” He said, trailing off as he remembered he never even know her name. The last part came impulsively though, it’s utterance feeling completely natural.

A pinch at his cheek brought a small exclamation of pain before Hernieth fully got on her back and gave him a pouty look. <My name is Hernieth, use it wisely.> Then she wrapped both arms around his strong shoulders, bringing him closer. <And you’re being awfully cheeky for a mortal but fine, I’ll allow it.>

Maverick nodded rapidly as he quickly got between long, muscular legs and put both hands on her generous bust. Herneith’s back arched and her legs reflexively locked around his waist at the sudden attention to her pillowy breasts. The bronze flesh squished between his fingers, almost down to the knuckle, as he put his weight on them and began to fondle the great mounds, stiff nipples making themselves evident against his palms.

Long legs wrapped tight around his waist as he eagerly leaned forward and began to suckle on the fleshy peaks. He’d gotten so lost in the moment of fondling and tasting such amazing breasts that he’d nearly forgotten the point of this position. Not that Herneith was complaining. Far from it, actually, she loved the attention he lavished on chest like a babe. But the cocktail of magically infused instinct and emotions swirling through her head demanded the filling of her quim right now over any pleasant foreplay.

Getting the hint, Maverick looked his partner in the eye as he tapped the glands of his tip against her still surprisingly pristine mound before slowly beginning to enter her. They both groaned openly as only half of his shaft was slid up the fleshy passage before Maverick began to shift to loosen up the sucking sensation.

<Ha-! Humph!> The pharaoh intoned as she wrapped him in a closer embrace as his body arched and slid a few more validating inches into her wet slit, liberally soaking his shaft in her juices. Then the queen growled as he suddenly withdrew his hips until only the tip was touching her outer lips. ‘Just what does he think he’s doin-‘ Only for her thought process to be shattered and head to snap back with a throaty squeal as he drove himself to the base in one smooth motion.

Then her arms propped his upper body up and muscular legs kept his hips rooted in place as she took a few breathes, but not out of weakness but to prevent herself from completely losing it on her partner. She wanted this to last. <God, is this what it feels like?> She breathed lustily into his mind. <No wonder peasants gossip about this so much. I can’t imagine going a single day without holstering myself onto such a warm, pulsing pleasure rod.> When she looked up and saw the beyond flustered visage of her partner, ‘When had she’d start thinking of him beyond as a tool? Never mind.’, Herneith deduced that the best way to satiate them both was the application of more.

To that end she rolled her hips against his, shifting the shaft within her as a tease before letting his hips get back to work.

The rushing validation of finally hitting balls deep, and then being held back tantalizing seconds, was all Maverick needed to get straight to his pace, pumping his hips in hard and long strokes, beating this sopping wet cunt into submission as hard as he could. Both made interesting, guttural sounds as he barreled past fluttering walls to always bottom out and smash the crown of his cock into the entrance of her womb. Neither paid any head to the idea of pacing or gentleness; Hernieth had lost herself completely in her pursuit of pleasure in her first romp and now was doing little more than rapping her long legs around her man’s waist, her ankles digging into his back side as he thrust with increasingly gratifying friction. The outer lips of her tight slit had been reddened by the intoxicating abuse it was taking but that only made her arms clutch at her lover more, scratching the man’s back with her well cared for nails, as she tried her best to facilitate the continued plundering of her depths, trying to shove as much raw cock into her quivering pussy as possible.

Despite beginning with more conservative intentions, Maverick was reduced to a nigh identical state of lust. Later, with clearer perspective, Maverick would blush despite his dark skin at how openly he moaned and groaned as he railed the taller woman beneath him, taking his time to grind around when he hilted before drawing back to pound again. The plush feeling of the royal’s thighs squeezing his waist and the cushion of her round ass for his balls made it so that he held nothing back, every movement reckless and filled with untamed desire. Both sweat freely now but that seemed to hardly matter to the pharaoh as she leaned up to suck and pepper kisses on his upper chest and neck while her toned arms continually pulled at his shoulders while he tried to keep his upper half elevated to maintain prime fucking position and leverage.

Hernieth’s insistence and supernatural strength won out however and Maverick soon found his neck and face subject to lewd licks and sucks as his torso was pressed flush with her busty chest. They could feel each other’s hearts, beating so fast as they were. Tit flesh squished lewdly out from the side as Hernieth pulling them so tightly together. Meanwhile Maverick’s thrusts we’re forced to be shallower but faster as wet squelches could be heard from the way his rigid length plunged and dug out the wetness that slavered her cavern.

Hands suddenly free of having to hold himself up, he slid them around his lover to embrace her as well until another idea wormed into his mind. Instead of just an embrace he slid his hands further down and took firm hand holds on her curvaceous ass. The hand hold was nice but soon to be short lived.

Whether it was due to Henieth’s deliberate delaying of their orgasms until they got to proper sex or the both of their relative inexperience, they were both rapidly approaching their limits.

Hernieth aggressively start to buck her hips in time with his thrusts as she felt his shaft begin to fatten, her sensitive folds aware of every throb and vein. Her face suddenly twisted into an odd mix of a sneer and grin as lewd thoughts bombarded his mind. <Come on you filthy fucking peasant, give me what I’m owed.> His balls tightened as she continued her tirade and a little, soundless cry came from his open lips as he felt himself pushed past the place of no return. <Inseminate your superior queen with a sticky, filthy load of-> The stream of thoughts was cut off as Herneith experienced a full-body shudder and clench as she felt the first strong pump of semen hit her descending womb and kickstarted her own descent into hedonistic nirvana.

Hernieth squealed and Maverick moaned as the greatest pleasure assaulted them as another jet of dense, sticky cum erupted from his tip pressed against her pliant cervix. He humped for every surge of cum, ensuring every jet found a home in her royal womb. Hernieth’s eyes rolled up as she felt his balls tense against her before the load surged up his shaft to continue the creampie, eventually overwhelming her womb and starting to paint her tunnel in his stick release. While she might not have been capable of much cohesive thought, her legs still tightened on reflex around him to try and ensure not a drop was wasted.

Eventually though Maverick reached his limits and with a few final pumps he slumped against her as his cock stopped spurting into her warm depths. He rolled himself off lazily and she made no move to stop him. His cock escaped her clenching walls with a wet squelch, revealing that he had actually overflowed her cunt completely, a small amount of cum having pooled around the cleft of her ass during the massive filling.

“I… wow” The young man managed to gasp out as he breathed hard while the curvy royal stretched with a sigh, an uncharacteristically wide smile on her face, which then turned into a smirk. That had been good, greatly satisfying even but she still wanted for more. Her body demanded it. Like having a aingle good dish during a large banquet; there was still so much more to go.

With that in mind, Hernieth flicked her wrist to bring over a sparkling potion from one of the various workstations within the bedroom then swiftly grabbed Maverick by his jaw. Without giving him time to protest, she uncorked it and poured its contents down his gullet. Instead of sputtering as might be expected, the liquid seemed to slither down and dissolve within him of its own volition. Stamina returned to him, muscles becoming less sore, and his cock surged back to full mast.

Then with a hungry purr she leapt atop him, strong and supple thighs squeezing him once again as she interlocked her fingers with his and pinned his hands above his head.

“Steel yourself, my love. The day is still young and my hunger is vast.” She said, and actually with her mouth this time. Her accent carrying a sultry tremor as her eyes literally glowed lavender in anticipation. The way she rolled her words and seemed to at the same time purr and hiss when she wanted to allure was what sealed it for Maverick, the pleasure of hearing her actual voice simply too much. There were no more twisted thoughts, only lust and desire for the woman in front of him.

All Maverick could do was nod nervously before giving her a soft kiss on the lips. She initially surprised by that sudden action before indulging fully and turning the kiss into one full of tongue and passion.

With his resistance fully worn down, their lovemaking could finally start in earnest.

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * *

* * *

*  *


“Good morning, lover.” Were the first words to greet Maverick as he woke up with a start. He jolted up right and looked around, briefly confused by his surroundings and the silken sheets covering his naked form.

The moment he fully remembered what had gone on last night coincided with him catching sight of the person who had called out to his rousing form.

The moment he took in Hernieth, standing in the doorway and once more looking proud and regal (and also wearing clothes), every pleasurable act of the evening surged to the forefront of his mind. A scarlet blush so intense it colored even his dark skin was all he could muster as he stammered for a few seconds.

Hernieth’s curious stare turned into a wry smirk as she saw his substantial reaction. “As expected, I suppose. Last night was more… intense than anticipated. But I’m sure you’ll grow accustomed to my pace with time.” She then walked further into the room; her gate noticeably less sensual than before.

‘Apparently she’s not here to seduce or get intimate.’ Maverick thought then his mind drifted back to how most of last night, while he had his moments, was a one-sided ravishing by the Egyptian pharaoh. ‘At least for now. The hunger I saw there didn’t look like something easily suppressed.’

“Come on then, it’s time to rise and greet the sun.” Hernieth raised a hand and floated her lover off the bed, then with a flick of her wrist she manifested clothes on to him. There was a shimmering purple glow that temporarily engulfed him before dissolving into a loose looking pair of silky shorts and a shirt.

“Aren’t these a little too… revealing?” Maverick ventured as he tugged at the edges of his new vestments, keenly aware of how little it actually covered.

“No more revealing than my own, I will remind you.” Hernieth replied sternly before walking closer and giving him a possessive hug and kiss. “Now the, I have something to show you that I think you’ll like.” Then she took his arm and started walking them both out of the room, the hands of their locked arms intertwined.

The changes she made after literally fucking him for a day were immediately apparent to Maverick, if he weren’t a mage it would have been impossible to detect though. It wasn’t just that the halls looked brand new instead of like ancient history, she’d already done that with ease the moment they met. No, what was really amazing was how she had breathed mystical life back into the place; the entirety of the structure was so suffused with magic that he could practically feel it vibrating his bones. Yet at the same time he could tell that all this power still hadn’t settled, it was moving somewhere, and as Hernieth guided him up a hidden set of unnaturally smooth steps to a balcony, he saw what.

Before Maverick’s eyes a city was being reborn and it was breathtaking.

Sand flowed up and away like so much water, revealing paved ground that was quickly being repaired itself. Buildings rose, squat, tall, and everything in between as not a single structure was being ignored during this resurrection. And as he looked closer, he could even see chariots being pulled back together alongside wooden shops. In a word, it was majestic and mighty like nothing Maverick had seen before as everything he saw was happening around him simultaneously and for miles around. Though he noted there were less buildings designed for people live in and more, what he could only describe as, stone age factories.

“Amazing…” Maverick sighed as he stepped forward, Hernieth letting him step forward to the edge of the balcony and get a closer look.

“Agreed.”, Hernieth affirmed, knowing full well the answer she would get already. Her smile practically beamed with pride and the anticipation of praise. “I wanted to make it clear that I am a scholar like you. And from what I gathered from the contents of your bags; we even have the same interest in unearthing rare things in the world. Impressed?”

“Very much so!” The young man agreed. “I can only spot a few flaws and oversights, it’s truly amazing.”

“I- what?” Hernieth stammered in surprise.

“There’s no water, animals, vegetation, or meat that I can see. And only the structures and vehicles are being repurposed” The ancient pharaoh pouted but couldn’t exactly dispute what was clearly occurring in front of his eyes. His love for her had obviously made him quite a bit bolder.

‘Perhaps a might too much…’ Hernieth thought as she opened her mouth to chastise him for presumptuousness and to detail the finer points of her spellcraft. Only for him to interrupt her again.

“I need to study this.” Then the young man was off like a shot, making the pharaoh jump at the sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm.

However, he didn’t make it more than ten steps before the bronze fleshed goddess appeared in front of him and pressed him against a wall. “Quite the chipper one, aren’t you?” She said before giving him an almost reflexive kiss on the lips that made the young man visibly shiver. She liked that. “But don’t worry, I’ll let you study my magic for the day. Afterwards, though, I’d like to have you again for the night.”

Maverick blinked with surprised. “You can’t be serious. We basically did a marathon. I’m surprised I can even still walk today.” Despite his words, the young man made no effort to push her away.

Henieth shrugged, an oddly casual gesture coupled with her regal and . “Blame the era you were born in. Every fiber of my being tells me to spoil you rotten and make love to you whenever possible. Be grateful I am being so generous. Try to think of it as our new routine; by day we both desire to discover and rebuild but by night urges must be satisfied.” Her eyes flashed with that last statement and for a second Maverick thought she’d ponce right then and there.

Instead she merely kissed his forehead with a warm hum of ascent. And with that she let him go and gave him a slight push that set him scurrying off down the stairs. And as soon as he was out of sight, she cast a scrying spell to view him from a distance. She shouldn’t get used to this, magic came so much easier while in her place of power, it would be bad to be caught flat-footed while outside it. But for now, she saw fit to languish.

Hernieth propped her head up with her hands under her chin as she leaned on the railing and watched as he scurried about and toke notes. ‘Hmmm, may have to change his time limit to mid-day. The way he prances around with that body of his is practically begging for a good rut.’ She thought with lust, mind still riding the pleasure high and on the same effective sexual maturity of a teenage boy. But when she saw the ecstatic smile on his face and the almost childlike wonder in those eyes, she reconsidered as an unfamiliar flair of warmth blossomed within her heart. ‘Though, I guess it would be improper for a pharaoh to go back on her word.’ She thought, proving that even divine magic couldn’t make someone completely honest with themselves.

As her feelings flared, so too did the speed of her of her construction. And with that, Maverick and the Pharaoh Hernieth began their new lives together. The problems that would arise from the pleasant pulse that Hernieth would soon feel in her womb is a tale for another day.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, still trying to get the hang of writing smut. It’s why I’m doing this series really; hopefully I can improve in the next installment.

  1. Interesting, thought the smut was pretty good. Pharaoh seems relatively unpopular, maybe because she’s too human/too plain. Nice to see works for the rarer ladies.

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