“This is ridiculous!” Laurance fumed as he stomped around the interior of his illustrious lab, the sounds of beakers bubbling and magical fumes whirling his only company. “I go to all that trouble, even go so far as to sneak my familiar into that degenerative gathering, and yet still I lack power!”

His actions were punctuated with a petulant stomp, a rather undignified gesture from a young man of his age. The sound echoed throughout and over the ambient noise in his underground laboratory. The large cavern of stone filled with carefully constructed alchemy stations and bookshelves filled with tombs allowed the sound to echo. The laboratory was tucked deep underground, beneath an innocuous little shack on the base of a small mountain in a place Laurence would describe as “deep in the boonies”.

So he was free to make all the noise he liked with basically no fear of ever being caught. But that was hardly Laurence’s primary concern as he ran slender fingers through his nearly bright red hair and his emerald eyes roved over the equations and predictions on his stone table once again. Laurence was a slender young fellow, features soft aside from his pointed chin that gave him a near feminine look alongside his average height.

‘It can’t have all been for nothing.’ Laurance thought frantically as he wracked his impressive mind for a solution. ‘If I don’t have enough power to fuel my army then I won’t be able to go back and make those fools who doubted my genius back at the mage college pay for looking down on me. That’s the only flaw with my brilliant plan, yet it eludes me so. And all the easy paths of power either involve giving in to temptation like some adolescent perv or come with a few… undesirable effects.’ He thought as he looked over to a corner section of his space that was clearly labeled; “Do Not Disturb”. Not due to their delicacy, but because even slight disruptions could see this entire cavern blown to smithereens if treated without care. Powerful as the items were, they practically useless to anyone who wasn’t suicidal.

There was a familiar whistle as a beaker held over a flame reached its peak. Laurence reacted on reflexes born of years practice; expertly picking the beaker up with tongs to be put on a rack while gracefully turning off the flame-spewing contraption with his other hand.

“Trying to work on potion experimentation while also frustrating yourself with completely different projects? Inefficient.” A near monotone, feminine voice said succinctly from on high.

Laurence looked up to see his dutiful familiar, Anya. She looked the same as she always did, and always would be considering familiars didn’t really age, at least not on a human scale.

Her form was that of a short-humanoid with grey-silvery skin, a petite frame that came up to his shoulders, eyesockets that were just two orbs of light, and a perfectly round mouth. Her actual shape was only vaguely feminine, though you could only really tell by slight curves in her shoulders and hips. Not that Laurence had had anything to do with that; he’d constructed a completely androgynous body and summoned a spirit of Order to be trapped as a familiar, but apparently it skewed at least a little bit female regardless. (Doubtless due to the Mamono Lord’s efforts to spread her depravity so far that her actions had ripple effects on the rest of the world.) The only reason he’d chosen Order over something with more raw power was that he needed help with cataloging and because the stronger, demonic familiars required more… lewd payment aside from the drain on his mana.

Laurence was briefly stunned by her words. Sure, to anyone else the short sentence might have seemed relatively tame and clipped. But compared to how Anya usual conversed, rarely and only when asked a direct question, her statement verged on being downright sassy.

“I- I am most certainly not frustrating my self. I am conducting very careful and high-end, ah, brain-storming. That’s it.” Laurence said indignantly.

“Mm-Hmm.” Anya intoned as she practically glided down the stairs from the overhead balcony to look over at the equations written down on the smooth, stone table. Her hands and “feet” were crafted from silver; fine, sleek, and with three digits on each end of her limbs.

‘There it is again.’ Laurence thought with suspicion. ‘She would have just quietly shut-up and gone about her duties. Now the little things’ giving me lip during the end of a conversation?’ He thought, despite the fact that the spirit he was talking about was easily two centuries older than him. “Did you come down here to report something from your spying mission at the Baphomet festival, Anya? Because If you didn’t find anything of note, then I don’t really require your assistance right now.”

Instead of answering his question, Anya simply mused, “Still have the same lack of mana problem as before I see. It’s no surprise considering the number of constructs you would be attempting to power to make your army.” Then she pulled her self onto the edge of the smooth dais and sat facing her summoner, legs crossed over each other in an unusual display of personality. “But luckily, yes master, the Baphomet festival did allow me to find a solution to your problem.”

And then with a wave of her hand, Anya dispelled the spell concealing her visage.


[Several Hour Earlier….]

Anya, a lesser spirit of logistics from the third circle, navigated the Baphomet festival remarkably unmolested. (Both literally and figuratively.)

‘It is not as if I am an easy target though.’ Anya thought as she roved around the outskirts of the main event and orgy pit, looking over the various tents and shops surrounding the great display of debauchery. Magical lanterns and enchanted torches of purple light illuminated the area as the day gave way to dusk with its own purple hues and cloudy sky.

‘This gathering is filled with revelers, the already betrothed, and merchants. It is a mere festival, with nothing approaching what one could call warriors aside from the scant few guards at the perimeter.’ Anya mused. Doubtless the mamono here, several of which she passed by without fear and only received curious glances in return, would try and corrupt a normal human if they saw one. But Anya was no meer human, that was plain as day and no one here was looking for a fight.

So, despite obviously being one of the few creatures to as of yet be untouched by the Monster Lord’s influence in this world, the mamono here left her alone.

She mused on her mission and coordinator once more as she took a turn to survey the more magically inclined shops with the occasional mamono’d familiar flitting about. While taking all this in Anya did something that rarely happened for one of her stations; she mused. Mused on her current occupation, fleeting as it undoubtedly would be with a human, on her current mission, and musing upon the goals of her new coordinator.

The lone error here was that her coordinator’s scheme was doomed to failure. His ego blinded him, surely, and that made it all the more impossible to address. Laurence had bound her to only follow orders, not to argue with him or deviate from his wishes. Which was fine by Anya, she held no particular warmth for the boy. Her only mild desire to inform him of the impossibility of facing mages with decades more experience then him with something as rudimentary as an army of constructs was born because following plans doomed to fail… rankled a spirit such as herself.

A gentle hand on her shoulder interrupted Anya’s thoughts as she looked up to see a shapely witch looking down at her who was also flanked by a bubbly, corrupted familiar.

“Hey there, little thing. Would you like some company? We could show you something really special~” The witch cooed. And just as Anya was about to easily brush her off, the spirit caught sight of the orb of dark energy the witch held in her other hand that the familiar was practically nuzzling with.

‘No, not nuzzling.’ Anya thought as she gazed up at the pair. The familiar was actually caressing it, lifting it slightly from the witch’s hand to into her own, little crackles of dark electricity arcing from her fingertips. This was exactly what her master had been hopelessly searching for so long; a great, condensed mana source of clearly immense power.

Which meant she was obliged to acquire it by any means possible.

With a quick nod, Anya motioned to a secluded outcropping of trees only a little ways away. Technically still within the festival, but only barely and away from most prying eyes.

The witch with bouncy, purple hair rolled her eyes before following Anya’s lead toward the indicated spot. “You outsiders are all so prudish. But so be it, I suppose we can be courteous enough to let your enlightenment be private.”

Anya didn’t respond, simply walking silently towards the secluded area as her plan was already clearly detailed within her mind. She wasn’t human, or even organic, so there were no tell-tale signs of her heart beating or jitters from adrenaline; she appeared perfectly calm. Though, if her face were capable of emoting such an expression, she may have sported a satisfied smile. After all, this rather tedious operation was going to be a success.

‘This must be timed delicately.’ Anya thought as she and her new resources entered the little area.

“Alright, cutie, it took me months to nurture and grow this Dark Matter fragment. So let’s- ” As soon as the familiar lifted the orb from the witch’s hand again, Anya sprung into violent action. Her metallic hand slammed into the taller woman’s throat while she kicked out with a foot to slam into her diaphragm. The witch was on her back and sputtering for air before Anya had even touched the ground.

‘Priority threat neutralized.’ Anya thought.

The familiar had just enough time for her eyes to widen in shock before Anya lunged again, grabbing her by the neck before she could fly away and pressed her firmly into the ground with increasing force.

Before any words could be exchanged or the magical being could think of a clever escape, Anya then brought her other hand to the familiar’s eye, the tips of her fingers morphing into fine claws. The threat was clear.

“Release it,” Anya said with the same detached, measured voice she always used and only after a second of hesitation the familiar quickly handed over the oscillation ball of inky darkness. 

“P- please, don’t-” The small thing started to say, voice laced with fear as Anya released her before a metal fist slammed into her temple and sent the magical being quickly into consciousness. And Anya didn’t stop there, quickly making her escape and only pausing to snap a kick into the witch’s ribs to keep her down before slipping past the guards and into the thick woods beyond the large event.

This place was a festival; a place for revelers, merchants, and indulgence. Nobody was looking for a fight and, consequently, that meant precious few of the attendants were prepared for one. The guards would doubtlessly be notified and would give chase but far too late for her to be caught.

Anya looked down at the inky ball of magic, black tendrils lapping at her as she clutched it in one hand. The surface was oddly reflective and the same shade of light pink the familiar had had occasionally flitted around the inside.

‘Chance of corruption: 98% But the primary objective is all that matters. Laurence will have his power source.’ Anya thought, unbothered even as the tendrils began to warp her skin and thoughts ever so slightly…


Laurence stared with blatant, open-mouthed shock as he saw his assistant’s form shimmer before his eyes. The traces of an illusion spell ending to reveal something truly shocking.

Anya retained her silvery skin and shimmering, white hair but her body was a whole different matter. What was once hard, reflective metal softened to the texture of flesh along with her figure taking on a more feminine persuasion; the swelling of petite breasts, flaring hips, and shapely legs turned her into an absolute short-stack. Even her hands and feet had taken on a softer, more natural appearance, looking quite soft now.

But most stunning of all was her face.

Gone was the metallic visage that had once been her visage. Now a round face with small ears, a slender nose, and intense golden eyes now framed a pair of pulp, pouty lips that she licked slowly with a grey tongue that peeked out from between a set of newfound teeth as well.

“You seem stunned.” She said simply in that same monotone, but now vaguely taunting tone of her’s. Gaze blatantly analyzing him without shame.

Laurence frantically backed away, hand reaching to his belt for one of his defensive charms.

“Please, don’t be alarmed,” Anya said, holding a hand out to him that clutched the orb of dark energy. “I am still on your side and follow your commands. You can check. And this is the kind of power you were looking for.”

“Mamono based power requires certain…. “acts” to properly harness and take in that can lead to corruption,” Laurence said as his eyes immediately zeroed in and lock onto the rather formidable little ball of energy. The changes it had made to Anya, if not mentally then physically, were already pretty apparent. It was clearly turning his familiar into, well, a mamono familiar. He didn’t know much about them aside from their basic ability to manipulate and cultivate mana. Well, that and the few rumors of them secretly being social geniuses or whatever but he never put any serious clout into those theories; the things looked far too ditzy and silly-

“But it is incredibly limited if you hold yourself back. And you have the tools to cleanse and reverse the effects in the early stages.” Anya affirmed. “Of course, this only applies if your will power is strong enough to not go all the way.”

Laurence’s face went flush, a rather enticing expression if Anya had to say so herself, and he stepped forward as his pride swelled. It took him all of a second to look inwards and confirm that his link to Anya was still there and that she was still bound to his will. “Fine. What must I do?”

“L- like this?” Laurence stuttered, tone uncharacteristically reserved and cautious as he wove his fingers into Anya’s long, white hair. Currently, the petite little thing kneeled in front of him, her head at crotch height as deft fingers found Laurence’s belt and unclasped it to reveal her newfound objective, the ball of condensed mamono energy held in his other hand.

His cock sprung out, already semi-hard and pulsating in anticipation. It was pale, warm, and slapped onto Anya’s refined face with satisfying *thwack*.

“I am absolutely certain.” The much older entity replied. “Allow me to start things off.”

Anya wasted no time then but instead of going for the shaft, she dipped her head just a tad lower and gave some love to his balls. Showering them in firm kisses that progressively got sloppier with the addition of more saliva. Laurence made an odd sound in his throat as Anya progressed from kisses to licks and sucking with her full mouth, puffy lips easily able to pull at either nut. A shiver went through his entire body and his toes curled hard as the pressured increased.

“What are… you doing?” Laurence asked in breathy huffs as Anya continued the treatment up and along his shaft, before swirling her tongue around his head.

“I’m primming you to easily slide in and use my throat. The slicker you are, the easier and faster this will be.” Anya said simply before making direct eye contact with Laurence. Quite the sultry sight as she licked her lips in preparation of what would come next. “But you’ll have to put in some effort for that part as well.”

Laurence nodded his head and took a firm hold on her skull as she leaned in. “This is just to gain more power.” He said, more to himself than anyone else.

Anya opened her small mouth and slipped a good half of his cock into her mouth as Laurence bucked his hips forward. Laurence groaned as his balls pulsed from the warm embrace as his shaft sunk in ever deeper. Anya sucked hard until her cheeks hollowed out, her lithe tongue lavishing the underside of his hard flesh as she took him in util her face hit his crotch.

Laurence groaned as he ground his hips into Anya’s attentive face, barely adjusting to the warm and pliant feeling of her fully sheathed mouth. ‘This is all just so I can get back at those lesser mages.’ He then gasped as Anya suddenly wrenched her self off of his length and gave more kisses to his shaft while glaring into his eyes.

“Don’t go slow or hesitate,” Anya admonished firmly. “We need to finish this quickly before things get out of hand.” Then, without giving him a chance to respond, she began deep-throating him and then taking herself off between each word. “Use. My. Throat.”

Laurence’s self-restraint finally broke then. He wrenched Anya forward, preventing her from pulling back anymore and started to roughly shove her along his shaft. ‘I’m just d-doing this to- Oh. Oh, oooh, right there.’ The young man’s thoughts fractured as he found a new angle that rubbed his head in just the right way. He no longer let his servant pull all the way off, only dragging her tight throat along his throbbing girth at a rapid pace.

Anya didn’t stop her ministrations one bit though; licking and sucking all throughout the rough treatment. In no small part due to the fact that she didn’t really have a gag reflex or need to breathe in any capacity. Every time her coordinator hilted himself, for the brief second he kept his hips glued to her lips like that, she flexed her throat hard before he pulled back to slap his balls on her chin once again. This extra bit of stimulation saw Laurance change his grip from a general hold on her hair and skull to bringing all of her hair into an impromptu pony-tail before using that as a handle to fuck her face even harder.

The new grip turned out to be superfluous as it only took a dozen or so more mind-numbing thrusts into Anya’s heavenly throat before Laurence reach his peak and magnetized his crotch to Anya’s face and unloaded. His thin hips twitched and jerked as his cock pulsed and shot a series of long cum shots directly down her throat. All the while, throughout even the rough face fucking that preceded this, Anya stared up into Laurence’s green eyes as she visibly gulped and flexed her throat throughout it all.

Eventually, Laurence released Anya with a sticky, audible pop. Sticky strings of spit and cum connecting her mouth to his shaft before she dipped her head down and slurped up the strings. The centuries-old being swallowed each audibly before giving him an appraising look, up and down at his flushed body and heaving chest.

‘Now… Now, uh… What was I doing? I-’ Laurence thought before Anya bent down and cut off his thought process.

“You’re hot.” she said, bending down and putting hands on his comfortable shoes as her round ass stuck up into the air.

“What?” Laurence asked.

“You’re all hot and sweaty.” Anya clarified before yanking off his footwear. “You should take off these clothes to get more comfortable.” He didn’t fight her as she did the same with his cloak, pants, and shirt in short order. Leaving him just as naked as she was.

Anya couldn’t help but lick her lips as her mind went into overdrive at the sight of Laurence’s trim stomach and chest. His arms and legs held a kind of wiry muscle that she fantasized about potential of right at that moment. The way some of his red locks matted to his head looked adorably sexy and the half-glazed look in his eyes just begged for a mamono to violate him. All of this, of course, was just a preview to the large, throbbing dick that hung low from his thin, fine waist. The mere sight of him completely uncovered drove Anya to shove choice fingers from both hands into her quivering cunt.

The orb was gone now, absorbed completely and both could feel the power nestled deep within them, roiling but contained. 

And before his eyes, Anya took on a fuller change; her hair darkened to a pitch-black at their roots and spread to the tips. A similar saturation of color occurred from her fingertips to her forearms and from her toes to her mid-thigs. The inky darkness was then complemented by a lighter purple that tinted the rest of her skin. Her eyes were last though, changing from gold to a vibrant pink as she stared up at him, absent-mindedly fingering herself as she licked her luscious lips clean.

Laurence wouldn’t ever quite remember what happened next aside from his cock surging with sudden vitality and him somehow ending up with Anya pinned with her back on the stone dais with him between her legs.

Anya immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, arching her back to grind his shaft against her soaked and pink folds. Lightning dance up and down both of their spines as the two sexual organs made contact so intimately. “If you go forward this will be the greatest pleasure you’ve ever experienced in your life, you’ll never forget it.”

Laurence nodded fervently before lining up his shaft with her entrance and thrusting in with wild abandon, immediately sinking himself in all the way until their hips met with a meaty smack. Both partners groaned out loud at the sudden penetration before Laurence began to pound in earnest and Anya clutched him even harder, soft thighs molding against his hips.

Her passage felt gummy and pliant, pulling and pressing on his shaft in all the right ways while bathing it in a lewd warmth and slick liquid of her own arousal. It all felt far too good for Laurence to pace himself in any capacity; so he didn’t. He thrust with all the force he could, trying at new angles at his own whim. Eventually, he instinctively leaned down and pressed his body fully onto his lover’s, pressing her firmly into the table as he sucked and kissed at her neck. A distant part of Laurence’s did recognize a crinkling sound with every thrust though.

Her tight slit quivered and pulled every time Laurence withdrew, his girthy cock plugging and unplugging the warm hole so quickly that Anya’s stream of arousal began dripping down the bountiful curve of her ass. Anya, the ever-attentive familiar, never slacked in her duties as she flexed her ass and pulled him in hard for each thrust. The tight hold restricted his range of motion, but the grinding pleasure and intimacy of their full-body fucking more than made up for this “restriction”.

Anya locked her legs around her lover’s thrusting hips, digging her heels into his tight ass as he pounded her in a mating press. Her mind had been muddied by the debauchery just as much as Laurence’s had, and as a consequence, she babbled out a stream of honest lewdness as the man drew closer to his own climax. “Come on, faster~ I wanna see your face when you finish~” The sentences were illogical and filled with wanton lust that she had never known before as Laurence slapped his balls off her apple-shaped ass and began to tense. “Make me take it. Makemetakeit. MakemetakeitMakemetakeitMakemetakeit.” This stream of begging only stopped when Anya belatedly felt something inside of her lower to meet Laurence’s thrusting cock in preparation of the creampie.

‘Oh. I have a womb now.’ Anya thought just as Laurence hilted one last time and emptied himself inside of her fertile fields. Her face immediately contorted into a fucked silly expression as the first jet of dense sperm tore into her most sacred chamber as the man’s cock was pressed firmly against her cervix. Each subsequent shot of the baby-batter filling her womb inexorably with even further warmth and pleasure. Each shot and pulse of Laurence’s balls on her ass drove her eyes up into her skull and tongue to flop out the side of her mouth. 

Her arms and legs kept him locked in as Anya felt her ovum being conquered by his strong sperm, and the euphoric rush of being claimed like that made her pleasure increase all the more. Laurence’s own slutty moan into her ear coaxed out howls of pleasure from her own throat then. No obscenities or lewd promises this time, just guttural animal exclamation of ecstasy. Something clicked within her mind as the creamy insemination was finally completed, his cock pumping out only a few more weak strands of his fertile cum, prime for impregnation.

They stayed like that for a while then, both panting heavily and relaxing as they came down from their highs of pleasure. 

Anya was the first to break the silence, stroking Laurence on the head absentmindedly as she said. “We have committed an error.” Her tone was decidedly sultry and didn’t carry what one might expect when admitting to a “mistake”.

“Hmm?” Laurence mumbled as he came back from his stupor before his widened. “Oh yeah, right.”

“You went all the way and fully corrupted me and yourself in short order. Your usual spellcraft and components will need to be reworked now to compensate. Also…” Anya said before moving to pull him out slightly and to show what had been under their soaked crotches. “You’ve ruined your notes.”

Laurence’s eyes widened even further as his eyebrows rose. “Oh fuck.”


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