“Kick, punch, block, duck, punch, punch, kick” those were the only words in Sara’s mind as she sparred with her coach. Beads of sweat slid down her toned frame as she focused in on the training pads. “Punch left” a blur of white fur flew towards the pad and connected with a loud thud. “Kick right” Sara spun on her heel and raised her leg, the vicious back kick landed hard enough to send Ron stumbling back, he took a moment to regain his balance before giving his friend a surprised look.

“Jeez girl! When did your legs get so strong?!”

The jinko kept her stance and hopped around a little. “I’ve been doing more endurance running,” her tail darted side to side and she beckoned her coach back.

“Get back over here, I’m really feeling it today!” While she was a jinko Sara was a little different. She was still fit and muscular like most of her kind but was smaller, only coming up to about 6 feet. Her paws on her hands and feet were also smaller, lacking the terrifying size and long razor sharp claws so characteristic of the species. Her legs and arms were also bare, hampering her ability to deal with the harsh freezing conditions of her home. Ironic given to the fact that her markings and fur pattern were reminiscent to that of a snow leopard.

Despite her size Sara was a force to be reckoned with, her smaller frame meant she was harder to hit and less fur meant less wind resistance. Whether it was some mutation or magical bullshit the jinko never liked to dwell, instead she embraced it. Focusing on her strengths and minimizing her weaknesses, the snow white fighter put in 110% and had in turn put her small mountain town on the map. Fighters came from all over to challenge her as well as train with her. As such the locals loved her, gym patrons would often stop what they were doing in order to watch her train and spar. Sara raised her fists and prepared to strike, circling around the ring with fire blazing in her mint green eyes, she felt her predatory instincts taking over as she eyed up her “opponent.”

Her left ear twitched and she sent out a quick jab followed up by a terrifying cross. Ron felt the pain spread out through his hand, the pad doing little to cushion the blow, Sara gave him little chance to dwell as she followed up almost instantly with a roundhouse. Ron stumbled again and this time Sara showed no mercy. Seizing the opportunity she went for a leg sweep, knocking her coach flat on his back. Ron groaned and looked up at the Jinko standing over him, paws on hips and a look of smug satisfaction on her face, taking in the cheers from around the ring.

“Yeah, yeah rub it in why don’t cha’. You just knocked a poor defenceless old man on his ass.”

Sara flicked her tail and wiped her nose with her thumb then held out her paw. “Oh come on, 42 isn’t that old.” Ron accepted the paw and was lifted onto his feet. Sara gave him a pat on the back then went to grab her towel from the corner of the ring.

“Good hustle today, your jabs have gotten a lot quicker.”

The jinko draped the towel over her neck then took a big sip from her squeeze bottle. “All thanks to you my friend.” Sara took the towel in her other hand and wiped off her face before moving onto her arms and stomach. “Thanks for training with me. I’m starting to feel a little less nervous for the end of the week.”

Ron smiled and dropped the pads on the mat. “Anything for my best student! Just don’t get cocky and you’ll be fine.” Sara turned and looked back at Ron

“Me? cocky? Never,” Sara bent over and started to dry her legs. The black spandex bottom she was wearing did little to cover her butt as she bent further and further down. Sara could hear Ron’s breathing quicken. “Are you staring at my ass?”

“What makes you think that?” Ron said with a giggle. Sara looked between her legs and saw his eyes locked on to her muscular butt, Sara stood back up and turned to face her coach. She placed a paw on her hip and slung her towel over her shoulder.

“Call it a feeling…” Ron scratched his cheek and looked to the side.

“S-sorry…” Sara slipped out of the ring and started to pack up her gym bag.

“I can’t say I blame you though… It’s hard not to admire such an amazing ass,” Sara gave her rear a little pat.

“Hey now, what did I say about getting cocky?” Ron joked. Sara smirked and ran her fingers through her hair.

“So? What have you got planned for the rest of the night?” The jinko shrugged.

“Probably just head home and enjoy some peace and quiet, try and relax a little.” Ron sighed.

“That’s what you always do, are you sure you don’t want to mix it up a little? It’s casserole night at my place, plus Betty always loves seeing you.”

“I’ll have to do a rain check on that, maybe after the fight. Zero distractions, zero interruptions, You understand.”

Ron frowned,“Yeah, ok… Well we’ll save you a piece and Betty can fly it out to you.”

“Oh she doesn’t need to do that!”

Ron waved his hand, “supposed to be a clear night, so flying shouldn’t be a problem for her. Plus she usually likes to snuggle after a flight so that works for me.” Ron smiled a little at the memories of Betty and him snuggling on the couch. Her wings wrapped around him as she warmed away the cold stuck to her feathers.

“Oh I doubt she’ll want to snuggle after I tell her that you were checking out my butt.”

Ron frowned again “You wouldn’t break an old snow owl’s heart, would you? Telling her that her husband was unfaithful for 5 seconds?”

“Depends on what kind of mood I’m in.” Sara headed towards the showers and waved. “See you at the fight!”

Ron waved back, “see you.” Ron watched Sara disappear into the locker room and sighed a little. “That girl… I hope she doesn’t get too lonely.”

Sara let the warm water run down her naked body, her muscles relaxed as she took deep breaths, already starting to get in the zone for the fight. “Breathe in” she took a breath in through her nose and held it for 10 seconds. “Breathe out” she let it out through her mouth. “That’s it, we’re getting there…” Sara took another breath in and let her chest rise. She held it for 5 seconds this time, the sudden sensation of hands on her chest caused her to gasp. Sara looked down and saw her breasts covered by two fluffy paws, lilac in color with violet stripes. The paws started to move and left soapy trails wherever they went, Sara could hear purring emanating behind her. The jinko sighed and tried to realign her train of thought. “Hello Audrey…” The cheshire continued to rub her friends body with her sudsy paws, only being stopped when they ventured a little too low. Sara removed the paws from herself and scrubbed her armpits. Audrey sauntered up alongside her friend and gave her a classic Cheshire grin.

“That was one hell of a training session, I figured you might want some help getting clean.” The cheshire gave the jinko’s rear a firm smack and made a little circle with her soap covered paw, Sara once again removed it.

“I’m fine, thanks.”

Audrey giggled “Awww, you’re no fun…” The purple cat began to wash her hair, “so how are things with you?” Audrey was the first friend Sara made when she arrived in town. While she wasn’t a fighter the cheshire was a great workout partner, engaging and fun to talk to. Helping pass the time during some of the particularly rigorous sessions Sara did. What Sara could do without were her perverted tendencies, always finding a way to sneak in a little touch or grope whenever possible. Whether it was her nature as a cheshire or an actual attraction to her friend remained a mystery.

“I’m fine, just a little nervous for the end of the week that’s all.”

“You’ll do great!” Said Audrey reassuringly, “no one fights like you girl!” The cheshire gave her a small punch on the shoulder. “Why don’t you come back to my place if you’re feeling nervous?” The cheshire said enthusiastically, “we could watch a movie and relax!” Audrey pulled Sara in for a hug and nuzzled her face against her bare chest. “I could also give you a maaaaaassage~” the cheshire started to purr again, “see where that leads~.” The jinko clamped Audrie’s paw’s together and pushed them against her chest.

“I think I’ll be ok.”

The cheshire sighed a little, “well, if you need someone to talk to or anything along those lines come find me.” Audrey gave her friend a wink before she sensually sauntered out of the showers and into the locker room.

Sara huffed, “I can never tell what’s going on in that head of hers.” The jinko shut her eyes and resumed her deep breathing session. “Yeah” she thought, “zero distractions, zero interruptions… That’s exactly what I need.”

Sara added another log to the wood burning stove and sat back down in her recliner, she reopened her book and adjusted the beanie she was wearing. The crackle of the fire provided a warm contrast to the freezing wind currently howling outside, they were two sounds Sara had grown used to over the years. When she first moved to town the amount in her bank account would have made anyone cringe. So when she heard about a small cabin for sale on the outskirts of town, she practically jumped at the opportunity. While the isolation would have probably driven most people insane Sara didn’t mind it one bit, in fact she enjoyed it. Away from all the noise of modern life, secluded in a little cabin with all the amenities she needed. Sara’s stomach let out a little growl and the jinko shifted impatiently. While she had planned to eat right when she got home Sara had decided against it as thoughts of Betty’s homemade beef casserole danced in her mind.

Sara could afford the calories, she worked hard after all and that 7am run didn’t have to be at 7am. Thoughts of slacking off were pushed from her mind when she heard a knock on the door, her ears twitched and she looked over. “Hmm, took her long enough.” Sara shook her head at the thought of ever considering being rude to the kindly middle aged snow owl. The one who always showered her with warm feathery hugs and motherly praise when she helped her cook. The jinko removed the blanket she was currently under and made for the door. “Must be the hunger getting to me, let her come in and warm up and don’t you dare be rude.” Sara opened the door and wasn’t greeted by a short snow owl woman in a knit wool cap and glasses, but rather a big yellow jacket, complete with a large camping pack. Underneath all the gear was a man, his face was obscured by goggles and a face warmer. The two looked at each other in silence before the man spoke up.

“H-h-hel-l-lo” he said between a shiver, “I’m k-ki-kinda lost, I’ve been wandering a-around aim-aimlessly for a few ho-hours trying to get my b-b-bearings.” A particularly intense shiver wracked the man’s body. “I-I wo-wouldn’t nor-normally ask t-this o-of a st-t-tra-tranger, b-ut c-.” Sara gave the man a dire look and pulled him into her home without another word. Hypothermia was no joke, she had seen it plenty of times back home.

“Strip out of your clothes right now! I’ll get you some warm ones.” The jinko went to stoke the fire as the man stripped out of his winter gear. He dropped his pack on the floor and removed his coat before slipping off his snow pants. Sara searched around under her bed and pulled out an pair of old workout shorts, a t-shirt and fleece jacket. “These should fit you, sorry I don’t have anything warmer.” Sara looked up just as the man cast his underwear to the side, revealing his crotch for all to see. He quickly covered it and held out his hand,

“Uhhh t-thank you! Just a, c-close your eyes for a sec.” Sara did as she was asked and brought her paws up over her face, hoping they’d obscure the blush on her cheeks.

“You now have a naked stranger in your house…nice going.” Sara timidly spoke, “Ummm, after you get dressed why don’t you have a seat in the recliner, feel free to use the blanket.” The man wrapped the blanket around himself before falling back onto the chair and sighed happily. Sara opened her eyes and was greeted by a pair of warm brown eyes and a rugged face. While she couldn’t tell before do to his face being covered before Sara’s guest was rather… Handsome.

The man started to laugh “Oh my god I can’t believe I’m not dead!” He pointed towards the ceiling and laughed harder, “I’m not seeing you just yet dad!!” The man looked back at his host and calmed down a little, “Sorry, guess I’m just excited, that’s all.” He stuck out his hand from under the blanket. “My names Adam, what’s yours?”

Sara held out her paw and firmly shook his hand and pulled up a chair. “Sarangerel” her accent became more apparent as she pronounced her full name. “Everyone just calls me Sara though.” Adam whistled at the name that was just said to him,

“Wow that’s a mouthful!”

Sara smiled a little “Yeah it means moonlight, apparently I was born under a full moon, my mom has always been kinda dramatic.”

Adam did air quotes “Kinda”

Sara laughed a little “Sooo, what brings you all the way out here?”

“A death wish I guess! I camp out here all the time on my vacations, I decided why not try something new and go to a spot I haven’t been to before. Things were going swimmingly…until I lost my compass that is.” Adam stretched out his arms “Instead of doing what any sensible person would do I decided to press on. After that I don’t really remember much, just kicking myself every alternate step.” At that point both their stomachs let out loud growls, Adam looked over at his pack. “I didn’t want to impose but do you mind if I cook up some food? Sounds like you’re hungry too.” Sara pat her stomach and sighed.

“Yeah, I was waiting on an air delivery but I guess it never came.” Adam gave her a puzzled look and reached into his bag, a few seconds later he produced a can.

“Beef Stroganoff sound good to you?” Sara nodded her head. Adam fished around in his bag and pulled out a can opener, he emptied the cans contents into a pot with a wet slurp followed by a plop, Adam chuckled a little. “Uhhh, it tastes better than it sounds, I promise!” 5 minutes later Sara’s home was filled with the mouthwatering smell of mushrooms and beef covered in brown sauce. Adam scooped an amount in a bowl and kept the rest in the pot, he fetched two forks from his bag and handed one along with the bowl to Sara. “This’ll save you some washing up” Adam looked down at the brown mixture in the pot and stuck out his tongue a little. “Well…it doesn’t look too amazing either but it should fill you up and hopefully stay down…” Adam looked up from the pot and saw that Sara had already wolfed down at least half of her bowls contents, Adam laughed and took a bite of his.

“Jeez! You got quite the appetite! That come from being a mamono or something?”

Sara shook her head and her left ear twitched  “Nah, I had a pretty intense training session today, I’m a kickboxer.” She flexed her arm a little and winked at him. Adam tilted his head and looked at her disbelievingly. “Really? You don’t really seem the type” wordlessly Sara slowly raised her arm and clenched her fist. The jinko kept it up for a moment before sending a quick feint Adam’s way, stopping just in front of his nose. Adam flinched and almost spilled a little food on himself.

“W-well hush my mouth I guess…”

Sara laughed and took a quick glance outside and saw the snow picking up “so much for a clear night…” She muttered under her breath. “I’m not liking the way it’s looking outside, how about you spend the night here and I’ll take you into town tomorrow.”

Adam waved his hand “ahh, you don’t need to do that, I’ll be able to find my way.”

Sara waved her paw back “ahh I insist, besides you said you didn’t know this area right? I don’t want you getting lost again and freezing to death.” Adam huffed “Ok point taken, we’ll do that…” 

Sara rolled over and looked at Adam curled up in his sleeping bag in front of the stove, face drenched in sweat. She sighed “I already told you that It’s fine if you sleep in my bed. It gets really hot down there when the fires going, and when it goes out in the morning you’ll be freezing your butt off, just come up here.” Sara pat the bed gently and Adam shook his head.

“And I told you that I’m fine down here, you took me into your house and let me dirty up some of your dishes, let me repay you a little bit by not making your bed all sweaty and gross.” Sara sighed and sat up and loomed over her guest.

“He may be cute, but he’s awful liar.” Sara took a few deep breaths and mentally prepared for what she was about to do. She crouched down dragged him by his arms out of his sleeping bag.

Adam struggled a little against her grip. “I said I’m fine!” Sara’s heart was in her ears as she picked him up. She was never this direct with anyone and she had no idea what was making her do this.

“I’m a kickboxer remember? I’m used to gross sweaty things.” Sara held Adam in a bridal carry and looked at him silently. Adam’s arms were curled slightly and he kept his mouth shut, lest he make the woman currently holding him angry. A few moments later Sara dropped Adam on the far side of the bed then hopped on it herself, ensuring he couldn’t get away. The jinko tried her best to hide her tail darting back and forth.

“Just shut your eyes sleep, you’ve had quite a day with almost dying and all.” Adam smiled wryly and laid his head down on the pillow.

“Yeah ok, night.” Sara pulled the covers over the both of them and gave Adam a little pat on the head.

“Goodnight” Sara faced away from him and closed her eyes, letting the familiar sounds of the fire crackling away inside the old metal stove lull her to sleep.

When Sara woke it was still dark out, unsure if sun would be rising soon or not. Sara shifted and realized that she was holding something…something warm. The jinko moved her hands, one passed a nipple and the other passed over a belly button. Sara tensed up at the realization of what she was doing. While every fiber of her being wanted to tear away from him, flip back over and pretend that nothing happened, her brain wouldn’t let her. It felt…comfortable to be holding something that wasn’t her pillow. To wake up to being warm, not cold or hot was something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Sara closed her eyes and thought back to when she was just a cub. Waking up in between her parents was one of her favorite feelings when she was little. Sara smiled a little and whispered to herself, “I should really give them a call sometime soon, I haven’t talked to them in a while.” Sara relaxed her muscles and hugged Adam a little tighter “I’ll just tell him he was shivering if he wakes up…” Sara closed her eyes and smiled more before nuzzling her face into the back of his head. “Yeah…that’s what I’ll do.” Sara began to chuff as quietly as she could and drifted back to sleep, with her new-found friend wrapped in her arms.

Sara awoke to the smell of coffee and an empty spot next to her, she sluggishly rolled over and opened her eyes. Adam was watching another mug brew as he held one of his own, he looked over at Sara and smiled a little. “Morning” he said with a yawn, “Hope you don’t mind, I figured we both earned a little boost to start our days.”

Sara sat up and stretched out a little, “Not at all, thank you.” Adam removed the pour over filter from the top of the mug and handed it to the jinko, Sara took a small sip and smacked her lips. “This stuff kinda sucks” Adam chuckled and took a sip from his mug,

“Yeeeah…it gets the job done though.” Sara got out of bed and set her mug on the table, she reached down and touched her toes before standing back up and twisting her back side to side.

“So, after we eat you wanna head into town? We can use my food this time.”

Adam nodded his head and took another sip from his mug “Sounds like a plan.” Sara opened her fridge and gathered ingredients,

Adam cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. “Uh, was I shivering last night? When I woke up you were hugging me”

Sara’s ears twitched a little and she froze, her cheeks beginning to take on a light red hue. “Uhh, y-yeah you were shivering pretty bad, so I figured why not help you warm up. These paws aren’t just for fighting!” She said with a nervous laugh, Adam smiled a little bit

“Well thank you very much, it was hard to pull myself away from you when I got up, your paws are really soft as well.”

Sara’s face turned bright red “T-thank you” The jinko looked at the floor and tried her best to control her tail as she made breakfast.

Mounds of snow and naked trees flew past as Sara tore through the woods on her ATV, with Adam hanging on for dear life. The jinko knew the path to town like the back of her paw and as such knew some of the fun alternate routes she could take, Sara patted the pair of hands around her waist and sped up. The two veered to the right and quickly approached an overlook, it was a place Sara always came to when she needed to relax or do some thinking. Sara pinned the throttle and sped towards cliff, kicking up enormous flurries of snow before taking a sharp left and performing a massive powerslide, stopping just a few feet before the edge.

Sara lifted up her goggles and took a deep breath in through her nose. She let it out through her mouth and watched the long trail of steam disappear into the air.

Adam pulled down his face warmer and panted, “Jeez, you trying to make me shit my pants?!”

Sara laughed and gave her new friend a smack on the back, “It’s good to get your heart rate up every once and awhile!” Sara pointed out over the cliff towards the little town that sat just past the trees. “There it is” Sara sighed, she killed the engine and swung her legs over the side of the ATV. The jinko sighed wistfully and looked out at town “You should really see it at night.” Adam remained silent for a while and let Sara enjoy the moment, he eventually hopped off the ATV and gave Sara a little knock on the leg.

“Something on your mind?”

“Not really, just thinking about home”

“What’s it like there?”

“A lot like this actually, brutal winters but beautiful summers, I have many great memories of running through meadows and climbing trees. Wasn’t all warm days and starry nights though…”

“Why’s that?”

Sara held up her paws and wiggled her fingers, “As you can probably tell I’m not like most jinkos, as such I got teased quite a bit by other mamono, the other jinkos in town would always give it to me the worst out of anyone. Always calling me a freak or things like that.”

“Sorry to hear that…”

Sara looked over at Adam and smiled “Don’t feel too bad, it’s because of them I started to spar. Sure I got my ass handed to me quite a few times but I learned something new each time I did and found out that I really liked fighting. When I wasn’t fighting I was training: running, crunches, pull ups you name it. I got faster and tougher, I could tank blows and dodge ones that I couldn’t, I learned to use speed to my advantage and run circles around their stripy asses.” Sara looked at a spot on her paw and smirked. “Plus I always had my cousin to watch my back”


“Yeah, even though I’m like this I’m still related to normal jinkos. My cousin was my best friend growing up. 265 pounds of pure sculpted muscle coming in at somewhere around 6 and a half feet, If anyone didn’t leave me alone she made them.” Sara sighed happily as she reminisced “Nowadays she’s somewhere around 7 and a half feet and 345 pounds.”

“Jeez” Adam said with a surprised look on his face “She sounds terrifying!”

“Yeah, if you get on her bad side, lucky for me I’ve never been on her bad side, quite the opposite in fact. She was always so gentle with me in so many ways. The way she would hug me after I had a bad day, the way she would stroke my hair and kiss the top of my head or how she would whisper in my ear and tell me that everything would be alright…” Sara closed her eyes and sighed “снежинка” she said quietly “I was her снежинка, one of a kind and beautiful in my own special way.” Sara wiped a little tear from under her eye “It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to her, I hope she’s doing alright.”

Adam gave Sara a little pat on the back “You gonna be ok?” Sara nodded her head

“Y-yeah I’ll be fine” The jinko pat her cheeks and shook her head “Sorry to dump all that on you.” She said as she re-engaged the engine “I just get in a kind of reminiscing mood when I come up here sometimes.”

Adam put his goggles back on “You don’t have to be sorry, it’s good to think about the happy times in your life every once and awhile.” He wrapped his hands around Sara’s waist “I hope you get to talk with your cousin again soon, she sounds like a real great person.” Sara slid her face warmer back up

“I hope I do too”

Sara eased on the breaks and stopped in the grocery store parking lot. Adam slung his bag over his shoulder and hopped off, he slid down his face warmer and lifted his goggles. “Well I guess this is where we part ways.” Sara frowned a little bit

“What are your plans?”

Adam shrugged “Stick around a few days then catch a bus home, hopefully.”

“Are you sure you don’t wanna stay with me or any of my friends while you wait? I know for a fact that they wouldn’t mind.”

Adam waved his hand “I don’t wanna impose on anyone, but thanks again for the offer.” Adam started walking into town and Sara killed the engine, she had made plans to do some grocery shopping today. Sara started walking towards the store but stopped when she heard someone whistle.

She turned around and saw Adam waving  “Thank you again for taking me in!!” He called “I’ll never forget you Sara!” The jinko waved back

“I’ll never forget you either Adam!” Sara watched him disappear around a corner. She stared at it for a moment and put her paw to her chest. Sara turned around and continued towards the store “It’ll die down soon…”

End of the week… Fight night. It hadn’t died down, in fact it had gotten worse. Sara slumped against the turnbuckle and wiped the blood from her lip with the back of her thumb, leaving a red smear through her fur. Over the past couple of days Sara had been trying to not think about Adam, but he was always there when she closed her eyes. He was right alongside her when she took her morning runs, his arms were wrapped around her waist when she rode her ATV and he was pressed up against her when she went to sleep. Whenever she went into town she secretly hoped that she would run into him and maybe make plans to see each other again. No such luck, much to her disappointment. Sara shook her head and turned her attention to Ron, who was getting an ice pack ready for her. Sara took the ice pack and pressed it against her head.

“Jeez kid… You’re not doing too hot.”

Sara rolled her neck. “Thanks for the observation Ron…” Ron placed a bandage over a knick on her cheek

“I know, I know not very helpful but really are you sure you don’t wanna throw in the towel?” Sara shook her head and looked out into the audience. She saw a few familiar faces, including Betty and Audrey. The snow owl had a concerned look on her face, like she had just seen her child take a fall at the park. The cheshire next to her was trying her best to hide it but had the same kind of look, one that said that she had just seen her friend take a bad blow to the head. Sara took a glance over at her opponent, the orc took a big pull from her squeeze bottle and gave Sara a little wave. She had sparred with Sara before and seemed nice enough, although she was sure to tell Sara that she wouldn’t be holding back during their fight, not that she expected her to.

The bell rang and Sara gulped as she stood back up, (kind of) ready to face her opponent. The two slowly circled around each other, each waiting for the other to strike. The jinko kept her eyes locked on her opponent and flexed her fingers, out of the corner of her eye she saw something, something yellow… Sara was able to make out a big yellow blob before it left her field of vision. She did another pass and saw it again, this time she was able to make out the handsome face that was attached to it. Standing by the entrance, was Adam. Sara’s heart fluttered as she made another circle around the ring, her ears twitched as she heard Adam whistle.

“Come on Sara! Kick some ass!!” The jinko felt the fire burning in her chest, she wasn’t just in the zone, she was in an entirely new one…one that felt better than the last.

“This one’s for you Моя любовь.” Sara hardly had time to be surprised at her own words as she sent out a furious blow that connected with her opponent’s face.

Sara barely paid any attention to the thunderous cheers she received as she looked around for Adam. The orc lay face down at her feet with her red oni coach trying to rouse her. A TKO after only 3 more rounds, she put up one hell of a fight but was no match for a jinko who was fighting for the one she loved. Sara continued to scan the gym but found no trace of his doofy yellow coat, slipping out of the ring and dodging past the hugs and praise of her friends, Sara dashed outside. The snow was starting to pick up and there was no one around, Sara noticed a note on her ATV, she picked it up and slowly read over the words.

“Sara, that was one hell of a fight! I’m really sorry I couldn’t stick around to congratulate you, my bus was leaving. Don’t take this as a final goodbye though! I promise I’ll be back someday to see you, I can’t say when for sure but count on it! Your friend, Adam.” Sara felt the tears slide down her face as she crumpled up the note and threw it.

“His handwriting is fucking awful…” Sara felt a fluffy wing wrap itself around her, she looked to her right and saw a white-haired snow owl with big round glasses and piercing yellow eyes, she was wearing a light blue knit wool cap.

“What’s wrong dear?” She asked in a sweet motherly tone, Sara took a ragged breath.

“T-the man I love just ho-hopped on a bus out of town and I-I-I don’t know when he’s coming back!!” Sara broke down and hugged the owl,

Betty wrapped her other wing around the crying jinko. “(Hoo)ohhh dear, I’m so sorry to hear that.” The owl kept the jinko in her fluffy embrace for a minute before she spoke up. “Do you want to spend the night and our house? We have a really warm and comfy guest room, I could make pancakes tomorrow as well! A broken heart can’t be healed easily but food does help!”

Sara chuckled a little bit and wiped her face with her paw. “I-I think I just need to be alone for now, thank you so much for the offer betty.” Sara squeezed her tightly and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Well feel free to drop by anytime you feel like it, you’re always welcome in our home.” Sara nodded her head and wet her lips

“Thank you Betty…” Sara hopped on her ATV and rode off into the snowy night, Betty watched her disappear and sighed.

“(Hoo)oooh that poor thing, young love is such a complicated beast.”

The snow fell hard and fast around Sara’s cabin, a beacon in a sea of cold white. Inside Sara was on her bed, crying face down into the pillow. Her ears twitched slightly and she looked up from her pillow, did someone just knock on her door? Sara listened for a moment…nothing.

The jinko dropped her head back down on the pillow and groaned “I must be going crazy.” Sara’s ears twitched again, this time she was sure she heard someone knock. She sluggishly got up and opened the door, she was greeted by a big yellow coat and a forced grin.


Sara’s eyes went wide, “How did you get here!?”

“I-I wa-walked” Adam blew into his hands and rubbed his arms. Sara took a quick glance at the near blizzard like conditions currently raging outside then looked back at Adam. A mixture of emotions overcame her, starting with anger. Sara clenched her teeth and punched Adam in the gut, he fell to his knees and clutched his stomach.

“You fucking idiot!! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” Sara grabbed him by the collar and threw him inside “Strip. Now!” She said forcefully,

Adam coughed a little and sat up on his knees “Okay, okay!” he began to strip down and stopped when he got to his boxers.

“I meant all the way!” Adam nervously removed his boxers and quickly covered his crotch,

Sara fell to her knees and began to cry. “Why would you do something so stupid?!” She sobbed,

Adam nervously waved his hands. “I-I-I wanted to congratulate you face to face!” Sara sobbed more

“You almost died again!”

“But you saved me again!” Sara wrapped her arms around Adam’s neck and pulled him down to the floor. Sara sobbed a bit more then sniffled a little and took a deep breath

“So you’re telling me you walked all the way from town through a goddamn snow storm just to see me?”

Adam chuckled a little “A little more than that actually, I was about half a mile out before I got off the bus.” Sara chuffed and Adam closed his eyes as he felt her warm breath wash over his face.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That noise you just made”

“I chuffed, I do it when I’m happy.” Adam blushed a little

“I make you happy?” Sara caressed his cheek and nodded.

“Yes…” Sara slowly slid off t-shirt along with her sports bra and pressed her bare breasts up against Adam’s chest.

Adam fidgeted nervously “Uhhh w-what are you doing?” Sara leaned in closer, there was a gentle look in her eyes and two faint patches of red on her cheeks.

“Keeping you warm of course, I can’t have you dying on me” Sara gently pressed her nose against his and smiled, she took his hand and placed it on her waist.

Adam blushed and smacked his lips “Do you really wanna do this?” Adam got his response as he felt a soft pair of lips press up against his own.

Adam awoke to a sore pelvis and a couple of bruises and bitemarks. He groaned and looked down at the beautiful snow leopard currently sound asleep in his arms. He moved his legs and winced a little “Jeez she really took me for a ride.” Adam looked at her face and saw the faint smile on it. He sighed a little and rubbed the spots on her face with his thumb “She is beautiful though…” he whispered. Sara’s ears twitched and she slowly opened her mint green eyes. The jinko smiled wider and nuzzled her face into his neck.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing” Adam slid his hand down her side and rested it on her muscular ass.

Sara giggled a little “You got enough to hold onto back there?” Adam sunk his fingers in and passed the thin layer of fat, hitting the toned and defined muscle.

“I’ve never been with such a muscular girl before, this is like a whole new experience for me.” Sara raised her head up from his neck and touched her nose to his “How would you rate it?” “I don’t know yet, I might have to do it a few more times before I can give it a fair rating.” Sara giggled

“Speaking of, this wasn’t just a one night stand kinda thing right?” Adam asked half seriously “I’m not complaining if it was! I just wanna know if you’re gonna throw me back out into the snow.” Sara pressed herself harder against Adam and went in for a small kiss.

Sara pulled back and chuffed “Oh it was sooo much more than that.”

Sara drawn by my good friend Mothilda (AKA Fiship) Thanks again Moth 🙂 


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3 thoughts on “Driven”

  1. Typos:
    > Breath in
    > Breath out
    > her prevented tendencies
    > Audrie’s paws
    > sped towards cliff
    > eased on the breaks
    > spared with Sara

    I didn’t mark them down, but some places are missing punctuation.

    It’s difficult to tell who’s saying what when you put one person’s words next to another person’s actions; the first couple times I read Ron inviting Sara over for casserole it didn’t make sense since I thought she was shrugging while asking him his plans.

    Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable read.

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