“Now, Evan… my precious, human lover,” Desira announced huskily, her every word dripping with lust. “I have something to say… I hope you would be willing to listen?”

The youth cracked open an eye to glance up at her, his half-lidded stare glazed and unfocused. His mind was a little hazy, Desira presumed, but this much would suffice for what she was about to reveal to him…

“I have an offer to give you… should you be so willing to accept it~”

Evan was barely concentrating. The hand cupping his bulging groin was far too distracting, and it didn’t help that his temptress made no effort to cease her indulgent foreplay. His grip tightened upon her breast, though it was more out of his own tension rather than a willingness to reciprocate her erotic advances.

Following a brief moment of clouded focus, his attention was piqued by her words. An offer? She wanted to give him something? It wasn’t fair, that she would demand his attention if only to toy with him like this… he could hardly think straight!

Curiosity vaguely crept through the veiled demeanor of aroused distraction contorting his face, and Evan spied a mischievousness seep into his demonic lover’s smile. Did she take pleasure in seeing him fruitlessly fight through the lustful impulses she was enforcing upon him, or was it simply her enjoying the sight of him stifling in his arousal? Was it both?

“Do I have your attention, little gem?” Desira teased him, feigning innocence while delivering an especially thorough grope of his nethers. “I would hope you are fully attentive for what I have to say… or, could it be that there is something distracting your mind? I wonder~”

The teen wheezed through another administered fondle, a rise in embarrassment developing when his hips jerked of their own accord and ground his crotch into the hand kneading his privates. A suppressed chuckle reached Evan’s heated ears, further eliciting his shame.

”Oh my~! Whatever could be wrong, Evan~?” The blue-skinned entity inquired knowingly, her grin stretching even wider. “Is there something troubling you? Perhaps, something that might require my aide? What is it, my little morsel~?”

A black tentacle coiled around his wrist, his hand arresting the boy’s inhuman companion’s chest; all the while, another ink-like appendage slithered about his shoulders, curling around his neck to embrace him gently. Two more writhing masses started to crawl up the youth’s frame, one slipping underneath the lower hem of his shirt as its twin became interested in his pants…

“Y… y-you’re…” Evan spasmed within his gasped reply, straining as he tried to evoke an answer.

She was bullying him, playfully yet almost sadistically, and the feeling formed a small knot in the teen’s gut. The pleasure that the demon inflicted upon him was delightful, but it was offset by the humiliation he was being subjected to. The sensation wasn’t exactly a turn-off, but it was beginning to become unbearable. 


His captor merely hummed in satisfaction. “Such a delightful expression. A shame that I have need of your attentiveness, else I would happily partake of you once more.”

Much to Evan’s bewilderment, and partial forlorn, the demon withdrew her hand. The swarming tentacles of her shadowy conjuration also ceased with their teasing, dedicating their combined seizure of Evan’s body to simply hold him in place. The youth gave Desira a pained look of wanting, his hunger for the unfulfilled cravings she’d denied him more than evident.

”Wh-why…?” He gaped at her.

He was just too adorable, Desira thought.

”This is important, sweet Evan,” she told him, endearment filling her tone as she retrieved the hand behind his head, softly drawing the clawed digits along his cheek. “As such, I cannot have you distracted. The teasing is done. Now then, enlighten me… what do you know of pacts?”

Evan blinked in response. 

“Pacts…?” He parroted in murmur, confused.

”The covenants formed between two or more entities,” the demon elaborated. “A powerful bond forged through sorcery, unbreakable by even the most complex of magics.”

Slowly, the gears turned in Evan’s head as he started to comprehend… but the further Desira went with her explanation, the more it made the youth wary. It made him apprehensive. What she was describing sounded all too familiar, not unlike the fabled contracts created between the mages and their familiars…

”They are… promises, having certain conditions that must be fulfilled by each of the involved. I would propose to you an offer, and—should the pact be accepted—the two of us would then be subjected to abide by the terms set in place, as per the agreement.”

A “deal with the devil” as it were.

Evan realized Desira was wanting him to form a demonic contract with her.


C 5 • Denial and Trial


”N-NO!” Evan blurted, practically shouting his objection into Desira’s face.

Needless to say, the monster woman was taken aback by the youth’s sudden reaction.

”Wh… What?” She hesitantly replied, baffled. “Is… something wrong, my love?”

Surprising her once more, the boy was quick with his answer.

”S-sorry,” he first apologized, swiftly following it up with his initial response. “but, n-no thanks, I… I’m not doing any contracts.”

There was a brief silence as Desira took in his words, staring bewilderedly at the human youth; her hand upon his cheek stayed itself, as did all other movement, it all frozen in the moment. Was there something she was forgetting? Had she made her move too soon? She hadn’t even voiced her proposal, yet he was already refusing her.

“I… You have yet to even hear me out, Evan,” the blue-skinned enchantress tried to reason, a matter-of-factly tone draping her words; she forced a chuckle, all the while adopting a convincing smile. 

“After all, you are not even aware of the propositions that I—”

”Th-that’s fine,” Evan interjected, his voice quivering a bit. “I still don’t—”

Desira wouldn’t let him continue. She abruptly hushed the youth, taking the hand from beside his cheek and placing a single finger over his lips.

“Do not interrupt me, little one.” She spoke calm and gently, yet the look of her eyes exuded a direness that compelled the boy to yield. 

Why was he getting so worked up in the first place? This didn’t make sense…

“I will allow you to speak, but only after I have listed the terms… after all, who is to say you might not favor my conditions?”

Evan didn’t answer vocally, instead opting to shy away from the finger shushing him and shrink inwardly on himself. With downcast eyes, he gave his captor a slight bow of the head, a half-nod indicating that he would comply.

“Very good.” 

The archdemon breathed in slowly, secretly easing her newly developed concerns. There existed no reason for the young human to reject the deal she was about to reveal, not with him being so enthralled as he was with her beauty and the pleasure she provided. It was simply too favorable an offer…

“As you have correctly deduced, I am indeed offering you the opportunity to form a contract with me. Rest assured, the type of pact I have in mind will be most beneficial to the both of us, that I can promise you…”

There was nothing he had to lose, after all. Desira knew this much, and she continued when Evan stayed silent for her.

“In summary, I will provide you endless joy and pleasure, an eternity of indulgence and self-gratification. Your every depraved demand, every carnal craving… each and every fleshly desire will be provided for, fulfilled to the fullest… and even then, far beyond merit.”

He would accept her offer… he had to. 

“I would overflow your need of intimacy, meeting your every expectation with an overabundance of passion. You would be more than sated, and forever in my care… but of course, I ask for something in return for these services.”

Desira noticed Evan wince, but didn’t heed the gesture much if any mind. Without delay, she carried on.

”Fortunately for you, I have but one request… and, I should note, unlike many beings comparable to my power and status, I am easily made content. As contribution for all that I would provide, I ask a single thing from you: surrender yourself to me, and allow me to keep you as my own.”

He would say yes. There was simply no other way around it…

“Grant me your whole being, your entire state of self. Offer me your everything, and in return I shall fulfill your every wish.”

It was inevitable…

“Anything you could ever want would be yours, and all you have to do is—”

“Does that mean you want to control me?” Evan suddenly spoke up, more a demand than an innocent question. His gaze was still lowered. “By ‘offering you myself’… by that, do you mean ‘give up complete control of my body and mind’? As in, I have to obey your every command and can’t say no?”

A respectable inquiry, Desira mused to herself in thought. She manipulated the dark matter’s tentacles as she briefly mulled over the youth’s words, adjusting herself in tandem so that it was only Evan seated upon the shadowy mass of corrupt energy.

He became visibly skittish, but the boy didn’t lash out or directly attempt to escape as his legs partially submerged into the black sphere. The writhing tendrils shifted about until only three were supporting him, one coiled around his left forearm while another gently massaged around the base of his neck, the third being an especially large member which constricted itself around the base of his ribcage.

With Evan reasonably secured in place in front of her, Desira—now standing upon the floor—answered him.

“Quite insightful of you, my precious gem,” the demon whole-heartily complimented her lover, “for, when such an offer is proposed, most usually are inclined to take whatever has been said at face value, rather than question the implications. Bravo to you.”

The human did not respond to her praise, stinging Desira’s morale when he refused to even visibly react. She continued.

“… That being said… I would have to admit that, yes, by granting me such an offer, you would be willingly surrendering your body to my every beck and call… at least, somewhat.”

She paused to allow Evan a chance to voice a reply, but he said nothing.

”More specifically,” she went on, “I would own you. Make no mistake, you would still retain every sense of free will and the capability to exercise it, although I could still make a demand of you that could not be ignored, should the need arise. Additionally, everything you own would in turn belong to me—”

”So I wouldn’t actually have my every desire met…” Evan murmured to himself, again catching the blue-skinned entity fully off-guard. She gawked at him.

”What—” Desira nearly stumbled over her oncoming words in the presence of such a deduction. “Why would you think that? If you recall, I made mention that we both would be bound by the pact, and as such I would have no choice but to comply with anything you—”

”Not if you command me to keep my mouth shut so I can’t make any demands, or something like that…”

He had spoken bitterly, an edge in his tone that cut deeply into Desira’s soul. She was appalled, nearly offended that he would even entertain the concept that she would attempt such an underhanded ploy…

”You… misunderstand,” she once more tried to reason, her forced smile faltering. “Even unspoken desires would need to be attended to… but even then, I assure you that I have no such ulterior motives.”

As her lover made no reply, again opting to remain silent, the archdemon started to become agitated with the whole ordeal… and it slowly began to show.

”Just what do you take me for, Evan?” She asked with a dull stare. ”I wonder… do you still honestly think that I’m out to deceive you into a false sense of hope? You really do surprise me, that you would insult me so with such an accusation.”

Desira interrogated him further when he made no retort.

“Other demons would ask for more, much more, and many beings would still be quite willing to comply… but not you. You, Evan, are so excessively untrusting, so unbearably doubtful of even the faintest ray of light to show up in that dark, dreary life of yours that you would deny yourself an offer that most men would go so far as to commit unspeakable ATROCITIES for!”

In an act of frustration, Desira turned her back to Evan’s levitated form and paced towards one of the windows, one fo the few in the immediate neighborhood which hadn’t been devastated by Ejdrukaina’s earlier tantrum… which reminded her, she was probably looking a little worse for wear after enduring those bursts of electricity.

The demon confirmed this by looking at herself in the vague reflection derived of the glass pane and its backdrop of the night’s darkness beyond. Indeed, her visage was messy and had been battered, even vaguely bloodied here and there, but surely this wasn’t enough to compel Evan to so fervently reject the idea of a pact…

“… I had thought you were beginning to trust me,” she told him as her crimson gaze lingered beyond the window. “Or was that a lie? How hypocritical of you, Evan… to accuse me of deceit when you yourself cannot abide by your own words.”

“Th-that’s not…” the boy began, only to be interrupted by a sudden outburst by Desira.

“Then what is it?!” She spun around to glare at him, her violent gaze instantly terrifying the youth; her wings flared open and her tail had lashed out wildly, the latter striking a lamp with its movement and shattered the object as it fell to the floor in pieces. 

“Do you even want to trust me? Here I am, gifting you an opportunity to live a life devoid of hardship, of pain, of loss and of sorrow… I am literally offering you an eternity of heartfelt love and complete devotion. Must I remind you—again!—of all that I have done up to this moment? Of what we have engaged in together? Just how many more times must we revive this discussion, Evan? This endless paranoia and cynicism of yours is becoming tiresome!”

”I don’t know you!” The human cried out from his restrained position, his free hand clutching at the curling tentacle ensnaring his other arm. “I barely know anything about you besides things you’ve said and that we’ve fucked, okay!? I-I just… I don’t know! I mean, from everything that’s happened, I believe you’re not going to hurt me, but…”

“… But not enough to trust my intentions?” Desira interjected.

Evan went quiet at that, but as the demon glowered at him, she noted—based upon the defeated look within his expression—that she had guessed the correct answer. A stillness filled the room after that, Desira inwardly crestfallen with the turn of events. He was supposed to have accepted her by now, to have formed the pact with her…

What else could she do? Nothing she told him had been taken to heart… at least not fully. The archdemon was familiar with the human concept of familiarization, that it took time for one to develop a positive relationship; it was something she expected from Evan, although for it to be this much of an obstacle was downright abhorring, even for a being of her caliber.

Was that what it took? For the boy to grow attached to her before a pact could be formed? She had anticipated that he, like any other man, would eventually accept her offer and form a pact first, then afterwards grow to love her over time… but if it was to be the other way around…

The young man suddenly felt himself lurch as the inky glob of darkness began to shift and change shape, an unsettling feeling developing in Evan’s core. His legs fell through a newly formed gap beneath and around him, and he nearly collapsed when his feet touched the floor at the start of the stairway. 

While the remaining mass of shadowy energies released the rest of his body and floated off to the side, his nervous gaze turned upon Desira. The demon was still glaring at him, but Evan noticed that her expression had softened; slowly and subtly, the blue-skinned temptress walked in his direction.

”Perhaps I underestimated common human inconsistency in this matter,” Desira deduced, a sense of despondency in her voice; Evan remained still as she closed the distance, content to just watch her warily as he massaged the arm which had been enveloped in the dark matter’s grasp. “You are not of the others, and it was foolish to assume you would simply go along with my offer as they would.”

”You’ve… made contracts with other people?” The young man asked, causing Desira to chuckle amusingly at the inquiry. Such innocence, this boy. 

“Do you truly not understand?” She questioned, almost scoffing while making a fold of her arms; her precious human furrowed his eyebrows in evident concern, and she couldn’t help but smirk. His paranoia could be infuriating, but damn it all if the boy’s childish ignorance wasn’t at least touching. 

“A demon will only offer a pact of this sorts to the one she has chosen for partnership, the one she wants to spend the rest of her days alongside,” Desira told him, her smile growing in tandem with Evan’s reforming blush as she went. 

“Indeed, I want you to be mine, but I too would wish to be yours… the pact merely takes this concept to the utmost extreme. Think of it as a marriage contract, except there can be no divorce, and the promises made are taken quite literally.”

Evan broke eye contact, shifting his gaze to look anywhere but at the taller entity herself. He thought for a moment, his embarrassed flush not subsiding.

”We don’t need to make a demon contract to get… married…” he said to her, his voice a distant mutter. 

It almost sounded like he wasn’t against the prospect of a marriage, and while this did indeed send the demoness’s heart aflutter, she did not allow it to distract her. Nevertheless, her looming wings twitched with restrained excitement, and her tail straightened to keep from flailing about as its owner controlled herself.

“… This much is true,” Desira agreed, quick to follow up her statement with another as she tried desperately to set aside the boy’s indirect confession. She would address that soon, but not at this moment. 

“Regardless, it is the ultimate form of establishing the relationship between a demon and her lover, and in securing one’s loyalty there is no method which surpasses it. Unlike the fickle concept of marriage certificates, a pact cannot be voided by whims nor its conditions abandoned. Nothing can be taken away, and you will never be betrayed. Would you not want everything to be assured in this way, to have all promises reinforced by an unbreakable agreement?”

Evan shifted in place as he murmured a groan, yet still keeping his eyes from returning the demon’s expectant gaze. The hand over his arm rubbed at his bicep, his mind doubtlessly at unease.

”Can’t we… I don’t know, lessen the terms or something?” The youth tried to reason, wincing as he went. “I mean, it sounds like you’re wanting me to be your slave, and…”

”Is there anything wrong with being the property of an entity who cherishes you?” Desira questioned, a clawed finger beginning to tap at an elbow amidst her crossed-arm posture. “Evan, you aught understand by now that I would never truly abuse you, let alone bring you harm… I would care for you, protect you, and spoil you with fervent love and devotion. How else can I show or explain this before you understand? I want you to be mine because I’m in love with you.”

”We don’t even know each other that well—” Evan began, only to be cut off.

”YOU do not know ME that well,” Desira corrected him, her tone becoming stern for a brief moment. “Furthermore, you know little to nothing of my kind… and no, I am not making reference to only demons and other such species, but to monsters in general. Your need to create bonds, your pursuit of familiarity… it is, overall, a strictly human concept. Unlike you and your own, we do not need to waste time developing relationships in order to have a reason to love.”

She flexed her wings, stretching them far out behind her back to relieve herself of her built-up tension. Her tail dipped a bit, drooping now that her glee over Evan’s potential tolerance of being together with her was being overshadowed by frustration. 

“While it is true that I spent a month studying you at a distance, know that it was only due to my initial responsibilities that I kept myself at bay. Had my duties not hindered me, I would most certainly have made myself known to you on the very first day that I witnessed you bury that pornographic article of yours…”

She hated this. She despised everything about this… but she needed to endure if she was going to get her pact. In order for the contract to be a success, it took the agreement of both parties, and it had to be genuine else failure would prevail. 

This meant no mind-altering spells or other manipulative magics could be used if she wanted the pact to work. While corruption was still an option, Desira still wasn’t willing to resort to that. She had to persuade him with her wit alone, and that much would be no issue for a entity of her caliber… however, this incorrigible youth wasn’t willing to give her a chance. Whenever she seemed to make progress, his insufferable doubt would rise up and strip away any trust he had for her. 

Was there truly no other alternative? Was going down the path of familiarity the only way she was going to earn his trust? If that’s what it took…

”Very well, Evan,” Desira finally said, her voice uncharacteristically leveled. ”If you insist on having your trust earned…”

Then so be it.

”I shall take your skepticism as challenge to my offer. We will engage in this little game of trust, but do understand that I have no intention of playing fairly.”

Evan finally glanced up at her, his eyes wide with confusion.

”W-what are you talking about…?” He managed to ask; his growing concern became more than evident, especially when her leering expression developed a devious grin.

“If you will not believe in my promises, then perhaps I aught prove my intentions through actions… even more so than what I have already provided,” Desira explained to the youth, the latter portion quoted somewhat in resentment before she continued with a more lighthearted tone. “I will enact my role of the pact, and we will live together, all while in abidance to it; I will force you to uphold your own role in turn, so do not fret about accidentally forgetting to do your part~”

The young man started to panic, his jaw dropping agape in despair from her proclamation.

”B-but…! I never agreed to this!” He tried to object, but his demonic beguiler’s smirk only stretched wider.

”Oh, you have nothing to fear, my precious gem~” she told him while a clawed digit rose from beneath her ample bosom, hand moving to cup her cheek as a mischievous fire was lit within the demon woman’s gaze. 

“We will only be roleplaying… after all, how else would you come to believe my intentions? In the end, I am only ensuring that my every spoken claim is truthful. Be thankful I am willing to be so patient, for any other demon may have simply decided to drown you in their corruptive essence until you were little more than an incubus in perpetual rut.”

The color of Evan’s entire complexion drained, prompting Desira that perhaps she had gone a little too far… she never intended to terrify the poor boy, although she couldn’t deny that his abrupt change in demeanor was a little humorous. When the young human continued to stare at her in bewildered silence, she cleared her throat and tried to break the tension.

”To be perfectly clear, an incubus’s existence is not as terrible as one would first assume,” she started, adopting a convincing smile. “You would certainly lose your humanity, but the perks that come with the change are well worth it in my opinion… for starters, you would become much stronger, acquire resistances to illness and disease, and even gain a drastically increased lifespan. Of course, your lust and sexual stamina would far exceed any normal human’s, and—”

The boy was just gawking in absolute horror, the demon herself deciding to cut her explanation short.

“… Returning to my main point, I will not be doing such a thing to you.” 

At least not yet, Desira thought to herself before continuing. 

“Instead, we will simply keep things relatively simplistic, and merely live in alignment to the pact that I had earlier proposed… starting immediately.”

Desira’s hand left her face and extended towards Evan, the young man staying perfectly still; he hadn’t even reacted when she took his chin in between her thumb and the knuckle of her index finger. He stared nervously into her glowing red gaze, knowing that whatever he said or did would do nothing to change the situation he now found himself in.

“This isn’t fair…” He protested regardless, a hint of anger making itself known in the midst of his desperate tone. “I don’t want this…!”

“Perhaps not right away,” Desira replied a-matter-of-factly, “but that’s neither here, nor there. Who knows~? You may just come to enjoy this little arrangement… eventually.”

A shiver ran down Evan’s spine when the monster woman’s tongue dragged along her lips.

”Now then~” The archdemon began, the anticipation in her eyes increasingly nerve-wracking to Evan; he felt something prehensile slowly begin to ensnare his leg below the knee, but without looking he already knew that it wasn’t coming from the mass of darkness that was still lingering behind him somewhere. 

“You have been causing me great stress with your excessive doubt… as such, would be so kind as to relieve me of it~?”

An inaudible gulp forced its way down Evan’s throat in response to her request. He had a feeling he already knew what she was hinting at, but when he hesitantly leaned in for a kiss he was surprised when Desira pulled away; his confusion built further when her tail tugged on his knee, very nearly causing his leg to buckle beneath him.

”Not that, handsome~” the blue-skinned enchantress told him with a suggestive grin. “On your knees… there is another mouth I need you to make love to~”

A powerful blush had gone beyond just returning the color to boy’s face as it formed a streak of crimson across his newly embarrassed expression. Evan instantly broke eye contact with his grinning captor, but following a moment’s pause he proceeded to nod slightly. He complied to the pulling on his leg and slowly began to bend his knees, the serpentine appendage slipping away while he did so.

In little time, he was fully knelt down before the dark entity. When he looked up at her again, he saw her in the process of removing her lower garments with just the mere manipulation of her tail, the prehensile limb partway inserting itself into the hem of her waistband and deftly pulling the piece down. 

Desira lifted a leg and stepped out of her panty-like garb, letting the material drop down to the ankle of her other leg. Her vaginal slit of inhuman color glistened with a moistness portraying her anticipation, the demon clearly eager for attention; she rocked her hips forward, abruptly pushing her drooling cunt into the boy’s face.

”Now pleasure me.”

And with a flustered face, heated by a blend of lust and embarrassment, the teen complied.

Evan planted his lips upon the enchantress’s inhuman-colored pussy, administering a kiss before opting to extend his tongue. Slow, delicate strokes licked along the cavity’s narrow entrance, the musk of womanly arousal filling his nostrils. Above him, Desira hissed through grit teeth in her pleasure, and placed a clawed hand to the back of her lover’s head to hold him in place… an unnecessary act, for he wasn’t about to go anywhere.

The archdemon figured this much.

It wasn’t long before she became caught up in Evan’s oral treatment, and started grinding herself into him and rode alongside the pleasures he inflicted upon her. His nose occasionally grazed her clit, eliciting a jolt of near-orgasmic bliss every time they touched… which became more abundant the further her lover plundered.

In no time, Evan raised his hands to grasp hold of the demon’s thighs for support in his efforts to go deeper, his tongue breaking the barrier between himself and her awaiting depths as he probed with his oral member. A familiar heat greeted him as he once more tasted the hotness of her inner walls, savoring her insides as the flavor of her love juices leaked into his mouth.

Desira let out a groan of delight as Evan lapped up her liquid lust, reminded of just how much she had loved the feeling of having her internal self be at the mercy of her lover’s hunger. He had such a soft tongue, which fortunately seemed capable of reaching all the right places… with time, he would become properly trained on how to best make use of that reach.

For now, however, she was simply content with enduring his sporadic, almost randomized methods; in the end, it was exciting enough in not knowing just how he would manipulate that tongue of his, or where he would guide it next. The experience was surprisingly exhilarating.

“Mmnnn… That’s enough,” Desira ordered after eliciting a bestial moan of pure arousal, taking his head in both her hands and gently pushing herself off of his face. 

Evan sputtered a light cough in his retreat, the foul yet arousing taste in his mouth clouding his mind. A heavy daze seemed to obscure his senses as he stared blankly at nothing in particular, his chest heaving a little as his own lust began to give rise. 

The archdemon felt a twinge of guilt from forcing her lover into a situation he didn’t want, but she was determined to make him understand one way or another. For now, this much would have to do.

“Pick yourself up, sweet Evan,” she gestured a lazy, upwards swipe of her clawed hand at him. “It is time we took our leave.”

The boy blinked through his haze, evidently trying to make sense of her words.

“Wh… why? Where are we going…?” He asked hesitantly.

“I am feeling bored of this cramped abode,” the demon answered aloofly, beginning to stride towards the remains of the front door. “Its drab and ruined atmosphere is doing nothing to convince me to prolong my stay, either.“

Evan gave a once over to his surroundings, finally taking notice of the damage that had been done to his home. His sheer level of wonder was the only thing that kept him from exclaiming a demand as to know what happened. Was that shudder he’d heard earlier related to the cause? It looked like something or someone had blasted in through the door. 

Was that why Desira looked so battered and messy? Had there been an intruder, and a fight broke out?

“Furthermore,” the beguiling demon continued, “I will not have my newly betrothed reside within the tattered remnants of a run-down shack. That would be most unbefitting…”

”B-betrothed?!” Evan gawked, nearly choking over the word. “I never said that I’d…”

“You never said ‘no’ either,” Desira smirked back at him, “did you?”

“That’s…!” The young man flushed vehemently, his initial response having halted; in the end, he turned his eyes downward and stared at the floor. “This is way too sudden, and… well, I already told you no about the contract, so…”

”So you think I would merely give up on you just because you are, as the succubi say, ‘playing hard-to-get’?” 

The blue-skinned entity let out a soft chuckle beneath her breath. 

“Oh, my pure, innocent boy. There is no predator in this world who is so quick in allowing their prey to escape. So you know, most monsters are just as persistent when it comes to acquiring mates. But even far more than they, there are those like myself, whose patience coincides with their resolve. Evan, you will become mine, that I can earnestly promise you. It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ you will come to accept my offer.”

Evan made once again to protest, but in the end he just chose to say nothing. For certain, the idea of being the demon’s husband, or even her personal plaything wasn’t exactly an unpleasant thought, he mentally admitted to himself. If it all really was little more than an exaggerated marriage contract set in stone, then was there really anything to be averse to? 

On the other hand, the hellish temptress did refer to the concept of familiarity as a human-exclusive trait, and she’d made it a point that it was not within her interests despite her decision to “play his game of trust”. She seemed confident that such an ideology was unnecessary for a proper relationship; with that in mind, what other moral concepts or characteristics did she see as “human”, and thus unimportant enough to be forfeited? He couldn’t even begin to guess.

What mostly concerned the young man however was the way Desira emphasized on his eventual decision to forge a contract, completely disregarding his unwillingness. Did the demonic beauty truly know him well enough, or was she just that insightful to conclude that he would eventually say yes? She was so sure of herself…


He was suddenly brought out of his thought process, realizing that the orchestrator of all his recent turmoil was addressing him once more.

“If you have anything you might wish to take with you, I would urge you to retrieve it. Once we depart from this place, it may be the last you see of it. Now go, if you must… otherwise, we will be leaving this instant.”

”I… don’t have anything,” Evan stated, the memory of his now-destroyed wakizashi coming to mind. “Not anymore…”

”… Very well then.” 

Without a moment wasted, Desira then thrust her arm out to the side. Within mere seconds, a swirling vortex of magical energy warped into existence; its core was a rumbling, churning haze of darkness amidst a pitch black void, but after a minute it phased into a hole leading into an expanded reality, a space that looked available to traverse.

Evan had never seen one before, but even he could quite clearly identify a magic portal when it was in front of him.

”Now then, for your sake, I am afraid I must have you sleep for me once more, my precious gem…”

And with that, the demon raised her other hand and brought it to Evan’s forehead, and the youth was once again taken by the blackness of unconsciousness…


Evan was slow to rouse from his slumber. He awoke on his back, but soon rolled to his side and curled up a bit in an effort to get more comfortable. The blanket which was draped over him was below his shoulders, and with the boy feeling less secure about that issue he decided to give it a pull, dragging it up to his neck. It was very comfortable and warm, noticeably so in fact. He hadn’t recalled the fabric of his bedding feeling this nice, but as he was still half asleep he hardly gave it further consideration and just enjoyed its texture. 

It was then Evan realized that his pillow seemed extra fluffy for some reason, not at all like the flattened bag of stuffing he had grown accustomed to, and he became a little agitated when he struggled to keep his nose from sinking in and smothering himself. Above all, his mattress was by far the biggest difference, so unbelievably soft and comfy that he almost fell right back to sleep; last time he checked, his bed’s mattress was firm and creaked from old springs, but still something he could fall asleep upon.

Eyes cracked open, and the young man saw brief fuzziness before his sight was able to adjust to the bright illumination in the room. Wait, his bedroom was in the cellar, wasn’t it? And it didn’t have windows, so why was there light in the first place? Did he forget to put out the lamp? Evan clenched his eyes shut as he gave a lazy yawn, then peaked again at his surroundings. 

Oddly enough, the blinding light came from an unexpected window far to his right, which was embedded in a stylish bay in the wall—it was a simple and clear pane, but it’s cathedral-sized height stretched far above towards the ceiling. Both the ceiling and wall were much further away than he would have expected, and all these realizations prompted the youth to look around the rest of the room which clearly wasn’t his. 

He was inside a four-poster bed complete with drapes and a canopy, a piece of furniture so large he was convinced it may have even exceeded a king-size. To his left, centered within another distant wall was a highly luxurious fireplace; it was unlit but still had the necessary firewood inside, possibly made ready for use in the near future. On either side of the construct were two intricately designed, polished doors of mahogany, each a mystery to Evan as to where they led. 

The opposite side of the room, back to Evan’s right, two large wardrobes stood bordering the window with their backs hugging the wall. They weren’t as tall as the window frame, but still pretty close. Moving on, straight ahead and beyond the base of the bed, the rest of the room made space for a full-sized lounging area. A low-lying round table was in the center, bordered by a pair of high quality, woolen love seats on one side with a matching sofa on the other. The frame of a double-door set was centered in the wall beyond that, each door larger than the others while at the same time bearing more striking engravings, bearing runic designs etched into the wood.

The theme of the room seemed to be an alternate variety of the noble-esque luxury Evan had come to have seen portraits of for certain royalty, yet it all still had the hint of a homely setting to it. Its color scheme was full of dark shades that were primarily black and violet, but at the same time it was balanced with its patterns in such a way that one wasn’t left intimidated by the resulting atmosphere. 

Evan sat up, and was struck with awe as his eyes wandered curiously about. Never before had he seen anything so high-class in person, save for the interior of the few temples he had stepped inside… however, the longer he sat there and looked everything over, even the religious monuments somehow failed to compare. 

He also noticed that he wasn’t as wary as he would have expected himself to be, waking up to find himself in such a foreign place. It certainly confused him a bit yet didn’t really seem that much of a concern. It was like there was this unexplainable peace of mind that had come over him. Was it the room? Or something else entirely…?

“Good morning, handsome~.” 

Evan’s heart skipped a beat at the sudden greeting, instantly recognizing that beautiful, almost hypnotic voice. How could he forget such a thing, especially when it was attached to such a creature as her? He turned his head, locking his gaze upon a pair of burning red embers eying him from a distance. 

Desira, who only now revealed her presence, was smiling at the youth, her head poking out from behind the nearer of the two similar doors on his left. Had she been watching him this whole time? 

“So~, tell me,” the demon inquired of him with a not-so-metaphorical glimmer in her eyes, “do you like what you see~?” 

“U-um… Where…?” He hardly managed to get the obvious question to leave his lips, but the monster woman understood just fine.

“You are in my home,” she revealed nonchalantly, and giggled when the human gave her a startled expression. “Ah, perhaps it is a little small in comparison to most forms of actual luxury, but it serves it’s purpose. I do hope you like it.” 

Was she joking? The room alone was nearly the size of an entire chapel! If this was small to the demon, then what in the world did she see as big? Were there places she knew of that actually did get that large? Evan’s mind soon found itself flooded with questions just from that statement… 

Evan tried to put those thoughts to the side for the moment, focusing instead on the next thing on his mind to ask. “Why am I… er, we… here?”  

“I see. Not a minute after waking and you are already back to asking questions…” Desira seemed to pout, her leering gaze and puffed cheeks creating a truly adorable sight for the young man, despite her dark sclera and vibrant red eyes; his heart leapt in his chest just from that face. 

“Well, perhaps it cannot be helped. Then again, that is certainly another part of your natural charm,” her frown was quick to form into an elated, toothy grin. “So curious about everything, aren’t you~?”

She finally stepped into the room, moving out from behind her door while Evan’s eyes bulged at the sight of her. A thin, white gown of silk was part of her current attire; the piece had a twisting pattern of black text, the language foreign to him, trailing down the side of her chest and further defining the curve of her breasts. Apart from the lettering, the dress was vaguely transparent and three slits, two trailing up to her thighs and one in back where an opening for her wings and tail was made.

Other than that, a paired, laced set of white bra and panties was all she wore, both partly visible through the thin fabric of her gown. Said articles of underclothing were highly revealing, each part of the set lacking very much in material while the fabric tightly hugged the demon’s shapely form. Despite the simplicity in Desira’s choice of clothing, the young man was left speechless as her breasts gave a noticeable bounce as she sashayed alluringly in his direction.

The blue-skinned enchantress’s tail swung loosely with the sultry sway of her hips, hanging out just below the back slit of her gown, yet even then it was her wings poking out which grabbed the young man’s attention. He had distinctly recalled the bat-like limbs being quite large, yet Evan was left a bit confused by the fact they were now barely an eighth of that size. 

Had she used magic to shrink them?

“First thing’s first,” Desira stated as she approached; the mystery of her wings’ decrease in mass was to be another question for later it seemed. 

Upon reaching the side of the bed, the demon was forced to lean a bit forward just to reach a hand to touch Evan’s cheek, her smile forming into one of endearment as her palm then moved to his forehead. 

“Are you feeling well, handsome?” She inquired with those enticing, red and black eyes, filled of concern as they looked him over; their deep staring had the youth feeling extra self-conscious as he shyly tried to keep a returned gaze.

“You had me worried, earlier,” Desira continued as she resumed her affectionate touching of his face. Was she checking his temperature? “Traversing through a dimensional gate can be quite taxing on one so foreign to the exposure of raw magical properties, and I hadn’t wanted you to suffer any potential ailments. Despite my efforts, I noticed you convulse a few times in my arms while we went through. Are you in any way troubled or in discomfort, my love?” 

The demon’s prolonged touching and persistent attention jump-started a series of recent memories… extremely raunchy, embarrassing memories, and Evan quickly glanced down with a heavy blush forming, much too embarrassed to make an immediate response. That aside, he thought he felt fine in retrospect.

Amidst the extensive awkwardness he was feeling, he finally managed to notice the silk nightshirt he was wearing. The fabric was something of extreme, high-quality make, even he could see that much. Evan lifted his blanket and took a glance underneath, and realized he was also wearing a matching pair of sleep pants. With the desire to move the conversation on (and distract himself from his rather vulgar memories), he gave the silken material a tug by his shirt’s collar while giving the demon a questioning look. 

“Oh, that?” Desira replied as she pulled away, opting instead to having her hands hold herself up while continuing to lean over the bedding. “Just a little something I got you… when you were resting. Does it feel nice? I made certain to acquire something simple yet not too tacky, and eventually found that set from what little there was for males available at the local vendor.” 

The youth couldn’t grasp just how casually she went about the whole ordeal, as though she simply picked out a casual set of clothes; the silk he had on was without question the best material he had ever worn in his life! 

“Of course, it is merely something to hold you over until I can find you some finer clothes. My apologies in the meantime. After serving you a bath, I realized you were without something to wear and I had to make the trip… as the succubi say,” she gave him a suggestive wink, “a ‘quickie’.”

How in the world were these silk garments not classified as fine clothes!? 

… Wait, did she say what he thought she just said?

Evan looked himself over on reflex, and after a brief hesitation he eventually brought his arm close to his face. There was definitely a scent, faint but undoubtedly present. He smelled something akin to fresh apples, yet somehow different… it wasn’t exactly fruity, but it had that familiar sweetness to it. He couldn’t quite place a finger on it, but in the end it didn’t really matter. Not in comparison to the fact that Desira had not only bathed him, but dressed him in a luxurious set of nightwear and tucked him into the greatest bed he had ever slept in. 

Sure, the monster may have practically abducted (and, arguably, raped) him, but was it really such a bad thing when such a creature as her was doing so much for his sake? As unsettling as having been brought to such a foreign location and being physically handled to such and extant was, he failed to see any negative motives to her actions… until he recalled the ordeal concerning the contract he refused, and her stated intentions that followed.

“Well, you certainly seem to be unharmed, and well-rested I would wager,” the demon suddenly announced, prompting Evan to stare into those crimson jewels. “Might I remind you, I was so terribly worried…” 

She slid a hand forward, leisurely snaking it beneath the blanket as she went on. “Would you be willing to… relieve me of all the stress I have since built up from this?” 

The boy’s response was a minor grumble as his eyes were cast downward. He almost didn’t notice the limb reaching for him within the bedding, and with a start the young man scurried a bit out of the way. Was she really trying to go down on him again so soon?

“Oh, I promise to make it quick, handsome~,” Desira stated in response to his actions while making another lazy grab for him, which had Evan moving even further away. The demon began to climb onto the bed in pursuit, her newly tiny wings fluttering with excitement as her tail lashed like a whip above her raised ass. The faint glow of her irises began to steadily brighten. 

“Don’t be so reserved… haven’t we already done so~ much together…? Why are you still holding restraint?” 

If there was any reason, it was because he was still uncomfortable around the demon, and her bold advances only made him more frantic. It was an established fact between both of them that he thought she was beautiful, and deep down he knew he would love nothing more than to fuck her again… but there was also something nagging at the back of his mind.

”I… about the contract…” he said with an uncertain expression; an abrupt nervousness washed over him upon seeing Desira immediately stop and begin eying him intently, the eagerness in her eyes almost too intense to endure.

Why did she want that damn contract so much?

“Y-you said we would, um, ‘roleplay’ it, so… can you explain what you meant by that, exactly?”

The dark entity visibly exhaled, surprising Evan with the previously unknown fact that she’d actually been holding her breath. Again, what was with this demon and that contract of hers?

”Must I repeat myself?” She complained, a kind smile serving as a veil to her true feelings. “You sweet little thing… I love you so dearly, Evan… honestly. However, I am afraid you might afflict me with insanity so long as you continue to prod me into retelling my every explanation. Perhaps I aught to ‘punish’ you for being so forgetful~”

The demon finally managed to grasp hold onto one of Evan’s legs from beneath the covers, and as he made to protest while she deftly pulled him back her way, she interrupted the young man by placing a finger upon his lips to silence him. He blinked at her when she spoke. 

“That is enough from you,” she told him with a patient smile.

Desira then proceeded to lower her hand to his chest before giving her lover a gentle, but forceful push. The youth was made to lie on his back, only able watch her climb over him while knowing all too well that he couldn’t resist her advances were he to try. While that fact bugged him immensely, it also seemed a bit arousing… 

Why and when had he begun to enjoy this helplessly submissive role that this demon so often had him subjected to? 

“Just relax~,” Desira continued with increasingly bated breath, hand still on his chest as she positioned herself in place over the boy. Her tiny, energetic wings were fanning his body, her tail beginning to snake around one of his legs; the air in his lungs was held tight as she inched her face closer to his own. 

“Lose yourself with me, and~… Hm? What’s that sme-“

The demon suddenly halted in her advances before lifting herself up and away from Evan’s prone form. Confusion was etched upon her face before an abrupt panic replaced it, those blackened sclera stretching wide as though she had forgotten something terribly important. 

“Ah, phallus…” Desira began, before turning her gaze back to Evan and masking her feelings behind another forced smile. 

“Don’t go away, handsome,” she told him as she tapped his nose with a finger, “I will return to resume things in but a mere moment~!” 

She then slipped away and off the bed, casually at first, but as soon as she was moving the demon’s pace quickened to a hurried walk, her destination the very door Evan had seen her come out a couple minutes ago. The young man had been left on the mattress with a perplexed expression, having been mentally prepared for another forced (yet anticipated) round of sex that was now likely not happening anytime soon. 

As soon as Desira entered the next room and closed the door behind her, Evan began to hear a bumbling rush from the other side. With sounds of metal pans and running water soon accompanied by the increasingly noticeable scent of smoke, it didn’t take long for him to understand what was going on. Something had likely burnt, food if anything… which meant the room she was in was probably a kitchen. Now that he thought about it, he had yet to eat anything since… 

“Ooh,” he muttered to himself, wincing as he finally took note of the burning sensation in his stomach; he gave it a rub and it snarled in reply. “I never ate anything yesterday…” 

The light shining in through the window clearly revealed the time of the hour to be about midday, which translated to him that a new day had arrived since his earlier romps with Desira. Just how long had be been asleep?

As the noise in the kitchen continued, Evan eventually got tired of waiting and removed himself from the bed. His feet touched the dark, hardwood floor; it was cool, but not uncomfortable as he stood upon it. He then gave a stretch, arching his back as his arms reached out and up before he began to wander.

It was possibly for the better that he not bother the demon while she tended to her probably ruined breakfast, and with the deduction that the room she was currently in was a kitchen he investigated the door mirroring its own. Eyes looked over the fireplace as he walked by, scanning an assortment of ornaments and trinkets which occupied the top’s surface area. 

A certain picture grabbed his attention for just a brief second, the image displaying what appeared to be Desira embracing another woman from behind; the unknown girl had horns, wings and a tail like the demon but not her blue skin or eyes, looking rather human apart from the aforementioned attributes. The young man didn’t bother stopping to give it a further inspection.

Evan arrived at the door beyond and tentatively placed a hand on its knob, pausing half a moment before giving it a turn. A peek inside revealed the next room as a magnificent bathroom, itself quite sizable despite being roughly half the size of the massive room he had just left. 

Aside from the expected toilet, it was complete with an adjacent dual sink, a full shower and a separate tub of unknown purpose. The tub was located near and to the right of the entrance, while a small closet stood between that and the shower stall at the end of the room. 

High above, a decorative chandelier of small size gave light to the scene, smooth stones radiating a bright glow in place of candles; it was the first time Evan had seen such a fixture, and he stared at it in awe before looking back into the bedroom. Sure enough, another chandelier hung from the ceiling, only that one was much more extravagant and stylized. He must not have noticed it earlier as its own set of gems gave no light.

Returning his attention back to the bathroom, Evan gave a pause before entering. The place had its own design, focused primarily on a white paint job with marble and pearl standing out from among it; the color scheme was a sharp contrast to the midnight darkness of the earlier room. He first inspected the large tub occupying nearly a third of the spacious area, his curiosity demanding to know exactly what purpose it served. The wall of the construct reached just over his knees and the boy was quick to peer inside and take note of the vast assortment of nozzles and holes scattered about its interior.

”I see you’ve taken an interest in the spa,” an all-too-familiar voice cooed into his ear from behind.

Evan jumped with a start, so violently in fact that he nearly fell face-first into the tub in front of him. Fortunately, Desira was quick to catch him, draping her arms around his chest from behind, up from under his own.

”Oh my, I hadn’t meant to startle you so terribly, my love,” the demon chuckled, planting a kiss to the top of the now stiffened boy’s head. “Now, now, don’t be so tense~. I am only holding you. Be nice.”

Evan slowly calmed down a bit, heeding the demon’s words and steadily relaxing his muscles. Again he picked up on the unusual sense of ease he’d been feeling, that peaceful sensation this place seemed to be radiating. However, the young man didn’t grow anxious about it… rather, he couldn’t.

It seemed far too easy to feel relaxed and comfortable, even within the arms of Desira’s caressing embrace. It felt off, and this bothered him. Shouldn’t he feel concerned? Were his emotions being suppressed? Was it another spell he’d been put under?

His captor was quick to notice his altered mood. 

”What seems to be troubling you, sweet Evan?” She asked.

The blue-skinned beauty tilted her head to steal a glance at the boy’s face, but he nervously shifted his gaze in the opposite direction.

”Is…” he said, pausing between words as he tried to formulate his exact question, “this place, is it under some kind of magic barrier or something? I feel… I don’t know, it’s weird. I’m not as anxious as I normally would be.”

“Oh, come now,” the demon huffed, having much more irritation to her tone than Evan expected there to be; she practically growled at him. “You truly are insufferably paranoid, aren’t you? You fret and worry over the most trivial scenarios… but to worry about not being distressed? Do you honestly expect yourself to have anxiety at every hour of the day? Just how much fear do you live with, Evan?”

“Well, in my defense, I kinda got raped by a demon, had my house wrecked to shit, and then kidnapped by said demon. Now I’m in a completely unknown place—littered from floor to ceiling with priceless valuables that, each on their own, could likely bankrupt me should I so much as scratch one—while I’ve got the living embodiment of a sex fantasy hanging off me… who is also the demon who raped and kidnapped me. All of this shit, and all of it in just one day. So yeah, please understand if I’m a little concerned as to why I’m not FREAKING THE HELL OUT.”

Evan blinked, immensely startled as to what had just come out of him. During his unexpected rant, he had turned his face back to Desira and found himself glaring at her; upon realizing what he’d just done, his expression abruptly softened as he saw those hellish, red with black sclera eyes of hers widened and her mouth slightly agape in utter bewilderment.

If the boy hadn’t felt worried about his predicament before, he certainly did now. 

“I… I-I’m s-s-sorry, I didn’t mean…!” 

But then, Evan noticed the hint of a growing smirk.

”So,” Desira calmly began, “it would seem as if my little lover has a bit of boldness in him after all. You almost convinced me, Evan… that I had chosen a completely spineless man.”

Evan wasn’t sure where she was going with her words, but he wasn’t about to interrupt the monster woman.

“That look,” she continued, a glint in her eyes, “it’s reminded me of when you had that ridiculous blade raised to my chest. Perhaps you aren’t… as the beastfolk say, ‘all bark’ after all. That tongue of yours certainly had enough bite to prove that much.”

And with that she slipped away, withdrawing herself from Evan and releasing him from her embrace. The youth watched her turn and begin to step out of the bathroom, unable to take his eyes off of her. He noticed a curious liveliness to her gait.

”But with that aside,” Desira went on, speaking as she entered the next room, “you must be famished from yesterday’s… excitement. Come with me, I have prepared your breakfast.”

She disappeared from view, and Evan was already beginning to relax despite himself and the situation. Something was definitely suppressing his fears, he thought to himself, and if it wasn’t magic then it was definitely something in the air. There was no reason as to why he should be feeling this… relaxed.


A noticeable rumble from his gut distracted his thoughts, and the youth decided it would be worthwhile to at least see what the demon had prepared for him. Hopefully, the food would be half as luxurious as this place’s decor… then again, he was reminded of the possibility that Desira had burnt whatever she was cooking.

Only one way to find out…

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  1. I really enjoyed this chapter. I don’t think I can give any criticism as your writing skills far exceed mine. I forgot if this was in the original version of this story or if we are moving on from then, but either way, great job! I’m also really looking forward to the second chapter of the carnality series *crossing my fingers it’s coming soon*! Keep up the good work!

  2. The writing is great as always, hope you’re able to get the next chapter out a little sooner.

    I hope Desira really, really has to work for this… since it seems like a given that Evan won’t say no. Would also be cool if Evan ended up actually having any power in the relationship, which also seems unlikely, but meh.

    What happens when a Demon sets her sights on someone, I suppose.

  3. The only criticism I have is that perhaps Even should talk a bit more. The best and most interesting parts of these chapters is when he has a little back-and-forth with Desira.

  4. First off. Five stars.

    With that out of the way, lemme’ get down to critiquing real quick.

    There’s a few typos and grammar slip-ups here and there, but that all definitely pales in comparison to your remarkably consistent presence of voice. To me, it really seems like you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it, and that’s rad.
    Now, with that said, there are some story bits I don’t really follow. .namely the presence of showers, bed-springs, and spas in what’s kind of a fantasy setting? Maybe?
    I don’t know, I don’t think that’s really a big a deal at all given that magic bullshit is (and has been) at play here, but I figured I’d just kinda point that out, for what it’s worth.

    Lastly, I kinda feel like I need to say that Evan’s behavior in this part seems a little off. So far, it’s kinda been my impression that he’s a really meek and naive kid. So, for me at least, it’s kinda jarring for him to suddenly say “we’ve fucked” outright when he’s generally kind of an unassertive stammering mess at most other points of time. Again, that’s kinda just my take on things.

    Ultimately, I really gotta say that I’ve been digging this series since you started it. Truth be told, you’re the one that inspired me to sign up here and start writing myself. So take that and make of it what you will. Anyways, great job Otaku, can’t wait to see what else you’ve got planned.

  5. Entry Log #1
    It’s been 32 days……………….. No new chapter is in sight. I have started to slwoly lose my mind and am starting to hallucinate. I saw a man walking down the street in a car, and a wild pack of zebras. The only thing that will cfure me of my ailment is a new chapter of Depravity, the critically acclaimed series on the website known as, but it is nowhere in sight. I am going to evaporate.


    1. I have seen your comments, including the most recent wall-of-text you happened to drop in my comments section. Should you happen across this reply, please understand that I will write the next chapter once I am ready, but not a moment before.

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  6. I met this story recently and just read all the chapters. This story is one of the best I’ve ever seen involving a girl monster. I loved all the chapters, but I have a question to ask. DesirA, she seems very much to contradict herself in one chapter and another. it’s like in chapter 2 we have her telling Evan that she refused to be with any man for years, through a lot of discipline and effort and in chapter 3 we have her talking in her mind that she has had real sex many times before but that Evan made her feel like a young maiden. This seems very contradictory, since from what I understand you are following the canon of the monster girl encyclopedia, so in logic it was not for her to be thinking how good it was to have a real penis in her vagina instead of tentacles, tails or fingers? I know that girl monsters are known for having lesbian sex with each other until they find a husband, as it is a rule that they cannot have casual sex, of course it has been confirmed that there are exceptions (Cyclops being the biggest example of this), but the rule is next: they take a man, have sex and he turns her husband right away. It’s like from what I read on the Wiki, a demon is not within these exceptions. I’m writing about it, because it’s bothering me so much, in one chapter she says one thing and in another she contradicts herself in what she said. so like could you please answer me about this? because from what I’ve read, from the discussions I’ve read about this subject and everything else, the girl monsters work the basis of the kind: you’re not my first time (I lost my virginity to some girl monster out there), but you’re the my one and only man. I apologize if my questioning bothers you, but it was something I noticed in the chapters (if you ask, I will give you the links where you are talking about what I said). I’ll be here waiting for the next and great story!

    Warning: I use Google Translator and Bing Translator to comment and read.

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