Depravity Series: C 4

Desira had Evan completely at her mercy. The poor human was once again lying prone on the bed, his captor joyously riding him; her great wings flapped every time she bounced up from atop his length, each time thereafter allowing gravity to let her harshly fall back down upon the youth. The couple had already gone through a few rounds of intense lovemaking, the blue-skinned entity abruptly taking the lead ever since her lover had reached his first climax and let loose his spunk within her.

Enraptured in the throes of passion, the teen now moaned and gasped quite vocally as his mouth was held open by Desira’s hand, claws curled under his jaw and chin with her thumb pressed upon his tongue—either his shame and embarrassment over making such lewd noises was long gone, or his lust had far exceeded those feelings… perhaps even both. While the demon pinned the boy’s head against his pillow, her other hand was crushing his own into one of her beasts, forcing him to kneed the supple, blue flesh.

Her tail was constricted about her lover’s pelvic region, the serpentine appendage reaching down between his legs from behind his back and eventually wrapping around the start of his thigh; using her tail alone, Desira used her hold on his body to literally fuck her, yanking him up when she dropped and pulling him back out as she rose, continuing this in cycle. 

Soon enough she began picking up speed, force-fucking him harder and faster until she finally slammed down and thrust her lover’s erection deep inside her; as yet another burst of his seed flooded into her womb, a throaty cry of ecstasy was heard from Evan, whilst Desira let out a vastly content, salacious purr. A moment of bliss passed before the demon finally withdrew her hand from her captive’s mouth, and she watched the semi-conscious boy pant and wheeze beneath her.

A satisfied sigh was let out through the nose as she ogled him, but otherwise no words were exchanged. Desira simply let her lover rest. In her eyes, he had most certainly earned it. She released the one hand cupped over her breast, the limb falling lifelessly upon the mattress while its owner did his best to regain himself.

The poor thing, Desira mused, noting how Evan hadn’t done very much in taking the lead role throughout their lovemaking. She sincerely believed he had done his best, yet even so the inexperienced youth had been far outclassed… he had been utterly overwhelmed by her almost immediately. Of course, while this was to be expected, it still tugged on the demon’s heartstrings. A pity that she was barely able to enjoy the submissive role. 

To be fair, it wasn’t as if she was expecting much of anything from such a timid virgin.

She then suddenly grew a smirk as a thought crossed her mind.

‘Well, make that ex-virgin.’

The demon leaned back, hands placed upon the mattress for stability as she stretched out her spine; she uttered a satisfied moan with the act before regaining her former poster, again letting her gaze roam her lover’s smaller, lithe body. She felt his length begin to wilt inside her, and in turn she gyrated her hips, grinding into him in an attempt to coax Evan’s abused cock to harden for another round… however, it did not.

While it was a mild disappointment, Desira understood. The human boy was exhausted, and she would have to wait to have some more fun with him. There would always be time, especially when she truly made him hers.

They had engaged in carnal intimacy, and later, it was quite likely he would come to her, seeking more of what there was to offer. That was good, yet there still needed to be one thing—one offer—to be made in order for things to become… official.

But suddenly, her pointed elfish ears twitched and the demon rose her head, having sensed something. Evan wouldn’t have been able to notice anything out of the ordinary, especially since he was not adept with magic, but Desira had felt a ripple, a tremor in the atmosphere that was quickly followed by a powerful rupture. All of it was directly linked with her mana, the inhuman entity literally feeling something break and bypass an indirect extension of herself.

Her barrier had been fractured…


C 4 • Pride and Greed


The demon’s eyes went wide for a moment, unable to fathom what was occurring. The city had none who were near powerful enough to compete with her magic, let alone nullify her spells… yet here was someone who was outright tearing through one of them?

But then a certain realization befell her, and Desira’s caution was thrown to the wind, replaced only with a deep-seated resentment. It must have been someone from her faction, most likely a fellow archdemon or other high tier monster; whoever was trying to interrupt her fun would be harshly dealt with… unless it was her direct superior, or one equal in power to Desira herself.

“I swear to the maou if it’s that fucking baphomet meddling in my affairs again…”

She brought her attention back down upon Evan, who was now on the verge of regaining his senses; her lover was breathing less heavily, his chest rising and falling more gently. He was finally starting to relax. His eyes were lightly glazed, but he was in fact looking up at her, his mind likely still in a muddled daze.

She couldn’t help but smile warmly at him, unwinding her tail from around his hips and thigh as she placed a hand upon his cheek and lovingly caressed him. Much to her delight, he did not recoil from her touch, nor did he even flinch.

The fear, that which she had long been trying to purge, was absent.

Unfortunately, she would need to enjoy this at another time.

Desira leaned forward, her heavy breasts dropping upon her lover’s heaving chest as she pecked him on the lips, him letting out a weak moan in response; she kept the kiss brief, else chance losing herself again and potentially rob the poor youth of any potential recovery he still needed. Right now, the most important thing he needed was rest… complete, unhindered slumber.

She fought the urge to nibble on his lips and withdrew, placing a pair of fingers upon his sweaty forehead. Unbeknownst to the boy, her touch was laced with magic, and within seconds his wincing eyes fluttered shut whilst consciousness faded, his labored breathing becoming evened and drawn out.

A sleep spell.

“Dream of me, my precious gem,” Desira whispered down to him, her hand lowering from his brow to trace past his temple. “We will be back together by the time you awaken. I just need to… take care of something…”

At last she rose, the demon letting out a brief grunt as she pulled herself off of her lover’s deflated cock; already, his liquid essence was leaking from her slit, something Desira would not allow. She clenched her pelvic muscles, sealing her vaginal entrance and ensuring that nothing more was lost. Within her womb she carried Evan’s purest substance, the last of his untainted, virgin ejaculate… and none of it would go to waste.

The monster woman trailed a finger along the line of her lower lips, collecting the remaining, oozing remnants of her lover’s liquid offering as she stepped off the mattress; leaving a slumbering Evan behind her, she drew her hand to her face and began to suckle upon her newly wetted finger. Instinctively, a shiver ran through her body, a delirious smile gracing her lips as her tail started to squirm and coil, wings fluttering to life for but a second.

She would never grow tired of this taste… his taste.

Desira took her finger out of her mouth with a quiet, wet pop before she brought it down to her gut, lovingly rubbing the area over her womb. It felt all too wonderful, the feeling of being filled to the brim with a male’s hot, seething essence. It was so satisfying… no, that word was an injustice for what the demon felt. This was truly—


The demoness was thrust back into the moment by the sudden, booming voice, and she cringed inwardly; knowing all too well who it belonged to, she resented the fact that it would not be possible to take out her immense frustration on the intruder for interrupting her time with Evan. The revelation of this fact in turn influenced a bestial snarl to escape her throat…


There was a mild explosion of splinters and debris as the home’s entryway door imploded, having been forced open with enough strength to destroy the entire frame; even while its remnants showered the area surrounding what used to be a proper doorway, the cause of the destruction proceeded to storm inside the humble abode with a stomp under each footfall. 

As the dust settled, the shimmer of azure scales and silver strands of exceedingly long hair were the first traits to be seen of the intruder’s identity, followed by a pair of searching, glaring viridian eyes of reptilian nature. White smoke billowed from a maw of sharp, predatory teeth, clenched tightly together and bared.

Finally, a gust of wind cleared the room of any remnant airborne debris, brought about by the presence of two massive, scaled and webbed wings; a large and powerful lizard’s tail agitatedly flicked about behind them, and with that the individual was finally revealed in their entirety.

Beyond the monstrous nature, this being was clearly female, and quite a beautiful one at that… should one be able to look past her aura of sheer indomitable hostility.

Her only article of “clothing” was a lavish chest plate of armor-like scales—the same as those naturally covering her from head to toe—which adorned her upper body, and a matching hip belt with a low-reaching extension at the front that cloaked her pelvic region. The overall design probably left a bit too much exposed, especially in regards to proper armor, yet it was fairly enough to retain her modesty.

She was a dragon, a western drake specifically. And from where she stood in the less-than-satisfactorally-spacious living room, the impatient monster called out to her colleague.

“WHERE ARE YOU, HELLSPAWN?!” The blue-scale demanded in a shout of outrage. “I KNOW YOU ARE IN HERE! REVEAL YOURSELF!”

“Oh, must you be so insufferably bombastic, Ejdrukaina?”

The addressed snapped her head down towards the center of the room where the glimmering light of a magic circle was taking form, the archdemon Desira herself beginning to surface from within its midst. She arose headfirst, the horns of her wings accompanying her natural, ebony crown while leering eyes of crimson met the dragon’s piercing glare with an unamused look. As opposed to moments prior, she had once again adorned her attire.

“I know you cannot help yourself, but please do consider the neighbors,” Desira stated, “it’s nearing the middle of the night by now… you wouldn’t want to wake anyone at this hour, would you?”

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!” The frustrated drake demanded of her, promptly ignoring the demon’s words.

“… If you insist,” the blue-skinned entity seethed to herself, finally reaching her full height as the magic circle began to vanish beneath her feet. While she was no stranger to Ejdrukaina’s temperament, Desira never could grow accustomed to such an obnoxious, haughty character.

Why did western dragons have to be such difficult creatures to deal with? Although wurms were certainly more destructive and much less social, it was always more preferable to handle the simpler-minded cousin species.

“There was merely a certain matter that required my attention,” Desira informed the blue-scale, her tone casual but sincere. “I assumed that my assistance was not needed within the main invasion… or, could it be that I had overestimated the abilities of our forces? Surely a being of your caliber was enough to conquer a settlement such as this by herself, yes?”

“Do NOT mock my intelligence, demon, else I grace your oh-so precious and unmarred skin with the claw and leave you an unrecognizable, scarred heap of flesh.”

While Ejdrukaina did lower her voice, her tone carried with it a dreadful murmur, accompanied by a few lines of crackling electricity which danced about her scales. She was an azure dragon, which meant lightning was her elemental attribute… and Desira knew all too well that like “the calm before the storm”, as the human saying goes, this particular dragon was known to be near her anger point when she was at her quietest…

With Evan in the basement room just below their feet, the archdemon needed to ensure that this thunderstorm incarnate did not become unleashed.

“… My apologies, Ejdrukaina,” she told the drake, who blinked in the presence of the unusually meek demon. “That remark was… uncalled for.”

From what little she cared to know about the demoness, an apology was the last thing the dragon expected of her. Nevertheless, she allowed her to continue. Ejdrukaina sincerely doubted the inhuman woman had learned her place, so why was she being so humble now of all times?

…Did that scent have anything to do with it?

“Perhaps it was even rude of me to answer in such a way,” Desira went on, “although I assure you, the reasoning behind my departure is true in that it required my utmost attention… a simple factor that needed to be, and has since been taken care of. I know very well that you alone could have taken the city, perhaps even without a fight… which is why I felt my absence wouldn’t harm the campaign.”

There was a moment of silence between the two as Ejdrukaina gazed hard at the archdemon… until the gears began to turn in her mind.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with you… seeking out a mate, would it?” The dragon inquired with a deadpan stare, much to the visible discomfort of Desira.

“… What makes you think—”

“The scent of fornication is all over you, hellspawn…” Ejdrukaina stated matter-of-factly, adopting a human gesture of impatience with a fold of her arms. “Perhaps I need remind you to not insult my intelligence? I’ll have you know that I’d meant every word of that threat…”

She knew.

Desira hated having to do so, but it would be safest for Evan if she came clean. The idea of admitting such revelations to Ejdrukaina of all people was utterly distasteful, but with what was at stake…

“… Very well, I shall tell you everything,” the demon muttered, her annoyance made obvious. “However, in exchange, I would ask in all earnest that you keep that temper of yours under control. There is… a human youth directly beneath us…”

“How distasteful,” the dragon scoffed. “So not only are my suspicions correct, but the target of your… affections is still present? What, did I come at a bad time, hellspawn? Were you still in the middle of whoring about when I entered this worthless estate?”

“Your timing couldn’t have been more disruptive, indeed,” Desira shot back venomously, “as per usual.”

“Watch your tongue, cretin…” Ejdrukaina once again warned, another flicker of electricity trailing up an arm. “I shall honor your plea for restraint, but know I can still rend you to pieces without unleashing my true power… and I will, should you continue to test me.”

Desira was not anticipating the drake to consider her request, let alone so easily comply.

“You… will contain yourself?” She questioned with leering eyes, skeptical.

“Do not misunderstand,” the dragon replied with a huff. “It would simply be most unbecoming for a dragon to needlessly dirty her claws with the blood of such an insignificant mortal. After all, you’ve no doubt hunted down and taken him by force, I’m certain. If such is the case, it’s clear that he’s had enough unnecessary trauma… a pity, really.”

Desira ignored the jab in favor of addressing a more intriguing concept, a wry smirk creeping into her features.

“You say ‘insignificant mortal’,” she began, a hand placed on her hip, “yet who was the one who raided a fortress in search of a single, lonely stable boy? Didn’t you marry hi-?”

“HE IS A PET!” Ejdrukaina suddenly shrieked, wings flaring open and tail straightening; there was quite a lovely blush forming on that arrogant drake’s demeanor as well, the demon noted. “A SLAVE, AND NOTHING MORE! YOU THINK I’D STOOP SO LOW AS TO WELCOME A PATHETIC CREATURE LIKE HIM INTO MY BED, MUCH LESS FORM SUCH A FOWL PACT WITH THAT… THAT… HUMAN!?”

Desira simply trailed her gaze downward, crimson eyes beholding a small, intricate band of solid gold adorning the third claw of the dragon’s left, clenched fist. She honestly couldn’t contain her growing smirk.

“Must have been my imagination, Ejdrukaina… my apologies for making such a ridiculous assumption.”

She knew her flustered colleague could see through her feigned ignorance, nonetheless she was more than certain that things would stray from violence so long as she didn’t push the issue. If she kept her verbal abuse at a minimum, and made certain she didn’t touch upon an especially sensitive subject in any negative way, the drake would most likely keep herself under control.

Submitting to her pompous attitude and engaging her altogether was still a bitch to deal with, of course.

“Moving on…” Desira started, only to be interrupted.

“Yes, let’s,” agreed the blue-scale, if only to focus the discussion back upon the archdemon herself. “I believe we should address the matter of why I’ve come to you in the first place… You, Desira, lied to me.”

“Excuse me?”

The drake went on without skipping a beat, regaining her former posture of impatience while her tail lashed out in the air, a single swipe that suggested escalating irritation.

“The only reason I’m here, assisting this meager invasion in the first place, is because you insisted to the regional general that my services were required… yet, upon laying witness to this territory with mine own eyes, I’ve come to realize that the land was SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than what you had reported. With tactful leadership, I’d even say the city could have been taken with ease using but a FRACTION of your forces. You have not only lied to me, hellspawn, but you have also cheated me of both my time and energy…”

Once more a lively flicker of crackling electricity sprung to life along the azure dragon’s body.

“No being… mortal, immortal, living or undead, shall get away with stealing from me. While the effort and wasted energy is hardly a cost worth mourning, my time is one thing which even someone as grand as myself cannot reclaim. You aught know what happens to those who steal from a dragon… do you not, Desira?”

The demon on the other hand was unfazed. Rather, she was actually smiling, the inevitable wrath of a dragon itself doing nothing to intimidate her. It perplexed Ejdrukaina, intriguing the drake to wonder just what else the devious wretch could have possibly planned…

“I assume you are not so foolish as to fail in devising some sort of… recompense?” The dragon guessed after some thought, quirking a scaly eyebrow as she voiced her latest theory. “As flippant and convoluted a creature you make yourself out to be, I at least know you well enough to understand that you are not stupid, Desira. You knew I’d be enraged by your deceit, so what have you to compensate me?”

There was a brief pause, but it was a delay just long enough to garner the dragon’s notice.

“… Shall we take this outside?” The demon abruptly suggested, a charming smile adorning her face. “I’m sure you would enjoy a much more… favorable environment in which to continue this discussion, yes?”

The drake just stared at her.

“Do you not have anything after all?” She asked, thrashing her tail once more. This time however, the scaled appendage had conjured a single spark of electricity that ran down its length; it was sent flying in the form of a lightning bolt towards a nearby picture frame, striking the object and rupturing it upon contact. Desira merely watched the portrait smolder as the image of a married couple and their four children were burned away, her attention upon Ejdrukaina’s next words virtually nonexistent.

“Were you so much of an incompetent fool that I’ve overestimated you?” The dragon chastised. “Has your judgment been impeded by a desperation to gorge that womanhood of yours with man seed? Have you truly not prepared for any of the inevitable repercussions? To think that all this time you’ve prided yourself to be more sensible, more capable than your succubi kin, Desira… yet here you are, with nothing to show for your actions but the scent of a whore and a male’s ejaculate seeping from your nethers -”

“You already have your payment, Ejdrukaina.”

The dragon paused at Desira’s words. Again, she riled her curiosity, this demon… what could she possibly mean by such a claim? There had been no mention of compensation in the time since her involvement with the invasion, and there had most certainly been no tributes to her hoard as of late…

“All you need is the name of the one who bears it for you,” the archdemon explained, her tone ever so calm and assuring, “so would you be so kind as to come with me, outside, so that I may disclose this much to you?”

Ejdrukaina watched silently as her cohort simply made her way for the massive gap in the wall that once served as the doorway, striding casually past the dragon without another word. A mere side glance—a beckoning smile—was all she offered the azure drake before stepping outdoors.

The blue-scale had an inkling of an idea that, in regards to whatever reason there was in leaving the house in order to continue their discussion, something was off. Either that, or the damnable fiend was going to say something that she didn’t like… and that “something” might possibly be distasteful enough to incite her wrath, an outcome Desira might be fearing.

As her mind worked to conjure an answer, the dragon followed. The duo entered the barren street, now devoid of the earlier clashing hoards of man and monster; the fighting had since died down, the skirmish having moved on further into the city’s boundaries. 

A crescent moon bathed the cobblestone roadway in dim, pale light, a deafness in the immediate neighborhood the only other thing to accompany the pair of inhuman entities; the quietness would normally have been haunting for most any passerby—a foreboding atmosphere of utter silence—but for the drake herself it only helped sort her thoughts.

Desira had said there was to be told of a name, but if the hellish fiend were in fact afraid to provoke her then what name could possibly anger her so? She was an azure dragon, a being feared by every mortal creature from the lands of men to the realms of monsterkind.

There were none who could oppose her, and those who were indeed foolish enough to try were hardly worthy of kindling any sort of spite from her. She could move mountains, set worlds aflame with her dragon’s breath, conjure storms of lightning from her very presence alone… there were none she hated, for all who made themselves an obstacle were simply removed.

Just what name could be enough to stir the mighty dragon, to rouse her temper and drive her to—

“Derek,” the archdemon pronounced, still leading her acquaintance with her back to the drake. 

“Derek Le-”

She had expected the lunge, yet even Desira failed to react in time to avoid the claws of the newly enraged drake. A burst of lightning elicited a crack of riotous thunder alongside the act, a split second of sheer, raw power which ultimately had the archdemon grabbed behind the neck and slammed into the wall of an adjacent house, directly across the street from the abode of which the two had just exited. A cry of surprise and pain elicited from the demon’s lips, but it was completely unheard by her aggressor.


Ejdrukaina was seeing red, but not in the sense that she considered the trickle of blood which was currently traveling downward from her victim’s temple; she most indeed noticed the crimson trail, even taking in a hint of its irony scent… she just didn’t care.

If there was a reason for her to be driven to rage by just the mere mention of his name, then something must have happened to him. This wretched fiend, what had she done!? Had she violated him!? Harmed him!??

“IF YOU SO MUCH AS TOUCHED A SINGLE HAIR ON HIS HEAD, I WILL END YOU RIGHT HERE, DESIRA!!” The dragon roared to the top of her lungs, most intent on backing up her every word with actions. Her entire form was riveting with lightning, her body alive with wild, streaking bolts which lit up the night’s sky and showered upon the surrounding homes, sending destructive lines of electricity tearing through whatever surfaced they touched.

Desira in turn was suffering a fair bit from direct exposure to the source as moderately powerful currents were coursed through her body, all while her head was shoved a little further into the wall. It pained her considerably, but she knew full well that the dragon was holding back… this was but the tip of the metaphorical iceberg when it came to the true powers of draconic origin. She was also keenly aware that she had brought this upon herself, yet even so she couldn’t help but turn and give Ejdrukaina a baleful glare, complete with a primal, inhuman snarl.

“Get a hold of yourself, you rampant fool!” She demanded the feral drake, despite her situation; biting back the urge to cry out from the torment of electricity steadily pouring into her, and from the clawed hand tightening around her throat, she continued.

“You know I have nothing to gain from meddling with what’s yours, much less your most valued treasure! Use that draconic mind of which you so boastfully pride yourself with and think!”

Ejdrukaina gave the demon a glare that matched her own, hot cinders billowing from between bared, clenched fangs; nevertheless, she considered Desira’s words, reasoning that what she claimed was at least plausible. In addition, she noted that the blue-skinned wretch was doing nothing to fend off her assault.

Under normal circumstances, it would be no simple task to subdue an archdemon—even a dragon like herself would need to exert a reasonable amount of effort just to overpower any ordinary member—let alone one of Desira’s status. The current shockwaves zapping through her system would be enough to quench the life of any ordinary human, but to a demon it was hardly an injury.

Also, when reflecting upon the recent course of events, Ejdrukaina knew the demoness had undoubtedly predicted this outcome—she had insisted upon being outdoors, where her precious human would be removed from danger, after all—yet here she was, completely unresisting.

It was an obvious sign of submission, the dragon acknowledged, and thus she proceeded to reign in her storm of excess energies… her grip, however, was not to be loosened any time soon. She would spare the fiend from her electricity, but she would not be granted her freedom until Desira explained herself.

“What does HE have to do with this, then!?” The blue-scale snapped, a puff of flame spilling from her maw at the mention of the one in question. “What does HE have to do with YOU!? Speak, Wretch!! NOW!!”

“Gh-! M-must you cling to me so harshly while making your demands, Ejdrukaina!?” Desira ranted. “Release me!”

The dragon did no such thing, instead bringing another handful of claws to wrap around her victim’s throat.


Choking desperately, the archdemon complied, albeit grudgingly.

“F-for the love of maou, FINE!” Desira gasped painfully, teeth gritting. “If you so vehemently, fucking insist!”


A powerful, yet distant rumble… a thunderous quake, muffled and suppressed by the walls and overhead flooring of the basement room wherein he slept roused Evan from his unnatural slumber. He awoke slowly, hazily… his memory at a loss concerning the events he’d partaken in prior to his magic-induced sleep.

The chances were high that he would not have recalled any of it right away if not for a couple of factors… namely his nakedness, the soreness of his body—primarily around his groin—and, most specifically, the minor, remnant mess of mixed fluids still coating his crotch.

Evan regained his senses immediately and became instantly apprehensive, his aching muscles tensing up on themselves as his mind frantically reran the recent events of his encounter with the monster woman… the demon who called herself Desira. The slick, gooey substance clinging to his nethers was more than uncomfortable, so the first thing he did was step into his bedroom’s restroom and began cleaning himself with wet paper towels. He didn’t bother waiting for the water to warm up, and the cold actually ended up aiding his mental recuperation with its chilling bite.

After that was done with, he splashed his face… repeatedly. However, no matter how many times he did so, it did nothing to quell the rising heat enveloping his face. He looked into the mirror before him, his reflection advertising the embarrassing sight of a flustered and all-too-familiar teen. His hair was messy, greasy, eyes bloodshot from stress… he was a little paler than usual as well, with the exception of a crimson blush stretching across his nose from cheek to cheek.

The unnatural, ghostly complexion and the weakness in his shivering limbs were no doubt related to all the stressful events he’d been subject to… and the physical activity that followed.

The young man threw his head downward, bowing in a severe feeling of shame and embarrassment as his ears began to burn. Water dripped from around his face, eyes widely staring into the sink while his blush enveloped him completely and spread down his neck. His heart was in his throat as his brain replayed the details of his late sexual experiences, from the moment his first kiss was stolen to the second she took away his…

Suddenly, he blinked, a thought bubbling to the forefront of his mind: Where was she?

Evan lifted his head and looked around, poking his head back into the bedroom to find that Desira was not anywhere in sight. The young man was confused, if not increasingly concerned as he wondered where she could have gone… and why she’d left without him. He was definitely relieved to know that she didn’t end up killing or enslaving him—having his doubt and paranoia proven wrong was most certainly appealing—but on the other hand, he was convinced that she would end up keeping him to herself after the deed was done…

Or was he being too hopeful again?

Wait, “hopeful”? Did he really think that being abducted by a monster—an actual demon—was such a good thing?

… Maybe. If all it meant was living together with someone who actually cared about him. Did she care about him? She said she did, right?

The sex was nice too… 

… Okay, even he had to admit to himself that the sexual benefits were mind blowing and were a significant factor in influencing his perspective of her, but still…

All of that aside, Evan still couldn’t fathom why she would simply show up, tell him all those things about having stalked him for over a month and developed feelings for him… even proposed to him… if only to give him a few rounds of riotous fucking before simply disappearing. For sure, he was happy that she didn’t do anything truly terrible like steal his soul or auction him off to slavers, as he’d first feared… but, wasn’t there more to her visit than just a few, temporary sexual favors?

Why did this make him feel so… abandoned? Lonely?

Evan blinked again, then shook his head furiously in an effort to throw out the ridiculous notion.

It really was dumb to think that’d a fucking demon of all things would go out of her way to track down a literal nobody like him, much less actually consider him for a potential partner. What was his goddamn desperate virgin mindset of his even insinuating? … Scratch that, he’s not a virgin anymore… holy fuck, he’s gonna have to get used to that…

In any case, despite the woman’s claims there was no way he’d be a reasonable candidate to get hitched with one of the strongest, most dreadfully intimidating and highly ranked beings in existence. Hell, it’d be no different than thinking an angel would just drop out of heaven to ask for his hand in marriage. They don’t even go that far for heroes!

His brother would know that much…

The troubled teen continued to gather his thoughts as he made his way to his clothes, still cluttering the floor and bed from back when the demon had manhandled him, and forced him to disrobe. Even alone in his own room the youth felt a bit too exposed… especially considering his recent rape. Could he call it rape? It wasn’t as if he didn’t like it…

And there go his fucking ears again, burning themselves off with the revival of his heated embarrassment.

He really needed to get his shit together…

His thoughts wandered further as he began to redress, starting with his boxers… until his eyes rested upon his sword.

There was a pause as Evan beheld the modeled weapon, still in the very place where he’d left it… where he’d abandoned it to indulge in the demoness’s body and the pleasures she offered. He remembered the point in time he made that decision, when he was left winded on the floor after having his mouth raided by Desira’s starving kiss; she had taken the ornamental wakazashi moments prior, disarming him to initiate her advances upon him… and then backed off just enough to grant him a minute to breathe.

And allow him to make a choice between struggling further or giving in to her.

Evan fished for his pants as his eyes remained focused upon the blade, knowing how sharp it was. He could have easily cut into Desira with it… had he been willing. Instead, his cowardice and bewitchment held him back, refusing to bring harm to the very person—a monster—who’d intruded his home, chased him around and ultimately cornered him. He’d told himself throughout the entire experience that it was because she wasn’t really threatening him or bringing actual harm, but with a clearer mind he now could determine the official reason…

He’d fallen for her.

Perhaps the feeling wasn’t entirely genuine… he was attracted to her, immensely, but it wasn’t as if he was in love with her. She was easily the most gorgeous creature he’d ever laid eyes on, and he had most certainly acted upon his fleshly desire and become intimate with her. Nonetheless, she was a total stranger to him, an enigma who’d invaded his home and “indirectly” raped him. How could he bring himself to like—let alone love—a stranger, much less someone like that?

After all, he barely liked the people he knew fairly well in his everyday life…

On top of it all, he had to keep in mind what she was: a demon. He’d seen it, and most definitely remembered this much… yet, for some unfathomable reason, the youth’s brain couldn’t quite wrap itself around the concept that she was as frightening as memory served, much less an evil being. The worse that he could think of her was “imposing” if not outright “intimidating”, but nothing along the lines of scary or anything. He knew he’d been terrified, and he’d felt the horrific aura that her true form exuded… but even so, for reasons beyond him, the young man couldn’t help but feel a lack of negative impulses towards her now as he reflected, even with his cleared head and fresh memories.

Was it a tampered mentality? A manipulated emotion? Had the infernal being done something to his mind as he’d slept? Surely his current thinking couldn’t be natural; even if he did harbor genuine feelings for her, there was no way he’d not feel something from the memory of her terrible nature… right? After all—

The sound of a brief, distant shudder distracted Evan from his thoughts, reminding the youth of the event that had taken place beyond the indoor confines of his home: he had seen a battle, an invasion of monsters that were infiltrating the city and overwhelming the human populace.

Desira had said she’d been from among them, even stated that she was involved in the initial reconnaissance mission by their forces… but now with the demoness gone, Evan would be fair game to any creature that decided to raid his house and find him by himself. While he wasn’t certain he would have been any safer with Desira, the teen at least trusted that she wouldn’t bring him immediate harm… somewhat. His paranoia on the matter never did seem to fade…

On the other hand, there was no way of knowing what kind of monster would happen upon him… or what they’d do to him once he was captured. Evan did not favor the concept of being caught by another monster, not whatsoever. He had to leave… now.

Firstly, he finished redressing himself—he had to retrieve a new shirt, seeing as his former one was torn apart at the front—then grabbed his wakizashi replica and scoured his bedroom for whatever else in sight that he might find useful while out on the road. He was aware that he needed to rush since it would only be a matter of time before a monster decided to invite themselves into his house for a bit of pillaging. 

And so, after giving his immediate surroundings a once-over, the youth settled upon a small piece of flint before making his way to one of his dresser drawers; he retrieved a small sack of coins from within and pocketed all but the sword, finally deciding to head out. The boy made a mad dash for the stairway, his mind uncertain as to where he’d even end up traveling and, quite frankly, not caring. All that he needed to do was escape the city, and hopefully not run into any monsters or—

He stopped to a dead halt halfway up the steps, the looming form of a certain demoness staring down at him from the very top of the stairs. She beheld him with a relatively unreadable expression… until a crooked smirk began creeping into her demeanor.

“… My, my, if it isn’t my favored gem himself,” she announced in a suggestive tone, which carried with it a hint of intrigue, “I was unaware that you had awoken so soon. Wherever could you be headed in such a hurry, I wonder…?”

Evan noticed her crimson gaze shift to behold the sword in his mildly trembling hand, her growing smirk fading almost instantly as her positive mood seemed to deflate.

“For the love of maou…” she murmured disdainfully, just barely above a whisper; the inhuman entity granted the youth a small frown, adopting an expression suggesting disappointment.

“Have we not already established that such an item is unnecessary, Evan?”

She hadn’t left him to fend for himself as he’d initially determined. Desira was still here!

…Oh no. Desira was still here.

Everything came flooding back to the young human. The brief excitement and relief that came with finding himself not abandoned after all was entirely washed away by a resurfacing dread. Renewed worries plagued him as the non-too-pleased demoness stared him down, he himself unsure how to react; the look she gave him made it seem as if he’d crossed her by simply having the ornamental blade in his hand, the mere concept of having her think he purposely wronged or betrayed her being the very last thing Evan wanted.

There was nothing more terrifying to the teen than having a monster as powerful as she become legitimately angry with him…

Evan began shaking uncontrollably, his nerves wracked by his escalating fears and the growing tension in his stiffened posture. He barely breathed, a stark contrast to his rapidly thumping heart; beads of sweat began to form on his brow, and he felt a cold sensation as the blood drained from his face.

But then he noticed something odd about the Desira… specifically her appearance. Yes, she had her clothes back on, but what truly drew in his attention to them were the signs of dirt, dust… even charred sections; her beautiful complexion was faring no better, Evan realized, only now taking notice of the similar details marking her skin, as well as fairly evident bruising and… was she bleeding from her temple? He could also see that her hair was frayed and wildly unkempt… as if she’d been electrocuted.

What happened to her!?

“You needn’t arm yourself with weapons. Not so long as I am here,” Desira pressed on, her unamused gaze unchanging; her tail flicked a single time in the air behind her as she spoke, her wings closing tightly in on themselves. “You will only end up hurting someone… worse yet, yourself.”

She then took a step, descending towards the youth with a foreboding aura—complete with the swirling mass of a spherical, black void forming into existence just behind her back. “Concerning the latter… that is one thing I will not allow.”

Needless to say, with all the confusing details coupled with Desira’s unusual, potentially hostile behavior, Evan began to panic. Terrified by the demon’s approach, he quickly stepped backwards if only to stumble and trip in his haste; a startled cry escaped him as he began to plummet down the stairs, nearly dropping his sword as he flailed to catch himself… but he did not fall.

Desira wouldn’t let him.

Evan became even further alarmed as he found his every limb abruptly bound by swarming, tentacle-like tendrils of black shadow, effectively binding him while also keeping the young man’s body suspended in mid fall. The perplexed and nervous teen glanced back up at Desira, who now had a hand extended with palm aimed in his direction, fingers spread apart and their ends curled inward as if the inhuman woman was grasping hold of the air itself. As he beheld her, Evan noted how the mass of writhing, ink-colored extensions seemed to be protruding from the conjured, orb-like vortex itself.

In one smooth motion, the she-demon turned her wrist to have her palm facing skyward while also pulling her fingers inward in a beckoning gesture, and the grasping tendrils seemed to obey an unspoken command as they began to slowly pull Evan’s secured, airborne frame towards the awaiting entity. The youth was effectively paralyzed, not just by his binds but also from the terror and uncertainty this new situation forced upon him. 

As soon as he was within arm’s reach, Desira—all the while retaining eye contact—wordlessly reached for Evan’s sword hand, daintily closing her clawed fingers around the human digit. The two stared at one another for a moment, a brief silence between them.

“Let go, Evan,” the demon instructed him with a sincerely gentle voice; nonetheless, the teen could clearly see a growing level of irritation in her demeanor. “Please, do not test me as I am. You can probably tell by my appearance alone, but I am not in the most pleasant of moods. I wouldn’t wish to force you into giving it to me, but I warn you… my patience is quite fleeting at this time.”

The glare of those hellish, red eyes alone nearly stopped the young man’s heart, and Evan immediately slackened his hold on the wakizashi; Desira was quick to snatch it up from his trembling hand, proceeding to hum a note of approval as he surrendered it. She glanced down upon the object now in her grasp, as did the human boy in her shadowy snare… the latter of whom then became baffled when a multitude of glowing, cracking lines of vibrant light began to weave through the material from the area where it was held.

A mere second later, the entire weapon shattered in a faint burst of illuminated magic, its pieces littering the stairway beneath the two.

“Good riddance…”

Desira sighed to herself. Now that the despicable ornament was permanently out of the way she felt vaguely more at ease… however, it was but a temporary relief as she returned her eyes upon her chosen lover, realizing he bore a demeanor of absolute fear. The archdemon was emotionally pained by the prospect, that he was once again afraid of her. 

Everything had been going so well! She’d removed his stubbornness, banished his doubt and even subdued the boy’s insufferable paranoia. The two had gotten so far along with their lovemaking, and she felt that he had been close to being ready for her offer… but then Ejdrukaina… that damnable, cursed drake…! The infuriating reptile had intervened, outright ruining the moment and had as such dashed her entire plan! The next time she saw that vile—

No… no, she couldn’t get herself riled up again… not in front of Evan. The progress between them was indeed reverted, but she could reclaim that which had been lost. She simply needed to be a little more patient. 

She flicked a finger of the hand which controlled her dark matter, gently coaxing a tentacle to affectionately glide sidelong up the small human’s forehead and pass over the top of his scalp through his hair; a second gesture had the writhing limbs angle his floating body forward, and despite his visible concern and distraught she continued. Once their faces were nearly touching, she halted the shifts in movement and raised her free hand and carefully placed it upon his cheek. 

He gazed into her with those so-called “bland” colored eyes of his—it was still so easy to lose herself in their human nature, such a foreign thing to many a demon—and she returned his stare in kind… although rather than fear in her eyes, she beheld him with a look of hurt.

“Why do you still fear me?” She asked earnestly, an honest sadness prevalent in her voice. “I am sorry if I had managed to startle you with my sudden absence, and then with my lack of… pleasantness. But, I was convinced, so certain that you aught know by now that I would never let anything happen to you. I have already confessed my love, and I would never hurt you, so… why? Why is it that you still perceive me as one to be so feared??”

When he simply broke his gaze from her, proceeding to glanced down and away rather than voice an answer, Desira pressed on.

“Tell me!” She pleaded, her tone hinting at desperation; the boy flinched at the demand, but it did not dissuade the archdemon from her interrogation. 

“I must know why, for, of all the thing’s I have done to you, I have only ever done acts of loving passion and affection. You know I am not the monster that your people’s Order has portrayed my kind to be, and you most certainly know I am a most capable lover… I also know of your personal feelings for me, of that there is no question. So why is it you still refuse to trust me? Is there something I have done… or rather, haven’t done? If there is something, anything that will convince you—”

“I-I don’t know!” Evan suddenly erupted, eyes shut tightly together; the outburst silenced the demon, who went on to allow the human to continue… or at least try to.

“I don’t know, I j-just…” he whined, nearly choking over his words. “I just can’t help it…! I m-mean, it’s not like…! L-look, I’m sorry, o-okay!?”

He went on to weep an extended apology, more broken phrasing than full sentences, and Desira merely slackened her posture a bit, noiselessly exhaling a sigh through her nose in disappointment. He was nearly bringing himself to tears, the pitiful thing… something that she would not stand for, not again.

She’d hated the sight of those watery streams ever since she saw them first trail down his face, and so she attempted to prevent their development. With both hands, she slid around Evan’s back and embraced the quivering boy, pulling him in for a hug.

He flinched from the sudden act, but otherwise did nothing more. He went along with what she was doing, much to Desira’s delight.

“Perhaps you think too much,” she told him as one of her hands cradled him behind the head, delicately pushing his face into the crook of her neck; as she rested her chin upon his hair, she gestured with a pair of fingers to have the two tentacles securing the boy’s arms release him. As they started to unwrap themselves and slip away, Desira went on with vocalizing her developing hypothesis.

“It is likely by getting so caught up with the details that you are allowing those little worries of yours to cloud your judgment. Could it be your own insatiable thirst for assurance that ends up being your downfall? Is it that—as a person who needs more than the mere promise of wellbeing, and be provided more than the loving touch of a woman—you simply cannot ignore the ‘what if’ scenario, as you humans quote it? My dear lover… precious gem… if all of your doubt is spawned from your very imagination, how can you ever grow to trust me?”

Evan’s raised arms lingered in place upon being granted his freedom, the boy himself unsure how to respond to the demon’s abrupt change of face. For sure, her tenderness was much preferable to her temper, but it made him wary how she had so rapidly gone from arguably pissed off to suddenly hugging him this warmly… apart from that, however, she seemed to hit the nail on the head.

After all, he knew better than anyone that he was overly paranoid to begin with. Again, he was reminded of her every action, her every claim and counter argument leading up to their moment of… intimacy.

As expected, he once again found himself heating up from that specific memory, and he in turn absentmindedly buried his face deeper into Desira’s inhuman flesh; it wasn’t long before his arms started to move with minds of their own and cautiously circle around the she-demon’s waist, ready to reciprocate her embrace. The way she spoke to him, it was always so maternal in approach… so much like a concerned or doting mother; she made him feel so small, so vulnerable… but never in a way that was meant to be offensive.

Even amidst her recent show of irrational frustration, it truly felt as if she cared about him.

That aside… was she right? Was it really all in his head? Was his every worry truly unjust, existing without fair reason? She was a monster, true, and had admittedly stalked him for a time before directly hunting him… but, it was to claim him as a mate. To claim him as… her husband. At least, that’s what she said… yet, she also said that she had every reason to choose him, so long as there didn’t exist any reason not to. Lastly—and, most importantly—she was correct in that she was literally nothing like the church and its cult followers portrayed… so why?

Why was he still thinking and acting like they hadn’t been proven wrong?

He tentatively bit his lip, confirming his stance on the situation… and the decision he was about to make. 

Shakily, he took a deep breath…

“F-fine…” he murmured into Desira’s neck, finally enwrapping his arms securely around her frame, “you… y-you win…”

Deathly silence passed.

“… Are you, per chance,” the voice of Desira replied, her tone leveled and unwavering as the hand at the back of his head moved up to comb through the hair above his nape, “admitting that you… after everything that has been said, after all that has been done… are finally coming around? Do you—at long last—understand my motives, my claims, to be genuine? Are you putting your trust in me, Evan?”

He paused at first, but eventually his answer came.

“… Y-yes?”

Following a brief moment of silence, the distinct sound of girlish giggling began to fill the air, growing louder and more prominent until the demoness holding him was outright squealing like a charmed maiden… he was then released from the hug and seized at the sides of the head by Desira’s hands, and Evan discovered she was blushing like one as well if the distinct blush of violet filling out her blue cheeks was of any indication. She was also grinning widely, almost mischievously, from ear to ear.

“Then I accept your proposal,” she quipped.

It was now his turn to blush.

“T-that…! It w-wasn’t a—” Evan began, only to have his stuttering reply be cut off by a sudden, passionate kiss.

“Mmph-!? MMNPH!”

Despite his supposed objection, Desira knew Evan was not entirely against her oral assault and, as expected, he soon became compliant enough to yield. His arms slowly went from embracing her around the waist to holding her there with his hands, and by giving in to her persistently probing tongue the youth caved in and opened up his mouth to receive her, once more allowing the two to engage in a noisy, oral dance. She longingly stared downward into those plain yet beautiful human eyes of his, and she couldn’t help but chuckle into the kiss when he noticed her staring and bashfully squeezed them shut.


Delicate, clawed fingers curled around, one hand reaching back behind his head as the second made a slow, deliberate descent. As her hand trailed down atop his shirt, digits splayed apart and feeling him through the thin material, Desira couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a new article of clothing… a pity, really. While she had torn apart his earlier wardrobe, she would aim to retrieve it later. After all, it was the piece he’d worn when she began to take him for the first time… thus, its very existence marked a monumental step in their relationship, and as such would be held onto if only for nostalgic purposes.

Humans basked in nostalgia, didn’t they? After a little mending, she could simply store it away or set it on display somewhere in her chambers… or maybe wear it herself. Yes, that would do quite nicely. Both humans and succubi found allure in a lover draping themselves with their partner’s attire, if memory served. Perhaps it was an indirect, even subjective method of ‘marking’ oneself with their partner? Desira wasn’t sure, but whatever the case she did find the concept intriguing enough to try it out for herself.

Besides, if it was something to make Evan fall for her even further, she would do it regardless; at this point, she was willing to try anything for her little human lover… but for now, it was time to engage in a little indulgence.

The archdemon leaned her back into the undulating mass of black void behind her, its tentacles instinctively complying with an impulsive desire—rather than an issued command—and gathered the inhuman entity and her lover together and pulled them upwards atop the inky sphere…

A dark matter, an anomaly in reality that is formed from the raw concentration of demonic energies… they are almost exclusively associated with either the living creature from which it may eventually transcend into, or one of the lilim—daughters of the maou—themselves. It is practically unheard of for any other being to conjure let alone command one, for even the khepri beetles with all their prowess in manipulating the elemental essence can barely do more than gather the energy into a solid form. 

But to wield one that can move of its own and follow issued commands? For this, Desira had to thank one of the lilim who personally had trained the archdemon into perfecting this reserved practice… it mostly helped to have the power capable to conjure one in the first place, and even then retain a reasonable amount of energy afterwards to influence the dark matter itself. A most challenging trail she’d undergone, but one that ended up more than worth the effort in the end.

It was certainly something she prided herself in, and a trait she used to promote her status within the ranks. Even the most noteworthy of archdemons, some even beyond her level, were incapable of wielding the lilim-tier anomaly. She truly was an accomplished demon, indeed… and now, she had ascended even further up the ladder.

She had claimed herself a man.

Gracefully, the warped tentacles seated the two upon their core, Desira willing the ever writhing limbs to position Evan so that he sat upon the archdemon’s lap, his legs wrapped around her with thighs hugging her hips. She deepened their kiss as the boy seemed to lose himself in passion, his once troubled mindset slipping away to make room for his voracious, inexperienced lust. It was euphoric to have him wrestle against her, although he never could quite dominate her oral prowess. 

She kept him guessing, slowly getting him used to a certain rhythm before switching things up when he least expected it. Whenever he thought he’d pinned her tongue, or assumed he was close to taking it into his own mouth, she always managed to worm her way free of her predicament and move on to bully him with a new strategy. This was nothing akin to the gentle, careful kiss they’d first shared nor like that of the aggressive, starving hunger they had set upon one another after that.

This time, Desira was playing with him, granting her partner a loving session of erotic foreplay as if it were a game… and Evan seemed determined not to lose.

Her face was bathed with his every heated breath, his labored panting revealing to her that the young human was truly getting into it. His heart rapped powerfully through his chest, its every beat sending a rippling undulation into her bust, which was now squashed against his front. She noticed how his ears were reddened, an adorable feature of his that she’d noticed long since first encountering him in their little chase through the house…

Desira suddenly felt a lack of pressure at her side, just before it returned in the form of a grope upon her breast. It dawned on her: Evan had moved his hand to start giving attention to her chest, a more sufficient place for him to hold onto while they feasted upon one another. 

‘How daring,’ the demon thought to herself, trying not to break their kiss with the smirk which threatened to creep into her features, ‘to be so bold as to just help yourself and sate that greed of yours… oh, whatever shall I do with you?’

The archdemon thought a little more, deciding it ‘wouldn’t hurt’ to simply let her lover have his fun. In truth, she wanted more than anything for him to go on the offensive like this… but it wasn’t like anyone had to know.

‘I suppose I could let you do as you please this once~’

Her lover suddenly seized up, flinching violently and sputtering a bit into the kiss but not quite breaking away from her, and Desira could only muse to herself knowingly in her head; down below, her hand had finally found its way to the bulge forming within Evan’s pants, and the demon was currently fondling it gently in her secured grip. The youth’s breathing became especially ragged, and every other motion of her clawed digits sent a mild spasm to spike through her lover’s body.

The archdemon brought it upon herself to finally end the oral connection, drawing back as a rope of saliva broke between their once-joined lips and taking in the precious expression her lover was giving her. His face was contorted, wincing almost as if in pain while the assault of pleasure upon his phallus overrode his senses.

He always became so quiet and feeble whenever she seized his delicate cock, a special trait of his that Desira hoped to the depths of her heart would never fade away; it was unbearably precious to see him squirm and twitch from such specific, mild treatment… and she would always be willing to exploit this adorable weakness, to take advantage of him in this way. Even after getting him groomed and nurtured into a respectable, powerful incubus worthy of her, she would give anything to ensure he kept this delightful perk…

“Now, Evan… my precious, human lover,” Desira announced huskily, her every word dripping with sensuality. “I have something to say… I hope you would be willing to listen?”

The youth cracked open an eye to glance up at her, his half gaze glazed and unfocused. His mind was probably a little hazy, but this much would suffice for what she was about to reveal to him…

“I have an offer to give you… should you be so willing~”

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