Depravity Series: C 2

[Author’s Note: I was not expecting this to be more than two parts, but alas it seems I had much more to write than I previously thought. I am currently working fervently on the next scene, so in the meantime I do hope you enjoy “C 2”, and thank you all for the undeserved patience.

My apologies for keeping you waiting so long… don’t ever let me slack like that again. Dear god, has it really been 2 and 1/2 years!? Anyway, enjoy the read.]


C 2 • Patience And Hesitance


The scene takes place within the dwelling of a humble, moderately sized home within Order territory. It is here where our story had left off, with a powerful, high-rank demoness staring down an armed and frightened human boy.

The demon, while as concerned for the youth as much as her heart held lust for him, was last known to be debating on how best to make her approach; the boy on the other hand, having a shaken will rattled by confusion, humiliation, and despair, could only keep his weapon raised in a final act of self-defense against the intruder in his home.


“…So here we are.”

The demon finally broke the prolonging silence, and Evan was drawn back into the moment. Even as scared as he was of her, his focus had been partly distracted by the inhuman beauty and… luxurious assets she possessed. In all honesty, he couldn’t help it. No matter how dire or grim his situation became, he just could not reject the effects her appearance had on him; there was nothing about her at which he could direct his attention to without being pulled in by lust or admiration, her human features and demonic traits each mesmerizing in their own, unique way.

“Even as I have yet to lay a single hand upon you,” the monster woman reminded him, lax in her stance as red eyes scanned him, “it seems you are still quite insistent about raising a weapon against me. Hmm… Will you attack? I wonder about that… as I do about what else should transpire between us.”

She offered him more than enough time to make a response, but Evan said nothing. He had no idea how to reply, apart from keeping his wakizashi replica in hand and hope for the best. His adversary eyed the model with a stare he couldn’t quite interpret; she didn’t seem afraid or intimidated by any means, but so far it looked as though she was going to keep her distance.

Only after realizing that he was likely going to leave her question unanswered did she let out a disappointed sigh, then redirect her gaze to meet his own. To Evan, those crimson irises surrounded by pitch black sclera were both the most intimidating, and strangely enticing feature she possessed. They were such a foreign, exotic thing to behold, which drew him in with an unexplainable allure that was beyond even her perfect breasts and tight, round ass… and then there were those thick, child-bearing thighs of hers…

“Aren’t you wondering the same thing, Evan? What else is to occur?” The demon spoke up once more, her stare still unreadable. She then took a small step towards him, snapping the young man out of his newest trance. “Or rather… could it be you are afraid to find out?”

He became visibly skittish, eyes widening and staring back at her with extra intensity as Desira began to close the gap. She made to move at a slow, unimposing pace so as to not startle the boy and further excite him; she knew there was no helping it as he tried to keep himself distant from her, retreating two steps for every one she made. Of course, it was only a meter or so before his back was pressing into the wall at the end of the room, his escape cut short.

With him now completely cornered, Desira reduced her approach further but did not completely stop… not until the very tip of the weapon’s blade was hovering just above her ample cleavage, a hair’s width in distance from the center of her barely concealed chest. Here, she watched as the tiny beads of sweat on the boy’s face developed, one growing large enough to trail down from his temple. Her sensitive hearing caught the quickening of his ragged breath, and she could sense the pounding of his heart as it beat ever faster. His state of panic had reached new heights, she noted.

It was amusing, really, to see such a frail and harmless youth of a human being hope that his “weapon” would be enough to ward her off. The demon was by no means an experienced weapons smith, but even she could tell that the object in the boy’s hands was little more than a decorative ornament, a false representation of what made a real sword; Desira was no stranger to war, let alone the threat of a true swordsman’s blade, and unlike the ones she’d faced on the battlefield Evan’s hardly compared.

Even the cold, sharpened edge pressed upon the bareness of her chest felt dull in retrospect.

As of this moment, there were many ways she could go about things; in the end, the fake weapon was barely worth any amount of consideration, its owner’s fate being already sealed — it had been for some time now. As much as she wished to simply throw herself upon him and forcibly teach Evan the wonders of pleasure and the love she had all for his enjoyment, he was still in too much of a frantic state to accept anything from her at this precise moment.

Humans were such frail creatures, and the demon’s brief round of fun seemed to have left the scared boy physically and mentally exhausted. Before any official (physical) interaction could begin, she would first need to relieve her future lover of all that tension he had; he was perspiring at a rate comparable to a glacies who had been caught in the embrace of an ignis, the poor thing.

Desira needed a way to quell (or at least lessen) the amount of trauma he was experiencing, herself noting that a bit of assurance and encouragement would help as well. She herself was what his fears revolved around, so the demon aught to work with that fact. Indeed, upon self-reflection, she was certainly among the mamono who boasted utmost allure… but what made her intimidating? What exactly was it about herself that a human would find terrifying, that she could change to better… “set the mood”?

As she mulled over the possibilities in her head, the demon cast a thoughtful smirk downward at Evan.

Whatever she was waiting for, all this suspension simply killed him. The very edge of his wakizashi model was held at her collar bone yet it was as if she failed to even notice its existence… which would be impossible considering the amount of times his shaky hold in the hilt had the blade’s edge accidentally poke against her blue, flawless skin. Her crimson-eyed stare was so sharp it might have put a real sword to shame, yet it was the grin that truly wracked his nerves.

His captor was eyeing him like prized candy, a tiny morsel that she would take her precious time to slowly but surely savor. Why didn’t she just get on with it and end this standoff? In the back of his mind, he acknowledged that she had only been toying with him, playing around without any form of sincerity; he couldn’t deny that, this whole time, even before entering his home while under the guise of his mother he’d had no true chance of escape.

She had come with an army, which might have meant she was at least a trained warrior, while in comparison his only fighting experience was in the form of two or three past scuffles he had managed to get himself into in life.

Even now, she was ignoring the very weapon in his hands, that alone displaying a tone of confidence that proved how powerless Evan actually was in her presence. His body was so stiff that he could do little more than shiver in his despair, but even if he could move he doubted he could conjure up the will to cut into her… wether it be out of fear of the consequences, or simply the shameful fact he had, admittedly, become smitten with her inhuman beauty. Sure, his life was likely in very real danger, but she hadn’t done anything remotely harmful to him… yet.

Her points concerning the Church seemed believable at least and helped make her argument somewhat trustworthy, especially when he took into account that one incident a few years back…

“So distraught~,” Desira whispered, catching his full attention once more. “Perhaps you would find comfort in the presence of a less… imposing physique?”

She then began to raise her left arm, instantly taking note of the look of horror on Evan’s features as he visibly flinched, worried eyes tracking her movements. Her gaze never left his face, displaying her best reassuring smile until she had her hand level with her chest, beside the false sword and palm facing herself. Fear intertwined with curiosity enveloped his demeanor, according to the look he was giving the raised hand… but then the shifts and changes began.

A minor sound coming from a sharp intake of breath was heard from Evan as Desira cast her wordless, dual incantations, the demon relieved he was content to simply hold his breath and watch rather than physically react. The first incantation she cast was a very minor concealment spell, but used in a rather impractical way; meant to specifically shroud the user from sight when used to full effect, the demon chose to direct it upon the distinct edges and tips of her pointed claws and horns, granting the extended digits a less defined, moderately dull and harmless appearance.

Her second spell was a more basic one in that it was one of self-disarming, specifically of equipment and apparel. Desira’s attire could hardly be called imposing in comparison to the many other races’ from among her ranks, but it still had a touch of intimidation to its design; while it was plenty “showy” and left little to the imagination, she was not a simple succubus who’s only method of fighting involved temptation.

As a true demon should, she had a wardrobe that both exposed her best assets as well as bore a design that reflected her vicious power, and it was the latter trait which (mostly) prompted the high ranking mamono to discard it.

The changes were slow and elaborate, enough to give Evan the beginnings of quite a strip-tease which had an immediate effect on the young man. He jerked his hands back in retreat on reflex, taking his blade with them before he realized what he was doing and tried to force it back in position… but he was stopped. The demon had leaned forward just as soon as he had withdrawn, abruptly halving the distance between them.

While her magic slowly dissolved her wardrobe bit by bit and began to reveal sections of both undergarments and much more blue skin, Desira stared past the sword now in her face and studied her future lover’s countenance; she smirked as he visibly struggled to keep his eyes from exploring her body’s sluggish reveal, yet fail miserably as his gaze eventually darted back to her form time and time again. She thought his innocence adorable to the point of heartache, to see the boy so evidently embarrassed and conflicted from just this.

As the final strands of reinforced fabric containing her breasts faded away, the demon displayed a thoroughly satisfied grin as she felt them drop free while taking in Evan’s reaction.


If the young man wasn’t embarrassed before, he was now. His heart felt as though it became lodged in his throat and he involuntarily jerked his head a bit to the side to look away, but his eyes betrayed him further as they stole a glance at those naked mammaries before his attention became completely enthralled. Never had he seen real ones in person before, let alone ones as flawless and voluptuous as this pair. Hers may have been an abnormal color, but that was not to say that made them any less arousing.

Evan could feel the heat envelope his face, courtesy of a particularly severe blush as he watched the demon’s mounds of blue flesh bob oh-so slightly in tandem with her every breath; with his virgin’s experience in full display of his captor, who seemed to be drinking up every minuscule detail, he couldn’t help but feel utterly ashamed of himself.

Fear resurfaced when a newly disrobed arm reached out and placed a slender hand upon the wall beside his head, making him flinch with a terrified squeak escaping his lips before he could stop it.

“See, isn’t this better?” The monster woman teased as her wardrobe continued to vanish, revealing more and more skin further down her body.

“Is this,” she continued as she took a fistful of breast in her free hand and started kneading the blue flesh, delicate fingers working the dark spot of her perked nipple’s areola as Evan watched, enthralled, “really so intimidating? I know that a certain part of you thinks not~…”

Evan closed his legs, locking knees together on reflex so as to hide his obvious erection. He then began to shudder frightfully as the sound of her sharp fingernails were drawn softly across the wall, her hand making its way towards the side of his head. In a panic, he shifted his blade to meet her incoming arm, the flat end holding the encroaching appendage at bay… from which, surprisingly, no persistence was found behind it.

The demon had stopped herself upon contact.

“Will you cut me, Evan?” She inquired in an unreadable tone, causing him to look at her and see an expression of sympathy.

“Do you still think I am truly so terrifying?”

As much as she didn’t want to, Desira proceeded with her next tactic of persuasion, it being an extension of her first. The hand groping her tits stopped with her words, proceeding instead to make another vague gesture in the air. She eyed Evan as he watched her large wings begin to fade, evaporating into nothingness just as her clothes had done a moment before.

The demon had concluded that the pair of bat-like extensions were perhaps a bit too imposing for the smaller human, and despite being quite proud of them as well as harboring a love of showing them off, she was willing to hide them if only for his sake. After all, he could learn to love them later. She would make damn sure of it.

“What of me now?” She gently pressed on, aiming to keep her tone as smooth and inviting as her naked form. “Am I less of a… monster… in your eyes, now that my wings are gone?”

She stared into his frightened gaze when he looked back to her pleading expression, a paired set of black and crimson locked with a contrasting white and brown. A touch of hurt welled inside the demon once more as she could only see raw fear within those eyes. Bland by human standards, yet to her kind they were one of the most unnatural, exotic things to behold of a person.

“What else do you expect of me? To erase my horns? Remove my tail?” Desira wondered aloud, putting her thoughts into words in response to the boy’s lack of verbal response.

“Evan… I’m not human, but I can assure you I am not dangerous either…” she said as she cautiously reached out with her free hand. Perhaps it was desperation, maybe even impatience… but she just wanted to touch him, to prove to him that she wasn’t going to hurt him in any way. “Just let me –”

“I’ll hurt you.”

There was a mild pause, a moment as time stood still for the two while Desira processed the first words he had spoken since she re-entered the room with him. He continued.

“If you don’t… back off,” Evan continued, his voice unexpectedly leveled while his face bore a hardened demeanor; despite the circumstances, he was looking absolutely serious, “I’ll…”

But his captor wasn’t buying it.

“You will what, Evan?” She inquired with a hint of annoyance in her tone, red eyes inheriting an unamused expression. “Will you turn that blade on its edge and cut into my arm? Will you thrust it forward to stab me? Or will you be so daring as to attempt to take off my head? I do wonder.”

The demon understood what he was trying to do, and saw through the perceived bluff for a very simple reason: his actions were showing her his true intentions and how he really felt. By deliberately pressing against her arm with the flat of his blade, it was evident that the boy was wanting to not bring any harm to her; whether his reasoning was out of fear or some other emotion, it was not known… although she did have somewhat of an idea.

Before trying to ward off her arm, he hadn’t tried to retake the distance he had lost when she had suddenly leaned in towards him; even when he had no more room to evade he had refused to retaliate at every opportunity, ultimately choosing to discourage her advances with the mere presence of that feeble mock-weapon. Beyond that, all he had done was run away whenever he found the opportunity.

Not once had he ever tried to actually use the bladed accessory against her, and with the leap in pace of his racing heart in addition to the sudden increase of his ragged breathing, it was quite clear to her that he wasn’t about to. Without a word she lowered her arm — the one he was holding at bay — until her hand laid itself upon his shoulder, causing the boy to flinch but otherwise not react… at least, not violently.

“S… stop…” Evan choked, his voice a near whisper as his countenance began to break, eyes trained ahead but completely devoid of focus.

Her only response was to move her hand down past his shoulder and along his arm, sending an involuntary shiver through Evan’s body when her delicate fingers passed his sleeve and pointed claws started trailing along his skin. Uncertainty welled up inside of him, in spite of the fact she seemed to be withdrawing… until her hand found itself upon his own as it held his wakizashi.

By then it was too late.

A vibrant glow, brief and magical in nature, had flashed from beneath her palm and Evan was suddenly without his weapon; before he could comprehend this, one of his wrists was seized and pinned to the wall above him and the demon had finally closed the gap, a dull sound resonating as the falling sword clattered upon the floor. It wasn’t until she was pushing into him, bodies pressed together, with foreheads touching and with each one’s nose adjacent to the other did he finally come to terms with what was happening.

Evan’s body jerked in a violent flinch while a yelp threatened to escape his throat. His chest heaved as the demon’s soft lips grazed his own and stayed on the absolute edge of initiating a kiss, which forced his mouth to seal itself shut on instinct; her otherworldly eyes stared into his soul, her gaze taking up his entire vision — two rings of hellfire amidst their own personal void of darkness, they bore into his very being with a distinct lack of emotion.

Until the hint of a grin found itself sneaking into her features.

“It looks like…” she said, staring into Evan and causing him to shiver; he felt her hand move from his own to touch his waist as she finished. “I caught you.”

Every hair on Evan’s body stood on end as her delicate fingers slid up, feeling along his ribs through his shirt as if memorizing every detail to his form. It didn’t help that he was quite ticklish at the sides, and he couldn’t prevent himself from writhing a bit from the demoness’s gentle yet thorough attention. She gave his wordless response a light, endearing chuckle in turn, but stayed silent.

The young man was paralyzed in her direct presence. He couldn’t bear to return her stare for long and ultimately shut his eyes, but it’d be from there that his other senses began to overtake him. Each soft, steady breath to wash over his face was intoxicating, a wave of hot air having an oddly attractive aroma, only for it all to be further amplified by the sound of every near-silent pant or moan she made; her quiet giggles were few and far-between, but each sent a jolt of excitement through him.

Her voice was so terribly sweet and delightful when he wasn’t so damn distracted with thoughts of escape… and, he’d hate to admit it, but Evan was rapidly waning in his desire to get out of this scenario. He had been fully aware of what he really wanted since the start of his encounter with the demon, that he wanted to accept her, to delve in and experience her invitations… to partake of the forbidden fruit.

But Evan had been scared, too terrified of the potential consequences should he do what he wished… to do the things he only ever wanted to. Even with the teachings of the Order challenged with such undeniable claims, some even proven, the prospect of a deception was far too frightening; yet, now that she had forced him into defeat, had him pinned against a wall and was about to have her way with him without his consent…

His knees began to falter as her breathing further heated his face and her active hand continued to explore, and he would have collapsed had not the demon snuck a knee in between his thighs and unsubtly began to rub into his groin. With an audible gasp, Evan raised himself on his legs in a vain effort to distance himself from the demon’s abruptly erotic prodding, his free hand reflexively gripping her arm for support; his chest inevitably squashed into her voluptuous breasts as he rose, his face kept lowered so as to not accidentally touch lips with his captor.

Evan hadn’t even kissed the monster woman yet and could already taste her, having orally received one of her breaths when he had gasped from her invasive knee. His fading rationality screamed at him for finding the sensation more than just delicious — it was addicting — but his cravings and personal lust for this inhuman creature was overpowering his will. He couldn’t run away now, his only option to endure her.

There was no way out. He was trapped, and couldn’t do anything in the hellish woman’s wake… so why did he still try to resist his urges? Surely, if he simply gave in and enjoyed himself, the end result of either enslavement or death would not necessarily be painful, if at all, right? Wasn’t it at least safe to assume that a “bad end”, based on the current events, would probably be more pleasurable than not? Was he insane to even hope for that?

He felt her briefly nuzzle his nose using her own, and she touched her lips against his… but not quite initiating an actual kiss just yet; she growled a throaty moan into the action, a purr of raw desire — in every way primal as it was sexual. While it was enough to remind Evan that she was a monster to the depths of her being, it also triggered a powerful, instinctual hunger all the same.

“I want you,” the demonic female beguiled him, further luring the boy on with her words as her wandering hand curled behind and started to give attention to his arched spine; even as she spoke she kept her lips grazing his, constantly tempting him to kiss her. “You are so soft, so… frail. Needy. I can give you what you want… everything. Your desires… I can fulfill them. All of them…”

She was panting now, as was he. It seemed that keeping him on the edge of such contact had just as much an effect on the demon herself… this “Desira”. He knew he shouldn’t associate her with her name, to familiarize himself with her in such a way. To know her as the demon she was would be to see her as a monster, an inhuman creature at best… but to know her by name would be to know her as a person, someone like him, who had feelings and…

“Anything you could ever want,” she went on, not skipping a beat as the allure in her voice only increased, “is all within your reach, through me. Wealth, power, companionship… love…”

She pulled him in deeper into her embrace with the hand at his spine, and Evan’s chin met his chest as his back arched further. The demon… Desira… leaned into him very mildly, their touching noses brushing each other as she took his upper lip and nipped it gently between both her own… before releasing it. She then resumed kiss-whispering to him once again.

“I promise it all to you.” Her arm behind his back reached upwards, a pair of fingers tracing his spine and causing him to shudder until her hand was supporting his nape. The hand still holding Evan’s above his head moved only slightly higher, and when her tail moved in on him he shivered as the serpentine limb snaked up the back of his shirt, curling intimately around his waist as it went.

“In return, I only ask that you allow me to be yours… and you, mine.”

He didn’t want to, but he did. He could feel himself giving in, the remnants of his fragmented willpower being swept away under Desira’s assault. It was all completely unfair. How could he be expected to resist such an arousing onslaught? And from a beauty like her? How he’d managed this long was a mystery unto himself, what with the demon’s attacks being the perfect counter to his weaknesses of raging, virgin hormones and exotic desires… but even beyond that, why did it all have to feel so good?

She could have overpowered him through sheer strength alone and he wouldn’t have stood a chance against her physical superiority, let alone in the presence of her evident magical prowess. He’d been convinced she was faster than himself, and more than likely could have outsmarted him too… so why did she have to resort to affection and pleasure? Why couldn’t she just force him to do what she wanted, instead of making it all so enticing, so irresistible? Why did he have to like it?

“I will let you have me, Evan…”

Why did it seem she liked him?

“So let me have you.”

Why did he have to like her?

“Let me in~…”

And with that, while trails of tears streamed down his cheeks, Evan kissed back.

It was the most fulfilling, endearing, and joyful moment of Desira’s entire life. To receive his reciprocation in the form of a kiss, to feel those soft, quivering lips of his finally reach out to taste her… it was just so divine! And for it all to be his own decision made it all so much better, even if she didn’t give him much of an alternative. In the end, he willingly gave her his first act of physical intimacy… and that’s all that mattered.

The high demon quickly took the initiative and returned his kiss with fervor, though trying to restrain herself at first if only for his sake. Evan was foreign to the ways of lovemaking, and Desira would be sure to guide him along at his own pace. She wasn’t an undisciplined succubus, after all, so the demon could certainly draw things out for a little longer… after all, what were a few minutes when she had waited over a month to get this close?

Besides, it would be so much more rewarding when he decided to go further of his own choice… it always was with humans.

And so Desira waited for him, returning only as much intimacy that Evan had been willing to share. He was clumsy, a bit unsure how to actually kiss a lover, but that much had been expected. It truly was a struggle to not give in to her own growing urges, to simply pick up that smaller form of his and toss him upon his own bed and mount the boy on the spot — the way he quivered in her embrace, how his hot breath shakily enveloped her face, and even the wild drumming of his heart felt pounding through his chest… it all was so hard to ignore.

As a monster, to battle the cravings which fueled her very nature was an immense, distressing challenge… nonetheless, she would endure.

But dear gods, why was he so incessantly hesitant? Did he not understand that it nearly physically hurt to hold back like this? She had given him so much time, so many demonstrations to prove she meant only to love him and provide so much more… Were the Order’s teaching behind this insufferable paranoia of his? Was it because of those dogmatic zealots that she had to go through such hardship just to get a single human boy to accept her love?

If that’s what held him back, Desira swore that the suffering she withstood would be applied tenfold to the priests who had enforced such meddlesome doctrines upon her lover. Fortunately, her inner fury was dissuaded momentarily by an odd sensation at her lips, a foreign presence she felt poke and prod from… oh. Oh gods, was he actually…!?

Indeed, Evan’s tongue had nervously begun trying to leave his mouth and explore new territory, a move she’d expected to wait at least a little longer for.

‘How daring,’ Desira thought to herself as a girlish chuckle escaped her throat.

She said nothing, refusing to interrupt the kiss and possibly dissuade her lover’s newly emboldened approach; instead, the demon parted her lips slightly, granting his tongue entry without sucking that oral member of his inside… despite how much she wanted to. Following some lingering hesitance, she felt his tongue as it poked cautiously onward, and she extended her own to meet it.

Evan’s entire frame twitched upon contact, and Desira was mildly heartbroken when he made a hasty retreat… but she did not pursue him, hoping he’d return of his own accord; she was more than relieved when her patience was rewarded, the boy’s member rejoining her in oral passion not long after. He tasted her, and she responded in kind, all the while doing her best to ensure that her human lover stayed ahead. However, after a moment she started to overtake the inexperienced youth, the demon’s instincts getting the better of her.

She was losing control, and she knew it.

Evan had become delirious, his fears and worries having been swept away by Desira’s oral onslaught. The kiss she had forced him into was, at first, electrifying in its own right, but as it went on it became clear she wanted to delve deeper and pull him along for the ride. In his own hunger, he had taken the next step with the involvement of his tongue, but now he realized that his counterpart was especially willing to progress things.

As soon as he sensed her pulling ahead, his tongue was shoved aside while Desira’s dove straight into his mouth and explored within. In a panic, he moved his free hand from her arm to her shoulder in an effort to shove away, but with no effect; his other arm’s wrist was still trapped in her grasp over his head, so he tried to squirm and kick instead. Nothing worked against the demon, her affections rapidly draining the youth of his remaining strength. To say she orally bullied, or even dominated him would be an understatement. She utterly violated him.

Evan’s jerking and flailing quickly died down to mere twitches and spasms under such treatment, and he felt himself go limp in Desira’s embrace. The knee between his legs, the arm wrapping up from below his armpit to hold his head, and the hand keeping his arm pinned above him together supported his exhausted frame while he lost himself to passion. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any more intense, she began to suck into the kiss; his tongue straightened as it was taken into her ravenous maw, making it much easier for her own oral member to violate his inner skull.

The oral aggression was almost too much to handle. He thought her tongue to be longer than a human’s as it tickled his throat, causing Evan to choke and gag here and there; she wasn’t actually hurting him, and thus he didn’t mind… at least not too badly. His clouded mind soon reconsidered, however, for he had been to forced to breathe through his nose the whole ordeal, and was now edging on the threat of suffocation from being denied enough air.

Just how long was she going to kiss him?

Desira could sense her lover faltering, yet persisted for just a bit longer. She needed this, especially after edging herself while trying to persuade the boy into accepting her love… which had been accomplished, as his voluntary kiss had proven. There may be some time before he fully warmed up to her, that much she expected… but the fact that he willingly kissed her was all she needed guide him into taking the next step.

And said step was getting that swollen, virgin cock of his to fuck her raw.

Begrudgingly, she finally pulled away and ended their oral love session, but not without taking Evan’s tongue along between her lips, releasing it with and audible, wet pop when she had completed its length. A tiny trail of remnant saliva formed between them, and Desira severed the connection with her tongue before stifling a giggle. She watched the youth with thorough endearment as he gasped and coughed for the air he sorely needed, waiting patiently for him to recover.

“Hmmn~,” the demoness hummed salaciously as she licked away the pair’s mixed saliva still gracing her lips, truly enjoying the resulting flavor. “A perfect concoction… wouldn’t you agree, Evan?”

She beamed as he could only grant her a glazed stare, the youth too dazed and winded to give a proper response. His chest was still heaving, jaw hung open as his limp tongue dangled from it; her lover didn’t seem to care — if he noticed at all — that he was drooling a little. It deeply stirred Desira’s maternal instincts, to see the young human so utterly brought down by the simplest of pleasures.

“Now, now, that won’t do…” she told him with a wicked smirk, withdrawing her hand from behind his back and bringing a pair of her clawed fingers to hold up his chin; the act had him subsequently shut his jaw after his tongue was drawn back inside, and he stared tiredly at her as she spoke. “So~, tell me. Did you enjoy that?”

His eyes drifted off to the side, and a disgruntled moan escaped him. But the demon wouldn’t be satisfied until she got the answer she sought.

“No need to be so reserved,” Desira informed as she lightly tilted his head and shifted to meet his gaze, only to have him squeeze his eyes shut in turn. She stroked his chin with her fingers before sliding her hand upwards to stroke his tear-stained cheek. “Is it really so horrible to like something so natural?” She asked as her thumb wiped away at the watery trails. “Now… let’s try this again, and be honest with me. You did enjoy that, right~?”

A soft whine escaped the boy, but nothing more just yet.

“If even a little bit?”

“…M…hmm…” came Evan’s whimpered answer, little above a whisper yet more than enough for the demon.

With a triumphant grin, she kissed him again. “Good boy.”

It was brief, a mere peck on the lips to express her delight in his response. Desira then leaned forward again, teasing his ear with her heated breath, and a violent shudder coursed up his spine as she whispered huskily into it.

“I think you’re ready for the next step, Sweetie~.”

Her tail uncoiled from around him and Evan felt himself drop, the hand on his wrist finally releasing him as the knee at his groin pulled away. He slid down harshly against the wall as Desira left him be, and he landed roughly on his butt. The fall elicited a grunt of mild pain from his aching lungs, but he wasn’t terribly hurt; absentmindedly reaching under him to give his rump a tender massage, he peeked open an eye to check where his captor had gone.

He went wide-eyed when he looked to the side and saw her atop his bed.

Less than a meter away she rested upon a single arm, the other held over her ample breasts. Evidence showed that the positioning of her raised arm had been less meant to preserve her modesty than it was intended to amplify the presence of her sizable bust, if the way she squeezed into that puffed-out chest of hers indicated anything.

However, most enthralling of all would be the way she sat with legs spread, one dangling off the bedside while the other had its foot planted upon the mattress; Desira’s tail was curled in and upwards from behind her plump backside, the base of that deceptively-powerful, serpentine limb just barely concealing her womanly entrance. To and fro its spaded tip freely waved in the air above, as if swaying to a gentle breeze that should not exist.

The demon had been nude since removing her attire earlier, but now she was truly exposing herself to Evan, her naked form officially on full display and for him alone to appreciate. He knew that he was ogling her like a dumbfound fool, but he couldn’t stop himself, especially when his eyes lingered towards the one hidden area he had yet to actually see…

“The forbidden fruit is most appealing to the eye, is it not?” The demoness quipped, deliberately reminding Evan of an old, sacred text, hailing from the better-known Order scriptures. “You have had but a sample, a mere taste of said fruit… now, come and feast upon it, for there is so~ much more to savor. I can promise you that its succulence will only become much more delicious the further you indulge…”

Evan continued to delay, his intense stare unfaltering. Soon enough however, he decided to shift onto his hands and knees, intent to follow through with what had started between the two — but the cold steel of a blade was felt underneath his fingers, halting his progression.

His wakizashi model was still where it had fallen, now quite literally back in his hand; he had looked down at it in examination, the reminder of its presence having been enough to break the entrancement he had undergone while staring at the demon’s naked, otherworldly beauty.

Time crawled to a slow as he weighed his options, not daring to return his gaze towards the bed, and in extension Desira. He could still fight… right? Well, he could at least try, and maybe resist the demon for a little longer. But for what purpose? What good would it do? If he did, the result would be the same, and by now the city was likely overthrown, perhaps even turned into a new demon realm. Evan wasn’t expecting to escape his captor, but should he manage to hold out a little longer there would be no-one who would come for him.

But wasn’t that okay? Wasn’t all of this?

Up to this point, Desira’s every word held true. She was not trying to harm him, and apart from a few blows to his pride and dignity, she’d only been expression compassion and physical affection; he’d understood that she also had been holding back, possibly more than he realized. While she did back him into a corner — in more ways than one — she did wait for him to kiss her, rather than steal his first for herself. She may have forced herself into his home, his life, but other than make him afraid and destroy his every attempt to escape or defend himself… she never once threatened him.

Even now, when he had access to his weapon again.

Evan looked back towards her, the one who’d been the source of all this drama. She returned his gaze with red eyes filled with more than just black sclera: adoration, endearment, affection… was there really anything considered truly evil in those eyes? Those hellish orbs associated with all things wrong and unholy? Weren’t they just a different color, like the rest of her? Sure, she had a tail, horns, and other things… but so what? Those didn’t define who she was, only what. She may have been inhuman, but she seemed more humane than even some of the pastoral clergy he’d met in his life.

Why should he keep resisting? What was there to be afraid of?

Desira’s patience was being tried, but she would let Evan have his moment. Earlier, she disarmed him to prove that her intentions were honest, and now that she had done so it was most important that she wait for him to think things through. Indeed, he had that pitiful tool of a weapon back, but he should now know he had no need of it. They had shared a moment of blissful intimacy and she was blatantly inviting him to join her for more, so surely he’d come to terms with the truth — in addition to his own feelings, for that matter — and just accept her and the love she had to give, wouldn’t he?

Doubt crept into her thoughts, however, reminding her of the boy’s incessant paranoia; Desira very nearly opened her mouth to try at another verbal persuasion, but in the end her lips remained sealed. As the minutes dragged on, she could almost see the gears turning in his little, precious mind, and… eventually… the face he ended up giving her was enough to reveal what he had been thinking.


A warm smile formed as she shifted to sit upright, taking the arm she’d been using to lean upon and stretched it forward with a beckoning, open-palmed gesture just as Evan began to move himself. His pace was terribly hesitant, but he did not go for the sword. Instead, he crawled slowly, partly shuffling his way towards Desira.

And she was more than willing to wait for him.

Within half another full minute, Evan found himself headlong within the midst of his captor’s voluptuous, womanly thighs and staring dumbly at her crotch, tail still hiding her most private region; his face was warm, and not just from embarrassment. He could smell her, that feminine odor of a woman’s arousal that he’d not known until this day, but which he comprehended nonetheless. As he continued to stare, he could clearly recognize the present moister oozing from that one hidden spot of hers, now that he was so close to the source.

The sight itself was not unfamiliar — Evan had seen and read of such a thing in his erotic books — but the real thing was so much different than the art depictions; it unsettled him greatly… yet, it somehow drew him in all the same, stirring a dormant instinct inside him that would not be purged.

“Such hunger in your eyes~,” Desira purred, taking his head in her outstretched hand and combed her claw-like nails through his hair; he glanced nervously up at her, bearing witness to the most bewitching smile he’d seen grace her features thus far. “Don’t be afraid, no-one will stop you. If you truly wish to partake of my forbidden fruit, just peel away the outer layer, and enjoy the succulent flesh within…”

Word play, revolving around that earlier reference to Order doctrines — it was plain as midday what the metaphor meant and what she wanted from him, but Evan still felt uncomfortable… unsure. Returning his eyes to roam in between her legs, he didn’t know where to start beyond removing Desira’s tail, as per her instruction. Did she honestly expect him to do everything on his own?

“Or, rather…” the demon then abruptly suggested, as if reading his mind, “would you like me to guide you along?”

A small murmur was made after a pause and Evan dipped his head slightly, the half-nod enough to confirm his answer. It warmed Desira’s heart, that the human youth was already willing to accept her help. However, he would have to earn it.

“Then take the first step,” she told him, hand moving to pet him lovingly behind his head. “Show me how much you want it, and I will be more than delighted to lead you in the right direction.”

Following another brief wait, Evan nervously extended his hand… and he found that Desira’s tail was much softer than he’d thought it would be. He did not pull it away from her concealed groin right away, but instead explored the texture and surface area of the inhuman limb with newfound fascination, instantly distracted. It was meaty and felt quite heavy, the source of its strength found in the powerful musculature hidden beneath a layer of velvety flesh, all further intriguing the youth.

While his hand traveled up and along its length he felt a shiver course through the tail’s entirety from base to tip; Desira had begun to breath irregularly, her every breath becoming more staggered the longer he progressed. Had her tail always been this sensitive? The way she used it earlier to bind and harass him made him doubt — but then again, if memory served…

“A-auh~… you tease,” Desira gasped, stuttering her words through the youth’s exploratory groping. “Th-that’s not… ah…! Ooh, must you be so curious ab-bout… mn-! S-such a thing?”

A monster’s tail was usually one of her erogenous zones — especially in the case of succubi — and Desira was no different. Evan was practically stroking the closest equivalent to an actual sex organ, and that realization made the young man quickly stop… for about a second. He drew his thumb along the blue-tinted epidermis, eliciting a labored moan from his former captor; he looked up to see a massive, violet blush enveloping her face as she gaped and panted, her cool and dominant demeanor quickly evaporating.

The sight spurred him on, awakening something dormant inside him. This new sense of control, it banished his former hesitance and made him crave for more. To see this powerful being reduced to a quivering, horny puddle of pleasure by his hands renewed his confidence and revived his sense of pride. Having their roles reversed, he hadn’t conceived the idea before, let alone anticipated how much he’d come to enjoy it.

As he absentmindedly continued to pleasure her tail, Desira spoke up again.

“Wha… what’s that look for, h-hmn~?” She smirked down at him, combing her nails through his hair once more. He hadn’t realized it till now, but Evan had developed a small grin of his own. “Think you… are p-pretty sly, do you?”

The teen was then abruptly dazed by a gentle slap to the forehead, Desira having batted at him using her tail’s spaded tip. Startled, Evan met her gaze with a puzzled and slightly worried look while cupping a hand over the dull but very mild pain above his eyebrows. Had he crossed some sort of line?

Yet before he could react in accordance, the demon’s tail shot forward and enwrapped its length around his neck; he jerked and yelped in surprise, fearing for his life… but then he slowly calmed down after realizing she wasn’t strangling him. Desira’s coiled grip wasn’t applying pressure, nor did it tighten. She was simply holding him.

“You are just too cute,” she informed whilst flashing him a more devilish grin. “You’re reactions… I may become addicted to seeing you fret and squirm about.”

Evan glared at her.

“Such a dangerous-looking face~,” the demon further taunted him, “and to think all this time you have been just so fearful… your emotions so easy to manipulate. I would never harm you, but don’t you think I deserve to apply a bit of teasing after having my precious tail played with?

“Or, would you rather I…” she paused briefly to put some emphasis into her next few words, her serpentine limb snaking its way further around Evan’s neck and then down the front of his shirt as she went on, “toy with you in a similar fashion~?”

The youth shivered, his breath caught in his lungs as the fleshy spade descended; his hand gripped tightly onto the tail’s base still by Desira’s crotch, but it did not stall her progress. She intentionally teased his nipple as she passed it by, sending a jolt up her lover’s spine. Upon closing in on the hem of his shirt — and thus the start of his pants — Evan made to grab for the slithering appendage, catching it just below the spade through his shirt; panting, he said nothing, but didn’t let go.

He heard the demonic woman stifle a chuckle at his reaction, and in one swift motion she seized him; her tail’s grip on him tightened as she reached out with her hands to take him under each arm. He was then unceremoniously yanked onto the bed, and next thing he knew, Evan was lying on his back with Desira shamelessly straddling his chest, tail still covering her privates and submerged in his shirt. His arms were now limply resting on his sides, having released their hold during his abrupt abduction.

Evan froze, utterly perplexed with eyes wide as dinner plates as they stared into Desira’s grinning leer.

“You should ne~ver goad a woman, boy… especially a demon.” She drew her tongue across her lips as she towered over his prone form, her evident hunger forcing him to shudder instinctively.

No, that wasn’t hunger in her eyes… not with that look she was giving him. She was practically starving, like a predator who’d gone far too long without a meal.

“Even we have our limits,” she stated, her hands taking hold of his shirt at the center, “and you’ve pushed me beyond mine. Now be still, you wont be needing this anymore.”

‘Oh, sh-’

Before the thought could even be fully processed, the fabric on his torso was rent in two. His chest was now completely exposed, even with Desira’s tail still present — it wasn’t there for long, however, for just when Evan made to cover himself with his arms the spaded limb deftly entangled his arms, binding his wrists and proceeding to pin them together above his head. The youth was again thrown off-guard by just how strong it was, for his flailing was effortlessly kept under control.

All that, and his potential rapist was hardly even focusing her attention upon his arms, her fiery red eyes trained squarely upon his lithe, shirtless form. With a crooked, excited smile etched in her demeanor, she took her time to appreciate what lay before her, slowly pacing her hands upon his naked chest and enjoying the sensation of his unmarked, human skin as she felt along his frame. Evan shivered under her cool touch, taking a sharp intake of air when her fingers traced past the base of his ribcage and began to travel along his stomach area.

“So soft,” Desira cooed in a heated whisper, marveling as she went, “so flawless. How can such a depraved and lascivious youth like yourself be so undefiled and pure?” Her hands rose back up his ribs — along the sides this time — and forced the teen to release his held breath before uttering a gasp; she brought her face down to meet him while she continued to fondle, and nuzzled into his neck. As his scent wafted through her senses along with his mana, the she-demon could barely contain herself.

“Oohhhh~…” she breathed hotly upon him, eliciting a shudder from the boy. “I am going to enjoy this oh-so much… this exotic,” a damp wetness then trailed from the skin of his collarbone to the base of his jaw, her tongue causing Evan to squirm, “delicious human essence of yours. I can already taste it… its strong, virile~ flavor.” The demon then leaned up to whisper the rest of her statement.

“I’m going to savor every. Single. Bit of you…” she blew heated breath into his ear, and the youth couldn’t endure, spasming at her every word. Desira then drew her tongue along the ridge before abruptly diving inside his ear canal, which had Evan involuntarily squeal out a whimper. When he flinched and made to jerk away, however, a hand caught the opposite side of his head to keep him still. She held him in place and the young man found himself helpless as she invaded his head with her oral member, the boy unable to do anything but whine and wordlessly plea as the wet slurps and sloshing sounds of her voracious tongue raped the inside of his skull with reckless abandon.

At last, she pulled away, leaving Evan a twitching, heaving mess beneath her. In his momentary stupor, she took his bound wrists in her hands and released with her tail, then pulled the boy’s arms down beside his hips. He barely acknowledged what she was doing, let alone tried to resist. He had since shut his eyes during her prior closeness, and as such did not know exactly what she was doing.

“Now then,” he heard her say, a short wait after some shuffling and feeling his arms pinned once again, “what should I do to you first?”

When he nearly recovered from her relentless tongue-fucking of his ear, and reopened his eyes, what he then witnessed made him shrink into the mattress. Somehow without his notice, Desira had repositioned herself in the opposite direction and was now looming over his head, her covered genitals mere centimeters above his exasperated face; her tail was moving along the damp, hidden slit, the snake-like limb sliding its way in a sluggish reveal.

“I wonder if we should continue from where we left off?” She pondered aloud in mock inquiry, already knowing what she was going to do as her hips swayed in slow, hypnotic circles above her lover’s face, teasing him; Evan was instantly mesmerized, unable to turn away from the view. Desira grinned wider at this, evidently pleased. “Is this what you’ve been craving? You certainly looked as though you wanted to indulge yourself, right~?”

Her tail slithered onward, with Evan remaining silent as ever in anticipation for the inevitable reveal — he had barely given any thought to the demon’s words. Unfortunately, once the spade began to pass over her slick, wet snatch, it then suddenly halted, stopping just short of exposure. The youth waited, expecting it to be some sort of delayed tease, but nothing more happened; when his gaze finally shifted to give Desira a questioning look, he saw her staring down at him with eyes full of adoration… but also a hint of mischief.

“You have been awfully quiet, my love,” the demoness informed, her words stirring a bit of wariness in the youth. “Much too quiet. You had plenty to say as I donned the guise of your mother, and after when I spoke to you through this bedroom’s door… but all of it had been bolstered by fear, rather than passion. I crave to hear your words again, but only whilst expressing your uttermost desires… so, I have come to a decision.

“If you truly wish for this,” the demon announced, her every word stern and laced with sincerity, “then you will have to ask it of me. Anything you might desire, I will fulfill… but only so long as you voice it.”

Evan just stared at her, looking beyond her depths and into her eyes far above with a dumbfound expression on his face. She was serious, and he knew it… but it’d been taking everything he had to endure the level of embarrassment she’d put him through thus far. He desperately wanted to engorge himself through these kind of carnal acts, even if it was against every principal he’d been taught throughout his upbringing… he couldn’t help it, she was just too alluring and exotic. And she knew it, that he wanted her.

So to force him to actually come out and admit it, to say exactly what he wanted… that going too far, wasn’t it?

“B-but…” he started, only for Desira to cut in.

“I may be impatient about this, myself,” the demon revealed to him, adopting a smug-like twist to her grin, “but I have withstood decades of self-control. I scoured this land for well over a year before discovering you, and then when I finally had found — and eventually took a liking to you, I further bided my time for an additional month. What is a few more minutes, hours, or even days when I’ve already outlasted such a timespan? I am a patient demon. I can wait until you’re ready, however long it takes… and besides that…”

Her crotch inched closer, the covered area gyrating now just a hair’s width away from his nose. The scent of her womanly musk filled his head, intoxicating the human youth. His mind very nearly went blank from the smell, combined with his swelling, prolonged arousal.

“With the skirmish outside these walls coming to a close, your city taken and in the process of converting into a new ‘dark’ realm… we have all the time in the world.” She then finished with yet another quote stripped from the Order’s holy scriptures. “Ask, and ye shall receive.”

Still, there was hesitance.

“…That’s… th-this isn’t…” Evan whimpered, choking on his words; with her privates now taking up the entire span of his view, his wincing gaze was forced to look in between her legs, and at the prize waiting for him.

“This isn’t what, Evan? Fair?” Desira suggested with a frown, completing the teen’s spoken thought. “Are you saying that I — a high demon possessing great might, whose presence alone demands respect and exudes authority, who wields the power to acquire nearly anything she could ever wish for — am treating you unfairly by offering you the world, and asking so little of you in return?”

Evan squirmed beneath her, his thoughts in a haze from the distraction in his face while the unbearable feeling in his pants grew ever more intense. He’d been sore for so long, his arousal building ever since he first saw Desira for who she really was, when she dropped the illusion of his mother. Why was it so difficult to just spit it out? He knew it, she knew it. It should be easy, so simple to say a few honest words…

“I am only requiring that you to tell me what you want,” Desira pushed further, briefly grazing the tip of his nose as the sluggish rotations of her crotch continued to tempt the young human, and she sensed his heart leap from the mild contact. She could feel it, he was so close… just like with the kiss, he only needed a little more encouragement…

“Everything you have ever wanted, and you only need t- Ah!”

A sudden sensation had flicked against her spade, prompting the demon to raise her ass slightly. Desira immediately leered downward at Evan, taking note of his glazed demeanor… and the tongue dangling from his gaping mouth.

“Now now, don’t get ahead of yourself, boy,” she sneered merrily, again lowering herself until she was once more just out of reach; her heart fluttered in her chest when she saw that he was indeed trying to reach her with his tongue, but she was intent to make certain his efforts did not connect a second time. “So greedy. You still haven’t asked for it.”


“I’m waiting~.”

Her pointed, elvish ears then perked when she finally heard his voice.

“F…ine,” Evan murmured, barely above a whisper.

He didn’t care anymore. His head was going blank, his thoughts drowned out by desire as the scent of her arousal warped his mind. Trying to reach that place with his mouth was no longer possible, so he tried to move his arms, but they wouldn’t budge in the presence of his captor’s strength. Perhaps it should have been more embarrassing to have been caught trying to lick at her privates, but it was so much easier to just go for it rather than voice his intentions.

However, taking action wasn’t an option anymore… so…

“I… I want it…” he gasped.

The demon hummed thoughtfully above, but didn’t budge.

“You want what, Evan?” She tauntingly inquired. “I’m not sure what you could mean…”

Just how far was she going to humiliate him?

“I want…” he began again, “…that.”

“By ‘that’,” Desira echoed questioningly, “do you mean this?”

She then took him by surprise when her hips dropped unexpectedly. With her tail spade serving as the only barrier between his lips and her nethers, the monster woman began to abruptly ride his face; Evan let out a muffled groan while her groin humped into him with slow, smooth gyrations.

“Are you saying you wish to sample my most intimate place, to delve deep inside me and explore to your heart’s content?”

She lifted just enough to grant Evan room to mouth a verbal answer, and he wasted little time in giving his response.


Desira went on. “You are admitting it, then? That you would like nothing more than to violate me from within, and have your way with me? Is that what you really want, Evan? To take me?”

The next reply came sooner, louder this time.

“Yes…! I… I do!”

‘I do,’ Desira mused in her mind, ‘such a lovely, human phrase.’

“Then take me.”

Where there once was a single, fleshy layer keeping Evan from claiming his reward, there was then nothing as Desira finally removed her tail entirely. Insistently, the demon ground upon his face with a little more fervor, and the youth widened his mouth to accept her in kind. An electrical surge of pleasure spiked through her entire being when the demon’s lover shot his tongue into her depths and began aggressively eating her out; she was no stranger to such lovemaking, having done it countless times with her sisters and friends… but this was on a whole other level.

This was ravenous hunger.

“A-ahh…! Sate your- mmph! Y-your voracious appetite, m-my love!”

This was a human male.

“Keep… k-keep go- Mnh! Keep g-going until you- Oh fuck~! Until you’ve had y-your fill…!”

This was the person she cherished most.

“Oh maou, yes…!” The demon wheezed, raising a hand to work one of her breasts while she rode on; as soon as her grip on the arm she’d been holding relented, the human limb darted for her thigh and latched on for dear life. “Yes! D-don’t let go…!”

Her insides were pungent and bitter Evan found, yet none of it left a bad taste in his mouth; it was addicting, the liquid draining into his mouth far more appealing than he’d expected. Were his mind not so foggy with lust, he would have deduced the source of this concept to be the result of Desira’s monster heritage.

There was no way a human woman’s sexual fluids were this appetizing, right? He was outright swallowing every drop that came, his tongue plunging as far back into the demon’s cavity as he could reach. His oral member busily roaming about her inner walls, and lapped up everything he could.

He was literally drinking from her!

“So good~…!” Desira sighed wistfully, her words full of heat and passion; she glanced down at her lover, taking notice of the tent that had been present in his pants and left unattended to for so long.

Too long, she felt.

“My, w-where are my manners~?” She shuddered through her orgasmic bliss, forcing herself out of her own haze. “Here I am, having you take care of me when you are the one who’s been so needy this whole time…”

Evan flinched when he felt the cool touch of Desira’s hand grace his stomach, then sputtered into her when her clawed fingers began to slip into the rim of his pants. Alarmed, he frantically reach down with his free hand to try and stop her progression, and took hold of her bicep.

“Just focus on what you are doing down there, my love,” she told him, ignoring his efforts after deftly shrugging herself free of his grip, “and let me take care of this for you… Do you not deserve a reward, after doing so well thus far?”

With the use of an unspoken spell, she cast an enchanted pentagram to form a ring around his still-bound wrist, keeping him subdued with magic while relieving her other hand. Now with her other arm usable, she brought her free digit down to her lover’s pants and began to one-handedly fiddle with his belt as the former sank even further beneath his lower garments.

“Hmmn~…” Desira moaned lustfully, hardly able to contain herself in her anticipation; her lover’s muffled cries were ignored, for this was one thing she would not be denied. “I cannot wait to finally see what it looks like down here… I wonder if ‘Little Evan’ will be as excited to see me as I am of him~?”

When Evan seemed to be getting out of hand with his desperate pleading and consistent grabs, Desira promptly dropped her full weight upon his head, quickly yet briefly crushing the boy to silence him. The act wouldn’t have hurt too badly, but it seemed to work.

“Be still, my love,” she commanded him, leaning forward to deliver a short yet loving kiss just below his belly button. “I will be gentle with you. There is nothing to fear.”

The dampness of tears were felt against the cheeks of her rump, along with the suppressed sound of a whimpered groan, but the teen’s arm retreated to cling upon her waist while she felt the slight sensation of his mouth hesitantly resuming its work on her nether region. Desira rolled her eyes at the pathetic response, yet there was a small residue of pity in her heart for the youth. He still didn’t trust her, and while it was getting infuriating it wasn’t like he knew better. She had to remind herself that he was only a human who’d been raised by the deception of the Order’s zealous teachings.

Putting all that at the back of her mind, the demon finished with the meddlesome belt and tore it away, along with the opening of Evan’s pants and ripping off a button in the process. He yelped from beneath her, but did not put up any further acts of resistance. The only thing he did was quiver under Desira’s probing hands, legs squeezing tightly together as the hand which had previously snuck into his pants now cupped the bulge in his newly exposed underwear.

“Now then,” the young man’s temptress grinned, “let us take a peak…”

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