Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 9 (Season One Finale)

~So Fresh You Take My Breath Away~

Somehow Stanley had managed to convince Ezraphel not to have sex until after the date since it was the main source of distraction during her lessons on proper modern etiquette. It really says something about Stanley that he has to learn modern etiquette lessons from a woman who came from a dimension that was in its early industrial stage at best. Then again in his defense she is literally magical so his pride is still intact, mostly.

Aside from the lessons and no sex policy final preparations of the date ended up with taking a trip to the barbershop. No longer did Stanley have shoulder length greasy hair, instead it was in a ‘short textured’ style with his beard shaved low and mustache trimmed into a faded patch. As he admired himself in the mirror Stanley came to a startling conclusion

“Goddamn I look hot

Having just taken a shower Stanley was clad in his boxers, in front of the full length mirror attached to his closet. His new haircut now damp after a thorough wash combined with his relatively new and also damp muscular body cut a damn good impressive figure. No doubt if Ezraphel was there to witness it she would have all but demanded a quickie before they left.

Fortunately she wasn’t because earlier that day she had made the shocking declaration that they not make contact with each other after a certain time. That point in time happened to occur when Stanley was on the road getting a few male cosmetic products because apparently everything has an expiration date. He had the tank filled and the oil changed while he was out too.

It took him about thirty minutes to bathe, get dressed and groom himself. His hair got a decent combing, hairspray and a moderate amount of gel to give him that suave look which was more effective with his incubus body. He had bought deodorant, cologne and even lotion for this occasion and applied them as he saw fit.

Finally he got dressed and for this one he had a number of options thanks to Ezraphel’s insistence on having more than one outfit for other dates. He was embarrassed to say that he never even thought of buying more than a single outfit since it never occurred to him that he would be going on other dates with her, at least not the kind that would require clothes like these.

In any case the outfits were washed, cleaned, pressed, tastefully arranged and hung up in his closet by Ezraphel herself. She even labeled them and gave the shoes matching labels because apparently she had the time to do that. After contemplating his choices for a minute, taking into consideration a myriad of things he finally decided to choose…

“Eenie, meenie, miney you”

What he chose was a white T-shirt, dark blue corduroy blazer with brown lining the top of the pockets, black slacks and black dress shoes from a brand he didn’t care too much to find out.

Looking at himself in the mirror Stanley was shocked “I look so fucking cool right now.”

For the first time in a decade Stanley had actual confidence in physical attraction. To commemorate this moment he had to take a selfie but he didn’t upload it though, not that he was on any social media platform outside of the gaming community and standard e-mails but even then he never uploads anything personal and always uses an avatar. No he always took pictures of his life’s greatest hits and this photo was going to be archived along with the others for when he wanted to reminisce past glories.

Gods his life was sad…

Not anymore though because now he has the body of a mini Adonis, he’s got a hot Succubus waifu, he’s getting laid so many times the late great Hugh Hefner would give him a commendation and chances are high that whether the date succeeds or not he’s going to get some more tonight.

In short, life is good.

The only way it could get even better is if he had a theme song…

“Wait a minute…” his head poked out his door “SIRI!”

Five Minutes Later…

Stanley walked out his room to the sound of opening drums, looking like an absolute boss as swaggered down the stairs singing along to OutKast…

“Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed so fresh so clean”
(So fresh and so clean clean)
“Don’t you think I’m so sexy I’m dressed so fresh so clean”
(So fresh and so clean clean)
“Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed so fresh so clean”
(So fresh and so clean clean)
“I love when you stare at me I’m dressed so fresh so clean”
(So fresh and so clean clean)

By the time he reached living room he felt so fresh he almost started dancing like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3. Luckily he was saved from the regret when Big Boi was abruptly cut off and instead the iconic opening instrumentals of Berlin began to play.

“The hell…?” Stanley spoke before abruptly shutting up when the tantalizing smell of perfume hit him.

Watching every motion
In my foolish lover’s game


At the sound he finally turned to the top of the stairs and “oh my glob…” Stanley’s mind raced faster than a normal human’s as he took in the magnificent creature before him.

On this endless ocean
Finally lovers know no shame

Despite having her tucked away via magic transformation she glided down the stairs. Her red heels clicked and clacked with each graceful step, the sway of her hips and the slight bounce of her breasts were made very clear by the strapless red dress. It was practically painted on her, starting just above her breasts and ending just above her knee and let’s not forget that plunging neckline that was somehow shaped like a heart instead of a V.

Turning and returning
To some secret place inside

She wore some jewelry namely, ruby drop earrings and a vaguely familiar looking necklace that was also red…and there was a lot of red on her including her lips. Not that she needed any makeup to begin with but the red complimented her pale skin yet healthy skin tone. She had also had her hair curled and styled into an elaborate bun with a few strands purposefully left to dangle.

Watching in slow motion
As you turn around and say

She reached the bottom of the stairs, a charming smile on her ace as her eyes roamed his body just as his hers and finally he spoke or at least tried to do a sentence

“Ez wow I…you…”

Take my breath away

Strangely enough she seemed almost as flustered as he taking in his form “Stanley you…”

Take my breath away

Stanley blinked before shouting “Siri, stop music”

And like that the music stopped.

“Okay first of all, wow” he said staring wide eyed at the woman “um, you uh…you look good Ez- great even. V-very beautiful and stuff…” he trailed off with a silent curse to himself for flopping right now.

He’d seen this woman naked multiple times, he shouldn’t be so tongue twisted just because she put on a dress and dolled herself up!

Ezraphel giggled demurely “you ‘look good’ as well Stanley, very…” she paused as her eyes roamed over him and for a moment said eyes flashed predatory before settling again “dashing.”

“Heh, dashing huh? Hehe…” he cracked a smile before coughing into his fist and adopting a terrible posh accent held out his elbow “well milady, shall we?”

Ezraphel had to cover her mouth with a hand before adopting a proper noble demeanor “yes, we shall my Husband~”

As they walked to the garage Stanley spoke up “by the way how did you change the song?”


“…that makes sense.”

They entered the car and Stanley got the garage door open “Stanley can we listen to a song while you drive?”

“Sure” hooking up his phone to the car speakers and set his playlist to shuffle as he backed out the driveway making sure that the garage was closed.

Then a familiar guitar instrumental started causing Stanley to chuckle then laugh much to Ezraphel’s surprise “what is it?”

“Nothing just…nostalgia”

As he drove down the street the song started…

Look for me
Young, B, cruisin’ down the Westside Highway
Doin’ what we like to do, our way

The entire drive would be spent listening to and singing/rapping off key to classic and contemporary love songs of various genres.

~Good Times At Balder’s Castle~

Ezraphel said that she chose this particular restaurant was because it reminded her of home. Stanley could believe that, just one look at the front picture or rather the name itself would clue him in as to why, Balder’s Castle Restaurant. Stanley could admit, he didn’t think a place like this actually existed so close to him, well relatively close, it still took over an hour to get there. It was definitely a long drive that took them outside the scope of Stanley’s sphere of commute and into entirely new territory.

Or rather it took them into private property since the restaurant was owned by a wealthy family. From what he read on its homepage the ‘restaurant’ didn’t start out as one and its history could be traced back to nearly a century ago when some old wealthy bastard took a trip to Ireland and was so impressed with the architecture of a particular castle that when he came back home he decided to build himself a scaled down version of said castle.

That’s right Ezraphel had chosen an honest-to-god Medieval Castle as the location of their first date. Granted it wasn’t an actual castle just a three storey building made to look like one but still, that homesickness must be hitting her real hard. Just because it wasn’t a legit castle (by the thinnest margins) did not mean it didn’t have aesthetics such as the brickwork, the hedge sculptures and the freaking fountain.

Seeing this place, Ezraphel looked wistful and lucky for him the employees didn’t dress in armor, tunics or robes to complete the whole theme. Despite wearing the best clothes he had ever worn in recent years, Stanley felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb just from looking at some of the cars entering or leaving the estate.

His newfound heightened Incubus senses picked up the little cracks in the Valet when we came out. Of course his eyes were drawn to Ezraphel who continued to admire the view. After snapping a finger in front of the guy an irritated Stanley reluctantly gave him his keys after memorizing his face and name tag for which he received a number.

 ‘Whoa’ the whole ambiance of it all hit Stanley and an acute sense of not belonging hit him ‘what the hell am I doing here?’ A squeeze on his elbow and the smile Ezraphel gave reminded him ‘oh yeah.’

“Welcome to Balder’s Castle” he came up short. To give credit to the man he regained his composure rather quickly “do you have a reservation?”

“Yeah, should be under the name Berkowitz”

He checked the tablet attached to the podium and confirmed the reservation before leading them further inside. If outside looked like a scaled down version of an Irish castle then the inside looked like the scaled down version of an Irish castle but with a modern flare. The stonework continued inside mostly shown on the walls and literal stone arches separating the rooms.

The floor was polished wood, electric lights made to look like torches lined the walls, chandeliers were present in each room and every table had two LED candles at the center. There was also an unlit fireplace at different ends of the separated rooms. Stanley took in all of this before he noticed the stares or rather the subtle and not so subtle glances of the seated patrons and employees as they passed by on their way to their tables.

Naturally their eyes were more drawn to Ezraphel than to him which was expected since he too was having a hard enough time not staring as well. This wasn’t their first or even last time going out to a public venue together but for some reason Stanley could not help but feel something was different.

What could it be though? As far as he could tell Ezraphel didn’t look any different from how she…normally…does…oh.

‘God dammit’

“Here is your table, a server will be with you shortly.”

“Hmm, they have done well with the decor” Ezraphel praised “of course it pales to some of the castle I have seen in my home-”


You could see the unspoken “uh-oh” in her eyes when she regarded Stanley. He only ever calls her by her proper name when he is upset.

Luckily he was a reasonable man and she could not quite remember doing anything to offend or otherwise irritate him so she remained hopeful “yes Stanley?”

“I promise I won’t be mad if you tell the truth. Did you forget to modify your body proportions and nullify your charm effect?”

“O-oh” she looked down at herself and true enough aside from getting rid of her inhuman features Ezraphel had not done anything to her frankly supernatural figure and alure, at least for the most part “well I did lower the extent of my charm effect. I wouldn’t want to cause a distraction”

“Too late for that” he muttered acutely aware of the myriad of sneak glances by some of the men and women around them “you mind filling me in on why you made this decision?”

Ezraphel’s lips pursed and her brows furrowed as she thought about how best to answer this without having him ‘fly off the handle’ as the saying goes.

Luckily she was saved by the arrival of their waitress, who was dressed snappily in black uniform reminiscent of a suit “good evening sir, miss. My name is Christina and I will be your server for the evening” she introduced professionally though her gaze lingered just a little on Ezraphel’s bountiful and nearly exposed cleavage “here are your menus” she handed them two laminated menu booklets and continued.

Stanley paid little mind to what their specialty would be or what he assumed to be her pricey recommendation and instead focused on the menu itself. It was a three course meal with appetizers, a main course and dessert. The issue of payment wasn’t the individual items themselves but what it will come to at the end.

Luckily they post a copy of their weekly menu on their website so Stanley was able to memorize exactly what he would order. This was a godsend because he anticipated and even encouraged Ezraphel to pick what she felt would be appetizing. Stanley would too, he absorbed what felt like an entire thesaurus over the week specifically because he was warned not to pick an item from the menu randomly because it has a weird name.

Everything on this menu he at least had a vague mental picture of and as stated before he already knew what he wanted to order. Him looking into the menu was just a cover for him to reassess how he would conduct himself on this date after finding out Ezraphel had ‘forgotten’ to humanize her body proportions and unnatural charm. He didn’t know what was more alarming, that she would do this now or the fact that it took him this long to notice.

In any case chances are that whatever she would say was more than likely going to disrupt the so far smooth flow of the date. So after a few minutes of looking at the menus in silence Christina came and Ezraphel was the first to recite her order in a seamless and concise manner as befitting a princess.

For appetizers Ezraphel ordered the Louisiana ‘gator cake, her entrée consisted of stir fried tofu with a side of garlic whipped potatoes and for dessert she chose the flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. For drinks, she didn’t ask for a wine list and instead asked for a beer list.


Putting that on the backburner Stanley ordered for himself the breaded cheese ravioli as an appetizer, grilled veal chops with a side of roasted tomatoes for the entrée and the cheesecake with strawberry sauce for dessert. For drinks he ordered sparkling water, not because it was the least expensive but because all the other options had alcohol in them.

After their server left Stanley cocked an eyebrow at her “interesting choice of food there Ez”

She chuckled a bit “eh, well this date is about trying out new experiences” she smiled lacing her hands together in a bridge while peering at him “why should I limit it to just going to a place like this.”

“Okay I see where you’re getting at but still, ‘gator cakes?” he asked incredulously.

“W-well it is something new and when will I ever be able to eat something so exotic again?”

“…point” alligator meat was not something that was available at their local supermarket or most places really.

“As for Tofu, I admit I was curious about it ever since I first knew of it, however” she paused as her cheeks flushed a bit in embarrassment “I was…concerned with how it would turn out if I attempted to make a dish out of it and I know you hate wasting money so when I saw it on the menu I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try a dish made by a master chef.”

Also Stanley wasn’t a big fan of Tofu. He’d eaten it before but if Ezraphel gave him Tofu for dinner, well…he’d eat it but she’d have to make something pretty impressive to convince him to try it again.

So from that thought he continued “I’m guessing the ‘flourless’ part in the chocolate cake made you choose that right?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed with excitement “I did not even know it was possible to make pastries without flour, I simply must learn whether or not it is viable and if it is…”

“I get to eat cake?”

At this her expression turned sultry “among other things~

Well when she puts it like that…

A small wolfish smile formed on his face as he leaned a little forward “oh yeah, like what?”

Her smirk turned coy as she swayed her head a bit “oh you know, a little bit of this…that…and maybe some…Nyotaimori


“Nyo~tai~mo~ri~” she annunciated.

“Okay and what the hell is that?”

Instead of answering the question she winked and said “look it up.”

Their server chose that time to arrive with their appetizers. Stanley chose to put a pin on their conversation for the time being to enjoy the first taste of upscale cuisine. The portions weren’t much but that was the whole point of an ‘appetizer’ so he let that go. He could not help but notice that they don’t have prices on their menus. He figured customers know that if you don’t have enough money to dine why bother show up right?


That said, the cheese ravioli was damn tasty!


And from Ezraphel’s reaction she was also enjoying her…meal?

He was mistaken, Stanley was the type to get tunnel vision when it came to food. It stemmed from years of eating alone and not wanting to pay attention to what other people are saying. Not that it was complete tunnel vision mind you but he could get certain things wrong, such as mistaken Ezraphel’s inquisitive hum for a moan of satisfaction.

Honest mistake really.

“Ez, what the hell are you doing?”

She was observing the food as if trying to solve a riddle “I am just trying to divine the recipe and method by which the chef made this delicacy.”

“That’s cool and all but if you hadn’t noticed, your ‘divining’ is making your eyes glow and its kinda noticeable” he said whilst shifting his eyes about for anyone looking.

This made Ezraphel stop for a moment before huffing lightly “I already know this Stanley and I had placed a minor glamour spell so no one would notice. Really now, I know I can be a bit dense to certain things but I thought I had convinced you of my expertise at these things.”

Stanley blinked and stared for a moment before he gave a retort “does your glamour also fool the various security cameras set around the place?”

Ezraphel stopped again, a bead of sweat rolled down the side of her head before her eyes stopped glowing and returned to its disguised state. Looking about, there were indeed some cameras but they would not have seen her little stunt since she kept looking down.

“I am sure they did not see”

“That’s not the point Ez. It’s that you didn’t think about there being a camera in the first place. Remember what I said?”

“There is always a camera”

“Right” there was a bout of silence before Stanley broke it again “So Ez…about that outfit-”

“Excuse me”

‘Dammit Christina’

“Here is our Beer List Miss”

“Thank you”

“And your sparkling water sir”


They allowed Christina to take their plates and exchange it for the main course and damn if it didn’t smell good..

“This looks divine, my compliments to the chef” Ezraphel praised before looking at their server

“I-I will give him the message Miss”



“I am Mrs. Berkowitz” Ezraphel declared much to Stanley’s silent horror.

‘She said it, she said it’

“Oh, my apologies then Mrs. Berkowitz”

“Honest mistake, after all” she held up her pale, dainty and perfectly manicured hand “the rings are still being made.”

 Christina nodded before shuffling away with a quickness in her gait.

“I daresay she might be a little intimidated by me” she chuckled before looking at Stanley.

Mrs. Berkowitz?”

“Yes. Why, do you have an issue with this?” she challenged.

Stanley met her challenging stare for a moment before thinking better of it “no”

Ezraphel gave smug hum before taking a bite of her tofu “hm, acceptable.”

Meanwhile Stanley was feeling very uncomfortable with his utensils. Despite the etiquette lessons Ezraphel had him go through the knife still felt foreign in his dominant hand and the whole setup felt unnecessary. He’d rather just cut the veal into bits then eat everything with a fork instead of dual wielding utensils like an idiot.

Compared to his fumbling, Ezraphel was chopping up and picking out her tofu and potatoes like the damn master she is. After a few more minutes of this he was about ready to toss etiquette out the window and pick up the veal with his hands caveman style just to be spiteful.

“Patience Stanley”


“I know it may seem cumbersome to eat like this but you are too hasty. The entire point of this date is to enjoy ourselves so there is no need to rush”

…you know her words would have been sound advice for Stanley if it didn’t feel like she was mocking him. Throughout her entire sentence Ezraphel hands worked in slicing and dicing with near superhuman dexterity. Of course when he was about to make a snippy retort Christina chose that time to arrive with Ezraphel’s drink.

“Here is your drink ma’am” she placed it down.

“Thank you”

“Are you enjoying your meal?”

Ezraphel’s smile widened “yes, why I do believe I will have to bother your chef for the recipe for this~”

“W-well I am s-sure he will be very flattered” her gaze diverted to see her ‘husband’ giving an unimpressed look for which she straightened and the blush on her face faded some “and how is your meal sir?”

“Dunno, come back again and I’ll have an answer for ya” he answered bluntly.

Christina recoiled a bit before bowing her head and leaving “excuse me”

Ezraphel gave him a disproving frown “that was not very nice Stanley.”

“Hey she asked” he shrugged before looking at the knife and fork. It should be said that Stanley has yet to actually eat any of the veal and at this rate…

‘Fuck it’

He began cutting the veal into bit sized pieces using the fork for stability as he haphazardly made slices across the pair of calf meat.

“What are you doing?”

“Something I should have done five minutes ago” he answered “there” the meat was sliced and Stanley dropped the knife in favor using his dominant hand to wield the fork. He picked up a piece of veal bits and bit into it “hmm, and all is right with the world again.”

Ezraphel giggled at his antics, truth be told she was wondering how long it would take him to do something like this. Stanley wasn’t one to play by conventional rules if it was inconvenient so it would only make sense that he wouldn’t take to the etiquettes of fine dining.

‘He lasted longer than I thought.’

Could it be that her Stanley was growing?

Dispelling these thoughts, now that he was properly eating she decided to throw out the question “so how is your meal Stanley?”

He took a moment to swallow before answering “it’s veal actually” he corrected and raised a glass of sparkling water to drink

“Huh?” she grew confused at first but sensed the mirth and realized meal is Veal “oh! Good one” she laughed “but really, how is it?”

“Eh it’s good”

“Better than mine?” she edged.

“Yep” he answered without missing a beat causing Ezraphel’s shoulders to slump.


“Oh yeah these are definitely the best cut of meat I’ve ever tasted” the way he spoke was matter-of-factly “then again the chef has way more experience with cooking foods, the ingredients are supposedly of the highest quality and their cooking station is probably one of the best in the state” he held up a cut of Veal by the fork, admiring it “real professional stuff.”

She knew what he was doing and she appreciates it very much but there was that small voice of doubt in her mind because her Stanley preferred food made by a fancy chef to his own wife. Was it an unreasonable thought? Yes it was but it was there and she felt a little depressed because of it.

“I see” she spoke with a figurative cloud over her head.

Stanley rolled his eyes “they have the better stuff but if I were to choose I’d still eat your food over theirs.”

“You’re just saying that out of obligation”

“It’s a matter of perspective really” he retorted “sure I’m obligated to say I like your cooking more but it’s the truth” he reached out and grasped her hand “you’re my wife Ez, there isn’t much that I’d choose over you.”

“…like what?”

“Don’t pay any attention to that last part, I’m someone who doesn’t believe in absolutes” at her shoulders slumping he added “however, if there is something out there that I’d choose over you I haven’t seen it yet.”

“Oh Stanley~” 

“Are we better now?”

“More than better~” she practically purred.

“Okay, down kitty. Save that for when we get home”

“Why wait so long?”

Stanley felt a stir in his loins before shaking his head “later.”

“Oh, alright” she pouted.

The rest of their meal passed by in small talk with bouts of amicable silence and in twenty minutes they were finished and ready for dessert. 


“Hmm, I see so that is how they did it. Wait…no it can’t be but yes, yes it makes perfect sense now. I cannot believe I never thought of that, very clever indeed~”

Across the table from the muttering woman Stanley ate his slice of cheese cake whilst watching. This had been going on for a couple of minutes now, from the moment Ezraphel got the damn cake she had been set to analyzing the thing for a recipe when Stanley made the daring comment.

“How can you call yourself a proper chef if you have to use magic to find out the ingredients? I’ve seen chefs determine that by taste and even scent.”

Technically he wasn’t lying, he did see something like that…in that one anime about cooking. Not that Ezraphel cared much about the ‘how’ of his explanation, she took it as a challenge and has been trying to figure out the entire cake making process through sight, sound, scent and taste. It was actually kind of impressive the way how she goes about it and it makes for one very nice piece of entertaining visual. It even comes with play-by-play commentary courtesy of Ezraphel talking to herself.

By the end of it they had both finished their desserts with Ezraphel determining the ingredients and method of creating the flourless chocolate cake.

Then Stanley had to ruin her victory by asking “did you remember to actually enjoy the cake while you were Sherlock Holming?”


Ezraphel blinked at Stanley then looked at her empty plate and soon her lips started to quiver to which Stanley said “I’ll take that as a no”

“…” Ezraphel looked at him meaningfully.


She glanced at her plate and he scowled “oh no, I’m not ordering another one just because you were trying to be an anime chef.”

The Lilim pouted and looked as if she was close to tears.

Stanley scoffed “I will not be swayed by your tears Ez. You brought this on yourself.”

“Stanley~” she whined.

“Sorry Ez, but it’s getting late and I’m sure we aren’t allowed to take up table space.”

“You just don’t want to pay for another slice” she deduced correctly.

“How about I stop by an ice-cream shop”

She looked away petulantly “cheapskate”

“Really? You’re acting a child Ez”

She puffed her cheeks and folded her arms “hmph”

He pinched the bridge of his nose and muttered “this is the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with Stan”

Christina came back to take their plates “check please and uh,” he glanced at Ezraphel before sighing “any chance I could order another slice of that chocolate cake to go?”

Whilst Christina went for the bill and the cake Ezraphel reached over the table and gave him a big wet kiss on the cheek, never mind that the action was a complete breach in dining etiquette, that people can see them and some guys were checking out her ass irrespective of the fact that their dates were sitting right in front of them.

When she pulled back Stanley had a red imprint on his cheek though he didn’t even seem fazed “was that necessary?”


And wouldn’t you know it that’s the time Christina chose to come back with the bill tucked in a little folder. This part Stanley learned to do instantly and once he was given the folder with the bill, he slipped his credit card inside and handed it back to her.

‘Yeesh, feels like I’m doing some kind of ritual just for payment.’

Seriously they come with the bill in a folder, you put the credit card in the convenient card slot of the folder because apparently paying in cash is frowned upon for some reason, return it to server in such a way that the card is visible to them, they go back to swipe the card, they come back again with the receipt, you sign a slip and thank them for the service and to show appreciation you tip the server in cash…

That is exactly what happened with the only exception being that Christina came with their extra cake. After signing the receipt and tipping Christina fifty bucks, something he felt real Krabby about he decided to call it a night. Partially because if he spent anymore money he may just spontaneously combust at any given moment and also because Stanley felt that there was nothing more to do here.

As far as excitement went there wasn’t much but Stanley wouldn’t say he had a bad time. The great food, excellent service and Ezraphel’s dress made the trip worth the price as odd as that may seem. He could stick around more, there was apparently a dungeon they made into a bar and a Play they could see but none of those appealed to him, still.

“Hey, Ez”


“They have a Dungeon Bar we could check out and a play if you want to see it.”

The Lilim looked shocked, not at the options she knew about those already but the fact that he was giving the option to do those things was, sweet.

“Well, I could always go for a drink” she said in a pondering manner “what say you Stanley?”

“I have an aversion to alcohol”

Fucking College…

“But if you want to-”

“If you won’t partake with me then I have no interest” she interrupted “you may not know due to your ‘aversion’ Stanley but spirits are best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.”

That…was actually plausible.

“The same goes for the Play” she added “how would I enjoy it if you are clearly not interested?”

“O…kay I guess that makes sense. Let’s go then”

“Yes, let us go” she paused, her lips curled into a lewd and mischievous smile “watch Netflix and chill.”

~Drive Home And Drink~

He was definitely not the only guy whose head snapped in her direction when she said that.

Unlike them he wasn’t fazed by her lewd invitation, rather he held out his elbow “yes Mrs. Berkowitz.”

The way how she clung to his arm with a blush was worth a few chuckles and there was no doubt in his mind that if her tail was visible it would be wagging or at least curled around his leg. With a declaration like that Stanley and Ezraphel exited the restaurant, had the car retrieved and drove out the gates with modest haste.

During the drive Ezraphel had her second helping of cake and later when they hit traffic pulled down Stanley’s pants to unwrap her favorite cock-meat sandwich to suck on while he drove. This was how it was for the next hour, Stanley trying to maintain concentration on the road while Ezraphel gave him a vacuum blowjob. She didn’t make it quick either and despite this Stanley came inside her mouth multiple times.

She never spilled a single drop.

This continued until they arrived inside the garage where Stanley leaned back in his seat feeling drained “Ez, we’re home.”

“Hmm” Ezraphel looked him in the eye, her disguise having dropped some time ago which was the other reason why he kept her face in his lap.

“You can stop now.”

In response her eyes narrowed before she took his entire foot long in her mouth with the smoothness of a pro who has done this dozens of times before.

Stanley hissed in pleasure “never mind! Keep going! I’m almost there!”

He frantically adjusted his seat so he had enough space to grab her by the horns and impale her on his pole. Ezraphel for her part practically went limp allowing Stanley to use her mouth like an onahole, just the way she liked it. She expertly used her tongue, flexed the muscles in her throat and hummed vibration note to help bring her Stanley to a glorious finish.

It took a few minutes for Stanley to reach his peak, pushing balls deep in the Lilim’s mouth-pussy to flood her mouth throat and stomach with yet another climax, this one more explosive than the others which was saying something. Ezraphel’s eyes rolled in her sockets even as Stanley pulled her head off with some difficulty because she simply refused to let go without resistance.

He could tell from the smell alone that she enjoyed herself just as much if not even more than he did which was very weird considering he was practically choking her on his dick but eh, Mamono and all that.

“Okay, that’s enough of that in the car” he sighed catching his breath while winding down the window and damn did the inside smell like two flavors of orgasm.

“You are right” Ezraphel agreed.

“…continue inside?” he suggested.

“I’ll set up the television” and she teleported away.

Stanley unbuckled his seatbelt stepped outside “ah, there’s no place like home” he said while not even bothering to put temporarily flaccid cock away.

Why bother when it was just going to be fished out again.


That jolted him “what the fuck” now he put his cock away because if Ez did something then reprimanding her while his dick was out would be redundant.

Stan reacted with a swiftness that would make most athletes jealous. Ezraphel was in a panic, either this was going to be really bad or really stupid, there is no in-between with this woman sometimes. So Stanley made it to the living room and it was clear to him that this was one of the rare former cases for Ezraphel’s panic. Finding his Lilim wife magically lowering another woman onto the couch was a dead giveaway that this was really fucking bad.

There was also the fact that this woman had pale flawless skin, pointed ears, snow white hair, white wings and tail along with horns curving back in not quite the  same vain as Ezraphel. His eyes also unconsciously picked up the luscious curves barely covered in her black satin dress which not only showed and absence of bra in the ‘v’ plunge but also an absence of panties in the high slits at both sides further highlighted by her thigh high ‘fuck-me’ boots.

At that moment Stanley’s brain went into overdrive trying to disprove what he was seeing, his heart hammered in his chest and sweat began leaking from his pours.

In an almost quiet voice he spoke “Ez, who is this?”

“She’s my sister, Thera!” Ezraphel shouted hysterically while fretting over the other Lilim’s body.


‘Well that answers that’

“Please excuse me” he said in monotone and left.

“I found her like this outside but I can’t find any injuries with my magic but she won’t wake up!” she sobbed “what do I do!?” she turned around to find Stanley was gone “Stanley?”

Stanley was in the kitchen, standing on a chair to reach up and root around the pantry. Eventually he came back with a small burlap sack covered in dust. Calmly stepping down from the chair he grabbed a glass, a can of cola, a trey of ice from the freezer and sat at the table. Taking the ice and putting it into the glass as well as a bit of cola Stanley took off the sack to reveal a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey that was only three quarts full.

Stanley’s hands moved like clockwork as he mixed the coke with the jack 50/50 and placed the ice on it. As he began to mix he caught sight of Ezraphel looking just a bit more shocked and confused than panicked.

“Stanley, what are you doing?” she asked.

The man took one look at her, then her unconscious sister and let out a delirious chuckle

“If it’s all the same to you Ez, I think I’ll have that drink now”

~End Of First Season~

Author’s Notes: Yep this is the end for now, maybe.

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7 thoughts on “Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 9 (Season One Finale)

  1. That was one hell of a finale, and I did not expect that ending. If Stanley could barely handle one Lilim, how much more two? I’m calling it now; a harem of Lilims.
    This was probably the most enjoyable and fun series I’ve read on TFT, period. The balance of romance and comedy as well as the lemons and little drama, made your stories a memorable one and one I will constantly reread. Thanks for keeping a regular update schedule, instead of just updating whenever you feel like so.

    Hope Stan and Ez’s adventures don’t end here

    1. Also, I forgot to add. The thing that I enjoyed the most with this series is how it stayed true to its’ title: Daily Life with a Lilim. Slice-of-life stories involving mamonos are rare, and seldom succeed, but you did.

  2. Ah yes, a cold drink for Stanley, for things have begun to become hectic and a closer step to the inevitable deployment of nuclear weapons upon Stanley’s hometown.

    Jokes aside, I am pleasantly surprised to see yet another… entity displacement in this fic. But frankly, a missing Lilim would have raised a lot of eyebrows, and someone deciding to tear the fabric of reality to find Ezraphel is a natural follow-up. Now I’m very interested in Season Two, and while I’m hoping for more wholesome daily life chapters, the plot twist is still concerning, to say the least.

    Worst case scenario, the floodgates burst, and more will come. That is my opinion, though.

    Good luck with your life, and I hope you will take your time opening the next season.

  3. Can’t wait for season 2, I hope you continue this story! It’s mix of slice of life and focus on these two so very different characters coming together is awesome! Thank you so much for the story so far.

    Personally, I hope this doesn’t turn into a harem thing and I’d rather seem Ez and Stanley working together as a couple. Too often stories about a couple resort to the “driving a wedge between them” plot line and that’s why I’d rather see one about how they overcome things together. Alss, just and idea, but it would be super cool to see the season 1 dynamic flipped and have Stanley as the fish out of water in season 2 by going to the MGE universe for a while.

  4. Season 2 may be a bit more difficult to write, but, the possibilities of direction to go are just about endless in variants… Now if I could just find a door to the Covet Corner Hotel…

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