Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 8

~Pillow Talk Under The Stars~

We find Stanley and Ezraphel in the same position they usually end up in when alone together with nothing in particular to do: laid out, butt naked, glistening with sweat with an overwhelming air of satisfaction. Tonight the plot thickens however for they were out in the backyard laying on an extra thick futon, soaking in the cool air while gazing at the darkened sky and wondering…

When did it actually get dark?

Now that Stanley wasn’t in any danger of losing his humanity and he actually had the ability to somewhat meet the sexual demands of his new wife he had embraced his role as the husband to a very thirsty Lilim. So nowadays sex has become a part of his life and Stanley can say with the utmost certainty that it was a much welcomed reprieve. When people say sex relieves stress he used to think it was just the release in any shape that an accomplish this and in a way it does but Stanley can tell any of his former fellow virgins this

There is nothing on this earth that can compare to nutting inside a Lilim.

He says Lilim specifically because he is pretty sure that not even guys who got their virginity taken other Mamono did not experience what he did with Ezraphel during their first time which despite the numerous times afterwards was still vivid in his mind. The first time Stanley came inside Ezraphel he experienced a Doctor-Strange-type out of body experience where his mind ascended to the higher realms and Stanley, he shit you not, actually saw God.

Whether it was A God, The God or a fucking ROB, this higher being, who looked less like a person and more like a male outlined silhouette comprised of stars and galaxies, met Stanley’s eyes for a brief moment before he/she/it chucked up a deuces and Stanley fell back through the cosmos back into his mind again. When he came to he realized he had been gone for a literal minute and Ezraphel hadn’t noticed but that was only because he was still cumming inside of her.

Stanley never told Ezraphel about his experience, partly because he didn’t fully believe it was real and partly because he was living the dream and questions on the existence of a hypothetical supreme being would just harsh his buzz.

Ezraphel was also living the dream, nearly two months of hard work and tedious drama culminating into what has become the best week of her life. The best part of all this is that she didn’t even need to use any charm spells (not that she would), this vigorous sex marathon was all her Stanley’s idea as he took advantage of the ‘full access’ she gave him to make some of the oddest yet undeniably delectable suggestions to spice up their Honeymoon.

After the initial ‘marathon phase’ as Ezraphel called it, they were able to control themselves enough to not spend days having sex with reckless abandon. Not that they don’t have sex all the time, it’s that now they don’t lose themselves in the process, much. As wonderful and fantastical as having sex for days on end without food or rest sounded on paper the reality of such a thing is unfortunately a lot less so. No matter how much Mamono are able to survive and thrive on Spirit Energy the same could not be said for Incubi with Demonic Energy. While Mamono Demonic Energy can revitalize a man’s spirit energy and reignite their sex drive, humans and by extension Incubi aren’t built like Mamono and thus with each subsequent absorption of Demonic Energy there is a diminishing returns effect on their stamina and mental faculties.

Also, no matter how miraculous Demonic Energy may seem it cannot be substituted for food and water.

In the case of Mamono while it is rare for the average Mamono to experience it, there is such a thing as too much. Different species of Mamono can handle different amounts of Spirit Energy intake and it really depends on how quickly that species (or individual) can process the spirit energy into demonic energy and add it to their reserves. As a Lilim Ezraphel can do this rather quickly but even for her having too much before she could process would result in what the Succubi refer to as getting ‘cum drunk’. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Yes, Mamono can literally get drunk on cum.

It lasts for about as long as it takes said Mamono to process the excess spirit energy and if it turns out she can’t then it is advisable for her stop or seek medical attention. Of course pausing long enough for a Mamono to process this spirit energy or worse stopping is made more difficult due to the mamono herself. Being ‘cum drunk’ is one of the most addictive feelings a mamono could go through and they are usually very insistent on staying that way for as long as possible. At that stage their partner (or partners) would be hard pressed to stop the Mamono or even themselves from indulging further.

Ezraphel had the absolute pleasure of being in this state several times throughout the week and it was only through her constitution and Stanley’s assertion on moderation that allowed her come down from that most glorious high. And speaking of being high, even without the excess spirit energy Ezraphel was feeling rather ‘high’ on the tingling between her thighs right now.

The Lilim was at last content with her life, at least that should have been the case yet for some reason she could not help but feel something was missing from all this. For the life of her Ezraphel could not put her finger on it though, for what could be missing? She and Stanley had reaffirmed their love for each other, there were no personal walls between them and they have hot, sticky and lovey dovey sex every day.

Really, what else could she possibly be missing?

Whatever it is she could sense the discontent in her Stanley as well. It was the reason why she was thinking about this so much! The question isn’t ‘what does Ezraphel think is missing in this relationship?’ it’s ‘what does Stanley think is missing in their relationship?’ and it was driving her up the walls since he kept pondering about it.

“Hey Ez?”

“Yes, my love?”

“Ever feel like there’s something missing?”

‘Oh gods, here it comes’

“I don’t understand what you mean?” she lied a bit nervously.

He did not make mention of her tone and continued to stare into the sky “I mean, you think we’re moving too fast with our relationship?”

Somewhere in the background of the Lilim’s mind the chibi Ezraphel that had been soaring through the sky in content caught turbulence got struck by holy lightning and crashed in a burning heap like in that cartoons she watched.

On the inside she went ‘WHAT!?’

On The outside she gave a forced smile “w-what are you saying Stanley, we are not going too fast.”

If anything they weren’t going fast enough.

“Yeah no I think we’re definitely going too fast”

‘WHY!?’ she internally cried.

“We skipped a few things”

The internal crying paused ‘huh?’


“We’ve never even been on a date”

Ezraphel opened her mouth, closed it then opened it again with a tentative question “date?”

“Yeah” he gave her a look “don’t they have dates in your world” he paused “wait, what would you call it? Courtship?”

“I know what a date is Stanley” she said hurriedly “and yes we do have those…” she trailed off.

“Oh, I’m surprised you didn’t even try to plan some kind of romantic evening together”

Of course Ezraphel would have gotten around to doing that but “we are on our Honeymoon. Couples do not usually go on romantic outings until after this.”

“I’m pretty sure a Honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to go on romantic outings Ez.”

“…not for Mamono”

“Okay now you’re making that up”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are. Mamono go on about love so much why wouldn’t they go out on dates for their honeymoon?”

“Because then they wouldn’t have time to get to know each other…by having lots of sex.”





“Nothing, just…your culture is really weird”

Your culture is ‘really weird’ Stanley” she retorted with a huff.

“Wait do you mean ‘my’ culture as in Earth or just human culture in general?”


“…okay I’ll give you that” he admitted easily enough.


“But you seriously don’t see how ridiculous a relationship is when the pair initiate with sex first then get to know each other after they’re married?”

Ezraphel was confused now “what is so ridiculous about it? Mamono have the ability to instinctively choose the right partner to suite their taste and are able to further adapt to their partner’s personality traits afterwards.”

“And if their partner turns out to be the worst person?”

Ezraphel gave a mysterious smile “we have our ways”

“You use magic to alter their personalities then” he interrupted.

Ezraphel winced knowing how he is against tampering with someone’s mind “I was referring more to our presence having a positive effect on men. Even without magic men cannot help but fall prey to our charms, we are more than just ‘fiends’ using magic to entrap men and have our way with them Stanley, we have an instinctive near mastery of the art of seduction.”

“Is that what happened to me?”

Ezraphel gave a coquettish grin “why? You mad?”

He gave her a brief deadpan stare from the corner of his eye before looking back up at the sky “I guess not but you do use magic to alter a man’s perception if he isn’t to your liking.”

Ezraphel lost her grin “I will admit that there are Mamono who are less respectful of a human’s individuality and will freely use magic to alter their mind to suite their taste” or for their own amusement,

The Mindflayer came to forefront of her thoughts in this instance. Ezraphel had met a few before and she was more than unnerved with how much those particular Mamono would mess around with the minds of their husbands. Even more when they turn said husbands into these squid-like creatures that attach themselves to their front to pleasure them like some kind of mindless drone. She was aware that not all of their species were like this but that first meeting had left an impression and Ezraphel had found them to be displeasing at best and sickening at worst.

Perishing those thoughts Ezraphel continued “in some instances altering their minds is the best for everyone” she defended “would you rather have a psychopath influence a naïve yet powerful Mamono?”

Stanley’s mind immediately went to a Joker/Harley Quinn situation where the ‘Harley Quinn’ is a powerful Mamono who could do a lot of damage if influenced by her ‘Joker’ Husband to commit atrocities.


“Anyway that was not what we were originally talking about” she said with a huff.

“Oh and what were we talking about?”

She gave a coy smile “you were about to ask me out on a date.”

“really? That doesn’t sound like something I would do” he replied conversationally while sdopting a pondering look “nope I don’t think I was going to do that, Ez”

“Yes. You. Were~” she sang with teasing smirk.

“Nooo” he dragged out “I was asking why you haven’t taken me out on a date.”

Ezraphel’s jaw dropped and she sputtered somewhat “i-it is traditional for the men to take the women out for a romantic evening”

Stanley gave a shit eating grin and spoke in with an announcers voice “welcome to Earth where the Women’s Rights Movement, Gender Equality and Fem Nazi’s have made it so that I can demand my wife take me out on a date without taking any blows to my manhood. Also I’m paying for it either way so…” he paused to stretch “manhood secured~”

“…I was correct in my earlier words, your culture is weird”

“Ezraphel you know me” his eyes narrowed “you probably know more about me than I am comfortable with”

“I have no idea what you mean” she said diverting her eyes.

He didn’t believe her one bit, even he would notice there was something afoot with how in sync she seemed to be with his thoughts nowadays.

“Anyway, you should know how terrible I am with relationships. A romantic date is impossible for me” in that he has no motivation to even attempt to plan such a thing.

“Then why mention it at all?” she was quite content without knowing that.

“Because I cannot help but want to have some form of normalcy in this relationship” despite also being somewhat content.

“I did not expect this from you Stanley” that is, making an effort to bring something to the relationship that would inconvenience him.

“Me neither” he agreed “I guess this is just one of those things where you have to experience it for yourself to really know what you’d do.”

If this was pre-relationship/virgin Stanley he would have said he would be content with the sex and not bother dating if he didn’t have to.

“I still believe you should be the one to take me out Stanley”

“I hear your words and so I would like to present my counterpoint” he paused dramatically “we could plan our date, together

“That…is a wonderful idea~” she gushed and gave him a kiss.

“I know…”

Stanley wasn’t going to take on the arduous task of actually planning something romantic, he swore to himself at the beginning that he would not stress about stuff in this relationship and just have Ezraphel lead. Then he realized he would be the one to pay for whatever inane and expensive thing Ezraphel suggests and thought up a compromise that would be less taxing on his account.

“I think my work here is done” he made to sit up only for a sinuous tail to wrap around his torso and drag him back down. Once down Ezraphel straddled and loomed over him like a sexy specter of the night.

“Now who said your ‘job’ was finished Stanley~”

Oh shit she was giving him the look.

Stanley started sputtering “o-oh come on Ez! I came like nine times just now! What time is it anyway?”

In response she conjured a clock “7:47pm” she said before tossing the electronic to give the trapped man beneath her a salacious grin “that means we have 4 hours and 13 minutes to work on breaking your record before the day is officially over~” she sang cheerily.

“B-but that’s impossible” he whimpered.

Two hands caressed either side of his face “do not worry Stanley, I believe in you”

“That is not-oooh~” his retort cut midway into a moan as he felt himself slip into her, a feeling that he will never get used to.

Ezraphel was in rapture “ah~ back where you belong and I won’t let you go until you break that record~”

“But you said-ah~” again he was cut off when she started bouncing.

“I believe in you! Go for ten Stanley! GO.FOR.TEN~”

~Date Plans~

Considering Stanley’s hermit lifestyle, Ezraphel’s status as an illegal interdimensional alien and neither of them having been on a date before, planning one would be a new experience for the both of them. They both lay on the couch or rather Ezraphel laid on the couch with her head on the armrest, Stanley laid on Ezraphel with his head on her boobs and his laptop laid on him.

“Okay so you have any ideas you want to throw in for this?”

Ezraphel who was playing with his hair replied “I am not particularly picky-”

Upon hearing that Stanley interrupted “Bull. Shit. Also you aren’t allowed to cop out of this one Ez. There is no ‘I’ in team.”

The Lilim pouted at his curse but hummed in thought “well I may have some ideas from what I have observed from couples at home. I do not know how those would work here however”

“Let’s face it we need all the ideas we can get and besides some things are just multiversal, they couldn’t be that far off” he assured.

“Well, couples in the Royal Makai would see a Play”

Said Plays would usually devolve into orgies due to their content but human Plays would not have such content in them.

“No plays here, well there are but I’m not into those. We do have Movie Theatres though.”

“I take it by the name this is a place where one goes to view a movie”

“Yep but new ones that won’t be shown on stream for almost a year”

“But they will be shown on the ‘stream’ correct?”


“…why not wait until then?”

“A bunch of reasons actually. Buying a ticket helps to support the people involved in the movie making process which will allow them to make more content, you get to see the movie sooner than others, the cinematic experience is unique and one of a kind, in this day and age the chances of having the plot spoiled online is very high and it is one of the modern staples of human social interaction since the last century.”

Ezraphel blinked at his very objective and fair description of what she understood is a social activity which made her suspicious “do you go to the movie theatre Stanley?”

“Fuck no! Why would I spend money on an overpriced ticket with overpriced food, sitting in a dark crowded room with a bunch of strangers watching something that’s going to be available for public viewing online for free in a couple of months?”

Stanley caught himself and looked back to see Ezraphel was staring at him with a raised eyebrow.

Feeling a little embarrassed at his display he cleared his throat and continued more calmly “also movie theatres are meant to be enjoyed with friends, families and loved ones. I didn’t have any of those so I didn’t see the point in trying it. Now I have one of those things. I mean I have you now and I want to try those things with you.”

At the end of his words Stanley took a deep breath, closed his eyes and placed the laptop on the nearby coffee table then waited. Not even a moment later and he was hit by hurricane Ezraphel being smothered in hugs, kisses and squeals.

If there was any solace, at least she didn’t start stripping.

Ten Minutes Later…

“You get that out of your system?” an irritated and disheveled Stanley covered in hickeys glared.

“For now~”

He grumbled at that and they resumed their previous position “alright so movies” he started checking what was showing in the nearby theatre and cringed “of course, the one time I wanted to go to the damn movies and there’s nothing showing worth watching” he grumbled.

“Are you sure?” she said pointing at a specific show “that looks interesting”

“It’s not” he said flatly “its garbage and I will not waste my money watching trash blowing in the wind onscreen” he paused again to look back at Ezraphel then took a breath “there is more than one theatre and they don’t all show the exact same thing at any given time.”

And so for the next few minutes Stanley searched to find a theatre showing something that would be worth the price of admission. That is how his thought process started before it turned into finding a decent place for his wife who would be going into a movie theatre for the first time.

Ezraphel felt the mounting frustration and decided to end his search with a few well placed words “there is no need to continue searching Stanley. While I would love to enjoy this ‘cinematic experience’ I much prefer our first outing to be enjoyable for the both of us.”

Stanley looked conflicted “I mean…if you’re sure?”

She gave him a chaste kiss and smiled reassuringly “I am”

“…cool” he turned back around “then I guess we can just go out to eat at a fancy restaurant.”

Behind him his girlfriend perked up ‘restaurant, gourmet meals, new recipes!?’

“Let’s do that” she said immediately startling the man.

“Okay, you seem eager. Any particular reason why?”

“I am very interested to see earth cuisine done by a recognized gourmet chef”

Stanley blinked then scoffed “well I don’t know about that but if you’re looking for the best in the area” he hit up Yelp and after a few minutes he found the best restaurant in the area, according to ratings and reviews.


“What is this?”

“It’s a website exclusively used for reviewing restaurants” he informed.

Now she was thoroughly interested “how have I never encountered such a thing?” she wondered.

Ever since she started, Ezraphel has really gotten into cooking, preparing the ingredients, experimenting with new recipes and most importantly watching the expression of satisfaction on her Stanley’s face whenever he consumes them. There was a unique feeling of pride with every dish she prepares for him and the positive and dare she say appreciative feedback she receives might just be the third best feeling of Ezraphel’s life.

The best feeling in Ezraphel’s life is and will always be when Stanley finishes inside her after pounding in her for the better part of an hour. Although that feeling might be eclipsed when she gives birth to his children which is a certainty but she is getting ahead of herself.

 “The internet is as vast and mysterious as the oceans themselves” Stanley answered sagely “not even I have been able to explore all its depths.”

And really that was deliberate on his part. Some things were just meant to be undiscovered.

Back to the restaurants though, unlike the movies they had a great deal more selection this time around. The best part is that these restaurants weren’t exactly the type of high class places where they would need to dress up to enter. Most of them just had good customer service, an amiable atmosphere and great tasting food.

“Okay so it all boils down to two things in each restaurant-” was about as far as he got before Ezraphel gently pushed him aside to seize his laptop “what the hell?”

“Shush Stanley” she said  getting comfortable “you got to choose our destination the first time, now it is my turn”

Stanley’s mouth dropped before he rolled his eyes and scooted away “fine whatever” he said petulantly.

Ezraphel glanced at him for a moment before going back to the screen “do not worry Stanley, you can play with my tail while I am busy”

“The hell is that supposed to mean?”

At that point Ezraphel got into perusing the restaurant options while everything else became background noise.

“Whoa the fuck? Ez, Ez? Knock it off!”

Ezraphel quickly began to familiarize herself with the layout of the website. Stanley was kind enough to configure it in a way so that it would list the restaurants within several miles of this very house. No matter what she chose the longest would not take even an hour to reach by vehicle, depending on traffic.

“Dammit woman, get your tail under control before I- hey let go of my pants!”

Stanley did more than just made it so it showed restaurants, he made it so that it showed restaurants popular with couples which was so thoughtful and romantic~

“You’re being a real bitch right now, I hope you know that!”



“My pants!”

It would seem that restaurants frequented by couples were very popular because even among what must have been a very specific set of prerequisites the website provided a wide array of options for her to choose. It was also not only the quantity but the quality as well was diverse with the restaurant providing different themes/aesthetics, cuisines of different cultures and so on.

*Struggling noises in the background*

“Fuck it, do whatever you want”

Luckily with each restaurant she selected there were also comments from actual patrons there to specifically help in her decision. Ezraphel could tell that these were not critics, in the professional sense but rather everyday people who honestly give their opinion on the place. Though there are a few diatribes that try to sound as professional as they can about it, much to her amusement.

As a princess Ezraphel was more than familiar with sophistry.

Throughout it all though, she managed to find what she was looking for.

“I am finished Stanley~”

She looked to the side to see her husband sprawled out on the sofa, eyes glazed, drool at the corner of his lips and completely without pants as her tail continued to jerk him with the dexterous expertise most professional masseuses only wished they had.

“And from the looks of it, so are you~” she cooed

His glazed eyes glared at her and he managed to rasp out “I will…get you…b-ACK…for this” he swore.

Ignoring the promise of reprisal on his part Ezraphel shot forward like a python and her mouth enveloped his member a moment before he released. Just to be a dick Stanley forced her head down to take all of him down her throat which would have been effective if Ezraphel did not expect such a play and actually counted on him doing it.

Ezraphel loves the sensation of his thick meat sliding all the way down her throat.

After a minute and Stanley was finally finished, five minutes and he was coming down and five more and Ezraphel finally deigned to release him. Despite the fact that he was long enough to reach down her throat and thick enough for said throat to bulge Ezraphel took a particularly long time to pull away. She savored every single bump, ridge and stimulation he made while sliding out and throughout it all she never stopped sucking.

Stanley could only stare at the woman as she purposefully dragged out the process of pulling her mouth away from his member. He said it before and he would say it a thousand more times but it was times like this where he is reminded that Ezraphel was truly a goddamn sex fiend.

It was willpower and stubbornness that prevented him becoming hard. That and he purposefully distracted himself by looking at her eyes rather than at his foot long meat sliding out her mouth, every inch literally spit-cleaned and blow-dried. Normally looking into a succubi’s eyes would be detrimental to curbing a man’s sex drive but in this case there was a legitimate reason for his lack of follow up erection.

Ezraphel had hearts in her eyes.

His hands blindly and frantically groped around for his phone, he dared not break eye contact with the Lilim who seemed to be in a trance-like state or even blink. Of all the weird, mysterious and bullshit phenomena that happens around Ezraphel, her getting heart-eyes is one the more surreal experiences. It was also the most frustrating since Ezraphel seems to be completely unaware of this and he figured the reason was whenever she exhibits this she is in a heightened state of pleasure.

How high?

The kind that rappers only wish they get.

Conversely the heart-eyes phenomena is about as elusive as common sense is to those ‘experts’ on Ancient Aliens, one moment you think you have i-aand it’s gone. Stanley figured this one was going to last as long as it took for her to completely pull off of his dick which meant he had a few more seconds. Luckily he managed to find his phone, input the password, get to the camera and get her face in focus. Just as his thumb was about to take the shot, Ezraphel reached his head and she vacuum sucked as if getting the last traces of juice through a straw.


The sudden sensation was enough to have him screw up the first pic which was a blurry mess ‘shit!’

Gritting his teeth to ignore the sudden build up of pleasure and something else he aimed the slight shaky phone at Ezraphel who continued to look into his eyes (now the camera) and grinned before he snapped the picture only to immediately drop the phone arch his head back as he came a second time. This second time had him grinning with a feeling of accomplishment and triumph.

From his position, resting his head on the armrest he looked down in time to see Ezraphel pull off his flaccid penis. She opened her mouth to show him nearly overflowing white then swallowed it in a single gulp, not a single trace was left back.

“Delicious ambrosia as always Stanley~” she purred leaning on the opposite end of the armchair, legs spread and showing a wet spot in her shorts.

‘That’s hot…and little disgusting’

Yeesh and he thought the fanfictions were just exaggerating on how juicy Mamono can get when they’re excited. In any case since Ezraphel was coming off her high he thought it would be a great time to hit her with a distraction before this devolves any further and…

“No” he whispered, his eyes shaky and hands trembled as he viewed the picture on screen.

It was Ezraphel with his cock in her mouth mid suction but her eyes were closed and if that was the end then it wouldn’t have been so bad however, his eyes twitched when he saw Ezraphel was giving a god damn peace sign in the picture.

‘What the fuck is this!?’

~Moderation Is Key~

His eyes snapped towards her and she gave him an innocent smile, not aware of the transgression she had done…then she started to use the soles of her feet to massage his half erect cock to full mast.

On another note, of all the fetishes he’d read and watched in hentai Stanley never thought in a million years that he would have developed one for feet, no matter the circumstances. He still didn’t have a foot fetish but there was something about having Ezraphel’s oddly soft soles massaging his thicker-than-a-snicker-Lilim-pecker that really got him going.

And it would have gotten him here too, unfortunately the pleasures of her ministration was being overtaken by his UNYEILDING RAGE!!

Stanley didn’t have to shout or even give a scowl for Ezraphel to know what was going on, his emotion hit her like a truck and her emotion did an abrupt 180. Her eyes bugged out in shock, her feet receded and with that distraction gone Stanley junior shrank down and flopped in the fetal position before daddy got the belt.

The Lilim hesitated for a moment before taking a dive “i-is something wrong Stanley?”

“…no…everything is…fine…”

It was petty, it was stupid to be this emotional over a damn picture but that damn heart-eyes… Stanley now knew why people are so obsessed with Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, aliens or other folklore. Why stupid shit like Ghost Hunters and Ancient Aliens are still a thing. People want to believe it’s real and would look to anyone who could possibly prove it, no matter how, ridiculous, inconsistent or fucking stupid they are.

Except in this instance Stanley knew it was real, he has seen it multiple times. Fuck even Eros’ servants have goddamn Heart-eyes and yet for some inexplicable reason Ezraphel denies its existence, why?

Oh, he knew the reason why.

‘That bitch’

It’s all a conspiracy but Stanley wasn’t about to let it go. Partly because he wanted to prove her wrong, partly because he wanted to get to the bottom of this ‘conspiracy’ and also he subconsciously realized that obsessing over it would keep his mind distracted and disrupt the pacing Ezraphel would set up for sex. It didn’t work all the time but it sure as hell does some of the time and that’s good enough for Stanley’s subconscious higher brain function.

“One of these days Ez, one of these days” he grumbled to himself.


“Nothing” he looked away then pinched the bridge of his nose “this is getting out of hand.”

He was upset and that in turn made her feel bad so she began crawling over to him “Stanley-”

“No! You stay over there” he snapped only to regret it when he saw the hurt look on her face.

 “Okay” she said, looking forlorn.

A long drawn out groan escaped his lips at his screw up ‘god-fucking-dammit-Stan’

“Okay Ez, didn’t mean for it to come out like that, I’m just frustrated. It has nothing to do with you”

She gave him a look, one part hopeful and another part skeptical “really?”

“…okay it has a little to do with you…actually it has a lot to do with you” he admitted.


“But-BUT, I have enough pattern recognition to see where this was going to eventually go” he explained.


He gave her a flat look that screamed seriously before counting off his fingers “first it was a long makeout session, then you give me a tail job and followed up with a blowjob” his stare was piercing “tell me that the next step wasn’t going to be me pounding away at you balls deep?”

For a moment she cupped her now crimson cheeks with a lewd smile and wiggling tail as she fantasized about that very prospect “o-oh my~” then suddenly aware of Stanley’s leery gaze she snapped out of the fantasy and yelled “I-I mean, no!”

“…” he quirked an eyebrow.

Ezraphel succumbed almost immediately and looked away while adopting a sheepish expression before whispering “I was going to be on top this time.”

“See this is what I’m talking about!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it!” Ezraphel wailed “you are just so small and cute and…” she started gesturing wildly in his direction before blurting out “irresistible~”

“Okay first of all I ain’t ‘small’ or ‘cute’ I’m a little shorter than the average human male and at best I’m handsome” he emphasized “second, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I am hardly as ‘irresistible’ as you seem to think.”

“But you are” she stated firmly.

“No I’m not” he retorted with confidence.

“Yes you are” Ezraphel would not be deterred.

“I’m really not” he assured “and I am absolutely fine with that”

This time Ezraphel sighed “Stanley, you should not sell yourself short…” she trailed off looking at the man awkwardly “um…”

“What? It’s a turn of phrase, it has nothing to do with my height”

“I’m sorry but you look so cute when you get annoyed, my little man~” she gushed.

“See that right there, that would piss me off” he glared then snatched the tail creeping towards him, deliberately not touching the sensitive spade “and this is what I meant by getting out of hand. Jesus Christ Ez, we can’t even plan a freaking date without it devolving into sex and I get that’s your thing but…” he trailed off as a thought occurred “be honest with me Ez, is this whole constant sex thing a phase or are you just trying to spare my feelings because this is how our relationship is going to be going forward?”

“…I mean…it is not…necessarily true…”

As she tried to regain her thoughts in order to explain herself Stanley sat up straight and stared ahead “you know, it just occurred to me. I’ve read most of the profiles on the MGE, I’ve even read a bunch of fanfiction on what life would be like for a guy married to a Lilim. I guess those wouldn’t have been very good examples since they were all written by humans. So I’m asking you Ez, as a Lilim, what would you say a daily life with a Lilim would be like?”

He gave her a sideways glance, she returned it, unable or unwilling to answer the question.

At least it was for a moment before she sighed “ha, if my sisters are to be believed then it would be a life filled with happiness, love and hedonistic pleasures most mortals would not even be able to fathom” she chuckled “of course the ones who say that aren’t even married so…”

“Druella” he suddenly interrupted.

“…yesss” she hissed with contempt before composing herself “I am sorry. I suppose in my enthusiasm I may have taken advantage of your ignorance towards my culture to…indulge myself.”

She spoke with the poise of a politician making a formal apology.

Stanley narrowed his eyes “you didn’t answer my question though. What exactly am I in for with being your husband?”

Ezraphel tapped her chin “well I will definitely try to let it be a life filled with happiness, love and hedonistic pleasures most mortals would not even be able to fathom”

“Oh brother” he rolled his eyes.

She smiled cheekily and turned fully to him “but~ I will also do all the menial work around the house to ensure its upkeep” Ezraphel leaned forward “I will cook for you, I will support you, I will comfort you and I will protect you” she began to crawl towards him “should you wish it, I will use the power at my disposal to make your every wish a reality~”

Stanley laughed nervously as she cupped his cheek, the utter look of adoration made him swallow “heh, well that’s just not fair. What the hell am I supposed to say after you go and make a declaration like that? I mean, you look like you’ve got everything all figured out”

“I am sure you can think of something”



“Y-you want me to say it right now?”

She continued to look at him expectantly.

“I uh, guess I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing up to this point”

“And that is?”

“Being your keeper” he answered bluntly before softening some “providing a roof over our heads, paying the bills, keeping you entertained and on a leash”

“Oh my~”

“Metaphorically!” he added quickly “the leash is a metaphor for restraint Ez, I’m not into that kinky shit”




He gave her a look before leaning forward to snake his arms around her waist “and I guess I also have the responsibility of keeping you satisfied”

“Aw Stanley~”

However” he interrupted “we gotta have moderation Ez. Even if I was cool with the pace you’re setting we literally would not last long like this. Disregarding my hang-ups on it as a human, I still need to do my job” then he continued through gritted teeth “which gets very complicated when my…wife decides she wants sexy times and I end up losing an entire day!”

Ezraphel looked sufficiently guilty at that, Stanley had explained his work to her once and while most of what he said went over her head, what she did understand was that his work allowed him to do it at home most times and allows for what he called ‘flexible hours’. Meaning he can not only finish it at home but unless it is urgent he can complete it at any given point within a certain timeframe which is usually a week.

For Ezraphel that meant she could use this to maximize the amount of time spent with her husband.


“Ah don’t…don’t apologize” he groaned “why is it that when I complain about a legitimate problem you cause I always end up feeling like more of an asshole than usual? Is this a woman thing? A marriage thing!? Is this how future arguments are going to play out between us? Because I gotta tell you Ez, if that’s the case I seriously have doubts about our future together.”

Of course he was being sarcastic but the Lilim took what he said at face value and with a shout of “NO!” took him in a forceful hug that would make most Yeti’s proud. And just like that Stanley once again inserted foot inside mouth.

“Kidding! I was kidding dammit, you know I love you Ezraphel!”

Muffled as it was Ezraphel heard and gave him room “you promise?”

He rolled his eyes “yes, yes as if you didn’t already know.”

Stanley has figured out that Ezraphel would use some of his callous verbal slip ups as an excuse to manipulate the situation to get closer to him. It used to be basic guilt-tripping technique but nowadays she would just pounce on him in a ‘fit of emotion’ and they would end up having, you guessed it, SEX.

Speaking of which he realized that Ezraphel was basically straddling him and he wasn’t wearing any pants. Also she started grinding on him and he could feel the wet spot in her shorts was getting larger.

Rather than panic or get agitated Stanley carefully spoke “so about this date”

He trailed off as she stopped in realization “ah, right” without moving from her position Ezraphel’s tail reached out and brought the laptop for them to see “I did choose a place for us to eat out.”

Stanley took a long gander at where she chose and thought to himself ‘well I could say I should have seen this coming, but that would be ironic.’

Of course Ezraphel chose the restaurant that had a dress code for entry. On the other hand he could see that the place had a great review, the location wasn’t too far and the food was really good.

Still he had to ask “why did you choose this place specifically?”

“You don’t like it?”

“I never said that, I’m just curious and I would have asked you the same question no matter what you chose.”

“Oh” she placed the laptop down as she thought about it “well I suppose of all the restaurants I saw, that one reminded me of a restaurant I had once been to back home.”


‘Well this got awkward’

“Do…you ever miss-”

“Could you set the reservations Stanley” she interrupted removing herself from his lap “it does not matter to me when. I will be back momentarily.”

The man blinked and slowly nodded “okay but where are you going?”

Ezraphel paused, her back towards him before she spoke “I…wish to check on a personal matter, nothing for you to worry about.”

This made Stanley’s brow furrow but before he could voice his complaint she snapped her finger and Stanley’s ripped and scattered sweatpants affixed itself to his body in perfect condition. A moment later and Ezraphel was gone, teleported to god knows where and he knew for a definite fact that’s going to come up again later. As for now he needed to make a reservation.

‘I need to check my bank account too’

‘Been a while since I’d done that’ about a week or two before Ezraphel showed up.

Stanley gave a very dry chuckle as he looked at pictures of the restaurant consisting of polished wood, chandeliers, a freaking wine collection!? After this date he wouldn’t be surprised if the bank called again to enquire about his odd spending. They called before after he bought Ezraphel’s wardrobe and that conversation went like:

“Yeah, no that was me. I was buying some clothes for my girlfriend…yes I’m serious!”

Speaking of clothes Stanley realized that he only had a single piece of formal wear, the tuxedo he wore to his grandpa’s funeral, a few years back.

‘Rest In Power, pop-pop’

If it were a week ago he wouldn’t have to worry but as he came to realize this past week most of his wardrobe weren’t cutting it anymore, specifically his pants.

An explosive sigh escaped his lips “shit, don’t tell me I have rent a tux.”

~The Art of Fine Dining~

So, good news and bad news.

The good news is he had managed to get a reservation for next week Saturday which had given him adequate time to do some research. The bad news is it turns out the dinner was going to be a bigger hassle than he thought, specifically preparing for said dinner was going to be more of a hassle than he thought, much more.

He actually Googled fancy restaurant just to get an idea of what was to be expected from both the establishment and from him and what he found began a downward spiral into the abyss that is fine dining. First thing he learned was that the technical term for fancy restaurants was actually ‘fine dining restaurant’ or ‘White Tablecloth restaurant’ because disposable napkins were for peasants. If Stanley sounds unreasonable about this topic it’s because he had a copy of the restaurant’s menu.

That is a lot of money to spend for something he could have for a fraction of the cost if he bought it in a store and have Ezraphel cook it. He’s also pretty sure the quality would be the same too but since he never actually ate at a 5 Star restaurant that has yet to be seen. That’s part of the reason why he wasn’t calling this off but let’s be honest the only reason he was going through with it was because of Ezraphel.

This was going to be a first for them, which at this point is a miracle because they don’t have a lot of ‘firsts’ after last week. For all of the time they had until the day, Ezraphel’s mood has been on a high that just wasn’t coming down. It was actually kind of annoying since in contrast to her enthusiasm he was a ball of nerves and frustration. Remember when he referred to ‘fine dining’ as an abyss, well he wasn’t just talking about finances.

He had felt a bit irritated that he would have to rent a tuxedo for the venue but actually he didn’t have to because as it turns out the modern dress code for table cloth restaurants was actually a combination of clothing termed ‘business casual’. Stanley has never heard of such a thing and upon consulting Dr. Google he found that none of his current wardrobe fit the images he was presented with and so he had to take a trip to a name brand clothing store to get the good stuff.

And if you think buying a new set of wardrobe was the end of Stanley’s problems this week, ho-ho you are in for one hell of a ride.

The purchase itself went against everything he stood for when it came to his definition of economic spending but as with every time something like this pops up he always felt that Ezraphel was worth it. He had planned to go by himself but somehow Ezraphel had found out and managed to give a pretty good argument as to why he should let her go with him. No she didn’t have get on her knees or take off her clothes, she just conjured a full length mirror and stuck him in front of it.

That pretty much killed any arguments he might have against bringing her along.

Yeah, he forgot his sense of fashion sucked and it would be much preferable to have Ezraphel’s impeccable taste in wardrobe selection, gained from hours upon hours of binging fashion videos, be his guide. He was hoping for a smooth transition but he should have known that was a fool’s dream and that he was being stupid for hoping any public outing with Ezraphel was going to be smooth.

They’d showed up at the clothing store that sold the best brand and the first thing of note to happen was that one employee mistook them for relatives. Well Stanley thought it was a mistake but in actuality, according to Ezraphel it was the first of a series of subtle probing questions to find out if she was in a relationship with someone.

Of course the guy didn’t expect Stanley to be that someone and the look on his face when she rectified his ‘mistake’ in hindsight was almost worth the sudden migraine when Ezraphel introduced herself as his wife.

“The rings are still being made” Stanley remembered saying from within the palms covering his face.

That epic failure of an attempt at flirting practically set the tone for the rest of the trip. Even when she wasn’t deliberately looking like sex incarnate Ezraphel drew the most unwanted attention. He just wanted one good outfit but she wanted a Stanley Fashion Show and dressed him up in any outfit that looked good. Thank god he had the physique for it otherwise it would have been more embarrassing which was saying something.

Aside from that bit Ezraphel’s over the top displays of affection, which he knew for a fact was deliberate drew eyes to him and that is never a good thing. Stanley and public perception don’t have the best relationship and it stemmed from the bane of most adolescent life, fucking Highschool, but that wasn’t a can of worms he was not willing to open, ever. Long story short, he’d mastered the art of not giving a fuck about anything or anybody that he fooled himself into thinking that it didn’t matter what people thought about him and to a degree that was true.

He had thought he knew the reason for their gawking before (Ezraphel) but then something happened, an event that caused him to gain perspective. At the cashier Stanley happened to catch a glimpse of a full length mirror, one of several in the store and this one happened to catch both him and Ezraphel standing side by side. Ezraphel looked happy enough and very stunning even as a human and as for him…greasy hair, unshaved beard, wrinkled T-shirt, baggy sweats and flip flops.

Even with the cosmetic change brought on by Ezraphel’s spell he still saw a greasy troll next to a Super Model and that…that was when he became acutely aware of the whispers. Stanley really didn’t care for what strangers thought of him but there were limits and at that moment it wasn’t just him. He doubted Ezraphel gave a damn about the opinions of sheep, he can guarantee she cared less for their words than he did but some things would not slide with her.

It was one thing to critique him but it was another to critique her, especially for ‘her taste in men’ and the worst part was that Ezraphel didn’t seem to listen or care because if she did, she would have made her thoughts about their words known. Ezraphel was very defensive of their relationship which in today’s day wasn’t as odd as it would be a decade ago. A man doesn’t have to be at the peak of masculinity, be a pretty boy or even have a steady income to score a beautiful girl. Taste is as diverse today as the different ethnicities of the world population. Sure you’d get some odd looks but it wouldn’t be anything special, even for a girl like Ezraphel.

At best they’d wonder how and why?

The thing about these whispers or criticisms and the reason why it hit him harder than he expected was because he realized that unlike Ezraphel who always does her best to ‘represent’ in their relationship, Stanley doesn’t. Here she was dressed in her best, looking like she leapt out the pages of a fucking catalogue meanwhile he literally just threw on the first thing he could get his hands on.

It shouldn’t matter to him what other people think, fuck em, but at the same time they were like an audio worm boring into his skull and he just could not get over it. Eventually that worm bore into his subconscious and Stanley, after a bout of self reflection vowed to himself that he would at least try. He wasn’t about to go beyond the pale and pretend to be something he wasn’t like a cliché but at the very least the next time they’re in public people would wonder

“How did a guy like that manage to score a babe like her?”

Instead of.

“Why is a woman like her hanging around a greasy troll like that?”

*Cue Montage Music*

Personal appearance aside Stanley had to learn proper dining etiquette which doesn’t just extend to learning how to eat with a knife and fork. Apparently it’s disrespectful to leave your keys and phone on the table which Stanley wouldn’t have done either way because why would he leave his stuff out for people to steal? Then he remembered the menu and figured that he might pull out his phone to look up some of this stuff.

‘What the fuck is an escargot?’

*Record Scratch – Stop Montage Music*

Snail, escargot is snail.

“That is disgusting”

If this is the type of thing rich can afford to eat and willingly eat he’d rather stick with takeout or Ezraphel’s home cooking.

“What is?”


 “Nope, just Ezraphel” she said cheekily before focusing on the screen.

Her clothed breasts draped the back of his head as she leaned forward though this did not deter him from asking “Ez, what did I tell you about entering my office while I’m working”

“You said not to do it”


“Well technically you are not ‘working’ at the moment.”

“A man needs his privacy Ez!” he shouted.

“But I’m booored~” she whined, even making mini jumps like a spoiled child “also I thought you might need assistance and I was right”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” she dragged out “I assumed since you had never been to an upscale eating establishment you might be interested to learn how to properly conduct yourself in such an environment.”

Stanley gave her a blank stare “really, you?”

Ezraphel pouted “well I am a princess Stanley.”

“…oh yeah”

“Why do you keep acting surprise every time I mention that?” she wailed.

His eyes narrowed “you know why.”

She met his gaze for a moment before diverting it in glum acceptance. Even for a Mamono she hasn’t exactly acted the part of royalty but in her defense Ezraphel has been thoroughly enjoying the freedom that comes with not being a recognized princess. You’d think with so many other princesses doing bigger things that you wouldn’t be scrutinized much by the world but that isn’t the case, all of the Lilim had to uphold a certain degree of gravitas.

It was the reason why she acted the way she did when she first met her Stanley.

Of course she couldn’t say this, so instead she replied “well I know what an ‘escargot’ is.”

This made Stanley raise an eyebrow “really?”

“Cooked edible snails” she answered smugly

“Interesting choice of words” he said suspiciously.


“How do I know you hadn’t been waiting behind me for a long time and just happened to see when I looked up escargot on Wikipedia? I mean, it’s too coincidental that you happen to just appear like that to answer when I said that’s disgusting

She blinked the looked bashful “well I did wait to a little to make my presence known”


“But I really do know these things Stanley and if I remember correctly they served escargot as an ‘hors d’oeuvre’ at parties hosted by the undead nobilities.”

“You mean the Wights?”

“Among others, yes” she nodded “but if you are so unsure” with a snap of her finger she was seated daintily on a plush chair “then go ahead and ask.”

“Challenge accepted” he muttered and went to the computer “what’s Fois Gras?”

“Liver of a fattened Goose or duck”


“Pouring fat or ‘drippings’ from the pan onto the food to develop the flavor.”


“Shellfish soup”

“…creme fraiche?”

Her face scrunched up a bit in thought “I believe it is a sauce using sour cream”

“Holy shit you weren’t kidding” he said.

“Right? And my knowledge does not only extend to the food. I am well versed in etiquette” she said crossing her legs like a true lady of class…wearing booty shorts and a crop top.

Stanley looked unimpressed “you do realize some of your uh, etiquette lessons might be outdated by Earth standards right?”

Ezraphel rolled her eyes “was it not you who said some things are multiversal?”

That phrase was vaguely familiar.

“Also you are not the only one who has been doing research” she said with gleam in her eye.

He was surprised but really he shouldn’t be, he’d know when Ezraphel got into something she became committed whether it be cleaning cooking or even making a revolutionary new spell, all she needed was the right motivation.

“Okay, say I buy this. What ‘sage advice’ could you give me so that I not look like a hick?”

“Don’t make a fuss about the price of anything.”



“…wow, just skipped the foreplay huh?”

“Well, I do know you Stanley”

In any case he figured as much, he wouldn’t want to be the only guy in the joint to make a complaint about prices and alert everyone to the fact that this was his first time in a fancy restaurant.

“Okay, what else?”

“It would be best if you made prior arrangements for payment of the meal beforehand”


“To avoid looking at the cheque at the end of the meal”

Stanley looked at her with mouth agape “I’m not that bad”

Yes he is.

“Yes you are”

“…yes I am” he admitted with a groan and leaned back in his gamer chair.

“Oh, don’t worry Stanley. I still love you, flaws and all”

“I don’t count that as a flaw Ez” he muttered behind the veil of his palm.

She must not have heard him or more likely she ignored his words because she kept speaking “I know this particular venue goes against your budget constraints but~” Stanley peaked from behind his palms to find Ezraphel hovering over him “since you seem upset I could-”

“You’re gonna ask for sex aren’t you?” he deadpanned.

Ezraphel came up short, staring at him in mild shock “how did you…am I so predictable?” she questioned aloud in genuine wonder while looking to the side.

As Ezraphel contemplated this Stanley’s gaze went to where he could see her tail wagging in anticipation seemingly of its own mind.

“…I could not tell you off the top of my head. Damn sex fiend” he grumbled with a roll of his eyes.

Red eyes snapped to his still covered face as the Lilim, feeling vaguely insulted said “I am not that bad!”

Still with his deadpan express he reached out both hands and grabbed her chest before giving a rough squeeze.


“Yes you are” he smirked.

Yes I am~” she moaned in reply.

Stanley expertly kneaded Ezraphel’s chest through her top, flipping her switch immediately. Ezraphel’s expression turned aheago and she kept releasing lusty moans. If that seemed too easy, just remember Stanley has had a lot of practice, Ezraphel wasn’t the only one taking mental notes during their sexcapades and the spell gave him the instincts of an Incubus.

The only difference between him and Ezraphel was that he knew the importance of restraint. If he really wanted to he could make her pass out from pleasure too. It wouldn’t be as quick or as easy as she did to him but he knew it can be done because he had done it before.

“You know what, I got some frustrations to work out anyway” he spoke before pulling her into the chair for a make-out session.

A moment later he felt a slight draft realizing that Ezraphel had stripped them both naked “hey!” he pushed them from the chair “you know how I feel about doing it in the office, Ez”

The last time they did it there…the aftermath was not conducive to a sanitary work environment.

Ezraphel responded with a smirk and tackled him onto the bed in his room “I hate it when you do that” he muttered before she landed on top of him, full weight and all “I really hate it when you do that.”

Ezraphel giggled unrepentantly and went to continue only to have her boobs grabbed again, except this time instead of a massage he used them as hand holders to ease her up.

“Hold on, I’m leading this time”

A literal gleam entered the Lilim’s eyes “oh, unexpected” she supported herself over him on hands and knees “and how will you have me?”

“Well, first I want to see this phat ass-



“-jiggle when I fuck it

If Ezraphel smiled any wider her face would break but a moment later her expression subdued into one of lustful anticipation “as you wish~” backing away the Lilim slowly made her way to the window overlooking the street.

Said windows had the blinds drawn apart let in the sun and in other circumstances a curious bystander would have certainly noticed her. Fortunately among the myriad of spells Ezraphel had erected in the room for various reasons, one of them allowed for a one way glass like in interrogation rooms. No one could see inside but they most certainly can see everyone outside and that was the point.

Ezraphel was a bit of an exhibitionist.

Anyway Ezraphel bent at a 90 degree angle, deliberately pressing her breasts on the glass to present Stanley her ass, which in itself could have been the foundation for a religion. Her tail snaked down her cleft to spread her cheeks revealing her already juicy fruit.

“Come and get it, Stanley~”

That he did but did not rush, instead taking his time. Part of it was because he liked to see her squirm but mostly he used the opportunity to stretch. One should always stretch before doing vigorous activities.

Once he was inches from dat ass he sighed “you’re making a mess of the floor Ez”

She always does.

“I’m sorry~”

He wasn’t one to talk, his balls felt like dead weight and pre was dripping from the tip but she didn’t need to know that.

“That’s alright” he reached down and fingered her “free lube.”

“Stanley~ don’t tease me~”

Ignoring her whining but appreciating the way how she wiggled her ass he thoroughly lubed his tool before getting into position. This was the moment both of them were waiting for, Ezraphel was literally trembling with excitement and her breaths grew ragged with anticipation. Stanley felt so pent up and something in Ezraphel’s juices only seemed to exacerbate the situation, there was no longer a choice now, he needed to fuck Ezraphel.

Gripping her ass cheeks tight he pressed his head against her.

“Ah, Stanley that’s my-”

“I told you I wanted to see that ass jiggle when I fuck-hmph. It.”


He was about to spend a lot of money, probably more than he’d ever spend at a single place in public but if it’s for her, for this then it will be worth it.


“Oh Yes!”

It will always be worth it.

~To Be Continued~

Author’s Notes: So when I originally wrote this, the chapter ended up exceeding 16,000 words which was a bit too heavy handed for my taste. The more words there are, the more mistakes I would miss when I go to edit. The reason for why I took so long is actually in the next half/chapter, that freaking dinner scene man.

Good news is since the other part is basically finished I can release it next week and I will be able to extend the date since it will no longer feel bloated like it did attached to this one.

Hope y’all staying healthy out there.

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