Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 7

~Stanley’s New Tool~

 Stanley awoke with a groan, his body hurt like a motherfucker and his mind felt like a bitch.

‘What happened?’

This was the worse Stanley ever felt since that one time he got drunk, after which he swore off alcohol. He wasn’t hung over though, that experience was still fresh in his mind even after all these years. Disoriented, a little nauseous and more than aching but this still only amounted to the second worst post sleep experience of his life.

“Ugh, need to pee” he grumbled.

Untangling himself from Ezraphel was almost always a chore yet this time around he did so relatively easily and if he were in his right mind he would’ve noticed this. He wasn’t however, so he rolled off the bed, easily landing on his feet and after a mild case of vertigo dragged his feet to the bathroom with the most awkward gait. On the way he scratched his balls and yawned, something didn’t feel right but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Finally he reached the toilet, lift up the bowl and whipped it out to take a most epic pee-pee.


Suddenly Stanley was now fully awake with his eyes now wide he looked down and promptly started to piss in a gushing stream brought on by shock. Now Stanley wouldn’t brag but he always thought that he had a respectable size for a man of his stature. A little over seven inches, he measured it once not too long ago and that was what he got, don’t ask why he would do such a thing, it was one of those days for him. Now however, he was looking at a figurative monster out of his pants, his respectable seven inches mutated into a foot long monstrosity so big it could touch the rim of the toilet from his position.

‘Whelp only one thing to do now’ he thought to himself before knocking his head back and screaming to the heavens a single word with all the vitriol he could muster.


Last Night…

The past two weeks had been some of the most peaceful Stanley has had in a long while. After curbing Ezraphel’s enthusiasm with her punishment his life had settled into something resembling normalcy. Without Ezraphel to distract him with sexy times he has been able to work on his gaming quota, which he was about to meet in a few moments. Perhaps the best part of this whole situation is that he didn’t have to keep an eye out for any seduction schemes from his girlfriend.

Lately Ezraphel has been sufficiently preoccupied with her own thing. He would like to say it was due to having the option of not being cooped up in the house but Ezraphel has all but locked herself in the guest room now her turned into her own office. He had asked once what she was up to but she said it was a secret he would find out and he dropped it from there on. He was honestly too busy with work to care too much about what she doing and even then it wasn’t as if her presence was missed. She would certainly be there every time he needed to eat something, the house was still clean, they still sleep together, cuddle in bed and make out on frequent occasion.

Ezraphel really was the best…

And he was also the best because he was just about done with this “oh yeah” his fingers flew over the buttons of the controller “that’s right” a grin stretched his face as he saw his opponents life bar go down “yippee ki yay-”


His concentration shattered, the controller dropped and his character was promptly killed.


Tearing off his headphones he spun to see his girlfriend behind him with the widest and brightest of smiles on her face. She was unperturbed by his murderous glare just as he was unperturbed by the fact that she was only wearing a tight white t-shirt and thong.

“Stanley I did it!”

“Ez, what did I tell you about teleporting?”

“Not to do it inside your office” she replied without a single dent in her enthusiasm.

“Then why, on god’s green earth, did you teleport in my office while I’m working!”

“Because I finally did it!” she cheered.

“Did what!?” he yelled.

“I recreated the Human Preservation Spell!”

“What the hell does that even mean!?”

“It means that no matter how much Demonic Energy you are exposed to, you will remain human!”

This had Stanley come up short “w-what”

Ezraphel crossed the distance and got up in his personal space “don’t you see Stanley” her face was so close their nose was touching, he also noted the drool at the corner of her lips, her panting breaths, the red on her cheeks and the glow in her eyes “we can finally have sex~

Stanley gave her a wide eyed look “oh…”

Ezraphel didn’t seem to care about his bewildered look or his very lack of enthusiasm as she dragged him to the carpeted floor and begun to dance.

“Can you believe it Stanley? After all this time we will finally be able to have a proper Mamono marriage. We’ll become one! And I…will finally show you…”

She paused to look down at him, with ‘the look’ and damn if Stanley wasn’t nervous “s-show me what?”

Her sultry smile turned into a lusty grin “true pleasure~

Stanley swallowed thickly.

There was a long pause in which Ezraphel continued to stare at Stanley to the point where her eyes started to glaze, signifying that she was lost in her thoughts. The growing blush and drool were a pretty big indication of where her head was right then.

“Uh, Ez cou-could you put me down.”

She did no such thing “even better, I made some tweaks to the spell formula!”

Why did he suddenly have a feeling of foreboding?

“W-what kind of ‘tweaks’?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, that’s why I asked.”

“Actually I think it is better if I show you” she said releasing him.

“Wait what?”

A moment later magical energy began to gather in her palms and a magic circle appeared at his feet.

“Wait, Ez!”

HIs pleas fell on deaf ears however, as Ezraphel continued “now Stanley when you wake up you may see some small changes to your body”


“I love you Stanley~”



Stanley was enveloped in a dark purple light and in that moment he was filled with such pleasure that it overloaded his senses and knocked him unconscious.


Ezraphel’s eyes snapped awake the moment she heard him and before her mind could even properly register she had already applied a short range teleportation spell to his location.

Appearing in the open doorway Ezraphel began rattling off “Stanley what is wrong! Why did you scream? Are you alri-” *GASP* in the midst of her worried tirade Ezraphel’s landed on it and all thoughts of worry promptly left her and was replaced by something else.

It was the stuff of her very wet dreams; long, hard (despite being flaccid at the moment), thick and ribbed for her pleasure. Her cheeks were so warm she had to slap her cool palms on them. Some motor functions were lost to her at that moment of rapture and she ended up drooling from both holes. The sight of Stanley’s manly cock was enough to bring her to her knees, the very picture of rapture she swooned and a single tear slid down her eye as if seeing the epitome of magnificence. It was…



As if a mental bubble had popped Ezraphel jerked out of her daydream to find a scowling Stanley glaring at her.

“What the hell did you do to me?” he gestured to his penis.

Ezraphel stared “…”



Narrowing his eyes Stanley drew his pants back up over his tool, with some difficulty.


“Hey!” he clapped his hands “focus, I woke up like this. What the hell Ez, I told you I didn’t want to be a fucking Incubus!”

Ezraphel finally recovered and wiped the drool off her lips before speaking “ah, well the spell I cast did not corrupt you into an Incubus Stanley.”

“Don’t bullshit me Ezraphel” he intoned sharply “I know what happens when a man gets turned into an Incubus.

She held her hand up “calm yourself Stanley. I can assure you are not an Incubus, not in the true sense.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? What the hell did you do!?”

“I saw how much you were struggling to keep up during our ‘times’ together”


“So I took what I remembered from the Human Preservation Spell and created a different spell”

“What the fuck-”

“Now instead of merely preserving your humanity” she said giddily “I gave you an Incubus body” she spread her arms grandiosely “is it not wonderful?”

“So you did turn me into an Incubus!”

“No-no I used my magic to modify your body to be that of an Incubus without corrupting your soul. You are still human, you just happen to have the body of an ideal Incubus.”

“Y-you can do that?” he stuttered.

“I already did~” she sang.

How did you do that?”

Stanley was gobsmacked, he may not be very familiar with her world’s magic but from what he read on the wiki something like that should be impossible. Her answer only seemed to prove his point.

“Huh, how did I do that?”

‘Are you shitting me!?’ he thought with a twitching eye.

At his question Ezraphel adopted a thoughtful expression “it is the strangest thing. I never would have thought such a spell to be possible. Certainly if it could be done the Sabbath or my mother would have spoken up about it.”

“So what, you just discovered what sounds like a revolutionary new spell?”

“I suppose so” she said with a shrug.

“…are you real?”

~More In Common~

It just came to him but Ezraphel might actually be someone amazing, aside from being a Lilim. She created a spell that would transport a Mamono to the man who had the highest potential of being said Mamono’s ideal mate. It is a spell so unique and powerful that it can even disregard dimensional barriers in scanning for the potential mate. When taking that into context creating a spell that could give a normal man an Incubus body while preserving their humanity doesn’t sound too far beyond the pale of her capabilities.

“It seemed obvious to me once I thought of it and I could not get it out of my head since. I simply had to see to its completion.”

‘What the fuck, with skills like that how the hell is she not some kind of big shot in her dimension!?’ he mentally screamed.

From the stories she told him Ezraphel seemed more like the Lilim equivalent of a dropout. And not the ones who pursue their passions either but the overly rich types who are bored because they have so much money they never have to do any actual work and instead do a bunch of stupid shit to get some excitement. Some of the things Ezraphel has mentioned getting up to for most her life spoke of someone aimlessly experimenting with their lifestyle rather than a focused pursuit she would have to complete the transporter spell. In fact you could say that Ezraphel gave up on making something of her life that is expected of a Lilim and instead went back to Mamono basics.

Essentially she became an underachiever but it didn’t matter to her because in the end she only cared about what made her happy rather than what society, her friends and family expect of her.

‘Oh my god’


Stanley’s heart skipped a beat and he rubbed his chest.

Ezraphel stopped speaking and gave him a concerned look “Stanley, are you alright?”

Stanley didn’t register her words or concern for he was looking at her, perhaps for the first time.

Here is a woman who tried her hand at living life how society expected her, failed to live up to those expectations, gave up trying and went on to do something she wanted for no other reason than her own satisfaction.

“I…I think I finally understand” he said breathlessly.

“Understand what?” getting off her knees she walked over and caressed his cheek “are you alright?”

“Could I ask you a question? I might just be over thinking this but I just have to know” he said grasping her hand gently while looking in her eyes.

“Okay, what did you want to ask?”

“When you decided to devote your life to finding a husband…how…did your family react?”

The Lilim tilted her head at the strange question but answered nonetheless “mother and father supported my decision and wished me well”

“What about your older sisters?”

“…why are you asking these questions Stanley?”

He gripped her hand “I need to know Ez, it’s important

Ezraphel frowned, not understanding but still willing “my sisters were…mixed. Some of them were understanding of my decision, others were more…dismissive.”

“What did they say?

She let go of his hand to flush the toilet then walked over to the sink “oh, they did not say much. They did not believe I was at all serious at first” she glared at the mirror “they thought I was wasting-”

“Wasting your potential right?” Ezraphel glanced over her shoulder at Stanley who was standing directly behind her “can you scoot over I want to wash my hands” she moved aside to let him do just that “yeah older siblings are real assholes.”

“Do you have siblings Stanley?”

“…I have a brother” Ezraphel waited for him to continue but all he did was turn off the faucet and wipe his hands on the towel rack.

“I see”

“I think I know the reason why that spell brought you here” to me “specifically.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I guess…we’re the same I think” he paused, she didn’t comment and this time he continued “at least when it comes to this one thing, we’re similar. We both tried to live life based on what our families expect, failed spectacularly and decided to say ‘fuck it’ and do whatever makes us happy. Does that make sense to you?”

She took a moment to ponder this before shaking her head “I am sorry Stanley but I do not understand.”

His shoulders slumped a little, he was only guessing here but for some reason he didn’t want to let this go.

“When you said you didn’t want to do the things that your sisters already did, was it because you wanted to try something new or was it because you tried and failed at it?”

He gave the Lilim a stern glare and whether it was through the glare or the words Ezraphel stiffened. The subtlety of her frown becoming a bit more pronounced and her hand twitching slightly were in direct contrast with the noticeable flutter of her wings and lashing of her tail. That is not even mentioning the way how she stared at him unblinkingly like something out of a psychological horror manga.

Not in a menacing sense but in the way how one could not tell what the emotions are behind those eyes. Eyes which were a pitch black pool behind a blood red iris which encompasses a slit pupil. It is by far the most unnerving thing he had ever seen and experience, yet he showed not a hint of apprehension.

“You don’t have to answer that” he added in a nonchalant tone “but if it’s any consolation, I wouldn’t care even if you were just a pretty princess useless at everything that doesn’t involve sex.”




‘…Jesus what the hell do you want from me Ez?’

“Um, Ez?”

“You believe we are the same, Stanley?”

“In the sense that we made similar decisions when faced with a specific difficult situation and it ended with us meeting each other, then yeah I think we are” he glanced away for a moment “do you think that’s a weird thing for me to say?”

Ezraphel replied by giving him a hug “I do not think I could ever imagine my life without you Stanley.”

Stanley returned the hug and swallowed before saying “I love you too Ezraphel”

They came apart and gave each other a tender kiss. Moments later they drifted apart but could not stop from looking into each other’s eyes until eventually they kissed again. The second time was twice as long and no longer tender. The third kiss they included tongue, the fourth one was basically them literally swapping spit. By the fifth Ezraphel had Stanley lifted off the ground in a bear hug as she dominated him.

Usually this would be where the escalation ends yet Stanley was not willing to be led around this time and in an unexpected twist he grabbed Ezraphel’s tail just as it was about to snake around his thigh.

“Iyahn~” she moaned and was silenced by a rough kiss.

Continuing the unexpected surprises he grabbed a handful of her tit, kneaded it like dough and squeezed. Ezraphel got weak kneed from the stimulation giving Stanley the chance to break free from her grasp then continued with the delightful surprises by lifting her up bodily. The Lilim yelped and instinctively locked her legs around his waist, they both took a pause to marvel at the fact Stanley was easily carrying her weight.

Then they went back to sucking face for another five minutes before separating.



“Fuck me~/Let’s fuck!”

They both paused for a moment before bursting into fits of giggles and chuckles.

Then Stanley gave an uncharacteristically wolfish grin “let’s do this.”

Ezraphel returned it with a sultry and coy smirk “yess~”

A moment later and they were gone, Ezraphel having teleported them to the bedroom.

~Post-Coital Smog~

The first thing he did upon waking was take a deep breath to take in that fresh air-nope wait. Not fresh air yet not dank air either, at least not completely. He could smell sweat, semen and something else but more prevalent was the smell of something sweet.

‘What’s that smell?’

His eyes opened in consternation as he continued to sniff the air, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it but he had smelled the scent before.

‘Why is it so dark?’

He tried to move but groaned as a distinct and familiar soreness made itself known. This was the same type of soreness he had whenever Ezraphel would overdo it with the servicing.

‘Wait a minute…’

Gears turned before it hit him, the memories of what he has gone through for an as of yet undetermined amount of time.

‘Ez and I had sex’ a slow excited grin came upon him ‘we had a lot of sex’ he was positively giddy now.

“I’m not a virgin anymore” he laughed to himself before wincing “ow, it hurts to laugh.”

‘That explains the soreness at least.’ He thought to himself.


Stanley looked to the side ‘huh, somehow I didn’t even notice her.’

Considering that there was a naked Lilim currently clinging to him that says something about where his head is at right now. Looking at her sleeping face of blissful satisfaction he couldn’t help but notice the odd angle and on that note it felt as if his upper body was being elevated. Blinking in confusion Stanley lifted himself by the elbow to heck what exactly was going on and promptly had his mind blown.

Apart from noticing the mess of sheets, he also saw that bottom half of his bed had collapsed.

“How the hell?”

He remembered it now, he was sitting at the edge of the bed with the Lilim bouncing on his lap while he was sucking her tits. He couldn’t say how long or how hard she was impaling herself on him but on one particularly hard bounce the bed broke under them. He remembered they had paused for about a second, shrugged then continued to rut with each other like the animals they had become.

“Oh. Holy shit” he whispered in shock “how is my pelvis still intact?” he thought for a moment before nodding “Incubus body, right.”

Speaking of body, he couldn’t help but notice how his was tangled with Ezraphel’s right then. Not that he was self-conscious about such things, hard to be self conscious when he’s been having sex with the woman for…how long has it been?

He looked to the nightstand only to see that it was overturned. Feeling some trepidation his gaze snapped to where his personal desktop was and sighed as the device was still undisturbed.

‘Oh thank God’

It was about the only thing in the room that wasn’t tossed about and/or broken, which shows that he had his priorities in order even in a primal sex haze. Still, they did a number on the room, stains were everywhere including the ceiling.

How the hell did they manage to fuck on the ceiling?


Magic…the short answer is magic, imagination and no moderation.

Stanley’s eyes narrowed, the room looked, not dark but murky which is weird because he could see sunlight coming from the beneath the blinds. His eyes adjusted a bit and he could see that there was something in the room, a kind of smog only colored dark black or purple and smelled sweet.

Why does that sound so familiar to him?


“Oh fuck, no!”

He starting frantically jostling his girlfriend “Ez…Ez wake up!”

“Hm, Stanley~ give me more~”

“For the love of-WAKE UP WOMAN!!” he shouted directly in her ear getting a yelp out of her.

“Aah!” she pushed Stanley away and sat up in confusion while using her fingers to dispel the ringing in her ears “huh, wha” looking about her eyes landed on the perpetrator “Stanley, why did you do that?” she whined.

Stanley had surprisingly been able to weather her knee-jerk reaction. She shoved him off the bed but he was able to recover rather quickly.

“I needed to get your attention” he said getting to his feet “we have a problem!”

“Hm, oh~” her eyes were instantly glued to his form.

Stanley didn’t notice he walked across the room immediately to retrieve his tablet and check the time.

His reaction was “!@#$%$#@%!@$%”

Even through her ogling Ezraphel seemed confused and more than a little curious at his rather unique reaction. So she made her way to look over his shoulder at the tablet but could only see the regular display screen. She could not find the source for his reaction yet he the longer he looked at the screen the more she could see his body shaking, feel his emotions getting agitated and hear his mumblings getting louder/erratic.

Concerned for his mental state she placed a hand on his shoulder “Stanley, what’s wrong?”

So fast it took her by surprise Stanley gripped her shoulders, Ezraphel recoiled at the fast movement but it was his expression and the emotions behind it which truly concerned her.

We. Have. Been. Fucking. For Five. Straight. DAAAYS!”

There was total silence in the room save for Stanley’s erratic breathing, Ezraphel was at a loss for words. She stared at him for a moment, looked a away with a thoughtful hum and spoke these words so callous.

“Oh, is that all?”

The grip on her shoulder increased and Stanley started to tremble, less in anxiety and more like a volcano about to erupt. He was even foaming at the mouth which was just…

Ezraphel backtracked quickly to avoid the eruption of Mt. Stanley “w-what I meant was that this is normal” the trembling stopped.

“How and why?” he asked through gritted teeth.

“W-well you see” Ezraphel coughed and went into lecture mode “Mamono and Incubus coupling work on a system of energy exchange. The more spirit energy a Mamono intakes the more powerful she will eventually become. Usually a Mamono, through sex, would use their own energy to turn a normal human into an Incubus. The Incubus is actually just a human whose body (and mind) is transformed in such a way that he is able to supply his Mamono wife with Spirit Energy (and pleasure) more efficiently.”

Get to the point!”

“Ah, i-if Mamono of higher power were to have sex with a man who has turned into an Incubus through her own power then by using the transferred Demonic and Spirit Energies to rejuvenate themselves, they could very well go on to have sex for a long time. I have heard some of my married sisters and even other Mamono of power recount tales of spending days having sex with their spouses.”

“…okay, I think I get. Thank you for that explanation Ezraphel, that very clear and concise” he released his grip lock with all the tenderness of a robot and stepped back “one thing though”

The Lilim rubbed her shoulder “yes Stanley”

“Did you know this would happen when you made me into an Incubus?”

“I only gave you the body of an Incubus” she corrected which got her a low growl “a-and yes I may have been aware.”

“So why didn’t you explain all this before you went and cast the spell on me? A spell that is apparently the first of its kind, I might add, and may have unforeseen results or side effects?”

“W-well you see, umm…” nervous sweat began to form at the back of the Lilim’s neck  she has no excuse for this one, Ezraphel has been working on it for so long that when she finished she was too excited at the prospect of finally having sex to think about such things like precaution. Worst case scenario, he ends up becoming an Incubus but then she’ll be able to mitigate the damages for such a thing, it would take a while and a period of him not trusting her but she could pull through.

“Let me guess, it ‘slipped your mind’?”




He closed his eyes with a sigh “I can’t stay mad at you.” After a few deep breaths Stanley looked around the room “Ez, is this dark mist what I think it is?”

“Dark mist?”

He went over to the blinds pushed them aside to see that he entire room was covered in purple smog.

“Dark mist” he reiterated.

“Oh, I did not notice that.”

“It’s Demonic Energy isn’t it?”

“Hmm, yep”

“And it’s from us?”


“…give it to me straight here Ez, is my neighborhood a goddamn Demon Realm now?” Despite the harsh words, there was a certain depression in his tone

 “Oh no, of course not Stanley” she assured while embracing him “I placed a barrier around the house to prevent Demonic Energy from leaking into the outside world as per your instructions, don’t you remember?”

“I did?”

Even as he said this a memory came to the fore

Three Days Ago…

Stanley was pounding Ezraphel in a mating press on the as of yet collapsed bed. Both their bodies were slick with sweat, gasps and groans escaped him as he pounded away in her pussy with manic abandon. It was the most addicting feeling ever, only made better by the Lilim’s moans and screams of pleasure with each thrust until




He pulled out of her, still cumming, and aimed it across her body, ending with a splash on her face.

Stanley gasped taking deep breaths “that…that is a lot of cum” and it was thick too, like cream. It felt right to do that at the time but Stanley wondered if it was really okay to cover her in his semen like that.

‘Isn’t that kind of thing demeaning to females or something?’

Ezraphel’s quivering form answered his question when her long tongue to clean every single drop from her face, chew it in her mouth and swallow with a hum and shudder.

‘Okay never mind and damn that’s fucking hot’

After a moment the cum on her body was absorbed into her skin until she was a panting, sweaty Lilim as opposed to a cum-stained one.

‘…that is fucking weird…and also hot’

What the fuck was wrong with him?

He shook his head and looked around, he needed to get his bearings and the first thing that came to mind was checking the time. Except when his eyes roamed the room he found that there was smog covering the area.

“What?” he attempted to move to the blinds to see if this was real.

Key word being attempted since he didn’t even take a single step back before a long sinuous tail coiled around his dick and began to stroke.

“D-don’t guh yet Shtanley, o-one more load pweesh~”

“Hey-hey-hey I’m all for…getting rid of-ah…moderation…but uh…if I don’t get sustenance I might die” he panted.

“N-nuh-huh…Incubosh shurvive on Demuhnic Energy an’ shtuff”

“What the hell is wrong with your voice?”

“I dunno what chu’ talkin’ bout?”

For the first time Ezraphel sat on her elbows. Her pale skin was flushed and glistened with sweat as her large chest heaved with every breath taken, which, from the looks of it seem to be from excitement rather than fatigue. She had a dopey smile on her face and her half lidded eyes had hearts in them…

Wait what?

The fuck?” Stanley recoiled slightly on seeing that before he was pulled into her again “ohhh~”

“Ah~ back where you belong~”

Stanley groaned at the now familiar sensation of Ezraphel’s tight wet pussy. He started stroking himself in her but somehow managed to cling long enough to his dwindling rationality to grit out a few words.

“A-as much as I w-would lo-ove to keep doing this you re-eally need to see this Ez!”

Her only response was for him to go faster and deeper and damned if he almost gave in.

Gritting his teeth he grabbed her by the horns though this only elicited a shriek of pleasure and cry of “grab my horns more!”


“Dammit you cock-drunk Succu-butt! Pull yourself together and listen!

That managed to sober her up some, at least the freaky heart-eyes were gone to reveal a bewildered expression “y-you slapped me”

Stanley hesitated for a minute “yeah I did” he said not feeling particularly proud of his actions.

“I think I quite liked it~” her already flushed face burned more and Stanley felt her walls tighten.

And just like that the guilt was gone “oh for fucks sake” he gestured to the room “are you seeing this shit?”

Ezraphel looked about “hm?”

“The black mist Ez, the black mist!”

“You mean the Demonic Energy?”


“Then yes I see it”

“Is this going to turn the neighborhood into a Demon Realm?”

“Eventually” she answered “give it a few more weeks” she smirked “or days at this rate.”


“Guh-ah! C-can you make it so that it doesn’t?”


His eyes narrowed dangerously “you-”

“I jest Stanley, I know the dangers if your government were to find out about Demonic Energy at this stage”

“Then fix it

“Very well” she closed her eyes for a moment and intoned a strange language before several massive magic circle were planted on all four walls of the room “there, I have erected a barrier so that the energy will not escape from this room”

“Oh, well that’s a relief”

“Now, I do believe we were in the middle of something~”




He looked to see that Ezraphel had the sexy ‘naughty girl’ look, you know flushed cheeks, sultry expression and teeth biting one finger look. He also saw that her eyes were glued to his…erection.

“Goddamit” he muttered before snapping his fingers in front of her “hey, eyes up here”

“Oh Stanley~”

“No” he knew what that voice meant.

“That looks so uncomfortable”

“Don’t you fucking dare-”

“I feel as your wife, it is my duty, nay, my privilege to take care of such things for you now”

“Seriously, could you get your head out the gutter for one second?”

“You are right Stanley” she nodded and suddenly she was on her knees, face inches from his erection “I should give you ‘the head’ instead” she reached out.

Before she could touch it though Stanley jerked away “okay first of all, it’s ‘give head’ not ‘give the head’ okay. In this situation ‘head’ is a verb not a noun” and the reason why he is even mentioning something like this is both to confuse the Lilim (whose brow furrowed in confusion) and to buy him time for his next chain in his hastily construed escape plan “and second” he gave her grin that had her heart skip a beat “no hands.”

Instantly Ezraphel had assumed a most elegant position she remembered from her Inari acquaintance of Zinpangu. Sitting on her knees ‘seiza; style, back straight and head held high she placed her hands on her lap. Right then Ezraphel was the perfect picture of poise only betrayed by her flushed skin, heaving chest and wagging tail.

Stanley couldn’t help but compare her to a dog waiting for a treat, as demeaning as he felt that comparison to be , he just calls it how he sees it.

“Close your eyes” and excited low squeal emanated from her as she did just that “open your mouth for the surprise~” he intoned and she did just that, audibly panting while her long tongue slipped from her mouth, both hot and wet like her nethers.

Seeing this Stanley almost didn’t go through with it, a strange compulsion nearly overtook him, he blamed the fucking Demonic Energy mist but not even that could prevent him from completing his plan, it was that important. Taking a deep breath Stanley’s eyes sharpened, his mind cleared of the lustful thoughts if for only a moment for him to reaffirm to himself that this was the right thing to do.

Stanley centered himself, then, he turned sharply to the left…



-and smacked Ezraphel across the face with his dick.


Ezraphel body fell to the side more from shock and sudden shift of balance than from true force of impact, not to say that she did not feel it.

The Lilim held her cheek wondering what in the gods name just happened “w-what just…” she paused wiping a liquid from her cheek and tasting it. It was precum and Ezraphel understood what Stanley had just done as shown by her mouth dropping.

Whatever she was about to say died in her throat as Stanley loomed over her and despite being smaller, weaker and lacking any sort of magical power Stanley’s presence might as well been that of a Titan. He stood tall, back straight, arms folded across his chest, erection standing at full mast and his face, his face was shadowed while two glowing red dots stared into her soul.

“Now here’s what’s going to happen, Ez” Stanley’s voice rumbled sending shivers down her spine “I’m gonna go take a shower, you’re gonna get rid of all this Demonic Energy and fix this room. If you manage to do that before I’m done we can continue where we left off, cool?”

His dick jumped and Ezraphel’s tongue darted out to lick her lips before she was at her feet “yes!”

“Great~” he drawled before exiting the room.

~Ezraphel, The Lilim Wife~

Inside the room Ezraphel had begun her work on getting rid of the excess Demonic Energy permeating the air. It felt like such a waste, her instincts were practically at war with her mind, telling her to dismiss Stanley’s order and spread the corruptive energy instead, until the entire neighborhood was under a Demon Realm. Ezraphel reigned in these instincts due to one simple fact, it would greatly displease Stanley.

Stanley had made his stance on Mamono corruption very clear to her. While he supported Mamono’s rights to life, love and the pursuit of pleasure he did not at all support how they chose to go about it. He especially disliked how they use Demonic Energy and charm magic to coerce humans into reciprocating their affection. She could somewhat agree with this if the humans in her dimension were like those on earth who were open-minded individuals who try to understand the unknown rather than devote their lives to a prejudiced God, blindly wage war against a species for no other reason than because they are different.

In hindsight the only thing that hindered hers and Stanley’s relationship at first were their own biases and fears. Stanley thought she was incapable of true logical reasoning skills and feared being manipulated by her magic to do things he would not normally do and Ezraphel ironically thought he was too stubborn and paranoid to see reason and feared being rejected by him. It took them little over a month to reconcile these issues and now they were here, Husband and Wife.

Ezraphel gave a giddy squeal at the thought “I’m Stanley’s wife, teehee-whoa” she backtracked when the magic she had been using to manipulate the Demonic Energy nearly faltered.

Yes Stanley was her husband now, he may not have been an Incubus but he was the next best thing and really it is for the best. While a fully realized Incubus Stanley would have been more fun, she felt it would have ultimately cheapened the ‘Stanley’ experience. For one he would have been more open minded to sex which sounded very nice at first but then she would have not have experiences like earlier.

She held her cheek and sighed, the area where his cock had impacted her cheek was still warm and had the scent of his spirit energy. If Stanley had been an Incubus then chances are that he would have simply shoved his cock down her throat and fucked it raw. Again that would have been very nice and welcomed but Ezraphel rather liked this outcome even more. Never would Ezraphel expect to be struck by a hardened phallus at any point in her life and if someone were to tell her that this was her future last year, she would have laughed in their face.

Really, what man would use his member to slap a woman in the face outside of playful teasing?

It sounded ridiculous and even now Ezraphel giggled at the memory but that was Stanley in a nutshell, always betraying expectations. There was a thrill to that, the notion of not knowing what he will do next to surprise her. It was a long and tedious journey to get to this point but in hindsight Ezraphel could not say that it was boring or predictable. And with that reaction to just after they had sex, Stanley has made his declaration of intent to uphold his defiance in the face of her.

She rubbed her cheek and hummed “in hindsight I deserved that.”

In her enthusiasm she forgot just who she was talking to and assumed since he had gotten the full ‘Ezraphel experience’ that he would fall in line like any good husband. Oh what a glorious error she had made and it only made her excited for things to come.

Speaking of…

“All done”

In her musings Ezraphel had gathered the Demonic energy, transformed it into dark matter and further condensed it into the size of a marble. A marble the color of light-sucking black-purple energy with enough corruptive energy to instantly Monsterize/Incubize several humans if exposed to it.

With a flick of her wrist the energy was banished into a pocket dimension to dispose of later.

“Hmm~” Ezraphel stretched with a pleased smile on her face.

She had never felt so fulfilled in her entire life, hers was a high never before experienced, the absolute epitome of satisfaction that could not be compared. She felt even stronger than before she got here, if only minutely, and this was only after a few days of sex. This went beyond her expectations and she could only attribute it to the fact that her first time was given to the right man.

‘No cheap flings in a failed attempt at showing dominance for this Lilim.’

To further prove her point Ezraphel snapped her fingers then watched the magic clean, rearrange and fix everything in the room.

“I missed this” while she had learned the value of hard work, one cannot deny that having untold power literally at your fingertips to do both mundane and extraordinary things at the snap of a finger is not a wonderful feeling.

In a matter of moments Stanley’s room was looking even cleaner than before they started which isn’t saying much because Ezraphel was very thorough in her work.

“All done” she cocked her head to the side “and so is Stanley~” she smiled coyly.

The connection she made had only grown stronger. Now she could not only sense his emotions clearly and pinpoint his specific location over a wider range but she could also ascertain what he was doing as well. If she so desired she could allow for telepathic communication and of course, dream diving.

“Hm, dream sex~” she stared off with a lustful smile for a minute before shaking her head “maybe tonight, as for now”

She teleported away and into Stanley’s bathroom, appearing behind the man with a devilish grin.

~Stan The Incubus Man~


Stanley closed the door behind and almost immediately he noted how distinct the uncorrupted air was. He would have called it fresh but in all honesty he preferred the tainted air.

“No, no that’s the Incubus talking” he shook his head, the last thing he wanted was to be another mind slave to the effects of corruption. He had gotten familiar with it just from his time in that room. He had seen its distinct appearance with his own eyes, smell it tickling his nose, felt it clinging to his skin and taste it with his tongue.

Although to be perfectly honest that last part might have just been Ezraphel. The memory flashes keep coming in and Stanley has concluded that they have done everything he has seen a single man and woman can do in a room together in porn without getting into some weird kinky shit.

‘Speaking of weird kinks’ he looked down at his still throbbing foot long with a grimace.

“I need to find a way to control this thing”

There is the saying that men think with their dick but Stanley’s new Incubus dick might have developed a mind of its own and is currently scheming its sovereign independence from the rest of him.

The thing actually throbbed in that moment.

<Viva la revolución!>

Stanley entered his bathroom and immediately went for a cold shower.

“Ooh, that’s brisk!” he said through gritted teeth as the cold droplets hit him.

In no time at all Stanley had gotten used to the cold and watched in triumph as his erection receded under the near freezing onslaught.

<You can silence me but you can’t silence the truth!>

“…why do I feel like I just stopped a symptom instead of finding a cure?”

First thing Stanley does after the shower is read up on Incubi. He would have asked Ezraphel but he felt any prolonged interaction with her would just end up with him missing more days. It would be the ‘honeymoon phase’ all over again, except this time he had the stamina to keep up with her demands…mostly.

Also sex with Ezraphel is literally the best thing ever and the only reason why he wasn’t railing her right now was due to his inherent stubbornness and pride. Never underestimate a schizoid weeb with the will of a contrarian. Honestly he is quite ambivalent when it comes to having sex with Ezraphel, meaning he could go with or without but at this point it is instinctive for him to fight back against any and all things that fall into the realm of the norm when it comes to Ezraphel and sex.

During the shower Stanley had taken notice of the changes his body had gone through. Aside from the obvious Stanley saw that he had abs now…freaking abs and muscles. One would think being a reclusive, lazy person who sits around eating junk food most days that Stanley would be fat. One would be right, if he was not also a gun enthusiast who infrequently participates in private paintball matches.

Stanley took paintball serious enough to keep in the right shape so that he doesn’t embarrass himself and his team during a match. Granted, he was still unfit and scrawny but he wasn’t fat. Now though, he had the build of a miniature Olympic swimmer or something to that effect. And to think, a single spell created what would otherwise take years of intense training to accomplish. Stanley should feel insulted on behalf of those hardworking individuals across the world who have dedicated their entire lives to the sport but he didn’t actually give a shit.

He had a girlfriend, who had magic and she decided to spit in the face of crossfit pros by doing body modification on him.

Should he be concerned about that?

Maybe, but then again “I have abs”

So there you go.

A few more minutes and Stanley managed to finally feel clean…on the outside. He just about wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the tub when a pair of dainty hands blocked his vision. A spike of panic enveloped him and he flailed only to be pulled back into a pair of familiar soft orbs.

~Start Of The Honeymoon Phase~

“Guess who~”


“No, though I have come to tempt you into sin~”

“Well too bad, I already finished” he attempted to leave her clutches but to no avail, her hands wound slowly down his chest like sensual snakes locking him place while roaming his new abs.

“Hm~ I like this” she moaned in his ear.

Stanley gritted his teeth even as he blushed at the contact and the feel of her hot breath on his neck “good for you. Mind letting me go so I can put some clothes on?”

“Oh but why? I much prefer you as you are~” she remarked in the same sensual tone.

As she said this, her tail wound round his waist, slipped between his thighs, brushed his slowly rising dick to rub against his balls.

“Well too bad” he retorted spinning round the face her “I just got done so you missed your chance at hot shower sex”

Ezraphel raised an amused eyebrow “did I? Did I really?” she pointed a single finger down.

He followed said finger to see a fully erect foot long cock “son of a-”

“Well that looks inconvenient” Ezraphel commented with all the veneer of a woman oh so smug.

“You did this-of course you did. Goddammit Ez, I have shit to do”

Ezraphel lost the smile to pin him with a stern gaze “Stanley, it really is not ideal for an Incubus to be pent up”

His eye twitched “pent up!? We literally just got done having five day marathon sex so how the hell am I ‘pent up’ woman!?”

“You forget Stanley” she began the smile slowly crept onto her face.

He took a step back, she matched him “forget what?”

“You are my husband now” she continued to match his retreat “your body is that of an Incubus for a Lilim, for me” she chuckled as his back hit the door and she loomed over him, her eyes glowing “and a Lilim is known for three things: their bewitching beauty, overwhelming power and~” she placed her hand at either side of his head essentially trapping him and lower her body until they were face to face “their Voracious. Sexual. A~pe~tite~

To punctuate this she raised her index finger between their faces, dipped down and scooped up a bit of his pre-cum which was so thick it looked indistinguishable from the regular stuff. She made a show of slowly raising her finger to her outstretched tongue before eventually placing it in her mouth. Naturally she released a deep moan and shudder but never once did her eyes leave his.

And when her hand went back to the side of his head she spoke a single word “delicious~

 Far from being placated he was agitated, teeth grit, eyes twitch and his fist kept clenching and unclenching as his instincts fought against his reasoning.

“You did this-” before he could finish a single finger was placed upon his lip, not the one that was on his dick thankfully.

“Shh, I know it may seem like I am manipulating you Stanley but I am only acting on what you won’t” Ezraphel had entered ‘lecture mode’ “while it may be inconvenient to you this is just the way it is for Incubi satisfying their wives”

“I…I can’t lose more days doing this Ez” he spoke in a tone between a whimper and a hiss.

She gently cradled his face “I know, just bare with it for just-I don’t know…two days, three tops. I promise after then both of our rampant sex drives with start to settle (for the moment) and we will go back to normal”

“What the fuck even is normal anymore?”

“Point” she conceded “so, will you accompany me to the baths and…wash my back?”

He somehow managed to give a deadpan expression “Really?” she continued to stare “ugh, fine”

And with that they were both teleported into Ezraphel’s bath pools. Ezraphel ended up on solid ground while Stanley…


“Goddamit Ez!”


“Why the hell is the water so deep?”

“The water is not deep, I made it so that it only reaches my…breasts…” she trailed off at the look he gave her “oh…”

“Yeah, oh” he grumbled wading towards the edge where Ezraphel stood

“I am truly sorry about that”

“Whatever, look if we’re doing this please keep in mind that I haven’t eaten in days. So think we could wrap this up in a few hours?”

“No worries Stanley, we shall ‘feast’ on each other” she giggled.

“Are you seri-” he paused reaching the edge as he went over her words “I almost fell for that?”

Just then a pair of long legs wrapped around his shoulders preventing him from leaving the pool and locking him in place.

“Fell for what?”

Stanley could only blink as he was treated to the sight of his new wife’s most sacred area. Clean, shaved, wet and looking as exquisite as the rest of her.

“Uh…” his eyes trailed up to barely meet her gaze past the valley of her breasts where a rosy cheek Lilim had the most Cheshire grin.

“Enjoy your meal, Stan~ley~”

“Ah, shi-UMPH!”

And he just got the taste out of his mouth too.

~To Be Continued~

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