Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 6

After a month and some days, Stanley and Ezraphel have finally crossed the threshold of their relationship. Ezraphel, after weeks of temptation has succeeded (mostly) in her dreams and now the wall to Stanley’s heart (and body) have crumbled leaving him bare before her. Stanley, after years of loneliness and deliberate/forced celibacy has finally reached third base with the hottest (and thirstiest) girl in the world.

Such a grand achievement has inspired an epic poem thought of by Stanley at this very moment:

It was a beautiful morning, all was right with the world,

The sun was shining as I got my dick sucked by a girl.

So while the birds were chirping,

the vehicles were humming,

and commuters went on about their business,

I was cumming near nonstop,

by my nympho. Girlfriend. Lilim.

“Oh, fuuuuck…”





~Pandora’s Open Box~

Stanley never thought, in a million years that one of the reasons he would have for laying near catatonic in his bed would be due to multiple orgasms. He’d always just assume that the ‘fatigue’ aspect of that whole deal was the overwhelming satisfaction of busting a nut rather than a biological response to losing energy. This is especially so when the rigorous activity of sex was not involved, he certainly never felt tired from rubbing one out.

Yet how could one explain feeling like you’ve run a marathon just by lying in bed while your girlfriend gives you a blowjob? Speaking of there was an audible *pop* followed by the feeling of sweet release (and thank god it wasn’t that kind of release, again) as the feeling of a hot, wet and tight mouth left his now flaccid penis.

‘Oh thank sweet merciful Christ that’s over. Now to just drift my eyes close and sleep for a week’

He felt a presence loom over him.

‘God dammit’

His glassy eyes opened to find Ezraphel staring down at him “you were wonderful Stanley and sooo delicious~” she punctuated with a lick of her lips that was less sensual (barely) and more to emphasis how tasty something was.

On the inside ‘I get it already, I’m yummy’

On the outside “ugh”

She kissed him on the lips and Stanley was so exhausted he couldn’t even protest, those lips were literally on his dick a few seconds ago!

‘Dammit woman!’

“Will you be able to make it downstairs for breakfast?”

‘Dunno, if I’m still alive in the next few hours I’ll try limping down’


Ezraphel nodded “right, I’ll cook you up something delicious for breakfast”

‘You better’


“Oops, or should I say lunch”


Unaware of his latest thoughts she smiled again and left the room.

Once she was gone Stanley’s eye shifted to clock to see that the clock showed 12:37, he woke up 8:30. He’d only woke up that time because Ezraphel had been using her tongue to juggle his balls. That woman had literally been sucking his dick for over four hours!


This is it, this was actually happening. He knew this would happen but he didn’t think it would be an issue after laying down the ground rules with Ezraphel.

She’s a Lilim dumbass, what did you expect!?


You brought this on yourself fool.

It was at that moment Stanley realized he had made a terrible mistake and was just now getting a taste of the cascading domino effect. He had opened Pandora’s Box, tasted its forbidden fruit and was now about to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In summary, Stanley fucked up. He fucked up real bad.

This was exactly the kind of situation he was preventing last month when he stonewalled Ezraphel’s advances. How did he go from that to getting blowjobs at least ten times a day on average? And yes he has kept count. Hold up, how does he get ten blowjobs a day? He’s no doctor but he’s pretty sure he should be dead at this point.

Well first, he’s pretty sure that magic shenanigans are involved and that Ezraphel has snuck in some of her demonic energy inside his body. Maybe not enough for full on incubization (he would probably notice that) but enough to fill his stamina and increase his sperm count. And that is another thing he has learned to accept over the past week because the first time this incident happened (you think this was the first did you?) he did what any normal millennial would do and fucking Googled it.

Turns out he is producing at least three times the amount of semen of a normal healthy man per ejaculation and can go up to five times as much. If it wasn’t already obvious that is a lot of fucking cum and if Lilim magic weren’t involved he would have been very concerned for his health. Hell he is already concerned for his health, he very much doubts there is a single man on earth that is experiencing what he is right now. Although some would be dumb enough to want something like this, Stanley would beg to differ.

‘God, is this what alcoholism is like?’

Let’s see, a vicious cycle of doing something that feels good enough to let your forget about your problems for few hours but with the side of effect of having you feel shit the following morning but you do it again anyway for that sweet release.


In his defense Ezraphel is a straight up blowjob queen. You’d think with massive mammaries she’d be into paizuri but no, her secret technique actually lies in her mouth. Not that Stanley could tell the difference anyways, whether she uses her mouth, her hands, her breasts or even her tail Stanley found that he would end up in the same state nonetheless.

As a matter of fact just thinking about it makes him twitch down there, as uncomfortable as that movement is to him right now.

‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’

As an aside it is so weird that things he read in fanfiction and a wiki page is actually happening to him. If he didn’t know any better he’d say his dick was getting longer but that might just be his imagination…or not. Either way he doesn’t have the time nor the energy to do a proper investigation, as a matter of fact at that very moment he wanted nothing more than to secure his penis behind an enchanted chastity belt.

‘After this, things are gonna have to change’

He will have to change because in his short sighted willingness to punch his V-card he had forced the hand of a woman from a species he could not begin to fully understand. Their shared nights of pleasure had unfortunately set a precedence that had almost gone into the realms of ‘routine’ which was not good. Shit like this should not be a routine and not just because of his health. If this becomes a routine then he can only shudder at what acts of depravity they will sink to for something ‘special.’

And that reminds him, Stanley is technically still a virgin. Despite her having near exclusive rights to his dick this past week and him getting a crash course on the Lilim anatomy he and Ezraphel did not have proper traditional sex yet…

Horror suddenly enveloped his expression as it dawned on him ‘oh god, we haven’t had sex yet’

Fear gripped his heart in its icy embrace. If he is being laid out by what is essentially the Lilim version of foreplay then…what would actual sex with Ezraphel be like? For a long moment Stanley stared at nothing in particular as he imagined this and he did not like the implications, he did not like it at all.

A memory suddenly came to mind, it was spoken in this very bed, in a much more chaotic but blissfully simpler time. She came off as teasing but Ezraphel was right when she told him back then that he wasn’t ready. Shit, how many weeks had that been? He was allowing her to groom him for their eventual sexcapades and he was barely keeping conscious during foreplay.

Another thing he realized, he could not remember (of what memories weren’t a pleasure induced haze) doing much these past few days than getting serviced by Ezraphel. Granted that would be the highlight of any man’s day (week, month or year depending on the person) but this presented a concern…and an out.

For the first time in a long time Stanley finally had a non-sex related thought.

With a surge of energy Stanley sprang off his bed only to fall face first onto the carpet floor. Unfortunately while the mind is willing, the body is weak and felt like a wet noodle. He still had no feeling in his legs but that was hardly going to stop him, he still had two arms and most importantly he had the will to survive. After literally dragging himself to his feet he realized he had no pants.

That won’t do, he frowned and looked for his boxers only to cringe at the sight of his bed. It was all tangled sheets and stains that could range from sweat to drool to…something else. All he could say for sure was that only two out of the three of those things came from him and none of them were exclusive since Ezraphel set a precedent for getting all his cum.

‘Note to self: get plastic wraps for the new mattress after burning the old one.’

Stanley shuddered realizing that the Air conditioning was still on and the windows were shut.

~Bathtub Rumination~

Ezraphel hummed to herself as she took a relaxing soak. Stanley’s home had two bathrooms and Ezraphel had been given one early on by Stanley for personal use. She would have called him considerate but at the time he also threatened to ‘put a cap in her ass’ if she so much as step foot in his ‘porcelain throne room’ whatever that means. Of course nowadays Ezraphel had serviced him a few times under the showers.

‘Ah, that was a nice change of pace, getting dirty then clean and back again simultaneously.’

Of course with these frequent servicing of Stanley’s manly member Ezraphel has been able cultivate her demonic energy much quicker and thus was able to perform what Stanley called ‘frivolous spells.’ He call it frivolous but Ezraphel would beg to differ, for instance with a bit of minor space-time magic she was able to turn what was once an adequate Earth-standard bathroom into an indoor bathhouse, something she was more familiar with and to her standards.

Stanley’s response?

“You better be using magic to refill that thing cause I’m not paying the water bill for that crap”

Ezraphel’s response?

Two minutes later and Stanley was sitting naked by the edge of the pool bath receiving a most excellent titty fuck from a half submerged Lilim.

Ezraphel sighed at the memory ‘we should do that again, tonight perhaps?’

“Hmm~” she purred at the thought, getting excited all over again and the fact that she could still taste Stanley in her mouth only intensified the feeling. Finally she managed to reign herself in “not yet, Stanley still needs time to recover.”

Of course if he were an incubus then you would still be sucking, drinking and even fu-

Ezraphel silenced those thoughts as she took up a ‘mesh loofah’ and began to clean herself languidly.

‘I have made it this far without slipping into those habits. I can survive however long it takes to make that accursed spell.’

Stanley wouldn’t be the first man to make ‘unreasonable’ demands of Mamono. If there is one thing any Mamono cares for it is their husbands and to those who can afford to they are able to make a number of things possible. A means of making a human immune to the corruptive force of demonic energy is possible but naturally such a thing would not be very popular among the masses so instead only a few mamono of substantial power or connection to those with power are able to create such a thing.

The ‘thing’ being a spell which preserves the humanity of a mamono’s husband and prevents their transformation into Incubi. If that wasn’t strange enough the spell itself was created by an Arch Demon of all beings. The story goes that this Arch-Demon was in the process of wooing a certain knight captain whose Kingdom she had been tasked with conquering for the Mamono Overlord. Of course in typical Demon fashion her idea of courtship involved using psychological warfare and subtle charm magic to coerce him to break his faith and coerce him to her side.

It didn’t work however no matter how many times she would bate him into battling her.. They say her original plan was to sway him to her side with each successive battle however Ezraphel heard from her older sisters that this Arch-Demon was a shy one at the time who didn’t know how to approach him and defaulted into battle which was her comfort zone.

Ezraphel met this demon before and she was inclined to agree.

In any case her ‘plan’ did not come to fruition for her Husband-to-be was betrayed by his own comrades in a scheme by the Kingdom’s Nobility to get rid of him due to his status as a low born orphan before becoming a knight. Why they would orchestrate such a thing during a war against one of the few men who has had multiple success in driving off their enemies can be boiled down to one word, greed.

For while the Arch-Demon could not sway the knight to her side her spies had found success in coercing the nobility and with promises of wealth and power sought to get rid of seemingly the only obstacle to the Demon’s victory. Unfortunately they chose to get rid of him through a public execution. Stripped of his title, land and given name the man was slated to be executed via beheading.

Naturally, upon hearing of this the Arch-Demon decided to scrap the subtle approach and straight up invade the kingdom with her army, easily defeated its defenders and free him before confessing. The knight, now with nothing but his name and no love for his former Kingdom or its people agreed to become her husband on one condition. He would live out the remainder of his years as a human before she turned him into an Incubus. The Arch-Demon agreed, poured all her resources together to find a means to grant this wish and after several short years she created a spell that would preserve his humanity until such a time that she would break it.

The man would live for 3 more decades as a human married to a Demon before she turned him into a youthful Incubus. Currently the Arch-Demon is now one of the High Lords of the Infernal Court of Daemons and the man is the leader of her personal armies and one of the few decorated Incubus Generals in the Royal Makai.

Their story was a popular one amongst Mamono nobility and the Arch-Demon’s spell was used frequently by high ranking Mamono as a bargaining tool when trying to convince particular stubborn men with an uncanny resistance to their charms. It is always a competition among the nobility of the Royal Makai when it comes to husbands. Unlike other places where Mamono would often compete over the number of men they slept with or conquered, in the royal Makai the Mamono are so powerful that such things hardly matter.

In a place with the highest concentration of Lilim and mamono comparable to them in both power and charms what would be the point of bragging about sex? Rather than power or the number of sexual conquests what the Makai nobility value is cunning and if you can make a good story that shows just how cunning you are then you will earn respect. You get none if at the end of the day you had to use your vast powers to ‘cheat’ and secure a win, the best stories are always of Mamono who are caught at a disadvantage and manage to use their wits to secure a victory.

Either that or the perceived ‘purity’ of their union, the knowledge of knowing a human can accept a Mamono without the need for such things as sex or magic. Put simply, this is love in its purest form and there is something about this knowledge that make for juicy gossip and rumors. In this case it is for this reason why the story of the Arch-Demon and the Knight Captain is so popular, it wasn’t that the Arch-Demon used her cunning to get the Knight it is that she threw caution to the wind and confessed her feelings through words and actions. The Knight chose to accept her feelings and to keep himself honest and without influence made it so that she could not use her magic to influence him.

Theirs was a relationship built solely and mutual affection, love in its purest form.

As for the spell itself the reason for its popularity was due to the fact that Ezraphel’s mother, Lilith, acknowledge its worth and mandated that all her daughters would learn the spell as a means of further proving the Mamono’s willingness to cooperate with humans.  With that announcement the other noble houses in the Makai followed suite and the ‘Human Preservation Ritual’ was taught to all future generations.

Now Ezraphel was no different her mother had taught her the spell and it is not as if she doesn’t have the adequate power anymore. After feasting on Stanley’s spirit energy for so long her demonic energy is nearly fully recovered.

The thing is…about the spell…Ezraphel may have…sort of…forgotten…how to cast it.


For the past several days when she wasn’t servicing Stanley she was wracking her brain trying to piece together the proper procedure with which to cast it. Such an oversight could only be attributed to the folly of youth. In other words, at the time Ezraphel was not very keen on the idea of preserving someone’s humanity, let alone her husband. Why in the Dark God’s name would she do that? Humans were inferior to Incubi in just about everything that mattered and the Ezraphel of the past could not think of a situation where she would cast such a needless spell.

…if she could, Ezraphel would travel back in time and ‘bitch slap’ herself.

Because of her past foolishness Ezraphel could only stall for time and spirit energy while she tried to salvage her memories. It should also be noted that Ezraphel did not learn memory magic so she is practically half blind. Fortunately she was well versed in the art of Spell Crafting and with what she remembered of the Human Preservation Spell she might be able to create something close enough.

‘Better yet I will be able to create a spell far superior!’ she raised a long leg daintily and ran the loofah down in strokes ‘and after the spell is complete…’ she grinned ‘Ooh, I’m getting excited all over again’ a frown came across her plump lips ‘and no Stanley to be had’

It was a prevalent problem nowadays, however in times such as these she had a backup plan. Reaching out with her magic she levitated the detachable showerhead, a quaint little invention that had done wonders in assisting with her luxurious hair back when she was powerless.

“Eh, it will have to do” she shrugged.

Ezraphel leaned back in the pool, turned the showerhead settings to ‘Power Massage’ and dipped it between her legs.

“O-oh yeeesssss~”

That’s the good stuff.

~Grocery Run~

‘Okay time to do this’

Before he came downstairs Stanley had taken a lengthy shower, tossed the sheets in the hamper and made a note to have Ezraphel clean out the stains in the mattress, if only because the largest one was from her, he wasn’t tall enough to reach that far lying down. It had only affirmed his decision to pump the brakes and take it slow for the time being. Ezraphel should understand that even with her energy making him recover faster it was only delaying the inevitable and he needed the energy to do the work so she can continue to live in comfort.

She would understand.

So why the hell was he so nervous about this?

Oh right, he was about to tell a now powered Ezraphel that she can’t service him anymore. As if telling his girlfriend she can’t pleasure him anymore was the most devastating thing he could do to her at this point.

‘…my life has become ridiculous’

 As per usual he found her in the kitchen, she had made him another mouth watering breakfast which was good because…


He winced a bit as he sat down and promptly dug into the breakfast. Today was a light affair compared to all the others, pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash brown, a fruit plate, juice and the ever present tall pitcher of warm milk. As one of the few adults who is not a fan of coffee Ezraphel has taken to serving him warm milk instead, which is as weird as it sounds. Weirder still is that she chose to serve most of her meals with milk nowadays not just breakfast. He didn’t need to ask, apparently she learned how to cook from the Kikimori who taught her how to be a ‘splendid maid’ but even her mentor lacked the fine knowledge of the various studies on food nutrition available on earth.

Ever since she started watching all those health documentaries and Jamie Oliver recipes Stanley’s food diet now only consist of wholesome balanced meals. He hasn’t had fast food in weeks, not that he’s complaining he would eat anything so long as it tastes good and Ezraphel is a woman that always delivers.

Halfway in he realized that Ezraphel wasn’t eating anything which as odd, she would always have a plate for herself.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

He knew he walked into a trap the moment she gave him ‘the look’. You know the one with the sultry smile, slightly blushing face and lewd expression “Oh, I already had my fill this morning” she patted her stomach

“No shit, huh” he mumbled dryly.

Then her eyes suddenly took on a glint “although I could go for another…taste~” to punctuate this stamen she stuck out her tongue and placed a finger on it.

As an aside it reminded Stanley that Ezraphel’s inhuman features extended past what was seen on the surface. For example she had an abnormal tongue, it was longer than he would’ve guessed, a bit more plump-no thicc and…moist? No that wasn’t the word he would use to describe it, the word he is looking for is juicy. Long, thick, juicy and it might have been the trick of the light but sometimes he could swear, just like in some fellatio dominant hentai the thing almost looked like a pus-

Boner Engaged!

‘Aw, shit!’

Wait he could salvage this, she doesn’t know-

A dainty foot started caressing his crotch.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck-’

Ezraphel gave a Cheshire grin “oh Stanley is this for me? You shouldn’t have~”

Stanley’s eyes darted about even as Ezraphel’s feet did a pretty damn good job of getting him fully erect. Window is getting smaller, he knows the moment she gets under the table there goes the rest of the afternoon and possibly the entire day.

‘Come on think of something, anything!’

“Uh, um…” his eyes suddenly noticed something and he pointed at it “what’s up with that?”

“Hm?” Ezraphel’s head turned to see that he was pointing at the pantry door left ajar “ah, that reminds me. We are out of food” even as she said this her feet did not leave his crotch and his steadily gaining erection.

“What?” she might have her priorities but Stanley saw an out and you best believe he took it. Uncomfortably he went over to the pantry “that can’t be right I bought groceries a few days a…go…” and it’s empty. Well not completely empty but there was barely enough stuff to make a meal for one of them. He checked the fridge and saw that it was virtual cold wasteland with nothing but a few products and soda.

Stanley stared then looked at Ezraphel, back to the near empty refrigerator before closing it.

‘How long has she been keeping me under?’

Suddenly Stanley was even more unsure of himself. In any case this food shortage has provided him with an out. Good thing because he really needed to be alone with his thoughts right now.

“I’m going for a food run. Write down what you want me to get.”

Ezraphel took a moment before she replied “actually, I would like to accompany you Stanley.”

*Record Scratch*




“I want to go shopping with you” at the look he gave her a hint of concern entered her voice “i-is that alright?”

Is it alright?

“You…plan to go looking like that?”

“Of course not silly” she laughed and snapped her finger.

Stanley took a startled step back as a magic circle appeared at her feet and above her head before meeting at the middle of her body in a near blinding light.


Stanley didn’t answer immediately, he was still blinking the spots out of his eyes. Despite this being the first time Stanley had seen her cast a spell he could not help but suspect something.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” he said still wiping his eyes, damn that light was bright.

“Do what”

“The flashy transformation”

“N-no, of course not, this is how Mamono always transform” she said not looking him in the eye.

“Right” he said in an obviously unconvinced tone “well next time you do something like that warn me” he paused as he got a look at her.

She was still Ezraphel alright, though with a distinct lack of her inhuman traits. Her eyes were now a crystal blue and her hair was platinum blonde as opposed to snow white. It took him a minute to see the most subtle change but he did and Stanley was a little startled to realize that Ezraphel’s hypersexual and bombastic body proportions that would best fit a Porn Star/stripper with surgery done were scaled down to something that would be naturally found on a girl with excellent genes who also kept in shape.

Even her supernatural charm is dialed down.

Having been exposed to a lot of that charm over the weeks (unwittingly on Ezraphel’s part) Stanley can tell such things. Now not to say that she wouldn’t turn heads but as she is now Stanley is reasonably certain she wouldn’t cause a traffic accident walking down a street.

“What do you think?” She struck a perfect sexy pose and Stanley, for the first time, was barely affected by it.

Typical response for if a human girl was to do such a thing.

“I’m impressed” she preened under his near deadpan delivery “but I was actually talking about your clothes”

Ezraphel paused “my…clothes…?”

Ezraphel subscribes to the typical Mamono mindset that clothes are a means to an end, if it can get them the attention of a man then they would literally wear anything and everything. In Ezraphel’s case she almost always wore a combination of clothing that emphasizes her ass and breasts and shows as much skin as possible.

Just the way he likes it.

Unfortunately that is not going to fly in public.

“Yes Ez, your clothes”

“Oh” she looked at her attire with some confusion “is there something wrong with my attire?”

Stanley glared at her pointedly with narrowed eyes causing the Lilim to chuckle a bit nervously “I jest, for this outfit is clearly not appropriate” her nervousness melted away into a sultry look as she bent down slightly while palming her breasts “and I would loathe for anyone other than you to see me like this~”

Then with an extra sway in her hips and a pep in her step she made her way upstairs to change. Stanley’s eyes trailed after her until she was out of sight then lay down on the living room sofa. Now that he had a couple of minutes Stanley went over that conversation he had with Ezraphel and came to startling resolution.

He was beginning to become more comfortable in Ezraphel’s presence.

It is very possible that he might just be over thinking things unnecessarily again but going over that conversation Stanley was way too fine with having Ezraphel accompanying him in public. He won’t beat around the bush with the reason either, there was a part of him that was apprehensive about being seen with her in public, a part of him still in a state of disbelief about having a girlfriend and doing stuff couples would do.

He had more or less accepted it but that was for their private life at home, out there is a whole other ball park that it is made even more difficult when he considers that there are people who know him and what he is about. Suddenly showing up with an incredibly beautiful girl and claiming her to be his girlfriend will net him shock, disbelief or even straight up rejection of the notion. Worse they might actually think he’s pathetic enough to pay an escort to pretend she was his girlfriend. He knew for a fact that there exists some guys that are so desperate and stupid.

Fortunately for his mental health Ezraphel has exceeded his expectations by a surprisingly large margin with her disguise. In hindsight Stanley realized how odd it is he is surprised by this when Ezraphel is an accomplished mage of sorts who would have obviously had experience blending into human civilization based on some of her offhanded comments.

‘I keep forgetting Ezraphel is a lot more clever than she shows, more than I give her credit for’

“I am ready~”

He sat up and upon seeing Ezraphel thought to himself ‘or maybe she isn’t and I am entirely justified.’

Ezraphel was dressed in…well…she looks like a prostitute, make of that what you will because Stanley certainly has and no words could properly attribute the… mixed soup his emotions are right now.

Wordlessly Stanley got off the sofa and made his way to the garage, once he made it to the Lilim he gave her the most withering glare that actually had the disguised Lilim break out in a cold a sweat.


The Lilim swallowed at the oddly deep baritone of his voice, it shocked her that something like that could be produced by a man of such stature. It was both terrifying and arousing at the same time.

“Y-yes, my love” she stuttered for reasons even she could understand.

You are not ready.”

“Erk” he did not need to elaborate, the finality in his tone spoke greatly and it was like an enchanted axe impacted her chest and froze her from the inside out.

Metaphorically frozen in place Ezraphel didn’t realize Stanley had left until she heard the car engine.

“Wait Stanley, I was merely jesting!”

In a blink her prostitute clothes were gone, as the product of an illusion, to reveal tight capri jeans, low heeled sandals and a crop top.

“I’m sorry, take me with you pweeze!”

Fine, just get in the goddamn car so we can go” he ended by opening the garage door.

The Lilim pouted and sniffled as she dragged herself into the passenger seat and…

“What are you doing?”

“I am placing protective wards on the car” she said while her hands lit up with magic.

“…not that I’m complaining but why?”

“For safety”


“My protection spells will ensure that no harm comes to you or your car even if were hit by Tier 5 offensive spells…”

According to Ezraphel there are 12 Tiers of magic in her world with the highest being able to wipe out entire dimensions. So put into that context ‘Tier 5’ is kind of a big deal, he’s certain nothing short of the equivalent of an RPG rocket could scratch the paint of his car now.

“So what brought this on?”

“I have researched these ‘cars; when you first showed yours to me-”

‘Oh no…’ he knew where this was going.

“-and I have found that an appalling amount of fatal accidents have occurred in these contraptions. Did you know there were over thirty nine thousand deaths relating to cars crashing just last year?”

‘Ah, shit’

See, this shit right here. This is why he put blockers on her laptop…and why he blocked the News stations on TV.

“Ez, this isn’t necessary”

“This is entirely necessary Stanley” she answered quickly.

“No seriously, you don’t have to-”

“Actually, I do” Ezraphel gave him a piercing stare “you are my husband Stanley, the single most important being in my life and as such your safety is of the utmost paramount” she reached out to caress his cheek “there is nothing I would not do to ensure your well being. I would sooner tear the very fabric of this dimension asunder than knowingly place you in any form of danger” as she spoke her unblinking eyes bled into familiar pools of molten crimson laid upon obsidian bedrock then they closed as she adopted a cheery expression “so let me do this, ‘kay?”

Stanley stared at her in disconcerted shock before conceding with a sigh of defeat “uuugh, proceed.”

For the next two minutes all that could be heard were the sounds of Ezraphel humming.

~The Drive~

Despite the apprehension she had with the car Ezraphel could not help but be in awe at what was essentially a marvel of modern engineering. She knew several Gremlins who would wet their shorts if they ever got laid eyes on this piece of technology. One would think having the ability to fly would make this all meaningless but Ezraphel would beg to differ. Outside of the Royal Makai, Demon Realms and certain Mamono friendly kingdoms that have teleportation stations Ezraphel would usually take a carriage (for what princess would deign to fly under her own power?).

No matter what magic is used to ensure comfort or the swiftness of the steed pulling it, there is not a single one that could compare to the speed of Stanley’s car. And it doesn’t just stop there, the roads are all paved and so smooth it’s as if she is flying. Well not really but she could understand that for humans of this era this would be the closest they would ever get to the feeling, until they rode an ‘airplane.’

Next she busied herself with watching the sights and thought to herself how far humanity had truly come. From those small villages in remote areas of the country to sprawling metropolis and while she had seen much and even better sights in the ‘internet’ it still amazes her just how much they have developed in infrastructure. But even with these amazing sights she could only be distracted from her thoughts for so long before her mind drifts back to the matter at hand.

She wanted to ask so many questions but Stanley was driving and the last thing she wanted to do was distract him and cause an accident. Driving looked hard enough as it is without having to talk.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hm? Oh, nothing is wrong Stanley.”

He gave her a brief sideways glance as they came to a stop sign “your tail was wagging before and now you have that look like you want to ask me something but you’re too scared to.”

Ezraphel checked and yes her tail was out and luckily that was the only thing. Internally she cursed, outwardly she blushed in slight embarrassment.

“I didn’t want to distract you from driving.”

“Ez” he sounded exasperated “I can talk while I drive”


“Do you trust me?”

“Of course Stanley”

“Then trust I won’t let us crash or allow some idiot to crash in us” he lay a hand on her thigh “okay?”


“Great” they drove off “so what do want to know?”

“Where are we going?”

“Local Supermarket”

“Why is it called a ‘Super’ Market?”

“I can hear the capitalization”


“Because they sell every kind of consumable food in one place.”

“…I do not understand”

He thought for a moment before continuing “okay, so you have markets where you come from right?”


“And in these markets you have different people selling different goods right? One guy sells fruits, another has vegetables, meats, fish and all that.”

She nodded “yes”

“Imagine then, that all the food/produce these vendors er merchants sell are all sold in a single building owned by a person or group.”

Ezraphel hummed “it sounds difficult”

Stanley shrugged “eh, maybe. I mean, it’s been working so far.”


“You don’t sound too excited”

“…why would I be?”


“That did not sound like ‘nothing’ Stanley”

“I guess I’m just used to you reacting a certain way to new concepts on Earth”

Ezraphel frowned but conceded the point, she was a free spirit at heart who mostly choose to wear her heart on her sleeve, except this time.

“I suppose this Super Market is not a new concept”

“It isn’t?”

“We have similar shops in the Royal Makai and other places. They are not common but they exist”

“Huh, okay”

Within a few more minutes they drove into the parking Lot of the place.

Stanley cranked the hand break “okay Ez, a few ground rules befo-what are you doing?”

He caught Ezraphel struggling with the seatbelt “nothing”

“That doesn’t look like ‘nothing’ Ez. You need help”

“N-no I can…escape this…” she grunted trying and failing to dislodge the straps.

Honestly this would have been funny if it weren’t so sad “can’t you use your magic to get yourself free”

“I do not need magic to escape from this. I am perfectly able to” somehow, someway through a lapse of logic and physics she had managed to get the seatbelt in a pseudo bondage position, biting between her breasts and nearly having them pop out of her crop top.

She really can make anything become as lewd as possible just interacting with it.

“Ez” she paused in struggling when he held up a finger. Ever so slowly he reached down and pressed the button to unlatch the belt.

“O-oh” she looked embarrassed.

“Yeah” he spoke with lidded eyes “you need me to show you how to work the door too?”

“No-no I have this” she went to open the latch except the door didn’t open. She tried multiple times, each one had her breaking out in a cold sweat, eventually she became aware of the eyes scrutinizing her and turned around in shame “Stanley…help me pweeze…”

Again he raised a single finger and pressed a button, a distinct click was heard and Ezraphel jumped when the door lock was released.

“Try again”

The Lilim tentatively did and this time the door opened “thank you.”

Stanley left the car without a word and after Ezraphel left he set the car alarm causing the Lilim  jump a bit.

“What was that?”

“Just setting the alarm”

“Oh” As they walked through the parking lot between other vehicles Ezraphel could not help but soak in the sight.

This would not only be her first time outside but also her first time interacting with humans other than Stanley.



“I want to lay down some ground rules while we’re inside”

Ezraphel’s mood lowered at that “oh”

“Don’t give me that. Anyway I know it might be tempting but do not under any circumstances run off. I doubt you’d get lost but the place is pretty big and it’ll be a bitch to find you.”

“No worries, I will always be able to find you Stanley” she cooed.

“I’m more concerned with me finding you before you do something stupid” he frowned “which brings us to the next rule: don’t make a scene that will give us unwanted attention.”

“Give me some credit Stanley, I know how to remain inconspicuous in public” she said confidently.

“And that slip up with the tail?”

Her smile twitched a bit but she recovered “t-that was a single mistake and will not happen again”

He gave her a stern look “it better not because this place has cameras that monitor everything. That reminds me” he took out his phone and took a picture of Ezraphel much to her surprise.

“What was that?”

“Just testing a theory” he looked to see a somewhat shaky yet HD picture of Ezraphel as she is and blew out a breath “good, it’s not just an illusion”


“I had a thought that if you were using an illusion to fool the human eye it wouldn’t work with cameras, but it does”

“Well of course it would” she gestured to herself “this is no mere illusion Stanley, this is a transformation made to bypass even magical sensors”

“Huh, well sorry I doubted you then”

She smiled at the compliment “was there anything else Stanley”

“Yeah, if you want anything run it by me first”


“And, I guess if things don’t go south you can have a treat for yourself”

Ezraphel’s smile could have lit up the room and Stanley could already feel the ache in his wallet.

“Well here we are” he said before the doors opened upon going by the sensors.

~ Fun Times At The Supermarket~

Stepping inside, Ezraphel could not help but gasp in wonder. The first thing to hit her was the air conditioning but having been exposed to that at home she was hardly fazed what did faze her was the size  of the place, the number of people and so many rows of assorted food products.

She felt Stanley grasp her hand and looked down at him as they walked “I thought you said you had places like this back home.”

“Well we do however, they are not quite so…large”

Stanley looked around “yeah this place isn’t exactly an example of a typical Supermarket” he went to the side and rolled out a cart and came to stand beside the girl who was looking at the isles “so, where do you want to start?”

The Lilim turned her gaze from the sights back to Stanley “huh”

“Where do we start?”

“Oh, um…” Ezraphel trailed off.

The Lilim was at a loss, Ezraphel had actually made a meal plan for Stanley. It was the kind of meal plan which would promote a healthy body, thus better (and tastier) spirit energy for her to eventually consume. She also looked up earth cuisine and would request ingredients should any strike her fancy, Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver are her new teachers. Now though with so much to choose from Ezraphel was at a loss, where does she even begin!?

Was the room spinning?

“Hey” Stanley put a hand on her shoulder “you okay?”

“I-yes I am just…overwhelmed with the options” she chuckled “I do not know where to begin, to be honest.”

He hummed in thought before saying “we’ve got over a dozen isles to cover and I’m not in any particular rush. Besides you need to know what’s where if you’re going to shop by yourself”

Ezraphel’s eyes opened “really Stanley?”

“Yeah eventually. What, did you think I was going to chaperone you every time you leave the house? Don’t answer that” he added since her expression said yes. “you are a grown ass woman Ezraphel, also if I can’t trust you to behave in public I might as well not give you my virginity…which I will a soon as you’re ready” he added hesitantly because of the look in her eye.

He knew exactly what was coming next ‘aw shit, here we go again’

The Lilim bent down to give him a searing kiss and suddenly they were in their own world.


Both eyes opened and turned to the side where a bunch of people where gawking at them. Stanley had the decency to look embarrassed and walk away while Ezraphel practically preened under their gazes and winked at the crowd before being dragged away.

She had a big smile on her face the entire time.

That little incident might have set the precedence for the rest of their shopping trip. Stanley would have liked to not draw attention to himself but with Ezraphel that was a moot point. Anime had it all wrong, when an unassuming guy goes out with a beautiful girl they apparently draw more attention as a couple as opposed to the girl gets noticed and the man is an afterthought they wonder why/when/how is even there in the first place.

This mostly stems from the fact that Ezraphel seems to revel in the attention of people, more specifically she revels in other people seeing them together and knowing they are together. He knew that because she straight up told him that when he asked why she kept acting so…Mamono. That was the only word for it to describe her actions.

Clinging to his body.

Finding every excuse to kiss him.

Seemingly flaunting her body like a tease.

Making innuendos exclusively within earshot of others.

It got so bad that Stanley had to palm his face for an entire isle just so he wouldn’t have to look at people’s reaction, big mistake since he left her unsupervised and had to run back to the isle to return a bunch of stuff. Then there was that one time when a guy who happened to be in the same isle pointed out he had something on his face, it turns out to be lipstick smeared in several places.

When the hell did she start wearing lipstick!?

Then of course there was the time they passed by the frozen dairy isle and boy wasn’t that something. Apparently Ezraphel’s sweet tooth turned into a full on addiction without him noticing and he just showed her the mother load. Don’t even get him started on when she found the candy and somehow negotiated with him to buy five family size bags of assorted sweets.

For his consideration she straight up told him that she was going to do something ‘special’ form him that night and that he should be prepared to pull an all-nighter since she wasn’t going to let him rest. She said this while in the middle of the line at the checkout counter loud enough for everyone to hear.

The cashier girl looked shocked, the middle aged lady behind them looked scandalous and the guy behind her gave a mumbled “lucky bastard” which was clearly heard in the small interim of silence. As Ezraphel effortlessly took up all the bags and sashayed out the door with all the class of the princess she is the bag boy turned to him, he was a younger man.

“Dude, she’s your girlfriend?”


He went back to unashamedly checking her before offering him a single word “nice”

Stanley raised an eyebrow “thanks, I guess” then walked away.

He ignored the judgmental stares of the older folks yet acknowledging the subtle nods of recognition by the men and some women who wish they were in his position. On his way out a guy offered him a high five…and you know Stanley took that shit.

When he came out the Supermarket though pretenses were dropped and he looked over his shoulder wondering to himself “did that just happen?”

He shook his head, it felt like he was in an episode of the Twilight Zone for a minute there.


Finally getting his head right he gave Ezraphel a glare “what the hell was that?”

“What was what?”

“Why were you acting like that?”

“I don’t understand” and the real kicker is she looked genuinely confused. The chances of this being legitimate ignorance or just really great acting could honestly be 50/50. Ezraphel can be crafty when she wants to be.

He wanted to say/shout more but recognized they were outside and it wouldn’t do to make a scene so he held out his hands “give me some of the bags.”

“It is quite alright Stanley, they are not that heavy”

“I know you’re stronger than the average human Ez but only me” his eyes narrowed and teeth grit “I will not be known as the guy who let his girlfriend carry his weight so give a few goddamn bags.”

Ezraphel blinked “very well” she handed him a few.

“Alright, let’s go”

They both arrived at the car, Stanley turned off the alarm and opened the trunk to store the stuff in. Ezraphel was taking more time than necessary though.

“Ez, what are you doing?”

“Placing a stasis spell on the ice-cream, you always bring it back half melted.”

“Okay” he acknowledged and after they were finished went into the car. As they buckled up Stanley paused when he saw Ezraphel had a snickers bar in hand. She unwrapped the candy bar with almost as much reverence and anticipation as when she pulls down his pants.

Before she could take a bite however Stanley swiped it from her “hey!”

The complaint was lost when she saw the look on his face “I would like to know exactly what was going on in your head when you decided to embarrass me in front of all those people.”

The panic slowly left her expression as she lay back in her seat “I just wanted them to know I was yours.”

“Are. You. Serious?” he seethed lowly.

She gave him a sharp look “yes. You may not have noticed Stanley but there many who thought they could approach me, that thought I was not already yours, they forced my hand.”

Stanley’s head hit the steering wheel, Stanley loved Ezraphel, he really did and fortunately he was enough of a nerd to take everything said in the encyclopedia as freaking gospel. It also helps that Ezraphel reminds nearly every hour of every day she would stay by his side, as such he wasn’t going to worry about any NTR situations with her.

Finally he sighed “okay I think I get it.”

“You do?”

“Why do you sound so surprised?”

“Usually it would take more to convince you when I do something beyond your feeble human sensibilities.”

His eyes narrowed “first of all, that’s insulting and a little a racist”

“I am sorry, though it is true” she mumbled the last part.

“Moving on. Secondly it’s not a Mamono thing to let other people know you have a boyfriend and you aren’t interested. You didn’t have to do half the things you did to get a point across, seriously only assholes would still go after a girl even though she has a boyfriend and those guys are just asking to get their asses kicked.”

“But I like showing affection to you in public~” she pouted with an innocent tone though her expression was a sultry one.

‘This girl…’

He knew it was a lost cause trying to explain to her why he didn’t like that. Apparently PDA is a lot more accepted here than it is in the human society of her dimension. Even then it’s not as if Ezraphel didn’t understand modesty she just thought it was really dumb. In the same vain that he thought her hopeless romanticism is dumb. She can tolerate it but really it is more of an exception to the rule she does not normally follow and is unapologetic about it.

“I can tentatively accept that”

“Aw Stanley~”

“What I can’t accept” he interrupted sharply “is you telling people about our business!”


“No one needs to know about our private life Ez. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to know if some guy is fucking his wife in the ass. Just like how I don’t want people knowing you give me head. If it wasn’t already clear I am a man who absolutely values his privacy” he took a deep breath “I know it’s stupid but going in there and letting people know I have a girlfriend was already uncomfortable then you went and said that.”

“I’m sorry”

“Forget it” he cut her off to start the engine “Kiss me, hug me but just…watch what you say alright?”

She nodded and for  a time there was a bout of uncomfortable silence that was eventually broken by Ezraphel’s tentative question “are you angry?”

Stanley sighed “no, I just…don’t like attention much” he gripped the steering wheel tightly.

A delicate hand laid on top of his and he turned to see Ezraphel with an apologetic expression “Stanley, I am sorry I made you feel uncomfortable, I did not know”

“It’s cool, here” he attempted to give her the snickers.

She declined it “you can have it, I have more” then she dipped her hand into her cleavage and pulled out another Snickers bar.

Stanley mentally recoiled and drew his hand back slowly while his eyes widened with the thought ‘what the fuck…?’

After a moment of trying to fathom what he just witnessed decided it wasn’t worth it and chewed on the snack while pulling out the parking lot.

As he bit into the candy bar Stanley spoke “of course you realize I have to punish you for your transgressions”

This stopped the Lilim cold in her enjoyment of the chocolate, caramel and peanut blend.

“B-but you said it was ‘cool’ Stanley” she stuttered.

“Oh we’re cool on that last bit but you’ve been embarrassing me for the entire shopping trip, ‘member?” she said with false cheerfulness “cause I ‘member.”

“But…but…” she continued to stutter.

“Hmm, for this, I think I’ll revoke your dick privileges for the rest of the month”

If there was a phrase for the expression on Ezraphel’s face right then it would have been: Enel Face.


And so it is said that a mysterious wail washed over the parking lot that day and set of several car alarms.

~To Be Continued~


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5 thoughts on “Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 6

  1. ok, that chapter was already perfect simply by the scene “Enel Face”. And I’m sure Stanley was already planning to revoke his privileges, seeing his thoughts at the beginning of the chapter as he thought he would die if that rhythm continues. Basically, He used Ezraphel’s actions as an excuse for that (thank god she made his life easier in that regard). Moving on, I found it interesting that the girl monsters had already created a spell to preserve her husband’s “humanity”, but he is only used by what I understand to help win her husband’s heart, since the demon arch that created it made in order to later mentally break it for her husband to accept becoming Incubus (and soon afterwards future spells are taught this spell with the same objective, thank god that Ezraphel wants to create something better and be better as a person than the others girls monsters). But the guy lasted more than 3 decades with a demon actively trying to break him so he could accept becoming an Incubus. He really did have a steel mind. I will say that Ezraphel in his youth seemed to be a person with his head in the clouds, but his wishes ended up making him grow as a person. But I will say, if I were her, the first thing I would have as a priority is to know a memory spell, an immortal being must know something that helps to organize their memories, otherwise it will end in disaster in front of life when you realize that you don’t even remember your family anymore. Immortality without something that helps to maintain and organize your memories is the same as condemning eternal torture. I’m sure Stanley would give himself a facepalm if we heard that an immortal being like Ezraphel doesn’t know a spell that is very necessary for his continued existence. Moving on, every time Ezraphel takes something out of the neckline, it seriously reminds me of Erza from Fairy tail. The only difference is that in Fairy Tail there is no reaction that Stanley does every time he sees this (I laugh a lot). I liked the car scene and Ezraphel’s thoughts, it shows that she is really curious about things that are not about sex, I also liked that Stanley just seeing her tail moving can tell when she’s in the mood to ask something, it shows how close they got to Stanley being able to guess with certainty when Ezraphel wants something or is experiencing certain reactions from her body. I’ll say one thing, Stanley must one day go to church to thank God for receiving Ezraphel instead of a demon. If Stanley is already very uncomfortable with her protective side, I can only imagine how his reaction would be when he saw how protective a demon is with his husbands. I find it interesting that Stanley did not find the space-time spell she used so impressive, I found it very impressive, that from there was a divine class spell for sure even though Ezraphel herself considers it a low-grade spell … I also liked it that Ezraphel taught Stanley the used spell strength classification system in her world, so he gets to know when she’s using something very strong, something medium or weak. She literally put protective wings so strong that if someone used a Bazooka against the car at most, it would only take a little of the paint off. This was a level 5 spell, it exists up to level 12, our world is really not prepared for an invasion of girl monsters coming straight from Encyclopedia in this universe that you created. I realized that if there was an alien invasion, Ezraphel could alone save the entire planet, simply using Stanley’s spiritual energy to contain the Aliens with literal divine powers. It would make a nice Omake (if you let me, I would make one). In fact, Ezraphel could cure all the diseases in the world, end hunger and do other things if she had enough energy … She is basically a goddess in formation (I think all Lilim are already made with the goal of end up transforming themselves into literal goddesses when they get a husband, since like, Druella is considered a semi goddess and has no husband until today, imagine her strength if she managed to get someone compatible with her, I shudder just to think ). Moving on, I laughed a lot at the scene where Stanley repeats Ezraphel’s same words against her, when she showed off her human form and the outfit she was wearing. Seriously, it was very hilarious, not only because Stanley spoke in a thick, scary voice that made Ezraphel sweat cold, but because she was playing with him and didn’t expect that to happen. was very good. But to tell you the truth, the Super Market scene was the best, without a doubt. I loved the scene. starting at the beginning where we have Ezraphel trying to get out of the car. I laughed so hard that I stopped reading the chapter and it didn’t help that later events only made me laugh more. I don’t know what was most hilarious, that she did all those actions in the super market in a certain part because it was normal for her (also because she loves to show her affection to Stanley) or because the main reason was to show everyone that she belonged to Stanley, since in her words there were people present who were coveting her and this could not be allowed. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that we found in this chapter that Ezraphel is a little racist, it bothered me a lot, but I understand the reasons for that. But yes, even in his human form, Ezraphel knows how to put on a show. I was also impressed that the magic that Ezraphel used is an illusion so powerful that not even modern cameras can penetrate, that is very advanced magic right there. Considering that she is the daughter of a literal goddess and god, it makes sense that she has the power to use something like that. I also really liked the use of the title Pandora’s Box for the decision that Stanley made at the beginning of the chapter when he let her have a free pass on him and how he regretted it. But it also gave him good things that he never thought he would have in his life. He really opened Pandora’s Box to the world, now it’s praying that at the end of everything Ezraphel makes the right decisions with the power she has (well, this chapter already shows that she is already making the right decisions in my view, seeing that she didn’t accidentally turn the whole place into a demonic kingdom, says a lot). Also, I would like to say that I have my own view of why during sex with girls monsters a human male can enjoy more than with a normal human woman. I believe that the reason is because the monsters girls during the act of withdrawing the energy of the man, force the body to transform the spiritual energy contained in Semen, which leads to an increase in the production of sperm that in fact are mostly energy converted into a liquid form to be extracted more easily. also, it is the reason why the human male does not end up dying even if he has had 10 consecutive orgasms, since what is being expelled is the spiritual energy, which ends up cushioning the impact on the person’s physical energy and allowing it to last longer . I don’t deny that demonic energy in small doses may be involved during the process, but that’s how I see it. Also, I don’t agree with Stanley on the Alcoholism part, I don’t think it’s a good comparison to what he went through, but it’s a good enough one at the moment, as he himself said he was in such a fog of pleasure that he doesn’t even remember what day, week and month they were. So I understand why he made that comparison. This chapter is a good chapter, a perfect chapter, I laughed so much at that chapter that my day got much better thanks to that and I will look forward to the next chapters!

    Warning: I use google translator to comment and read!

  2. This chapter had my side hurting!! Love Stan and wish I created him. The super-market scene was a joy to read. Can’t wait for more and Stan’s eventual fall to his Lilim!

  3. Fortunately, the world of MGE has a whole host of sex aids to improve stamina and whatnot that _don’t_ result in you transforming into an incubus.

    When is she going to go back home–or at least send a message? She mentioned that she has friends and whatnot that would try to look for her eventually, and it’s been at least a couple of months. It would probably really help her progress with the spell if she could visit someone who actually remembers it (maybe she could provide some benefits of incubuzation without actually transforming, like the ability to not be completely knocked out by foreplay? She did mention improving the spell).

    1. It has been a little over one month, I actually plan to go into stuff happening in her world and the reprecussions of her absense. As for the solving Stanley’s problem with ‘foreplay’ that is solved in the next chapter.

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