Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 4


Today was a special day.

He knew it, Ezraphel certainly knew it and was positively vibrating in place from excitement. Very inconvenient for the man she chose to cling to but luckily Stan was saved by the bell so to speak. After the delivery guy mishap that happened last week Stanley made it a rule for Ezraphel to make herself scarce whenever the doorbell rang. It was a terrible oversight on his part however he chalked it up to him not used to her presence. Of course it didn’t help him since the delivery guy was very keen on seeing the big, beautiful, busty cosplay girl again.

When asked on her identity Stanley told him she was a high class escort he hired from online who was also into cosplay.

“Don’t bother looking her up kid, you can’t afford her.”

He got a funny look from that guy after he said that but whether it was the ‘escort’ thing or the ‘can’t afford her’ thing was anyone’s guess. Personally Stanley thought it might have been the ‘this midget is getting more action than me’ kind of thing. Stanley didn’t care either way he just wanted his god damn pizza not debating the merit of paid sex with a delivery guy.

And speaking of deliveries…

Stanley directed the two guys carrying the various boxes inside though had them place them near the doorway. They didn’t question it as obviously they could care less to ask why he would want to dump those heavy boxes by the doorway instead of somewhere more convenient. By the time they were finished there were assorted boxes and bags of different sizes piling the doorway.

‘Christ no wonder they were giving me weird looks’ at first he thought they thought he was into some freaky shit but considering the number of boxes stacked together managed to reach chest level when stacked they might have just thought he didn’t have much of a male presence in a house full of women.

Why would they think this?

Because all the boxes have different fashion brands on them and all of them were women’s fashion brands.

Guess who they’re for?

“Ez, they’re here.”

There was a squeal and Stanley had to metaphorically hit the deck as hurricane Ezraphel teleported from her hiding place and tore into the assorted boxes with all the enthusiasm of a child unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. Stan left her to it, as far he’s concerned his job here is done and he has earned himself a sit down behind the ole PC in his office. Now one may be wondering how this recent thing came about but really what should one expect at this point?

One of the first things that came up during talks of her stay was the absence of clothes and toiletries. Luckily in the case of the latter Stanley was stocked up like an apocalypse shelter, after that one mishap earlier in his foray into seclusion he learned that one can never have too much toilet paper. The rest was more for convenience, better to buy a whole bunch of stuff now and not use than to run out later and have to go outside to get them.

As such Stanley had several toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps (both liquid and bars), shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, floss, towels, washcloths, etc. Most of these things he got because of his parents and at the time he felt like splurging. The look on Ezraphel’s face when she saw his assortment of ‘bath oils’ was a curious one but apparently soap wasn’t widely accessible to the public in her dimension and could only be afforded by the wealthy. Even then the quality wasn’t quite up to snuff in comparison to what Stanley had.

What a sad world she lived in.

The real problems came with the clothes. Ezraphel only came with the clothes on her back, which could charitably be called underwear if he was being honest with himself. He couldn’t begrudge her for it, it’s not as if she was prepared to cross dimensions and leave all her stuff behind. Shopping was out of the question for Ezraphel as she claimed to not have enough magic to throw up a glamour charm disguise.

‘And yet she was able to sneak into my room past a locked door and barricade consistently without alerting me to her presence in the days following.’

Does that say something about her skill or his lack of awareness?

But hey, what would he know about magic, right?

Of course he had gone out to buy some stuff for her, although he made it clear he wouldn’t be buying underwear or rather he couldn’t buy her underwear. Not after seeing that some of the girls working in the women’s clothing department happened to be girls who were familiar with him and his current living situation. Him walking in to buy panties and bras would raise some very uncomfortable questions and spread rumors on social media faster than it would take for him to flee home and bunker down. This meant the only clothes Ezraphel had to wear were boxers, sweat pants and XL shirts courtesy of the local men’s wear.

She hadn’t been happy about that but it was either that or her corset and thong every day. In the end she conceded grudgingly for the time being. He didn’t know what made her sadder, that she had to wear men’s clothing or that none of his could fit her. The look on her face when she realized this could be categorized under ‘cancer diagnosis.’

Naturally he turned to the internet as he always did in times of great peril. Online shopping wasn’t a new concept for Stanley, obviously being the urban hermit he was most of his stuff came through online services. This includes his various gaming and leisure devices, some appliances, food and even some of the clothes in his closet.

Unfortunately not even his expertise could cover the fact that this was women’s clothing he was going to order. Stanley wasn’t foolish enough to trust himself with ordering clothes for a woman which left the option of having Ezraphel pick and choose what she wanted. Of course this began the tedious procedure of explaining the concept of online shopping and going through the steps of how to pick and customize what she wanted. What really sucked was watching that dollar sign icon rack up in number.

Now he knew what Al Bundy felt like when paying the bills.

He went on a 90’s Sitcom binge once.

There was little he could do about it though, Ezraphel cooks for him, cleans his house, provides eye candy and boost his self worth as a man every time she tries to get into his pants or remind him that she cares. That last part meant a lot more to him than he would ever admit out loud. The least he could do is buy her stuff as recompense. That’s not technically true, the least he could do was reciprocate her feelings, have sex with her and not act like an asshole so much.

He actually pondered this once and after careful consideration he decided to answer his conscience as such:

‘Nah, I think I’ll just throw money at it instead.’

Speaking of money he wasn’t exaggerating about just how much he had to spend on her wardrobe. There was a discount for buying in bulk and he was a man who believed in having and not needing than needing and not having so Ezraphel was set when it came to casual wear both indoors and out. Stanley wasn’t stupid, there was no reasonable way he would be able to keep her cooped up inside his house for all of time even if he could technically pull it off and considering the only way she would be able to safely go outside was with the restoration of her magic then…

He swallowed…

He really shouldn’t be surprised, ever since she started doing stuff around the house instead of lazing about she has been making bigger dents in his metaphorical wall than when she was going the seduction route. She doesn’t even aggressively pursue sex like that first week anymore, nowadays when he wakes up in her arms he felt more exasperation than aggravation.

It has less to do with the fact that she is doing domestic work and more about the fact that she is doing any work. To be honest Stanley didn’t really care if she was working or doing anything productive. He finally understood where the term ‘Trophy Wife’ came from, not that Ezraphel is his wife or anything.

…gods not even he could take those words seriously at this point.

It really was only a matter of time before he caved and give her what she really wants. He isn’t talking about the sex, he came to a recent realization that sex was just a means to an end for her, what she really wanted was him. A woman who is most likely the closest thing to being perfect wants to be with him for no other reason than being genuinely in love with him.

Boy wasn’t that the scariest thing Stanley’s ever faced in his life. The real stinger is that he knows, he knows that there isn’t an angle she’s working. Ezraphel and Mamono in general are too honest about their feelings of men to ever be bitches working an angle past a certain threshold. Stan doesn’t believe there is a single Mamono who would try to sleep with a man as consecutively aggressive as Ezraphel has if they weren’t in love with them.

And as hard as it is to believe, Ezraphel was definitely in love with him.

Stanley stared at the screen, he had just lost that round, how many times and even what game he was playing he forgot, so caught up in his thoughts he was.

It’s only a matter of time.

You make it sound as if it be a terrible thing at this point. She’s practically playing the role of housewife in everything except bedroom duties.

She’s harmless now but give her back magic and the next thing you know you end up like that self insert in Fallen Maidens.

Since the MGE universe was real then what happened to Lescatie is now a fact thereby validating the events told in Fallen Maiden/Brides. Stanley cringed thinking about the fate of the guy formerly known as Elt. He says formerly because he very much doubted the man actually survived being raped nonstop around the clock by eight monster girls for a week straight.

Can you imagine it? Trapped in a bed, doped up on demonic energy and charm magic while she has her way you over and over and over again?

Oh my god!

That could be you in like…one week, two tops…

He did not panic, on the outside, instead he briskly left his office, avoiding eye contact or any contact with a busybody Ezraphel who for some reason managed to switch her attention from the various clothing goods to him almost immediately.


It’s as if she knows.

“I’m going out” he said hastily before composing himself “I uh, forgot to pick something up”

“Is that so?” she says not at all buying his act of calm.

Hardly mattered either way, he was already moving, ignoring the sound of her bare feet padding after him. The last thing he wanted right now was to look at her so he went straight for the garage picking up his keys on the way. He managed to get to the door before a soft hand grasped his shoulder.

Slowly he turned to see the taller woman giving him a look of mild concern “you are alright?”

He swallowed a little, staring into those red eyes he is reminded of her inhumanity. He turned away “yeah I just, need to clear my head”

Her lips pursed, and he was afraid she would press the matter but in the end his worries were for naught as she simply chose to envelope him in a hug. Unlike the other times she would embrace him this one was less forceful, less sensual and oddly tender in a way that was unlike what he had expected from the Lilim in previous positions like this.

It threw him for a loop, so much so that he couldn’t even react when she released him “you have something to take care of?”

“Y-yes!” he silently cursed his breaking high pitched voice “I mean yeah.”

Ezraphel only giggled “alright then” she kissed him on the cheek “for good luck”

Dumbfounded the man could give a “huh?”

She winked at him and started playfully pushing him into the car “go, I will be here when you return.”

“O-oh…kay…?” he got in the car and opened the garage door.

Before he could get to reversing Ezraphel leaned down to the window and tapped it. For a moment he thought of just leaving but that thought was squashed as soon as it surfaced and he reluctantly rolled down the window.


…there is nothing Stanley had experienced that was more awkward and tension wracking than of Ezraphel staring at him unflinchingly and without a word.

Finally he had enough “WHAT!?”

Ezraphel did not react to his outburst though she did finally blink “apologies I was just thinking…”

“What about?”

She gained a pensive look “what would you like for dinner?”

That’s what she was thinking about?’

Somehow Stanley was doubtful of that.

He shrugged and went to say “whatever sounds good, I won’t complain”

Except he did not say that, and instead said “don’t bother”


“You don’t have to make any dinner Ez” he had no idea what he sounded like right now but from the look on her face it might have been cringe inducing.

“O-oh” the surprise was evident in her tone “I see” as was the suspicion “is there any particular reason why?”

“No I’m just…not feeling very hungry right now.”

The way she wrinkled her nose right then must have been because she smelt his bullshit.

Getting back on track he started backing up from the driveway “I gotta go”

Despite being outside Ezraphel still caught up to him “wait Stanley”


“I love you”




He backed out of the driveway faster than intended and thank god there weren’t any cars on the street at that moment. He set the garage door to close before peeling down the road, ignoring Ezraphel’s hurt and disappointed look. Stanley already felt like a tool without having to add that to his conscience.

~The Lilim Wears…~


Today was a day of celebration, of jubilation and by no means an exaggeration. After two weeks of demeaning herself wearing extra large men’s ware (that did not belong to her Stanley) Ezraphel will finally be able to sample the various fashions of this dimension. This was all thanks to her Stanley and his introducing her to the wonderful thing known as ‘Online Shopping.’

For once this was a thing that was not totally new to her as back home she would have normally had her clothing custom made by the best Arachne seamstress the Royal Makai can afford. In some ways this method was even better than what they have on earth due mostly to the fact that she did not have to wait two weeks for the damn things to be delivered. As a Lilim she is given priority and her clothes usually arrive in a day, two tops, made to her specifications, clean and very comfortable.

What the online method lacked in prompt and customization it easily made up for in volume and design variety. Some of the things she had sifted through in the catalogues were simply genius and there was just enough customization options to satisfy her for the most part. The best part about the whole thing and earth fashion for human women is the fact that unlike in her world it is mostly acceptable to dress provocatively.

Earth’s culture has progressed so far beyond Eos that the concept of a demure woman dressing modestly is a matter of choice. Imagine Ezraphel’s surprise when a large number of clothing seen on various models or statues called a ‘Mannequin’ wouldn’t look too far off on what most Mamono wear. The only difference being that the materials on display on the screen were of a different (usually higher) quality and worthy of a Mamono noble.

Stanley had all but given her free reign to get anything she wanted and Ezraphel took complete advantage of his generosity. It was an absolute joy to sift through the various catalogues, imagining the reaction her Stanley would have to her wearing them before purchasing them. Aside from the various blouses and dresses she was familiar with, there were also the tight fitting pants called ‘jeans’ that would highlight her legs and ass, lingerie that had Stanley blushing red from ear to ear, short skirts, short shorts, shirts called ‘crop tops’ that showed off her toned stomach and of course the shoes.

Ezraphel didn’t know how it started, there was just so much to choose from, the types, the designs, the colors. She literally spent hours in front of that tiny screen picking, dropping and customizing the various products. In the blink of an eye several hours had passed and Stanley had to be the one shake her out her fugue state. Since Stanley turned two shades paler upon reading the total cost she had to make some amendments and the results were now the boxes being stacked by some men.

Ezraphel trembled with excitement usually reserved for other things, her tail danced about, her wings fluttered as she actively fought to contain herself. It wasn’t until the men stacked the last of boxes, Stanley signed some document and the door closed did she reveal herself.

The loud squeal was all the warning Stanley received before she flew across the room nearly bowling him over, not that she noticed. Ezraphel had nearly two dozen boxes and an assortment of bags to open, catalogue its contents and store in the guestroom she had more or less commandeered despite sharing a bed with Stanley.

Despite her enthusiasm Ezraphel managed to stop herself from ripping open the boxes and bags to view the contents. She looked over her shoulder to see that Stanley was gone, most likely to his ‘office.’ This would be the perfect opportunity to organize the various boxes into her new wardrobe room. The task was made easier through the use of magic which was possible due to the amount of opportunities she had in spending time with her Stanley.

If she were to put a measurement on it Ezraphel could say that she was at best a quarter full, she had limited the use of magic for the time being. As someone who had abused her power in the past she deigned it too risky to fall back into old habits. At least that is the case until she has access to Stanley’s spirit energy but until then she would only cast spells in the direst of situations.

That is relatively speaking of course, organizing her new wardrobe definitely counts as a dire situation. For Ezraphel this was more than ‘garments to cover her shame and modesty.’ Pssh, what the hell does Ezraphel have to be ashamed of? And modesty, what is that, a type of food you eat? Because it sure sounds like something the Lilim would chew up only to spit out and stomp under her newly acquired pair of expensive high heeled boots.

No, these clothes were simply tools to be used how she saw fit. Much in the same way a skilled warrior would wield their weapon of choice, so too must Mamono wear their garments with great skill, finesse and subtlety or if that isn’t their style then they would go with bold, definitive and shameless or however they feel.

Stanley had once told her that her original clothes were less clothes and more ‘fetish wear’ that seem pointless to which she replied “there is always a point to what kind of clothes Mamono wear Stanley.” Humans wear clothes to protect or cover themselves, Mamono wear clothes to entice and for most of the time it seem to work. If being naked worked just as well then they wouldn’t even bother with it but that is just too boring. When a normal human sees a Mamono for the first time they don’t see her horns, tail, scales, claws, paws or furs first. More often than not they see her chest, hips, ass, legs or sensual frame.

She had explained this and for a time Ezraphel had initially thought he was truly fighting against her advances. Why else would he supply her with baggy, not cute, men’s wear? It was very disheartening to know that Stanley was so against her but not a day later and he had given her unfettered access to what was essentially a Succubus armory.

And arm herself she did.

There is not a single item of clothing in these boxes and bags that she cannot pull off in a way to entice the male gender.

‘With this I will be able to whittle his walls down further until he is left naked with no protection and then~’

“Ah!” she smacked her cheeks and wiped the drool from her lips “no, do not be distracted.”

She had work to do and so she began using levitation spells to separate the boxes into categories of footwear, tops, bottoms, underwear and the like, not including the ones that came as sets. These would be further organized at a later time under ‘casual’ wears, special occasions (such as parties or dates) and the more private collections which will henceforth be marked ‘for Stanley’s eyes only.

 Ezraphel is so very thankful that Stanley did not look too deeply into what she ordered or else he would have spoiled the surprise~

She giggled at what the look on his face would be when she wore one of those.

In the midst of her organization Stanley popped out of his office in a hurry. Naturally this got Ezraphel’s attention, this wasn’t the first time he would spontaneously leave the house due to some emergency and after the first few times she would not really think much of it. With the return of a not so insignificant amount of her mana one of the first things she did was establish a sympathetic bond with her Stanley. It is something all Mamono do instinctively with the one whom they consider to be their husband candidate.

The results of this ‘bond’ vary depending on the individual power and intensity. In Ezraphel’s case she is able to gleam a bit into Stanley’s mood in a given proximity. It is why she knew that he was in a kind of distress that was not so out of the ordinary.


“I’m going out” he said hastily before composing himself “I uh, forgot to pick something up”

Is that so?” she says not at all buying his act of calm.

He did not answer, his pace quickened as took the keys to the horseless carriage she now knew to be called a ‘car.’

‘Time for a different approach’

She grasped his shoulders and her heart ached at the flinch, she could call him out on it “you are alright?” but she chose not to.

“Yeah, I just need to clear my head”

Her lips pursed, wanting to press the issue but hesitating to proceed. There was a good chance she could ‘trigger’ his defensive abrasiveness, at which point nothing productive will be said.

In the end she decided not to press though she did show her love through a more traditional hug. Even without the ability to read his mood Ezraphel could tell that what Stanley needed was reassurance at that moment than any kind of sexual stimulation.

Looking at his gobsmacked face he certainly wasn’t expecting her to do that

‘Silly man’

“You have something to take care of?”

“Y-yes! I mean yeah.”

Ezraphel giggled at the slip “alright then” as an afterthought  spurned on something she saw in a ‘movie’ Ezraphel gave him an innocuous kiss on the cheek and repeated the line “for good luck.”


She winked at him and started playfully pushing him into the car “go, I will be here when you return.”

“O-oh…kay…?” he got in the car and opened the garage door.

Before he could reverse Ezraphel leaned down to the window and knocked. For a moment she saw him hesitate and that made her hesitate. It was obvious to her now that whatever turmoil that lay in his heart, she was involved if not the direct cause of it. She could get ahead of this, sit him down and talk to him, ‘hash it out’ as the saying goes without having to deal with misunderstanding or wrong conclusions.

The problem now is that she was pressed for time and having to come up with an explanation as to why she knew about his inner turmoil could complicate things further. Stanley had an uncanny perception towards things like these and it all stems from his exposure to the different scenarios in various media.

Ezraphel has a theory that many of these are actually different universes being filtered through the subconscious medium of humans.

Especially the ones belonging to the media known as ‘anime’ and ‘hentai.’


Ezraphel did not react to his outburst though she did finally blink “apologies I was just thinking…”

“What about?”

She gained a pensive look “what would you like for dinner?”

She could have predicted his next words, Stanley never really had a preference for anything, choosing to leave it up to her but she would ask anyway just in case he had a stroke of inspiration.

Now imagine her surprise when instead of a leaving up to her or suggesting a particular dish he said “don’t bother”

“Eh?” Her eyes were staring directly at him with a look of incredulity.

“You don’t have to make any dinner Ez”

‘What is happening?’

This…this is all wrong. Just what in her mother’s names was happening!?

“O-oh” she stuttered trying and failing to maintain a calm façade, not that he seemed to notice, he wasn’t even looking at her “I see. Is there any particular reason why?”

“No I’m just…not feeling very hungry right now.”

She wrinkled her nose at the blatant lie ‘why are you lying to me Stanley?’

Again she wanted to ask but he was skittish as is and he was also already in the car.

“I gotta go”

She may not be able to stop him b-but she could still reassure him of something else

“Wait Stanley”


“I love you”




Ezraphel watched him go as the garage doors slid shut, he had not once looked back at her. Ezraphel hadn’t known how long she had stood there, the tears flowing down her cheek went unnoticed because she was still wrapped up in her thoughts. She could not understand.

Why was this happening to Stanley?

Why did he have to leave?

Why could he not tell her?

Why did he not look at her?

Why? Why? Why?

Whatever cheer she had from the acquisition of garments died a horrible whimpering death. With not even the distraction of preparing a loving home cooked meal Ezraphel could only drag herself inside, past the as of yet sorted boxes, up the stairs, across from the open door containing her boxes of half sorted new wardrobe and into Stanley’s room where she proceeded to bury herself in the bed and cry for reasons that she herself was not entirely sure of.

~The Stanley Parable~

He drove until he reached the city limits where he pulled over and dropped his head on the steering wheel.

How did he go from paying for his girlfriend’s expensive online shopping spree to basically rejecting her and running for the hills?

“What the hell is my life right now?”

 Well he may not be an expert but at this point this seems less like a romcom ecchi anime and more like shitty fanfiction.

“Probably written by some fat guy sitting at home who doesn’t even have a girlfriend”

Fuck you too, man.


He looked around ‘could’ve sworn…’

“Great, now I’m hearing things. Why the hell did I even come here?”

You needed space to figure out if you can trust Ezraphel to do the right thing when you eventually supply her with the energy that will ultimately give her back her magic.

In other words ‘to lewd or not to lewd the Lilim, that is the question.’


‘Is there even a point to thinking about this? I already know I’m going to give in at some point’

Frankly it is a miracle that you have lasted this long and only because she has been gradually getting less aggressive in her seduction.

‘There is that.’

Still doesn’t change the fact that a full powered Lilim with access to all her magic is the single most dangerous being in the world.

She’s harmless.

Is she though?

Only if we make her.

And what’s stopping her from making us.

‘Enough, now I’m just thinking in circles. Ezraphel wants me to love her, if I resist too much she could just make me through magic. Not that there’s anything stopping her from forcing the issue even without it.’

She obviously cares about your opinion.

Yet she sneaks into your room every night.

Some things can’t be helped. Also are you really complaining about snuggling up to the hottest woman on the planet?


Look instead of thinking the worst case scenario, why not give her the benefit of the doubt?

You mean take a leap of faith? Pretty big chance you break something on that drop and considering the subject matter that something could be your pelvis.

She’s a Lilim, not a Manticore, Hellhound or gods forbid an Ushi-Oni.

Jesus, imagine if one of them ended up here.

‘Pretty sure I’d be dead’

Mamono don’t kill.

No you’d be dead where it counts.

Oh right. Bottom line is that Ezraphel is working really hard to try and make you comfortable with the idea of being with her. Building a rapport, earning brownie points whatever you want to call it, you could at least tone down the paranoia.

No such thing as too much paranoia.

It is when its preventing you from building a relationship with a girl who is honestly so far out of your league in every single aspect its frankly a miracle she isn’t fed up with you jerking her around!

‘I don’t jerk her around’

Come on man, your acting like a pussy. Worse you’re acting like an indecisive harem anime protagonist!

Oh Bullshit!

‘That’s impossible’

Is it though? You know as well as I do that if you were a real man you would have taken her after the second week when she checks out. At this point you’re stalling because of a hypothetical situation that is looking less likely to happen every day.

Hey Lescatie isn’t just a place in an obscure story anymore, that shit is real and so is everything that happens in it! If it means not ending up like ‘Elt’ then I can swear off sex indefinitely.

Spoken like a true puss!

Tell me I’m wrong then asshole. Tell me that there isn’t a possibility she won’t get caught up in the moment and screw us over…repeatedly.

…there is


BUT-but it won’t happen, Ezraphel is different.

Is she though?

Yes, she is. Those bitches in Lescatie are comparable to sexually repressed neophytes who became crazy bitches after getting an excuse to let loose. Seriously I’m pretty sure most of them qualify to see a psychologist they have so much baggage. Why else would they have a fixation on that one guy?

Lazy writing.

He has a point, Stanley has actually read those oneshots for the girls in Fallen Maiden which were apparently an au all on their own and he can imagine the baggage they carry. On the other hand Ezraphel is well adjusted, has self control and as far as he knows isn’t a crazy ass bitch or simpering virgin with no self control.

There really isn’t much that should be holding him back from making a decision except for the fact that once she has access to her magic Ezraphel really will be capable of doing almost anything. He has no idea how old she is and considering she introduced herself as the 27th daughter he doubted she is as strong as Druella who is comparable to a demi-god in her bio.

“Why me? I was supposed to live out the rest of my days like a prolonged vacation until the day I died, not pondering the pros and cons of losing my virginity to a mythological succubus because my semen would give her access to untold powers beyond my comprehension.”

And it was at that moment of verbal lamentation that Stanley realized something important, something so all encompassing and worldview-shattering that all other thoughts and rumination came to a halt. It has been three weeks since he had started living with the very beautiful, very busty and very lusty succubus woman who was keen in getting in his pants.

Nearly three weeks and Stanley was still a virgin.


Holy shit I didn’t even think of that.

“Oh god I really am like those harem anime protagonists”

We need to fix this immediately.

Whatever happened to caution?

Fuck that, our manhood is on the line!

Now hold on a minute.

What the fuck is your problem guy? Do you want us to lewd the Lilim or not?

I want us to wade in from the shallows not dive into the deep.

Hm, I see your point, here is my rebuttal. Dick, what do you think?

<I wanna risk it all!>

Of course you do. Brain, can you weigh in on this, please.

{I think…we should…do…absolutely nothing}

Excuse me?

Come again?

<Right now?>

Shut up dick!!

{We have been sitting in a car for the past twenty minutes, talking in our heads with multiple voices representing different aspects of our psyche and our dick (for some reason) like a bonafide crazy person when the answer is sitting right before us}.

 I-it is?

Holy shit it’s been twenty minutes!?

{Yes and yes. Has anyone else noticed that we have been treating this entire ordeal as if it were an anime, instead of real life like a normal person?}

Have you met us before?

Have to agree, we can’t be considered normal by modern standards.

{Why not? If we take away the fact that Ezraphel is a Lilim from another dimension then we are facing a very real and very normal problem that guys in our position go through sometimes}

And that is?

{Fear of committing to a relationship}


The hell are you on about?

{We have been distracted by all the outlandish bullshit surrounding Ezraphel’s race and the ‘what ifs’ of how she would wield her power that we have fooled ourselves into believing that it is the reason for our hesitance in fully committing ourselves to being with her}

Oh bullshit!

No, that can’t be true.

{Think about it, have we not already concluded that sex with Ezraphel was an inevitability? Therefore what is the point of trying to justify whether or not we will willingly give ourselves to her? Of course we are going to do it on our terms if it comes to that, just so we can give a metaphorical middle finger to the uncaring universe who believe we will end up like that tool Elt}

Holy shit.

My god he’s right, why were we even arguing about this?

{Because Stanley Berkowitz is a ‘weak’ man who could not handle the ‘real world’ and chose to abandon society, his family and even aspects of reality. He is a man with no expectations of anything or anyone including himself, especially himself. For him to suddenly be faced with the expectation that comes with a relationship with a girl he does what every coward does and runs away}

{If Ezraphel were any other girl she would have been gone but she is not, she believes in him, she loves him and she will not be deterred from him by anything including himself, especially himself. For the cowardly Stanley she is the ultimate enemy, someone who will drag him back from the dark loneliness kicking and screaming until he has no choice but to face the light, to face her}

…Wow…I mean…but…if that’s all there is to it then, the question isn’t whether we should have sex with her.

The question is, can we allow ourselves to love her.

{And you my friend, have just reached an epiphany}



Stanley gasped, his entire frame shuddered as he tried to get his thoughts together. He was still in his car the engine was running, the A/C was cooling and a look at the time saw that he had missed forty minutes.

‘I must’ve dozed off. What the hell just happened?’

He could not put into words the absolute mindfuckery he just went through. Stanley would never admit to anyone, not even himself on the best of times but he isn’t the best example of what one would call ‘good mental health.’ Nothing even remotely close to schizophrenia, bipolar or any of those other mental diseases that could see him with a doctor’s prescription or in a mental asylum.

It just…sometimes he talks to himself. Not in the way like he believes he has a separate entity in his mind or sees hallucinations but in a very self aware state where he thinks about stuff and sort of discusses things. It’s hard to explain but the bottom line is Stanley isn’t crazy, he is very self aware of himself and he already figured that this was just a means to cope with being alone for years on end with little human contact.

That back there though, was the first time that had happened and he could admit he might have gone a little too deep in the rabbit hole for a second. On the plus side he now knew what the underlying problem was with him and Ezraphel. Whether he acts on this knowledge however is another question entirely. It wouldn’t be first time he came to an epiphany and decided to ignore it because it wasn’t convenient to his circumstances.

You think he doesn’t know his lifestyle choices aren’t conducive to a healthy body and sound mind?

You think he doesn’t know his life expectancy will most likely bottom out at 40 if he’s lucky?

You think he doesn’t realize that he will die as he lived, alone and without any fanfare and little mourning to be had because the world sucks and people have better things to do than to care about some loser like him?

Pessimism and nihilism at its best.

Stanley realized he was gripping the steering wheel tightly and relaxed.

“I think it’s time to go home”

His mind instantly thought of a certain smiling busty Lilim and groaned. Even by his standards what he did was a dick move and given what he’d learned in his epiphany it only drove home that he was being a real fucking Shinji about all of this.

He shook his head “no, fuck that and fuck you Murphy”

Stanley had made his decision.

But first he had a stop to make.

~Turning Point~

Ezraphel was woken up by the sound of the garage doors opening, Stanley had returned. Her eyes felt slightly irritated for some reason-oh! She nearly forgot that she had been crying. A look at the clock told her it had been roughly a little over an hour since she fell asleep. She didn’t need a mirror to know that she must look like a mess right now.

“I cannot let Stanley see me like this”

Ezraphel had an image to maintain after all, there was a certain quality to her appearance she upheld when interacting with her Stanley even throughout her ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ A quick trip to the bathroom later and she was making her way downstairs. Her nose had picked up the scent of food and unsurprisingly Stanley was in the kitchen taking out the various containers from one of the many restaurants in the area. Ezraphel had been exposed to a lot of the ‘local cuisine’ during her first week and yet she could not recall this particular one.

She shook her head. That did not matter, what did matter was Stanley himself and he…

“Hey, I got take out.”

He seemed fine all things considered. As he took out the various food items Ezraphel approached him tentatively, his earlier reaction still burning fresh in her mind. There was no flinch or any obvious signs of avoidance on his part. Stanley for all intents and purposes seemed fine, maybe a little preoccupied but he definitely was not pretending he did not notice her gaze, he just didn’t call her out on it.


He stopped and suddenly she saw how tired he looked, not physically, but mentally.

“Are you-”

“Okay?” he cut her off “no, no I am not. I am so in over my head with this shit right now…” he trailed off before looking her in the eye “look, Ez about what happened before, I’m sorry”

Red eyes widened in shock, this was the first time Stanley had ever apologized for anything. One of things she learned about him was that he was very unapologetic towards her. Part of it was due to his silly notion that he could distance himself from her through his poor attitude and the other part of it was genuine.

He took her silence as his cue to go on “I was being an asshole, even more than usual” he grumbled “and to make it up to you I got you ice-cream. It’s in the freezer”

Translation: “I’m sorry for being a jerk, please forgive me.”

Ezraphel had only heard of ice-cream but that did not matter so much to her as his sincere apology “oh Stanley~”

Rather than protest at what was coming next Stanley closed his eyes and gave a weak “here we go” before.



Tentatively, hesitantly Stanley raised his arms (as much a she could in his compromised position) and hugged back. It was an awkward and mildly uncomfortable thing for the man to do yet it still drew a small gasp from the Lilim when he squeezed back firmly. Drawing back from the embrace to look at him Stanley frowned though it lacked any heat, he actually looked frustrated and embarrassed as he looked at her.

“Ez, I’m really sorry”

“It is alright Stanley, I forgive you”

“You really shouldn’t. I mean, I wouldn’t”

“I am my own person Stanley and I choose to forgive you” she retorted with finality.


“You are very welcome”

Her irritation showed in the unimpressive look she sent him.

He pointed at the food on the island counter “we should eat that before it gets cold”



Hours later and it was time for the inevitable sleeping ritual he and Ezraphel had been doing for the past week and a half. Ever since he caved that one night she had been very insistent on him receiving the proper amount of sleep, even going as far as to literally carry him to bed bridal style.

She never tried it again after that first time, mostly because he never gave her a reason to.

That’s where the ‘fuck-it’ compliance came from he believed. When Ezraphel wants him to do something that either can’t be helped or she is very insistent to the point where the cost of defying her just isn’t worth it then he can justify caving in to her demands by saying ‘fuck-it’ and doing it.

It’s how he justifies doing a lot of things against his initial will due to Ezraphel’s wishes.

“You need to sleep Stanley”

 “Fuck it”

“You need to eat healthier food Stanley”

 “Fuck it”

“You need to bathe Stanley”

“Fuck it”

Tonight was going to be no different, he had  ran the thought over his mind with all the processing power of a freaking super computer (in his opinion) and it all came back down to one outcome. It wasn’t a matter of if or when because the time was now he had to do this right. He swallowed and wiped a bit of cold sweat from his brow.

‘Why the hell am I so nervous?’

He understood that what he would be doing would advance their relationship but he was being way too Shinji right now. Stanley would like to believe that he wasn’t that afraid of committing, no it was something else, something about today which had him instinctively dreading what was about to happen in next few moments.

‘What is it about today that has me freaking out?’


He did not remember his door being that squeaky!


He looked, he stared, had his eyes assaulted and mind blown upon impact of the visual stimuli standing before him and all he could think was ‘oh, Ezraphel’s shopping order came today’

Somehow he had completely forgotten about that.

Stanley never did check everything Ezraphel chose online, she was insistent that some purchases remain a secret to not spoil the surprise. At that moment he didn’t think all that effort was necessary since he was looking at it and for some reason could not drawn enough of a coherent thought to gleam a proper description.

What he did get was that it was dark, it was lacy and the visual feast it did for her figure was something he knew some guys would sell their left testicle just to get a peep at.

“I apologize for taking so long Stanley, I had to do a few modifications first” she did a little twirl showing off the fact that it fit with her wings and there was a hole for her tail which he barely noticed because, Dat Ass.

“Well, what do you think?” 




 “I thought so” giving a self satisfied smirk she sashayed right up to him, leaned down until her face was directly leveled with his, her breasts look like they could spill out at any second “it’s time~” he swallowed thickly “are you ready?”



“Good~” she purred and reached out…

Two minutes later…

Stanley once again found himself being spooned by Ezraphel…and that was it.

Wait what?

“Good night Stanley”




“Hm, is something wrong?”


“Were you perhaps expecting something else to happen?”


 ‘I see what’s going on here’

“Okay, you got me” he admitted grudgingly, no use denying it, she’s been using her tail to rub at his boner “you mind cutting that out?”


“…this is payback for being jerk to you isn’t it?”

“What ever could you mean Stanley?”

He winced, he couldn’t say he ever experienced being blue balled but he could sympathize with the frustration, this was super uncomfortable and he needed to get in the right frame of mind if he wanted to go through with his original plan. So broke her embrace (which she allowed) in order to face her properly, the action surprised her enough to stop her ministration.

For a moment they stared into each other’s eyes (because Stanley was afraid to look anywhere else) and he spoke.

“Ezraphel” her eyes widened at hearing him say her full name “I…am surprised you haven’t tried to have sex with me yet”


Shock turned to incredulity (and brief disappointment) before she chuckled and caressed his face “oh Stanley, while it is true that I have been looking forward to our first time since the day we met there is a…what was it? Ah yes, protocol. There is a protocol for these things Stanley. I do not believe you understand nor appreciate the amount of careful planning and consideration I put into each and every attempt to seduce you.”

“Oh wow, sorry your highness I guess a plebian such as myself fail to capture the subtle nuances applied in your very meticulous art. Forgive this worthless peasant for his ignorance, for truly yours is a talent that is-HMMPH!?”

Ezraphel pulled his head into her cleavage with lidded eyes of apathy “what was that Stanley? I cannot quite hear you.”

She kept smothering him for a moment until he calmed down and stopped struggling. When she let him go his expression was worth a thousand words, a thousand angry, hurtful words.

 “I’m sorry” Ezraphel apologized, somehow able to convey both a sense of jest and genuine regret, heavy on the former than the latter.

“Whatever. I don’t care anymore.”



“You are not the least bit curious?”

“I’ll chalk this up to another of those Mamono things I, as a human, just won’t understand.”

Ezraphel pouted “it is not so difficult to understand Stanley.”



“Then what is it?”


“…I’m going to sleep now”

The Lilim rolled her eyes “silly Stanley, the reason is simple” she paused “you. Are. Not. Ready. Yet~”

Stanley backed up or at least tried to, his girlfriend didn’t let him get far “watchu talkin’ bout Ez?”

“I have given a great deal of thought to what you told me on that first day when I attempted to rape you”

“Oh yeah, that happened” to be honest he may have deliberately forgotten about that incident. No sense in dwelling on something like attempted rape when your cohabitating with the person who tried to do it. If he did then getting to this point in their relationship would be impossible.

“You told me that you did not want to become an Incubus, that you did not want my demonic energy to affect your mind and for you lose yourself to me.”

“Well, I mean…”

“No, that is a good thing. If not for those words then I would have done exactly what my sisters would have and subjugated you in mind, body and soul” Stanley shivered at that last bit and she gave a light squeeze in their embrace.

“Thanks for not doing that

“That is unnecessary. However with that said I am aware that there are ways for us to be together without my mana affecting you strongly”


Suddenly the Lilim looked a bit flustered “yes, however…that is…I…have never looked into them…”

He raised an eyebrow “oh”

“I’m sorry!” she blurted out “it just never occurred to me that a human let alone my ideal husband would refuse me!”

“Hey, its cool”

“No it is not” she retorted “because now I will have to discover a method to maintain your humanity while we have intercourse”

“Is that going to be a problem?”

“Not really, I am sure given enough time I will be able to come up with something” she sighed “ironically if I had my full capabilities it would make my research much easier and faster.”

Stanley hummed, speaking of “hey can I ask you a question?”

“Of course”

“Would you go psycho if I give you spirit energy right”

“Would I…what…?”

“Would you. Go Psycho. If I gave you. Spirit Energy?”

“I am not sure I understand the question”

“You’re killing me Ez”

He’s going to have to drop all pretenses.

“If I let you suck my dick and you swallow my cum are you going to go into a rape frenzy?”

“W-what?” her shocked expression turned into genuine affront at the insinuation “No! Gods no!” she looked down at him “is that what you believe would happen if we ever had sex?”

“More like what would happen if I ever gave you a taste of my spirit energy” he clarified.

“Stanley, I have been feeding on your spirit energy for several weeks”


“I don’t necessarily need to drink your semen to absorb your spirit energy Stanley. Semen just has a higher concentration…and tastes better…and the act of retrieving it so much more satisfying”

“Then how have you been getting my spirit energy?”

“Your sweat, your saliva, faint traces you leave behind everywhere you go and even now I am absorbing it through skin contact.”

“Oh” Stanley stared at her, looked down at their very close proximity “that make so much sense.”

“Not that it has anything to do with wanting to stay close to you~”

“Yeah, yeah I get it”

“Why the sudden interest?” she leaned in closer with a husky voice “perhaps you want me to-”

“Ah, sorry Ez but I think I have a headache, maybe some other time”

“I will hold you to that Stanley~”

‘Ah shit, walked right into that one’

He yawned, a cursory look told him that a hour and a half had passed ‘how? Why!? How long have we been talking?’

“Good night Stanley~”

‘Eh, whatever’


“I love you~”


‘…fuck it’

“I love you too, Ez”

Stanley drifted off to the sound of an excited squeal while on the comfiest pair of pillows known to man.

~To Be Continued~

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3 thoughts on “Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 4”

  1. I really like the character development you do in this story. I absolutely love it. Still, I think Stanley should someday stop to have a serious talk with Ezraphel about what he thinks of the actions of one of her sisters. Because from what I’ve seen, Stanley’s biggest problem with Ezraphel is whether it will end up becoming a Druella 2.0 or not. In fact, he seriously needs to vent to her about his pessimistic and nihilistic thoughts, since he doesn’t want to go to a therapist or psychologist, he could at least try to vent to someone he knows because of her nature as a Lilim, you will not betray his trust and will try to help you as much as possible about it. He needs help, otherwise he will end up having a very serious mental breakdown by keeping it inside him, which means he will end up in tears for everyone involved. Of course, I recognize that he has a self-help system called talking to himself, but everyone knows that even that has limits. He’ll need to vent to Ezraphel sometime, I just hope it isn’t when it’s too late. And I recognize that he later apologized for how he acted, but for me I think that was a perfect time not only for him to apologize, but to talk about why he acted that way. He just apologized without saying why he was like that. I’m sure she would understand what the problem was if he talked about Druella, considering that she herself has a problem with her so I remember the first chapter when I saw her line of thought about Druella. I just don’t think it’s healthy that he finally gave her permission to have her way without venting everything in his head about it to her. But to my delight, instead of her deciding to take this chance and go with everything, she said that she will first create a spell that keeps his humanity, since it was his own request in the past chapters that he wanted to remain human and she decided that he is right about that and is going to accomplish it somehow. which is why I love this chapter with all my heart. Because here it shows how much Ezraphel has evolved as a person during the time he spent with Stanley to the point of challenging his succubus side with all his strength to be able to fulfill his desire. In past chapters it was made clear that she was getting desperate and was going to resort to rape if he continued to deny her. but here we see that upon seeing the anguish that Stanley is going through the spell she cast to connect with him on an emotional level, she realized or decided that she must somehow wait until she achieved what he asked her to do before they finally consummate their marriage. She officially decided to fight her monster side until she managed to create the spell that will allow her husband to maintain his humanity and, at the same time, the benefits that one gains from having sex with a girl monster. and, at the same time, we see how much Stanley has grown as a person with the time he spent with Ezraphel, to the point of finally trying to be a better person for her and face her fears, face to face. I absolutely love the character developments in this story. And I hope that someday Stanley will take time out of his day to talk to her about him and the problems that are inside his head. He really needs to let off steam with her and let it all out or at least as much as he allows out for his heart to become lighter. They really need to talk about it seriously. but besides that, this is a perfect chapter, a good chapter, a great chapter and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!

    Warning: I use google translator to comment and read!

  2. Love that part where he had a convo with himself while on the car, how most protagonists see Mamonos as, well, Mamonos and not as actual girls, girls that have their own personality and will, you catch my drift. Also, self-burns! Those are rare.

    Hope the next update won’t take too long

  3. Extra Comment:
    So, as I have free time, I decided to reread the chapter and then I decided to reread my previous comment. and I ended up deciding to do one more. first, I would like to say that I laughed a lot at the part where the delivery guy from the previous chapters appears in that one behind Ezraphel and then Stanley’s answer to make him disappear was very hilarious (I had already laughed before, but I didn’t had commented on this in the previous comment because I was more focused on developing the relationship between the two). I find Ezraphel’s reactions very interesting when Stanley does something good for her (example: her reaction to seeing that the clothes she bought with Stanley’s money arrived), it seems that she suffers from age fluctuations in her head, the which is interesting, since she can go from a fully sensible adult to a child (mentally, not physically). but apparently this only happens in specific situations from what I understand (example: winning gifts), which is good, since it doesn’t really seem to be a nuisance but something that fits perfectly with the person that she is (an intrinsic part that makes it the way it is). I think that can be summed up as: changing, growing, but never losing that childish side. I find it interesting that Stanley is one of those people who buys as many things as possible to stock up and buys durable products to top it off so he doesn’t have to leave again so soon … I wonder if Staney has ever been bullied because of his height , it seems that the whole life he built is like a cocoon to protect him from cruelty outside the home (protects him from people, from looks, from judgment, not to mention that it reminds me that there are countries that are prohibited if marrying people with dwarfism on account that is classified in the same law as pedophilia). which is very interesting since in previous chapters we have Ezraphel’s thoughts and some of the reasons why she insisted on sleeping next to him, the main thing being that she feels unprotected without him around, weak, helpless and he’s the only thing that makes her feel safe while slowly recovering her magic. This is interesting, Stanley considers himself a coward and a Lilim who is basically a divine being, considers him at the moment the only way to feel safe. It’s interesting how different the two are, they end up having the same problems but in different ways. I believe Stanley and Ezraphel should try to watch this from here: The Voice of Silence – Koe No Katachi, it’s worth it (it’s a beautiful film). and I would like to say that I find it hilarious that Stanley thinks the world that Ezraphel came sad about because the soap is only for the rich, when our own world during the same period of time as hers was much worse and more cruel. and Stanley learned why all those Animes put scenes where men who are taken to shopping treat it like a living nightmare. I laughed a lot when I read that he was very pale when he saw the price he gave, but thank goodness that Ezraphel values ​​Stanley’s mental health and decided to manage (or decrease, better saying) his purchases when he saw his condition, even so the number of clothes surprised me, Stanley really tried to show his gratitude for her through that as he was still having trouble letting her have sex with him. I think it’s beautiful that Stanley really, even if he can’t get it right, is grateful for everything she does and that her actions, even if he doesn’t say it openly, help in his mental health. I think it’s sweet, because Stanley is basically a Tsundere. I realized after rereading the chapter that in fact Stanley’s biggest fear is not whether she will turn the whole place into a demonic kingdom or give him a Harem, his fear is whether he will end up becoming a sex doll. As it was said in the first chapter, he does not want to become an Incubus, he does not want to lose his soul, he does not want to stop being him, his fear is to lose everything and in the end there is only one sex machine left to be used at any time . And also because of that I realized that even though he knew that he had already spoken to her, he still did not believe that she would try to find a new path and at the end of his epiphany he realizes that she has already proved that she was different from the other girl monsters and that she was not going to do that to him, not intentionally clear, which made her heart lighter and helped her choose it. And I will admit that I cried a little when I noticed the importance of the scene and how unique the scene at the end of the chapter is where Ezraphel herself refuses to have sex with him because she doesn’t want to lose him where it matters in the soul . I don’t think Stanley has ever felt so relieved and guilty at the same time in his life when he heard her say that she refused to subdue him in body, mind and soul. which led him to say thank you, which can be interpreted as: “thank you for proving me wrong about you”. Moving on, going back a little bit, I will admit that I laughed when I read Ezraphel’s reasons for wearing clothes and her opinion of why the whole race of girl monsters wears clothes, I found it very hilarious and very interesting, because it is impressive, literally a act of genius, since it is actually a strategy to ensure that your capture wants to stay with them as soon as possible. It is also perfect for wars, as soldiers will alternate between defending themselves from attacks and trying not to look at the highlighted parts of the body. not to mention the subtle spells applied to make them more attractive than they are. Apparently, clothes are the real arsenal for most girl monsters in search of a husband and at the same time to be able to defeat their enemies more quickly. it is a very good strategy, I had never thought about it, this story of yours made me realize something that I had never noticed before, thanks. I would also like to say that I laughed a lot at her opinion about shame and modesty, considering that she is basically the daughter of a succubus goddess, her moral laws are very different from human moral laws in some parts. I also find it interesting that Ezraphel uses his mother in divine connotations, like: “This… this is all wrong. Just what in her mother’s names was happening !?” , then we have humans: “what in the name of god is happening here”. basically Ezraphel treats his mother like we treat god, this is very interesting for me, as it reminds me that her mother is already stronger than the chief goddess of her world because of all the sex she did with her husband . Speaking of which, I wonder if Ezraphel has ever stopped to think more deeply about Stanley’s words about the incubus transformation, since she would notice that her father is basically a slave to everything but his name, since he was subdued on all levels and all he retains from his personality is because her mother let him continue with that. how much of her father was really present in her life and how much of the father is what his mother “forced” on him. This can lead to her questioning what kind of person her father really was when he was human, since as she said, the incubation transformation takes away humanity from the person. I think it would be an interesting path of thought for her to take. I realized now that Ezraphel is already tall and she bought shoes with high heels, which would make her even bigger … I wonder why Stanley didn’t question why she wanted something that makes her even taller than she already is, but it must be because he remembered her words that she has her own secrets and her own reasons for certain things, well it is life. Continuing, I only realized now that because she cast that spell that unites her to Stanley on an emotional level, that her tears were not only because of her thoughts but because she was crying also the tears that Stanley did not want to release. She was crying for her and for him too, since in that case I would believe that the emotions were amplified because they were connected with Stanley’s. that would explain why not even she understood the reason she started crying and ended up falling asleep, which reminds me that Stanley ended up conching too, I wonder if the two ended up sleeping at the same time without realizing it … but I don’t think the spell she cast reaches that level to the point of passing his mental exhaustion to her as well. but it’s something that stuck in my head. I really like this story and the character development you do. it’s very good. Again I would like to say that this is a great chapter!

    Warning: I use google translator to comment and read!

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