Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 2.5


It’s been a few days since Stanley has uh, ‘welcomed’ and started cohabitating with an MGE Lilim. He felt the need to add ‘MGE’ to her Lilim title for the fact that he has been catching up on Earth Succubus lore lately. He did it because Kenkou might have left out some crucial details about Succubi since it didn’t mesh with his overarching theme of ‘Mamono are the best thing ever and humans should surrender to their gentle if domineering embrace and live a life of carnal sin while immersing themselves in the pleasures of corruption.’

Fucking asshole.

In any case what he found on the earth-based mythology of Lilim and Succubi painted a very sordid picture that would have had him go out and acquire a gun to then shoot Ezraphel with because some of the absolute shit he read…*Shudder* he would not wish upon his worst enemies. Not even he, with all his skepticism on the Lilim, could believe Ezraphel was even capable of the things he’s read. Comparatively to those hell spawns Ezraphel was like a marshmallow, both physically and emotionally.

The reaction wouldn’t have been half as bad if he was just doing it for shits and giggles and/or boredom but when the subject of his research was literally sitting on your couch watching TV it put things into perspective about the world you live in and the wider universe at large. If a creature from an obscure dark fantasy hentai is real then that means somewhere out there the horrors which he read about might also be real.

…Stanley may have had an existential crisis during his research, at which point he realized he was in too deep and decided not to look at the mythology and instead focus on anime and hentai. Yes this was his field of expertise, where all the god-like cosmic horrors of the ‘real’ are turned into cute/sexy monster girl waifus. Clearly the hentai/anime industry is filled with modern sages that divine the safer multiverse for our viewing pleasure.

Speaking of which he was going to have to rely on obscure Kenkou notes and all the sites which feature translated MGE content: MGE wiki, Touchfluffytail.org, Anubis.moe, etc. He actually went on one such site which got him a link to more than a few Lilim artwork and guess who was at the front of said picture but the poster girl for the MGE Lilim herself and no he wasn’t talking about the one from the biography.

He just about clicked when he was interrupted by near frantic knocking at his office door


“Ugh” he groaned “what?”

“I am bored~” she whined.

“Jesus Christ” he looked up to the heavens.

Of all the things he didn’t like about living with Ezraphel, it wasn’t how uncomfortable her lewd behavior made him, it wasn’t the constant annoying seduction attempts, and it wasn’t even the fact that she’s literally the hottest woman in the world and he could never have sex with. No, it was her attitude, for you see Ezraphel wasn’t just a powerful Succubus, she was a powerful succubus who was also a princess. If might makes right to mamono (and it certainly does) then Ezraphel not only has the power to do, say and get away with anything in her world she also has the authority to do it.

And despite being depowered and relying on his hospitality Ezraphel can sometimes forget her place and do things which makes her come off as the spoiled princess she most likely is. Case in point, running to Stanley for every single problem or issue she has. Sometimes she does it as an excuse to get close to him, other times it’s because she is almost completely inept at the most basic things.

Foreign technology had nothing to do with it either! As annoyed as Stanley is he has paid his dues as a most gracious host and painstakingly taught her how to use the facilities. At least they had something similar enough to toilets in her world because he was not getting into the finer details of plumbing and shit…literally. Ironically avoiding her questions it was the exact reason why he went through that whole shtick in the first place.

When she wasn’t bothering him with a thousand questions and trying to get into his pants she treats him like a servant. Those instances are the times you could make a case against Stanley for verbal abuse and he was not afraid to lay into her. Call him an asshole if you want but it is damn therapeutic to tell off an obviously spoiled princess and walk off while she stares mouth agape in silence.

He’d feel bad but apparently his words roll off her like rain on a window because she bounces back at her antics again later the same day. And now she’s back at it again, causing him more problems than EA in videogames and pissing him off almost as much with it.

Stanley got off his chair, in his hand he had his KWC M92 airsoft pistol. He flipped the safety on and slipped it into the back of his pants waistline while slipping two magazines in his pockets. Before heading over to the door he took up his Umarex Walther SG 9000 airsoft shotgun. It used to be modded with a scope and foregrip, he discarded the former and kept the latter because there is no need to aim with his target and he needed both hands on the gun in case a struggle ensued.

Stanley thought they had come to an understanding when they had that heart-to-heart in the bathroom but apparently Ezraphel was a ‘free spirit’ that was a slave to her instincts. Currently her instincts were telling her to take Stanley damn near constantly and after one too many close calls in so few days he had taken to carrying with him at least one loaded airsoft pistol at all times. Thankfully after her first experience with them Ezraphel was smart enough not to give him a reason to use them for more than a warning shot.

Cautiously Stanley approached the door, shotgun in the short stock position like he remembered from that YouTube video. Stanley has been catching up on tactical breach and clear techniques with a variety of firearms on YouTube. He approached the door took a breath and pulled it open, leveling his air-rifle shotgun at…nothing.

Stanley didn’t panic at the lack of a tall busty inhuman at his door, instead he shuffled to the sides to get a good look down both ways of the hall.

“Ezraphel!” he shouted.

No answer.

‘Fuck this’

He went to close the door, well slam it shut really but before he could something caught his gun and a split second later the Lilim materialized before him. She had a wide smile on her face, bent over nearly 90 degrees just so she was at eye level with him and so close that their noses touched.


“FUCK!” he yelped jumping back.

Something snagged his foot and he fell on his back. Something wrapped around his waist preventing him from hitting his head and lowering him relatively safely to the ground but at the cost of losing his gun. He hit the ground in a controlled fall and Ezraphel straddle him a moment later.

“Fufufufu” Ezraphel chuckled like the devious villain she was and gave his shotgun a distasteful look “none of that now” she tossed it carelessly a moment later.

“Hey! You better hope that thing isn’t damaged!”

Ezraphel wasn’t apologetic at all “you have more important things to worry about Stanley~” she forced both his hands together and used her tail to tie them above his head “like me~” she purred.

“Get the hell off me you fat biUMPH!?”

Ezraphel plopped her massive mammaries on his face muffling his rather hurtful insult. He struggled impressively for a few minutes but she was careful enough not to cut off airflow when she smothered him so really he was working to tire himself out which was just fine with her. A tired Stanley is a quiet Stanley and a quiet Stanley is a pliant Stanley who she could use to finally get the ball rolling on the intimacy of their relationship.

While Stanley was struggling Ezraphel helped herself to gaze around his ‘private room’ which she was expecting to be much different. It looked like what a scholar’s room might be except more styled in Earth culture. He even had a library though those were not books packed so tightly together, there were portraits of things she could not begin to fathom, detailed and colored figurines lining shelves and at the center of it all was his desk.

The chair looked odd and elaborate, elevated to fit his frame, the desk was made of glass oddly enough and the same machine he had in his room was situated on it. The difference was that this machine looked even more technological than that, with three different screens reminiscent of the television, all showing different things but on one of them was the unmistaken portrait of


It was a more stylized rendition of her sibling rather than a realistic one but she would recognize that appearance, those jewels and that grin anywhere. Seeing that stylized portrait of her sister on the screen, laying on an orb of Dark Matter, her gorgeous and perfectly proportioned body made to draw eyes to her most prominent features, her devilish features made to incite both lust and fear in others and that lewd yet smug grin, all of it stirred feelings within Ezraphel.

Especially that grin.

To find her sister on the screen of the machine needed for Stanley’s so-called work. To know that her Stanley was ogling her sister whilst neglecting and even hurting her made Ezraphel feel many things. Chief among them was sorrow, frustration, jealousy and even inadequacy but at the moment all of that was being overshadowed by her sense of betrayal which fed into her rage.

Abruptly she leaned up to free Stanley’s face but before he could even get an angry retort off Ezraphel wound her hand back and…


Stanley’s head snapped violently to the side and a massive red mark practically covered half his face “Stanley you…you bastard! Why do you have a portrait of her on your ‘screen’ when you have me!?” she wailed.

Stanley provided no answers however, his body lay limp, his face was still turned to the side were his red skin was beginning to swell from her slap.


He didn’t respond but he was alive, even in her anger she held back as even in her magically depowered state she could have snapped his neck at full strength. At the moment he was unconscious and injured.

“Oh no” suddenly her feelings of anger and jealousy towards her sister seemed so small “Stanley?”

Her tail released his hands and she caressed his face, fresh tears pouring from her eyes “I’m sorry” she squeaked.

This moment lasted until a faint *click* was picke dup by her sensitive ears and his eyes snapped open. Suddenly began to feel stinging sensations on her side causing her to roll off him with a pained yelp. Stanley scrambled back, airsoft pistol on semi-auto as stinging shot after stinging shot was aimed at her face.

“Sta-stop!” she used her wings to cover her face.

No matter there were more than enough exposed skin on her for him to hit, especially her breasts.

“OW!” Ezraphel scrambled back trying and failing to protect herself.


There was a lull and Ezraphel lowered her sore wings only to find Stanley hefting a G&P M4 Carbine. He pulled the bolt back, slide the switch from safety to full auto and aimed down the sights.

Ezraphel felt dread, not at the intimidating weapon aimed at her but at the look of the man holding it. Stanley had the look of a man ready to kill, literally kill someone and that is likely going to be her in a few moments.

“S-Stanley” he fired, hitting her directly in the forehead “OW!”

“OUT!” he yelled all the while firing “GET OUT. GET OUT. GET OUUUUTTTTT!

Ezraphel couldn’t have been out of that room faster and she heard it slam loud enough to rattle the walls. She ran into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa. The despondent Lilim curled her body into the fetal position, her wings wrapped around her bruised and trembling body as she cried.

~Monster Girl Encyclopedia~

It was hours later that Ezraphel was rudely awaken by several stinging rounds from that infernal contraption, right on her ass.

“AAH!” falling off the couch she flailed a bit and glared groggily around the room until she found Stanley.

He was holstering the pistol on a thigh holster while holding the M4 and while though it was not aimed at her he was in the perfect position to fire if he so desired.


“Shut up” he said brusquely and turned on the TV.

Ezraphel was reluctant but complied and hesitantly looked at the screen to find that portrait of Druella again.

She grit her teeth “why do you have that?”

Shut. Up” he gritted more forcefully. Ezraphel was torn between compliance and outrage at the order but in the end she heeded it and he continued.

She didn’t notice before but he had that device he told her about, ‘laptop’. He did something and right before her eyes Druella’s portrait turned smaller and was in fact one of many and all of them, all of them were portraits of…

Ezraphel approached the television, looking on in disbelief at the various portraits of some of her family. Ezraphel wouldn’t say that she was close to most of her siblings but she at least knew of them. Their mother made sure that if nothing else all her daughters would be able to recognize each other even though Lilims can tell by instinct whether another Lilim was before them.

Ezraphel knew all their faces and can put names to said faces if nothing else. She saw there were many of these portraits, not all of them of different Lilims but it was an impressive catalogue of her family. It couldn’t be or rather it shouldn’t be because as far as she knew and what Stanley told her there was no magic, their worlds had never crossed until she arrived and going through dimensions much like her species was only found in works of fiction here.

“You recognize them?” he question gruffly.

“My sisters” she spoke absently before turning to look at him “how is this possible. Why do you have this?”

“That” he gestured to the screen “is what I found when I clicked on a link for all the pictures on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia wiki”

“Monster Girl Encyclopedia” she repeated slowly, the name wrung a bell for her “ah, that book about Mamono written by that Scholar.”

“Yeah, that. On earth it’s a thing” he fiddled with the device again and on the screen came what looked like an Encyclopedia entry…for Lilims. She knew of the Scholar’s Encyclopedia but did not think he had ever interviewed a Lilim and yet there it was, shown on the brightly colored screen.


Succubus Family, Demon Type

Habitat…….Mamono Realm


Diet…..Mana of human men

The rest of the entry went on to give an overview of the ‘Lilim’ as a species, touching on their appearance, their power, their beliefs, their goals and the effect they have on their world. It was all generalized and narrow-minded to her, especially since she was aware of certain facets that don’t line up with what was depicted. If anything this was just propaganda and the reason she knew this was due to her of course being a Lilim.

But wait…

“If it wasn’t obvious” Stanley began with the glare “then I’ll spit it out. Up until you showed up your entire world is or was just another work of fiction by some random perverted artist that took advantage of a fetish concept and started a fandom. See that?” he gestured to the entry “one of literal dozens of other entries he made himself and this…”

The picture turned to another portrait of her older sister and her familiar

“Mari” she mumbled.

“That wasn’t even made by the official artist for MGE, that one was made by another artist who was inspired by him and is supposed to be an original character. So is this one”

‘Ilassa’ her brain supplied looking at the second eldest Lilim.

“And this one”


Although this portrait was crude and amateurish compared to the others, she would recognize her fifth eldest sister anywhere, if only due to the easily recognized vertical third eye on her forehead.

Ezraphel was at a loss for words, she truly was. How does one react to learning that your entire world is, in another world, a work of fiction?

“Hey” Stanley’s word knocked her out of her funk and she turned to him numbly “you wanna know why I had Druella on my screen? It’s because I was doing fucking research on you and your demented family. You worried about me falling for one of your sisters? Don’t, because if I want to kill my humanity I’ll just do it myself.”

Ezraphel stared at him, an uncomfortable knot in her stomach, he glared back unflinchingly until finally she spoke “d-do you-” she tried to move forward only to freeze when he aimed the rifle at her sudden movement “do you believe I am like what that scholar says about Lilim?”

“I think you’re dangerous and I don’t trust you.”

“…you do not know me” she spoke taking another step forward only to be startled back when he shot at her feet.

“If you’re gonna play the ‘let’s get to know each other’ card after slapping the shit out of me after smothering me in your chest after ambushing me for a reverse-rape play then you are both stupid and crazy”

Indignation rose past remorse, her teeth with slightly elongated canines barred, instinctively her wings flared out, her tail lashed about and her fists clenched as she yelled out “I was not attempting to rape you!”

Stanley stiffened “I don’t give a-”

“NO!” she interrupted “you have said what you wanted to say now you will listen to me.”


“It was not my intention to rape you. I…I do not know by what means you are receiving this information on my world however whatever information you have is clearly flawed” she gestured to the television “not all Lilim are like what was described in that encyclopedia and I am certainly not driven by some instinct to corrupt humans and further my mother’s agenda in this world.”

She looked him in the eye when she said this and Stanley flinched because she knew that he knew that was one of his concerns with her very existence.

She used this chink to take cautious steps towards him “I came to this world for love Stanley…for you.”

He snapped back to attention “don’t”

“I apologize for hitting you” she spoke sincerely, her expression twisted in the highest regret “I did not know what came over me. Seeing Druella’s portrait and knowing that you were alone gazing upon it made me react without thinking clearly. I know my excuse will never pardon this offense.”

Stanley took a long moment to look at her before he spoke “you…don’t like your sister much do you?”



“No, I do not”

His rifle lowered a bit “why?”

Ezraphel frowned “we may be family but that does not mean we get along…or agree with each other.”

“Isn’t she making the world better for Mamono though?”

“Stanley, what do you know of Druella?”

He tapped the device and another portrait came up of Druella, the same she had seen in his private study.

Ezraphel peered at it, rolled her eyes at the quote and continued to read on in silence.

Eventually Stanley started getting a little anxious at her silence “well?”

“This…more or less sums up exactly what my sister is like” she said and sighed as another realization hit her “and I suppose if she is the only example of an actual Lilim you have then I understand why you don’t trust me.”

“So you’re saying you’re not like her?”

“No! Gods no! Druella is like a dog, a slave obsessed with nothing but gaining the favor of mother and father” Ezraphel started pacing “she adores mother and father to the point where her life revolves around them, especially mother”

“So she’s a mama’s girl?” Stanley awkwardly inputs with some of his snark returning.

“She is an attention whore.”

That broke through Stanley’s facade and he guffawed “pfft, WHAT?”

Ezraphel didn’t hear however, her speech was turning into a full on rant now “always the center of attention, always stealing the attention from the rest of us, always looking down on us because we actually want to choose our own destiny instead of living to be instruments of our mother’s plan. Druella is nothing but a…a…FUCKING BITCH!!!

Ezraphel panted, having finally said that, she felt a weight off her shoulders and at the sound of Stanley’s laughter that knot in her stomach unraveled.

Stanley didn’t know what was funnier, her hatred for her own older sibling (which he can relate to) or the rant itself which capped off on one of the funniest things he has ever heard. He never thought he would hear Ezraphel of all people call someone ‘a fucking bitch’ least of all her sister. Stanley’s laughter petered off and he looked at Druella’s encyclopedia page and snorted

“She is a fucking bitch isn’t she?”

Ezraphel’s cheeks pinked as she realized what she had said, she held them in her palms in embarrassment but silently nodded at his question.

“Yeah she seemed like that kind of woman”

Of course being the antagonist of a b-rate hentai series about Heroes being corrupted he didn’t expect to find any deep characterization from a literary standpoint. You don’t read stories from Monster Girl Encyclopedia for that, you read it because Druella looks sexy, the female Heroes look sexy and if she’s corrupting female heroes there is bound to be a Yuri scene or three written in there.

Finding out that Druella is actually a real person in another dimension made him ponder about her perhaps more than is necessary. Certainly he pondered more about her than she, as a character, deserves since she did her role well but that was her as a character. As a person, based on the events of the story which includes the companion stories for each ‘Fallen Maiden’ and her quotes, Stanley could actually see Druella two ways.

Keep in mind that in both cases he believes she is exactly what you get when someone decides that they know what’s best for everyone because they have power, time, resources and a sense of entitlement. Druella is a Lilim princess who holds authority and dominion over her people with literal power and the resources of an entire species at her beck and call. Add to that her parents are practically Gods who may or may not have defeated their most powerful enemy before and the fact that they preach about peace and unity with their nonlethal strategies which basically gives them the moral high ground.

First case scenario Druella could be a naïve self entitled brat so enthralled with her mother’s vision that she goes on a misguided crusade to see it to fruition whilst completely oblivious (purposefully or not) to the feelings of everyone else. She puts up a front of this sensual messiah and adding an air of mysticism to gain more support and complete her image as the ‘Messiah’ of Mamono or something. She isn’t really the one in charge but is mainly just a mouthpiece for the true masterminds who effectively use her to gain a foothold into the Royal Family and is almost entirely ignorant of the consequences of her actions and how they impact the world.

Second case scenario she could be a conniving self entitled bitch who, under the veneer of an adoring daughter and Mamono-Hero, carves a dominion for herself within the human lands in an effort to one day usurp power from her own parents and rule the world.

‘Either case Ezraphel was right, she is a fucking bitch.’

But enough about that cunt.

Stanley tentatively placed his rifle to the side (though kept the pistol) and approached Ezraphel. He doesn’t get closer than a couple of feet, enough that he could actually see her face whilst looking up at her.

“I keep the guns on me at all times to not get up in bullshit like what you just pulled earlier” he confessed bluntly.

Ezraphel shuffled her feet “I’m so-”

“Not done yet” he interrupted he stepped forward, paused then spoke “sit”

Ezraphel was taken aback “e-excuse me?”

“I wanna say this next part to your face, so sit down

Ezraphel seated herself on the couch where they were now at relative eye level.

Stanley continued “this isn’t the fucking Makai, I’m not some ignorant peasant or some church zealot. I’m pretty sure I can give your best scholars a run for their money in how intelligent I am but that’s beside the point. I may not like you but I don’t hate you Ezraphel. If I’m being honest you scare the shit out of me and I was literally in the process of dumping you outside and forgetting your existence when you woke up that first time.”

This revelation both shocked and saddened her, and she showed this through a sad puppy eyes complete with drooping ears and everything.

“When I let you stay in my house I didn’t do it because I think you have nice tits or for the future prospect of sex. I did it because I trusted you enough to at least keep things civil while you stay here. Instead I have to carry a fucking gun everywhere I go in my own goddamn house as a deterrent because you think it’s cool to set up ambushes and tackle me to ground like we’re goddamn animals in the fucking jungle. Now you’re slapping me for looking at pictures of other women because what? You decide I’m your husband, I’m supposed to go along with it and I’m not allowed to look at other women?”

Ezraphel was keenly aware of the red mark and slight swollen side of his face and felt tears welling up.

Stanley saw this and he pointed to the area “don’t ever fucking do that again or else you’re out, understand?”

Ezraphel nodded rapidly “yes, I swear I will never again strike you”

He glared at her for a moment “good” he looked away and scratched his face “look, I’m gonna ask you something, do not lie” she nodded “are you going to try and colonize Earth for your mom?”

Ezraphel looked confused before understanding dawned and she frowned but nevertheless gave her answer in a calm yet blunt tone “Stanley I never cared enough for mother’s vision to actively take part in the war against the Order. What I seek, what I have always sought is happiness” she reached out and took his hands in hers “and love.”

Stanley stared at her wide eyed, his left cheek no longer the only part of his face red before he pulled away from her “that is the corniest thing I have ever heard someone say off screen” he backed away and didn’t meet her gaze for a while before getting his emotions under control “this whole love thing sounds really important to you”

“It is” she confirmed with conviction.

“Right” he said slowly “so how about this, you don’t force yourself on me and I won’t have to shoot you, deal?.”

Ezraphel seemed conflicted, on one hand those things really do hurt, in fact she still has some bruising across her body from the onslaught earlier. On the other hand “I do not like being separated from you” she admitted bashfully.

Stanley looked at her weirdly “y-you’re serious aren’t you?”

She leaned forward incidentally pronouncing her cleavage “of course.”

Stanley looked between her face and cleavage for a second before continuing “how about a compromise?”

“…go on.”

“I can stand you being…affectionate but if I don’t like it you back off.”

Ezraphel’s red eyes twinkled and she shouted “deal!” before glomping him…

For about three seconds “Jesus Christ what the hell!” he yelled pushing himself away.

“I could not help myself”

He didn’t look impressed “seriously?”

“Was it so bad?”

Again she did that thing where her arms were folded under her breasts to emphasize them and again Stanley looked between it and her expression, an expression which turned sultry as she literally shook her chest enticingly at him.

“Uh…” Stanley found his body unintentionally gravitating towards them despite his brain working overtime to prevent the entrapment. His eyes darting about even as his body pitched forward until they found the television and an idea came to mind.

~Head Canon~

“So uh, those other Lilims, what do you think of them?”

Ezraphel pouted at the missed opportunity until the question registered and her expression turned inquisitive “my sisters?”

“Y-yeah” he said taking the opportunity to distance himself “like I said these uh, these pictures aren’t actually ‘canon’ I mean they weren’t by the same guy who created the original MGE”

He went behind the counter to his laptop where he set the pictures on the three Lilim whom were created as OC’s.

Ezraphel actually looked confused “I don’t understand what you mean?”

“Which part?”

“What do you mean by ‘canon’? And I suppose ‘M’ ‘G’ ‘E’ stands for something.”

“Monster Girl Encyclopedia”


“And ‘canon’ is material that is accepted as officially part of a story. Monster Girl Encyclopedia is basically just one big Encyclopedia with different Mamono biography. At least that’s how it started, then the author/artist who goes by the name Kenkou Cross started imputing actual story elements and he started with Druella taking over Lescatie. That’s where this came from” he went back to Druella’s biography.

“I see”

“These on the other hand” he highlighted the biography of Mari, Ilassa and Laila “they weren’t made by Kenkou, they were made by other people and are regarded as OCs or original characters. Some are very popular but they aren’t regarded as officially part of the original MGE setting.”

Ezraphel blinked at him “but they are my sisters though”

Now it was Stanley’s turn to look confused before looking from the TV to her “are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Ilassa, Laila and Mari are my older sisters” she clarified, then read through their biography “and the information given is more or less correct, though I am not so sure I do not have the closest relationship with them. How is it that they have such information?”

Stanley didn’t know what to think, he had a pretty good idea about that last part though “I think Earth is kind of like a nexus of the multiverse. Our imagination is linked to the multiverse so sometimes we gain information from it and a few people express this information from their imagination in various media”

“…what?” Ezraphel looked floored by that revelation “this is a world of seers!?”

“Eh…” he made a so-so gesture “yes and no? That’s really just my guess. It doesn’t necessarily have to be true but”

“How do you explain these? I can tell at a glance that these portraits have different artists and yet they are able to capture a visage of my siblings.”

“First off, these aren’t ‘portraits’ they’re images or pictures. Second, I don’t know. I mean they are drawn by different people so it could either be a coincidence or something like a shared vision maybe?”

Kenkou gave other authors his permission to write short stories and said they took place in an alternate universe that adhered to the same rules.

‘Does that mean every stupid OC on fanfiction is a real person in another world?’

He refused to believe that.

But who could say what this would mean? He didn’t know any of these artists and to be honest he didn’t care enough to invest his time into pursuing this line of thought. As the saying goes that way madness lies so he’s going to shun that.

Just as he made up his mind Ezraphel spoke in a tone of disbelief “is that me!?”



She was at the screen pointing at one of the pictures.

He did not hesitate and closed the whole window “that’s enough of that”


“Shows over Ezraphel”


“We’re not talking about this. I am not pondering existential bullshit a second time in a single day. In fact, let’s never bring up this again okay? Okay.”

“But I want to know-”

“Would you shut up about it if I let you cuddle me?”

“…I may if I have right of entry to your bedroom”

His eyes narrowed ‘this bitch’

“My bed can’t hold two people”

“It did that first time~”

His cheeks reddened unwittingly remembering that “I won’t run you out if you’re in it and you can’t rape me” he gritted out.

“You can’t shoot me” she countered before taking a step back “compromise?”

“…nothing goes beyond cuddling without my explicit consent”



He sighed into the chest of the suddenly way too enthusiastic Lilim.


Ezraphel hummed a tune as she finished washing up. she had not gotten used to having such a small tub but at least the soaps and oils made up for this inadequacy. At the moment she wore nothing save for a towel, they had yet to solve her clothing situation although she didn’t really mind the lack of clothes, in fact she rather liked going around naked and despite his vehemence she knew her Stanley liked her naked too.

‘And tonight I am going to prove it.’

She reached the door and tried the knob only to feel it stuck “huh?”

That can’t be right.

Knocking on the door she called out “Stanley, your door is locked.”

“I know.” Came the slightly muffled reply.

“Can you open it so I can come in?”


“You promised I could use your room to sleep”

“All I said was that I wouldn’t run you out, I never said anything about leaving the door pen for you”

Ezraphel’s jaw went slack, she ran through the conversation and her eye twitched in built up frustration “Stanley, I demand you let me in this instant!” she banged on the door quite loudly.

“Hey, you break my door and I break you!”

That threat made no sense, especially since he could not even hope to match her in strength, yet she ceased her hard knocks. In frustration stomped her foot and stormed off with fist clenched while muttering under her breath. Her wings were tucked in but the full extent of her frustration could be seen in her tail which lashed out like a whip.

Stanley lay on his bed, quite comfortable with how he handled himself. His door was barricaded with his bed on the far side and he watched from his tablet as a frustrated and towel clad Ezraphel stomp towards the guest bedroom.

“Hehehe” he chuckled to himself, putting away the tablet to rest his weary head with a pleasant sigh.

Sometime Later…

She had no idea how long it has been since she was at this, it was frustrating but the work had to be done if she wanted to gain access to her well earned prize. Ezraphel used what sliver of mana she recovered on a lock opening spell, a simple concept turned overly complex by her lack of power. It was this constant reminder which had her doing this rather than the prospect of snuggling with her Stanley.

Although that was a big enough motivator in and of itself, this one made it just a bit more urgent for her to do this otherwise she would have been…content to play the longer game.


“Yes!” she whisper shouted and opened the door or at least attempted to “what?”

It wasn’t that the door was locked, more like there was something obstructing it from behind. Ezraphel rolled her eyes in consternation because of course he would barricade the door, not that it mattered much. Really the hard part was opening the door without waking the room’s occupant, there was a reason why she was doing this while he was asleep.

Twenty minutes, it took her twenty minutes of careful maneuvering before she got fed up and spent her remaining sliver of mana on a silencing spell. Without the threat of noise Ezraphel easily pushed the door open enough to squeeze through and close it behind her. Thoroughly fed up with having to go through all of this she did not hesitate in advancing to her destination.

Ezraphel loomed over Stanley’s sleeping form like a specter and stared. There are so many things she could do to him even without magic…


However she was legitimately tired from the catching up to her so rather than perving on her husband-to-be she decided to carefully insert herself onto the bed and wrap him into a bear hug just like last time. There was a pang of disappointment when he didn’t return the gesture and a bit of hurt when he turned away from her but that was mollified because it made spooning him much easier.

‘This is nice~’

~The End~

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10 thoughts on “Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 2.5

  1. Short but packed with content. Even with side stories, you always fail to disappoint with your works. Also, can I ask where you got that Laila OC from? I’ve never seen it before.

  2. God damn you really fucking hate MGE, don’t you? Why the hell are you writing such a cringe story about MGE if you have such contempt for it? The writing of itself is actually pretty good, but I can literally feel your hate and contempt for the MGE universe and for Kenkou in almost every other paragraph. Lol. Not hating on you man, just curious.

    1. You know I appreciate critical feedback but I don’ttake kindly to your insinuation. If I don’t like MGE then I wouldn’t bother writing an MGE story.

      As for me hating MGE, I don’t hate MGE but I recognize certain aspects of it is messed up and I, through the character of Stanley, won’t shy away from calling out these messed up instances. Rape is still rape, a pedophilia cult is still a pedophilia cult and Demonic Energy in itself is the ultimate date rape drug/ Class A Narcotic.

      Do I sound like I’m taking it too seriously for a fictional series?

      Well to get that authentic characterization into Stanley I very much need to consider these things and when combined with Stanley’s attitude with his currently unexplored history you get this kind of reaction. The story is mostly told through his perspective so if it seems like there is hate for the MGE then in this case, for this chapter of the story yes there is definetely hate for it.

      Also cringe? Why are you reading it then, lol?

      But in all seriousness the fact that you are reading this cringe story of mine means that you are giving it a chance and so I thank you for that.

      1. Don’t get me wrong man, so far I actually do like the story. And I mean no offense dude so please don’t think I’m hating or insulting you man. It just seems like you are always insulting MGE and Kenkou in the story. Plus a 4 foot 7 inch Dwarf thinking he is a badass because he has a airsoft gun collection and acting like they are real is pretty cringe worthy, sorry man. Anyway I actually do for the most part really like the story, so good work man.

  3. …Well this is awkward, I apologize for the rant then but regardless that needed to be said. Bottom line, since the story is being written from the perspective of a dwarf nerd shut in with a chip on his shoulder the tone is going to reflect as such.

    The whole airsoft rifle thing is cringeworthy isn’t it? He doesn’t think they are real though. No idea where you got that idea. He’s a gun enthusiast and all his airsoft rifles are near perfect replicas of the real things. Since they act as the only deterrent for Ezraphel he figured watching YouTube videos on how to properly handle a gun will increase his chances of not being caught unawares by the rapey sex demoness taking residence in his house.

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