Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 2

He was floating in a sea of comfort, his body was encased in a soft layer of protection the scent of which was foreign but far from unpleasant. He shifted, feeling a comforting warmth that brought a smile to his face. Stanley had never felt so relaxed after a good night’s sleep in many years. His eyes fluttered open and he yawned attempting to stretch his hands but found that he couldn’t.

The smile slipped from his face and Stanley realized with some alarm that his movement was constricted by something large, warm and heavy. His eyes opened with more clarity now and he was met with his bedroom wall at an odd angle contrasting with the position from previous nights prior. He was on his side and whatever was holding him was behind. A look down revealed deceptively slender hands from which radiated the warmth on his shirtless chest.

He could also feel warmth on his back and his legs and his…ass. A moment of groping later and Stanley found that he was indeed naked. He was naked and someone was spooning him from behind. That same someone shifted and something rested on his crown. It was large, it was soft and it was heavy. Stanley slowly craned his neck back and found himself face to nipple with the biggest titty he had ever seen.


~ Rude Awakening~

Stanley’s shout was half muffled when for some reason the huge woman with her huge boobies hugged him closer. The size disparity became frighteningly obvious when she curled around him, acting as the bigger spoon. Stanley was strangely reminiscent of a stuffed toy and that thought brought on a bout of déjà vu.

‘…now I member.’

Finding a Succubus daughter of a Demon Lord in a fictional and niche franchise, being chased around his house, having a weird conversation with her while pointing an air rifle at her, making her cry and finally being manhandled like the prized stuffed animal won at a fair for an overly affectionate little girl. Strange he didn’t remember coming to bed, the last thing he did remember was being held in her warm embrace, his head resting in her bare cleavage as her body swayed and she whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

That memory was equal parts disturbing and oddly comforting to him. Like the memory nothing has really changed except for their location and…wait a minute. His hands reached back feeling bare skin.

“Oh~ Stanley you naughty boy~” she spooned him even tighter to herself and as his skin made contact with her it was with a fright that he realized she was naked.

She was naked, he was naked, they were both naked and she was spooning him. Whatever misplaced joy he could have had from the situation was effectively rendered moot when he started to freak out in embarrassment. He kicked and struggled and whisper shouted profanities but in the end it was all for naught. Even worse was what happened when he managed to actually get some headway in escaping.

A sleepy “noo~” was her reply before Stanley was reminded of his physical inadequacy. The sleepy Lilim further trapped his flailing arms and legs by wrapping her own arms and thicc legs around his. “sleepy time now~” she muttered half consciously while nuzzling his body.

Beneath the admittedly wonderful feeling he had at that moment Stanley fumed. Wonderful, the feeling of a naked girl pressed against him may be but it was also fucking embarrassing. To make matters worse it became increasingly apparent that Ezraphel’s dream was of an erotic nature, go figure. She talks in her sleep and the words muttered out of her mouth as well as the perverted giggles made Stanley nervous.

If that wasn’t enough her cuddling his body and nuzzling his head gradually became more lewd as time went on. Minutes later and she was slow humping his body, sniffing his hair like a drug addict and her tail was making a slow trail to his crotch. If she wasn’t a higher form of succubus he would have sworn she was doing this on purpose but nope. She was about to rape him in her sleep and it was only because she was a succubus that something like that could actually be a thing.

He was tempted to shout at her to wake up but being buried under her mountainous chest he was presented with an opportunity much less emasculating and much more gratifying. So shuffling his body to face her he managed to free one arm enough from her hold while the other one prevented her tail from seizing Stan Jr. he waited a moment to position his hand just right… then struck her breast like a python!

“Iyaaah~” Ezraphel gave a loud moan just like those girls in hentai.

Stanley’s gambit had worked…sort of. He’d gotten her attention with a grab for her chest in the roughest possible way he could muster from that angle and with his strength which basically amounted to a loud moan and her hugging him even tighter to her body. Was it even needed to mention that the Lilim was getting off on this?

At this point it should be getting really hard to breathe but Stanley was reasonably distracted the feel of the pliant flesh in his hand was surprisingly nice to hold. Soft yet firm, spongy but with a water like resistance that-

Hey stupid you’re suffocating.

Shit! Never mind that her freakish strength was currently threatening to snap his bones but he was so deep in her cleavage the oxygen flow was effectively cut off and even worse her tail seemingly gave up on Stan Jr. and was slithering around to his back door.

‘Aw Hell Nah!’

With desperation his hand groped and found her nipple where he pinched as hard as he could then with callous disregard for her comfort twisted that nub at least three degrees. For a moment her world exploded in white, the combination of her lewd dream, the close proximity of her beloved and his spirit energy would have brought her to the edge but add the sharpness of a nipple twist and Ezraphel reached her limit and was brought over the edge proper.

The response was an almost immediate shriek of pleasure and pain, but mostly pleasure. Ezraphel was definitely awake now and her body twitched at the sensation from the most sensitive part of her body. Stanley was quick to take advantage and push himself out of her grasp to roll over the bed.

“Freedom!” he shouted just before rolling over the edge of his bed and falling to the floor.

It wasn’t a really high drop and his carpet cushioned the fall but the obligatory “ow” still escaped his lips. Pushing himself up he was again reminded of his nakedness when he saw his clothes on the other side of the bed.

“Hm?” a sleepy voice called and said man in a fit of embarrassment crawled under the bed, luckily it was relatively cleaner since the bed was in a different spot from the usual. The bed shifted just as he pulled his legs in “Stanley?”

His eyes twitched, he hated being called Stanley, he preferred Stan, only his mother called him Stanley anymore. He managed to reach the other side just as a pair of pale feet hit the carpet. Ignoring Ezraphel’s calls Stanley began the process of pulling up his drawstring shorts from the nearly cramp confines of under his bed when it suddenly became brighter.

“There you are” she said then stopped and he stopped as well.


He thought she was a sight to behold when she had on those tight leather straps she called clothes, it had nothing on the pure unobstructed view of her naked form. Somehow her uh…fetish wear,(a modified corset and thong) managed to actually hide something and only by virtue of whatever thoughts of the unexposed bits on her body conjured by his imagination utterly paled in comparison to the real thing.

In that case, the risqué outfit she wore actually did its job of protecting her modesty.

…the fuck?

Apologies his thought process wasn’t quite coherent at the moment.

His eyes roamed over her and from his position on the floor he saw everything. Regardless of how she acted and whatever he may verbally deny there was no doubt that on a purely physical level Ezraphel had the perfect body. Aside from her chest and ass there was not a single ounce of body fat on her. Her legs were long, her thighs were thick and her stomach was flat and despite his earlier insults Ezraphel was in fact not fat but really, extremely thicc yet also fit.

It also explained how she was able to lift his entire bed without a single show of effort, something he finally noticed once he tore his eyes away from her chest and that other place. When his eyes finally met hers she was blushing, smile frozen in place and eyes straying just a bit too far down for it to be eye contact. He followed her gaze to what she was staring at and turned red faster than a generic shounen harem protagonist.

She had caught him literally with his pants down and his dick was still out and saluting the naked girl with all its might.

“Shit” he scrambled to fix his problem.

The movement caused Ezraphel to snap out of her daze and speak “aw why did you put on your pants? I like it better without those pesky things~”

‘This is going to be a regular thing isn’t it?’

“Shut up” the retort had little bite as he made to shield his boner from the literal sex predator “and would you put my bed down already!”

“Hm?” she looked having seemingly forgotten she had the damn thing and chuckled “heh-heh okay”

“Over there” he pointed to its designated corner and using the imprint left on the carpet she was able to fit it in place like a missing puzzle piece. Unfortunately the action involved her bending over and exposing herself to him in the most erotic way.

Boner, Engage!

Stanley’s head tilted as he stared. Seeing a woman’s vagina for the first time in plain view would have probably made him pause but seeing as Ezraphel was a sex demon seeing her lady parts was…something. She had a lovely, plump heart shaped ass, thick thighs and long legs that made her lady parts reach more to his upper chest than his waist. The tail and wings were also something to behold and despite the weirdness it added an exotic feel to her.

Stanley was distracted but not enough to realize that she was bent over way too long for just putting down his bed and also her ass was swaying. He knew that last part because his head was absently following along her movements like a demented cobra follows the hypnotic tunes of a snake charmer. He almost did a double take when he found himself taking a step forward.

Ezraphel chose that moment to look back with smile still in place and red eyes seeming to glow faintly “see something you like?” He swallowed and she giggled.

Stanley looked directly into her eyes because the alternative threatened his self control and self respect. He opened his mouth but couldn’t find a biting retort, sarcastic remark or lame quip to disrupt the lewd pace she’d set. He was literally at a loss for words and Ezraphel used time of the prolonged silence to sit on the bed, sensually crossed one leg over the other and, strangely enough, clip her wings together to form something like a makeshift veil to cover her breasts.

‘A little too late for that’

There’s that wit he wished he had a minute ago.


Stanley blinked “uh what?”

“I was asking if this is better” her tail waved sinuously before him “I know humans have a hard time staying coherent when in our presence.”

Oh so she knew the effect she had on men then? He could say he was surprised but he really wasn’t, she made it abundantly clear that she knew exactly what she was doing when she did the whole seduction bit.

But in answering her question he said “yeah” and for once it wasn’t sarcasm.

Her smile lessened somewhat “was it too much?” at his confused gaze she elaborated “what I did before?”

“…yeah” he answered then paused, something was wrong here. She seemed hesitant for some reason and given the pose she’s striking now not to mention the way how she caught him flatfooted twice in the space of a few minutes she should be anything but hesitant.

So why wasn’t she pressing her ‘attack.’

Then she said something he wasn’t expecting “I am sorry.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry” she repeated looking away “I thought you would…I just wanted to…”she trailed off and bit her lips before glaring lightly “it’s all your fault!”


This time her hesitance was gone replaced with anger as she stood up and started pacing “you are such a tease!”

‘Did she seriously just call me a tease?’

“First you woke me like that and made me cum-”

‘I did what?’ was it weird that upon hearing that the first thing he did was check the sheets from where he stood? He would like to say that damp spot was drool but…yeah its best not to think too much about it.

‘Gonna need to change the sheets after this’

“-and then after making me all hot and bothered you hide!”

Not necessarily true but…

“And even though it is painfully obvious that you want to have sex you hesitate, why?”

As she said this she turned her fierce gaze towards him and Stanley could say that he was sufficiently cowed by it. Again he is reminded that the person in front of him regardless of what her intentions or dispositions are is technically a type of Demon and he is very much reminded of her roots when her red eyes turned towards him.

It left him nervous and stammering.

“Take responsibility!” she yelled and he was nonplussed.

He has read that phrase in so many manga and English subtitles in anime that she could have said that shit in Japanese and he would still know it. The fact that she had shouted something so anime-esque had him go into a mini flashback of some of the instances where he has come across that phrase. In each instance it always meant a certain implication and so when he spoke his next words it was with true incredulity and curiosity.

“Take respo-” he sputtered and looked at her incredulously “what. The fuck. Is that supposed to mean?”

She glared and stomped over to him “do I have to explain it to you?”

He wasn’t even distracted by her nakedness anymore. Her tone and mixed signals were confusing and when he’s confused he defaults to his annoyed persona.

“Oh yes please, by all means do explain.”

He might have been imagining the red smolder in her eyes and he swallowed light when she bent forward so they were at eye level “it is very obvious that you want me” she whispered icily and he fought not to look down “even now you are fighting the urge to stare.”

She got him there and his first thought was to deny and deflect the accusation but what would be the point? Also it was such a cliché thing to do.

“You’re the one who keeps shoving them in my face” he bit back “so yeah, I can’t help but to look” he took a glance just for emphasizing his point “what about it?”

“Why do you hesitate?” she said bringing an arm up under them while pushing her chest out “go ahead, touch them.”

He took a step back “say wha?” this just got weird.

She growled “touch them.”

He looked from her chest to her face and repeated this several times before taking a full step back “I think I’ll pass”

‘That there is a slippery slope.’

First he’d be touching her boobs, then she’d be sucking his dick and the next thing he knows he missed an entire week after his bed got destroyed because they’d been marathon fucking.

Ezraphel scoffed “you are a coward!”

Somehow coming from her that stung “I ain’t no coward”

“Then what do you call this? Here I am presenting myself to you. Willing to subject myself to you and your whims yet you continue to retreat. I have made it abundantly clear that I mean you no harm and you still would not so much as touch me” her ire ebbed away at the end and turned into genuine hurt and for a moment her eyes watered.

‘Oh no’ Stanley thought she would cry but she steeled herself, wiped away the angry tears and glared at him instead.

“Hey give me a fucking break. I don’t know how they do it where you’re from” he paused “actually I do but that’s not the point. How the hell can you expect me to just accept this” he gestured around randomly “situation and be fine? You found the guy who has the greatest compatibility with you, congratu-fucking-lations. I found a strange girl passed out in my backyard who wants to jump my bones for some reason.”

He scowled “why am I even defending myself? You know what, yeah I am a coward. But you know something, at least cowards survive. So fuck everybody else and fuck this shit I’m out” he picked up his shirt and tablet then walked away.

“Do not walk away from me!” Ezraphel snapped.

“Or what?” he gave her deathly glare from over his shoulder.

Ezraphel froze, her mouth opened and closed it several times but the words would not come through.

Stanley gave her a look then scoffed “put some fucking clothes on.”

~Ezraphel’s Resolve~

Ezraphel wanted to scream and if she were at the height of her powers the entire area would have felt the effects of her emotions right then.

‘He is so infuriating!’

This entire scenario brought forth memories she had with her older sisters. They didn’t meet very often but when they do they would always share little nuggets of wisdom. One thing they all had to say about humans in regards to first encounters with one of them (or Mamono in general) is that more often than not their default emotion was fear and disbelief. So much so that some say it is just prevalent than lust. Oh sure they’d be curious and be drawn to them but as soon as they spot a horn, wing or tail they lock up in fear or run for the hills.

It didn’t matter if they were a ferocious Hellhound or a demure Holstaur. Some of her sisters have claimed to see an entire town panic in the face of a wandering Weresheep…a Weresheep of all things.

Back then she remembered thinking to herself “humans are stupid.”

But they can’t help it sometimes, they’d been at war with their bloodthirsty ancestors since the beginning of time. Not to mention the edited information propagated by the Order, of course they will fear Mamono. It is often said that humans fear that which they do not understand and it goes even beyond the scope of Mamono. She’d been taught by her mother that it would be up to her and her sisters as Lilim, daughters of the Mamono Overlord to spread her vision of peace and coexistence to the humans through their actions.

Ezraphel could admit begrudgingly that she has not really done much with her life to live up to the expectations most would associate with her sisters before her. She had no particular stand out accomplishments to her name, she had no Kingdom, her magical prowess were average (for a Lilim), she had little training in combat, she did not seek adventure into the unknown and though it embarrasses her she did not have any sexual experience with men. The latter is a matter of personal preference than any hesitance or lack of want. Some of her sisters choose to indulge or over-indulge in sex while others choose to keep their chastity, only giving it away to the man who would be their husband.

What Ezraphel lacked in impressive feats, raw power and even ambition she made up for in her ingenuity. As one of the younger Lilim currently (only recently passing a century) Ezraphel had the unfair position of seeing her elder sisters succeed in almost every way imaginable. Growing up she had heard and witnessed her sisters conquer kingdoms previously thought impenetrable, build their own Kingdoms from the ground up, create pocket dimensions spanning an entire country, travel the world, discover new lands etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Ezraphel is the 27th daughter born and while she could be anything she wanted to be there wasn’t much for her to be that wouldn’t be rehashing or coasting off of what her siblings had already done. You can only see so many cities conquered, so many Demon Realms ruled until you start to desire something new and fresh in your life. It is for this reason why if one were observe the actions of every Lilim starting from the first to the last there is a huge disparity in the pursuits of the older generation and the younger ones.

It would go from queens, conquerors and warriors to travelers, artisans and scholars. A great example would be Mari, who had conquered a Kingdom and converted it into a successful Demon Realm then practically abandoned her throne to pursue her true passion: adventure and art. Ezraphel had actually spoken to her mother Lilith about this, despairing over her want to be acknowledged by her yet not wanting to follow in her sisters’ footsteps and do what they have already seemingly perfected.

To her surprise or rather expectantly her mother encouraged her to find her own path and that she need not accomplish any spectacular feat. So long as Ezraphel is healthy and happy she would be proud of her. That was all well and good and Ezraphel needed to hear those words at the time but the truth of the moment was that Ezraphel wasn’t happy. She was more content than anything but as the years went by she would lose more of that feeling of content and never be able to truly be happy no matter what activity she tried.

Ezraphel spent most of her life in Demon Realms, most times as the 27th Lilim princess and other times in Mamono friendly settlements under a guise. She had witnessed many Mamono with their husbands or children, onserved how happy they were together and it had always made her envious. It wasn’t until one particular day when she visited a Kingdom recently taken by one of her sisters that she realized something. It was a Dark Demon Realm filled with the love of so many couples, she had been visiting her sister and it occurred to her that they were alone.

She, her sister, was alone.

Almost all of her troops had found husbands to be with during and after the conflict yet her sister had not. Ezraphel had questioned why that was and the answer shocked her.

“I suppose there was not anyone who caught my attention” she said in a dismissive tone.

How could she say that?

Then it occurred to her. Lilims are thought of as the envoys of the Mamono Overlord and as such their every action is as much an extension of the Mamono Overlord’s will as it was theirs. The consensus was that they try to fulfill their mother’s vision of coexistence but is that really what their mother wanted? For her it was a radical thought but she just could not get it out of her mind.

Their mother in her early days was as invested into making her vision a reality as most of her sisters. Then she met their father, started a family and suddenly others began to see less and less of her on the battlefield until she stopped going altogether. Even the more political duties of her station were delegated to her first born daughter who now practically ruled the Royal Makai.

There is no doubt that Lilith was the Monster Overlord and her power more or less rivals the Chief God if not eclipses it but she seems to spend less time as an Overlord (and none as a ‘Mamono God’) and more time as a mother and wife. Ezraphel has heard the saying enough times from the few Mamono alive who has been with her mother since the beginning to know that she has never been happier in the entire time they had known her.

They were winning the war against the Chief God at their own pace now but Ezraphel couldn’t help but feel that her mother, the Mamono Overlord, did not care so much about winning the war as she did about the safety and well being of her family. With every accomplishment they have, whether large or small, and with every Lilim born she becomes that much happier.

Wasn’t that the entire point of Mamono and human coexistence to find a human husband and raise a family? The very thought of such a thing mentioned to most of her sisters would have them pause wistfully. She would know because she felt the same way when the thought ever occurred. So why is it that despite all that they have accomplished most of the Lilim aren’t even married yet? Even worse, out of all the Lilims only a single sister had managed to become pregnant.

It says something about a group of higher tier succubi who have great power, the responsibility of fostering a new age of coexistence among all the races and the disposition for sex and child bearing that only one of them had succeeded, truly succeeded, in life. Finding a husband was the key to any Mamono’s true happiness but birthing a child formed of their combined love was opening the door to a Mamono’s highest fulfillment.

Ezraphel had wanted that, she did not care for accolades or success, she wanted happiness with her husband and to this end she spent decades working towards that goal. What started as a search turned into research then a spell but not just any spell. It would be the most coveted spell in all of Mamono history. A spell that when cast would seek out a man who has the most potential in being that castor’s mate and teleport her directly to him.

She told no one of her venture. She studied, experimented and consulted many experts in spell crafting and other areas both magical and even scientific. She spent more than half her life in creating that spell, telling only a few of her desire and none of them had been her family. She wanted it to be a surprise, to see the look on their faces when she handed them the key to their own happiness. Casting the spell itself was tricky and she may have underestimated its requirements and its reach.

She accounted for being teleported anywhere in the world but she never thought the spell would carry her to a different dimension. It had worked though, the first man she saw upon waking was not what she expected but the moment she tasted his spirit energy she knew he was the one. She had found her husband and yet here she was, hours later sitting alone in a dark room having taken one step forward and two steps back in regards to the progression of their relationship.

Gods knows she’d tried but between his spirit energy, adorableness, stubborn attitude, reluctance and her instincts, growing want, desperation caused by said instincts and growing want Ezraphel was getting very frustrated.

‘If only that spell had not completely drained me of magic we would already have sealed our matrimony.’

Well why not just push him down and rape him?

The fact that she was even considering something so crass and uncivilized spoke volumes of how desperate she was becoming. But no, while the appeal for that sort of thing was there it would pale in comparison to the embarrassment of having to tell her family that was how she claimed her husband.

‘If he doesn’t stop being foolish it might just come to that’ she darkly thought.

“Argh, why does he have to be so stubborn!?” she yelled to herself then turned on her side enjoying the smell of his spirit energy permeating the sheets “although I kind of like that quality about him too~”

Damn adorable little man.

In the end she sighed then sprung to her feet with a fierce resolve.

‘Fortune favors the bold as the saying goes and whatever wall holding him back from simply taking me (preferably on this comfortable bed). I will break down with the strength and swiftness of a Dragon going for a castle’s treasure vault. This I swear!’

And so it was with this pledge that Ezraphel, 27th Daughter of the Mamono Overlord clothed herself and ventured outside to be by her husband’s side.

~Recognition and Understanding~

It wasn’t hard to find her Stanley, he was in the kitchen sitting by a table watching the giant rectangular device that she had mistaken for a magic mirror. It might as well be for it had moving images not unlike some scribe bowls only so much more. Ezraphel couldn’t help but look in awe and wonder as a story was played out before her. She had no idea what was going on but the visuals alone was enough to distract her.

That is until a sound akin to a bell sounded from the door. Ezraphel jumped her gaze turning to the door. Stanley didn’t seem concerned as he strolled over to the door and opened it to reveal a man carrying square packages. The man in some kind of brightly colored uniform handed him the boxes before his eyes caught sight of her. Just like Stanley he stared but unlike Stanley she did not feel the rush accompanied with it.

Stanley snapped his fingers in front of the man “huh?” as if coming from a trance he looked down at Stanley who was annoyed.

“You want this money or what?” Stanley said very annoyed

“Right, right. Sorry” he took a small card but once again his gaze found her “who’s that?”

Stanley took a glance at her, rolled his eyes then pushed the man outside and followed before closing the door. A moment later he came back in looking even more annoyed while the man spoke “is she available?” but all he got for an answer was a door slammed in his face.

Stanley bolted the locks, picked up the boxes and stopped before her “I ordered dinner” he muttered then left for the kitchen.

Ezraphel blinked but followed behind him to the counter where he gestured for her to take a seat. After placing the boxes down he retrieved cups, washed them and went into a large rectangular box. The moment he opened it Ezraphel noted the cold wafting off of it and found herself fascinated.

“What is that?” she couldn’t help but say then winced a little.

Stanley looked at her then the box and spoke “it’s a refrigerator, one part keeps things cold” he opened the other side “the other freezes them.”

Ezraphel was impressed “how does it do this without magic?”

Stanley shrugged as he retrieved to brightly colored metal cylinders “don’t know but it’s not magical”

Ezraphel pursed her lips “then what is that?” she pointed to the box with moving images.

“It’s called a television” he pulled the top off the cylinder and poured its contents, a dark liquid that fizzes, inside the cup “before you ask no I don’t know how that works either but think of it as a way for people to record theatre and show it to the rest of the world through it.”

“Theatre?” she looked at the ‘television’ in wonder. She had seen some plays before.

“Yep, those people are actors and what they’re doing isn’t real but damn if you can tell the difference. We’ve basically perfected the art of storytelling and showing, here.”

Ezraphel took the cup, her hand brushed against his, not that he seemed to notice seeing as he was busy with one of the square boxes. The Lilim tentatively took a sip of the strange liquid but before long her sips turned into gulps. The beverage had tingly sensation running down her mouth but it was so sweet and –BELCH-

A hand slapped over her mouth, Stanley stared at her with a smile stretching in tandem with her reddening cheeks.

Daaamn princess” Stanley deadpanned but the mirth was obvious in his eyes. Before Ezraphel could sputter a reply he had moved one of the boxes between them “before you ask, this is called a pizza.”

Then he opened the box and allowed the scent to envelope the area. It certainly smelled delicious, she was not sure of its presentation however, but seeing Stanley take a slice and bite into it with a satisfied expression Ezraphel followed suit and with some hesitance bit into the greasy looking-

“Hmm~” she moaned in delight, what was this delicious thing?

“Hmm is right” Stanley spoke “I had them put different toppings on the slices so you never eat the same one”

Ezraphel could literally leap across the table and smother him right then but in lieu of that she swallowed the cheesy goodness and said “you are very thoughtful.”

They continued to have a peaceful meal, finishing the second box of pizza, well mostly Ezraphel ate while Stanley tried to distract himself.

Eventually he broke the silence with a question “are you serious?’

Ezraphel paused to give him a questioning look “hm?”

“Were you serious…about…liking me?” he asked awkwardly.

Ezraphel swallowed and put down her half eaten slice “Stanley. I don’t ‘like’ you.”


She reached across the table and held his hand in a reassuring grip “I love you.”

Embarrassment and frustration flashed across his face and his hand left hers “why? How can you sit there and tell me something like that and mean it? What the hell do you even see in me? I know it’s not because of my ‘dashing’ good looks, muscular physique or stellar attitude. If it wasn’t already obvious I’m not much to look at, I don’t lift and I sure as hell am not impressing anyone with my accomplishments”

Ezraphel pursed her lips, that question was a tricky one to answer. She could tell him that all the things he’s mentioned in his self depreciating speech are some of the things she loved about him but Ezraphel had a feeling that would only earn his ire. No, he wanted to get to the root of the issue and that is why she was attracted to Stanley in the first place.

The first instance of her attraction started when she tasted his spirit energy. It just clicked at that moment and both her body and mind accepted him as the perfect man for her. After that she just went with it and the more time she spent around him the more things she found to adore about him. She loved the fact that he was so small she could literally pick him up and smother him in her embrace. She found his snark and temperament endearing despite being the source of her current frustrations and a hindrance to their relationship. She admired the fact that he managed to resist her charms instead of blindly giving in to her even though they both know he would rather do that.

What he lacks in stature Stanley makes up for in will and Ezraphel would admit, sometimes she wished she had such a will. It was a fundamental part of a mamono’s very being and no matter who they are or how much power they have in the end mamono are slaves to their base instincts. Even the most standoffish of her sisters who claim to not have any interest in romance, all it would take is for them to encounter the right man who meets their instinctive (and most likely outlandish) standards and they will never be able to let him go.

Could she explain this to him?

Would he believe her?

Did she even want to?

The answer was clear to her before she even wondered these questions. Stanley was confused, curious and not one to easily trust. If an honest answer from her would get him closer to accepting her then Ezraphel would do it and so she did. In a very calm and placid manner she told him of her earlier musings, the mamono instinct to know when they have found their husband, how she first realized he was her perfect husband and how she fell in love with him after their time spent together.

By the end of it Stanley had his head in his palms for a long time before an explosive sigh blew past his lips “I’m not gonna lie and no offense to you or mamono in general but that is kinda fucked up”

Ezraphel’s brows furrowed at the words “how so?”

“So what, you just go along with this hypothetical instinct that says ‘hey this guy is the one’ and you don’t question it, at all?”

Ezraphel shook her head “for us mamono to have a husband is to find happiness. Why would anyone deny their happiness?”

“that’s not the-” his aggravated retort petered out as it seemed he came to an epiphany and for a long moment he sat there occasionally giving her glances before thrusting his hands in the air “you know what, fuck it” he pointed a waving finger at her and spoke “I understand the how and the why I was chosen, I think. I still think you might be deluding yourself into believing that you’re in love with me.”

“I can assure you Stanley that I am no delusional fool and it is impossible for me to be wrong” even if the spell had not worked as intended she would have known through his spirit energy which does not lie.

“Alright, point” he waved her down “but personally I don’t believe in love at first sight and the concept of marriage is impractical to me. I understand your reasons for doing what you did.”

He understood?

A smile came to her face as she straightens “does that mean-”

“Now hold on” he said while warily regarding her growing excitement “I’m not about to fuck you okay. My human ways may be strange to you but I would at least like to know the woman who wants to…marry me” he finished off with an expression of tasting something particularly terrible on his tongue “before getting to that part”

Rather than being put off by his regards for one of the most sacred of Mamono tradition Ezraphel’s eyes twinkled as a teasing smile grew “oh Stanley~” she cooed “are you asking permission to court me?”

“…yeah sure, why not” he answered in that endearing way she has become fond of. Other people would call it awkward.

Ezraphel chuckled resting her chin on her knuckles while her tail swished back and forth “there are not many men brave enough to attempt to court a mamono princess.”

 “Oh shit, you’re a princess?” he spoke in a sarcastically surprised tone and calm demeanor “well I apologize your highness it must have slipped my mind. I mean you’ve done so many princess-like things since you got here. Uh tell me is it customary for princesses to flash themselves in front of random men they’ve just met?”

‘Has he forgotten what we just talked about?’

Not willing to pass the chance up she answered back in a similar tone to his but with an underlying tease to her words “actually it is but only for the ones whom we deem worthy to see it” she capped off with a wink.

He did not avert his gaze as she would think but he did blink several times in astonishment as if seeing her for the first time “you really are a sex fiend aren’t you?”

His tone was one of mild astonishment and her smile turned sultry while her tail inexplicably formed a heart.

Stanley was suddenly aware of the implications of his decision. For all the profiles that he had read up on and all the fanfictions he remembered reading there was always one aspect of Mamono that everyone agreed one as far as he knew. That is, when you give a mamono an inch they will take a mile and this one was looking like she was going to take him for a long, long ride.

This thought, as well as the look the Lilim princess continued to give him caused the smaller human to chuckle nervously then swallow “oh god”

‘What the hell did I get myself into?’

~To Be Continued~

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3 thoughts on “Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 2

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