Cut and Run Ch. 20

 Artist: Simon Cockram

Cut and Run Chapter 20


“Allen, I’m disappointed in you.”

Those five words have haunted me since I was a kid.  Unfortunately, it was my Old Man who said them first. He did it often enough through the years, that they eventually wormed their way into my soul. But to be fair, I gave him plenty of reasons to keep saying them.

The first time he said them, was after he allowed me to pick out which brand of cereal I wanted to take home from the supermarket. So, what brand of teeth-rotting cereal do you think an eight-year-old kid is going to pick out?

If you chose the one cereal box that had the coolest ‘free-prize’ hidden inside of it, then you’d be right. Because that’s what I did. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs ®, that ‘cereal’ was called. I remember it well, for reasons that will soon be made clear.

I was so excited with my ‘win’ then, that the first chance I got I popped that box open so I could play with that toy. Now, you may ask; did I intend to eat the cereal that toy came with?

Oh hell no. I had no desire to eat so much as a single nugget of that cavity-causing stuff. No, I left that box untouched on top of the fridge for weeks afterwards. Why? I just wanted that gods-be-damned ‘free’ prize.

Well, my Old Man was patient with me. But, eventually he got tired of seeing that box of cereal collect dust. Do you know what he did next? Oh, he didn’t hit me. He didn’t yell at me. He didn’t carry on screaming and shouting or hitting me with his fists. At least not then. No, that would come later.

But that’s a story for another time.

No, what he did was this: one night just before dinner, he called me into the kitchen. I knew something was up the moment I walked in. That’s because, my eyes immediately latched onto that box of stale cereal. Instead of it being atop the fridge, where it’d been sitting for way too long, it was now sitting next to him as he sat next to the kitchen table. Once he saw me, he frowned, crossed his arms, and began to lecture me.

“Allen,” he began in a voice that made my blood run cold, “several months ago I allowed you the opportunity to pick out a brand of cereal of your choice. You chose this one.” He said while pointing to that dusty and cobweb covered box, “You didn’t eat it. Why?” I was still a kid, so I gave him the standard kid answer.

“I dunno.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I fully expected him to get mad at me then, but he didn’t.

You know what happened instead? Something worse.

“I’m disappointed in you Allen.” He said. For some reason, those five words hurt me in ways, that his ever-favored form of punishment (his belt), never had before.

There was something about the way he said it, that made me wish he had pulled out his belt instead. That way, I’d have gotten a good ass whooping, like I deserved. Like he usually did when I did something stupid. But for some unknown reason, that time was different.

That incident with the cereal, was just the first of many ways I disappointed my Old Man, intentionally or not.
I didn’t care if he was disappointed, when I refused to go to the Order church to worship the Chief God. Like he did so often. Me? I just couldn’t see the point of listening to those pompous windbags called priests.

I know he was disappointed, when I wouldn’t even think about joining the Marine Corps. You know, ‘carry on the family tradition’.

I suspect he was disappointed, when I married my first woman. Don’t get me wrong, he was always polite when she was around him. Even with that love-affair he had developed with a bottle by then. Never once did he mention her skin color or ancestry. But after she died and I kinda went nuts for a while, he just seemed to turn himself away from me.

Then, there was the first time he had to bail me out of jail. But, he never said anything to me then either. He didn’t need to. Just that look on his face was enough to tell me what I needed to know.

I was a disappoint to him, again. Big time.

After that, was when I got the fuck out of Dodge, and went on that extended hike. You know which one I’m talking about. The one where I went up and down the Pacific Crest Trail, along with my woman’s and child’s ashes. I was tired of all the shit that I’d been dealt, and had been dealing to others.

Which brings me to mind another valuable lesson he taught me that day he sat me down with that cereal.

“Whatever choice you make in life, Allen, you’re gonna have to live with the consequences.” He said that, as he looked at me in the eye and pushed that stale box of cereal towards me, along with a bowl and spoon. Then he plopped down a carton of milk.

I started shaking with fear at the thought of eating that half-rotten crap.

Right then, my attention was diverted between that nasty ass box of cereal, and his disappointed expression. I knew then what he wanted me to do. Like anyone else, I just wanted to get out of the very situation I had put myself in. I must’ve tensed up in preparation to run away, consequences be damned. Because that was when he said something else.

“Allen,” he said in way that made me freeze. “You know what you have to do, boy.” It was a whisper, but it resounded louder within me than it would’ve had if he had shouted it.

It took me a long time to eat that evening. But, I ate the entire contents of that box. I can tell you this, it was nasty. Back then, I could barely stomach a bowl of that crap when it was fresh. But when it was stale, it was worse. Way-Worse.

Why? Because by the time he sat me down, that box had the added bonus of bug protein. Yeah, from all of the bugs that had crawled into that open box, and then spawned.

Nowadays, I can’t look at a box of that stuff without feeling the urge to retch. But, my Old Man’s lesson to me back then, has carried on to this day. Everything I’ve done since, I’ve chosen to face the consequences. Be they either good, or bad.

You what really sucks about this?  I can’t recall him ever saying he was proud of me. I guess I never gave him a reason to.


Well, nowadays I guess what my Old Man was trying to teach me with that box of Cereal, was this: That in life, I was going to have to make some unavoidable decisions. Life altering decisions. Decisions with long-lasting effects. And that as a kid growing into a guy then, and as a Dragon dude now, I was going to have to decide between a choice that had a Shitty consequence, or a Shittier one. Shit it was going to be one way or the other. Whatever way, I still had to put on a brave face and then swallow one more time until it was done.


So, there I was staring at one of the few spots in Yosemite Valley, that Dragon Magic could safely open a portal to the Dragon Realm. And I had a choice to make. Yet again, it was a choice between shitty, and shittier.

I kept looking between my Mom’s tracking charm in my paw, and that Dragon’s gate spot. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was then. I just wanted to blaze after him. For the first time in what seemed the longest while, he and I were actually getting along. I so desperately wanted to keep that going. It was like a physical pain in my chest, the thought of losing out on some good times with my Old Man.

But it wasn’t a simple choice. Life seldom gives you that. Oh sure, I could’ve just summoned up a gate to go in and try to follow him. I had the ability to do just that. I could’ve done it in a split-second.

But, if I had stepped through that gate; I would’ve ended up opening up a can of worms. Pardon the pun. That’s because I’ve learned that you don’t just waltz into the Dragon Realm. Not like you’d pop down to the corner grocery for a six-pack. Nope.

Travel between the Dragon Realm and Earth is fucking bizarro. Weird shit happens every time I traveled between the two. Every, freaking, time.

The first time Frazziss and I went there, back when Herrassiss tricked us, we were there for what seemed like weeks. But when we got back to Yosemite, it turned out that were gone for hours instead. How fucked up is that?

Then, when I went back to borrow some library books I was only there for like, an hour and a half. But it was at least a week later, when I got back home. My Boss, Cria, was royally pissed at me then I can tell ya.

Then there was the time I went in to return some of those books to Lessa’s Library. Once I was there, I puttered around for a while and I took in some of the sights of the place.
Just for the record: NO! I wasn’t hopping from Dragon-bed to Dragon-bed, like SOME FOLKS like to claim that I do.

Then I went back home. Once I was back in the Valley, it was such a nice day, that I puttered around some more for a couple hours. Then I went back to the Dorm room. But, as soon as I waltzed in through the door, Pirin asked me something that sounded strange to my scaly ears.

“Did you forget something?” she asked, as she was sweeping the living area.

Talking with her, it turns out that I’d just missed myself leaving. If I’d been there five minutes earlier, I’d have bumped into myself. Now THAT, is fucking weird.

So, you can see my quandary. I couldn’t just ‘pop-in’ to take a quick look for my Old Man in the Dragon Realm. Not without my running the risk of becoming this century’s version of a Rip Van Winkle. Or worse.

It was particularly desperate since Frazziss’ and I’s kids were going to need some of my Essence real soon. I had a few more Dragon Kisses to bestow before my kids hatched. Thus, they needed me more now, so I couldn’t run the risk of ‘disappearing’ for Maou knows how long.

As I thought about all that, I think I stared at that gate for the longest while. I admit it, I was greedy. For the first time in since,…well,…forever,…my Old Man was happy to spend time with me. I so didn’t want to let go of that.

And now he was gone, out of reach.

‘Even if I do go flying into the Dragon Realm. What am I gonna do if I do find him? It’s not like I could ever force my Old Man to do anything he didn’t want.’ I then realized, biting a lip hard enough to draw blood, while feeling my guts flip-flop.

‘I don’t have a decision to make. Dad’s already made it. He’s boinking some Dragon-chick, and he’s already well on his way to becoming her incubus. Besides, it’s not like she’s gonna be inclined to let him go anyways.’

Then, I made my choice.

‘Catch you later, Dad.’ I thought, and then I went home. Once there, I put Mom’s tracking charm in a box atop a shelf in my workshop. Then after staring at it for the longest while, I cried.

‘It’s probably for the best.’ I thought after I wiped away my tears. Eventually, I found out just how right I was, and how wrong too. Damn it.


So, there I was on a warm Summer evening a few weeks later, sitting in my workshop. I was working on the last few details of Teal’s wedding present. I’d FINALLY gotten it done the week previous. Right then, I’d just been checking and rechecking the fine details.

I mean c’mon. I’m not just a hack artist who splashes a can of paint onto some canvas, and calls it good. No, I’m a craftsman. Or, errr…what? Craftsdragon? Craftsdrake?


I was judging the uniformity of the sheen of one of the cups, when I heard someone scratching on the Cave-Scratcher. Mildly curious, I sat down the cup and went to search to see who my new guest was. Pirin wasn’t there, she was doing her day job, cooking/chefing at the Majestic.

Frazziss had been spreading her wings and working off some of her ‘baby-fat’, flying her patrol. It being Summer, meant that the Maou-be-damned base jumpers had been going nutsoid, jumping off every cliff available. Which meant she had her paws full, keeping those lunatic Darwin Award Nominees alive.

While Angelique, was all curled up as best she could manage, snoozing away on her bed. Of late, that had been getting more difficult for her to sleep like that, as her ever expanding tummy had been getting in her way. Not that she’d minded, considering it meant that she had a litter of were-kittens on the way.

Everyone was curious to see what kind of kids she would pop out. According to one of the Lilim we consulted, it was a tossup as to whether or not they’d be full were-cats, or some combination of Drag,…

And I just realized, that I’ve gone off onto another tangent. Sorry.

Oh, that’s right! Someone was scratching at the front door. I’d installed a door after Angelique requested it, for reasons. Personally, I think she wanted it, so that she could be on the wrong side of it all of the time.

It turns out, that it was my Mom who was the one doing the scratching.

“Hi Allen!” she said as soon as I swung open the front door. My Mom being a Dark-Mage apprentice, naturally she wore a big beaming smile and little else, other than her ever-present satchel. She, was not-dressed in a strategically placed bikini-like outfit. It made me wonder if I was going to catch a nip-slip.
It was purple, of course. She also had the usual purple Dark-Mage floppy hat, to keep the summer sun out of her eyes. It was then I noticed that Mom wasn’t alone. Standing alongside her was another lady. Mom then introduced me to her companion, Acantha.

She, was a lanky brunette with chocolate brown skin, who was dressed as lightly as possible. Not that I was complaining. Her clothing, was a White-tiger-skin outfit that would’ve looked good on an Oni. I wasn’t sure, but as far as I could tell, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Not that I was scoping her out or anything.

“It’s a pleasure to me you Acantha.” I greeted her politely. She then did something that surprised the hell out of me.

“The pleasure is all mine, Loknarr. Or, I hope it will.” She smiled alluringly.

“I wasn’t aware that my Dragon name was well-known.” I replied.

“It’s not, but your Mother speaks so proudly of you and so often, that it just seems so natural for me to do so.”

At that, I then invited the two of them inside and brought them to the kitchen. Being sure to mind my manners, I then offered them food and drink, etc.

“So Mom! So what brings the two of you here?” I asked politely, pointedly, after a few minutes. Mom simpered for a second and then spoke.

“I wanted to show Acantha around, and introduce her to you as my source of Dragon-Semen. She’s been ever so excited about it, since she learned that I’d found a source.”

“Ok, but why would that be important?” I asked, confused.

 “Acantha is my apprentice!” Mom announced cheerfully. Which made me frown.

“Uh Mom, since when do apprentices get to have their own apprentice?” I asked, confused.

“Oh! Didn’t I tell you Allen?” she began cheerfully, bouncing up and down excitedly, which was kinda distracting in an embarrassing sort of way.
“I’ve finally achieved full Dark-Mage status!” she exclaimed happily, her already big smile got even bigger. She then stood up close and gave me a sudden tight hug.

“Congrats Mom!” I replied, happy for her. “Way to go!” I continued, returning her hug, and waiting for her to let go. And waiting, and waiting.

 “Uhhhhh, Mom. Could you let go of me please?” I asked nervously, as I realized how very pleasingly feminine she was then. Finally, she did and then she looked up at me with a prideful grin. Looking over, I noticed that Acantha was also smiling, though hers was more akin to a leer. I discounted it.

“I owe it all to you!” She stated as she unloaded her satchel off of her shoulder, and then pulled out a folded up bulletin board.

“How do you figure that?”

“Well, let me show you!” she said as she began to unfold that bulletin board. “Do you remember that tail-less Manticore I showed you?”

“Uhhhh, yeah. I do, now that I think about it. How’s she doing?”

“Here, come and see!” She stated as she finished unfolding it, and then plopped it atop the kitchen table. She then set a photo in front of me. It was of that tail-less Manticore. She looked crestfallen, almost embarrassed to be seen, if the way her wings were drooping be any judge.

“Here is the way you remember seeing her, right?”

“Uh-huh.” I replied, as my Mom then placed another photo next to the first one.

“Well, here she is just yesterday.” I looked, and I saw that Manticore was now hugging a proper Manticore-tail to her chest. It was like she and her tail were having an airport reunion. The way she was looking at the camera, it made my eyes tear up. She had that look that spoke volumes: relief, joy, and most of all, gratitude. I could see happy tear-tracks running down her face. Also, she had spread her tail bulb wide open, so that it allowed me to see how roomy the inside of hers was.

‘Hmmmm. Big enough for two Dragon-dicks?’ I thought speculatively. What can I say? I’d never gotten to see inside one before.

“Oh my,” I exclaimed with a sniffle, “she looks a lot happier now.”

“Yes she is Allen, yes she is.” Mom beamed.

“I’m happy for her, I bet she’s really putting her regrown tail to good use, catching up with things.” I said, as Acantha took ahold of those photos and did something with them, as Mom continued speaking.

“Undoubtedly, but that’s not the main reason I came here. I noticed that you’ve not sent anymore bottles filled with your cu,…” I interrupted her then. Embarrassed at hearing such words coming from her mouth.

“Uh Yeah! Sorry about that, you know how things go,…” I replied lamely, trailing off. Honestly, I had thought about doing some more pulling for my Mom’s ‘Dragon-Healing’ potions. But, I was still kinda embarrassed about it. My Mom then leaned over and faced me. For once, she didn’t insist at showing off her cleavage.

“The reason I brought all this over for you Allen, is that with your semen, you’ve already helped a couple of other young injured girls.” She stated as she pulled out a couple of more photos from her satchel.

“Her name is Amanda.” She said as she lay that first photo in front of me. Looking closely at it, I noticed the this one, was of a werewolf kit who was staring at the camera resentfully.
She, was standing all embarrassed, with big spots of burn-scarring on one side of her face. Looking closer, I could also see that those burn-scars had covered a good portion of her body too. I swallowed then, thinking of how much pain she’d must have endured to survive all that.

“Here Allen, this is what Amanda looks like now after your donation.” She stated, as she picked out another photo and held it up for me to see.

Looking at the pair, it was like the difference between day and night. The second one also looked like Amanda. But this time, her fur coat was completely free of any burn-scars, and she was grinning (wolfishly?) as she was playing soccer in a night time game. I could see the gleam of the moon shining in her eyes, she looked so happy then. As before, I could feel the hint of tears tickling the corners of my eyes.

Acantha then gently took ahold of those two photos. Then, she went over to the bulletin board and pinned them up in one corner, alongside the Manticore.

“And here,” Mom continued, laying another photo down in front of me. This time it was an Arachne child. But, instead of the massive black body of the kind I’m used to seeing, she had a furry one. She seemed to be in good spirits. But, I could also tell that she was missing several of her legs.

“Her name is Irura. She’s a jumping spider Arachne”, Mom said softly, explaining, tapping on the photo for emphasis, “She was in an accident in which, well, you can tell what happened. Normally, her legs would’ve grown back after a molt or two. But for some reason, they never did.”

She then placed another picture next to the first. It was also Irura, but this time it was a photo of her grinning fiercely, as she was caught mid-jump. I counted eight legs, all of them looked plump and strong.

“So, why are you showing me these?” I replied, after getting my composure.

“Because I wanted you to know what good you’ve been doing, by donating.” She replied.

“So it’s not intended to ‘guilt’ me?” I asked, slightly annoyed. She gave me a sidelong look.

“Yes,” she admitted, “and no. I’d like you to put this bulletin board up someplace where you can see it every day. That way, you can view it and see what good you’ve done. It’s not just about my guilting you, Allen. But it’s also more about pride. You deserve to have pride in what you’ve accomplished in helping out these young ladies.

‘Damnit!’ I groused in embarrassment, not meeting her eyes. “Ok, I’m sorry for taking so long.” I began, “The problem is, I don’t have any Mason jars,…” I began lamely, but then I was interrupted by the sound of a case of them, being loudly pounded onto the kitchen table by Acantha. Mom gave her apprentice a half-frown when she did that.

“Naughty Girl, being so loud.” Mom said, waving a reproving finger at her. Acantha just smiled wickedly.

“Ok,” I sighed, rolling my eyes. “You got me. Shall I go ahead and fill a couple of them up for you, since you’re here?” I stated as I managed to get ahold of a pair, in preparation.

“If you don’t mind.” She replied happily, “In fact, if you would, my apprentice here has volunteered to help you out with that.” If Acantha had had a leer on her face before, it was nothing akin to the one she had now. It was practically predatory in nature. It scared me a bit.

“Uhhhh, that’s all right, I’ll be fine.” I replied nervously, which made Acantha’s face fall. She gave me such a frown then, not a relieved frown, more of an angry frustrated frown. For some unknowable reason, my rejection of her volunteer-services, pissed her off something fierce.

“You two make yourselves at home, and I’ll go ahead and take care of business.” I stated, getting to my feet.

“Uh Loknarr?” Acantha piped up then, getting to her feet. “Would you mind showing me where the privy is? I’ve decided that I really need to go.” Naturally, I didn’t really think much of it, so I invited her to tag along with me, on my way to Frazziss and I’s bedroom, for some privacy. The main bathroom being along the way. I left Mom alone, with her drinking a cup of tea.

It was only a short stomp for me, but it took a bit longer as Acantha seemed much more interested in the décor of the Cave. That is, when she wasn’t walking way too close to me.

“Oh, what’s this?” she’d ask, bouncing herself around in an eye-catching manner and I’d answer as best I could. But, only after realigning my thought patterns into something more coherent. “Oh, what’s that?” and so on and so forth.

“So, what do you hope to accomplish after you become a full Dark Mage?” I asked politely after a while, trying to steer her back towards her desired destination.

“Honestly?” she asked. “I’d much rather ditch the whole Dark-Mage schtick and go in for something more fulfilling.”

“Oh really?” I asked, not paying attention, as we finally made it to the main bathroom.

“What’s that?” I asked her, as I showed her the way inside and pointed out to her all of the amenities. The way she giggled at the sight of the waterfall-urinal, I knew that I’d be doing some clean up later.

“I’d rather be a Dragon.” She said finally, as she brushed a hip alongside mine. Which caught my attention, but not necessarily in the good way.

“What? Why on earth would you want to be a Dragon? Yeah, I’ve heard that there a lot of women who want to get Monsterized, but surely there’s another kind of Mamono more suited to your desires.”

“Don’t call me Shirley.” She stated, while facing the urinal.

“Well, it sounds like you’re already well on the way to being one.” I snarked, over the sound of the water slushing. “You’ve got the Comedian part down.” She grinned at me over her shoulder.

“But, what’s the big whoop? I imagine that a lot of human females would prefer, say…I don’t know,…becoming a Succubus instead.”

“Well I’d be able to fly for one thing.” She replied in a slightly testy tone.

“Succubi can fly. They do it so often around Yosemite, that some folks are tempted to put up oversized Bug-Zappers.”

“Look, I just wanna be a Dragon, OK!” she snapped, getting all huffy. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to be, ever since I was a little girl! And I will become one, one way or another.”

“Hold on cowboy! Unless you’re born a Dragon, there’s no easy way you can do that!”

“You managed.” She pointed out.

“Well, yeah, but I’m a special case. I didn’t know I was going to become one before it happened. I doubt that you’d be lucky enough to find a Maou-made Succubus Nostrum like I did.”

“Actually I’ve researched it. I could easily become a Dragon, there’s ways to make it occur. But, I’d have to petition the Dragon Council for the opportunity, and even after a suitable amount of bribes, there’d be no guarantee that I’d be allowed to. Unfortunately, I don’t have much in the way of cash right now.”  She frowned, crossing her arms, then she looked up at me hopefully.

“There is a lesser known alternative.” She smiled at me then. I looked back at her nervously.

“How’s that?”

“A human woman can get monsterized,..” she began by standing really close to me, close enough to press her boobies against me. Which she did. I noticed that they were such nice boobies, that my main brain began to shut down. She continued speaking.

“Oh, I suppose I could have sex with a Dragon female, but only if the female is amenable to the idea of ‘converting me. I read that, in one of the lore books.” She finished with her mouth parted sensually. She then breathed huskily, as she began stroking my chest with one hand, the other finding its way down to my loincloth.

“Also, it’s been suggested in that lore book, that I could try having sex with a Dragon Incubus.” She whispered, I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts.

“The problem with that,” I pointed out, trying to back away from her, “by the time a dude has become an Incubus, he’s usually fixated on one Dragon. I doubt you’d find an Incubus interested in boinking someone who isn’t his woman.” She nodded her head in acknowledgement of my wisdom.

“Yes,” she replied, bobbing her head. “But then, there’s you.”

“Me?” I asked, all stupid due to the loss of blood to my main brain.

“Just one hour of my having sex with you. Oh you fully MALE-Dragon, I’d be transformed.” She whispered into a scaly ear, and then began to stroke one of my now thoroughly hardened dicks, with a surprisingly soft hand.

‘Hey! When did that happen?’ I thought idiotically. She then pulled that hardened dick, fully out of my loin cloth, and before I could say, “Bob’s Your Uncle,” she was on her knees and doing her best to deep throat me. All the while having to hold onto one of my dicks with both her hands.

“Uhhh, Acantha this isn’t right!” I tried to say then, instead it came out more along of the lines of, “Aaaaahhhh!”
That, was all I was capable of, thoughts-wise, for the next five minutes. Oh sure, it was good at first. But unlike a lot of the women who I’ve had ‘accidentally’ sucking one of my dicks, Acantha wasn’t a Mamono. Despite her being a Dark-Mage,…

Ok, ok, apprentice,… physically she was still human. Therefore, she couldn’t handle what a Dark Mage might’ve.

Don’t get me wrong, she had plenty of enthusiasm and it kinda carried over into her blowing. But what little ability she had wasn’t much, and certainly not enough to make it fun for me.

The best she could manage, was about a third of my fore-dick, and even then not for very long. Both in and out, I could feel every one of her teeth painfully scraping my dick’s skin. Even worse, she kept activating the one turn-off to every Incubus in existence: her Gag Reflex. That, and that alone, is the main reason you don’t hear of very many human women getting monsterized by an Incubus. I mean c’mon, even non-corrupted guys like to have the entirety of their penis engulfed in flesh.

No sooner than I’d start to enjoy the sensation of pumping my dick into her face; the next thing I’d know, she’d tense up and pull away to retch for a few seconds. I can tell you, it’s a mood killer. I sighed in exasperation after the fifth time of getting some fun, and then having to wait for her to catch up.

“Hey, Acantha. Hey, hey, HEY!” I finally had to resort to shouting, to get her to stop. She got such a hurt look on her face then.

“I’m sorry here, OK? But, look it’s just not gonna work.” I replied shaking my head, while trying to explain.

“What’s wrong?!” she sniveled then, tears starting to well up in her eyes. And I went on to explain why, talking about gag reflexes, lack of depth and endurance.  I even mentioned that I was aware of the fact that many human women had Incubus fantasies. Then I stopped, as I could tell that all of my words were going in one ear and out the other.

“Admit it!” she growled angrily at me in her pathetic human way. “You just don’t think I’d be a good Dragon. I’ll prove you wrong! I’ll find a way to become one, and then you’ll see!” she vowed, glaring fiercely while quivering with outrage.

She was still kneeling on the floor of the bathroom when I left her.


I did the deed, then presented my Mom with two full Mason jars of my, you-know-what. She was all smiles then, as was Acantha. By the time she and Mom were ready to go, Mom presented me with something special. Two, count them, TWO Dragon-brand Healing potions, both of them in their own handmade wooden box.

“Mom! Come on! Surely someone else could use them more!”

“It’s my way of saying thank you, Allen.” She replied. “Maybe someone else does, but I’m giving you the option of deciding who.” So, I shut my trap and graciously accepted them.

After all, it’s not the kind of ‘gift’ a guy expects to have returned.

After that, I ‘donated’ to her on a regular basis. It was a lot easier for me to do so, once I took a gander at that ever filling bulletin board. By ever filling, I mean that every time I sent off a ‘package’ to Mom, she’d send back to me some more before/after photos, along with some thank-you notes.

 Apparently, most of the adult potion recipients wanted to know who I was, so that they could give me a thank you in person. Also, they all got pretty graphic about what they’d do with me, if given half a chance.

‘Is that even physically possible?’ I wondered, after reading through one letter. Surprisingly, that letter didn’t ignite-it was so hot. But I never answered any of them. Like when I was donating blood as a human, I preferred my anonymity.

At the rate I was collecting photos, I was eventually going to have to get me a photo album, since the bulletin board was filling up so rapidly. I had to admit though, they were great motivators. Personally, I’d state that donating semen is a helluva lot easier than donating blood, and a heckuva lot more satisfying.

I’ve since thought back to the time that I first met Acantha; that her being polite afterwards meant that she’d gotten over my rejection of her. Boy was I ever wrong. But that story can wait.


And then, a few days later Frazziss’, Angelique’s, Pirin’s, and I’s lives took a weird turn. Because that, was when my Dad came back.

It was about two months or so after he’d disappeared, that he showed up. I remember it well. I’d been in my workshop fussing with some cornice lengths when suddenly, I felt something strange. Then I heard something else that sounded ‘off’ to me.

The feeling was a ‘Wyrm-hole’. I could tell that it was opening up in front of my Cave entrance. It soon turned out, that the thing that sounded ‘off’, was my Mom’s Dad-tracking charm.

As soon as I recognized the sound of my Mom’s Dad-tracking charm buzzing in its box, my heart started to pound in anticipation. The problem being, that the only way it was supposed to buzz like that, was if he was within a quarter of a mile.

“DAD!?” I cried out, upon bursting out the front door. Instead, the first thing I saw was a naked incubus lying on the front step of my Cave. He looked pretty young, what with a full head of light brown hair that hung down to his shoulders. I couldn’t help but notice that he was ripped, rather nicely so for a dude.

I stopped short then, as there was no way he could’ve been my Old Man. That’s because the last I’d seen him, he had himself a shock of grey hair and a pot belly, respectively. I could also tell that this dude was an Incubus, judging by that fire hose of a dick lying between his knees.

‘Oh great!’ I thought in frustrated disappointment. ‘Looks like someone had way too much joy-juice the night before! I wonder how he managed to find his way to my doorstep.’ I grumbled. ‘Well at least it ain’t a freaking Mormon!’ I thought happily.

“Hey Loknarr! What’s the rush, what’s wrong?” squeaked Pirin then as she breezed out, following in my wake. I guess my rushing through the cave, must’ve startled her. I then pointed out the incubus-dude to her, who was obviously asleep, snoring.

“Ooooh,” she cooed, as she got to her knees, then she placed his head in her lap. I rolled my eyes.

‘Leave it to Pirin to get all gushy over a stray.’ I thought to myself.

“Chill Pirin, he won’t be staying long. We’ll have him on his way soon enough.”

“Loknarr!” Pirin reproved me, looking up at me with outrage in her eyes. “Don’t be such a George, let’s help him. It’s the least we can do, considering his condition.”

“What condition is that?” I complained. “He’s just some Incubus who got drunk enough to forget his clothes, and he somehow ended up on our doorstep way out here!” I began, but then she began to get all huffy, angry enough to start rattling her wings at me. I relented.

“Yeah, you’re right I suppose.” I grumbled wearily, not liking where this was headed. It was then I noticed that she cocked her head, after she had sniffed him to get his scent.

“Loknarr,” Pirin began, “doesn’t he seem familiar to you?”  she asked, hunched over enough to block my view of the dude.

“Well move over so I can take a look, Pirin. You’re practically lying on top of him right now.” I snarked, chuckling. She didn’t even bother to glare me then, but she did move a wing out of the way.

I then gave him a quick once over. At first, I was all set to dismiss her concerns. But then, I did start to get the impression, that yeah, there was something familiar about him.

“Well, now that you mention it,…” I began, but I was interrupted when the dude suddenly stopped snoring and opened his eyes. Just like that, he went from being deeply asleep to being awake. He moved his eyes to meet mine, and then he said something that totally blew me away.

“Hey Allen, how you doing son?” he yawned, in my Old Man’s voice.

“Dad?” I replied, astounded. “Is that you?” I asked. He grinned by way of reply. But, before I could say anything else, Pirin piped up.

“Alonzo?!” she squeaked, equally surprised. My suddenly youngish looking Dad pushed himself to a sitting position, and then looked over at her, nodding. He then said something that caught me off guard.

“Hey good-looking, what’s cooking?” he smiled at Pirin, flirting with her. She seemed surprised, then she smiled sweetly back at him.

“Me, if you play your cards right.” She shot back, drawing in her wings.

‘What. The. Fuck?’ I mouthed, totally flabbergasted, ‘Is my Dad hitting on Pirin?’. I asked myself.

“Uh, Dad?” I began, interrupting the exchange between the two. Dad looked at me with a goofy grin, while Pirin gave me an annoyed glare.

“Maybe we should get you inside. I’ve got a kazillion questions for you.”


After we got him indoors, we managed to get him clothed. Well mostly that is. Pirin had been smart enough to hold onto the stuff he’d left folded up, for ‘just in case’.
Unfortunately, my Dad’s old pants didn’t quite fit the new and improved him. They were really meant for a paunchy old dude, not some young buck who was ripped six ways to Sunday. But we made do.

Eventually, we, or perhaps I should say, Pirin, led him to the living room area, and had him sit down. Of which he just ambled along following her, scoping out her ass and tail the entire time. She grinned when she noticed his attention.

For the first time that I could ever recall, not once was he trumping or griping about every little annoyance. To me, he seemed out of it in a way that I didn’t know how to describe. It was like he’d been smoking weed for a month, he was so mellow. But neither Pirin nor I, could smell anything like marijuana on his breath or scent.

Then, when he sat down and looked around the room. It was like he was halfway to Never-never-land, the way he was taking everything in. At least, when he wasn’t putting the make onto Pirin that is. It seemed like every other second, he was reaching out to cop a feel off of her.

‘Sheesh!’ I exclaimed, ‘It’s like he’s suddenly half-scylla!’ I judged.

She, on the other paw, just lapped up all of that attention that he was giving her. I’m guessing she liked having someone focusing on her, and her alone for a change. I couldn’t blame her.

“Uhh, dad, are you hungry?” I suggested, trying to give Pirin a hint about getting him away from her, so that I could pump him for information. He though, seemed focused on a different kind of pumping.

“Oh Loknarr, that’s an excellent idea!” she giggled, “Why don’t you go ahead and get him some food! I’ll stay here to keep an eye on him. You know, to make sure he doesn’t wander away.” She volunteered, sitting herself down next to him on the couch.

‘Fat chance of that.’ I thought as I raised an eyebrow. I was about to point out to her, that getting food was HER job. But then,…

“Go ahead!” she encouraged me, waving one of her paws in a ‘move along’ gesture, determined to gain some privacy. I just clamped my jaws shut and rolled my eyes.

‘Fine.’ I groused silently as I stomped off. ‘I better take my time, I can just imagine what those two will get up to, while I’m gone.’ Sure enough, barely was I halfway to the kitchen, before I heard her giggles turn into high-pitched moans. Me? I just stopped in my tracks and looked over my shoulder in the direction of where I came.

“Sheesh!” I complained audibly, severely annoyed. Not that there was anyone else there to listen to me then.


I took my time gathering some grub, at least half an hour. But even then, when I got back, guess what?

They were still going at it. By then, she was kneeling in front of him doing what she did best, deep-throating. He, on the other paw was running his hands up and down the main arms of her wings, stroking her. I noticed that she seemed to like his doing so.

‘Hmmph.’ I grunted silently, so as to not distract them, ‘I guess it’s a change of pace for her to have only one dick to suck.’ I decided, as I waited for them to get finished. As I STILL had a ton of questions to ask.

Neither of them took any notice of me, even after he let out a major groan and she finished her gobbling. Instead, the first thing he did after, was lift her up by the hips and start eating her out. Which she seemed to enjoy, what with the way her tail curled and uncurled rhythmically.

‘Damn dad, you’ve picked up strength.’ I admired as he went at it, and at it, and at it some more. All during that, I saw Pirin squeak out at least a half dozen orgasms.

‘Great!’ I groused from across the room, ‘Are they going to be at this all fucking day?’ I inadvertently punned. I sighed, and realized, ‘Probably’.

Me? I was just so frustrated with them both then, I just waltzed the rest of the way in, and plopped down the platter of cold cuts onto the coffee table. That way during their next intermission, they could stock up on some fuel. A good host provides for his guest’s every need, after all.

When I turned to go, Dad spoke up.

“Hey Allen! No need to rush off. Pirin just made a suggestion that you might like!” he said in a cheerful tone. I stopped and looked around at them both. Both of them were grinning like a Cheshire Cat, then.

“Uhhhh, yeah?” I asked.

“Think you might be amenable to some MFM action?” he asked.

‘Hmmm, that sounds interesting.’ I decided.

“What?” I asked, “You mean like we tag team her?”

“Naaah.” He replied shaking his head slightly. “We both go at her at the same time! You know, sort of like a combination of a Spit-Roast/Finger-Cuff.” He suggested.
 “You go at her with your double dicks at one end of her, and I’ll be at the other!” he continued, giving me his best Incubus leer.

I had to admit, the idea did catch me off guard. That’s because, when it normally came to group sex involving Mamono, it was usually two, or more, females with one dude. But this right here, right now? It was the rarest of the rare: Two dudes and one woman. Don’t let any ‘wondering’ scholar tell you otherwise, every Mamono woman wants to try it out at least once in her existence.

‘Well hell,’ I mused, ‘I’ve been wanting to spend some more quality time with my Old Man. This sure as hell beats any of those Order run, Father/son picnics.’ I decided.

“Sure thing Dad.” I replied, nodding my head up and down.


So, what we started off with, was this: Pirin got down on her paws and knees, and I knelt behind her. As I settled myself down into position, I looked up at her and saw that she was giving me the biggest damn smile I’d ever seen coming from her.

‘Damn it’s good to see her in a good mood, again.’ I thought to myself, as I reached up with one paw and placed it on her left butt cheek. I did that to steady both her, and myself.
The reason I needed to, was that I had two dicks. The last time I’d done a finger-cuff on a girl, it was way back in college. It was hard enough for me to get ready then, to penetrate her properly with just the one dick in my hand. I kept ‘missing my mark’, I was so unsteady.

This time, it took a bit more effort to keep myself steady. After trying a couple of times, and then failing, I was just about ready to give up.

“C’mon Loknarr, quit stalling!” Pirin called back to me, her tail starting to twitch, obviously frustrated with the lack of progress. I then told her what my problem was. She stopped and thought about it for a second.

“Well, why don’t just use your tail to steady yourself?” she instructed, demonstrating. What she did, was to stick her tail alongside herself, and then plant a section of its end down like it was a foot. She then tensed herself enough, to cause her side to lift up, tilting her sideways like her tail was a bicycle’s kickstand.

Almost instantly, I caught on to it, and tried it out. Sure enough, it worked like a champ for me. Within two shakes of a Were-sheep’s tail, I was poised to penetrate her at both of her nether entrances.

With a nod from my Old Man to signify he was all ready to go, I then proceeded to placidly press at Pirin’s portholes, until I could pleasantly penetrate her in pairs. (Har!)

Oh-My-Maou! The feeling was nigh-on indescribable. Oh sure, I’d boinked a Mamono with both my dicks before, both of her fore and aft nether-holes at the same time, Pirin included.

But, this was the first time the chick I was banging, was concentrating on sucking some other dude off at the same time. The reason I bring this up? Is because it made a difference!

Never before, had I felt Pirin so relaxed. I was ramming into her like I was greased lightning. Yet, she was pleasantly tight in both holes.

But then she reached down with a paw and grabbed my hip. It didn’t take me long to catch her drift: she wanted me to plunge into her at the same time as Dad’s dick went down her throat. So, I did. Which started her moaning louder than I’d ever heard her go before.

Right then, I figured that since Dad was a captive audience, it was a good time to ask him a few questions. But, just as I soon as I opened my mouth, he stopped me.

“No Allen!” he whispered at me with a frown, shaking his head. “Pleasure before business!” He then made a number of strange motions at me, instead.

Following them as best I could, I took Pirin’s undulating tail in my paws, and started stroking/petting it. The effect on her was instant. She just about came right then and there, her pelvic muscles clamping down on my dicks like she was a trash compactor.

This, caused me to lose my control, and naturally I shot my loads into her. Wouldn’t you know it, that was when my Old Man shot too. After that, she reversed position and start polishing both my knobs, while Dad was taking her from the rear, pounding her in one hole or the other. And that is what we kept doing back and forth for the next hour and a half. Until finally, we all had had enough.

Then, we all lay on the floor together to enjoy the pleasant afterglow. Right in front of the now thoroughly ruffled couch, Dad and Pirin stayed snuggled up, and I chose to lie a little-ways off from them. After a bit, I snagged the food bowl and pushed it closer to them.

I just smiled, as I watched those two play with each other’s food. One would pick up a cold cut, and then feed it to the other. Invariably, the eater would leave one end of the meat hanging, and the other would take up the hanging end, in his or her mouth and begin to eat it.

The inevitable would happen, and they’d end up kissing open mouthed, a lot; sloppily; with tongues. The next thing I knew, there was a whole bunch of moaning and groaning going on, as their hands and paws started to wander and clutch at each other.

‘Maou, it’s like I’m watching a three dee porn flick.’ I couldn’t help but think.

Me? I was inclined to let the pair of them continue to get all hot and bothered. Just so that they could go at it again. It was obvious that if I didn’t do something to intervene, that I’d not get any questions answered anytime soon. So, I needed to find a way to put a stop, or at least hit the pause button on those two, somehow, someway.

The biggest reason why I didn’t want to stop them was this: I don’t think I could ever recall seeing my Old Man smiling this much since,….well, forever.

 “Ok Dad. I’m sorry to interrupt the festivities, I really am.” I said plaintively, while clapping my paws together lightly to get their attention, “But, there are a ton of questions that I’m going to need some answers to.” I said, finally actually getting both of their attention. Thankfully neither of them gave me a glare.

“Fair enough Allen,” Dad began, blinking at me with ropes of Pirin’s saliva dripping from his lips, “Fire away.”

“Uhhmmmm, I guess the first thing I should ask is this; What the hell happened to you? The last I’d heard, you were cleaning up Frazziss and I’s old rooms.”

“Oh that? He asked. “While I was cleaning, I’d been getting a lot of offers to help me out, from the other Mamono dormitory residents. I turned them all down. As a good Chief God worshipper should.” He mentioned nonchalantly.

“Yeah, that’s what they said.” I replied, glancing over at Pirin. He gave me a brief smile.

“But then, just as I was getting done, along came this regal looking older Dragon lady.” My eyebrows lifted as that got my thorough attention.

“She was doing the usual Dragon thing, all hoity-toity and nose in the air. She demanded to know who I was, and where you and Frazziss were. I was all set to tell her to blow steam, but somehow it came out that I was your Father. Suddenly, it was like someone threw a switch and she became all warm and friendly. Then she disappeared for a short while.

“But, when she got back from wherever,” He waved a hand around, “instead of her offering to lend a hand, she offered me some ‘refreshments’. Her words.”

“So, what did she try to pawn off on you?”

“She had herself a six pack of ice-cold beer, and a big silver bowl of pork rinds.”

“Pork rinds? Damn, how long did you hold out against your personal kryptonite?” I asked, knowing they’d always been his favorite snack.

“How long do you think?” he replied with a quick roll of his eyes.

“Five seconds.” I fired off.

“If that.” He shot back. We both smiled at each other then.

“So, what’s the big whoop? She seduced you with a six pack and some rinds?” Dad just shrugged his shoulders, while looking away with a half-smile.

“Damn Dad! I had no idea you were such a cheap date!” I snarked.

“What can I say Allen, after I ate a handful of the rinds, it was like she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She could’ve led me around by the nose if she wanted to. In fact, now that I think about it,…” he began, screwing up his face in thought.

All during this banter between Dad and I, Pirin had been idly listening in, just lying snuggled up against him. But, as soon as he mentioned that Dragon’s silver bowl, she perked up. After he got finished, she spoke up.

“Alonzo?” she asked, Dad stopped talking and looked down at her indulgently.

“Yes, my dear?” he asked.

“That bowl you ate from, do you think you could describe it?” she asked, leaning forward with her eyebrows scrunched together. He nodded his head, and for the next few minutes, the two of them rapped about it. Until finally,…

“I think I know what happened.” Pirin exclaimed, with worry in her voice.

“So, give!” I replied.

“It sounds like it was a Borgia bowl.”

“Ok, what’s a Borgia bowl?” I asked. She went on to explain. Apparently, some of the older, richer Demons and Monsters, had access to magics that many of us lower born types didn’t. Big surprise there.

The Borgia bowl is an enchanted item that allows someone to seduce someone else, through magical means. What it did, was enchant the food that was removed from it, into something that made its eater into someone much more suggestible.
Here’s the best part, it only did that on the food that was being removed. If it wasn’t removed, then it would be unaffected. Thus, if someone was savvy enough to check for aphrodisiacs ahead of time, they’d be all reassured that the food was ‘safe’. Apparently, there was a special way to keep the food from being altered, but Pirin had no idea how.

“Sneaky!” I complimented. “Well that’s one clue to the puzzle. She must’ve been well off. Dad?” I asked as I turned my eyes towards him. “What’s her name?” What he said then, surprised both Pirin and I.

“I’ve no idea.” He replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“WHAT!” I yelled, getting to my feet. “You’re telling me that you’ve been banging a Dragon for the last two months, and you don’t even know her name?!!!” I exclaimed, appalled.

“No.” he replied, shaking his head, “At least, not in the way you’re suggesting.”

“Well, what?!” I half shouted, he raised a hand for silence. I shut up.

“Let me explain,” he began, “I never had sex with the one who lured me away.”

“Then who did you have sex with? Because you’re obviously an Incubus now.” I replied testily.

“I never caught any of their names, either.”

“What,… huh?! ANY?” I exclaimed, bewildered. “How many of them were there?” I asked, just a little bit envious. He screwed up his face and thought about.

After a few seconds, he raised a hand and half uncurled a finger. After another second of time, he raised that finger up and fully extended it. Then, after another few seconds, he nodded his head and half uncurled his middle finger. He blinked, and then extended it fully out, and half uncurled his ring finger. By that time, I was starting to get impatient.

‘Oh, come on Dad! I know you can count faster than that!’ I wanted to yell at him, but I held off. Finally, after another half a minute, he reached his final tally.

“I’d say between, hmmmmm, three or four,…” he began, but by that time I was so pissed, I interrupted him.

“Dad! It can’t be between three or four! Mamono come in whole units, not half-measures!” I yelled, exasperated with him. Through it all, he just stopped and stared at me, waiting for me to stop. When I did he continued.

“Ahem!” he coughed, looking at me patiently. “I’d say between three or four,” he paused, “Hundred.” He finished, half-closing his eyes and bobbing his head.  His completed sentence, left me with my jaw hanging open.

“Careful Allen, you’ll collect Beezlebubs!” he smiled at me.

“You mean to tell me, that you’ve been banging nearly four hundred Mamono in the last couple months?”


“What?” I asked, confused at the interruption.

“Dragons, Allen. I’ve been banging nearly four hundred Dragons. Every possible kind you can imagine. Everything from Ryus, to Nessies, a couple of the Elemental-Drakes; ah hell I even got to bang one who had three heads!” he boasted, smiling.

“I bet she was phenomenal at oral sex!” I snarked, mildly jealous.

“Nope, I’ve no idea,” he replied, shaking his head. “The only sex I had was penis-in-the-vagina sex, with all of them.”

“Not even a little oral?” I asked, astounded. He shook his head.

“It was Fuck, Eat, Sleep; all day long, and all night. It was rough going at first, but I adapted, soon enough.” He grinned then, showing off every single one of his now pearly white teeth. Which was odd, because I knew from before, he needed a dental bridge. It was gone now.

“Holy Shit, this is unprecedented!” I exclaimed.

“So which one of them, are you bonded to?” Pirin interjected.

“As far as I can tell, either all of them, or none of them.”

“What?! Are you telling me that you have absolutely no inclination to seek any of them out?” he shook his head.

“But that’s impossible!” I exclaimed, man this shit was getting weirder by the minute!

“Well maybe so, but if you don’t mind Allen, I’m feeling a bit tired now. I’d like to take a nap someplace, and maybe get cleaned up too.” He said as he got to his feet.

“I’ll help!” Pirin squeaked, her blonde locks bouncing, jumping to her feet. “I’ll show you where everything is, including the guest rooms!” she replied helpfully, as she went over to him, and managed to get him to put an arm around her. I smiled when I saw that display.

‘It’s just as well I was able to whip up a shower that has a continuous flow heater, otherwise I’d not be getting any hot water for a while.’ I thought to myself. I also figured that my Old Man, wasn’t going to be needing to use a guest bedroom, as Pirin would more than likely insist on him sharing hers.

It turned out, that I was right.

While Pirin and my Old Man were working on depleting the Cave’s cisterns of potable water, I called in for an appointment with Mitzi, the Medical Shoggoth. The first available opening, was the next morning, so I took it. For Dad.


“Tell me again, why we’re here?” Dad asked, for what seemed the umpteenth time. I sighed patiently as I sat on a foot stool, looking around the waiting room in the Yosemite Valley Medical Clinic. Dad, being an Incubus, was sitting in a regular human chair. He could, since he didn’t have a tail to worry about.

The place was half-full of folks, everything from a blonde Succubus fussing over her incubus toddler; to a sullen looking teenaged human-male, who kept loudly mumbling to himself every time a couple came in or out of the joint.

“We’re here, to have you checked out.” I explained, not looking at him.

“Checked out?! For what?! I feel fine!” he groused.

“Well, there’s no telling how many Mamono VD’s you might’ve picked up in the last two months.” I replied a little too loudly. As soon as I said it, I noticed that everyone else in the room, stopped whatever they were doing and subtly leaned their heads over at us.

“Asshole!” Dad whispered at me then, when he noticed that we had the crowd’s attention. I grinned back at him.

“You know as well as I do, there ain’t no such thing as Mamono VD!” he replied crossly, as he crossed his arms.

“Well, Mr. Doorknob,” I began, he grimaced at me, “The way you’ve been acting, I’d not be surprised if Fate didn’t invent one just for you.” He gave me the finger then, from the crook of his elbow.

“Well, I’d much rather be back at the Cave. At least there, I’ve got Pirin to snuggle up to.” He huffed, as he readjusted his (mine actually) kilt. Which made me think to the night before.


 “How am I supposed to wear this?” he complained, as he stood in front of the mirror in Pirin’s room. Looking at him from behind, I could just see the tip of his dick, peeking out down below the hem of the kilt bottom. I face-pawed.

“Did you even bother with the loin-cloth?” I shot back.

“Naaahh!” he replied, looking at himself in the mirror like he belonged on the cover of a Romance Novel. I had to admit, that he now had more than a passing resemblance to Fabio.

“Why not?”

“It’s too encumbering. I notice that you’re not wearing one right now either. How do you keep your dicks from flopping into view?” he asked as he turned around and admired himself some more.

“Mine are retractable, they squeeze themselves up into my body when I don’t need them. I doubt that yours will do the same.”

“What the hell is that feature for? He asked me with a reflection-frown.

“Aerodynamics.” I stated, “Can you remember ever seeing a picture of male Dragon, with his dicks flopping about?”


“Well, there you go.”

“Hmph!” he replied gruffly. “So what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” he asked, waving a hand to indicate his ‘peek-a-boo-dick’.

“Have you thought about tying a loose knot in it? My Dragon-incubus friends, have told me that’s what they do.”

“Really?” he asked, I nodded. “Well then, I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.”

It worked.


“Why are you getting all clingy with Pirin for, Dad? You’ve been with what? Between three and four hundred Dragons?” I asked him out of the side of my mouth. When I did, we got a few amused glances, and more than a couple outright stares, and one downright indignant glare from Mr. Personality, the sullen teenager.

“Well Allen,” he began loudly, “I’ve been thinking.”

“Now there’s a scary thought.” I quipped. He ignored me.

…“that since I’m no longer human, I think I’d like to settle down with just one Dragon and devote myself to her.” He mused openly. I turned my head to face him and stared open mouthed.

“What?!” he groused, upon seeing my stare.

“Who are you? And what did you do with my Father?” I demanded, half-seriously.

“Knock it off!” he growled. Not a human growl, but a growl worthy of a Dragon.

“Ok! Ok!” I replied, holding up my hands/paws up in mock surrender. “It’s just that,…” I began, but I couldn’t finish.

“Spit it out boy, I think we’re well past worrying about hurting each other’s fee-fees.” I had to smile at that, he sounded just like the Old Man I remembered.

“Well,” I began, “Just a few months ago, I remember you insisting on going to Church, to worship the Chief God.” I sighed, “And now, you’re a member of the very folks that She’s been cursing at her entire life, the Mamono. To top it all off, now you’re talking about ‘settling down’ with one of them.” I ended by shaking my head, totally amused.

“You got a point to all this?” he asked me, annoyed.

“Nah!” I replied, happy for some reason. “I guess it just goes to show, that you can never predict what the fuck’s gonna happen next.” He didn’t reply, he just nodded his head sagely and looked around the room. We just sat there for a short while in companionable silence, waiting for his turn to be called in to see the Doc.

As we did, a young couple that consisted of a Succubus and her newly captured beau, sat down to wait their turn, and began making out loudly like well,…a pair of teenagers.

Most of us in that room gave that pair a quick glance, smiled indulgently, and then took our attention to someplace else, with one exception: Mr. Sullen-Teenager. Instead, he just seemed to take it personal and stared daggers at them. But they paid him no mind, seeing as they were preoccupied with other matters- each other.

Me? I let my attention wander over to the far wall, near the entrance. There, I took note of a large medical poster. It said at the top in big red letters: “HAVE I BEEN CORRUPTED?”, underneath that, was a smaller sentence that said: ‘Here Are the Signs That You Are’. Under that, was a whole bunch of smaller paragraphs of signs and symptoms that I couldn’t quite make out.

I was leaning over to try and read that poster better, when my train of thought was interrupted by that Sullen-Teenager complaining, not quite under his breath, about that young couple spending their waiting time enjoyably.

At first I ignored him. But, he just kept going on and going on, slowly raising his voice, expressing his annoyance that someone else could get laid. He kept muttering something about ‘incels’, ‘feminists who hate men’, and something about ‘how human women never appreciate a real guy’. I let most of it slide. Until, he started openly sneering about how awful it was, that so many human men were ‘sullying’ the human race by becoming Mamono-lovers, and looking straight at my Dad.

By that point, I had had enough. I silently got to my feet and spread my wings as far as I could manage, while pointedly staring at the arse the whole while. I was just about to take a step over to the young buck, so as to set his whiny ass straight, when I felt a hand on my wing. Looking down, I saw that that hand belonged to my Old Man. He was shaking his head.

“Let it go Allen.” He replied, still shaking. “You can’t fix stupid.” He stated loudly, looking at the young dude. Who by then, had paled considerably at the sight of me, and was actively trying to fit his pudgy white ass further back into his chair.

“If a ‘man’ won’t listen to what women have to say, when it comes to what they prefer; then it shouldn’t be any surprise that he can’t get laid.” Dad said loudly, continuing to stare pointedly at the now hunched over teenager.
“I mean c’mon, ZZ-Top even wrote a song about it, for Maou’s sake.” He finished. Me? I sat down then with a grin across my face. It was easy to do so, as I noticed no few thankful glances directed from the crowd, to my dad and I.

“So Dad,” I began, “When did you first get laid? Was it with Mom?” I asked, fully intending to needle him about it.

“Nope.” He replied, shaking his head slightly, with his lips pressed together.

“What?! Are you telling me that you didn’t ‘maintain the sanctity of the Holy Sacrament of marriage’? I demanded.

“Fraid not boy.” He replied, grinning lewdly with his eyes lost in remembrance. 

“Damn, Dad!” I replied, impressed. “When and with who?”

“It was about when I was fifteen, in the Fresno Order-Charter school. It was with one of the female teacher’s aides. She had me stay late, because I’d been acting up in class.” I was left open mouthed then, I had no idea my Old Man had done it with someone other than Mom. “After that, I was ‘detained’ pretty regularly.”

“Ok, your turn.” He shot back.

“Uhhh, you remember that time I got suspended from Grade School?” he screwed up his face and thought about it.

“I think so, something about you getting into a fight over some girl?” he asked.

“Not exactly. A bunch of dudes were bullying a young lady, Angela Knott. They weren’t just trying to shake her down for her lunch money, they were going out of their way to torment her. Making fun of her for being overweight, and having glasses. So, I stepped in and tried to persuade them to see the error of their ways.”

“What?! You mean to tell me that was the real reason you got beat up?” he demanded, indignant.

“C’mon dad!  I wasn’t gonna stand by and let those bastards get away,..” I began. I stopped when he started waving a hand at me.

“No! I’m not talking about you getting your ass whupped! I’m talking about what the School Principal told me the reason was for it all. According to her, you started the fight because you were envious of them. Which even then, sounded stupid to me.”

“Yeah well, she refused to listen to my side of the story.”

“Shit.” He replied, looking away with a chastened look on his mug. Finally, after several seconds he turned back to me. “So what has all that got to do with your first piece of tail?” he demanded.

“Well, I literally bumped into Angela a couple of years later, at the City Library.”

“Oh really?” he perked up. “So, what happened?”

“By that time, she had ‘blossomed’. Where previously she’d been roly-poly, by then she was ‘pleasantly-padded in all the right places’. Once we made introductions and talked for a bit, she took me off to an out of the way spot in the Library, and gave me my best ever blow job.” I finished, grinning like the devil.

“Best ever?” Dad asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, right then, yeah.” We both laughed then. “First one’s always the best.” I continued, in between chuckles.

“So, how old were you then?”

“I think about fourteen.”

“Hot-Damn Son! Well done! You got your Old Man beat by about a year!” he laughed. I didn’t. Instead, I had a warm glow. For the first time I could recall, I’d done something that made him compliment me.  It wasn’t much, and it was kinda stupid really. But it was enough.

That was about the time, Dad got called in to his appointment. I offered to attend with him, but he waved me off. Muttering something about ‘Real Men being able to handle a Shoggoth’.

‘You obviously haven’t met Mitzi yet.’ I thought at his retreating back.


Until Dad’s appointment was over, I cooled my claw-heels. Most of it was just spent people watching. The young couple continued to canoodle. The Succubus with her toddler went on to breastfeed her boy, who turned out to be quite the ‘breast-man’, if the amount of slurping noises he made be any indication. I noticed that he kept insisting on getting more than his fair share of Momma’s milk.

‘Just like his daddy, no doubt.’ I judged then with a shit-eating grin.

After a short while, I got the biggest surprise of my day. Mr. Sullen Teenager approached me.

“Uh, Mister Dragon, I wanted to apologize.” He asked me meekly from across the way. Frowning, I nodded and waved him over. We got to talking, and I asked him what his problem was. It turned out that he was your standard young Order male: almost completely clueless about what it took to get laid.

Sighing, I then went on to give him some advice about women, both human and Mamono. He listened attentively, and I told him the biggest and best advice:

“Treat them nice. Treat them with respect. Treat them the way you wanted to be treated.” I started.

“But I do all that! I still can’t get laid!” he whined.

“Well, I’d say your biggest problem is that you’re coming across as desperate.” I began. “I know, I know, it probably sounds like you’ve hit a dry spell, and you’re wondering if the rains will ever come.” He nodded.

“But, the best advice I can offer is: Be Patient. Try not to act desperate, and keep in mind that the female race, whether they’re Human or Mamono, are not a unified whole.

“They’re all individuals. Believe it or not, they too want to get laid. But they make the same mistakes you do, when it comes to assuming what the opposite sex is about.”

“What!?” he exclaimed, surprised. “No way!”

“Yes way!” I countered. “You’re insecure about it all. Guess what? So are they. You’re feeling desperate to get some skin on skin contact? They are too.”

“But!” he began, but I cut him off, knowing damn full well what his question was.

“No Buts!” I interrupted, “The difference being, is that they’ve got a lot more to lose when it comes to getting laid. Now take you for instance. You could boink one and walk away, with nary a care. She on the other paw, could get preggers from that one encounter. But, if you’ve walked away, where would that leave her?” I asked.

“But I’d never do such a thing! I don’t want to play around. I want just one female to live with, for the rest of my life!” he protested.

“How are they gonna know that, ahead of time?’ I asked. That shut him up with a thoughtful look on his face.

“What indications have you given out to any of the ‘one-guy kind of gals’, that you’re trustworthy enough to be that kind of guy they wanna latch onto?” He thought about it for a bit, and came up with zilch. I went on.

“In the here and now, even with all of the vying with Mamono for the remaining guys, human women are still going to be picky. You’ve got to give them a reason to choose you.” I advised. I then went on to give him a long list of behaviors that would stand him in good stead. He kept his mouth shut for most of them.

Finally, at the end, just before I sent him off, he looked over at the nearby Succubus. She’d been listening in the whole time and had been nodding her head. When he made eye contact with her, she glanced at me, looked back at him and then smiled, while giving a quick thumb’s up. That, left Mr. Sullen Teenager, with a surprised, yet contemplative look on his face. I’d given him a lot to think about.

It was then, that I was called back to attend to my dad.


When I walked in, Mitzi wasn’t her usual self: Flirtatious. Instead, for the first time I could remember, she behaved herself and acted completely professional.

It was then that I noticed something else. My old man was sitting quietly on the exam table with a smile on his mug. AND, with nearly all of his clothes inside out.

When I saw that, I looked back over at Mitzi, and noticed that she had a nice warm purple glow to her smiling cheeks. I rolled my eyes, and realized the obvious: the fact that the valley’s ever hot-to-trot Shoggoth had been left alone with a perpetually horny, and currently non-attached Incubus.

‘No wonder I’d been sitting so long in the waiting room.’ I groused silently.

“Hello Love!” she started first.

“Hello Doc.” I replied, “So, what’s your opinion? What can you tell me about my Dad?” I asked, desperately trying to not make any smart-ass remarks.

“There’s nothing wrong with your Father, per se.” she began, wiggling a pseudo-pod about, as she oozed herself over to stand next to my Old Man. He, inadvertently smiled when she did. “But, he is now an unusual Incubus.”

“How so?” I asked. Dr. Mitzi smiled and raised up a slightly jiggling pseudo-pod, in her grasp was what I guessed to be: a pseudo-I-pod. (Har!). Looking down at it for a second, she read something, and then fixed her gaze back to mine.

“He is a healthy Incubus, yes. He is now a special kind of Incubus, called a Cambion.”

“A Cambion? What the heck is a Cambion?”

“They,” she began, “are the one of the rarest forms of Incubus, almost as rare as a Dragon-Male.” She then fixed her (all) of her eyes on me, and gave me the once over. She paused, and licked her lips slowly as if she were speculating something. I chose to not ask what.

“The usual route a Cambion comes about, is when an Incubus manages to survive the death of his mate.”

“What?! I never heard of any Incubus doing anything like that!” I half-shouted, She, nodded her head which caused her translucent body to jiggle.

“It’s rare, but it does happen occasionally. Have you ever heard of the tales called: ‘The Wandering Master’?” she asked. I shook my head. “Never mind then, it’ll probably just confuse you.” She sighed.

“The point is, once an Incubus has managed to achieve Cambion status, he can manage to become a sort of ‘generic’ Incubus, capable of having sex with any Mamono. Like I said, it’s rare.”

“But he’s not mated to a Mamono that I know of, and he’s certainly not old enough to outlive anyone, yet.” I pointed out.

“Indeed not. But, there is a second, much less common way for one to come about.”

“And that is?”

“What he told me, and you. He’s had sex with hundreds of Mamono, during his corruption transition-period. None of them were apparently interested in having him for a mate. I know it sounds odd. And yes, it is very odd in fact. But, it has happened occasionally. Your Father is now a ‘general-purpose’ Incubus, he can if he wished, adapt himself to any Mamono in existence.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“With him? Nothing.”

“If there isn’t a problem, then why was I called into the office?”

“Because, the news I have to tell you next, will be something you’ll want to know Allen.” She replied sadly. I began getting suspicious with her tone. She then took in a big breath.

“Allen, how many living siblings do you have?”

“None. I’m the only one.”

“Well, I’d have you sit down Allen, but there’s no spot for you to do so.”

“What?!” I demanded.

“The way in which your father was converted into an Incubus?” she asked. I nodded. “It’s meant for only one thing.” She paused, “There’s no easy way to say this Allen. Your father was meant to be a breeding stud. In short, you’ve probably got dozens of Dragon siblings, out there in the Dragon Realm right now.”


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  1. So, knowing his dad had been kidnapped, he decided to leave him to be gang raped by dragons. I’m liking this guy less and less. So what happens when someone kidnaps his son?

    1. It was indeed a shitty choice. But he had no idea, that his father was being gang-raped by Dragons when he made the choice to not follow.

      His father was an adult. He had just as much opportunity to walk away, as every other Male Rapee in the MGE universe.

      If you really want to know what happens if someone tries to kidnap his son, stick around.

      Maybe I’ll write about it.

      1. My annoyance is that he abandoned a family member. That is a no-no in my book. He knew dad had not been dating a monstergirl but abandoned him anyway when he had the power to help. Whether you are human or dragon, your family is your greatest treasure and you don’t abandon them.
        That said, I expected his dad would be targeted by his mother-in-law

        1. If you had read the story, you would’ve read the part that he had a shitty choice to make.

          He had to choose between the needs of his immediate family, (his children) and his father’s needs.

          His kids, needed the Spirit Energy that only the Dragon’s Kiss could provide, to mature properly.
          Whereas his Dad, was off getting laid and probably getting turned into an Incubus.

          He had no idea, how long he would be inside the Dragon Realm. His kids needed him, sooner.

          Thus, life. In life, you have to face a series of choices. Not all of them are cut and dried, easy-peasy. A lot of them are crappy choices. As I illustrated in the story.

          So, what would you have done? Go after the Old Man, and leave the nutritional needs to the four winds?

          Or make your kids the number one priority in your life?

          I prey you never have to make said kind of choice, in real life.
          Unfortunately, you probably will.

  2. Sounds like he needs to slap his father in a dungeon or somethin until he can get him under control and go on a game of thrones style cleansing of all the bastard children.

  3. I’ll go ahead and say it.

    I had no idea about the Santa Fe shooter when I posted this. Yet, here we are. Another White Male Sullen Teenager has gone on a shooting spree because a young lady picked up on how much a douchebag he was. So much for Nordic superiority.

    You want your politics, I’ll give you your politics.

  4. Ok, first, damn, I wasn’t expecting his dad to be gang-raped, I mean surwly he was banging a dragon, maybe two even.

    Nice job, am looking forward to see what happens next.

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