Counting Sheep

I wretched violently upward, my chest on fire as I began to cough up what felt like to be both of my lungs.

“Mr. Carson? Mr. Carson!” a feminine voice shouted, putting a hand on my back to support me.

I hacked and wheezed a few more times before putting on a smile and waving her off.

“Its fine, its fine. I’m not dead yet.” I reassured her, putting on a grin.

She looked at me with a lamentable smile of her own as she helped me lean back against the bed. She was so caring, as she should be; it was her job after all. Although, of all the nurses in this god forsaken place, she was the only one that actually spent time with me.

I wouldn’t know why.

“But I have to tell you Macy” I began, “Dying does suck.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Carson, I’m sure you family well get here before…too long.” She said hopefully, trying to remain optimistic.

I smiled warmly at her, her blue eyes nearly on the verge of tears.

“I’m sure as well.” I lied.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind passing on right now. The state of food in the hospital was abysmal, and they didn’t even give a “last meal” like they do in prisons. And at the very least, I can finally be rid of the that god awful machine that constantly kept me awake with its dismal whirring sound; ironic that it was also the machine that tried to keep me alive for so long.

God I was so tired.

A sniffle broke me out of my train of thought as I saw my companion next to me rubbing her nose. The good Nurse Macy had been my friend throughout my whole ordeal, constantly keeping my spirits up and trying to make me look on the brighter side of things. I felt bad that she had to watch me walk into this place, and then see me slowly degrade into the sorry state that I was in now.

“Hey, why are you crying? Shouldn’t I be the one who’s supposed to be crying?” I said reaching up to rub her soft shoulder and squeeze it gently.

She sniffed loudly and proceeded to rub her nose on her arm. “I-There’s should have been something more I could have done! I-I could’ve run some tests faster or stayed l-longer working. Maybe I can still call your parents!” she said in an epiphany, suddenly rising out of her chair.


I yelled at her, my calm façade breaking for just a moment to reach out and grab her hand as she turned to leave.

“Don’t leave…” I said, putting on a weak smile while trying to ignore the obvious warble in my voice.

She looked at me with those tear filled eyes and only nodded before sitting down back in her chair. We didn’t let go of each other’s hands as we sat there in silence, the drone of the machine’s whirring the only thing keeping us company.

“If theres one thing, I could ask from you Nurse Macy…”

Her head jerked up as I called out her voice. “Anything, Mr. Carson…”

She nearly hovered over me as he squeezed my hand tighter.

“Its just that I…could I…see your boobs before I go?”

Her eyes widened, and I could see her brain shut down for a moment before she suddenly burst out laughing, burying her head on my bed to muffle her laugh. Her shoulders heaved and she used the back of her hand to wipe away her tears. I couldn’t help but smile back and let out a light chuckle at seeing her happy.

“Mr. Carson! What are you asking me?” She said, her eyes tinted red now.

“What?!” I admitted, “I’m dying! I think I’m entitled to a last request! They wouldn’t even let me eat a cupcake yesterday.”

I couldn’t look at her directly for what I was about to say next. Funny, how even on my death bed I could still be embarrassed by a girl.

“Besides, I’d ask you for a kiss, but that’d be a little a too personal…”

I let that statement hang in the air for a moment. In all honesty, I was just making conversation. I just didn’t want to go with that awkward silence from before hanging over my head.

“I wouldn’t mind.”

I slowly turned my head to her, more than surprised at her answer.

“I wouldn’t mind at all…”

Slowly she leaned above me, her hand cradling my head as I suddenly felt the soft warm lips of the nurse upon my own. The kiss was unexpected, but I only hesitated for a moment before I returned it, reciprocating her. I know it lasted for a few seconds but to me, it was hours.

Of course, that was nothing compared to when she leaned back and took a hold of her blue hospital scrubs, pulling them up slowly. I was at a loss of words as I watched her hook her bra underneath and pull it up, letting her cream colored breasts come free and bounce twice before settling down, flashing me. The good nurse with red eyes, and a teary face, cheeks blossomed red as she smiled back at me.

“Those are great…” I said at a loss of words looking back and forth between her breasts and her face, “I think I can die happy now.”

If I could have reached up and grabbed them, I would have, believe me; but for some reason, by arms seemed extraordinarily heavy at the moment.

She smiled back at me again before putting her scrubs back down. “I’m glad you liked them.” She said with a soft voice

I could only smile back at her as with both smiled stupidly at each other.

“Hey…I’m kinda tired now.”

I was incredibly tired now, actually.

“Could you…count with me before I sleep?”

“Count? She asked confused.

“Yeah…like counting sheep.” I joked with her.

I could see another tear rolled down her cheek as she took my hand into her own again.

“Counting sheep monster girls then, Mr. Carson?” the sheep monster girl nurse laughed at me.

“Exactly” I grinned.

She sniffled loudly and buried her face against our hands.

“Alright then…one…two…three…four…” She started, as I closed my eyes and began counted with her.

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6 thoughts on “Counting Sheep

  1. How sad, this makes me uncomfortable, it didn’t overplay the sadness, lighting things up with some humor. I found the descriptions of the weresheep very nice how the author described her removing her gown to give the passing soul comfort. Very nice

  2. This made me think about life as a whole. I should live it out to the fullest and won’t let anyone get in my way. So sad, but you can learn from it. I love this story.

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