Chaotic Harem Series: Jinko vs. Hellhound

Tiberius Clarke joined the Order at the age of 17, he trained with them for years learning combat, literature and various other subjects he picked up over time that interested him. He also polished and expanded on what he knew about nature and all the very new and very real dangers it posed in the form of monsters. Tiberius became something of an expert on the nature dwelling monsters, leading expeditions to clear them out in forests, swamps and even jungles near several rural villages.

His expertise on it led to his moniker Wildman, a name which he loathed as it made him seem like some kind of jungle dwelling brute who communicates with animals, has zero literary skills, wears animal pelts and has no common sense. Tiberius endured though, it was after all in the service of his fellow man. The things he did to the seemingly innocent and beautiful monster girls would forever haunt him yet he persevered, never questioning them.

He had spent 20 years in The Order eventually being out in charge of his own unit. He gained the respect of his associates and superiors (some begrudgingly). Say what you want about his attitude towards the Order’s religion, conduct on the battlefield and refusal to wear standard armor but Tiberius was a man who got things done. His skills and expertise made him an asset on the battlefield and in other areas such as medicine.

Which was why he was eager to learn more about a new mysterious plant that would enable a human to gain enough strength to rival even the strongest monster. Tiberius and the rest of his unit was skeptical of this claim mainly because they have never heard of this before now, the lack of evidence for this claim and most importantly

“It looks like a penis”

Tiberius uttered those words as he observed the mushroom in his hands. It wasn’t a tasteless joke either, the length of the stalk and how the cap is suspiciously smaller than a regular mushroom’s made it look like a phallus. Add the pulse-like blue veins along it and well…there were a lot of dick jokes shared in the barracks that day.

Jokes aside Tiberius was very suspicious of this seemingly miraculous plant. Their commander stated it was delivered by the alchemist division for testing, he didn’t like that at all. They were assured that tests have been conducted and the mushroom was safe for consumption even as is, Tiberius very much doubted that they would give an entire military unit something that was potentially harmful.

What he doubted most of all were its effects. Despite his track record it wasn’t exactly easy to kill monsters, on the contrary it was physically and emotionally exhausting. The former was a given due to their species and their unnatural beauty and fixation on copulation aside the true challenge is to deal with a monster when she has a mate, a human male or worse an entire family.

It was things like that and the men who seem to find some joy in doing deeds like that which made the Order seem less like humanity’s salvation and more like an organization of murdering religious fanatics but he was getting off topic with those lines of thought.

Conveniently they would have a chance to test its effects in battle. Word was received that an enemy raiding party would descend upon a frontier town. Before that could happen they would be initiating a counter strike using the mushrooms to boost their strength adding to their element of surprise and laying waste to their ranks.

At least that was the plan but as a famous zinpangu general once said “no plan survives contact with the enemy.”


All across what was supposed to be a battlefield the sounds of ecstasy from both man and monster filled the air as they copulated. To Tiberius the scene was reminiscent of some declassified incident reports he had perused from time to time. He never had the..displeasure of actually witnessing an orgy on the battlefield. And the worst part of it was that it wasn’t the monsters who initiated it.

Oh sure he knew they wanted to but with the combination of their ambush and the unexpected boost in strength they were at the mercy of his men. The men fought them, beat them, stripped them of their poor excuse for clothing then started to rape them, although that in and of itself was subjective since the monsters offered little to no resistance whatsoever.

Tiberius would have questioned how something like this would have happened but it was all too clear the reason for this drastic change in his comrades.

It was the mushrooms…

It was the fucking mushrooms and he felt so stupid for believing that there wasn’t a catch to this seeming boost in strength. Given how highly sexualized the monsters seem to be, the fact it was shaped like a penis should have rang alarms. Actually it did and he made this known to his superior but he was brushed off as if his opinion suddenly didn’t matter. After a decade of service his superior just…his superior…he

‘…that son of a bitch. He knew, he knew that this would happen!’

The more he thought of this the more it made sense, he was the one who brought the mushrooms, he was the one who provided the knowledge on the alleged raiding party, he was the one who pushed for them to use the mushroom on the battlefield for a supposed preemptive strike despite his unit excelling in stealth and reconnaissance. It was all pa rt of the plan to get them in the open, away from reinforcement and practically in the heart of monster territory.

Tiberius stood as the lone man in a sea of writhing bodies, six feet tall equipped with light armor for mobility, an axe and a steel buckler strapped to his back, both items had runes inscribed along the steel. Across his chest was a bandolier with all sorts of herbs, potions and weapons he made personally. He wore no helmet which highlighted his shaved head and beard, his eyes were steel, his teeth grit and his expression reflected anger.

Tiberius stood out as not only the only man not attempting to rape a monster but also because of all the soldier were occupied he was the only one who looked out of place. Rather than a knight Tiberius looked almost like a barbarian, he had no qualms with this as despite the way how most people turned their nose up at them, the barbarians had one thing over any knight, they knew how to survive.

And that was what Tiberius was about to do, he had given up on trying save face and attack. The moment he saw the first man push down the first monster and connected it to the mushroom effects he knew all hope was lost. Now that most of the men were down he could see that they were outnumbered. Any man who didn’t take the mushroom would if only to at least score a victory. Any man who believed in their skill too much to use it was overpowered and raped.

This battle was truly lost.

Tiberius ran, it was not a desperate run. but he refused to let the panic set in, he had been at this too long to make mistakes at this point. He went for where there were a concentration of couples, they would be too distracted to even notice him and the other monsters would stay clear of men that were taken, for the most part. The goal was to reach the forest where they had left the horses, he along with a few others had meticulously combed every inch of the forest to find any evidence of their being monsters however they came up with none.

He could see why now. A thought occurred to him of there being a plan to get rid of the horses to prevent any from escaping. That thought was derailed when he was suddenly confronted with a few monsters who had not found any prey. The werewolf looked very happy to see him, charging forward even as he scowled.

She most likely didn’t see the straight punch coming that knocked her on her back, a passing foot stomp directly on her face ensured she was out cold before he continued on. As if a signal fire had been lit it seemed every monster in the vicinity without a partner started converge to him.

Like moths to a flame.

Tiberius was not a hero, not in the traditional sense and not in the modern sense. He was not a chivalrous man fighting for honor or even glory, he was a survivor and while not selfish he didn’t bother wasting time on lost causes. At the same time he was not a pious man, he believed that there was a god but he did not prey to her, did not depend on her and so he did not receive her blessing.

With that said Tiberius was far from weak. He believed that magic was something that could be found all around them specifically in nature, the gods created it for a reason so why not use it? He dabbled in alchemy in his spare time trying to find a close substitute for the goddess’ blessing which had too high conditions for the common man.

He had found one when he collaborated with an alchemist some years ago. Ironically Tiberius was ordered to track and capture this individual, a task which was fairly easy though once he went over this individual’s notes his curiosity led to a conversation and then a barter trade. He would release the man and in exchange the man would share the knowledge he had with him. The man had made him swear to take the recipe to his grave and Tiberius agreed and as a sign of good faith Tiberius shared his own knowledge of the ways of tracking, how to do it and how to avoid it.

The potion he made with this knowledge wasn’t immediate like a blessing from a god. It was gradual and it took years for Tiberius to notice but it worked in the end after countless hours of training and regular ingesting of the potion. Now a natural superhuman as opposed to a magical one Tiberius was stronger, faster, more durable, less fatigued and more perceptive. He never did tell anyone how he became so strong even after all this time he kept his word. Did it make him a selfish person? Yes. Was he happy about it? No, but Tiberius was a man of his word.

He was grateful for the knowledge he reflected yet again as he cleaved through a harpy’s wing with a single strike of his axe. He swung the edge of his steel buckler to her neck and there was a loud crunch as the petite monster was dropped dead. Tiberius spared her no glance as he continued, the rest of the monsters were stunned. Capitalizing on this Tiberius threw his axe with all his might at a succubus burying the axe in her partially exposed chest.

This seemed to snap the other monsters from their reverie and they scattered. Tiberius didn’t bat an eye at them, he was simply going to retrieve his axe then leave through the forest. Just as he was about to reach for his weapon sticking out of the half dead monster something snagged his outstretched hand, he had only a moment to recognize it as webbing when he was yanked bodily off the ground. Several more webs bound his feet and dragged him away, at the end of the webbing was an Arachne.

Tiberius reached into his bandolier using his shield as a cover while he ‘struggled.’

“Oh you’re a lively one” her voice was as smooth as the silk she produced. At this point Tiberius had stopped struggling and glared even as she bound him in even more webs “don’t tell me that is all you have after such a display. Show me more ‘Wildman’” she inched closer, her face was beautiful, she smelled nice, her bountiful chest pressed up against him.

A lesser man would have been aroused, Tiberius’ expression turned to irritation-she used his nickname, it was only known to his battalion, his close friends. With them it was a term of endearment, with his superior it was a vague insult, with this monster it was a condescending taunt which he acted upon immediately.

Tiberius silently relished the panicked expression she sported when her webs spontaneously caught fire. She dropped him immediately and he ripped the webs bounding his arm and shield before tossing red glittering powder from a small bottle at the arachnid. The Arachne screamed as she caught fire attempting to snuff it out. Tiberius used the distraction to sprinkle some more all over the webs bounding his body, corked the bottle then holster it on his bandolier.

He finished escaping a little before the Arachne douse the flames. There were a few scorches and burns but for the most part she was uninjured though the constant swearing of bloody vengeance and sexual tortures she will inflict did not bode well for him. So it was with self preservation in mind that Tiberius drew his dagger leapt at the distracted Arachne and stabbed her through the jugular. The monster tried to throw him off but another stab at her neck made her limp and she fell coughing blood and twitching lightly.

Tiberius spent no more time with her, wiping off the blood and sheathing his dagger he made a run for the forest yet again while keeping his shield up and his head low. Those distractions cost him precious time, the last thing he wanted was to attract the attention of any strong monsters. It was once he passed by a familiar patch of ground that he realized something.

The succubus and by extension his axe was gone.


He briefly mourned the loss of his weapon but made no attempt to try and find it as it was most likely lost to him. He finally broke through the first line of trees on a winding path to hopefully his salvation.

“Hey, ya dropped this!”

Tiberius only had a moment to look to the side before yanking his body back from the incoming projectile. As it passed inches from his face, everything slowed and Tiberius could see in slow motion his own axe still bloodied pass him by. Time hastened and the weapon sunk into a tree with a loud twack of splintered wood. Panting lightly Tiberius looked to who threw his weapon and it was all he could do not to curse his misfortune.

A Hellhound stood a few feet away, the chains hanging off her strapless bra clinked as she stood a paw on her wide hip and a cocky grin on her face revealed sharp gleaming teeth “ooh, nice reflexes. I thought the rumors were just exaggerating but after seeing it myself” she nodded folding her arms “you are the real deal.”

Tiberius didn’t respond verbally, talk was for the desperate trying to buy time. He’d rather just think than talk, besides he didn’t need to say anything, they both knew what she wanted so all that was left was to act on it. Tiberius moved first, charging her at top speed hoping to catch her off guard.

“Oho!” her face lit up as she ran to meet him halfway.

There was a loud clang and a grunt as her big meaty paws met runic steel, the runes flashed absorbing some of the impact but it was Tiberius’ own augmented strength which managed to keep him rooted in place much to the Hellhound’s shock.

The monster girl grunted “you’re stronger than you look, Wildman, but not strong enough” she began pushing him back.

He didn’t need to be, with a low growl Tiberius yanked his buckler up along with her paws leaving her chest open for a devastating drop kick that send them both sprawling away from each other. The hellhound did an incomplete back flip as she was smashed into a tree, hard enough to chip the bark while Tiberius landed roughly on his back. Both of them sustained little to no injury from it.

The hellhound initiated the next attack, pouncing on Tiberius’ prone form. He rolled out the way and onto his feet dodging fast and wild claw swipes. She struck his shield leaving a drawn out mark across the metal, another strike sent him stumbling, she smiled. The follow up he managed to dodge and strike her with a shield-jab on her exposed muscular stomach. Surprisingly she grunted actually feeling the wind knocked out of her leaving her exposed to a shield uppercut that had her head knocked back against a tree.

Tiberius then literally punched the shocked expression from her face and replaced it with fury as she grabbed hold of his buckler, threw him bodily to the ground and twisted it from his grasp before kicking him across the grass. Tiberius rolled to his knees holding his chest, even with the armor it hurt and he could actually feel some dents in it. From his position on the ground he released a breath, cricked his neck while reaching for his knife before sprinting at her.

She threw aside his shield and went for an attack which backfired as he brandished his enchanted knife. The first stab into her paw made her yelp and retract but the second slash had her on the back foot. He didn’t let up and the Hellhound soon found herself on the defensive as Tiberius wielding the small blade with skill and precision that caught her off guard for the moment.

The blade was a weapon forged with holy steel that didn’t just cut monsters and their ilk it burned away at demonic energy, the perfect tool for ending a monster’s life. The Hellhound felt the pain of the blade, witnessed his strength, humbled by his skill and was experiencing his speed, she now knew how truly dangerous he was and was rethinking her approach.

Tiberius didn’t give her the luxury, he was relentless in his attacks. She kept her eyes on the blade, deflecting his thrusts while wincing at the nicks but didn’t let the most damaging attacks through and she made sure he didn’t go anywhere near her neck, face or chest. Finally she had enough and with a growl struck his chest ignoring the stab at her palm she started retaliating with wide ferocious strikes with her claws.

Tiberius dodged to the side ducked and did an uppercut under her chin which made her stumble. He followed up with a spinning back kick which further drove the air from her lungs and finished off with a front kick. The hell hound slammed into the tree and managed to move her head from where the knife would have stabbed through her eye. She hung onto his hand squeezing it tight until he dropped the knife while her other claw drove into his chest armor.

The metal caved and Tiberius grunted in pain as the nails dug lightly into his skin. Her grin returning she head-butted him hard, Tiberius saw stars for a moment as he pulled away, the tearing of metal from his chest piece was grating. He had enough semblance however to duck from her paw which curled into a fist, grabbed the outstretched appendage and tilt his body forward in a fall.

The Hellhound let out a yelp and grunt as she was flipped and thrown onto her back, her claw ripped off part of the front chest piece and his shirt underneath. She recovered before he did grabbing him by the throat. She yanked him close to her face so that their nose was almost touching, the pressure increased and he gagged. Seeming to make up her mind she snarled and threw him into the air, his back crashed through a tree branch, he flipped midair and landed heavily on his stomach.

Tiberius groaned and coughed rubbing his neck and partially exposed chest, a glint of metal from the corner of his eye brought attention to his buckler lying a few feet away in the grass. His attention reverted to the Hellhound when she pounced at him, he rolled out the way and barely managed to stagger towards the buckler and hold it out by the straps to block the claw strikes before it was knocked aside and she kicked him in the chest.

He slammed into the tree wheezing though he grit his teeth and caught her paws before she could grab him. He could feel his muscles bulge as he attempted to keep her at bay, a futile effort he knew. He kicked out her leg while angling their body so she landed on her shoulder with their combined body weight. It hardly fazed her but the distraction was all he needed to get his buckler and equip it in time to dodge more ferocious claw strikes.

A solid blow to his buckler made him stumble back as his arm started aching, he ducked under a fast swipe with his heightened reflexes and jabbed her in the shin with the edge of his buckler. Monster or not a solid strike to any bipedal animal’s exposed shin would lock them up in pain. The hellhound dropped to her knees with a shriek, Tiberius grabbed her right paw as she went down twisted it behind her and struck the space where the arm met the shoulder blade with the edge of his buckler.

She screamed as and groaned in pain as he applied pressure a few more and he would have dislocated her shoulder but she had began to try and twist out of his grip and knowing she would have escaped long before he could do proper damage he abruptly relented, yanking her to her feet while raising her arm enough for his buckler to pass underneath and did a backhanded shield bash.

Momentarily stunned the Hellhound was thrown aside but Tiberius knew she would just stand up again, hellhounds were known for their tenacity. By the time she got back up most of her wounds would have already started healing and she will be pissed enough to overpower him. With this in mind and the monster already making to her feet, her eyes were already trailing fire, he leapt for his axe and yanked it out before threw it at her with all his strength.

The Hellhound only had time to yell out in shock before the axe struck her shoulder. Normally a blow like that wouldn’t have been able to faze her and the steel would have lost against her naturally thick skin but the axe blade much like the knife was enchanted with holy steel. The axe cut deep into her skin but the blow was not deep enough or precise enough to do any permanent damage.

The enchantment made it a painful ordeal however.

The Hellhound cried out in pain, Tiberius was numb to her screams. That tussle couldn’t have been more than six minutes at best but it was the longest and most exhausting six minutes of his life. He reached into his bandolier and took a blue labeled potion bottle and drank its contents. The taste was unpleasant but already he could feel his energy returning, it took a minute for the stamina potion to fully take effect.

He could already see the hellhound prying the axe from her shoulder, his eyes narrowed as he approached. The hellhound threw the axe aside and out f his reach before climbing to her feet, her arm dangled limply as she held her wounded clavicle. He retrieved his discarded knife as he approached cautiously.

Despite everything the Hellhound began to chuckle then laugh, it was enough for him to pause and she spoke “I underestimated you” she panted licking her lips as she eyed him up and down “you’re not just some regular human are you? You’re actually a Hero right?” when Tiberius didn’t give a response though it hardly seemed to matter to her “nothing to say? Well Come on then, finish what you started.”

She was goading him, he couldn’t figure out her angle though. A quick subtle look told him that she didn’t have anything hidden in her lingerie armor (he’d be surprised if she could hide anything in those things…surprised and disturbed), his superior senses didn’t pick up anything in his immediate vicinity. He rather doubted a Hellhound would accept help with taking down a prey but you never know.

On the other hand his senses did pick up something from the hellhound herself. With a lack of clothing it was very clear to see the fluids running down her inner thighs. This combined with her panting flushed face and flaming eyes brought Tiberius to a shocking conclusion which in hindsight wasn’t so shocking. The hellhound was actually getting off on this…it was all Tiberius could do not to roll his eyes at her.

So instead he charged knife poised ready to end her life not that she seemed concerned she released a howl and charged. She seemed wholly unconcerned with receiving injury, Tiberius didn’t care he could already see the projected path of his victory which amounted to ‘block and stab’ a very simple thing to pull then he would be free of obstacles and on his way.

Oh how naïve of him…

At the last possible moment something shifted, the Hellhound’s ears twitched, her eyes widened in shock. A moment later Tiberius’ own senses picked it up, a shadow fell over them and before he realized it something struck him from the side throwing off his trajectory and sent him tumbling head over heels. He landed on his stomach and something else landed just ahead.

Tiberius looked up and it was all he could do not to shout curses and claw at the grass. the first thing he saw was the black striped yellow fur on her muscular arms and legs, a pair of tiger ears were on top of her head. Her clothing much like the hellhound’s was scant and impractical being only a pair of steel plated bra and panties with a shoulder guard leaving her thighs and stomach exposed.

The Jinko slowly stood from where she rolled into a crouch and changed it to a low stance her oversized paws revealing claws as she stared into Tiberius’ eyes and uttered two words “greetings warrior.”

Tiberius gritted his teeth as he stood buckler up front, this was the type of situation he wanted to avoid. This was a distraction he didn’t need right now!

The Hellhound seemed to agree as she angrily shouted “fuck off Lin, he’s mine!”

The identified Lin gave the hellhound a once over “you are not in a position to make demands Helena, he was about to end your life.”

The Hellhound growled “the hell he was, ever heard of foreplay?” she removed her hand to reveal a cauterized wound slowly healing as they spoke “as if I’d let myself get killed.”

The wound wasn’t fully healed but considering the level of enchantments on his axe blade it shouldn’t be possible for it to stop bleeding so soon. Tiberius felt a knot in his stomach it had never even occurred to him that she could be faking injury. He would’ve been caught off guard by that, though with his renewed stamina he doubted he would have been taken down but…no this wasn’t the time to dwell on that.

The Jinko may have saved him some hassle but the risks were greater, now Tiberius had to deal with two monsters he would have been hard pressed to defeat one on one. If there was any solace to his situation then it would be that they didn’t look to be friendly with each other either.

“Regardless” Lin continued “it is obvious you lack the tact to handle someone of his caliber.”

“You calling me weak?”

“…yes and also” her expression turned into cold fury “I saw him first.”

“Well that’s too bad” Helena mocked “he’s mine, you’re too late.”

Lin angled her body in her direction as she spoke calmly “am I?”

There was a momentary hush in which Tiberius held his breath then as if a signal had been heard Helena charged with a claw ready to strike. Lin struck quicker intercepting Helena’s paw with a front kick to the bicep which turned into a back kick that struck her slowly injured shoulder. Lin did a 180 spin bringing her claw around aiming at Helena’s face. The Hellhound ducked trying several swipes but they were all intercepted by Lin’s paws.

The Jinko went for a swipe at Helena’s chest but the latter leapt back, however it was a feint and the Jinko spun the swipe into a devastating roundhouse kick that slammed into the side of Helena’s face sending her flying into the forest. Without missing a beat Lin intercepted a fleeing Tiberius with a flying knee attack. He managed to raise his buckler but the sheer force of the attack sent him slamming into a tree.

Tiberius had the wind knocked out of him, his arm ached and his vision swam from the hit to the back of his head. The adrenaline managed to fix all that when he saw her claws lunge towards his face. Tiberius let out a manly yell as he managed to avoid getting skewered, he managed to duck under a follow up backhanded claw swipe and scramble away.

‘Is she trying to kill me!?’

Stumbling to his feet he only had enough time to raise his buckler in a block when she leapt from the tree in a spin and bring her claw down. Rather than brace for it Tiberius allowed himself to get knocked down where he used the momentum tuck himself into a forward roll to get some more distance. Lin somehow foresaw this and instead of landing on her two feet allowed herself to land on all fours.

By the time Tiberius managed to roll into a standing position she had lunged from her low stance. She darted below his shield slamming into his waist and angled her fall so as to flip and land perpendicular to his own body. Now above him her two paws/claws lunged for his face but was blocked by his buckler. She grabbed the shield attempting to yank it out of his grasp but he held on tightly, struggling.


The shout drew her attention away from him and Tiberius used the chance to reach into his bandolier. Once he got what he wanted and Lin was preparing to deal with the rushing hellhound Tiberius yanked her bodily forward over his and kicked her in the Hellhound’s position. In his hand he held a strange metal cylinder which he twisted then threw near the two beast woman before scrambling to his feet eyes shut and hands over his ears.

There was a flash, he could see it even through clenched eyes, there was a persistent ringing through his ears. He kept his breath even and his eyes shut, then waited-a steady heart and a calm mind will alleviate the symptoms sooner. He stumbled to his feet vaguely aware of sounds and rubbed his eyes blinking away spots.

A moment later he was swaying his vision had returned and the ringing was reduced to a dull throb. The flash cap, a powerful weapon made by the Order Alchemists used as means to stun enemies long enough to make an escape or to attack, at least that was what it was designed for. This was the first time Tiberius had used one so close, it was harrowing on the senses.

He could only imagine what havoc it wreaked on a monster’s superior senses. He would have to take solace with that thought as he looked to the writhing forms of the Hellhound and Jinko. He had the choice to kill them then and there but he wasted enough time in that place as it was. So he gathered his discarded axe and ran with all his might hoping that by the time they regained their senses he would already been close to the nearest Order outpost.


He met no resistance as he quickly trekked to the horses, making sure to leave as little trail to follow as possible. He masked his scent once he felt he was far enough and was careful in how he proceeded after the full tilt sprint from the monsters. Eventually his thoughts went from the two monsters to his commander and how he was going to personally make him pay for his treachery.

Tiberius absolutely loathed traitors, it didn’t matter what you were on or what cause you had, once you swear allegiance that is a sacred oath until death. You either continue to do it or you don’t bother but never switch sides. Personally he had no qualms with monster human relationship, at least the ones that are brought on by genuine love instead of corruption or coercion.

Those kinds of relationship were an abomination in his eyes and the fact that those monsters could ever believe something like that is love is a reason why Tiberius is still part of the Order. Let it be said that Tiberius wasn’t a romantic he had no dreams of meeting a woman, settling down and having children-he was a man of duty and even he could see the inherent flaws in monster philosophy nowadays.

Maybe that is why, no matter how flowery they make it, no matter how ‘docile’ they appear no matter their motives monsters and humans will never truly coexist. And the reason why monsters are so successful is because they exploit the inherent flaw of humanity and civilization.

Tiberius was halted from his thoughts by the sound of running water, he grinned as he ducked from the under bush. There by the stream were a line of horses, some of them were standing idly and some were drinking water. Tiberius contemplated whether he should cut them loose given that their owners were currently preoccupied, he dismissed it a moment later. He would like to think that just because his former comrades have been corrupted didn’t mean that they were monsters.

Tiberius’ own horse which he raised since it was a colt was the only horse that wasn’t tied up, there was no need “Saphorous” he called out. The grey and brown spotted horse which was resting immediately responded, trotting up to its master.

The creature was magnificent, strong, its coat was shining and healthy. He may have fed it the same potion to augment its physical prowess. Saphorous is a loyal one, a friend whom he trusted above all because unlike others Saphorous could always be counted on. Tiberius didn’t know what was sadder that the only thing he could truly depend on is a horse or that it was actually true.

Panicked whinnying caught his attention and not a moment later did a black blur burst through the foliage at the other side of the stream. Tiberius acted quickly upon seeing Helena, he grabbed the bow hanging off the saddle slid on top of Saphorous and started notching arrows as the Hellhound ran towards them.

Saphorous needed no commands as the moment he was mounted he started galloping away to where they came. Despite the turbulence Tiberius’ arrows remained true yet it hardly seemed to do more than inconvenience the monster. She weaved deflected and even caught some of the arrows in her paws right before crushing them. It hardly mattered though, she never once allowed them to hit which was a stroke of good thinking on her part since the arrowheads were all enchanted.

Eventually he stopped firing after a near brush with a branch and instead focused on riding out of the forest. A look behind saw the hellhound was now running on all fours, he urged Saphorous to go faster. They came unto a path next to an elevated long winding mound, the Hellhound wasn’t giving up the chase and even though she wasn’t getting any closer he began contemplating ways to slow her down.

That’s when an eclipse happened, he looked up and managed to recognized stripes before being tackled by Lin. To Saphorous’ credit even with the added weight the horse still kept steady for the most part. It had enough discipline to keep on the path with a single hasty command from Tiberius and enough trust in him to handle their unwanted passenger.

Now that they were so close to one another Tiberius could appreciate the Jinko from a closer perspective. How much taller she is with how she loomed over him, her unnatural reflexes and coordinated balance with how she was able to balance her two paws precariously along the length of a moving horse, the feel of her soft pads and the way her muscles flex trying to pry him bodily from Saphorous.

It goes without saying that she was a very beautiful creature…it still didn’t mean he was about to surrender to her. Tiberius headbutted her- a foolish thing to do in hindsight but the action managed to stun (not necessarily hurt) the Jinko long enough for him to get his enchanted knife and drive it into her paws. Lin screamed in outrage and pain yanking back her paw and backhanding him across the face.

Tiberius’ could feel blood pool inside his mouth where his teeth dug inside his cheek which he used to spit in Lin’s face while she pulled the knife from her paw with a grimace. Same as the first Tiberius reach for a weapon, his axe but Lin managed to see through the blood and easily caught his clumsy one arm swing disarming him in quick succession. No choice now, he slipped on his buckler, a difficult thing to pull off but he managed to do it and got in a shield bash to her face before she became fed up.

“Enough of this” she angrily grabbed his shield attempting to rip it off only to stare in shock as the runes lit up in conjunction with her demonic empowered strength.

Undeterred she tried to pull it off but he used his other hand to lock the shield in place. She was a persistent one, using both hands to hold the shield. Neither of them were getting anywhere, with her failing to pull the shield from him or pry his body from the saddle and Tiberius not strong enough to bash her off.


Alerted by the frantic call of his horse Tiberius glanced to his side and almost grinned. A moment later his right foot left purchase of the foothold as he swung his body to the left catching the Jinko by surprise. With Tiberius riding the side of Saphorus and Lin on top of the horse, his boot found purchase on her iron-like abs before he yelled


Saphorous did a mighty leap at the same time Tiberius kicked with all his strength. With a heavy heart Tiberius allowed the shield to be yanked off his hand in order to grip the saddle and brace for impact. The wide eyed Jinko was sent up then flying off and colliding with a tree, the loud crunch of flesh and bark was almost palpable, as was the shriek of surprise and pain. Tiberius from his position on the side of Saphorous flailed somewhat but couldn’t help the grin on his face-he did it!

The grin was wiped off his face when he saw his buckler which flew from the Jinko’s grasp when she hit the tree, be caught by Helena. The Hellhound’s eyes burned as she kept leapt up and caught the buckler between her teeth like her namesake. She transitioned from all fours into a two legged dead sprint holding the buckler in her paw before leaping into a spin at the end of which she sent the circular shield sailing towards him.

No not towards him but towards Saphorous!

“Oh-” Shit!

The buckler hit Saphorous’ hind legs, tripping the horse and tossing him from the saddle. Tiberius hit the ground head first, he came in and out of consciousness for a bit, his senses were scrambled and his head was pounding. He rolled onto his back and tried to blink away the spot. The first one had him shy away from the sun, the second one saw a silhouette, by the third blink he was staring into the smoldering embers of Helena.

She was effectively straddling him, he could feel something hot and wet near his thigh. She leaned down, her breath was hot on his face yet not unpleasant, her teeth gleamed “you’re mine now Wildman” she growled.

Just then Lin grabbed her by the waist and tossed her off the dazed human. The Hellhound rolled once but brought her four limbs down to halt her momentum. Lin stood some feet away from the recovering human with a partially blood soaked paw, remnants of red on her face and a small bruise by her side. She looked over her shoulder at the still recovering Tiberius before Helena’s yell got her attention.

“Would you piss off already! You lost, he’s mine.” the visibly panting Hellhound yelled though whether it was from fatigue or being worked up was unclear.

The Jinko answered with a very calm and resolute “no, you don’t have a claim to him.”

Frustration reaching its boiling point Helena released a loud howl as she charged after the Jinko. Lin released a roar as she intercepted the frenzied Hellhound.

And while the two beastmen fought for supremacy Tiberius was just getting his senses back. Once the fighting reached his ears and he saw the two were preoccupied with killing each other to notice him. He immediately sought his companion, no doubt injured but he very much doubted it was anything ma…jor…

“No” he whispered upon finding his friend laying on the ground unmoving.

He stumbled to his feet tripping a few times but uncaring of his injuries “Saphorous” he limped then jogged up to the horse “no-no-no-no” he chanted like a mantra hoping against hope but to no avail.

He came by the once mighty steed, its head twisted in an odd angle, he dropped to his knees, he could feel the sorrow building the tears prickling at the edge of his vision. He could also hear…nothing. A cursory glance over his shoulder revealed the Hellhound and Jinko to have stopped fighting at some point and now both eyes were on him. They met gazes for a minute before Tiberius seemed to catch himself and stand up.

He spoke in a steady calm voice belying his inner torrent of emotions “I cannot avenge my friend by killing you two, greater men than me could have tried and failed” he reached into his bandolier.

The two monster girls shared a nervous glance, “Tiberius-” was about as far as Lin got before said man interrupted her.

“But, I can at least gain satisfaction” he turned around. In his right hand was an uncorked bottle with a blue strip but in his right hand was a very familiar looking mushroom he shoved in his mouth chewing loudly then washed it down with the elixir before smashing the bottle in the grass.

A hush filled the forest as they waited, Tiberius stood unmoving glaring at the two monsters who stood expectantly. Helena in particular seemed anxious, her tail was wagging in anticipation unlike Lin who fidgeted somewhat waiting for an attack.

Eventually the Hellhound began to grow tired of the wait “well-” was all she got out before he lunged at them.

Many Hours Later…

The moonlight glistened off his sweat soaked skin. He panted feeling exhausted, the cool night breeze against his skin made him shudder somewhat. Finally after many hours of rigorous intercourse Tiberious’ anger and sex drive had finally ebbed away. Now he was left standing in the middle of a forest divided by a path, exhausted, naked as the day he was born with only two unconscious and thoroughly satisfied monster girls to show for it.

His work here was done.

He gathered his clothes which fortunately survived the clawing the two monster girls gave them…at least his pants weren’t so bad. He went over to Saphorous’ corpse, he did not weep for his steed, he did that plenty enough when he raped his friend’s killer. No, that wasn’t fair of him to think but dammit he was so…angry he needed someone to blame, someone to hurt. Hours of rigorous sex may have made a good catharsis but Tiberius demanded justice and not just for him but for his comrades as well.

And so he emptied Saphorous’ saddle and packed his rucksack. His buckler laid some feet away from the corpse, he collected that as well. Looking at the trusted weapon given to him by a hero he respected Tiberius’ mind strangely enough went back to the sleeping beast women Lin and Helena. The latter was sprawled on the ground snoring rather loudly while the Jinko had curled up into a ball breathing evenly.

He could still kill them, bring their heads back to prove himself still loyal and in his right mind. They wouldn’t question his loyalties if he did and he knew it, he kept spare weapons with Saphorous, an enchanted machete and hunting knives. It would take some work but he could stab them through the heart while they slept and get to work removing their heads.

A moment later he sighed and turned away from the sleeping beauties, the idea didn’t appeal to him. First of all he didn’t need to kill them to validate his sanity, whatever enthralling magic some monsters possess to bend a man to their will they did not have. Tiberius was just choosing not to kill two sleeping women. Secondly and most importantly he was too tired to carry it out, he no longer had any stamina potions and killing a Jinko and Hellhound even if asleep and technically defenseless sounded like a lot of work.

So instead he focused his energy on trudging down the path towards the order. Once or twice he met a few of the monster, stragglers who weren’t raped by his men or who didn’t take part in the fight. They took a long look at him, sniff the air around him then scurried off in disappointment. Tiberius never once stopped or acknowledged them, any of them actually.

Hours of nonstop walking later Tiberius arrived at the gates of the town the Order had commandeered. His arrival was met with an armed response, Tiberius didn’t care, obviously fatigued and seemingly injured he was let inside once they realized who he was. A crowd was forming, soldiers with worried expressions speaking at once enquiring as to what happened with the assault.

“I wish to speak to the commander!” Tiberius said aloud.

“Make way” a man spoke from beyond the crowd and soon the commander met him face to face, his bodyguard not too far away. He was a bit shorter than Tiberius, younger too but not by much, the son of a noble who had earned his rank through filling the coffers of the upper class.

Though not truly earned the man didn’t hinder operations, there was no animosity and side from the initial meeting was very professional if slightly condescending towards Tiberius. Tiberius in turn didn’t validate his existence beyond receiving orders from him through his comrades, the urge to punch him in the face was less when he was filtered through a medium.

“Tiberius” the man seemed genuinely shocked to see him. Tiberius couldn’t fault him for it he didn’t think he looked all too well anyway with rips, tears, blood stains and claw marks all over his clothes. He was deathly tired, sweaty and dirty in more than one sense.

Yet despite or perhaps because of this Tiberius cut a very intimidating almost feral visage as he loomed over the commander Joseph “I wish to make a report” Tiberius noted how Joseph’s personal guard stiffened hand twitching next to her sword.


He nodded and made the man follow him to his office. There Tiberius gave a summary of what had happened during the operation. It was brief and highlighted the important parts namely that the mushroom caused the men to assault the monsters and that he managed to escape. Tiberius gave nothing away, waiting on the commander’s reaction. Commander Joseph was silent for a long while, a pensive expression on his face as his eyes searched the older man.

“You were the only one of your unit to have made it back from your ordeal” this was not so much a question as it was a fact. His fingers steeple together “you had also ingested the mushroom?”

“Yes sir” he said lowly.

Joseph stared before looking to his personal guard. The woman stared at Tiberius searching for something. It was one of the many things about Joseph his comrades had always joked about behind his back, that is, his relationship with his personal guard. By this point it was an open secret that the two of them sleep together leading many to write off the swordswoman as nothing more than armoured whore.

Tiberius and the last idiot to make a pass at her would beg to differ. This woman was wearing full bodied slightly worn armour and helm covering all except her eyes which were a startling red. To be honest the woman unnerved him which was a feat as he wasn’t easy to intimidate. Their staring ended abruptly as she broke eye contact to nod in Joseph’s direction.

Joseph seemed to relax somewhat though he remained wary still “I take it that you were overcome with the same symptoms as the rest of your men after ingesting the mushroom?”

“Yes sir” Tiberius answered.

“Which monster managed to corner you into taking it?”

“A Hellhound and a Jinko”

There was shock on both their faces and the woman managed to cover it though Joseph leaned back a small smile cracked at the corner of his lips “you raped a Jinko and a Hellhound” eh paused “how was it?”

“Truthfully sir” Tiberius allowed himself a smirk “it was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt” Joseph couldn’t help but chuckle and Tiberius kept his smile.

The woman’s eyes narrowed suspiciously but Joseph seemed like a load was lifted off his shoulders “perhaps, I knew you were a tough bastard but that is surprising, it took those two to bring you down” he laughed.

Tiberius laughed as well until he spoke in an almost casual tone “you knew this would happen when you gave us that mushroom right.”

The laughter cut abruptly and Joseph saw that Tiberius was no longer smiling, the man glared directly into Joeseph’s brown eyes. At that time the guard moved, Tiberius flipped the table onto her. Joseph reached for his sword but Tiberius had already grabbed the chair he sat on smashed it across his body, the pained grunt as his body fell.

The guard managed to push the table aside with surprising strength for a woman of her stature though Tiberius wasn’t truly surprised. He grabbed her wrist before she could draw her blade and a struggle ensued. She kneed him in the gut forcing the wind out of him and he kicked her foot from under her while twisting her arm forcing her to the ground. Tiberius then punched her in the back of her head with all his might feeling the sin on his knuckles get cut and the bone rattling when he struck her helm.

He was rewarded for his effort with her head smacking into the ground, bounced off the ground with a clang, the helm falling off and finally roll to the other side of the room. Without her helm Tiberius observed that the woman had short black hair, a pale face and pointed ear. As if to add more a stream of thick foggy vapour began spewing from her body’s neckhole.

Tiberius snarled in righteous anger at this, reaching into his bandolier her retrieved a small bottle this one ornate and pulled off the cork. Still holding her body down Tiberius poured holy water down her exposed neckhole. The scream of agony elicited from the dullahan would make even the hardiest war veteran cringe. Tiberius held the struggling body down as he continued to pour the monster poison directly into her body until with a pitiful wail and a final death throe she went limp.

“Veronica!” Joseph screamed tears falling he had drawn his blade “you bastard!”

Tiberius snarled tossing the empty bottle at the charging man as a distraction. Joseph ducked the projectile but he couldn’t defend against Tiberius’ quick tackle. The younger man grunted in pain unable to do anything as Tiberius disarmed him before striking him in the face continuously. For five minutes nothing else could be heard in the room except for the sound of fist smacking face then hurried footsteps as more soldiers came no doubt drawn in by the scream.

It took twelve of them to pry Tiberius from the half dead unconscious man at which point he began screaming traitor and a whole slew of curses. In the end one of the mages had to apply a powerful sleeping spell to calm him down


It was several days later after Tiberius had explained himself and Joseph was interrogated that another unit of paladins arrived with another commander to take charge. This one was an older man with greying hair and sharp features and unlike Joseph Tiberius knew he could trust him.

It was hard to cast doubt on the man who trained him in combat. The first thing which commander Arenthol did was to have the mushrooms burned. After which he had Tiberius give a full report of the events which led them here. At the end of Tiberus’ oral report, the commander was livid and furious, that very same night the leftover mushrooms were burned in a fire. A messenger was sent to halt any and all testing with the demon realm herb.

An investigation was going to be launched on how. Tiberius was the only person from his unit to have made it back from the assault, a miracle in and of itself. The commander was understanding of why he did what he did in the situation and offered to have a priest cleanse him of any residual demonic energy.

Tiberius declined, they had known each other for years, both of them weren’t purists and were not of the same mind that monsters were the root of all evil. With that said they were far from sympathizers but wouldn’t dare try to betray the true cause of the Order which is to ensure humanity’s survival.

“There is a powerful monster stealthily corrupting commanding officers within the Order’s ranks.”

 “What is to be done sir?”

“We need to root out the traitors” he eyed Tiberius “by any means necessary. We lost an entire unit to this and many more if Joseph is to be believed. I can’t even be sure what other unknowing research may be taking place by our scientists to benefit our enemies. How many of us are corrupted and aiding them from the inside.” He sighed “this is a mess.”

“I blame our lack of knowledge” Tiberius commented “we don’t know much about demon realms, their wildlife, their vegetation or the lifestyle of their people. If we knew what to look for then they wouldn’t have been able to trick us this easily”

“Bah, no one could survive those places and come out in their right mind.”

“You mean come out uncorrupted?”

“Same difference.”

“…but what if someone could?”

The commander eyed him “are you volunteering?”

“I may, I’ve already been ‘corrupted’ according to the puritans’ nonsense.”

The commander looked pensive “you are by far the best soldier I have ever trained that wasn’t blessed by the goddess Tiberius, the closest this battalion has to an actual Hero so forgive me if I am reluctant to let you go.”

“There is that but also the Jinko and Hellhound” he paused “they would be looking for me.”

“Why didn’t you kill them?”

Tiberius shrugged “I was tired-”

He snorted “don’t lie to me boy.” Tiberius remained quiet “if they are trying to find you then I don’t want to risk endangering the rest of my men with your presence. It is up to you though.”

“I would rather leave.”

“…are you certain you aren’t being controlled?”

Tiberius smirked despite himself “I wouldn’t be here if I was.”

“Then that is all I need to hear, take what provisions you can and leave before dawn.”

Tiberius nodded “you will hear from me again sir.”

“I better, the last thing I need is for you to become an enemy.”

That almost drew a chuckle from him, almost.


The next day a yawn escaped his lips, Tiberius had managed to get some rest before he set out it wasn’t much but he was far from unaware of his surroundings. He stopped in the middle of a path dropped his rucksack and readied his buckler and machete.

“Come out, I know you are there” there was a beat of silence before something landed softly behind him. He turned to regard the Jinko with a neutral expression “Lin.”

“Tiberius” she looked a good deal more bashful than when they had first met. She was also wearing actual clothes as opposed to battle lingerie. Chest armor covered her torso along with the arm guards shaped like a tiger’s face. She replaced her armored panties with a tiger printed skirt. All in all Lin looked like what he could only guess was the Jinko equivalent of a warrior.


Tiberius looked down to see his axe stuck in the ground by his feet and looked to the Hellhound leaning on the tree “don’t forget about your favorite Helenahound.”

Tiberius didn’t react beyond sheathing his machete and picking up the axe. After inspecting it he observed the Hellhound. She too was wearing different clothing in the form of what could be construed as a black chainmail leotard garter attached to her three-pronged breast clamps and panties

“Do I want to know why you two are following me?”

Helena scowled leaning off the tree to approach him “oh don’t even bother pulling that coy crap after raping us into a coma yesterday” she grinned “you actually outlasted both of us, I didn’t think it was possible even with the Raging Mushroom” her eyes flickered alight “I like it~”

“You have impressive stamina” Lin complimented.

“That all you have to say tiger? Pussycat here almost ripped the forest apart when she woke up and you weren’t there” her smile became just a bit more feral with that statement “you weren’t trying to run away were you?”

“If I was then you would never find me.”

Helena scoffed “big words, care to back that up?”

“No” he and surprisingly Lin said at the same time, she looked into his eyes “don’t run, we won’t hurt you.”

Tiberius met her gaze levelly but averted it less he succumbs to her “I wasn’t running away. I had some business to attend to.”

“You went back to the Order” the Jinko stated.

“I had to warn them about the mushrooms.”

“Even though they’re not dangerous?”

“They are, just not in the way you think” he took up his rucksack and hung the axe from a strap by the side. The two monsters fell into step beside him.

“Where are we going?”

“The nearest demon realm.”

Helena raised an eyebrow and even Lin was a bit surprised “any particular reason why?”

“I want to study the environment.”

At this the two monster shared an amused look Helena even rolled her eyes muttering something before swinging a paw over his shoulder “ah who cares, as long you pound us like you did last night I don’t have a problem with whatever hobbies you take up.”

Lin came up closer almost bumping shoulders though she kept her gaze forward. Tiberius looked between them both for a moment before speaking “if we are going to travel together then I have rules” he waited a moment for any interjections then continued “I will not be joining any monster army under any circumstances” he gave both of them a look.

Both women blinked and Helena spoke slowly “okay”

“Why?” Lin questioned.

“I may not be a part of the Order any more but I am still human. I won’t sell out the rest of my race to extinction for sex, even if it was the best” he added.

“Ain’t no skin off my bones, we’re not even part of the Maou’s army” Helena commented.

“You aren’t?” he looked between the two of them in wonder.

“I traveled from my home in the Mist Continent in search of a worthy husband. This was not the first army I have joined in fulfilling this desire.”

 A look to Helena had her nodded “same, I wouldn’t even call it an army. This is more of a group speed dating.”


“Most of us were invited by the local mamono lord to participate and receive a husband” Lin clarified.

“I went because I thought being fucked would be a nice change of pace for once. You can only rape so many men before it becomes boring” Helena lamented.

Ignoring her statement it suddenly dawned on Tiberius “you two knew about the attack and the mushrooms?”


“I see, tell me more about this ‘mamono lord’?”

“There isn’t much to tell other than she’s a Lilim” Helena spoke “and she apparently has spies in the Order.”

Tiberius gritted his teeth, he caught himself from asking specifics. They wouldn’t know anything else if they weren’t part of the Maou’s army.

“What are you going to do with that knowledge Tiberius?” Lin asked with a edge in her tone.

Tiberius thought about it for a while before he sighed, it wouldn’t do any good to keep secrets from them at this point “I can’t allow what happened yesterday to happen to again.”

Helena raised an eyebrow “and why not? No one was hurt, everyone had a great time” she leered with a smirk.

Tiberius wasn’t having any of it though “we can’t afford to have our soldiers being turned over by our enemies!”


 “What do you mean ‘we’?”

“I mean humanity” he stared into Helena’s charcoal embers before looking at Lin “and its enemy, the Maou, her army and especially the radical faction who want to turn the entire world into  demon realm” he spat.

Helena scoffed “who cares?”

That was the wrong thing to say and even the taller, stronger Hellhound wilted under Tiberius’ gaze “of course you wouldn’t care. Why would you care about my people slowly going extinct?”

Lin placed a paw on his shoulder and spoke in a soothing tone “you are overreacting.”

“Am I? Monsters may not be eating and killing us like in ages past but make no mistake humanity is dying. For every woman converted, for every man seduced that is one dead human and many more monsters in their place.”

“…Lin was right, you are overreacting” Helena’s tone was flat.

Tiberius increased his pace, it only took a few strides for the women to catch up. They continued walking in silence for a few minutes the man and Hellhound too stubborn to say anything though at Lin’s glare Helena sighed, she really didn’t want to say this but “Tiberius-”

“I am sorry”

“I- wait what?”

Tiberius sighed “I said I am sorry. It is unfair to try and push my views on the current state of affairs to you two” he gave her and Lin a glance “you aren’t the enemy.”

“Good” at the low growl from Lin Helena rolled her eyes “and I guess I am sorry for being insensitive.” She didn’t sound the least bit apologetic but that was alright.

“I can’t let this go though” he said resolutely “I’m going to root out the spies within the order.”

“Why?” Lin questioned “you are no longer a part of the order.”

“Because, humanity needs the order to survive” Lin didn’t seem convinced and he sighed “it will take too long to explain right now but know that I am not a puritan zealot, I don’t hate monsters. I don’t hate the two of you so if you don’t want to do this with me then I understand…”

There was silence again as the three continued to walk, a while later Lin spoke up “you have great conviction Tiberius, it is not necessarily right but it is something I can respect in my husband” she smiled showing her fangs and revealing the inner animal “at the very least it would prove to be exciting!”

Helena laughed and Tiberius winced when she smacked him on the back “I agree with Tiger girl, yo’ve got guts, asking two mamono to help you fight against their leader.”

Well when she puts it like that…

“I would have been offended, if I recognized the Maou as my leader and actually gave a shit about the war.”

Tiberius looked at her bewildered “does that mean-”

“Yes, I will help you. At least we will be having something to do when we’re not fucking” Lin sighed at the vulgar language which elicited another raucous laughter from the Hellhound.

Speaking of which “since you two are going along with my selfish request, I may be tempted to use these” he fished an enchanted pouch and opened it.

Both women looked in and gasped, inside the bag were mushrooms, lots of blue-veined dick shaped mushrooms which from their position looked to be enough to fill a large sack. Lin and Helena’s expressions were tinged with shock and excitement. Both girls looked to Tiberius who fidgeted at their bewildered stare.

“I managed to sneak some away before they burned the rest. I don’t know if this is okay but since we are married now, why not celebrate?” It was not an impulsive decision and he in fact he stole them in case he would need to preserve his life and dignity.

One does not simply walk about after raping a Hellhound and Jinko without the vest kind of insurance.

On another note Tiberius was apparently not the only one grateful for this and it amused him to see Helena shudder with a furiously wagging tail and Lin with some drool creeping down her cheek while she seemed to stare at nothing he could see. Although the growing flush on her face did not leave much for his imagination to decipher.

Tiberius suppressed a chuckle, he had lost his comrades, he had lost a friend but he may have gained something even more precious.

This wasn’t bad at all.

The End…



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