In the early hours of the day, Anon stepped out his home. Close the door, lock it, turn around, and walk out, though outside his home he spotted a certain thing. A harpy perched over an electric post, intently watching him with a curious gaze. Vibrant colors adorned her clothing complementing her wings, of green and yellow with a few black stripes here and there on her hair and wings. Anon in return stared with a bemused look, left unknowing what to think or how to react.

So he took her home, and fucked her over the bed. The creaking sound of the bedframe followed each violent slap of his pelvis against her butt. Her talons held tightly against the blanket, lying belly-down with Anon hugging her from behind, moaning on and on with a wavering moan each time he thrust into her. Then, she let out a suppressed yell just as the two finished at the same time, twitching with each spasm as Anon filled her womb.

The next day at the same hour, he stepped out his home in equal manner. Close the door, lock it, turn around, and walk out, and again outside the same harpy sat on the electric post. Leaving him puzzled, he found she wasn’t the only one there; thuogh she greeted with excitement, waving her wings and smiling from ear to ear, another harpy sat next to her. A timid one in looks, staring with her wings covering her mouth and strands of hair covering one of her eyes; bluish tints defined her feathers, some spots darker while others brighter, with hair to match along with her clothes.

So he took her home, and fucked her over the table. Her timid personality had melted entirely, trying to suppress her own moaning only to fail as Anon held onto her waist and thrust into her each time; her body did not lie, her legs wrapping around him and her wings attempting to hold onto the table for dear life, and her almost drooling expression unable to be hidden as she lay belly-up. Her eyes almost rolled back on the final thrust of his hips, letting out a whimper while gritting her teeth as the two finished at the same time, spasming in pleasure as Anon filled her up.

The next day at the same hour, again he crossed the door of his home. He didn’t bother even closing the door before checking, expecting a similar sight as yesterday just to narrow his eyes at the disappointment of being correct. He saw another harpy perched over the electric post with the two from the last day, now a vibrant red in feathers, clothes, and hair, staring blushing with a quiet smile.

So he took her home, and fucked her against the wall. With her wings she kept herself from being crushed against it, while Anon firmly grasped her hips and pulled with each thrust of his own, impacts so strong as to make her butt form ripples on impact. Her smile did not subside, nor did her blushing, gasping like an animal as drops of a certain fluid fell onto the floor beneath the two. His thrusts hastened as hard and fast as he could, making her moans turn sharp and loud in an instant before the movements finished, letting out a yell in pleasure as her legs began to twitch in convulsion. Her strength faded as her tongue came out of her mouth, almost falling to the floor just for Anon to grab her and keep her high, thrusting a few more times as he filled her up, pressing her against the wall.

And the next day, he slowly opened the door and peeked out. Woe befell him, noticing not four harpies as he’d have imagined, but an entire flock of them perched wherever he could see around his home. And then, a great harpy landed in front of the door, scaring him enough to accidentally open it wide as he stepped back. Large in size, a head taller than him at least, with brown wings and shorts and silver hair and top; voluptuous and curvaceous enough to petrify him, enough to make all the ones before her look like children in comparison. Most strikingly, her visible blushing and smile from ear to ear with those bedroom eyes turned into enough of a dead giveaway as to what her thoughts were.

So he took her home, and fucked her over the couch. He could not thrust at all, left sitting there with her bouncing up and down on him, enveloping him entirely with her massive wings and smothering his head inbetween her naked breasts. Felt like being inside a feather pillow, encased in the warmth she gave while getting so furiously milked dry, this time himself twitching as the two finished together with a loud moan escaping her, and a muffled one from him blocked by her breasts. Then, she began anew, all while the other harpies stealthily looked from the windows.

The next day, things turned strange before he could even get up. A strange sensation engulfed him upon waking up, just to open his eyes and find the same great harpy using him as a body pillow on his own bed, with all the others piled around the two in their sleep. He couldn’t explain it, having gone to sleep just fine, but when he turned aside, he found the cause. He had forgotten to properly lock the window.

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7 thoughts on “Birdbrain”

  1. That was really…. stupid?

    I guess it’s simply not the kind of story I like but damn…. it’s just a stupid smut with no plot at all (that’s the point I suppose), at least it totaly change from what we use to see in the way it’s written I guess…
    It’s really original but to me that doesn’t make it a good story, it was really a waste of time to read. (well it’s a smut after all)

      1. As I said, I realize it’s a simple smut, but even for a smut I found the narration and description really…. light? I don’t know how to put it, it feel like a confused chain of events, with barely any sentence to links them. (and I know the point is to concentrate on the smut and not the event between them)

        And even if it’s a simple smut where I don’t expect to have a real plot, well the problem is still here, it’s feel confused and hurried.

        But it’s just my personal opinion, and it might be simply not to my taste.

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