A Beach Episode

The sudden burst of sunlight hurt her eyes, though in truth, she didn’t mind.

The mindless boredom and long fatigue of sitting in a car ride for hours were instantly washed away as she took in the sight.

White sandy beaches, clear blue crystal waters, and high stone cliffs on either side that secluded the entire beach.

A veritable paradise on earth.

“Holy shit.”

Nyra glanced over to the white cat girl beside, who like her, was staring in awe.

“I know, right?”

“It’s like something out of National Geographic.”

The cheetah monster girl grinned.

“The perks of the job,” she bragged.

For the next few days the beach was theirs and theirs alone. In truth it was all just a matter of luck. She could never afford such a vacation destination on her salary as a photographer’s assistant. But it did mean that her boss sometimes worked with eccentric clientele that would sometimes offer up extra goodies as a personal thank you in lieu of payment.

Usually it was a wine bottle.

A private secluded beach with accompanying beach house and accoutrements was indeed a first.

“And this is all free, right?”

A rather average looking man dropped a pair of heavy suitcases beside them before wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Of course!” Kayla exclaimed. “And what are you doing? The suitcases go into our rooms!”

He let out a long sigh.

Picking up the suitcases once more, he waddled back into the house and trudged up the stairs. Nyra leaned back, watching him disappear around the corner before turning to the white haired cat girl.

“Are you sure he’s not your boyfriend?”

She flippantly sighed.

“He’s my roommate,” Kayla said defensively.

The blonde-yellow haired cheetah girl gave her a knowing look but didn’t press her further. One could easily mistake the pale cat girl for being airheaded but Nyra knew underneath her ditzy disarming exterior she could be quite sly. She wasn’t surprised in the least when she invited Kayla to come with her, Kayla had insisted her so called “roommate” come along with them.

“And what about your boyfriend?” Kayla asked, removing her hat and brushing her long white hair back.

Nyra cocked her head to the side and folded her arms, unsure of how to respond.

“I think we are going out….technically.”

“Technically?” Kayla asked.

Nyra bit her lip and looked away.

“Nothing’s happened yet.”

“Really?” Kayla said, surprised.

“Yes, really! There was just that one time I got naked but that was on the job and after that nothing else happened.” Nyra complained.

She didn’t know when she developed the crush on her boss.

All of a sudden, one day while watching him work, she suddenly knew that she liked him. It was a strange thing indeed. Then again, perhaps it was stranger that he made his living working primarily with nude models.

Maybe it was a jealousy thing, she decided.

Just once she would have liked for him to look at her the way he looked at those models.

“Well we have the next few days to do whatever we want. It’s pretty romantic here.” Kayla said, staring out into the sea. “No distractions or anything really.”

“I know,” Nyra exclaimed. “It’s why I also brought a whole box of condoms in my suitcase.”

Kayla stared at Nyra, and upon realizing she was serious, burst out laughing.

“Geez girl,” she said, wiping away a tear. “I hope the walls are soundproof at least.”

“They better be. Two guys. Two girls. What do you expect is going to happen.”

Kayla shifted uncomfortably.

“There’s still one more of us.”

“Oh right,” Nyra suddenly remembered.

The trip was planned by Nyra and her boss.

Kayla had brought along her so called “roommate”.

And then there was her.

Their fifth wheel.

Nyra and Kayla had first met each other in college. But there was another who had managed to overhear their conversation during class and without a moment’s hesitation (and some insistence) she had invited herself as well.

Nyra was only slightly annoyed. Apparently Kayla knew her, and at least she was nice enough to offer to drive them the whole way and back.

Nevertheless, Nyra couldn’t help but shake a worrying feeling.

“Where’d she go?” she wondered.

“Upstairs I think,” Kayla replied. “Probably to take a nap. It was a long car ride.”

“Hey girls,” a voice called out to them.

They turned around to find Nyra’s boss, Ian, pulling in another suitcase behind him.

“The owner wants me to remind you not to eat or drink the coconuts you find on the ground. They could be unsafe.”

“We know,” Nyra called back to him.

He was only a year older than Nyra and already he had a successful career as a photographer and even his own art gallery in the city. She had been working for him for little over a year, and in all that time, watching him take photos of scantily clad or nude men and women, not once did she ever see him betray a hint of emotion.

Except for that time she got naked for him.

It was a spontaneous act during a photoshoot for another model.

The act last briefly, and yet, for the first time since she had known him, he had gotten embarrassed.

It gave her hope that there was a chance.

And she was going to take full advantage of it.

A lewd thought suddenly popped into her head.

“Wanna put sun screen on me?”

Ian set his suitcase aside and immediately began to pull out a laptop and camera from his bag.

“Not right now. The owner asked that I take some photos of the property and send them to him; make sure everything is alright.”

Nyra eyed the camera disdainfully.

“See what I have to put up with?” she said under her breath.

Kayla gave her a sympathetic smile.

“Let us know whenever you’re done.” Nyra called out as Ian left through the front door, leaving the two cat girls alone.

“Might as well check out the beach while we wait,” Kayla suggested.

Nyra’s tail flicked behind her.

“Way ahead of you.”

In one swift motion, the cheetah monster girl pulled off the loose t-shirt she wore over her head. Underneath, she wore a revealing black bikini top that showed off her pert breasts and lithe figure. Her stomach was naturally toned, an after effect from her previous athletic career back in high school combined with her natural physique. Though perhaps she was more proud of the trademark black circle-spots that ran up the sides of her body.

Just as easily, she unzipped her kahaki shorts and let them fall to the floor.

The black triangle bottom was snug, hugging her bottom tightly and allowing her to fully show off her spots…and other assets.


Kayla stared, impressed.

“Where in the world did you get that?”

Nyra pulled the straps on her bottoms up higher up on her hips and felt the piece nestle between her butt cheeks before letting the straps slap back against her hips.

“It’s just an extra from work,” she shrugged.

In reality, she specifically chose this suit because it was actually just one size too small for her, which meant she could show off more.

And attract a certain someone’s eye.

She looked over to Kayla.

“What about yours?”

The white haired cat girl began working to unbutton her denim shorts.

“It’s nothing special. Just something I picked up when I was at the mall.”

With a quick shimmy of her hips, the denim shorts she wore dropped around her feet, revealing a royal blue bikini bottom that showed off a modest amount of her white butt and held together in a lace tied configuration that exposed a fair bit of her sides. Pulling off her tank top, the full ensemble of her piece was unveiled; a matching styled bikini top that showed off her cleavage, held together by the same lace tied configuration.


 Nyra nodded approvingly.

“I like it! But what happens if I pull this string?”

Kayla swatted her hand away.

“Don’t even joke about that!” She laughed nervously, dodging Nyra’s attempts to catch her strings.

Nyra watched the white cat girl’s breasts sway and bounce at her half-hearted attempts to grab the dangling string. For one mischievous moment, she actually made a grab for one.

“Stop!” Kayla said laughing, finally intercepting Nyra’s hand.

“But I am going to need sunscreen though.”

Nyra withdrew her hand. It was true enough. Perhaps Kayla’s most defining feature was her pale white features, from her furry white ears to her snow colored tail. She wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the pale cat girl didn’t leave this trip looking like a burnt piece of bacon.

“None of the boys coming down yet?” Nyra asked.

Kayla looked upstairs.

“Doesn’t look like it,” she sighed.

Of course Nyra had lewd thoughts about Ian holding her down and applying sunscreen to her, feeling her up and pressing himself down against her. She would have loved to tease him and watch his reaction. But then again, she also knew it was too hopeful for everything to play out like a cliché rom-com movie.

Instead, Nyra and Kayla utilized a can of aerosol sunscreen, with Kayla opting for two coats just to be safe.

Finished with their preparations, it was only a single step from the beachfront house to the sandy shore. Nyra stepped tentatively onto the fine white sand, delighting at the sensation of the almost powder like material between her toes. The warm breezy air enveloped her like a warm blanket on her skin, while the smell of the sea tickled her nose.

The two walked along the beach, basking in the atmosphere.   

“Nyaa, this is great,” Nyra exclaimed, stretching her arms.

“I know, right?” Kayla agreed. “I wish I brought a brush, though. The sand is going to get everywhere.”

“You can borrow mine if you want,” Nyra replied, remembering she brought a fine tooth brush for this very reason.

She looked out towards the sea.

“You wanna go for a swim?” she asked excitedly.

Kayla looked at her and then at the water with trepidation.

“I’m not much of a swimmer.”

“Oh…” Nyra nodded. “Still afraid of that water thing, huh?”

“I’m not afraid of it,” Kayla shot back. “I just don’t like when theres a lot of it. And you can’t see the bottom.

Nyra tried her best not to roll her eyes at the frightened cat.

“Just put your feet in, it’ll feel great.”

She began pulling Kayla by the wrist toward the water, ignoring her protests as they slowly began to wade into the shimmering clear water.

“Oh shit that does feel good,” Kayla exclaimed, relaxing at the cool sensation of the water lapping at her feet.

Nyra agreed. A part of her wanted to just dive in and begin swimming. But at the same time, she didn’t want to get her fur wet just yet.

Suddenly, Nyra felt herself being pushed over. Her tail whipped around her, balancing her out as he caught herself and looked towards the grinning perpetrator.

Nyra responded in kind by kicking, sending a splash of water towards the white haired cat girl, who turned away with a playful shriek.

They tried to splash each other with more and more water, running and playing around before Kayla finally stopped and looked back towards the beach house.

“It’s about time,” Kayla said, catching her breath.

The two girls shared a wry grin at the sight of the two young men. Ian looked natural wearing his swim trunks, and one could have easily mistaken him for a locale. Meanwhile, Kayla’s ‘roommate’ looked around nervously, unsure of what to do with his arms as they approached.


The two cat girls left the water, all the while Nyra could feel her heart beating in her chest. The swim suit she wore was much more revealing than any normal underwear she wore.

“So boys, do you like the sights?” Nyra asked, striking a pose for the two of them, with Kayla emulating her.

Ian looked out towards the sea.

“Yeah, the weather is fantastic this time of year. We couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Kayla’s roommate was still trying to figure out where to look, but Nyra could easily see the quick darting glances he made towards them.

“Uh-yeah. The water looks nice. It’s not too hot out,” he absentmindedly agreed.

Kayla rolled her eyes.

“She means us. You idiots. How do we look,” Kayla said, pointing to herself just to emphasize her point.

She twirled around, showing off the entirety of her swimsuit, her tail following behind her.

Nyra couldn’t help but notice his eyes glued to her.

“Oh-uh-good. Amazing, just…great.”

Kayla grinned, satisfied with her answer. 

Ian however, was analytical as always.

“It’s great. Blue on white is a good color combination for you. The design is really nice as well.

“And what about me?” Nyra tentatively asked.

She couldn’t see behind the trendy sunglasses he wore, but even with them on, she could tell that he was analyzing her. She suddenly grew self-conscious about how she looked. She had already appeared naked before him. So why the butterflies now? A sinking feeling grew in her stomach as Ian took longer and longer to reply to her.

“That’s from the Abelehr collection right? It suits you well,” he finally said.

“Oh,” Nyra gently smiled. “Thanks.”

It wasn’t much, she decided, but she was going to take what could get.

“So then!” she said, clapping her hands together, “Now that we’re all here, what do we want to do first? Swimming?”

“I don’t swim.” Both Kayla and Ian replied.

“Really!?” Nyra said in shock. “Why would anyone go to the beach and not want to swim!?”

“Cause there’s other things you can do at the beach!” Kayla argued. “We can do a bar-b-que, we can build sand castles, we can-“

“Gaah, those are lame!” Nyra groaned.

“We should do something fun like snorkeling or….what?”

Nyra had noticed that Kayla was staring wide eyed at something in the distance. When she had turned to look at what she was staring at, even her own jaw dropped.


The four of them turned to watch as the fifth member of their group finally joined them.

She was an unmistakable sight. Sleek oily black hair, radiant brown skin, and an aura that exuded their kinds usual high and lofty attitudes.

Livi was no exception.

She rarely spoke, and if she did, it was always candid.   

The very epitome of an Anubis.

But she was at least kind enough to drive for them.

And Kayla vouched that she actually nice; once you got to know her.

And yet, Nyra couldn’t help but be wary of her.

Turns out, she was right.

The anubis wore what could only be described as a black and yellow string microkini that accentuated her figure in all the right ways. The black and yellow triangles of her top piece was cut in such a way that it exposed her underboob, and even then, it only really managed to cover her nipples. Meanwhile, her string bikini bottom was tied so high up her waist, Nyra wondered how it wasn’t simply just slipping off her hourglass figure as the Anubis sauntered over.

Ian seemed unaffected by her appearance. Kayla’s roommate however, stood star struck.

The Anubis strode up to them, without a care in the world and flipped up her sunglasses. Nyra and Ian worked with world renowned models, and yet Livi could have easily given them a run for their money.

“Come to join us?” Ian asked happily, oblivious of her attire.

Livi motioned to the towel she was carrying in her hand.

“Tired. Going to nap and tan on the beach.”

“Alright, be careful of sunburns.” Ian called out as the Anubis made their way through them.

But the show wasn’t over yet.

As the Anubis sauntered away, the four were treated to back of Livi’s microkini, a single black string that disappeared in the fullness of her butt and ended with a mockingly small black and yellow triangle that peeked out the edge of her bushy yet sleek black tail that swayed aside with each step she took, affording them a full view of her glory.

Nyra frowned, irritated.

Kayla hit her roommate, who was staring just a little bit too much.

Ian waved innocently.

“Well,” Nyra said. “That was something.”

Kayla nodded.

“I didn’t expect her to have something like…, you know.”

Nyra sighed.

“I suppose we can leave her alone for now.”

‘And keep the boys to ourselves,’ Nyra thought.

An idea suddenly came to fruition in her head.

“How about a game of volleyball? We got one in the car.”

“That could be fun,” Ian agreed.

“I’m game,” Kayla shrugged.

Her roommate nodded as well.

“Good!” Nyra smiled. “Boys versus girls, obviously.”

“Oh, fun,” Kayla said, catching onto Nyra’s plan. “The losers have to do something for the winners?”

Nyra slyly grinned and cracked her knuckles.

“No complaining, no whining, and anything goes.”

With a lewd glint in their eyes, the two stared hungrily at the young men, as only mischievous cat girls could do.



And yet, what was supposed to be a lewd and fun filled game of beach volleyball, complete with bouncing tits and pieces of clothing being forfeited by the losers, was anything but.

The plastic inflatable ball they had brought with them could hardly stand up to the intensity of the match, and disappointingly popped at match point, leaving no conclusive winner.

In spite of the loss, the group still managed to have fun. Nyra enjoyed swimming along the beach while Kayla and her roommate went exploring, collecting various starfish and other strange marine life they managed to find, while Ian was content with simply watching them all.

Livi occasionally flipped herself over whenever she stirred from her nap.

The highlight of the day came from the great sand castle build off.

The four paired themselves off and built a temporary wall of sand. Behind it, each team had an hour to build a sandcastle and fortify it as best they could before demolishing the wall and letting the waves take its toll upon the structures. The battle was fierce, and Nyra lost count of how many times she frantically rushed to build another tower or wall before the entire structure succumbed to the waves.

Though Nyra didn’t have the chance to get closer to Ian, it was at least fun.

But she still had one more shot.

She roughly dried her hair, rubbing the towel as fast as she could after leaving the shower. She felt bad about how much sand had gone down the drain, but grateful that at least it wasn’t in her fur any more.

She briskly made her way through the house, stepping lightly on her toes and re-shifting her swimsuit into a more comfortable position before stepping outside.

Though the sun had long since departed, the sky was more than illuminated with the brilliant display of light from the star strewn sky.

That and the high beam deck lights.

Nyra closed the sliding door behind her with a dull thud.

A wave of warm, wet air instantly blanketed her skin as she looked down at her three friends.

And the bubbling hot tub they were relaxing in.

“Room for one more?” Nyra asked stepping in without waiting for a response.

She wanted to do an exaggerated lewd entrance as she entered the water, but instead jerked her foot back out and swore.

“You have to ease yourself in, dummy,” Kayla giggled, with a drink in hand.

“I know that,” Nyra replied, her pride more hurt than anything else as she more carefully began to dip herself in.

She let out a long slow breath as she carefully lowered herself in. Sitting comfortably in the hot tub across from Ian, she could feel her muscles begin to loosen and relax as the water sapped away the day’s fatigue.

She let out a long satisfying sigh.

“This is nice,” she nyaa’d.

“Yes it is,” Kayla nyaa’d back, “Now where was I? Oh yeah.”

Kayla, already tipsy, pointed to the two men sitting on the opposite corners of the hot tub.

“You two,” she pointed. “What’s the lewdest thing you’ve ever done?”  

The two men laughed nervously and looked away.

“Well?” Nyra asked, piggy backing off of Kayla’s question.

She was curious to hear what Ian’s answer would be.

Kayla’s roommate coughed and straightened himself up in the tub.

“Well…if I have to admit it. There was this one time a friend of mine came over and I offered to make her some hot chocolate…”

Before he could continue his story, he abruptly hunched over and grasped his leg.

“Something wrong?” Ian asked.

“It’s nothing,” Kayla retorted casually, taking another sip from her drink. “What about you mister photographer? I bet you’ve been in lots of lewd situations.”

Nyra perked her ears up and swiveled them towards his direction.

Ian, still wearing his trendy sunglasses, mulled over the question.

“Hmm…nothing really comes to mind.”

At that, Nyra’s ears slightly drooped.

“Well, actually, now that I think about it, there was one incident.”

And then shot right back up again.

She tried to keep a neutral expression, but she couldn’t help but lean forward. What would he say?  What if it had nothing to do with her?

The butterflies she had so easily gotten over earlier in the day returned.

And then just as easily left once more, as a loud thud caught all their attention.

“Sorry I’m late,” Livi apologized as stepped onto the deck and closed the sliding door behind her.

“No need to be, we were just telling stories,” Ian replied happily.

Nyra sighed and sat back, slightly irritated that she was interrupted by the anubis once again.

Livi nodded to them, clutching the towel she wore around her.  

“I hope you don’t mind if I join you?”

“Not, at all!” Kayla said. “Climb on in! Drinks are on my side if you wa-WOAH”

Livi had dropped the towel, and in lieu of the already revealing black and yellow swimsuit she had been wearing previously throughout the day, she instead was wearing nothing at all.

Nyra’s eyes went wide at the sight.

Kayla gapped and then rushed forward to cover her roomate’s eyes.

Ian smiled innocently.

“Ah, going nude then?”

Livi brushed her sleek black hair aside, revealing her nude body to them. The swimsuit had already left little to the imagination, but now completely bare, the gaps could easily be filled; perfectly molded chocolate breasts with tantalizing nipples and a smooth shaven nubile mound. Ignoring their surprise, she made her way around to the side of the hot tub.

“Of course. That’s how you’re supposed to do it.”

Nyra and Kayla squished themselves to the sides of the tub to as Livi stepped in between them.

Unfazed by the heat of the water, the anubis breathed deeply and sighed.

“This is quite relaxing,” she faintly smiled, closing her eyes.

Nyra stared at the anubis’s sizable breasts floating easily in the water. 

She was used to nudity. 

Her entire job revolved around the practice. Kayla, her face just as red as her roommate’s, didn’t know where to look, while her roommate made an admirable attempt to keep his own eyes forward; with little success.  

And yet, Nyra couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

“I see you don’t have any tan lines,” Ian noted. “Do you go tanning often?”

“Whenever I can,” Livi responded. “When I heard you were going to a beach, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”  

She crossed her legs and leaned back, her chest heaving as she stretched her arms above her head.

The photographer scratched his chin with an outstretched thumb.

“Have you ever considered modeling?” he asked.

Nyra’s body froze.

The anubis paused for a moment and pondered his question.

“Hmm…not especially,” she replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, if you’re ever considering it, I ca-“

“How about we all get naked?” Nyra suddenly interrupted.

The hot tub went quiet.

All four of its occupants looked towards her.

“It’s only fair,” Nyra added. “I mean, it’s a little awkward if Livi is the only one naked, right?”

The four clothed occupants hesitantly considered the idea.

Though the silence, Nyra realized what she had just proposed.

Not only would she be naked in front of everyone, but so would everyone else; including Ian.

She could feel the butterflies in her stomach practically trying to eat their way out of her.

Swirling her drink, it was Kayla who spoke first.

“I’ll do it,” she declared before pointing to the two young men. “But only if you guys are gonna do it.”

Ian shrugged.

“I’ve got nothing against it.”

The four looked over to Kayla’s roommate, who outnumbered and unable to resist peer pressure, begrudgingly agreed.

A nervous excitement built up within Nyra.

“So…who goes first?”

Again there was silence, save for the soft bubbling of the underwater jets.

“Ladies first,” Kayla’s roommate declared, suddenly speaking up for himself.

Kayla rolled her eyes and scoffed before setting her drink aside.

“Fine then. Ny, care to join me?”

Straightening herself up, Kayla reached around to the strings hanging from her neck and readied herself.

Nyra, fueled by a mix of panic and excitement, copied her.

“On three…one…two…three.”

Simultaneously, the two cat girls stripped.

A simple tug was enough to undo Kayla’s top while Nyra was able to slip hers over her head, freeing the two cat girl’s breasts from their clothed confines.

Topless, Nyra tossed the stringed piece aside and began to remove her bottom bikini as well.

She leaned forward, pulling the piece off and wincing slightly as the hot water came into contact with her chest. Leaning back again, she held the piece that had just been nestled between her butt cheeks before the two men, as if proving to them that she was fully naked before also tossing them over the side.

Kayla followed suit, pulling the laces of her own swimsuit apart and shimmying them down her legs. She playfully tossed it to her roommate who, distracted by the sight of the girls stripping, caught the wet piece of cloth with his face.  

The two girls sat back, joining Livi in their shared nudity.

The slow bubbling water would do little to hide what was beneath. And yet, Nyra felt no need to cover herself.

She wanted them to look, Ian in particular.

But behind his dark trendy sunglasses, she couldn’t make out his reaction.

“Alright, now it’s your turn,” Kayla said, keeping an arm across her breasts and denying them the full view.

Her roommate began to protest.

“Covering your boobs doesn’t count.”

“You’ll get to see the girls when everyone’s naked!” Kayla sneered. 

For a moment, Nya wondered whether the two men would actually go through with it. But before she knew it, Ian simply tugged down his swim shorts pulled off the only article of clothing he wore before placing it aside the hot tub. He crossed his leg over his knee, as if he were simply relaxing on a patio chair.

Nyra couldn’t help but peer down at his crotch.

To her surprise, he found him only half erect.

Or was he erect at all?

He certainly had some inches on him. And it was a nice size and shape, she thought.

Maybe he was one of those-what did they call it? Growers versus show-ers?

Nyra chewed her bottom lip, suddenly grateful at the situation she found herself in.

“Alright, now you!” Kayla shouted, pointing to her roommate.

It was easy to see his hesitation.

“I uh…change my mind.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Kayla shot back, “You don’t get to be the only wearing clothes in here!”

She suddenly lunged forward and grabbed his shorts beneath the water. The ensuing struggle was brief and somehow, either with luck or skill, she was able to pull off his swim shorts with a forceful tug.

It became quickly apparent why he was so hesitant to remove his shorts.

“Holy shit,” Kayla giggled. “You’re hard as a rock!”

He made a feeble attempt to cover himself with his arms underneath the water, but it was impossible. No matter which way he crossed his arms, something was always peeking out.

Even Nyra couldn’t help but stare at the sight.

“Shut up,” he shot back. “It’s not like I can help it.”

“It’s true,” Livi interjected calmly, cutting of Kayla’s giggling. “It’s a perfectly normal reaction to have. There’s no shame in it.”

Kayla, perhaps feeling guilty for her outburst, apologized.

“Fine, fine. Here, since it’s fair now…”

Kayla moved her arm to the side, revealing her creamy white breasts to the group. For a girl her size, they were surprisingly large and were peaked with rosey hued nipples. Nyra noted as to why the white cat girl wanted to cover her breasts; every move she made caused her sizable chest to jiggle and bounce lively. While Livi’s breasts may have been molded to perfection, it was Kayla’s whose seemed to be made for pleasure, as even Nyra felt the urge to grope the bouncy flesh in her hands.

Kayla leaned back, settling in with her drink.

“So here we all are…all naked…for everyone to see.”

There was a sizable amount of time as no one said anything. Eyes darted to and fro, glances made in discreet directions, every subtle shift in movement studied and analyzed.

Nyra couldn’t help but smile nervously. She was conscious of every breath she made, every time her chest heaved and her ears flicked. 

Ian’s reaction was indiscernible behind his sunglasses. Yet he seemed to be just as comfortable with his nudity as Livi was with hers. Only his head moved subtly. Shielded from his eyes, Nyra took the opportunity to inspect every visible inch of him. It was a rare chance after all. Her yellow eyes freely roamed over his body, and she made no attempt to hide it as her tail swished longfully beneath the water.

It was easy enough to see Kayla’s roommate reaction however.

His eyes couldn’t make up their mind at which girl to stare at; the voluptuous anubis, the well-endowed cat girl, or the lithe cheetah girl. He had allowed his arms to drop and through the swirling water Nyra could see his hardened cock throb. It had a slight curve to it, and was well shaped for its size.

It was ironic that for such an average looking guy, his most distinguishing feature his cock, Nyra thought.

She easily caught him sneaking a peek at her.

When she turned slightly to offer him a better view, amusingly, his eyes teleported away.

It was Kayla who eventually demanded his full attention by resting her feet on his legs.

She, like Nyra, made no attempt to hide herself allowing the two men to gaze over her. If she had slouched down just a bit more, Kayla would have been giving her roommate a foot-job. Though even Nyra doubted that she would have gone that far.

Only Livi seemed fully disinterested in the scene unfolding before her. Occasionally, she would cup a handful of water and sprinkle it down her chest. Nyra watched as the water poured down her breasts and naturally dripped off her tantalizing nipples.

‘Well that’s just unfair,’ Nyra thought to herself.

The water in the hot tub sloshed around.

“I think I’ll take a drink actually,” Ian said, resifting his position as he put his leg down.

Kayla set her drink aside.

“I got you.”

She rose from the water, crouching slightly as she turned her body and reached over the side of the hot tub to grab a can. All four heads turned to the white haired cat girl, her back arched in an exaggerated manner as she mooned them before sitting back down.

She wore a confident grin, clearly aware of what she did as she cracked the can open and handed it over to Ian.

“So…I noticed that were all shaven,” Kayla stated as a matter of factly.

Nyra scoffed.

“What kind of question is that?”

“What!? It’s a legitimate observation!” Kayla said defensively. “I mean, what else are we supposed to talk about? The weather?”

“I wax, actually.”

Kayla and Nyra looked over to Livi.

“Really?” Kayla asked fascinated. “I’ve never done it. Does it hurt?”  

Livi shrugged.

“You get used to it after a while.”

“Woah,” Kayla said in wonder. “…Can I feel?”

Livi uncrossed her legs.

“Go ahead.”

Nyra watched as Kayla twisted her body and leaned over, reaching down between Livi’s legs.

She was oblivious to the two men who were staring at them as she felt up the anubis.

“Holy crap, that’s smooth,” Kayla said in wonder. “Hey Ny, you should feel this.”

Nyra looked up to the taller anubis, who simply gave a slight nod of permission. Though Nyra had previously found her Livi to be irritating, after the nights previous events, she saw her in a new light.

Wordlessly, she reached towards her crotch, carefully using her fingertips to trace her way towards her vulva. She gently caressed the supple flesh, and like Kayla, was amazed at how smooth it felt.

Through it all, Livi made no reaction.

Kayla looked over to the two men sitting opposite of her.

“You boys wanna feel?” she teased.

To Nyra’s surprise, it was her roommate that spoke up.

“Control yourself Kayla,” he said in an authoritative tone, reining her in.

“Fine, fine,” she said, her breasts jiggling as she sat back in the corner of the tub.

“What do you boys wanna talk about then?”

Ian took a sip from his drink.

“Well, I heard you were both in college…”


It took awhile for the group began to talk of more mundane affairs.

What everyone was doing, what movies they had seen; there was a cordial argument about what everyone’s reaction to the ending of the latest superhero movie.

And gradually, they began to forget her nudity.

There were only slight reminders of their indecency, such as when Nyra’s arm brushed up against Kayla’s stiffened nipple, or her roommate’s still hardened cock throbbing all the while.

“Oh my god,” Kayla abruptly said. “We should take a photo.”

The two men cocked their heads.

 “You mean, like, right now?” Her roommate asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah! Totally!” Kayla said happily, in the middle of her second or third drink. “This is like, the perfect opportunity to do it.”

“We’re naked,” Livi replied. “Though I wouldn’t mind if you wanted one,” she said, her tone changing quickly.

“What are we even going to do with it?” Kayla’s roommate reasoned. “And what if it gets uploaded to the internet? My reputation would be ruined.”

Kayla waved him off.

“It’s for posterity sake! Just for us! And like you have a reputation to consider,” she sneered.

Nyra intrigued by the idea, spoke up.

“We have cameras that have special locked SD cards. I can send a copy if you want one.”

In truth, it was a perfect opportunity to get Ian behind the camera. The idea of him focusing his full attention through the lens of a camera, at her, was more than alluring. She wondered if she could replicate his embarrassed reaction from the previous incident when she was with him.

“There we go! See? Let’s do it!” Kayla said, clapping her hands together, causing her breasts jiggle once again.

“I’ll get the camera,” Nyra declared.

She reached over to the edge of the hot tub, and upon pushing herself up, realized that everyone would most likely be staring at her. She stepped lightly out of the hot tub, and with no towel to wrap herself in, shook herself off of excess water from ear to tail, sending droplets flying before quickly made her way to the sliding door, aware that everyone would be watching her.

She ducked inside the house, thankful that the air wasn’t as brisk as she expected and made her way to her upstairs bedroom. After some rummaging, she found the camera and ensured that it had the appropriate SD card before making her way back downstairs. 

But instead of heading directly outside, she stopped by the kitchen. She placed her camera on the granite countertop and opened the fridge. Though they had alcohol by the hot tub, she wasn’t much of drinker. The cold air caused her to shiver, her perky nipples instantly hardening, but she powered through it, bending over and delving deeper into the fridge before finally finding a bottle of water stashed in the very back.

Nyra pulled it out, the cold plastic crinkling as proceeded to tear the top and bring it to her lips.

She closed the fridge and turned around.

Only to find Kayla’s roommate standing some few feet behind her.

Like a deer caught in headlights, he stood there, his naked body still dripping wet from the hot tub.

Nyra took a swig of water before capping the bottle.

“Hey,” she said coolly, keenly aware that she was also still naked.

“Uh…hey,” he finally said after collecting his train of thoughts.

He suddenly hunched over.

Nyra watched with a strange sense of fascination as his once flaccid cock suddenly sprang to life.

“I-uh…sorry,” he apologized, trying to cover his growing erection.

Leaning on one leg, Nyra raised an eyebrow.

“Were you watching me bend over in the fridge?” she correctly guessed.

He looked away bashfully.

“I went to use the bathroom…I didn’t mean to stare.”

“Don’t be,” Nyra shrugged, eyeing his crotch. “But it’d be a little rude if you got a free show and I didn’t, right?”

It took awhile for him to take the hint, but once he did, he hesitantly dropped his arms and stood up, allowing Nyra to watch his cock throb and grow until he was finally twitching at full mast, his erect phallus bouncing like a happy puppy at the sight of her. 

Amused, Nyra couldn’t help but smirk.

“Nice cock,” she said teasingly. “I can see why Kayla likes you.”

“Haha…uhm…thanks,” he said, taking the compliment as best he could.

 She noticed that although he couldn’t meet her gaze directly, he couldn’t keep his eyes from glancing over her nude body.

“Nice…spots…”he said, struggling to make conversation. “They’re really exotic.”  

“D’ya like them?” she excitedly replied, finally happy someone made mention her trademark spots.

She twisted her body to the side, showing off the trail of hollow black spots that started from her legs and traveled up her sides and hips before wrapping around the small of her back. The spots were found elsewhere on her body as well, appearing on her forearms, shoulders, and down her tail.

He stood transfixed watching her.

“They’re uhm…good. You do sports?”

Nyra shrugged. “Tennis back in high school.”

She began to walk towards him.

“You’re not too familiar with monster girls, are you?” she noted.

Broken from his trance, he took a quick step backwards, suddenly conscious of how close his cock was to her.

“I…uh…only have real experience with Kayla,” he admitted.

Nyra nodded turned her attention from the naked man in front of her to the camera she had placed earlier on the countertop.

‘It shows,’ Nyra thought.

Only newbies called monster girls exotic.

She began to change the settings on the camera for low light conditions.

“Hmm…so for a girl like Kayla, you gotta call her bluff,” Nyra began to explain, all the while she continued to fiddle with the camera.

“Sorry?” He asked, confused.

“She likes messing with you. So if you mess with her back, you can totally call her bluff.”

Kayla’s roommate nodded slowly, taking in the impromptu relationship advice.   

“Oh and don’t be afraid to just go to town on her. I mean really, go wild,” Nyra grinned.

“What…do you mean?” he said, taken aback.

“You know,” she shrugged. “Pin her down. Slap her ass. Pinch her nipples. Make her call you daddy.”

She looked at him with a mischievous smile.

“Oh, and I mean really spank her. Girls with tails love to be spanked; sends a tingle up our spine and into our brains. Feels great.”

She shimmied her hips for emphasis, delighting at his awkward mannerisms as he watched.

“I’ll uhm…keep that in mind,” he said, awkwardly thanking her.

“Oh, and one last thing,” Nyra said turning towards him.

She struck her most seductive pose, one leg bent while her hand rested on her hip confidently. She stood within arm’s reach, completely naked before him.

With the most sultry tone she could muster, she asked;

“Which of us out there do you think is the sexiest?”

Kayla’s roommate instantly swallowed.

There was nowhere to look but at the nude cheetah girl in front of him. His cock bounced with each heartbeat, and judging by the looks of it, his heart was racing. Nyra watched as the gears in his brain grinded and turned.

She innocently folded her arms together, accentuating her small breasts in front him, waiting for his response with a coy smile.

After some time, he finally answered.

“I wouldn’t say,” he said in a profound sense of calm, as if he had just achieved enlightenment.

“And why not?” Nyra asked.

“Because if I gave any answer, no matter what, I’d be wrong. And I’d probably get chewed out over it.”

“Oh wow,” she said impressed.

She instantly dropped her seductive façade.

“You’re smarter than you look.”

Girls, even if they were a different species, were a gossiping bunch.

Nyra already knew the moment she was alone with the other girls they would be comparing the two men together for days afterwards.

“Well, you pass I suppose,” Nyra stated plainly before picking up the camera once more. “But we should probably head back before they start wondering what happened to us. Shall we?”

Kayla’s roommate breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, let’s do that,” he said, following Nyra to the sliding door outside.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Nyra said, craning her head behind her.

Once again she caught him staring at her butt.

“I’m flattered. Really.” she said softly, glancing downwards at his still erect cock. “But I’m after someone else tonight.”

She pulled the sliding door aside and was once again greeted with warm humid air.


Kayla raised her third or fourth drink in the air at their return.

“Heeey! You’re back!” Kayla shouted just a bit too loudly.

Nyra quickly made her way to the hot tub and stepped in. Already acclimated to the heat, she winced only slightly, happy to return to the warmth of the hot tub.

“I got the camera,” she said, holding the expensive device carefully above the water.

Kayla however,was more interested in watching her roommate return to the tub. His still erect cock waggled from side to side as he made his way towards his side of the hot tub and carefully stepped in, trying his best to ignore Kayla’s gleeful staring.

“Alright, so how do we want to do this?” Nyra asked, grabbing the cat girl’s attention and sparing her roommate from her incessant leering.

Kayla paused, confused as if her idea had never intended to get this far.

Nyra looked towards Ian, hopeful that he would at least try and volunteer himself.

“I can take it,” Livi offered instead.

Surprised at the offer, Nyra hesitantly handed her the camera, making sure her hands were dry before giving her a quick tutorial on how to operate the device.

Livi nodded.

“Alright, everyone scrunch together.”

“What, like, together together?” Kayla asked, confused.

“Yes, together. We’re taking a selfie, and I’m not getting out of the tub.” Livi explained.

Nyra and Kayla glanced at each briefly before turning their attention to the two men opposite of them.

Nyra stood up and strutted over to Ian’s side of the hot tub, placing one foot in front of the other before slowly sitting down next to him. She tucked himself underneath his arm, and pressed her body against his.

Even underneath the steaming water, his body felt hot to the touch.

“Hey,” Nyra softly meowed, giving him a subtle wink.

Kayla mirrored Nyra’s actions. Rising from the water, she gave the group the first full view of her shapely nude milk toned body as she strode over to her roommate’s side of the tub.

She swung her hips around, brushing her hair and tail aside and sensually showing off her pale moon butt before taking a seat.

On his lap.

He squirmed, hands instantly grabbing ahold of her waist as his cock became squished against her ass. She wiggled herself into his lap and made herself more comfortable against his protests.

“Oh my god,” Nyra laughed.

“What? It’s the best seat in the house,” Kayla giggled, wiggling her butt back and forth against him, effectively giving him a lap dance.

 “Alright everyone, hold still,” Livi instructed, still on the other side of the hot tub.

With her toned back turned to them, Livi held the camera up high. It was a professional camera, and while more compact, it was difficult to tell whether they were all in the picture. She held it at varying heights, trying to gauge what would be suitable.

Satisfied, she held the camera still and placed and arm across her breasts.

“Alright, non-nude first. Then we can take a nude one.”

Nyra covered her breasts with her hands, while Kayla crossed her legs and covered hers with a single arm before striking a pose.

The camera focused and whirred before several clicking sounds were heard.

Livi then dropped her arm, revealing her breasts for the camera.

“…and now for the lewd one.”


The three girls continued to take photos, striking different poses or taking a variety of candid shots and enjoying themselves. At one point, Kayla had been drunkenly fighting Nyra for the camera, their nude bodies colliding and rubbing against each other as Nyra kept it away from the rowdy cat.

But before their debaucheries could escalate further Livi had decided to call it quits.

She needed to complete her routine, she explained, and after soaking long enough in the hot tub, she needed a cold shower.

They watched her hourglass figure strut away, her sleek oily black tail following close behind her as she entered the house.

“Alright, fine, we’ll hit the hay too,” Kayla sighed, dejected that her fun had been ruined.

The two girls stepped out of the hot tub and began to collect their discarded garments from the floor.

Caught off guard, Nyra yelped as Kayla suddenly grabbed a handful of her butt and bumped her hips against hers.

The pale cat girl shot her a sly look before turning to address her roommate.

“My rooms gonna be unlocked if you feel like continuing the fun,” she announced before slinging her bikini over her shoulder and strutting away.

Balling her own swimsuit in hand, Nyra glanced over at Ian.

She flashed a sultry smile at him.

“Good night~,” she waved.

 She strutted away, giving the two men one last show before disappearing inside.


And yet.


She wasn’t ready for the night to end.


Nyra waited for the house to go quiet before stealthily exiting her room.

Silently, she made her way down the stairs, yellow pointed ears tuned for any errant stray sound as she stepped carefully down the hall and reached her destination.

She lightly knocked.

A few moments later, the door creaked open.

 “Oh hey,” Ian answered. “What are you doing out here? And why -“

It was all he managed to get out before a hand pushed him back, causing him to tumble backwards onto the bed behind him.

With a lewd look in her yellow eyes, she stepped through the door and closed it behind her.

There was a distinctive click as she locked it.

Before Ian could get up, she pounced on him with all the expertise of a predator, easily pinning him beneath her.


Ian struggled but couldn’t break free. 

“Nyra? What are you doing?!” Ian said, struggling underneath her.

“I could be asking you the same thing,” Nyra glowered.

She easily held him down and kept a firm grip on his wrists as he continued to struggle.

“All day, I’ve been throwing myself at you. I gave you so many opportunities and excuses I was starting to wonder whether you thought I was actually I was a girl or not,” Nyra explained. “Honestly, now that I think about it, I’m surprised you didn’t hover hand me in the hot tub.”

“But you’re still-“

“Naked?” she said, interrupting him. “Of course I am.”

She dove into his neck and inhaled his scent. Like her he must have also taken a shower after leaving the hot tub. He smelled of honeyed lemon.

“I figured I might as well throw myself at you in case you weren’t getting the hint.”

Ian had stopped struggling and instead froze beneath her as she whispered into his ears.

“You gonna keep struggling?” she breathed into his ear.

Nyra felt a slight shudder beneath her.


“You gonna try and throw me off?”

Ian gulped.


Nyra smiled triumphantly.

She reared back and let go of him, admiring him like a victorious prize after a long hunt.

But it was short lived.

Nyra eyed the faded t-shirt and flannel pants he was wearing.

“And what? After the hot tub, you were going to go to bed, just like that?” Nyra frowned.

“Look, you’re even still wearing these stupid sunglasses.”

She reached down to remove them, only to have Ian fight back once more. 

He fought desperately to keep his sunglasses on.

“Hey! Don’t. Don’t!”You keep struggling and I’ll bite you!” she warned.

At this, Ian once more stopped and allowed Nyra to remove his sunglasses.

“There, that’s better,” Nyra smiled.

Nyra however, raised an eyebrow.

“Hey, look at me.”

Ian refused. Instead of looking at the naked cheetah girl above him, he turned his head away from her, intent on avoiding eye contact.


Nyra grabbed the sides of his head with both hands and craned his head towards her.

“I said look at me.”

Hesitantly, Ian’s eyes flicked forwards until he was staring at the nude cheetah girl on top of him.

Nyra smiled.

“Now was that so hard?”

She suddenly felt something press against her.

Looking down, she what was once a slight bulge begin to press against her.

She raised a knowing eyebrow at the man beneath her before diving into his neck and nuzzling against him.

“Do you like me?” She breathed into his ear.

Ian squirmed underneath her.

“I was-“

“Nuh-uh” Nyra quickly interrupted before latching onto his ear.

“No excuses. Yesh or no.”

 Ian’s breath caught in his throat.


Nyra’s heart ran several laps before she finally forced herself to calm down gently released his ear. She wrapped her arms around him, purring all the while.

“And the reason why you never said anything?”

Ian hesitantly answered.

“I thought it would be…unprofessional.”

Nyra’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you serious?” she said pushing herself up.

In a panic, Ian began to explain.

“It’s just that you’re my friend and this job can cause a lot of misunderstandings I didn’t want to risk our professional relationship for-“

Nyra placed a finger on his lips.

“Do you like me, yes or no?” She asked once again in an annoyed tone.

Ian nodded.

“Good,” Nyra smiled. “Because I like you too.”

 She leaned in and kissed him, and much to her relief and jubilation, he kissed her back. Soft moans escaped her lips as she drank him in.

Suddenly, she broke away from him.

“Actually, there is one problem,” she said catching her breath.

“What?” he said, looking at her quizzically.

Nyra grabbed the hem of his t shirt and pulled it over his head.

“This needs to go…”

She then shimmied down and grabbed his pants legs.

“…and these as well.”

She recoiled as something hit her chin.

“Well look who decided to join the party.” Nyra cooed, marveling at the erect cock that rose in front of her. “How in the world were you hiding this thing?”

It was nowhere near as large as it was in she had first seen in it the hot tub. And now that it stood at full attention she could fully admire it. While Kayla’s roommate had been a rod, Ian’s was more like a trunk. It was thick and had a broad head which she found cute as it pulsed insatiably.

For her.

“I was doing long division in my head,” he admitted. “And reciting all the ISO settings for necessary various lightening scenarios. And the sunglasses helped.”

She wasn’t really listening to him though. She was entirely focused on his cock. Carefully, she lightly touched the tip, causing Ian to whine below her as she carefully pressed it against her pelvis. By its length and shape, it easily could have reached her belly button or perhaps just a bit under. She felt a giddy sense of excitement at the prospect of finally claiming him.

She brought her hips forwards, allowing herself to slide against his rigid cock, moistened lips dividing as she slid atop him.

Instinctively, Ian grabbed her hips.

“Do you know what I like best about my spots?” Nyra asked in a sultry tone as she placed his hands atop his.

She slowly grinded herself against his cock, rubbing herself against him. Ian could only gasp and breathe shallowly.

She bit her lip as she took his hands and began to maneuver and trace his fingers over her blackened spots along her body.

“…they tell you how to fuck me.”

She leaned forward and began to rub her entrance against him, ready to finally devour him her prey.

Suddenly, broke away.

“Oh, there’s one more thing we need,” she said before dashing out of the room, leaving a naked Ian lying there with his cock out.

She returned only a moment later, carrying a box in her hands which she promptly tossed at Ian.

“Where going to play a game,” Nyra declared before tossing the box at him.

He caught it before it landed against his chest.

Nyra watched his eyes widened as he read the contents of the box.

“It’s called ‘How many condoms can we go through before the night is up?’”

Ian looked hesitantly at the box before looking up at her.

“Nyra, There’s over a hundred condoms in this box alone.”

She grinned.

Once more, she locked the door behind her.


The following Epilogue is not canon content, but was too lewd to pass up.


Nyra poked her head out from beneath the soft confines of her bed she had just so recently spent the night in with Ian. 

It was warm, cozy, and best of all, Ian was in it with her.

Nyra hung over the edge of the bed and peered down at the floor.

Four bright yellow sacs were neatly lined up on the floor, carefully tied up, and their contents nearly bulging.

She reached down and gently poked one, marveling at the squishiness of the contents.

‘And to think,’ Nyra thought to herself, ‘that could have all been inside me.’

Four was respectable enough, she finally decided.

But those were rookie numbers.

She wanted their next engagement to last for hours.

If not the whole day.

A giddy sense of excitement built up within her as she imagined an entire day dedicated to just fucking each other.

She rolled over and gazed at the man sleeping next to her.

He gently stirred as Nyra kissed his cheek and snuggled up behind him.

“Morning,” she whispered.

He groaned as he turned over and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. She fit perfectly into his arms.

Nyra couldn’t help but purr.

“Did you sleep well?”

Ian simply nodded and held her tighter.

“Did you enjoy last night?”

Ian nodded once more and nuzzled his face into her head.

“…sorry about the whole biting you thing…” Nyra said apologetically, remembering from last night when Ian had discovered how sensitive her nipples were.

“ ‘S fine,” he mumbled, gently petting the cheetah girl in his arms.

Nyra wanted nothing more than to spend the entire day right where she was. But she was never a morning person.

Already the day was calling her.

Not to mention their time at the beach house was limited.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Nyra asked.

“Mmm…you,” Ian mumbled, inhaling her deeply.

Nyra’s tail did circles behind her.

“Tempting,” she said, seriously considering his idea. “But we got people in the house to feed first. I’ll bring you back something though, alright?”

All he could do was nod as Nyra pulled herself away from him and rolled off the bed. She watched as Ian, still half-asleep, moved over to her side of the bed and began to use her pillow.

Nyra resisted the urge to pounce on him again, and instead kissed his cheek once last time before she made her way to the door.

Nyra vaguely remembered their tenuous plans for renting a boat or going snorkeling. In reality, she just wanted to get the other three occupants of the house occupied with something else so she could spend time with Ian.

But she pushed those thoughts aside for now.

She needed to hurry.

After all, she was still naked from last night’s events.

She carefully closed the door behind her and began to make her way towards the stairs when an unfamiliar sound caught her attention.

Her ears swiveled.

Cautiously, she followed the source of the disturbance around the corner and into the spacious modern styled living room.

There she found Kayla’s roommate sitting on the couch, naked. His head was rolled back in a state of bliss while a certain white haired cat girl wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt sat on the floor between his legs, her face buried into his crotch.

Kayla’s head wobbled a bit before she came back up. Nyra watched in silence as her roommate’s hardened glistening cock unsheathed itself from her mouth with a satisfying pop.

The half-lidded hazy look in her eyes slowly came into focus at the sight of Nyra.

“Oh…hey. You’re up early,” Kayla said sheepishly, wiping away the spittle from her lips.

Her roommate broke from his trance and gasped at the sight of Nyra before grabbing a nearby couch cushion to cover himself with.

Nyra leaned against the wall and crossed her arms with a wry grin.

“You guys having fun?”

Kayla shrugged, remaining confident while her roommate seemed ready to just about die.

“Just a little bit.”

“We do have rooms, you know,” Nyra casually suggested. “Give you guys a bit of privacy.”

“Oh, you mean like last night?” Kayla asked sarcastically. “The whole house could pretty much hear you two.”

With a tug, she pulled away her roommate’s cushion and wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke him.

“We figured privacy went out the door after that.”

“I-I don’t think that,” her roommate said futility before being silenced by Kayla.

Slightly miffed, Nyra watched as Kayla ran her tongue along his rock hard shaft, electing soft groans from her roommate as she ignored Nyra and played with him.

For a moment she considered leaving the two of them alone there to have their fun.

It would only be fair, she thought to herself. 

But the way Kayla lovingly devoted her attention to his cock.

And the lewd look in her eyes as she took him made Nyra think twice.

It was the final glint in Kayla’s eyes as she gently kissed his throbbing cock and shot a glance at her that finally sent Nyra over the edge.

She knew a challenge when she saw one.

She disappeared, leaving the two to themselves before appearing once again with Ian in tow.

“Well at least let me put on a -oh!” Ian said, stopping in his tracks.

“Sorry! We’ll come back later.”

“No we won’t” Nyra said, pushing Ian onto the couch.

She grabbed his flannel sleeping pants and began to pull them down, growling intimidatingly when he tried to hold on to them.

“I hope you don’t mind if we join you then,” Nyra declared to Kayla, as she took up position between Ian’s legs.

Kayla smiled devilishly before turning her attention once more to her roommate’s cock, rubbing it lovingly across her cheek.

“Be my guest.”

Nyra didn’t need any encouragement as she placed a hand on each of Ian’s thighs and scooted herself forward towards him.

Nyra had expected Ian to offer more resistance.

But his erect cock proved otherwise.

The cause of  which could have been explained as morning wood. Or maybe it was her own sultry wiles. 

Or perhaps it was the result of her forcefulness or maybe his own perverse desires.

More than likely, it was a combination of all of the above.

Whatever it was, Ian didn’t protest as Nyra hovered over his waiting cock.

She gently grasped the hot member in her hand and gave it several gently loving strokes before giving into her inhibitions and diving in, taking him fully down to the base.

Several things happened at once.

Ian’s cock reached the back of her throat, eliciting a gurgle from her when he suddenly lurched forward. A musky scent filled her nose and addled her head with lustful thoughts as she held on, letting out a moaned purr.Her tongue wrapped around his throbbing shaft, savouring the masculine taste as he grew even bigger inside her. She realized that it was actually a thin layer of dried cum from last nights previous love making. Slowly she bobbed her head, dragging her lips and tongue across the sensitive, working her way through the dried cum and delighting at Ian’s incessant squirming and sharp gasps of breath beneath her. 

Beside her, she could her Kayla working her magic as well. She could hear soft moans, while her roommate occasionally grunted and writhed under her touch.

With half lidded eyes, Nyra lolled out her tongue and licked the underside of Ian’’s cock from base to tip, earning herself another gasp from him.

She was about to repeat the action again when she spotted Kayla staring at her from the corner of her eye.

“What?” Nyra asked in a daze, failing horribly to control to sultry tone in her voice.

Kayla, with an uninhibited look in her eyes, quickly glanced between the two cocks in front of them.


“Wanna switch?”


They froze. 

The soft ticking of a clock practically echoed through the room. In the distance, the muffled crashing of waves could be heard. Somewhere outside, a coconut, held only by a thin tangle fibrous hairs, finally gave way and fell to the ground with a dull sandy thud.

No one in the room said anything.

Kayla looked at Nyra.

Nyra looked at her roomate.

Her roommate looked at Kayla.

Kayla in turn looked up at Ian.

No one uttered a word of protest.

Without saying a word, Nyra and Kayla rose from their kneeled position, switching places with each other without even a passing glance while the two men sitting on the couch shifted themselves back up their seats.

“Give me your shirt,” Nyra said, her eyes glued to the new cock in front of her.

“What, you don’t like sloppy seconds? I brushed my teeth this morning,” Kayla replied while she peeled off her only article of clothing and handed it over to her.

Nyra took it without looking.

“Shut up and try not to choke on it.”

Carefully she proceeded to wipe down the saliva coated, glistening cock before her. 

She looked at the man who it belonged to.

“Hey,” Nyra breathed in a ragged voice.

She couldn’t control her breathing, nor her shivering excitement.

Kayla’s supposed roommate looked down at her.

“…hey,” he replied back in a breathless, eager voice.

Having cleaned up Kayla’s previous mess, Nyra hovered over his hardened rod with a hungry look. It was thinner than Ian’s, but still just as hard and rigid.

To think, just the previous night she was teasing the man, and now she was on her knees in front of him, about to suck his cock.

Giving into carnal desire, she greedily dived in, accepting the cock into her mouth without a hint of displeasure at the same time Kayla took in Ian’s.

The two men let out moans and sharp breathes of pleasure as the two girls began to work them off.

Kayla had been telling the truth, Nyra noted, as her roommate’s cock did indeed have a slight minty taste to it, before quickly giving way to his unique musk, completely different from Ian’s. 

In response, he grabbed her head, cradling it in his hands as he held on. Nyra closed her eyes, focusing the entirety of her sense on the lewd act she was performing.

Beside them, Kayla’s and Ian’s moans of pleasure joined theirs.

It was thrilling to explore him. Every action Nyra performed earned her a new reaction different from what she had learned from Ian.

When she swirled her tongue around his head, he pleaded with God.

When she opened her mouth to breath while he was still in her, his legs shook.

She bobbed her head up and down, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around him and dragging her tongue across his sensitive underside as she serviced him.

In turn, Nyra couldn’t but shiver and moan as his found and gently began massaging her ears.

Next to them, Ian was helpless against Kayla’s assault, becoming putty in her more than capable mouth. Even from where she was kneeling, Nyra could see Kayla’s enthusiastic movements beside her. The white haired cat girl worked her whole body into it, her body swaying with every descent and her tail swishing behind her in long strokes. 

She suddenly came back up, gasping for breath before looking over to Nyra.

“Try twisting your head going down; he loves that.”

Nyra came back up, huffing for breath.

 “Don’t tell me how to suck dick,”she said before once descending down her roommates cock.

Kayla only laughed, and turned her attention back to the man in front of her. 

Kayla wrapped her hand around his hardened shaft and proceeded to pump him vigorously.

At the same time, she dove underneath and focused on his sack, gingerly licking and kissing his precious cargo before engulfing them whole and swirling the life giving orbs in her mouth. 

Ian moaned long and hard, nearly kicking his legs out while his knuckles turned white from gripping the seat of the couch.

But just as quickly as the assault began, it ended. 

Ian looked down to find the white haired cat girl staring back up at him.

She pressed her face against his thick cock.

“You can force my head down,” she cooed in a low voice. “I won’t bite.”

Nyra came off her dick with a satisfying sloppy sound and looked up.

“You stick your thumbs in my ears, and I will.” 

Kayla’s roomate ran his fingers through her short hair, being careful as Nyra took him in once more.

Nyra’s mind was inundated with cock.

She wanted it all. 

Slowly, she fought passed her gag reflex and forced her throat to relax, holding her breath as she began to take more of him in.

Centimeter by centimeter, her lips reached further and further down his shaft and after shifting her body forward to gain a better angle, she was able to take him all.

His cock perfectly seated into her throat. Trimmed pubic hair tickled her nose, and she could feel the soft malleable flesh of his sack upon her bottom lip. 

She had conquered his dick

He let out a low guttural moan that reverberated through his entire core.

Nyra moaned victoriously.

Which was in retrospect a terrible idea, as she immediately sputtered and unsheathed the cock from her throat.

But she didn’t let go of him.

She pulled off of him till only his tip remained in her mouth, and then slid right back down, earning herself another strangled moan.

She found a comfortable position with his cock just reaching the back of her throat. His head scraped against soft flesh of her throat as she began to bop up and down him in a rhythmic fashion.

Slowly she began to increase her pace, with lewd moans and slurping sounds emanating from her mouth as she savoured his cock and dragged her nails down his thighs. 

Kayla followed suit, taking Ian from tip to base with her own technique, which consisted of her sticking out her tongue while deepthroating him, her hands working to gently fondle and massage his orbs as well.

Faster and faster, the two girls went, intent on extracting their prize.

Nyra looked up at the man she was pleasing. 

Their eyes locked onto each other, causing the final nail in the coffin as Kayla’s roommate uttered one last guttural cry as finally reached his climax.

His seed erupted into her mouth, making her gag slightly at the force of it hitting the back of her throat.

But she never broke eye contact.

She watched him as his cock continued to blast wave after wave of cum into her mouth, the contents of which threatened to spill from the corners of her mouth.

At the same time, Kayla also received her desired reward. 

Ian suddenly thrusted forward, but she managed to pull out at the last moment before tilting her head back and quickly angling his cock towards her.


Her once delicate features became glazed with thick ropey strands of cum, coating her hair, cheeks, and eye before dribbling down her face.

Next to her, Nyra worked carefully to keep a seal around the cock in her mouth as she came back up.

She spilled only a little, and even so, she marveled at the size of the load she took, swirling her tongue around the viscous life giving liquid.

She was about to spit out the contents when Kayla suddenly grabbed her head, and before she knew what was happening, leaned in to kiss her.

Nyra emitted a moan of surprise as Kayla forced open her lips with her tongue and greedily began steal the pearly substance out of her own mouth. 

But she didn’t fight back.

Instead, she closed her eyes and just went with it. The two girls shared a messy cum drenched kiss, with spittle and cum escaping down their chins and spilling onto their chests as they made out with one another. It was only when Kayla had cleaned Nyra’s teeth with her tongue that the two finally broke away, gasping for air.

Nyra could practically smell the stain of cock and semen in her breath.

“Holy shit.” 

Kayla brushed her white hair back.

“Yeah,” she said, out of breath as well.

The two looked back at the men slouching on the couch, their foreheads glistening with a thin sheet of sweat, wearing silly yet satisfied expressions.  

Nyra couldn’t help but chuckle, her pert chest heaving.

“This isn’t going to turn into one of those things where spend the entire vacation just fucking each other…right?”

“That depends,” Kayla replied.

“How many condoms did you say you brought with you?”

Nyra couldn’t help lick her lips as she looked back at the two men sprawled out across the couch.

Meanwhile just out of view, a certain anubis who had just wanted to get some coffee, looked out at the lewd sight happening in the living room and sighed.

“People these days just have no decency.”

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2 thoughts on “A Beach Episode”

  1. Nice and fun, but many areas with missing words or changind descriptions. The cheetah’s chest keeps switching from small to pert to large and bouncy. Somewhat confusing there.

    And then there’s stuff like this, which almost took me out of it: “Ian suddenly thrusted forward, but she managed to pull out at the last moment before tilting her head back and quickly angling his cock towards hers.”

    This makes it sound like she’s pointing his cock at her cock. Which I hope she doesn’t have.

    Overall pretty solid.

  2. I like that some other stuff is happening – characters’ jobs, the dynamic with anubis, the sunglasses, the fridge. Character moments.

    I think you were too ‘on-the-nose’ with the “Wanna switch?” scene. I mean you gave this wonderful paragraph of the clock, the crashing waves, the coconut–one that communicates the silence and builds out the environment. But then there’s a, “no one said anything,” then, “no one uttered a word of protest,” and THEN, “without saying a word…”
    Let the silence speak for itself (heh, ironic). Remember, if you don’t write your characters speaking, then they’re not speaking.

    But yea, more anubis, please.

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