AWOL in Wonderland

Between the massage and getting my pouncing practice in, I felt great. Salutations and a sultry well met. My name is Nyu Nyu, Arch Narrator and Wonderland tour guide. It is my solemn duty to give Dearest Reader a recap on where our story left off in the last chapter. Dearest Reader is you, by the way. Fucking faggot. JK not JK pls send memes.” -Nyu Nyu

Yesterday, Tyler and I had a lovely time at my favorite café. It was followed up by a wonderful massage and then I tied him up! One thing lead to another and I brought Tyler to my family’s home. That’s proper etiquette for a tour guide, you know. Hospitality is key. The house is small and cozy. Just purrfect for me, my siblings, and the MILFshire and tomcat we call mother and father. As morning said farewell, Nymph and I teleported from our respective rooms and appeared in the hall without so much as a ‘poof’ or a ‘pop’. Nymph is my younger sister. She’s four years younger, making her the third oldest of the siblings. As some readers may know, Cheshires sport many different colors in their hair and fur. Just like me, Nymph has the furrfect shade of green which we inherited from our father. Brother and our youngest sisters got their blonde appearance from mother. Imagine tiger stripe lemons with wide toothy grins.

We made our way towards the guest rooms. Passing servants as we went. Now, when I said the home was small and cozy, I meant that by our standards. Mama is the Duchess of Fluffiness after all. And our home is a palace that put the old duchess to shame. Not saying much, I know. She lived in a house standing two feet high! Her entire estate could not fill one of our state rooms! That big headed hag was always always so obsessed with morals. Honestly, she would no doubt lose herself searching for them in every single room of the palace. But I digress.

Mother was probably being tended to in the grand salon, on the other end of the palace. We were heading to the apartments. As we passed the maids gave courtesy as the butlers bowed. Our mother the Duchess wanted to change the maid uniform to something like the pictures Tyler had on his totally-not-magical device he called a fone. Anything that could be done to show off and make the other lords of Wonderland jealous was worth maximum effort.

“We should see about changing the butler uniforms as well.” I mentioned to Nymph.

“There probably are no French butlers though.” Nymph replied. I readlly don’t know why my sister would say something like that. When I asked her why, she reasoned that it was because “He didn’t have any pictures of them.”

My little sister can be so stupid sometimes so please forgive her. I may not know what a French is but any culture with such exceptional servant fashion wouldn’t just leave men’s wears high and dry.

“Nyope. There are definitely French butlers. You will see!” But my confidence had no effect on Nymph. She ignored me and began popping into various guest rooms to try and find the Corporal. She didn’t know where he was. Nymph knows so little.

“Where is he sleeping?”

I pointed to one of the rooms she had already checked. “That one.”


“This is why no one wants you in their harem. Fourteen and no sense.” A little berating never hurt anyone. It helps character development.

“Check for yourself.”

I did just that. Opening the door to the room and looking inside revealed nothing. The bed had been made and none of his possessions were there.

“Now where did he run off to?”

“Nyu Nyu, I found him!” my sister called to me from the far end of the hall. It was the last room on this wing of the mansion. Next to the grand gallery. I popped over beside her and she was giggling behind a paw. I looked inside and found out why.

Such a silly man he was! Thinking that the pillow would shield him from the obscene orchestra that our family and servants had conducted throughout the night. It did not work. The mad inclinations that Tyler had buried away had been unleashed upon his naive little brain. The new tourist of Wonderland moaned in his sleep. He was actually moaning my name!

It was just too precious!

I pondered what debaucherous dreams he might could be playing out in his mind. I gently, very gently moved his hand away from the pillow and let it rest on his chest. Aside from the moaning, he did not stir.

My mischievous sister and I turned our gaze south. The blanket was a tent. Yesterday I had sucked him off during lunch and practiced my pouncing technique on him after the massage. Then a bunch of other girls bounced on his lap some more during the lap dance. So there was no need to imagine what his morning wood looked like under the covers. Nymph pulled the blankets away and exposed his hot throbbing penis to the cool air.

That seemed to incite the next chorus of moans from the Corporal. Nyu Nyu could only… Sorry. I could only stare at the meat henge for so long. My nose drew closer to it and I considered how best to toy with the sleeping victim.

It was worth savoring the strong smell of all the different girls that got to sit on his lap yesterday. Tyler was now quite the cocktail of scents. With a mind of it’s own, my paw wrapped around his length and began stroking as the events of the previous night played back in my head. I don’t like like to brag but by forcing myself upon the bound Corporal, I narrowly saved him from getting dragged out into the street by the Trumpart to be gang raped by the town’s garrison. That had been worth a celebration! So I called for the help of a few girls and we carried Tyler and his chair out of the stranger’s house and to the tea party that Candice would be hosting. The stranded soldier was so bashful as I fed him tea and cake. It’s not like he could serve himself, after all. Not while his hands were still tied to the chair.

I finally noticed my paw squeezing around his cock. It was just as she- As I had done during the party. That is until it was time for the dance of laps. Tis’ a time honored game in Wonderland. One that all cum to enjoy; one way or another. The chairs were circled around the fire pit with the men sitting in them. There is always one less chair than there were girls participating. My degenerate tourist compared it to a game he called musical chairs. It was similar, but musical chairs does not sound like it is nearly as fun as the dance of laps that it had so obviously ripped off. As the music began, the women would dance around the men. When the music stops, the girls rush to one of the vacant laps. When the music began again, after the girls had their fun, a man and his chair would be removed.

The first one to reach Corporal Emond’s lap was the Mad Hatter who hosted the party. So he got to get reacquainted with her. A poor Dormouse fell asleep so she was easily bumped from the second round and tossed back into her teapot.

Then when the music stopped again, it was some Oomukade with a hookah obsession that was next to make the mad dash for his cock.

“Are you dreaming about her love bites? Or purrhaps the succubus that fell over and sandwiched your dick between her huge tit? Nymph asked aloud just as I was kissing the head of his aching erection.

I couldn’t be sure, in all honesty. At that time, I was on the other side of the circle. But it did seem likely that a certain clumsy Alice was the next one to at least attempt and jump up on Tyler’s rod. Someone kept shouting that there was cheating going on. The unsightly protest was so irritating that a Jabberwock pulled her wet lace panties off and shoved them into the sore loser’s mouth.

As I remembered that moment, inspiration struck.

“Nymph, keep watch over him. I have an idea.”

My little sister moved up and observed his expressions. Curiosity got the better of me so all of my body disappeared from the room except for one paw; It continued to stroke his stiff erection. Where I reappeared was within Tyler’s dream itself. I never thought teleporting into a dream would actually work. I surprise even myself!

But the Corporal wasn’t actually dreamimg about the tea party. It was after the massage. I was observing everything that happened like an out-of-body experience. I, Nyu Nyu, was watching Tyler as he was romping with me in the middle of a street. Really plowing into her just outside the house where he had given her the massage.

Curiosity got the better of me. Sadly, there were no Nightmares or Alptraums in Wonderland that I could call upon for dream technical support. That meant there really wasn’t any way to manually rewind the dream wasn’t an option. So, I took a chance and teleported back to the beginning. Yeah, you might be thinking “Nyu Nyu, did you even consider that doing something like that could have long lasting side effects?”

Nope. After all, teleporting into the dream worked out alright. Cheshire bullshit always works out alright.

Lo and behold, I actually did manage to go back to the start. Tyler and Nyu Nyu were both leaving the house just after the massage.

“I can’t believe you lied to me.” Exclaimed Tyler.

“Nyu Nyu never lied.” Both myself and the dream Cheshire spoke in unison. Both with an innocent voice. “Nyu Nyu never said that she didn’t have money to pay for lunch.”

“That’s not how I remember it.”

“Nyu Nyu asked if you had money, as a rhetorical question. I knew well enough that your cloth money was worthless here. And the only thanks I got was the mean Mister Corporal pulling an elaborate trick to take advantage of Nyu Nyu’s lonely heart.” The dream Nyu Nyu pouted and whimpered as she ‘lamented’ over how things had turned out.

As the spectator I couldn’t stop herself from laughing as I witnessed the conversation unfold. “That was exactly what I would have said.” I told myself. It was amazing how accurately I was portrayed by Tyler Emond’s subconscious mind.

“You can’t be serious!” Tyler lashed out in outrage. “You tricked me. Again and again. That’s all there is to it. I was only getting back at you.”

“You did a good job.” I said from the sidelines, practically beaming with pride as I admitted it.

“Only to be taken back to your house and realize I was tricked again.” Came Tyler’s retort.

I was giddy with anticipation. It was easy to see that the antics of my dream copy and the constant switching back and forth between first and second person was getting on Tyler’s nerves. In that moment the man was ready to explode with anger.

“Nya?” The dream version cocked her head to the side in confusion. She looked to Tyler, then back to the house before turning around and walking away. “First of all, that’s not Nyu Nyu’s house.”

“What the hell!” Tyler shouted as he followed behind her with clenched fists.

“You had poor little Nyu Nyu so hot and bothered that I couldn’t think straight. So I took us to the first house I found.”

“Who lives in there?”

The dream-made Cheshire shrugged “I don’t know.”

Tyler had enough. All it took was a quick tap with his boot to the back of the dream Cheshire’s knee. Her legs gave out against her will. She dropped to the ground with a surprised mewl. I watched with glee as Tyler began to unfasten his trousers.

Even through the haze of the dreamscape, I think the Corporal was vaguely aware of hearing me chanting “Do it! Do it!” Somewhere in the distance. Even so, he was still completely unaware that what he was experiencing was a dream, or that there was another me watching everything transpire.

But something came to mind. It was a devious thought for certain: Why should my dream-made copy have all the fun? In a split second I teleported the fake Nyu Nyu away and took her place on the ground. Tyler didn’t seem to notice the switch. With his boots, he spread my legs. The man reached for the skirt and flicket it up to view my backside.

His anger came with a growl as he asked, “Did you forget your fucking panties at the house?!”

“Nyu Nyu might have… Or did she not wear them today? Nyu Nyu doesn’t remember.”

“Stupid bitch.”

“I’m not a bitch, I’m a nyan!” Nyu Nyu- I mean, I protested.

“Shut up!”

Tyler’s rage was rekindled and he took it out on me when the first audible smack came to my hind quarters. I was completely surprised and gasped for air. Then another smack came to the right side. I couldn’t help but moan. I could not turn to see him, but I hope that he enjoyed the sight of my ass as it jiggled. Certainly enjoyed the feeling of getting spanked. Every time his hands came down upon the flesh, I moaned with all the delight of a well payed whore.

When my cheeks were both burning bright red, only then was the Corporal satisfied to continue. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in closer. I felt it. For a brief moment his dick was grinding into the crevice of my ass. He quickly positioned himself at the entrance of her pussy.

“Nyaa~!” I mewled as he pushed himself all the way in with one rough thrust.

Even as he forced himself in with every thrust, none of denizens of Wonderland paid us no heed. That only brought him further frustration (Nyu Nyu doesn’t know why). And all that anger was vented through the fucking.

His right fist came up and got a strong grip on my hair. Every firm tug brought another desperate mewl.

“What’s that?” He gloated. “Speak up, slut. I didn’t hear you.”

“I said,” She growled. Then Tyler was surprised as he felt a paw smack his forehead. Everything was gone. The peddlers and street shops. The folk that were walking around the two as they were screwing. The splendid image the Cheshire’s ass as her burning bright red flesh bounced with each renewed thrust was replaced with the image of wooden rafters that kept the ceiling from crashing down.

“Wakey wakey, eggs from a very thickey chickey~!”

His eyes darted down towards the sound of her voice. It was blocked by a younger Cheshire. Nymph, he thought, who began licking his face as she purred. Tyler pushed her over with ease and she playfully plopped down beside him. There. Now he could see her. There the stupid cat was, resting beside his pelvis with her paw vigorously pumping his manhood. Nyu Nyu already had a few fresh ropes of semen spattered across her face and was vigorously pumping his cock to coax whatever was left to shoot out. He let out a groan as the final one jetted upward only to be stopped by her bright and care free face.

“Nyaa~ Nyaa! You were talking in your sleep!”

Tyler’s head came crashing back down onto the pillow. The Cheshire had a great big happy smile as she savored his embarrassment. He tried to hide it but Nyu Nyu already caught sight of his face turning red.

“Yeah… Guess it was a dream.” Tyler mumbled in reply. In a vain attempt to escape this harsh new reality. He clenched his eyes shut and hoped she and everything else would just disappear. Corporal Emond received no such mercy from the mad cats.

“I bet it was good dream.” She pried while still leisurely stroking him.

“I… really don’t remember.” He lied.

“You kept saying my name over and over…”

“Please…I-” Before he could plead for her to stop, a couple of knocks came on the bedroom door frame. Tyler and Nyu Nyu both turned their heads at the same time. He opened his eyes to see another Cheshire. Nyu Nyu’s mom, The Duchess of Fluffiness. By Tyler’s guess, the mama Cheshire was roughly in her forties. Such things are hard to accurately guess in Wonderland. She herself aged with utmost grace. From the ground up, the Duchess was drop dead gorgeous. The Corporal always had to force his eyes away from her generous curves. She certainly looked the part of a milf. And her ears, tail and paws were all so unimaginably fluffy. During the previous night she had insisted that he feel for himself. Duchess of Fluffiness was a title she held with pride.

Her low, slightly hoarse voice chimed out and broke the silence. “Nyu Nyu sweetie, is the boy finally awak-” Then she put her paws to her hips and directed a look of disappointment straight at her daughter. “What did I tell you about cleaning yourself? You cannot go to the market like that!” The Duchess walked straight up to Nyu Nyu and started licking the cum off of her face.

“M-mother!” The daughter whined in protest. “I can clean myself…”

Tyler’s eyes were glued to the scene. He was witnessing the most erotic display of his life but neither Cheshire had the slightest hint of a smile. It was the first time he had seen one show anything remotely resembling innocence. The Duchess carried out the act with complete seriousness. Nyu Nyu was flush with embarrassment at being treated like a kitten. Still beside him, Nyu Nyu’s oldest little sister was snickering behind a concealing paw. Nyu Nyu noticed this and glared at Nymph.

“Now, off with you!” The mother cat demanded. “The best deals won’t last much longer. Hurry up and go to the market. Remember, no pepper!”

Nyu Nyu glanced towards Tyler. They briefly made eye contact before she looked away and vanished.

Tyler instinctively covered up his erection with the blankets as the Duchess turned her gaze towards him. She teleported beside his bed and grabbed the blouse of his ACU, eyeing it with scrutiny.

“Nymph dear, help our guest resolve his dreadful clothing issue.”

Tyler turned his head to the gleeful little Cheshire to his right. The Duchess had vanished before he could turn back to ask her what was wrong with his uniform.

“Are there French butlers?”

Nymph is not stupid. She is a clever kitten far ahead of her time. Nymph loves her older sister but acknowledges that she can be a little catty around me. As the older sister, she does it to assert dominance. At times I wish our brother was still staying at home but he has a free roaming nature even by Cheshire standards. Tyler reminds me of him just without the ears and tail. As a matter of fact,

“Grab some of brother’s old clothes. That should work.”

I gathered up a few maids to appropriate a few temporary choices for Corporal Emond to wear until his attire situation was settled. So far, none of the choices were much of a match. No humans amongst the male staff made things a bit difficult. But brother has a similar build so his clothes should fit. That was Nymph’s thought, anyway. I peaked in from time to time. Tyler had a somewhat rotten look on his face and that was understandable. He seemed to be rather attached to the clothes he brought with him. The maid returned and Tyler was able to switch out from his uniform and into proper clothes.

“Well ladies, how do I look?” He asked the maids. They smiled and gave courtesy. I took that opportunity to float into the room. His appearance was worth extra smiling. The privateer look wasn’t in trend at that moment but anything was better than the clothes he brought with him. I hovered over to him with my paw outstretched. He was definitely ready to present himself in public.

“Boop.” With but a tap of the toe bean to his nose, we were gone. Instantaneous travel is always fun. Don’t get me wrong though. Just because our paws fit comfortably into these shoes doesn’t mean we need to walk anywhere. Cheshire cats can tell gravity to go fuck off. And we do.

“I’m still getting used to that.” Said Tyler as he looked around while scratching his head.

“Over here, this has what you need.” I pointed in the direction of the shops.

The market was set up within the town square located at the heart of the community. And at the heart of the square was a statue of the Queen herself. Even though Tyler is apparently from another world, he seemed to be quite familiar with her.

“The Queen’s reputation precedes her.” He told me. That certainly does sound like our fair queen. What monarch can hope to rise above her shadow? Even the Sovereign of Demon Lords can hold no sway over the will of the Queen of Hearts.

Away from the stalls in the plaza, one particular shop had mannequins set up. Each did their strange dance, pointing their hands straight out at customers and singing ‘pew! pew!’  They were adorned in the current fashions. Shirts with lace-up sleeves were no longer in trend. At that time, nineteenth century fashions was being revitalized. The Merchant knew my brother’s measurements and she went to work searching her tightly packed store for wares drawn from memory. Until she was finished, I got to be his temporary guide while we were out together. Tyler didn’t seem to be interested in much except for the Dormouse teapots.

A group of the lazy rodents always have their stall set up in town. It takes up a lot more space than many of the other merchant stalls. The teapots alone are so large that it would take a Jabberwock to lift one.

“So, this is the tea we had with last night’s dinner?” Tyler asked.

“Nya! It’s very popular because of the lustful dreams that follow.” I explained.

“Shit,” Tyler started. “That would have been nice to know yesterday.” I could see the blush appear on his face before he walked ahead of me, circling around the giant teapots. He was looking up when all of a sudden he started smirking.

“Heh, Twinkle twinkle little bat….”

“Nya?” I blinked, not sure what the Corporal was referencing.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Hey, do you think I could take a look inside?

I could not think of any reason why not. After all, it does stand to reason that’s what the ladders are used for. The seller, a husband of one of the dormice, certainly didn’t object. Tyler climbed up and did more than merely look inside. He leaned in so far that his legs were sticking out the top. He must have been trying to get a fresh sample.

“Damn this sucker is big!” He shouted. I still don’t understand why he would be so thrilled by the teapots. I guess the reason is because there are none as big wherever he is from. But still! There are so many things in Wonderland more interesting. But he chose to get excited over those?

“Quiet down or you’ll wake her up!” The tea merchant shouted.

I was temped to push Tyler. But as it turned out, he didn’t need help with that. The man fell in on his own and the tea made a nice thunk! sound before it started to resettle. The Corporal laughed. I climbed up to the top and looked down inside. Tyler was floating at the surface and a Dormouse clung to his chest. Tyler poked the inside of her ear.

The Dormouse tried to swat away the offending hand in a gentle, sluggish fashion. “I wasn’t asleep,” she yawned the words. “I was just relaxing in the pool.”

I suggested in a coy tone that, “If you wanted to play with the mice, you should have told me.”

“It’s not like that-”

“And what is that like?” I asked.

“I…” Tyler smiled and shook his head. “I don’t even know how to respond to that.”

“Then stop wasting time with her. Nymph wants to guide you around the market.”

“Mind giving me a hand?” He asked. I replied in kind by having my paws change. It certainly startled him to see this!

The Cheshire cats are mostly human in appearance with feline ears, hind paws and flexibility. At first I thought their front paws were the same but they actually can switch between human hands and a more dexterous version of cat paw. Very intelligent and helpful. I imagine it would be hard to kill them with curiosity since they’re basically a silly version of Schrodinger’s cat. -Cpl. Tyler Emond, Note #2

Pulling him out would have been difficult for a petite dewdrop like myself. But we Cheshires can pop in and out wherever we please. When Tyler grabbed my hand, the three of us were gone. Yes, the sleepy teabag was clinging to my temporary tourist so she went with us. Tyler set the Dormouse down beside the tea merchant and we continued along.

There were various things he wanted. A haversack and such. He spent a lot of time looking at the watches on display. Tyler took one look at the Hatter’s wares and insisted on coming back after we checked back in with the men’s clothing shop.

The shop owner had various selections to choose from and all set out in front by the mannequins. Since his shop was so loaded with all eras of fashion, it only made sense that Corporal Emond had to try them on out in the market.

“I should not be surprised.” Tyler groaned.

“This is the latest fashion in Wonderland.” I held out the set out for Tyler, looking at him expectantly.

“Yes Nymph, you keep saying that, but-”

“But you would rather wear whatever that hubris was?”

Tyler rolled his eyes and asked, “What’s wrong with my uniform?” I raised a paw and began counting off one-by-one with my claws.

“It looks absolutely ridiculous, which makes you stand out, and you need more than one set of clothing if you plan on staying-” my nose wrinkled at a certain memory before I continued, “And how can anybody forget your charming if otherwise unique scent was getting masked by it’s patina. In other words: It needed to be washed.”

“You don’t need to remind me.”

“Now hurry up and try the clothes on!” I pushed.

“In an open market where everyone can see?”

“Where else?”

“Insufferable little shit.”

It was just like in the bedroom. Tyler was acting embarrassed as if his clothes were a second layer of skin. It’s an absurd notion, I know. Humans can be so weird sometimes.

“You should be open and display yourself. How else will possible mates take notice if you hide what you have?

“Would you please stop staring at my junk. You’re like, what, twelve? Fifteen, maybe?” Wow, so close and so wrong!

“Nope. I’m fourteen.”

“And that’s exactly why I shouldn’t be displaying a damn thing in front of you.”


“It’s unacceptable in my culture.” He said impatiently. Which is ironic, since he was the one trying to kill time.

“That sounds really odd! But do not worry because you are in Wonderland now. Things are different here.”

In that moment he was looking everywhere except at me. It was as if Tyler was trying to avoid eye contact and his hand made this opening-and-closing motion like he was trying to grab at the right words.

“That’s true… but I prefer older women! Yeah that’s right. I like them to be mature.”

Well, why didn’t he just say that in the first place? Honestly, he’s so closed off that even prying out his preferences was a chore. At least he’s opening up even if it’s just a little bit.

“That’s good! Nymph is actually looking for a man that can attract a dedicated group of mates that work together and share him.”

“What, like a harem?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Now, quit delaying any further and take your clothes off. Or would you rather just stand here all day?”

With that he relented but only on the condition that I turn away while he was changing. Which I did accept but there was a full-length mirror which provided a good view. After going through a few different sets, he eventually settled on a couple shirts and trousers. He made a good choice with the single-breasted vest in a cyan/black argyle pattern and the black jacket. He really did look like a Wonderland gentleman! And in spite of his constant delaymentations, we still had time to him a bowler hat before meeting up with Nyu Nyu. That lead to a renewal of Tyler’s frustration.

I struggled to hide my erection on the way back from the town plaza. Nothing I did really mattered though. Every time Nyu Nyu turned to say something, she would glance down at my tented trousers. And then give a wicked grin.

“You look about as red as my ass felt!”

I cursed under my breath for more reasons than I could think to count. In the time we spent walking from the market, the so-called ‘guide’ had taken the opportunity to regale her little sister about the dream I had earlier.

The older Cheshire’s latest remark sent Nymph into yet another of her damned giggling fit. My face was burning with a mix of fury and embarrassment as Nyu Nyu orated every little detail about the dream for Nymph’s amusement. But then the big sister’s big bright smile dimmed noticeably as she continued.

“I was having a lot of fun until you started pulling on my hair.”

I didn’t know what to say. It was a great relief when the little sister piped up. Nymph was four years younger than Nyu Nyu. She had the same lime green and black fur, same yellow eyes, she was like a miniature copy of her older sister an nearly every aspect. But with one exception.

“Does getting your hair pulled hurt?”

“Yes.” Nyu Nyu told her, before shaking her head at Tyler. “Shame on you.”

“But doesn’t getting spanked also hurt?”

“Th- that’s a different kind of ‘hurt’…” Nyu Nyu’s voice stuttered but her sister pushed forward with her line of questions.

“But wasn’t this the first time a lover pulled your hair?”

“Yes.” Nyu Nyu said with a growl.

“And how did it feel getting spanked the first time?”

“It hurt at first, but before I knew it, I wanted him to keep going.”

“So isn’t this the same thing?”

“It’s completely different.” The big sister Cheshire scoffs. “You don’t understand at all!”

Without any flourish, Nyu Nyu disappeared from sight. I honestly couldn’t help but grin throughout the exchange. As far as I was concerned, Nymph had used her Cheshire powers as a force for good. And while I was glad to know that the Cats could get flustered like anyone else, there was more to Nyu Nyu’s unceremonious retreat than just frustration. She still had to drop off the items for the night’s meal. Either way, it made me happy to get reprieve from the constant teasing –Something that Nymph didn’t seem to care for– and a chance to take more notes about Wonderland.

“So you’d like mating with someone like my mama?” Nymph asked.

“Excuse me?”

The younger Cheshire’s question completely caught me off guard.

“You expressed a preference for older woman. So if Nymph was older than Nyu Nyu, you would like me more than her as a mate.” She reasoned.

“Yes, I reckon you could say that.”

“But you really want to mate with someone like our mother the Duchess?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I was getting at earlier.”

I was glad to finally have that resolved for good. I mean, what would my own mama say if she found out I was done in by the solicitations of some tween girl? I can’t go shame her or my late pa’ like that.

“OK. I’ll go let her and papa know!”

My jaw, in that fucking moment, did it’s best effort to fall away from my goddamned skull. I stood there with my mouth wide open as that little shit just happily skipped into her huge palace of a home. With one shaky boot forward, I started walking towards what could only be my own destruction. The man of the house wasn’t a Cheshire like his wife or daughters but I don’t think that would stop him from chasing me down and using his claws to shred my face and mince my dick.

I knew what I had to do. In the palace I went, running to the guest room. The locals might not have had much respect for the current uniforms of the Army but that didn’t matter. I would still be needing them if I found my way back home. I stuffed them into the bag and switched out my new boots for the ones I had been issued back on Earth. That had to have been a world record breaking lace up, I guaran-fucking-tee it.

I was making my way for the door when Nyu Nyu turned the corner in front of me.

“Nyu Nyu did say she was going to keep dinner a secret but you’ll get a special reward if you guess the answer in three tries and one hint.”

I have no clue what she asked me. My mind was racing so fast I swear I didn’t hear and damn thing. I grabbed her hand and said the first thing I could think of.

“Show me.” I blurted out.

“Nya? No silly Corporal, you have to guess.”

“Never mind that! You’re my guide, right? I want you to show me everything. Come on, no time to waste.”

I started leading her on towards the main entrance. As we got outside she started to become hesitant and a little panicked. Honestly, I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even hear what she was mewling about.

“No, please let go. Don’t hold my hand outside where people can see! Oh my Queen, this is so wrong but it’s making me so wet!”





Author’s note:

Jeez. That was close! It has been exactly two years to the day since I last posted a story. It’s been almost two years since I last posted a story. Who would have thought that getting my phone run over would be the catalyst that got this story back in motion? All jokes aside though, I have been busy and it can be aggravating to never have the will to type out the stories. But at least I’ve been working on the world-building process but more on that later.

Of the stories I have under Work-In-Progress, two of them are closest in terms of being fleshed out and being within reach of completion. One is about a certain boy being raised by a Ryu. Very wholesome stuff. The other WIP is a part of the Without Leave saga which follows Nyu Nyu and Tyler along their adventure.

Sadly that last one is actually a few chapters into the future and it wouldn’t make much sense to get that one posted before the others. I wanted to get the adoption/Ryu story posted before completing this one anyways but you can see how well that plan turned out.

So for the future, expect Ryus, a Vampire, and more Cheshire bullshit. Probably in that order but I give no promises.

What I do promise is that I’m diverging from KC lore and trying to make my own path and that hasn’t been helping much with my story output either. Lots of things had to be changed and it’s awkward that I still have things like Wonderland and such from his lore but it can’t be helped since I only made the decision to change after I had already began writing about Cheshires and the like. Now Wonderland has become my own special place with bits taken from Lewis Carroll’s world as well as KC’s so the next chapter of Without Leave is going to flesh out my Wonderland as I have envisioned it and to help introduce the readers to the twin Earth I simply call Terra.

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3 thoughts on “AWOL in Wonderland”

  1. Using Nyu Nyu’s flawless logic, I guess she could conclude that there’s no such thing as Catholic schoolboys after scrolling through my tablet.

  2. The more I read about perfectly-normal humans encountering the sheer all-around idiocy and nonsense that is Wonderland, the more I can imagine someone with OCD threatening to harm themselves because all the denizens of Wonderland utterly refuse order and being strait-laced.

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