As I awoke, I was delighted as I was muzzy. At first. After all, if I was being woken, it meant the long sleep was over and the planet would be warm again. The ice age would’ve come and gone while we all slept in our pods, tended by robotics and volunteers who’d eke out a living in the harsh climate to ensure the machinery that kept us alive stayed functional.

Yet, something wasn’t quite right. The delight warming the back of my mind was a different sort of happiness. More like finally meeting someone I’d been eager to see for who knows how long.

True, my last memory may have been that of the pod closing and sealing and the information we’d been given told us about side effects and how it could take some time to regain one’s bearings after such a long period of suspended animation. But this wasn’t right. No, it wasn’t just the joy of waking up that was off.

My body felt different. I felt different. Not myself. Well, I was, but I wasn’t. Like all the signals I was getting from my senses were off. Like my brain had trouble identifying itself. I was still me, but I was having trouble with it.

And there was something else, hard to place. Instinct, perhaps, flared that I was in danger, too much was different. Even with sight still blurred, as my eyes struggled to focus in, nothing matched memory. Not the ceiling, the walls, the room… The others looking down at me. Yet I still felt delighted all the same. The sort of delight one experiences when meeting someone new for the first time and you’re instantly taken with them.

I inhaled deep, eyes blinking away the blurriness. My attempt at sitting up was met with a firm, but gentle hand at the shoulder to keep me down. For a split second fear surged through me, that I was being restrained, but just as quick as the feeling came it fled, replaced by… Warmth.

My vision sharpened and the picture snapped into focus. Of the hand at my shoulder.

It was human. Enough.

So was I.

Black and shiny. Her hand, arm and shoulder. And mine. We were both covered in the same stuff. Her body. I looked down. My body.

Fear. No. Terror!

This can’t be me what’s going on where’s my body what’s this black shit what the fuck this isn’t my body who are they where am I what the fuck is going–

“Calm yourself, my dear!”

A voice, sweet and honeyed, sang through my ears and mind alike. The whole of my senses fixated on the woman still resting a hand. A claw. A black-tarred thing at my shoulder. No, her hand. How’d I know she was a woman?

They were human. Ish. Besides, no man had a body like that. Tits like that. An ass like that with hips like that–

Wait, why was I…?

Nor was the woman alone. Two others hovered near my bed, the three of them gazing down upon me with barely-there joy hooked their lips. All three of them shapely. Attractive. If only it weren’t for the black goo… But then, I was covered in the shit just the same.

Some part of my mind knew I ought to be utterly, wholly terrified. That I should be on the verge of a breakdown in seeing myself like this. In seeing like this! It’d just occurred to me that even my sight was altered. Of everything in the room, including myself, the women seemed to… Glow.

“Who are you?” My voice came out as mine but not mine, “Where am I? What’s going on?”

Faint smiles never faded. They weren’t malicious, conniving smiles. No. They were genuinely happy to see me. Glad. Delighted. At least, that’s the impression I got… Somehow.

“So many questions! We were told the link would take time to develop, to form,” said the one with her hand resting on my shoulder. 

As I looked them over, seeing a little beyond their… Assets, I saw definite earthly features. The one touching me had fair skin and blue eyes. The other more almond-shaped and brown eyes with a slightly bronzed complexion to match and the third mystery woman had darker skin than the second, but not much more. European, asian, possibly African. All Earthly places.

Only, they all possessed hair black as space itself and that goo. And all were so… Voluptuous. I knew I shouldn’t, for so, so many fucking reasons, but I couldn’t help but look.

It dawned on me none of them wore clothing. Neither did I. I could see everything. Well, everything that wasn’t covered by that black shit. I lifted an arm, shifted a leg.

That was it. I wasn’t exactly human in shape any longer. Not like they were.

At the same moment, something steered me away from those thoughts. Or, no. Not steered me away. Simply told me that’s who I was now and there was nothing wrong with that. Comforting, warm thoughts.

So I went to the next thing on my mind.

“What link?”

The fair-skinned one tilted her head just so and gave a slight giggle. They looked at one another for a long moment then back at me.

“I’m Amelia, that’s Fatima,” she indicated towards the darker skinned woman who nodded, “And that is Li.” The third woman simply blinked at me, like a cat appraising someone new and needed some time to reach a proper verdict.

“Oh, well, I’m–”

“Yes, we know who you are. After all, we are yours and you are ours now.” Amelia smiled sweetly.

I blinked at this nugget of information. Three women were mine, and I was theirs? Sounds a bit like… I forced myself to sit up, finding my strength barely up to the task. This time they didn’t keep me down.

How different I was. Covered in this black shit. My proportions distorted. Limbs thin and atrophied. So weak and feeble. Far more than what was supposed to happen during the long sleep.

Though, one thing was rather stronger than it had been before. Along with two somethings underneath that were so much bigger. And so full, like I could feel their contents. My mind raced as I took myself in, as my eyes darted towards the three shapely, curvy women. As if reading my thoughts the black tar covering them retreated to reveal the bare, unblemished skin underneath. Exposing those huge tits each possessed, flat midriffs, and those lovely mounds between their legs, devoid of any hair and already reddened with desire and longing. I swallowed, breathing quickened as that new thing between my legs swelled.

They all smiled in response, staring at my cock as I stared at their pussies.

No, no no no. This isn’t right. Calm down. Wait, wasn’t I worked up before? I am calm. Too calm. Too fucking horny. I should care more about what’s going on… But. But but… 

“So you’re my harem now?”

No idea why I asked that, even thought of it.

Amelia nodded. “We are yours, master–As you are ours! Please do share all that lovely spirit energy inside…” She reached, cupping my balls, their size enough to overflow her palm as she squeezed gently. “…With each of us, won’t you?”

Something struck me. A surge of desire that wasn’t wholly my own. Or was it? Tried to cover myself for what little good that was, didn’t even have a sheet I could grab at to pull over. Instead, had to use my hands and arms, a feeble, at best, attempt to swat that hand cupping my balls away. To no avail. Amelia simply grinned.

“They did say it could take some time for them to acclimate,” Fatima said, touching her cheek in thought, head canted.

“The other one leapt within moments of waking,” Li crossed her arms across that heaving chest of hers, pushing her full, impossibly perky breasts up even further, “I’m so tired of waiting, hmph.”

Amelia giggled light again. “Now, now. Everyone is different… Besides, he is simply more confused than aroused. I do believe this one is a thinker. Perhaps we should indulge his curiosity?”

They all spoke… Similarly. Like they were pretending at emotion, or speaking at me despite not talking to me. As if the words were merely for my benefit. …And as I thought that, I felt a sense of agreement from the other three. Despite their different complexions and faces, they were remarkably the same when it came to their bodies. A template of an ideal woman stamped out three times.

My ideal, at that. If that were the case, then…

Their eyes fell upon me all at once. 

More silent agreement.

“See, he is quick to learn…” Amelia nodded.

“Quick to fuck would be better,” Li grinned, hand wrapping around my cock.

Those fingers of hers couldn’t quite touch to her thumb, such was my increase in size. I’d developed a real… Girl-breaker. And how warm they were, despite the cool-looking slime covering them. Sent a slight shiver through my body. Didn’t remember a mere touch feeling like that. They were quite pleased by my reaction, leering at me, which only made me want to recoil all the more. I swat Li’s hand away and tried once more to hide it, or at least make it smaller.

“I’ve been asleep who knows how long and now that I’m awake, I’m… Wherever the fuck this is,” I gestured to myself and the slime, for the first time realizing there was no warmth at my cheeks, no hint of blushing. I wasn’t even embarrassed or anxious. If anything I felt a desire to show my cock off to them, to have them… Worship it. Wait, what? No. No! It was all so fucking wrong! “And I’ve been awake all of ten minutes and I have three sluts grabbing my dick. What the fuck is going on!”

Fatima and Li seemed… Pleased with my response, for whatever reason. Amelia simply shrugged and thought–in the same space those piercing blue eyes of hers seemed to penetrate my own thoughts. A slow smile bloomed across her lips, one that transferred wordlessly to the other two.

They wanted to play a game.

Not sure how I knew, but I knew.

Amelia even nodded at me. “Right you are! Let’s make this fun, after all…”

Fatima left the room for a moment. While she was gone, Amelia filled me in. “We’ll tell you all you want to know, but in exchange you have to give us something we want. A nice little exchange, no?”

There was no doubt what they wanted. Especially with those lecherous grins adorning their faces. Imagination sparked; if they wanted it so bad, who knows what all they’d be willing to do. …Their nods confirmed it, along with a surge of heat from within that only made me harder. Made me squirm.

How they took joy in that.

It was a small mercy when Fatima returned, holding what looked like an empty liquor bottle. Where they got it, who knew, but probably was a small task compared to whatever happened with me.

“Spin the bottle?” I guessed, surprised at myself, “Are you serious?”

“Quite! It’s a fun little game,” Amelia smiled, then furrowed her brows in a quick thought, “From what we’ve been able to glean from your kind, anyway.”

“Whatever. Where do you even plan on doing this?” I said, gesturing to the room, such as it was with my slender bed and some sort of medical equipment on a trolley being the only bits of furniture in the room. 

Li picked me up suddenly–and easily, my cock poking into her soft tits, making me wriggle a tiny bit as I sought to slip myself between them–and placed me on the floor. I was expecting cold tile, but whatever it was made from was warm and had a tiny bit of give to it. Almost comfortable, actually.

Tried to move, stand up on my own but I found it… Awkward. A lack of strength combined with my new limbs that were just different enough to require adjustment or something to use properly. They watched, amused–and I knew they were amused, deep in my mind, not for the blank looks on their faces. With a grumble I sat still, realizing it was going to be pointless to attempt an escape as I sat up, my own arms crossed. They sat around me in a loose circle and placed the bottle in the middle.

Amelia peered at me, that slight smile of hers never fading. “You can ask whoever it lands on a question. In exchange we’ll do… Something fun. Fair deal?”


“Excellent… Well then, after you.”

For as asinine and adolescent as it was, it held a certain thrill. Given how I was still stiff and how the three of them were nude, eyes constantly shifting between my shaft and my face… For as wrong as it all was… 

I spun the empty bottle with its label that declared it had once contained vodka. Wobbled and went round and round, the top coming to a rest pointed at Li. A grin spread across those full lips of hers while the other two scoffed. Or I assumed they scoffed, anyways. They didn’t actually make any noise. Just a feeling I got, and not one of intuition. Like I could read their emotions. Strange as that was. Otherwise they had their usual sort of calm, somewhat blank mien.

“So, may as well start with the big question. Who are you… People?”

Li crept forward on all fours, eyes glued to her prize. Licking her lips, she began, in a low tone: “You people would call us night gaunts…” I heard her words as much as I thought them myself. A subtle affirmation from the other two in the same sort of way, like I could tell they agreed without them saying a word or displaying much of anything. “…Based on the simple fact it’s not too different of a description. Interesting how imagination works, isn’t it?”

She spread my legs apart as she drew closer, bringing her face inches away from my throbbing cock. Hot breath washed me. My own breaths quickened, coming shallow.

“But we’re wandering space travelers,” she hummed, “Able to adapt any species to match our particular needs…”

“What needs?” I said, only to be met with those lips engulfing my cock, drawing me deep into her mouth all the way into her throat in a single go.

I gasped out, toes curling as she started to hum, eyes flicking up to mine as she smiled around my shaft. That tongue of hers danced and glazed the underside of my shaft as more and more of myself disappeared down her gullet, feeling her throat squirm around me. Could even see her neck bulge slightly when her lips kissed my crotch. Hovering there for a long moment she pulled back all the way, letting me slip free of her mouth with a wet pop. She licked her lips.

“Us women require spirit energy…” Her hand shot out to cup my heavy balls, squeezing them, “Which men produce in such amazing quantities. For the longest time we had such a population imbalance since so, so many of our kind are born female and we’ve never been able to convert many before. But now…”

I could feel her excitement as if it were my own. All three of them. Watching, staring. Envious. Hands moved to their twats, touching themselves.

She followed up by swallowing my cock once more, moaning around it as she bobbed her head up and down like she was starving and the only thing that’d sate her hunger was my cock, my cum. Amelia slid up behind her and squeezed Li’s ass before slipping a few fingers into her pussy, making her moan around me, spurring her onward. Delicate fingers kneaded and squeezed my sac, carefully tumbling and testing my orbs, far more sensitive than I remember them ever being.

Her words lingered in my mind, reinforcing what I already knew: That I’d been changed, that this was a real thing, but… But. How could I give a fuck about that when I had some thirsty fucking whore gagging on my cock like it was the only thing that’d keep her alive. Fuck, she was so good! I wrapped my hands around the back of her head, shoving her down, forcing my cock deep into her throat, just like she wanted. Just like I wanted. So, sooo gooood…

“Mmmf! Can’t, can’t remember the last time–”

Words faltered and died as her throat clenched around my cockhead in ways I never thought possible, as her tongue lashed and tended to me, sucking so hard her cheeks caved inward whenever she pulled back. She was so fucking desperate for my seed and I… 

It was too fast, shamefully fast, but I didn’t care. Who was I to deny her when she was so wanting!

With a soft groan my head rolled back, my hips lurched and I exploded in her mouth, pumping rope after rope of hot, pent-up cum across her tongue and down her throat–my first load after who knew how long. Li swallowed every drop eagerly, noisily, throat gulping as my balls emptied out, were sucked dry. After some half-dozen jets of seed blasted into her belly and there were mere faint dregs oozing from my cock, she was more than eager to clean me up, tongue darting into my cumslit to lap up every salty trace before popping off.

She grinned, satisfied, and licked her lips. Opening her mouth to show not a drop remained.

“Mmm~ Tasty and…” Li flexed a fist, grinning, as if welling with new-found strength, “Energizing.”

…Somehow, I was still hard. Fuck, maybe even harder than before and my balls, feeling so empty just a moment before… Was as if they were refilling from some unknown source. I eyed the remaining two, Amelia especially as she pulled her fingers out of Li’s cunt and licked them clean. It was tempting to just… Forget about those pointless questions, the game, and simply give them what they wanted. What I wanted. No. I…

“Go on, spin again,” Amelia urged, eyes falling upon the bottle.

My savior. With the curse of indecision lifted, I spun it.

This time it fell on Fatima. She smirked, waiting for my question. Even… Asking it without moving her lips. I could hear her voice in my mind, “What do you wish to know?” She smiled sweetly.

“Why… Am I like this? Where’s everyone else?”

“That’s two questions, but…” She laughed, standing fully, looming over me. She bent over and pushed me flat on my back, cock pointing up from my crotch like a flagpole. The slime covering her shifted, exposing more of her ass as she squat down over me. Curious, some of the slime that covered me climbed up my cock towards the head, glistening, shining… As if obeying some unspoken command. “…I’ll be happy to answer!”

She lined my tip to her, at first to her cunt but she shifted her grip, pointing me at her asshole. Before I could say a word she dropped down, taking her reward as she desired. There was a moment of painful pressure on my cock as her tight ring refused me entrance but as more weight piled on, it stretched wide, accepting me, spearing herself on me. She moaned out to match my drawn in hissing breath, her asshole spasming and clenching, guts wrapping themselves and coiling about me in equal measure. She was so fucking hot and tight and almost instantly her muscles set into rhythmic contractions, as if pulling me deeper, milking me in a way I never imagined possible.

The other two slid in, Li’s hands drifting up Fatima’s body as she pulled in close, kneading her breasts, hefting them and letting them fall before locking lips together in a kiss. Amelia giggled and moved in from behind, lowering herself to watch my cock spread Fatima’s ring wide open. Watching as the woman started to lift off, drawing me from her depths, that hole pulling out slightly as it refused to let go before she slammed back down, caving herself in. Fatima braced herself on my chest, leaning forward for support as she started to ride me fast and hard, breasts swaying and bouncing before my eyes, that ass of hers rolling and jiggling in claps of flesh.

Despite being locked in a kiss, only breaking it for panted breaths, I could hear her answer.

“You were changed to better produce more energy, to suit our needs. Everyone else… Well…” Despite her chocolate flesh jiggling so enticingly all over, firm nipples dragging across my chest, those eyes of hers locked onto mine as she broke the kiss once more, saliva linking her lips to Li’s. Her mouth never moved to form the words–and I could… Feel how enthralled she was, the bliss coursing through her body. Transferring to mine. And I knew she could feel my pleasure just the same…

“We found this frozen little planet and alllll these people deep asleep. Lucky find for us, hmm? It’s been a few of your years since then. Our numbers have swelled, the population imbalance mostly addressed… Oh, how our race shall spread now!”

Her thought-words reached an orgasmic high to match her quick pace, slamming onto me over and over, her fucking asshole, that slutty fucking hole! My hips lurched up to meet her as much as I could manage, only to be held down by Li. “Let her do the work…”

Fatima shook, moaning loud as the slime covering Amelia pulled into a faintly phallic shape extending from her fingers and she jammed it into that hole alongside me, stretching that asshole out almost impossibly wide. The dark-skinned woman came instantly, drenching my chest in liquid lust as her body convulsed in climax. 

Li kissed me, silencing my own happy noises as I hit my second orgasm, drawn out by the rush of pleasure and sensation, going taut before releasing another fresh, piping-hot load into Fatima’s ass. I could feel her body drink up every rope, pull it deep within her, muscles working to squeeze me from base to tip to draw out everything I had in powerful jets lancing into her guts, so much some squirt out around my cock, around the psuedo-cock Amelia had stuffed up her ass, never once ceasing in fucking it through her. 

When she pulled off, her gaping hole oozed cum down her thighs, drooling it onto my crotch. And I was still hard. 

Harder, even.

Lust coursed through my veins, made me want to push them down and use them to sate my needs. My tongue forced itself into Li’s mouth, coiling around her own organ, exploring and probing into her mouth.

Fatima’s answer lingered somewhere in my mind. Somewhere at the back. I faintly understood what she meant, what it meant for the human race.

And I didn’t care.

In fact. I started to know more. Like I could ask a question in my thoughts and they’d respond in kind. Where was I? On a ship that left Earth over a year ago. My transformation, like those of all others, had taken time. The women I was fucking? They’d once been like me. Human. All while I was ravaging Li’s mouth with mine, while Fatima’s warmth and weight slowly pulled off me.

So the alien was…

Amelia was the last one. She’d kicked aside the bottle. It was her turn no matter what.

Raw, feral need coursed from her to me. She practically shoved Fatima and Li aside, only to set down on her knees, facing away from me. Her big, full ass pointed my way. The other two were quick to shift to her, Li stroking her all over and Fatima spreading those asscheeks apart, spreading open her perfect little tucked-in pussy to reveal those pink folds and a hole that looked so fucking tight–!

“What, what do you want?” I asked, coming up to my knees, inching closer towards that perfect, plump ass and those juicy folds.

Was pointless, really, to ask something like that as the two other women guided me in towards Amelia. My cockhead pressed between those parted lips, slowly spreading that entrance. She was hot as the others, wet as them, yet her cunt clenched around me with such strength after the first inch it made me groan out and throb.

“That’s riiiight,” she cooed, cheek pressed to the floor, wiggling her ass side-to-side, teasing my length as the other two held me from pressing further inside. Her folds teased the head of my cock, the ridge of the glans rocking through her entrance, flicking in and out to drive me wild–something I’d never before experienced, knew was even possible.

“I think you already know the answer!”

Thoughts charged through my mind, some of them not entirely my own. They came in search of more… Food. More men, Women, too. Just more of everyone, everything. They found us.

“To… Spread,” I groaned out, trying to get more of my length inside that teasing pussy. Amelia giggled and thrust her ass against me, just enough to draw another inch or two.

“Mmm, close! Try again,” she shifted forward some, again leaving just the tip of my cock within her.

All I wanted was to sheath myself deep inside her! Being forced to think about pointless shit when there was this cunt right here, practically begging for my seed, to have me fill her belly up–Ah!

A chorus of approval washed through my mind, their voices the same yet distinct. 

“To breed!”

Then breed me! Rushed Amelia’s thought-voice clear and loud, eyes lidded as she looked back at me, flattening the top half of her body against the floor, sticking her ass up and out even further. Fatima and Li let go of me and like a possessed beast I jammed myself to the hilt in Amelia, tearing a cry of pleasure from her throat.

She was so fucking hot and tight and wet and the way her muscles pulsed and stroked drove me insane! Even without thrusting, just holding still in her body, it felt almost like I was fucking her. Swallowing, I gripped her thick ass and hauled myself out to slam back inside once more, quickly working into a frenzied tempo that had her moaning like a cheap whore.

Fatima nuzzled against me, stroking my body, dragging her tongue up and down my chest and shoulders and neck and arms and everywhere while Li slid underneath me, head between my legs and Amelia’s. 

Her tongue shot out, dragging along the underside of my cock as I plunged in and out of Amelia, then across my balls every time I buried myself within her.

Yes, yes! Fuck me harder, fuck me pregnant with your virile seed! Knock us all up!

Every sense assaulted, overwhelmed–the clap of flesh, the way her body jiggled, the scent of her fertile, breedable pussy, her heat, their heat–I couldn’t hold back, forced to another climax so soon after the other two.

As if they could sense, could read my thoughts and knew I was so damned close, Fatima pressed a hand to my ass to force me deep while Li sucked on my balls, taking each fat orb in turn into her mouth to hum and tumble it. Unable to resist I grunted and moaned, going stock still save for my trembling frame as I hunched over Amelia, arms wrapped around her midsection.

I unloaded in her cunt, blasting scalding hot, thick ropes of cum straight into her ovulating womb. I could sense, could feel myself fertilizing her through our connection, whatever it was, and it only drove me on to fill her up over and over, desperate to plant my seed wherever it’d take. Just as I could feel her, so too could she sense me… Probably… As the final spurts filled her body Amelia came, hissing through clenched teeth as her pussy clenched and spasmed hard around me, milking out the last dregs of spunk and pulling another moan from my throat.

She shook and rocked, moaning for who knows how long until her bliss finally ebbed and she went mostly quiet, save for labored, happy breaths.

When I was spent and content to just lay atop her… Well, they had other plans and gently pulled me off her. My cock slipped from her cunt with a lurid noise, a stream of my cum chasing after to drool out of her seeded hole onto the floor.

Fatima and Li were quick to lick it up wherever they could, Li cleaning the floor with her tongue and Fatima lapping it straight out of the hole.

Finally I was going soft… For a short moment. Done cleaning Amelia the other two turned to me, those shining eyes piercing through me, filling my head with their wanton need and lust. I may have cum in them each, but hadn’t given their wombs the filling they so desired.

Resting on her back, knees up and legs parted, that pussy of hers pointed my way, Li gave me a simple command, unspoken: Cum in me!

I should’ve been empty, utterly spent. Just having an erection should’ve been a bit painful or uncomfortable. Yet the fires of my lust were stoked even higher, my balls refilling in mere seconds rather than hours. There was no need for warmup, no teasing, or even words. I dove onto her, sucking on those huge breasts of hers, biting a nipple and flicking across it with my tongue as my cock sunk inside her. 

She moaned out, wrapping her arms and legs around me, pulling me deep and close. Could only thrust a few inches at a time, but it didn’t matter. My balls slapped off her slavering cunt with wet paps and her thighs shook with every impact–as would her breasts, were the one not in my mouth and the other in my grip, fingers sinking into that soft, warm, yielding flesh.

I pressed into her hard, deep, cockhead bumping against her cervix, demanding entrance to her womb with every hitching motion. Her entire body wanted as much of me as it could get, moans and gasps of delight and bliss accentuated those thoughts and emotions filling my mind. That I could feel, sense how much she got off on me fucking her only made me want to give her even more.

While I fucked Li like, like a demon possessing a man Amelia and Fatima watched on, hands roving over one another, Li’s body, mine, circling us like sharks wanting their own fill despite the fact my cum still drooled down their thighs. As I could give and give, they wanted to take and take.

Fatima wrapped around me from behind, nibbling on an ear, hands and nails dragging across my chest.

Cum in her, fill her up! Make her pregnant… So I can be next…

Yessss, yessss, unload those balls in me, give me all that seed!

And Amelia, quiet, simply grinned as they coaxed me onward, sent me into another moaning orgasm. Taut and shaking I filled Li’s womb up, and just as with Amelia, I could feel how I fertilized her… 

I yanked free of her cunt, no longer held captive as her grip on me weakened, legs falling to the side as she shook in her own climactic bliss, the helping of cum blasted in her pushing her over the edge. Or maybe it was that simply being filled up made them climax.

Still hard, still raging, still a demon I turned on Fatima, pushing the woman onto her back and grabbed each thigh in a hand. She licked her lips, eyes full of desperate need, locked onto my cock as I slammed it into her dripping cunt. Her back arched off the floor in a long moan, hands clawing at the ground as I buried deep inside.

Finding strength I didn’t know I had I lifted her ass and legs up, almost folding her in two as her knees came down at either side of her head, leaving her pussy and asshole utterly exposed and defenseless. Gravity carried me down into her, balls bouncing off that full ass of hers, only for me to hike back up on the balls of my feet and do it again, over and over, desperate to slake my desire with her body.

Amelia and Li were not content to be left out, Amelia smothering the woman in kisses, Li giggling as she kneaded my ass while I slammed into Fatima. Even shoved a few fingers into the woman’s asshole, which only made her that much tighter as I fucked her like a relentless animal.

The pure musk of sex hung heavy in the room along with the sounds, the sights. Addictive need coursed through my veins, I didn’t know if it was my own thoughts or theirs.

I didn’t care.

Never in my life had I felt so fucking amazing, so… Liberating and free. To cum over and over and over, knocking up three incredibly breedable women who were as addicted to me as I was to them. To have them serve me as much as I’d serve them. A life of bliss. 

Sure, there was some small part that suggested this was wrong. So very, horribly, tragically wrong but what did it matter when I felt so right? Hammering away into Fatima’s cunt, there were a few idle thoughts, all of which were… Answered by other thoughts.

You will be provided for. All you need to do is take care of the home, the children, and ensure our wombs are never wanting or empty.

We will spread across the stars, spreading our kind. We will adopt new species into the fold…

…And change them enough to be compatible. Perhaps you will find more to sow your seed within. Never will you become bored. Never will you age. We are timeless…

How long had I been pounding Fatima, stretching out her pussy, spreading her liquid lust… Every time I lifted off tendrils of her juices clung to my balls and trails worked down her stomach, down her ass.

She moaned almost non-stop, grabbing and pinching her own breasts, writhing underneath me, unable to do anything in her current position except take my cock over and over. They were mine. I was theirs. Together we would fuck and spawn countless progeny.

Staggering, almost collapsing, I grunted, more than willing to sate her hunger. Burying myself deep, rolling my hips, forcing my cock through her cervix and directly into her womb I fired off another half-dozen hot, seedy ropes into her belly. Her cunt milked down every drop as Li squeezed my balls, ensuring nothing would remain as I rocked in climax.

Panting, straining against exhaustion, I lifted off her, cum welling up out of her hole to spill down her ass as it was no longer held in place by my length–and finally I was going soft.

Allowed to, now that each woman had been thoroughly bred and given all the energy she’d need. For the day, at least. Or perhaps for the… Evening, it was, according to them. Their thoughts.

Collapsing in a mess on the floor they grinned and stroked me, each other, uncaring for the mess pooling out of their well-used holes.

Soon, they’d cuddled me to sleep. Even knowing I’d wind up being the one to clean it, as would be my role… That was something I could worry about later.

For now…

I was far happier with how I was, how I would be. Why had I ever been worried about not being entirely human?


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4 thoughts on “Awakening”

  1. Decent balance of horror at first mixed with the erotic. Kind of dragged on in the beginning with the focus on continuously reminding the reader of the black substance covering the narrator and his harem. I understand that it’s more of a smut commission than anything but past us knowing about some kind of winter and the narrator going into stasis there isn’t much else to pique the interest.

    Neither great nor terrible.

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