Apophis Home Intruder

    Al was a good boy, did all his chores without being needed to ask, got along with everyone he met, and always made sure to do just what he was told to do. His favourite thing to do however was go to his school’s playground, where he would make tons of new friends. If Al had to choose a best friend though, it’d have to be the incredibly nice and pretty purple lamia he met a few weeks ago. Sylvia is the name he got to know her as, and as it turned out her looks weren’t where her beauty ended. Whenever Al saw her he would get butterflies in his stomach, become unable to speak for long periods of time but, instead of hating it, Al couldn’t help but want more of this feeling. Today however, he’d leave school disappointed, to find that his subject of admiration gone, and nowhere to be found.
    The kid spent the rest of the day a normal child would, but something felt missing, unable couldn’t shake the sadness of not seeing Sylvia no matter how hard he tried. His parents were working overnight that day, leaving the house all to himself, his first thought was to go to bed. With a plate of animal crackers he headed upstairs to his chambers. Slowly, he took off his clothes and but on an unbuttoned pajama top forgetting to wear any sort of undergarments. Drowsily Al ate his dinner snack, slid under the covers and prepared for a very wonderful night.
    Before he had the chance to doze off, a faint rustling could be heard outside his room. The noises didn’t sound like footsteps of any sort, more like a long scrapping sound, loud enough to hear but not painfully so. Al’s eyes started to open up, he recognized that shuffling, it had to be Sylvia! The air was getting cold around him, making him shiver in anticipation of his best friend. Time passed by and the slithering was getting closer, Al bundled up in as many covers as he could find, she was nearly there. Then the sound was starting to get farther, and farther away.
    Staring at his nightlight he started to feel more and more despair, waiting was a mistake. She probably didn’t even know which house was his. Now Sylvia was probably wandering past him, looking for fun she’d never receive as her journey continued. Al felt heartbroken, he must’ve been causing her so much grief, having her spend her night looking for him. As he was about to get up from his bed a large “thunk” could be heard from outside his room. Swallowing his breath, Al tried to look as fast asleep as possible, paralyzed in fear not knowing what the noise could be. Then that familiar slithering made its showcase again.
    Slowly his door started to open, the darkness of night covering the hand of the perpetrator, however there was no covering that smell of lilac and roses. Her eyes slowly peaked out from the corner, only her yellow pupils visible inside the black sclera that made up her eye. The second they appeared her eyes locked with Al as if she knew exactly where he would be. Without a sound the door continued opening, Sylvia continuing to make her way inside, her eyes half-lidded at the sight of Al. She was finally close enough that Al could see her in her full form, Large yet perky breasts were hanging over him, preventing Al from seeing her smile of ecstasy but not enough to hide her wondrous eyes. It wasn’t long until one of them said the first word.
    “Hello Al, I’m sorry I wasn’t with you this afternoon, too busy buying a gift to spend time with my best friend, I’m so sorry!” Sylvia said as she started to take off her overcoat.
    “N-No it’s ok, I’m just, really happy you’re here.” The little boy squeaked, overwhelmed at the not-so-sudden appearance of his best friend.
    “Well in that case, you wouldn’t mind if we spent the rest of the night together? Play around a bit?” She said as she put an animal cracker in her mouth
    “Alright, um, what kind of game were you thinking about friend?” Al Stammered, still breath taken by the events occurring
    “Hmmm, how about we play the cuddlebug game? It’s easy, we both lay in bed and see who can hug each other more.” Sylvia said already making her way towards the bed.
    “H-H-H-Hang on what? Sylvie no!” It wasn’t exactly built to hold 2 people let alone a lamia, despite sacrificing some tail room it could still barely support their weight.
    “Wait, time out! It’s cheating if you go first!” Al proclaimed, his face flushing a bright red as his exposed body was being wrapped around by the lamia.
    Sylvia’s snake tail began to coil around Al’s body, her soft hands placed on his head rubbing it gently back and forth. All he could do was squirm, his arms were locked to his sides, and every act he performed seemed to draw them closer and closer to the large snake’s large hips. His groin was starting to get hotter and hotter, feeling unlike any other time in his life.
    “What’s wrong Al, are you not up for it?” Sylvia’s voice was soft and somber as she halted progress wrapping him up. Al meanwhile was trying to move as little as possible, his desire getting stronger and stronger but choosing not to act on it.
    “It’s just, Umm, I don’t know if we… friends like us, should be doing this.” Meekly Al delivered his message, tiptoeing around any harsh words like “stop” or trying to sound too forceful.
    “But don’t you like me? Because Al, I love you.” Her voice was like honey as she finally confessed her true feelings. Slowly she continued to wrap around the boy, her breasts now nearly covering his poor head. Sylvia couldn’t help but comfort him in his time of weakness.
    “Uhh, Uh umm I I-I-I-I love…” Still on the tip of his tongue, Sylvia went on the offensive.
    “Oh Al, you’re so adorable, and manly too” Taking off her skirt, she redirected attention to the feeling in Al’s crotch. He couldn’t suppress It for much longer.
    “We’ve been with each other for a long time, you’re a fantastic kid but I think it’s time we’ve stopped being friends” she said taking off her sweater.
    “What!? Sylvia…” Cut off before he could articulate the rest of his thoughts, Sylvia spoke.
    “It’s time we became lovers” The object against Sylvia’s scales was getting larger and harder. Her words having a direct effect on his body.
    “But, but Sylvia, I’m still just a kid.” His voice was getting stronger, resisting her advances just a bit more. His body was starting to toss and turn until his back was against the bed.
    “A kid? That member of yours doesn’t belong to any kid” With her hand on the blanket she whipped it off the bed, Al’s genitals on full display to the lusty snake.
    “A-A-Ah, Sylvia please.”
    “I’m so glad to be the one to claim you Al.” She said as close to him as possible, before taking his lips with her own.
    “Sylvia I just love…I want to be your uh… in a relationship with you.” Still nervous, it didn’t stop his partner from slowing down, her tongue exploring the inside of his mouth while her delicate hands made their ways up and down his cock.
    “A-ah S-Sylvia, I want to be your lover” The second he could speak he admitted his feelings.
    “Heh heh, you don’t have to say it so many times Al, just sit back and enjoy your reward” Her voice became more calm and caring, a feeling of bliss due Al’s proclamations, she couldn’t stop herself.
    In a few seconds Al’s member was already pressed against her face, towering over the serpent, Sylvia couldn’t help but lick her lips. Giving it a quick tonguejob, sliding it against his urethra, drinking up Al’s copious precum. “The appetizer tastes so nice, I can’t wait to devour the main course.”
    Within a few seconds Sylvia was already getting ready to engulf Al’s member within her mouth. She gave it a gentle kiss on the head, Al staring in anticipation of what was to happen next. Slowly she swallowed the head, holding the rest of the phallus in place with her hands. Sylvia continued to climb down the length of his cock, a bit more than halfway done before it started to enter her throat.
    “a..Ah.” Occasional moans of pleasure escaped from Al’s mouth, experiencing a pleasure, and above all desire like none other before. His hands were gripping the bed sheets as Sylvia continued her trail down his member, more and more entering her throat while the rest was being stimulated by her gorgeous mouth, making sure her fangs don’t accidentally ruin the experience.
    Finally her lips touched his groin, forming a kiss along his crotch with Al’s member fully engulfed. At this point Sylvia was waiting for her reward, a sweet milky surprise was to come from her lover. His testicles were preparing something, the mind breaking pleasure of her acts finally breaking down Al’s resistance. Sylvia carefully cupped Al’s balls in her hands, giving the final push needed for him to cum. They could both feel the thick rope of semen making its way out, excitement was filling the room before at long last Sylvia was given the seed she so desperately wanted.
    Her body was being filled with Al’s sign of affection, she could help but put on a smile even with the large phallus in her mouth, she felt like she got a bit closer to the man she loved. She broght her breasts forward, preparing for the next act as Al’s dick exited her mouth. Despite ejaculating so hard the boy was prepared to go again, a look of exhausted bliss on both their faces. “So tasty, can you shoot another load Darling?” Slowly she started to wrap her breasts along his dick, slowly being soaked in the fluids surrounding it.
    “Yes please ma’am” was all he could say before Sylvia went back to work. Her buxom purple breasts barely covered more than half of the boy’s mancock. She put all her energy into moving her breasts up and down, side to side over Al’s dick. She couldn’t help but sneak in a few licks every now and then, sampling the precum arising from his tip.
    “My… you’re big” were her last words before the pressure of her enormous breasts caused another amount of sperm to erupt out of Al’s body.  Sylvia tried to cover the fountain up with her mouth but she was too late, her breasts were now being drenched in a one man bukkake. Semen started to pool up in the crevice between her massive assets, while she licked and jabbed at the remainder of Al’s ejaculation. Doing her best she started to extract all the remaining semen out of Al’s urethra, making sure the next ejaculation would be more pleasurable for him.
    Sylvia started to slither up Al’s body, her breasts and face tainted white she presented her body to Al, before lapping the semen off with her snake tongue. “Ooooh…ah” Al couldn’t help but squirm under her gorgeous body, his penis already returning to its full height so quickly. “Sylvia, I want to love you more.” Al didn’t completely understand what was going on, all he knew is that he wanted Sylvia, and Sylvia wanted him.
    She started to move up Al’s body even more, the size difference becoming more apparent as Al suddenly became face-to-face with her breasts. Sylvia placed her hands behind his head, preparing for the next step of their relationship. “Al, you’re such a good husband, I think it’s time we fulfill our rightful duty” Her muscular stomach was gliding over Al’s cock, until finally, with the rest of her body towering over him, her vagina rubbing against the underside of his member. His head was surrounded by Sylvia’s breasts, unaware of what the soft war sensation against him was.
    A kiss on his head was the final send off before her vagina surrounded the tip of his head, slowly spreading apart her tight insides. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt Al’s whispers against her chest, slowly she started to descend over his cock, her insides wet enough that his massive member didn’t fight back. Despite its size Sylvia managed to engulf his entire penis, the head pushing up against her deepest insides. Abominable muscles massaging his phallus from the inside, a look of utmost pleasure was washing over Al’s face, it didn’t take much time for him to unload.
    The first orgasm of the night inside her was a massive one, Sylvia’s womb being filled to the absolute brim with shota semen but even with these vast amounts, she wanted to please her man more. “Ah… so nice.” She spoke with a soft yet sultry tone, as if the flood she just experienced was but a drop in the water compared to her own desire. Al however was far from finished, semen was escaping from her mound but slowly the gap was closing. Driven by his love his penis started to stiffen again, enveloping Sylvia’s vagina again.
    This time Al decided to take initiative, bucking his hips forward as hard as he could, eyes half-lidded he did his best to pleasure them both. “Oh you’re so adorable” Her voice was starting to break, the kid shattering her more concrete exterior as his cock was pumping more and more.
    Sylvia joined Al’s movements their nymphomaniac organs working in unison to milk each other of all their worth. Without much thought Al caught a mouthful of her breasts, the velvety nipple being sucked with the force of a vacuum. Their act was getting louder and louder, their naughty act leaving a large squelching sound in the room. Ragged breaths were coming from Sylvia’s mouth as her nipple and vagina was being stimulated. She was nearing her own limit, rubbing her folds against Al’s crotch. Her clitoris was rubbing against Al’s body, hot and desperate her own climax was nearing, and Al’s second was not far off.
    Al took his mouth off her teat and looked up at the purple lady, their faces teaming with excitement, despite their intense lovemaking she still had her eyes focusing intensely on the young boy in front of her. His head was jabbing at her womb, unable to defend her poor defenceless baby basket, her orgasm reached its breaking point.
    “You’ve been a good boy Al, your stamina might even outpace mine” Bouncing and bouncing on his massive erection, his ejaculation came tumbling after. Filling a woman up for the second time that night, and second in his life. Even after all that he still stood tall and proud. The lovemaking continued throughout the night, each of the participants dumping their love into each other. While Al’s stamina was greater, it wasn’t infinite. In the middle of the night the two lay by each other’s side, hands interlocked, always sure to keep themselves close whether it was for pleasure or pure comfort.
    “Oh Sylvia, I want us to stay together every day” Al shifted a bit closer, attempting to wrap his other arm around his lamia lover again.
    “We’ve already been intimate for so long, I’m sure it won’t end anytime soon”
    “What does that mean?”
    “Nothing, it’s getting late anyway, and boys like you need their sleep” Slowly, Slyvia unlocked their hands, daintily setting them on the bed, shifting her tail off the bed, the rest of her body followed as she made her way towards the door.
    “See you tomorrow Al”

    “I can’t wait.” He said with a huge smile.

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    It appears that the ‘Lone-Star-Anon’ continues with its perfidy.

  2. Typos:
    > rest of the day a normal child would
    > unable couldn’t shake
    > clothes and but on
    > long scrapping sound
    > didn’t even know which house was his
    > slowly peaked out
    > bliss due Al’s
    > soft war sensation
    > Abominable muscles massaging
    > enveloping Sylvia’s vagina
    > Slowly, Slyvia unlocked

    > Al’s second was not far off
    This was his fourth orgasm of the night, although it was his second inside her

    > Large yet perky breasts
    I probably should’ve figured this out from the shota tag, but as I was reading this I didn’t understand how a ~9-year-old snake girl had large, perky breasts. I get she’s more likely closer to 30, but you don’t specify how they know each other at all, in the beginning I thought she was a classmate and I was wondering why her parents weren’t worried about her being out all night

    > not worried about how she found his house, or how she got in
    Okay, I get that he’s nine so he’s a bit dumb and knows her, but he doesn’t wonder for one second “I know I locked the doors before I went to sleep, how’d she get in?”

    > Al recognizes Sylvia’s shuffling sound
    Of all the things in this story, I found this most unbelievable.

    > The ending
    I know I’m likely overthinking this, but the ending makes me think she’s used her venom to make him forget the other times she’s visited him when his parents were “working overnight”. On that note, are parents letting nine-year-olds take care of themselves overnight now? I don’t remember being nine all that much and I don’t know any nine-year-olds now to confirm, but IDK if I could’ve handled that.

    You should start new paragraphs when you switch from descriptive text to character speech, it makes it easier to read.

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