A Young Wurm and the House-Kitsune

[Commissioned piece, contains horny young wurms and older foxes getting the dick(s). 

Contains futa wurm, hemipenis, kitsune, dubious consent, cumflation, and a bit of ntr]



“Mooom! We’re trying to study!”

The young kitsune puffed her cheeks, acting more a child than the teen she was.

Her mother chuckled, a finger touching her rosy-red bottom lip, “Sorry, sorry, just thought I’d see what you two were up to. There’s nothing good on TV.”

Though the daughter hadn’t noticed, her friend certainly did. Hells, one had to purposefully not notice, which made sense for her daughter, but for Cassidy, well, she very much wanted to notice. It was about the only reason she came over to Phoebe’s house anymore. Studying? Hah! Only thing she wanted to study was Ymeri.

Hadn’t always been that way. In fact, it’d started out quite the opposite, with Cassidy pursuing Phoebe, but that was because she didn’t know Ymeri existed. It’d started out like many occurrences of young lust: A month before the school year began, Cassidy and her mother had gotten new neighbors.

She hadn’t been there when they moved in, but her mother told her it was a wife and husband with their daughter, all kitsune. Few days after that, Cassidy had seen the daughter outside with her father —and immediately took an interest. She was pert, tiny, yet her tails were of such fluff and volume she couldn’t help but want to sink her claws into them. And, maybe, the fox herself.

That was one of her dark little secrets no one but her mother knew, and her father, wherever he’d gone off to. She’d been mistaken for a boy at birth, and raised as such for a while, until it became apparent during all the newborn labwork to ensure she was a healthy, bouncy (or, perhaps, slithery) plated wurm that she was, in fact, a she, just with the ‘wrong’ bits down there.

Supposedly she was the reason he’d left without a word. Good riddance, that, and probably good as well she never got to know the guy.

Otherwise, she kept her distance, if only because she didn’t know how to make an approach. Young lust was rather clear in what the final objective out to be, in her case, her dicks inside the fox, but it said nothing of how to get from her current point to the end goal.

So, school began without a word crossing the two. But, as luck so had it, Cassidy shared most of her classes with Phoebe, which made watching her all the much easier. During her observations, she noted within the span of a few days that Phoebe was not possessed of her race’s famed intelligence or wit. Rather like herself in that regard, Cassidy admitted glumly, but it did make getting friendly that much easier.

At the end of class one day, Cassidy slithered up to the fox, dark green scales rustling like silk on the linoleum, and introduced herself. The plan in her head and been smooth and cunning. Reality was something else.

“Heya!”  Cassidy chirped. On approach, her long, strong body stumbling into Phoebe’s desk, knocking her bag to the ground. She gasped and reached down for the bag, muttering apologies, only to bump heads with the fox.



“Sorry!” said Cassidy in a rush

“kaka, it’s okay,” said Phoebe, rubbing at an already swelling spot on her forehead with an awkward smile plastered on her face.

An awkward silence filled the gap, with Cassidy wringing her claws togethers and Phoebe’s golden tails jittering about.

“We have a lot of classes together, don’t we?” Cassidy blurt out.

Phoebe pressed a finger to her chin, something she did when she had to think. In a typical day, she probably held that pose for at least an accumulated hour. “Hey you’re right, yeah,” the fox smiled again.

More silence. Cassidy’s eyes roved Phoebe’s slim body, down and up. Phoebe was fond of wearing short skirts and tight shirts, a fact the wurm used to bolster her courage.

“We should like, study together!”

Phoebe’s eyes lit up. “Really? That’s great! No one’s asked me yet, like last year and year before a bunch of boys would come up and ask me…” She deflated some, glancing around the room, “…I think they’re tired of having to explain so much to me all the time,” she added, sulkily.

“Haha, it’s okay! We’ll have to explain a lot to each other, so it’s fine,” Cassidy declared, claws poised upon her waist and her big-for-her-age-chest puffed up and out.

And that was that, she was in. Well, not yet, she smirked to herself, but she would be, eventually. Hopefully. To get things moving, they’d have their first study session that very day. Seeing as how they took the same bus home, owing to living next to one another, it was a cinch—though Cassidy did need to let her mother know she was going to be at the neighbor’s for a short while.

Not more than a few steps and slithers into Phoebe’s house than did she first lay eyes on her mother, Ymeri. She was stacked. Almost identical to some of her favorite images and videos she’d jerk off to. Great, big tits she could sink her claws into, plump thighs she wanted to nestle up against, and a firm ass she could squeeze for days, and, doubtless, would clap and jiggle just right under every thrust. And, of course, all that fluff would be waving around in her face and against skin and scale.

Scarcely two months later, Phoebe was little more than an excuse. Long gone were the thoughts of claiming her and waiting for her to develop. Cassidy wanted the finished product, and she wanted it now. These were, perhaps, fantasies Ymeri didn’t discourage. In fact, she did a great deal to encourage them.  

Back to the present, she was at her usual antics.

“I’m sooo bored,” Ymeri said, wilting like a flower atop the table, covering the opened textbooks.

It was all Cassidy could do to keep her secret a secret. Ymeri was wearing nothing but a long, oversized t-shirt. White, of course, and thin enough to show hints of her milky flesh. As she slumped forward, her breasts squashed against the table and spread, pale skin straining against cotton, and the hem of the shirt hiked up her supple thighs to the top of her hip, revealing a lack of undergarments.

Cassidy swallowed, hard. Just a slightly different angle and she could see everything. She did shave? She must; images of her bald cunt danced through her mind, spreading wide for her, drooling with anticipation. Her claws dove to her crotch, or what would be her crotch if she had legs, to keep any problems from arising.

“Oh dear, do you have a fever?” Ymeri said, bringing her face close to Cassidy’s, “You’re all red,” she said, chuckling.

“Damn it, mom! Can’t you be bored somewhere else?”

“Aw,” she crooned, rolling one way, just enough to lift her breasts off the table—subtle shifts in the cotton highlighting where her nipples and proud areola were, “But I have no one, I mean, nothing to do…” Her electric gaze lingered on Cassidy, long, blonde hair spilling across the table and bangs framing her face, drawing attention to the swell of her lips.

“But if you insist, daughter dear…” As she righted herself, a smug, knowing grin crooked those soft, kissable lips.

Almost since the first day Ymeri had been such a tease. Cassidy shimmied in place, fighting back her hard problem. It hadn’t grown too big yet, so she was safe, but damned if it wasn’t getting to her.

“I’ll leave you girls to it,” Ymeri said, brushing against Cassidy as she walked out, giving the wurm a face full of tails.

A scent lingered, warm and… musky. Cassidy’s vision followed Ymeri out, even past the point where she disappeared down the hall.

“She can be such a handful, huh? Sorry about that,” Phoebe said with a great roll of her eyes and shake of her head.

“Ha ha, yeah…”

Her thoughts turned to her friend, Phoebe. Compared to her mother, she dressed modestly, but still… tightly. Unlike her mother, she wasn’t at all a tease. Made her wonder just how much she knew. Certainly anyone could see that and… or maybe she was just that ignorant. Willful or otherwise.

Claws fidgeted with the tube of denim material that was, for those possessed of serpentine bodies, the equivalent of a pair of jeans. A zipper and belts at both ends snugged it in place, once it was at the proper spot. She strained against the top zipper, and thought, she could just… unzip here and now, let them loose. She licked her lips; what would Phoebe think?

Would she go for it? She’d probably break the poor girl; probably couldn’t even take half of one.

Lurid thoughts brought in the mother, who’d happen to chance upon them in one of her ‘bored’ fits. What would she say? Would she join in? She could have them both at the same time, laying on her back, mother and daughter backs to each other, riding her in tandem…


She was about to explode. Shoving all those thoughts aside she jammed her books in her bag, stammering “Sorry I just remembered something I gotta do sorry!”

“Hey, wait!”

“Sorrysorry! We’ll talk later okay bye!”

Without waiting for her friend to see her out, Cassidy slithered as fast as she could down the stairs, aimed straight for the door.

Perhaps it was because of her haste and the fact she didn’t make noise like most people going down stairs, or perhaps it was because Ymeri had heard her and deduced that it could only be one person coming down, but the result was the same. Ymeri was in the living room on the couch, facing the television, which meant that one arm of the couch was nearest the hallway and the other was near the wall.

Which meant that all Cassidy had to do was turn her head slightly to catch an eye full. Ymeri had one leg hiked up on the cushion, the other on the floor. Her shirt tented up on her knee, revealing her silky smooth cunt, its lips tucked in snug and tight like a woman’s, no, a girl’s a third of her age.  

Ymeri smiled, “Oh my, where are you going in such a hurry? I thought you girls had studying to do.”

She made no effort or move to close her legs. Cassidy froze, transfixed. It was right there, ripe for the taking. If it wasn’t for her bag dangling down her front side, it’d be obvious to anyone. As it was, the strain was such it forced her to hunch forward in a desperate attempt to alleviate the discomfort of her sensitive head grinding against metal.

“I-I need to go do something. Important!” She managed to stutter out.

The older kitsune cocked a brow, her tails swaying about against the couch. A tall, pointed ear flicked.

“Oh? What might that be?” Her voice came out low and smoky; she shifted the foot on the cushion, hiding herself from view. In the same motion, her grin returned.

“Things! Bye!” Cassidy summoned all her will and rushed out the door, not even bothering to close it as she bolted.

She slithered like a video playing on fast-forward to her house, threw open the door, barely remembered to close that one, then sizzled up to the second floor and into her room. Fortunately for her, her mother was gone for the evening, owing to a meeting with editors at the magazine.

Shirt and bra sailed into a corner, letting her own sizeable breasts swing free with their nipples pert and at the ready. Normally she’d cup her breasts, play with her sensitive nipples to ease herself into mood, but as her mood was already into it as much as it could get, she rushed right on through.

Two massive bulges strained at her legging to the point that even after unzipping and loosening the belts, she had to work and shimmy to get it down. Inch by wiggling inch she worked it lower, revealing more of her erections until finally, they sprung free, unburdened. Her pair of dicks pulsed with her heartbeat, each was a foot long and a solid three inches thick, flare and shaft covered in soft, backwards facing barbs. At their base, a subtle swelling of flesh, just waiting for the right moment to trigger.

Her smallclothes were so soaked in pre-cum they’d left smears on the inside of her jean and thin, sticky tendrils of clear fluid trailed from the heads of her cocks to the fabric, snapping off as she removed her panties all the way, flicking them across the room with a snap of her tail. Precum had slathered all over her cocks; she ran her palm across one of them, rubbing the sensitive head. It jumped at her touch, like an eager pet.

She went straight for the third drawer on the left, second row of her dresser, and there, underneath an ugly holiday sweater, were her prized possessions: Two extra-large onaholes. With both in claw she flopped down into bed and brought the toys close to her dicks.

Ah! I forgot the lube!

But, staring at herself, she imagined that sight, burned into memory. That wonderful, tight-looking snatch, staring right back at her. How hot it must be, how wet and gripping…! Copious amounts of precum percolated from the ends of her flared shafts, covering the blunt ends in a thick layer of clear excitement.

It’d do.

More than lowering the toys onto herself, her body jolted, cocks bouncing and probing for those lovely holes. The fat ends found their marks and again her waist thrust up, just as she pulled the toys down. Slathered by her own lust, the toys gulped down her cocks, soft silicon swelling and stretching to capacity.

Cassidy imagined that’s what Ymeri would look like when she stuffed her full. The fox’s belly bulging out with the imprint of her cocks…

Oh, fuck!

She churned the toys on her cocks, moaning in time to the sounds of squelching and sucking.

What it’d be like to fill up that cunt with her seed, her asshole, claim that slutty fox’s holes for her use!

The wurm gasped and let out a slow gasp and ripped the toys off herself. Flesh at the base of each cock swelled up, along with her flares, threatening to the shred her onaholes. In fact, she’d gone through nearly a dozen this year alone—her lust was getting out of control, and her cocks seemed to grow and grow. She was still young, it made her wonder just how big and breaking her shafts could get…

With one last thought of fucking the fox and a glancing touch from her clawed touch, she set off the bomb within herself. Hot, thick cum bulged her shafts even more and her knots swelled up, desperate for a hole for plug. Holding her dicks with their cumslits pointed at herself, she held out her tongue just in time to taste the first hot rope as it splattered against her face.

Her whole body went rigid, save for slight trembling as she came, blasting her face and tits with hot, salty wurm spunk again and again, painting herself in a pearly veneer. By the time the last bit dribbled out and down her shafts, she was so covered that cum ran in great globs down her face and shoulders and tits onto the sheets.

Cassidy slurped up some, enjoying the thick, rich taste of herself.

That slut would love my cocks, love my cum even more! I just know it…. But, she’s married…

So what? That stiff couldn’t satisfy anyone, not when I’ve got these! Hehe, even I can’t help but want to suck them and drink down their cum…

She pat her cocks noting they were still stiff as rods of steel. Her knots would stay swollen for a short while, but normally they’d still soften up.

Fuck, I want her bad…

She whined to no one how it was so unfair she was still a virgin at her age. Maybe it was just her dicks talking, but she was wanted to fuck someone, anyone. Man, woman, another girl like herself… She was ‘special,’ but so what. All her friends always talked about how they really wanted to get stretched out, but when it came to it, they always backed down or complained about how it hurt.

Ymeri, by contrast, was experienced. She could take a dick like a real woman. Or two. Oh, she’d spread her open, all right, sliding her cocks into those tight holes… Her pulsing cocks throbbed with need.

Reaching to her toys once again, she marveled at how easily her cum eased their slide down her shafts and groaned in delight, but also, hissed in annoyance. This couldn’t be anything compared to the real deal.

That was it. That was it! No more!

Tomorrow, tomorrow when that whore kitsune was all by herself, home alone, she’d make her move. After all, why else would she tease her so? It was just an act to get her to make the first move.

And what a move it’d be.

Pumping and pumping, Cassidy blew another twin loads to the thought of everything she’d do that fox. A third was a possibly, but her mother had come home and so she raced to the shower to clean herself up, after she’d ripped off her cum-slicked sheets and replaced them with a fresh set.

The next day was a school day, the perfect opportunity. During the night Cassidy had been overcome with illness, and lo, in the morning the sickness had not abated. Her mother had informed the school of her daughter’s absence, while Cassidy texted Phoebe to let her know that she would, simply, be running a bit late and to head on without her if needed. A brilliant plan, especially from a teenage wurm. She had to congratulate herself; when she left the thinking to her dicks, somehow, things always ended on a pleasurable note.

As the morning wore on and reached the point where Cassidy would normally have left to catch the bus, however, she realized her perfect plan held one key flaw: Her mother typically worked from home, and today was no exception to the norm.

Cassidy lay in bed, pretending to be ill, thinking of Ymeri and her cunt, and her tits, and all that soft, yielding flesh. Her claws were not the most sensitive, and indeed could be a bit harsh, hence her need of toys, but she could still feel enough, could feel the warmth and the give. And her scent. And her taste. What would she taste like? A shiver shot through her spine, all the way to the tip of her tail.

Her twinned cocks slid from their protective slit, rising at half-mast, making a two-ring circus tent out of her sheets.

Lust battered away what reasonable thoughts drifted in her head. Excuses and explanations could come later. Cassidy slid from bed and into the barest of clothing needed to go out. She peeked from her room down the hall. Mother was busy at her computer in the office at the end of the hall. On whisper scales the wurm left her room and closed the door, the gentle clack of the latch slipping into place jolting her like electricity. Her eyes swiveled to her mother, fearing a reaction, but nothing came of it.

Letting out a lungful of air, she continued down the incline—that is, what would be stairs in a home where its residents predominantly had legs—to the landing, and departed outside, again closing the door with a fear born of adolescence, because it always seemed like her mother knew everything she was doing.

She slithered the short distance away to Phoebe’s house and came up to the front door. Another worry hit her: What if her husband was still home? Phoebe often talked about how her dad worked all the time, early mornings, late nights, but maybe he’d taken a day off or something…

Fear and Lust waged war. Fear, with its images of embarrassment and having to make up excuses was against snapshots of her imagination. A one-sided battle. Her claw shot out to the door bell, waiting for the stay-at-home mother to answer.

Seconds ticked by. She fidgeted. A claw reached to press the bell again, just as the door swung open.

Cassidy jumped, her mind flipping through what sort of scandalous things the fox might be wearing.

But, as the door fully opened, there the fox was, wearing a baggy sweater and sweatpants that were revealing as thick fog. She blinked and shook her head, no, that couldn’t be right. Unless…

“Oh, Cass? What are you doing here? Phoebe left a while ago,” she said, chuckling in that whispering, soft way she always did, adding on a devilish smile, “Unless you’re here to see little ole’ me?”

Cassidy’s imagination and urges exploded on a wild bender of hormones. So she was trying to torment her! But wait, did that mean she only did it to her? It had to, she didn’t flaunt herself in front of just anyone. Right? So that meant… That slut! How could a married woman do that? Wait, she solved this last night. That was it. That had to be it. Of course!

Her voice crackled, despite her best attempts to keep it on an even keel, “I, ah, left some, uh, something here last night. In Phoebe’s room. Just need to, ah, grab it…”

Ymeri put her head to a side, “Is that so? Well, if you tell me what it is, I can run up and grab it for you.”

“No!” Cassidy blurt out, then calmed herself, “I mean, no, I can get it. No need for you to!”

Still with her head to a shoulder, she narrowed an eye and tapped a finger to her chin. “If you insist, but it’s really no trouble at all,” she said, standing aside to allow the wurm in.

Cassidy slid inside, passing by Ymeri close enough to get a whiff of the fox. Her hair was held back in a ponytail, aside from her bangs which were low enough to just cover her brows. She didn’t smell of her usual perfumes, no, she hadn’t showered yet today. Cassidy’s nostrils flared, drinking in Ymeri’s musk. She slithered around the fox in a half-circle, drawing a look of curiosity as the older woman closed the door.

Look at that. If she… If she’d intended for Cassidy to leave right away, why would she close the door. The wurm licked her lips. She couldn’t wait anymore. All the signs were there, she just needed to reach out and claim her prize.

Claws struck out and latched onto the fox’s shoulders, sending her tails up in a poof of surprise.

“Something wrong?” She said with a slight worry to her tone.

“You slut!” Cassidy said, or rather, almost screamed.

Anger creased together Ymeri’s brows and stiffened her tails. “Excuse me?”

“You’re always leading me on, and last night, you, you,” Cassidy’s eyes darted to the fox’s crotch, along with a claw, grabbing between her legs, “Showed off your pussy!”

Ymeri jumped in place and tried to swat away the wurm’s claws, but it was like trying to slap away a statue’s arm. She blushed some, after the fact, but didn’t look away. “I’m sorry if I’m comfortable in my own home! And since we’re all women, what does it matter?”

Cassidy laughed slow; a bit of drool formed at the corner of her mouth and her eyes shook with desire, “You never stop teasing, huh? Well, I’ve had enough!”

Ymeri squirmed in the wurm’s steel grip, tails thrashing about, “I… didn’t know you were like that, just like your mother, otherwise I wouldn’t have been… Well, let me go, this instant!”

With hardly any effort, Cassidy picked Ymeri up and tossed her to the floor in the living room. Ymeri yelped more in surprise than pain, but before she could get to her feet Cassidy was upon her, forcing her lips to the fox’s. She was young, inexperienced. Greedy, hungry. Ymeri tried to push Cassidy off, for all the good it did, a teenage wurm was still a wurm, stammering for her to stop in between breath-stealing, ravenous kisses. The wurm’s long tongue had no problem forcing its way into her mouth, lashing about and even snaking its way to the back of her throat.

Saliva mixed, they tasted one another. Arms at either side of the fox’s shoulders, Cassidy let her weight pin the fox so she could focus on the kissing, the tasting. Her teeth nibbled on the fox’ lips, her tongue lanced deeper into Ymeri’s mouth, beyond just the back of her throat, slipping all the way down. Ymeri sputtered and gasped, ears cupped backwards defensively.

When Cassidy pulled back, lines of saliva trailed from their lips. Her tongue was held out, the tip twitching against the bottom of her chin. She gazed upon the fox, her chest heaving with breath, her reddened face.

“Look at you, you want this as much as me!”

“I do not! You’re… No,” Ymeri said, resolutely. “Let me go this instant!”

The wurm lifted slightly. It was then Ymeri felt something that should not be there. Two somethings, actually.

As the wurm rose further, two lumps strained against her legging, which she was in a hurry to dispense off, shimming it down her body. The first of her purple-red cocks appeared, followed by its twin, straining against their bonds, climbing towards freedom.

When her legging was finally pushed down her body far enough, they swung free, like drawbridges free of their chains. So thick, so long, so… exotic. Cassidy stroked herself once, admiring them. In all the porn she’d watched, no one had cocks quite like hers.

Ymeri’s gaze was locked upon them, her pupils had become razor slits in the field of green, darting in time with the heartbeat-bobbed appendages before her. But, the fox forced herself to look away. “I didn’t know you were like that,” she breathed, throatily, as if denying some part of herself, “I apologize for making you think I was leading you on, but you must let me go and leave. Now. If you do, this can stay… our little secret. Okay?”

Cassidy watched as she spoke. Her voice was just above a whisper. Her face red. Women were like that, weren’t they, always playing hard to get. Always wanting to be… taken. That’s how it always was in the porn she watched and read. Still pinning the fox with most of her bulk, Cassidy ripped her shirt off, letting her C-sized breasts spill out, nipples stiff as her cocks.

And then, before Ymeri could protest, she pulled at the fox’ sweatshirt and pants, leaving her hands and ankles bound up, exposing her flesh to the word. As she’d expected, the older kitsune had no underwear on.


“Slut,” Cassidy breathed, coiling in close, running her claws all over the exposed flesh. She cupped each heaving breast in turn, an entire clawful, easily F or G cups. Her tongue snaked down across each eraser-thick nipple and lapped at it, across her puffed areola, tasting faint traces of sweat and her scent. Under her tongue’s ministrations, the fox’ nipples stood proud, as if begging for more attention.

“Really, you must stop, this is too far!” Ymeri said, her voice several leagues away from a forceful shout. Her eyes still glued to Cassidy’s twin dicks.

“We’re just getting started!”

Cassidy slithered down Ymeri’s body, tasting her everything. Down the swell of her breasts, her ribs and tummy with the barest of pauches to it, giving it a delicious softness that yielded under her tongue, across her waist and dipping down, deeper, to her prize. Still bare and smooth as the rest of her flesh, Cassidy’s tongue darted across Ymeri’s pussy, the tip of her tongue finding its mark, spreading those lips and delving inside.

Ymeri gasped and whined and squirmed—and bit her bottom lip as her eyes fluttered close for a bare moment. Cassidy’s tongue pushed deeper, her lips and mouth following close behind, latching on and sucking at the delicious lips and flesh while her tongue lashed about, stirring up the fox who let out a cute little moan. Cassidy smiled and hummed into the cunt mashed against her face, she was right. A slut who wanted it wouldn’t moan like, wouldn’t give up so easily.

Earthy, bodily tastes flooded across her tongue and into her mouth; already the older fox was getting wet, and she’d not even been lapping at her for more than a minute. It was everything she imagined and more, the taste, the scent! Her cocks throbbed with desperate need, her body ached, jealous of her tongue.

Drifting away with no small measure of reluctance, Cassidy loomed over her prize. Ymeri’s breath was hard and deep, her cheeks were flushed red along with the rest of her body, but her cunt was a dark crimson in comparison, labia swollen with desire. Her clit was a tiny cock of its own, standing proud just above the delicate flesh around it.

“S, stop. This instant! You’re too young!”

“Am I? You’re too old to have tits like these,” Cassidy said, grabbing Ymeri’s tits in each claw, making her gasp in equal parts pleasure and pain as the wurm squeezed, forcing titsflesh to squeeze out between her digits, “And skin like this, and a cunt like this! Get on all fours, slut!”

The fox did not obey, not at first, until a helping hand from Cassidy rolled her over, belly down on the floor. Then, as if by magic, she rose to her knees and elbows, even arching her back to stick her ass out, presenting her snatch and asshole for inspection. “This is rape,” cried the fox, “You’ll go to jail for this!”

Cassidy laughed, slithering round behind Ymeri. Her plump ass hung in the air, thick thighs pressing together so much it squeezed her labia tight, a slotted bullseye leaking liquid ardor. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew this was wrong, but it was a whisper amidst a raging tempest of desire.

She grabbed her top cock and guided it forward, rubbing her pre-cum slicked crown against the fox’ sodden snatch. The lust-engorged lips kissed her cock like a dearly-missed lover, slathering her in welcome. The wurm pressed on; Ymeri hissed, hands clutching at carpet.

Cassidy knew she was a big girl, but this was… Rather than swallowing her up, the fox’ cunt mashed inward under the mounting pressure, until, there was a give like a rubberband stretched too far. Ymeri cried out as hot wetness engulfed Cassidy’s thick flare, gobbling down inches of her shaft. The wurm groaned to match the fox’s gasps, holding still to relish the squirming flesh on her cock. It was so much better than… anything! Her onaholes couldn’t compare, not by a mile.

She made a few languid strokes, the fox so tight she dragged her back and forth with her, getting her cock nice and lubricated up, licking her lips like she was about to eat the finest meal of her life. Each time the soft barbs stretched her just a little bit more, they snapped in with a sensation like popping bubbles. Once she was satisfied, she hauled back, barbs scraping out the fox, until her cock sprung free with an almost audible ‘pop’ that left Ymeri’s vagina gaping and winking, and indeed, the fox looked up and back with, not relief, but complaint.

“You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

Ymeri said nothing, looking away, ashamed.

“C’mon, I wanna hear it.”


“I guess I’ll just leave, then.”

Ymeri whimpered. Cassidy gave her ass a good smack that sent the fox’s tails up in a massive poof and flesh rippling. Good enough, she supposed. Besides, she wasn’t really going to just up and leave.

The prize she’d been waiting for was right in front of her. Two cocks, two holes. Grabbing the fox’ hips, she moved into position, guiding the fox back and down until her crowns were pressed against her asshole and cunt.

“Wait!” Ymeri cried out, “I’ve never—”

Her words were cut short, replaced by a gurgling yelp, as the wurm lurched what would be hips forward at the same moment she yanked the fox back. Her bottom cock slid into the already warmed-up passage, the flare working in, but her asshole wouldn’t give, only opening a fraction of an itch upon the pussy-clicked cock trying to batter its way in. Cassidy grunted and soldiered on, while Ymeri writhed and even screamed, “Stop, stop, it hurts, stop!”

No matter how much Ymeri kicked and fought, Cassidy’s grip was sure as could be, and surely, her asshole started to give, buckling inward—and gave completely, gulping down her flared crown with a snap and pop of flesh that drew up a shrill cry from the fox before she went silent, all sound caught in her throat.

Cassidy went still, eyes closed as the fox’ body squirmed around her cocks, milking them. But, she could only stay immobile for so long until need hammered down, and forward. A slow inch at first, then two, Cassidy sawed in and out, dragging her dicks through Ymeri’s holes. Her cunt and asshole, so protesting her entry at first, clung to her cockflesh, sucking at it, like it never wanted to let it go.

“Sooo good,” she said, smacking each of the fox’ asscheeks in turn, leaving reddened imprints in the rippling flesh. Each strike of a cheek made Ymeri clamp down and drew a breathless yelp.

She pistoned deeper and deeper, four inches, six, all while Ymeri pleaded with her to stop in between cries, each long shriek punctuated by the periods and exclamations of her barbs and medial rings.

“If you hate it so much, why are your holes sucking on my cocks so much?”

Ymeri barely turned her head, tears in her eyes, but… She wasn’t angry, no. Cassidy took it as a silent plea to mean she wanted more.

And she was eager to give it.

Settling with a firm grasp on the fox’ hips and waist, Cassidy lunged forward, spearing the fox on 8 inches of her thick cockmeat, right up the swelling bulb of her knots. Ymeri’s shrill cry cut short as the wind was shoved from her lungs, unable to so much as moan out. Held up as she was by the wurm, she felt her stomach with a hand; the wurm’s mighty cock left a visible imprint against her stomach. She gurgled and sucked in a deep breath as Cassidy drew back; the kitsune’s whole body seemed to suck in with the vacuum from her cocks’ exodus, only to blow it all back out in a mighty moan of pain and pleasure as she dove back in.

“Fuck, fuck fuck!” Cassidy babbled, slamming her cocks home again and again, lost in the drunken bliss of the warm fuckmeat around her. She switched her grip, letting go of Ymeri’s hips to grab hold of her hands, pulling them up and back, using them as leverage to bury herself deep.

The fox’ bouncing set her tits swinging to the beat of the claps of her ass smacking against the wurm’s scales. Her tongue lolled from her mouth, random noises burbling from her throat, until, “Yes, yes, just like that!”

“You like it, slut? You like my cocks after all?” Cassidy squealed, more girlish glee than rough dominance.

“Y-yes, they’re so big and thick, gods! Fuck me! Take me like the slutty fox I am!”

Cassidy’s dicks surged in response and she wicked to an increasing furor, lurching in a tempo that had the fox shrieking like a banshee until she came, lips in a silent O. Her entire body tensed, releasing a cascade of cunt-lube to ease the wurm’s passage, settling into a series of aftershocks as the wurm continued to jackhammer the fox.

“Fuuuuck me! Fuckmefuckme!”

Ymeri’s holes squeezed and squirmed around her shafts, cunt and asshole wringing in equal measure. Already riding high, Cassidy lost the battle to hold out and her body fired off like a crossbow bolt. Jets of cum plumped her cocks even further and her knots and flares engorged—her knots sadly without a hole to plug—and pumped the fox full of her spunk. Massive loads flooded into her cunt and asshole, the wurm’s thunderous strides turned to a gentle rocking, her breath a harsh hiss as her entire being focused on her cocks and discharging her virile load.

Ymeri glanced down at the shape of the blunted horsecock stretching out her belly, but the visible bulge soon grew rounded, indistinct and she was pumped full of hot wurm spunk.

She went slack, accepting her position, wiggling her hips side to side, “Oh gods yes, breed me, breed me!” Ymeri shivered, chanting how she wanted to be bred like it was a magic spell.

Cassidy gurgled and let go of the fox’ arms, letting her slump forward and off her cocks. They sprung free with wet pops, rivers of cum oozing out of her stretched, gaping holes. Both of them panted for several seconds; Cassidy’s erections showed no signs of flagging.

Slithering forward, Cassidy slid them home once more. Her massive cocks slid into the gaping holes like they were a perfect match to each other, flares, barbs, ring and all to the encouraging moans of Ymeri. The kitsune’s body eagerly gobbled her down, yet somehow, Ymeri was still tighter than her toys. And hot. And wet. Cassidy couldn’t resist going for an immediate hard, rutting pace, without rhythm or thought. Just hard, feral, fucking, sawing her massive poles in and out, barbs sending fleks of fluid flying every which way.

Ymeri buried her face in the carpet, hands balled up next to her head, shaking her ass and tails, screaming in moans and quaking from the sensation of being fucked and bred by real cocks.

Cassidy hammered down hard, shoving herself and the fox forward an inch at a time across the carpet with every crack of flesh that flattered Ymeri’s ass and sent her thighs quivering and tits swinging like great, gropeable pendulums.

“I can’t, can’t get enough,” Cassidy hissed, wrapping her claws around Ymeri’s midsection, pressing her own breasts to the fox’ back, “I never want to stop!”

The fox screamed into the carpet as another orgasm rocked her world, her wet, greedy holes slurping down the twined cocks, the sounds and musk of wet squelches and rippling flesh filling the house. Lubricant squirt around Cassidy’s lower cock, trailing down the shaft and the wurm’s scales. Ymeri could feel the bulbs of flesh knocking on her, politely asking entrance to her holes, already filled to capacity.

Rational thought had long since gone. “Breed me!” She cried out, voice coming muffled, “Knot me, make me yours! I’m your slutty fox!”

What limits Cassidy had were snipped clean, right then and there. With a grunt of acknowledgement, still clinging to the fox’ back, her waist slammed forward harder than ever. Both knots, still swollen, stretched the fox’ open a little further, much to her delight, if her screams were any indication.

Again and again the wurm battered down opening the fox up to the nearly 5” thickness of her knots. She’d attempted to knot her toys once, but the poor things had simply come apart. The fox would be tougher, and oh, she shivered, what it’d feel like to bury that sensitive flesh in a warm, wet, squeezing hole.

Her massive bitch-breakers were a battering ram to the fox’ gates, and just as that was an inevitably, so was she. The wurm extracted herself completely in one long backswing, her dripping, pre-spewing, cum-slathered cocks percolating like coffee pots, and buried herself. With a running start, she shattered the gates.

Ymeri screeched, hands clawing out carpet, tails rigid as pillars underneath the wurm as her cocks drove home. The cock in her cunt shoved through her cervix, flared head kissing her womb directly; even full of cum as she was, her stomach bulged with not one, but two blunted outlines. The knots slipped in, pulling her wider than ever before in her life, and disappeared into her body, ass and cunt swallowing them up, filling her in a way she’d never felt before.  

She went completely limp, save for a few gibbering notes from her lips.

The bitch had been broken.

Cassidy humped as much as her tied position allowed, tiny, short strokes as she huffed and panted into the kitsune’s hair. It was like nothing ever before, the squeezing and milking of her knots set her off in seconds. With a roar she jerked forward, forcing her cocks as deep as possible. The limp kitsune sagged and drooled, broken by the might of the cocks that’d claimed her body, womb and colon.

Cum sprayed directly into her womb, filling it in two jets, but the wurm kept cumming. Pearly alabaster flooded deep into her guts to match, every thick rope accompanied by a groan of pleasure and shimmy of her body. Her dicks jumped in time to her heartbeat and orgasm, white hot lightning propelled down her fattened cocks to erupt in the soft, fluffy dumpster below.

In no time the kitsune’s belly bloated even more, going from a hint to flab to total roundness, like she was a few months pregnant.

The wurm kept going, rocking her knots back and forth as much as she could manage, driven mad by the sensation of her bitchbreakers being milked.

Ymeri came around just enough to gurgle and mew, “Fill me uuuuup, gods yessssss…”

Packed as Ymeri was, the cum was sealed in place by swollen flares and knots, and so had no choice but to remain, bloating out her body until she looked to be five or six months pregnant. Finally the wurm ran dry, collapsing in a warm afterglow of the best orgasm of her life.

Ymeri twitched weakly from a fourth or fifth orgasm.

Cassidy fell backwards, pulling the fox with her, so that the wurm was on her back and the fox was resting on her stomach, legs splayed out on either side, giving anyone who’d happen to look a perfect view of what a kitsune looks like when speared by two incredible cocks.  Her massive knots had apparently swollen even further, making it impossible to pull them out.

“Sooo full,” Ymeri babbled, like she was in a dream. She rubbed at her cum-swollen belly, sweat-slicked fingers gliding along.

“I’ve, I’ve never cum so much,” Cassidy breathed out, most of her bravado shot out with each magnificent load. Yet, despite all that, her balls, tucked away safely in her body, still felt full and needy, but the rest of her needed a moment’s respite. She also wanted her knots to pop free, so she could really fuck her once again.

After 20 some minutes, with not much said between them, her knots finally deflated enough she could work them out—but not without a moan-filled gasp from Ymeri, who was still sensitive. Yet, even with her knots deflated, her cocks remained stone pillars, ready for more. When she attempted to slip free, Ymeri’s holes pulled out along with the thick meat, distending an inch or two out of her body before her flares came out with wet pops, followed by an immense river of jizz, cascading from her gaping orifices like a broken dam.

Ymeri’s belly rapidly deflated as what felt like gallons of semen washed out of her, covering the wurm and the floor. There she was, legs spread, holes gaped, inviting another round with monster cocks to plow her into submission atop the wurm, when the front door opened.

“Honey! I’m home early! Figured you might be hungry, so I—” Came the voice belonging to her husband, that cut as he locked eyes with his wife.

She smiled and waved at him, just as Cassidy positioned her cocks and speared Ymari once again, kissing her cervix and deepest parts of her guts once again. A happy, full moan escaped her throat, followed by “Oh, you have no idea how hungry I was!”


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  1. The writing is good enough that it more than makes up for the NTR. The smut is well written, and the dialog is excellent. At the very, very least, this story should be a low 4. Unfortunately, people tend to prefer their fetishes over quality writing. That’s just how it is, but, this is still a very well written story even considering that.

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