A Soldier’s Journey: Chapter 3

A Pleasant Result

    My cock and balls scream in outrage at being denied. I had held back for her and this what I get blue balled?! 

    I turn to see the busty beauty who had used me, still basking in her afterglow. She just lays there resting. She’s been stalking me, tracking me through this goddamn labyrinth and for God knows how long. Before I was ready to fight for my life. And now I’m sitting in the dirt with my pants around my ankles, a femcum covered face and to top it off; blue balled. 

    As the feeling of surrealism of what has just happened passes. I’m anger of being denied and thoroughly used by her. I ain’t had a woman in over a month since I and my squad were deployed to that shithole of a desert. 

    The more I look at her, with that self satisfied dopey smile on her face. The more pissed off I feel. As I continue to look at her, my eyes slowly drift down her body once more. I made my mind up. This might be petty and it might be a bloody stupid idea.

    But, fuck it! I want pay back!  

*    *    *

    As she lay there, in a wondrous glow, her mind wanders back to the events that had lead up to this. She hadn’t imagined that this would happen, when she’d swam up to the shore. Dragging herself up and stood out of the water, but not out of her depression. Resigning herself to hunt down her Prey again. She could at least take some solace that she’d been on the right track with the ambush.

    As she stood upright in the shallows and tossed her mane back out of her eyes. She had felt the cold water running down her body. Following the curvatures her body in great rivers. The next feeling is the throbbing of hunger, a reminder of her failure. 

    Feeling a little stiff, she’d stretched a little to help alleviate some of the soreness from her muscles. Afterwards, she began to wade through the shallows to the shore. It had been a little difficult, she hadn’t been used to walking on her hind legs. Having been traveling and stalking on all fours. However, it somehow felt nature to do so, in spite of her clumsiness.

    As she had stumbled onto the shore. She noticed the tall wall and the set of steps leading to the top. Deciding to head in that direction. She’d heard a noise off to her right. She tilts her head towards the source. And what she finds stops her dead in her tracks. There, cowering behind a rock was her Prey! 

    A grin had come to her lips. The hunger hammering in her head. The desperate need to end the damnable hunger. But, just as she’d hoped for a break, she took notice of the weapon cradled in his hands. That awful pain stick, that had blown a chuck of her flesh out.

    Her eyes widened, her smile wiped from her face. But it was the look in the man’s eyes that caused her blood to run cold. The absence of fear and the look of absolute certainty upon his face. Fear flares through her, in anticipation of the pain to come. 

    In that heartbeat, everything felt slower. The man, her Prey and his weapon became suddenly very sharp. Whilst the area around him becomes blurry and out of focus. She could make out little details on the weapon, the dirt stains on his clothes, the brilliant blueness of his eyes…


    Nothing happened? She’d been brought back from that strange sensation by that noise. Everything returns to as it once was.

    Click again. He looks down at his pain-thing, the certain expression wiped from his face. Then it hits her, the pain-thing wasn’t working as it should and so she had a chance. But, she had to be quick, unless her Prey got the weapon working again. The grin was back on her face, she needed to strike fast… the Voice. She’d use it one more time.

    As she opened her jaws and brings forth her strength for a great scream. Her Prey looks back to her, his eyes widen. He fumbles for something at his hip… another weapon? He tries to stand. But he’s too slow, as the ear-piercing shriek is blasted forwards it’s target. 

    Her Prey stumbles back his eyes clamped shut, hands over his ears in a vain attempt to protect them. His muscles spasm, leaving him completely exposed to attack. She lunges, she will not be denied this time! 

    Predator and Prey collide, the momentum causes them to hit the ground and roll. They come to a stop with her straddling him, a buzz of triumph goes through her body. She leans forward to get a better look at him. 

    He’s young, but not too young, a strong jaw, a healthy complexion and short blonde hair, half hidden under some floppy skull cap thing. A warm, haughtiness comes over her, expressed outwardly in a grin. “Oh yes, he will do fine.” That small piece of monologue surprises her, but she’s too pleased at her new acquisition to care.

    He manages to open his eyes, those striking blue eyes. A flutter begins in her chest for some reason. Nevermind, time to feed. She grabs hold of his forearms and pinned him down. She opens wide, and takes aim at his neck. She lowers her head, but something at the back of her mind keeps tugging at the… wrongness?! That’s the only word that fits with the concept that she can put her finger-claw on. It keeps intensifying the closer her teeth come to his neck. 

    Until the continued wrongness forces her to stop and withdraw. Confusion reigns, causing her brow to frown. Her hunger is still a dull ache at the back of her mind. Is this not how the hunger slaked? She stares into her Prey’s pretty eyes as she mulls over what to do.

    A distaction comes in the form of movement from… below? There it is again! A twitch right from under her. She’d pinned her Prey’s arms down and he’s not moving his legs. What could it be? The moment is surprisingly nice though…

    She releases his arms and sits up straight, momentarily confused of what to do she glance downwards… what are those?! Two large things have grown out of her chest area. Were those always there? They are large and are capped each by a pinky perky growth. Curious of this new discovery, she brings both hands up to inspect them. The size of each thing surprises her. She is barely able to hold either due to their size. 

    An experimental squeeze results in a flare of sensation, as does another. She begins to fondle them gently, basking in the delightful feeling it invokes. Her self-discovery and gratification is interrupted once again by the twitching from below her. This time however, it’s a very enjoyable sensation. 

    She releases her sensual lumps of flesh. What is that thing that keeps doing that? This time she wouldn’t get distracted. She’d get to the bottom of this. She looks downwards from left to right, unable to see anything. She raises herself off his pelvis and turns around, pinning him with her shins. Plopping herself back down, which causes him to wheeze. She tilts her head to look over her shoulder at him and then returns her attention back to the mystery at hand.

    She begins to fumble with his lower body coverings. Why do human-prey bother with such things?! She gives a mighty yank, to pull them down to his thighs, and nearly has her eye poked out by what emerges from within. 

    She blinks, as a pillar of flesh stands tall and proud in front of her. It was an odd thing; the shaft is a lighter pink than the rest of his exposed skin and with a cap on top with a different colour. Blue veins stand out against the pale flesh. As she watches, it twitches gently. A strong odour fills her sensitive, delicate nose with strange musky smell. There’s a small patch of hair growing at the base of the staff.

    She stares for a moment, at the odd and strangely endearing… thing, that had emerged from within her Prey’s coverings. Perhaps there is more? She reasons to herself. She begins to push the leg coverings down, moving her head to the side as she does so. And there, she sees just behind and below the shaft. What looks like a fleshy sack, how odd… how strange. She continues to push the coverings, but does not discover anything new. But that’s alright, she has found enough already. 

    She returns her gaze back to the ‘thing’. For some reason she wants to touch it. To see how it feels. Experimentally, she reaches out with a finger-claw to gently poke the top cap thing. Beneath her, the Prey has been quiet and very still up until now. This though is enough to set him off. He begins to buck beneath her, and tries to thrash his limbs.  The arms are pinned, but the legs are not. 

    Struggling to stay on top, this brings her head very close to his thing. A slap on her cheek is enough to make her decide to stop that too. But first, she grabs the lower thighs, just above the knees and pushes ‘em down. Next she raises her hind-quarters up and slams it back down, winding him. Another slap to her face from the rebellious and impudent member, and decides this has to stop. But with all her limbs busy, there is no other way to make it hold still. 

    Another strike to her cheek makes her desperate. She shoots out her tongue, wrapping around and catches it. What surprises her is how hard and firm it feels. And the taste! The salt  from his sweat tingles her tongue and many other unknown sensations sink into her oral member and rocket through it and up into her mind. Clouding it with a strange bliss. This is only interrupted by the realisation that her tongue has brought this new captive into her mouth. The new sensations and feelings multiply. She does something else she wasn’t expecting either.

    She moans.

    Her thinking mind begins to recede and a hunger raises to the foreground of her being. This a different hunger than one from before. This isn’t an agonising void, this is more like… more like… She couldn’t think, and so, she doesn’t bother. She begins to roll her mouth around her new treat. Drool begins to gather in her mouth as she feels thumping of blood being pumped and trapped within this… wonderous thing. She tumbles it around, exploring the different angles and dimensions. 

    A noise comes from beneath her. But she ignores it, too caught up in her on blissful fascination. As she takes it out of her mouth, her tongue plays with the mushroom-like cap and around the back of the hood. She places the shaft back into her mouth. She desires more, slowly she tries to bring more of it back into her mouth. She tries to take more and more into her mouth, but gags a little and pulls back. It’s too big. She regains her determination and returns for more, as she gets further down his pole. 

    To make more room, she sticks her tongue out the side of her mouth and relaxes her throat instinctively. After a little difficulty trying to accommodate for the girth, she nears the base of the shaft. Her long tongue gently twitches, coming into contact with something. It’s the sack she noticed from earlier. Her tongue snakes around the fleshy thing and to her surprise, there are two things in there. She starts to experiment with them, rolling them back-and-forth and feeling them move round in their soft bag. The desire to feel more sensation causes her to slowly remove the shaft from her throat. Her tongue is forced to abandon its new found toy. Holding only the tip in between her lips. Which risks popping out of her mouth, until she hungrily slamming it back in.

    A dizzying thrill rushes through her head. Causing her to emit a moan from the back of her throat. The fleshy pole twitches and pulsate madly in her mouth. This causes her to lower her unsteady body, so she’s now lying flat against him. 

    As she continues her single minded assault. Something else happens, a sensation hits her from between her legs. The feeling happens so sudden that she lets out a yelp of surprise. But this is quickly surpassed by an overwhelming sense of pleasure and a wet feeling between her legs. 

    The Prey. What is he doing to her, down there? This question though is quickly replaced by a want for more. And more came. His insatiable assault upon her nethers was near mind crippling. The things he did down there caused her to hit new highs in pleasure. But that was nothing compared to what happened next.

    He did something new, her eyes bulged at this new sensation. Something is inside of her! It’s warm and wet and wriggly and BIG and it feels oh so good! The sensation is too much, she begins to move her rear. But she is conflicted on whether to get away or to lean into it. He manages to wrench his pinned arms out from under her and grabs her. This steadies her and brings her closer, allowing his thing deeper into her.

    The Prey redoubles his assault upon her, digging deeper into her then before. She could feel something is coming. Something is building up and she has no idea what it is. Her mind is going hazy to the point that she’s finding it difficult to remain aware of anything. 

    Too big, too MUCH!

    Her mind goes blank, as an electrical charge shots from her nethers up her back and hits her head. It hits her, like when she hit the water. Instead of pain, unimaginable delight. Her back tenses and stiffens, arching her back. The Prey’s thing pops from her mouth. From deep within her throat, it travels up her throat to her mouth and a deep moan is sent forth. Her tongue lolling out to one side. A cascade of her juices drenches the man beneath her. 

    After a few agonizing moments of awe inspired delight washes over and through her. Her mind begins to feel tired, so tired, but warm and fuzzy as well. She begins to lose her balance and falls on to her side. She lay there in tired bliss. 

*    *    *

    As I look upon her pretty face, with that dumb smile plastered over it, as she radiates with an aura of smugness and bliss. I sit with nothing to show from it, humiliation and blue-balled, whilst she got it all. I feel my mind boiling over as my lust and frustration begins to beat my more rational mind into a small dark area at the back of my mind. 

    I wanted more, needed more. I pull mindless at the laces of my military issue boots, drunk on my own irritation and anger. Yanking them off, struggling to relieve myself of my fatigue bottoms, boxers and pulling my sand camo t-shirt off. For a long moment I stared down upon her resting body. Not really knowing what to do now I’m undressed. My eyes focus on her large breasts that sit upon her chest. A single droplet of water runs down one of them. They still look full, despite the fact that the rest of her needs several good meals to fill her back out. I guess I’ve found where I’m going to start.

    I reach out and touch her breast experimentally. It cool and pleasant to the touch. Emboldened, I move to slowly take the breast into my hand. Its softness encourages me. It’s size makes it impossible to hold it all, though. I give it a gentle, yet firm squeeze and I’m rewarded with a lustful moan from its owner. 

    As I continue to grope her breast, my other hand reaches out and grasps it’s twin. Her moans only bolster my confidence and encourage me to explore her more. My thumbs begin to circle her areola, teasing her erect nipples with my fingertips and then moving on to tweaking her nipples proper. All the while listening to her gasps and moans.

    Before long, I have to stop. My knees are beginning to ache, and I reluctantly withdrew my hands so I can give my sore knees a break and reposition myself. I sit as close and comfortably to her as I can. Then I once again gaze down upon her beauty. My eyes are drawn to her pretty face, her slender neck and her collarbones. 

    I place my fingertips just above her navel, traveling down her body, admiring her shape and curves up close. The flatness of her stomach, the gentle indents of her abdominal muscles underneath her skin and the oval of her navel. The thinness of her waist, the flair of her hips, the slight rise of her Mound of Venus and slight fluff of pubic hair. Despite her half starved appearance, her thighs are nicely thick and her calves slender. 

    I have a playful urge to touch her some more. My eyes are guided back to her nethers. I leant over her, using my arm to prop myself up and with my other hand, gentle start to stroke her still moist womanhood. I start by using my middle finger to slightly pushing open her labia lips and have my index and ring finger flanking either side. Giving her pink pearl a little flick and tease on the up stroke before going back down to repeat the process. Her gasps and moans becoming a little more audible.

    I notice my gentle ministration have causing her to spread her beautiful legs a little. Instinctively wanting me to have better access to her delicate nethers. I stick my middle finger in a little more deeply and begin to massage her from within. This encourages a fresh wave of love juices to begin to flow out, coating my fingers in more luscious lubricate. 

    I crane my head to get a better look at her honeypot. Her swollen reddish vulva is an alluring sight, contrasting with the milky-white skin surrounding it. I caught myself panting and felt the flush of arousal from the primal and animalistic effect that I’m causing to her, and how she’s responding to my touch. It’s difficult to think of her as the beast thing that had been stalking me through this damn bloody maze. Though I can’t really complain about how this is going so far and I’m somewhat grateful that my weapon jammed as it did.

    Overcome with lust and desire from her responses, I spread her legs, repositioning myself between and a little under them. Tilting her hips and sex upwards, I lean over her and place both my hands on either side of her head for support. As I do so my cock slides downwards. Resting between her ass cheeks. I once again look down upon this inhuman and yet glorious creature. Her eyes are closed, cheeks still flushed pink against her white skin, her mouth only barely open and her head slightly tilted to one side. She’s still recovering from her sensory overload? Well, if so, it would be best to keep her off balance.

    I push myself up so I’m in a sitting position, take my erect cock in hand and bring my tool  to bear. This causes the bell-end to be dragged forcefully against her puffy and wanton vulva and spreading the labia lips apart with my tip. But, due to the angle, it doesn’t enter her honeypot hole and instead flicks up to batters her swollen clitoris. Once again a sudden intake of breath from below tells me my partner is still conscious. I flick my gaze to her face to see her mouth making a small O shape from the stimulation. I smirk to myself. If she liked that she’s going to love this!

    Grinning like an idiot, I position my cock at her entrance and leans over slightly to see her pretty face as begin the deed. As I start to push into her tight hole, I hit something, to which she winces and yelps in pain. I stop and stare in confusion before I remember.

    Right. Virgin. 

    A little taken aback, I withdraw a little, but still rest my cock at her opening and wonder what to do. Most guys would just push ahead and try and make up for her pain later. As I kneel there without a plan, I begin to gently rub my glans in and out of opening, more from idleness then anything. As I do so, her face takes on look on a pleased expression. I continue to watch, as her arms that till now have been limp and at her sides, now begin to slide up and she starts to lift her back off the floor, instinctively trying to increase the stimulation by grinding herself against the tip of my member.

    A little flattered at her enthusiasm, an idea begins to take form in my head. I leant over her again, making sure I didn’t push too far into her. I place my hands gently on each of her breasts and begin to lighty fondle them. I feel the vibration before I hear it. A deep resonating rumbling sound that originates in her chest and travels up her throat. Tilting her head upwards as it escapes out of her mouth as the sweetest moan. 

    I take my right hand away from her breast and slide it down her body until I reach her fleshy nub. I give it playful flick, she gasps in surprise at the sudden sensation. This once again brings a smile to my lips. I continued to tease and fondle her whilst wondering what to do next. A kiss? 

    Once again I leant over her and place both my hands on either side of her head. This time I begin with her neck, trailing kisses up and down the length of her neck. She begins to squirm under my renewed assault and lets out a lazy girlish giggle. Which turns into a surprised gasp as I move on to her ear, giving it a nibble and a lick. Seeing it up close, her ear is a little more pointed at the end then a regular one. I give her cheek a quick peck, before I continue my journey down her jaw towards her chin.

    At the apex of her delicate feminine chin, I migrate up to her sweet full lips. They’re a little open due to her voicing her delight and she’s now sporting a rose-pink colour upon her blushing  cheeks. She’s taking completely unawares as I lock my lips around hers, letting out an adorable muffled squeak. Her eyes flare open, showing off her beautiful amethyst coloured eyes and long lashes. But they quickly begin to close, as she once again is lolled back into a state of bliss. They remaining half closed, blinking slowly as she’s indulged. She tries to kiss back, but she’s rather clumsy and instinctive. 

    Growing in confidence and with lush filled bravado, I decide to take it up a notch. I use my lips to gentle force her open. I feel another deep moan emits from the back of her throat as I do so. I begin to insert my tongue, but slowly and gently. The last thing I want to do is spook her and get the tip bitten off! Luckily for me she seems to be very relaxed, seemingly letting the mood  over take her and lead her wherever it may.

    I cautiously began to push my tongue further into her, only to be met by hers as she instinctively responds to my touch. A muffled moan comes from her, causing her eyelids flutter a little, as I continue to push open her mouth. As our tongues begin to explore one another, it starts to become a wrestling match. She becoming more enthusiastic, her inhuman long tongue giving her an advantage. But she’s clumsily, her lack of experience lets me stay one step ahead of her.

    I break the kiss, and pull back a little so I can get a better look at her. As my tongue vacates her mouth, she emits a mumble of distress at stopping. Her tongue follows, trying to keep the sensitive organ in touch with my own. Until she meets my closed mouth and begin to lick around the area. This causes me to bite my lower lip and to try and get my growing lust under control. I don’t want to blow my load before she’s ready and ruin the mood. 

    I realize that during administering attentions upon her, I lowered myself on top of her. My chest now resting upon her considerable bosom, my body heat is warming her cooler flesh up. Her cheeks have turned from pink to red and her blush has become more pronounced across her face. Its at this moment I decide to strike. My mouth open and I take her tongue inside and begin to suck. Her eyes shoot open once again.

    Her cold legs begin to rub up and down my legs, trying to join in on the action. My cock is still at her entrance, but I’ve ceased my teasing without realizing. I start my pelvis up again, rocking back and forth, stimulating her. She lets loose with a surprised moan at the sudden renewed sensation. Her legs continue up my legs and then wrap around my thighs. Instinctively trying to get me to penetrate her more deeply. If I’m not careful she’ll cause me to prematurely penetrate her. Though I think she’s getting close, but so am I and if I don’t handle this right could be killed. 

    The trouble is, I’ve run out of tricks to use on her and I still can’t seem to get her over the edge. The fact that I’m having to fight my own sexual instinct and lustful desires for her doesn’t help. Its clouding my mind and I can’t think straight, especially with my glans knocking on her virgin gates. The desire to push through and claim her is almost too much to bare! I just can’t seem to get her up to the edge and up n’ over it. I start to feel a little frantic, with my muddled mind unable to think properly and my ‘needs’ battering at it I can’t think of a solution.

    Fuck it! She should be close enough, right? I’m going in!

    Having made up my mind on my course of action, my determination and focus have returned in force. I momentarily halt my frantic pelvic thrust and stop kissing her. 

    “Here we go, beautiful.” I whisper to her. Slowly a confused look comes to her lust muddled pretty face and a frown comes to her brow. Probably wondering what I’m talking about, as I highly doubt she even understands me.

    I start to gently, slowly pushed back into her, but this time I don’t stop when I meet her hymen. I continue to push, continue to put pressure on maidenhood, until it can no longer hold on and tears. With the constant fondling and teasing of her swollen wanton pussy. The pain that would have normally accompany the penetration is eclipsed by the new sensation, which takes her over the edge and into a mind shattering orgasm. 

    The feeling of the intrusion, causes her vagina to clamp down instinctively. Her mouth opens wide, her eyes roll upwards, a stuttering feminine moan is barely released as her mind desperately tries to understand what is happening to her body and failing utterly. 

    I continue to push into her, using the last spreads of my will power to get as far as I can against her vice like grip. After a final thrusting push; the inevitable occurs. Weeks of inactivity, my member fires like a cannon, thick ropes of cum are pumped in to her to splatter against her most intimate part. My eyes jam shut from the intense burn of my release and my ugly grunts join her panting.

    The feeling of hot cum inside her, sends her over the edge again. Her orgasm goes from a peak to a long lasting wave of ecstasy and delight. The force of her organism causes her own release and once again my body is drenched by her spurting juices all over my groin. She throws her arms around my neck, driving her face into my neck and her legs clap around my waist; to keep me as deep inside of her as possible. 

    I’m not doing much better either, I’ve been edging myself as well as her and it is showing now. Her womanhood is milking me relentlessly, it’s as if its a dehydrated person dying of thirst having just been given a bottle of cool water. My balls rest against her ass, twitching in rhythm to every throb of my cock.

    After who knows how long, both of us start to come down from our shared high. Tiredness threatens to lay claim to me. I look down to steal a quick peek at her face. Her eyes are half-lidded, her face flushed with post-coitus bliss. A small smile comes to my lips at scene. I’m still alive and have had just had sex with this stunning creatu- no, woman.

    Her hands are draped limply over the back of my neck. Her legs appear to have lost all their strength and have spread slightly with her feet having slid down to around the back of my knees.

    Only to hear a noise from beneath me and I feel her shift her body below me. Perhaps she’s a little uncomfortable with me being on top of her? Well, I don’t want to irritate her, or worse piss her off. Despite how human she looks, she’s still not human.

    I shift a little, readying myself to roll off her, as that would be the easiest way to give her some space. That and just in case…

*    *    *

    She’s happy and content. After experiencing something so wonderful, she has no thoughts to describe what has happened to her. Her Prey’s body is atop of her, with her limp limbs lightly wrapped around him. His weight, warmth and scent are strangely comforting to her at this moment. So comfortable in fact she feels like she could just lay here like this forever. She shifts herself a little, see if she could get more comfortable and making noise from the effort. 

    She felt the pleasing pressure of him on top of her begin to lessen. Wait… why is he moving? This question flash though her still bliss filled mind, forcing itself to the fore. He’s lifting himself off of her, a sudden panic filled moment blasted into her mind. He’s leaving, she realized. I don’t want him to leave! 

    Panicking, she throws her arms and legs back around him, in a desperate attempt to stop him. His momentum caused them both to roll, now she found herself on top and he’s below. She places her hands on his shoulders and lifts herself into a leaning, sitting position. Her Prey has suddenly gone very still beneath her. Her eyes flicked down to his, his blue eyes.

    A sudden strong feeling erupts in her… chest, a fluttering, different from anything before. She quickly looks away, for some reason, she doesn’t know why she can’t look at him. She tries to steal another peek at him, when she does he has a bewildered look on his face. She once again is forced to avert her gaze from him and once again she still can’t look at him. She frowns not knowing what to do now. 

    She leans herself backwards, so she sits up straighter. She brought her hands from his shoulders, resting them idly on his chest, not knowing what to do now. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees him smile and the fluttering in her chest is there again. He starts to slowly reach out a hand towards her face. She makes a half-hearted attempt to shy away, but she doesn’t resist him as his fingers brush her chin. A shudder goes from the nape of her neck all the way down to her rump. He cups her chin with his warm hand and slowly turns her head so its facing him. She does not want to break away, but she can’t look at him for some reason. 

    He begins to gently and slowly rub her cheek with his thumb. As he continues to rub her cheek, her frown slowly starts to melt from her face. And once again she plucks up the courage to turn her eyes to look at him. As she does she finds herself transfixed by his face, his eyes, his lips. As she stares at him, the edges of her own lips turn upwards into her own smile. A noise comes from his mouth, a low, quiet, throaty chuckle. This causes her to release her own short feminine laugh, that escapes passed her lips. She likes Her Prey making those kinds of sounds. 

    On impulse of wanting to touch him, she brings one of her hands to touch his cheek. She touches it with her index and middle finger first before growing more bold to cup his cheek in hand. She notes the feeling of his day or two unshaven face, around his jaw and upper lip. Fascinated, her other hand goes up to inspect her other unoccupied cheek, feeling nothing but smooth soft skin. But she soon drops the hand, noting that she prefers the feel of his flesh to her own. 

    She feels contact on her thigh and discovers that Her Prey has brought his other hand to rest upon it. He gently begins to bring it up to her hip, only to give it a gentle squeeze, which causes her to emit a moan. Now that she’s more… aware then from before, his touch is so much more… stimulating.

    He starts to slowly move that hand of his again, further up her body. At the same time he stops caressing her cheek and begins to drag it down her neck. A flash of alarm strikes through her mind; a pulse of self-preservation at a potential threat getting so close to a vulnerable vital area. But, she quietens the impulse, she is far stronger than he is, he has no weapons within reach to harm her and she is on top of him. Though she does decide that a compromise might be a wise idea. She leans back, straightening her back and sits up straight. This frees her arms, but causes him to break contact with his hand that had been rubbing the area between her neck and shoulder area. 

    For a couple of agonizing heartbeats she wonders if she’s made a mistake. His other hand that had been kneading its way up her side, stops also and a frown comes to his face. Maybe he mistook her readjustment to mean she wasn’t enjoying it. She too frowns, pondering on how to get him to continue, only to feel his other hand’s touch begin to lessen.

    No! She would not allow this to end like this! 

    She grabs both his arms by the wrists and brings them back to where they were before, giving him a little ‘huff’ to express her annoyance at him stopping. He once again chuckles, for some reason, she does not find this nearly so endearing. 

    He begins to pick up where he left off, continuing to rub her with his palms as his hands travel to their final destination. His lower hand reaches it first, the undersize of her chest mounds. The large, strange, fleshy orbs that sat upon her chest. Despite their size, she’d almost completely forgotten about them, but now they made themselves known in an undeniable way. As his lower hand snaked around to cup her breast from below, his other hand descends from tracing her collarbone to the unoccupied twin. 

    The sudden sensation of his touch, races up her body to her head, down her spine to her pelvis and nether region. Her back arches, causing her to thrust her chest out more. Wanting to give him greater access and to try to encourage him to keep fondling her wondrous orbs as she bites her lower lip. 

    She did not think it could’ve gotten better, until his fingers began to play with the little nubs at the tips of her mounds and the area around them. This is the final blow, as she closes her eyes, tilts her head, as a shuddering, gasping moan escapes through her mouth. Her hips instinctively rock back and forward as she experiences a light orgasm. 

    After what felt like eons to her, but could only have been several heartbeats. The orgasm passes, but the sensitive throbbing remains. She opens her eyes, to look down at her precious. A silly blissful smile spreads across her lips as she indulges in Her Prey’s fondlings. 

    She’s taken aback suddenly, when she feels something firm pushing up against her backside. She tries to turn her torso to see what it is. Only to have her view to obscured by her considerable rear end getting in the way. But what she could feel, felt familiar from before.

    Then, realization hits her; its his fleshy shaft. A wave of half remembered memories of delight and pleasure filled her mind from before. She turns to look back at Her Prey, to see his head tilt in an inquisitive manner. 

    A mischievous grin spreads across her face. She’d like to partake in Her Prey’s shaft again after seeing that look on his face. She tries to get her feet under her and rise into a crouch. But as she tries, her legs tremble too much for some reason. She gives up on that endeavour and settles on trying to kneeling instead. She places one hand on his chest for support and the other hand goes to his fleshy thing to get it back into her. 

    As she tries to guide it in it keeps trying to insert it, but it keeps missing and won’t go in.  Her frustration starts to grow as each attempt fails, despite how good his hot thing feels as it glances off her folds. Her cheeks begin to puff out, not from the exertion, but from a sense of humiliation that begins to take hold. And as her own inexperience begins to show. 

    So focused is she upon her efforts, she doesn’t notice a hand that reaches up and begins to gently stroke her cheek again. The warmth and calming touch of his skin helps to melt the frustration away. But, the humiliation transmogrified into a deep feeling of embarrassment at her own ineptitude. 

    She finds it difficult, but she turns her head to look at Her Prey’s face. Expecting to find a smug look, but see only a strange look that makes her chest feel tight again. He takes his hand from her cheek and gently places under where her thigh and nethers connect. He places places pressure on her, encouraging her to lift herself a little. His other hand takes his member in hand and guides to her groin.

    She jerks a little as she feels his hot shaft placed at her folds. She feels a sense of pleasure and relief as she lets him take over as he seems to know what to do. She feels him find what she’d been looking for and gasps as he begins to enter her tightness. 

    A part of her wants all of it in now, to just drop down and take him. Another is amazed at how big and hot he feels and how full she begins to feel. But with a firm hand, that is joined by the other, stops her from this and instead he forces her to impale herself excruciatingly slowly. This gives her sensitive tunnel the time it needs to feel every veiny, throbbing inch of his cock as she descends. The descent may have been more difficult if not for the help of their shared juices from before. Her head tilts back, as she sinks down, until she is hilted. A strong orgasm builds up as she quivers in anticipation, knowing what is about to happen. Until finally the floodgates open and a strong pulse shoots up her spine. It travels through her body and causing her back to arch in ecstasy. She has him fully sheathed within and her pussy begins trying to milk him. 

    As she lowers her eyes back down to him, only to find that he’s pushed himself off the floor and he leans in to gently kiss her on the lips. She wraps her arms around his neck as he wraps his arms around her. Breaking the kiss, she rests her head against his neck and sighing contently. She gently begins to rock her hips back and forth, but feels clueless on what to do now. She feels his warm, rough hands trail down her body and settle upon her hips. His hands grab her firmly and began to lift her up a little, before letting her go and she slides back down to the base. 

    A quiet gasp escapes at the sensation and a smile at the realization of what he just did. She puts effort into raising her hips like he just showed her and slapped back down. Another tremor rocks through her body again and a smile spreads across her face. She repeats this again and again until she gets into a rhythm. He places his hands on her rear, at the apex of her lift, pushes down and causing her to tilt her pelvis to forward as she lowers herself. She yelps as his shaft hits new spots within her. He wraps his arms around her for stability as her rhythm increases as she becomes more and more simulated by him. 

    She begins to bounce up and down as she begins to approach another orgasm. But, he grabs her by her hips and holds her pinned against him. A shocked and panicked murmur erupts from her mouth, starts to gyrate her hips in place and bring her eyes to look at him in the face. Only to have him lock-on to her lips in a passionate kiss again and begin to jackhammer his hips up into her from below. She instinctively times her own hips to complement his savage thrusts. His ugly grunts, join her feminine moans in their combined efforts to reach a shared climax. 

    The two reach their mutual climaxes together as he slams up into and crashes down upon him one last time. This causes him to release a large torrent of virile seed into her, whilst her incredible tight love canal begins to milk his shaft. The vacuum helps to guide his spunk towards her cervix and fill her wanton womb. There is however too much, too fast and some semen dribbles from their connected sexes and stains the dusty ground that they sat upon.

    After what feels like forever, the two of them come down from their high, their combined desire satisfied and their needs ebb into nothingness. He leans back as his body gives into the exhaustion and she falls on top of him. As they both lay there, stained in their combined fluids. As she lay upon him, feeling his warmth, and feeling for some reason; comfort from it. She too feels a sense of darkness began to creep into her consciousness. It is similar to the ‘long sleep’ she went into before, but she found there was no concern of it.

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