A Routine Broken

It was just an average day in my small Australian town. Driving to work, working my dead end office job, going home, making simple food, cleaning up the house and myself, and going to sleep; That was my routine, I followed it for 2 years now. My large home, the one I inherited from my parents, was perfect for me it seemed. Nobody was ever home except me. No friends to make plans with, no wife or children to attend to. I was complacent.

“What the hell is wrong with my car? It’s not out of gas or anything.” I pulled over to the side with what little drive the coupe had left in it, and lifted the hood. Smoke greeted me happily, flooding my nostrils and putting a foul taste in my mouth. I called everybody I needed to, insurance, my company to let them know I’ll be late, and the tow truck. I took a cab back home, and I decided to spend this time browsing the Internet. Checking my email, I saw an interesting virtual letter, one that said there was a new law passed. The  “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act” they call it. It read that monster women could be taken in by hosts who would teach them about human culture and all that comes with it. The host would be given government funding for food, any house additions, and it would basically allow them to spend all of their time with their new tenants.

“Interesting. So people get to have a new roommate and get free money. Seems like a damn good deal. And these ads all seem to be monster girls. ”Well, I’m fine on my own. No thank you.” I got a call a few minutes later, telling me that my rental car was there so I could get to work, and off I went to my job. After the usual accounting and crunching numbers for the large corporation I work at, I drove that new, rather fancy car home. And came home to a rather.. Interesting sight. A black limousine with a man in a similar coloured garb standing outside,  pacing impatiently. I left my Audi A3 in the driveway, and approached the agent-seeming man. “Hello. Are you Jay Sipe?” “Yes, I am. Why do ask, sir?” “You have a new roommate, in the form of a manticore named Lilli. Introduce yourselves.” As my apparent new housemate steps out, I can see what she looks like. With pale skin, tufts of black fur in random spots on her body, a large black tail sporting white spines. Looking to her face, she has rather soft features with striking violet eyes, black hair coming down to her ample chest. Her legs up to her thighs are covered in short fur, with rings of black fur topping them off, giving the appearance of thigh high socks. Her hands- rather her paws, are similarly coloured and tipped with small, dull claws. Wearing a short skirt and a top that ends just past her stomach, she is absolutely breathtaking.. “H-Hi, I’m Lilli.” “Jay. If you want, go inside while I have a conversation?” “Be in soon, okay?”

As she disappears inside, I turn to the suited man. “This has to be a mistake, I never put myself as a host in the programme.” “Well, if it is a mistake, at least try and put up with her while we find her actual host. Good luck, we’ll be back within the month.” “Month? How long can it take to find her actual host?!” “Longer than you think.” He says, walking away into the limousine and driving off before I can say another word. “Cunt..” I say with an edge in my voice as I walk into my house to greet my manticore roommate. “Was there something wrong..?” “Well.. No. Anything you’d like to have in particular for dinner, Lilli?” “Something involving meat. Any kind will do, though I have a fondness for chevon. Can we go out and get some?” She says, looking rather shy. Only then do I notice the large tail drooping down, and her ears. Both black in colour, but the tail seems to have white spikes on it. “Jay? Do you not like that I’m a manticore..?” I notice her look. One with that of a glum prowess, and that of one who’s been shunned by society. “No. To me, you’re just like anyone else, and I’ll treat you like a person. No need to worry, okay Lilli?” Her eyes light up like stars, and another new feature shows itself. The bat-like wings unfurl, and she embraces me lightly and quickly, the soft fur brushes against me. Her scent is that of lavender, and I dare say it’s intoxicating. She breaks the hug as quickly as she started it, and looks at me expectantly. “W-Well, let’s go. We have grocery shopping to do.” “Yes we do.” I open the door, and motioned for her to come out and follow. She bounds out past me and to the grey rental car I have parked outside, and gets in the back, seeing as I forgot to lock it after all of this. I walk to the car, with a smile. A smile… I honestly forgot what it was like to do that, seeing as I had nothing to be happy with. Why am I happy with this? I just had a manticore dumped on me because of a massive mistake. Shaking my head, I walk to the driver side of the car, and notice that Lilli is still in the back. “You can hop up front if you want.” “No, I’d just draw attention. I’ll just lay back here.” “Come up here, don’t be shy.”

As we pull into the supermarket, I notice the absurd amount of cars parked. I was lucky to find someone pulling out of a spot, and seize it before anyone else could. As the car pulled in, I heard Lilli’s door open, and I quickly told her otherwise. “No, we may hit someone else’s car, and nobody wants that. You have to wait until we stop, okay?” She looked down, and her ears folded down in sadness as I scolded her. “Don’t be sad, I’m here to teach you human customs.” This instantly reversed my scolding, as she looked to me and smiled happily. “Well, let’s go get my- I mean our food.” She says as she closes the sedan’s door and waits for me to stop. I pop open my door, and she does the same to hers. After which, she latches onto my arm with her fuzzy paws, and I pay no mind to it.

“Are they already in a relationship..?” One voice says to another. “I don’t think so. Watch for any more signs of affection.”

“Excuse me, where would chevon be?” I ask the employee after a few minutes of searching for Lilli’s preferred meal. “Oh, that’s a specialty order, it’ll cost extra- Oh wait. You’re a host for the programme. Right this way.” As soon as she mentions that I’m a host, her mood seems to sour. She leads me to a back room, and looks at Lilli. “You can’t come in. Just what I was told.” “Oh.. I’ll wait out here for now then.” In her mind, she thinks to herself: ‘I wonder if she’s going to tell him to ditch me..’

“Ditch her. Those.. Animals.. only bring shitshows. Anyways, take your goat and go.” She says, shoving a solid 10 pounds of meat into my hands, and leads me out. “Alright, now go ahead and leave. No need to pay for your homestay’s food and subtract from you.” While I’m here, may as well get some other food. Before heading to the counter, I grab various fruits and veggies, ranging from celery and kale to dragonfruit and bananas.  I go to the counter to pay, and they simply wave me off and motion to Lilli. “No need. Run along, future lovebirds~” “Umm.. I don’t plan on dating my homestay.” “Suuuuuure.” After this, I just took my bagged groceries with the help of Lilli and left the supermarket. Getting to the car, we just put the produce in the trunk and left on our way.

“Well, as for now, he said he doesn’t plan on dating her. Let’s go home, I need water.” “You said it, girl. I need to sleep.”

With all the groceries in the house, I sat on the couch. Just to relax. Lilli said that I could relax, as she wasn’t hungry at the moment. After laying my head down on the back of the couch, I felt two fuzzy, large paws wrap around my chest. Lilli was there, hugging me lightly. “I’m tired from all the stuff that happened today. I’ll just take a nap, okay lo- I mean Jay?” “What were you about to call me?” “Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing I swear.” She clearly lied as her face went a deep red. I decided to let it go and not pry, seeing as she just buried her face in my chest to hide the blush. That scent. There it is again. Lavender, and.. Something. By god, it’s magnificent, and before I know it I have my head on hers, and as I did she adorably squeaked a little bit. We both slowly drifted off to sleep.

In Lilli’s mind, dreams and hopes of her hopefully-a-husband swirled and swung. Ranging from them at the beach together, being on top of a mountain and  looking at the view from the top, and more lewd, wild dreams, it was a displeasure to be awoken. What did her this disservice was nothing in particular, but she forgot about her slight anger to see Jay asleep, her head on his heart, hearing it’s gentle thuds. Her own was racing at her host asleep with her on him, and her blush returned. Oh how she would love nothing more than to lay him down and fulfill her lewd fantasies. Maybe she’ll give him a little.. kiss.. he’s still asleep.

“Wha.. Did I fall asleep? I’m sorry, Lilli, I-” I’m silenced by a fuzzy pawpad on my lips. “Why are you apologising? If anything, I should be sorry for not saying anything.” “Shush. What time is it?” As much as Lilli would have loved to say ‘time for sex’ and meant it, she had to show some restraint. “Oh, it’s… 22:30? We were out for a damn good while. The construction company still hasn’t done anything about your room and bed, so I’ll take my couch and you can have the bed.” “No, we’re sharing. I can’t let my new host be inconvenienced like that.” “Is that such a good idea? I don’t want any neighbours getting the wrong idea.” A coy, cute giggle from her. “Oh? Don’t want them to think you’re getting lewd with a manticore, do you~?” “What’s gotten into you? You weren’t like this today.” “Learn to take a joke, I’m only kidding.” She wishes she wasn’t. As she gets up from the couch, and waits. I’m assuming for me to lead her up to the bedroom. “We’re sharing that bed, Jay. No changing my mind.” “Why are you so adamant about this, Lilli? We aren’t married or dating, so why share a bed?” She responds by grabbing my hands with her paws, and leaning in closely. “Because, I don’t want to force you out of your bed.” I can tell trying to talk her out of this won’t go well, so we end up going to bed together. All I can remember after that is her hugging me as I fell asleep. Turns out manticore fur is quite soft.

Lavender. That’s what fills my nostrils, and the source is on top of me, head on my chest, spined tail hanging lazily opposite me. “Mmm.. morrrree.. pleassse..” I can only assume she’s dreaming something lewd as her claws gently scratch at my hair, running through it in a sleepy haze. I notice her tail starts to move, and her eyes flutter open. “Morning..” She mumbled groggily. “Not a morning person?” “No.. I’m not..” She tightly wraps her arms around me, further burying herself in my chest. Thinking out loud, I mutter: “So cute..” She perks up, staring me in the face. “You think so?!” Before I can say anything, she presses her lips to mine, but only for an all too brief second. A deep blush dresses her face, along with a massive, yet shy grin. She crushingly hugs me, then sits on top of me. “Can you make some food while I get dressed?” “Sure.”

As I head downstairs, I make a few quick omelettes using the last of my eggs and the leftover chevon. As those get finished, I hear the stairs creaking, and look to see Lilli. Wearing nothing. Her large chest has a perfect bounce to it, and her tail is raised menacingly. “Umm, I thought you s-said you were getting dressed, Lil-” She shuts me up with a kiss, driving her tongue into my mouth, tasting all she can before flattening my tongue with hers. Her chest pressed against me, and her tail getting close to my ever growing member. We part our lips, and she gives a wry smile. “I did. We’re not leaving the house for a while. Rather, I’m going to blow your damn mind.” She takes off my shirt, running her paws along my chest. After skillfully removing the lower articles of clothing, her hungry tail shows itself, and opens. Inside is pink flesh, hundreds of tiny wriggling appendages, and it’s leaking a warm fluid onto my bare chest. She straddles downward, resting on my legs. The long black tail hovers above my tower, leaking the wonderfully warm liquid onto it. It then latches onto my cock, and I’m seized by the best feeling I’ve had in the whole of my 27 year long existence. Those tiny appendages are all working in unison, like hundreds of tiny tongues caressing, tantalisingly licking my member at once. All the while, she sits there with a smug grin as she makes me her tail’s plaything. Then comes the bobbing. She bobs her glorious tail up and down my erect tower, giving an entirely new dimension of pleasure to the ordeal. Her eyes flutter shut, and she gives out a small, erotic moan as she makes love to me with her tail. After only a few minutes of this, the tension in my genitalia is too great, and I release globs of pearly white essence into her hungry tail. To my surprise, she forces her tail off of me, and puts the softening member in her mouth to suck up the last drops of my seed. “No venom, until we have a long while to ourselves, love. That’s only a taste of what’s to come when I’m your girlfriend~” After all of this, I’m left speechless, and she embraces me. Once we get up off the kitchen floor, I say to her that I should go shower, and that her breakfast is on the counter. “Thanks love. Don’t be too long, or I’m coming in there.” “That’s a bad thing?” “Shut up, babe.” She says as she playfully raises her tail. “Unless you want to be fucked into submission.” “Okay, okay.”

After the quick shower, I see Lilli downstairs, still in the nude. “I can tell I’m going to love living with you, Jay.” “You’re too cute, Lil” “Lil. I like that pet name. So, any more plans for today? As much as I’d love to envenom you and milk you for hours, I’ll wait until later for that.” “Anything you wanna do? Shopping, going on a date disguised as a learning experience?” “Date. Movie, then maybe a nice restaurant? Then we can have some fun later~”  “Sounds good. The only big movies playing right now are horror, so wanna go see that, then eat at the French place in town?” “Sounds lovely! Let me go put some clothes on. After this.” Immediately, she shoves my head into her cleavage quickly, holding it there for a solid 10 seconds before going to find her clothes in the room and slip them on. I get myself ready as well, cleaning up and putting on nice looking clothes. Oh! That’s something else we should do. I need to get her nice clothes for tonight. She exits the bathroom, and smiles at me. “Shall we get going, love?” “Yes. But, we need to get you nice clothes for tonight, because the restaurant is all snooty about it.” “As long as it’s not a princess dress or a ballgown.” “You got it, Lil.”

Once we arrived at the large, fancy clothing store, I let her go and pick whatever she wants, seeing as I don’t have to pay for it. Only about a minute later, she came back with a long, flowing purple dress. She led me to the dressing rooms, and came out of one of the booths in it.

She was stunning. Her black fur accented the dark, royal purple of the dress quite well, along with the stark contrast of her pale skin to that fur. It hugged her frame well, her chest only showing a small amount of cleavage. The legs have slits on the sides, showing off her shapely thighs well, but not showing anything too private. “So, what do you think?” “I love it. It looks amazing on you, Lil.” A genuine smile of happiness beams on her face, being captivating in every way possible. “Then let’s go buy it, dearest.” She says, changing back into her normal clothes.

Going to the counter, the woman asks for the host ID I was given when I took her in, which I show. She then waves me off with Lilli’s new dress, and she smiles at the lovers as they leave.

Pulling into the large cinema, Lilli and I get out of the car and walk, hand in hand, to the window. We both decide on watching some generic space horror film. Surprisingly enough, Lilli kept calm throughout the film, lying on my shoulder lovingly. Towards the end, when they burned the goop monster to death, she decided to pull me into a wild kiss, one that would have blossomed into wild sex if we weren’t currently in public. We both left the cinema after which, and we still had a few hours until the reservation for our dinner date. “What would you like to do in the meantime, Lil?” “Let’s head back to the house and cuddle. Maybe shower together~” Upon saying this, she ran a claw along his back, just light enough to not tear the dress shirt I was wearing. “Sounds like fun, Lil.”

Driving back to the house, the same black limousine was back in my driveway as the day Lilli arrived. “Oh no..” I muttered, fearing that the agent had come to take her back to her actual host. It’s only been a day, he was supposed to be back at the end of the month! Exiting the car, the agent climbed out of his to greet me. “Hello Jay. We’ve fixed the mistake, and we’ll be taking Lilli off your hands.”The manticore in question looked shocked, and fervently clung to me. “I’m not leaving him.” Then I felt a drop on my hand. I looked, and Lilli was crying. She’s already so attached to me. The unfeeling agent spoke up. “Well, tough shit. I already got yelled at for making the mistake, and I have to correct it. What about you, Jay? Do you want her to stay here?” “I do. She’s what I need in my life, and I’m not giving her up. Give me the paperwork, and I’ll do it all as long as I get to keep her.” “Fine. I’ll be back tomorrow with all the papers, so be here.” “Understood.” The short, fat agent gets into the limo, and drives off. I lead my manticore girlfriend into the house, almost immediately after which she practically pounces on me with a kiss more feral than the one at the cinema, driving her oppressive tongue into my mouth. Her scent, the taste of her tongue, it’s all so wonderful, sweet, and perfect. She pulls away, looking immensely happy. “Did you mean all you said? Do I really mean that much to you? Do you need me?” “Yes. I do.” A simple, powerful answer. “She looks at me, and moves to my ear, whispering into it. “You’re going to have the best sex of your life tonight.”

Once we finish our joined shower, she puts on her new, beautiful dress and I slip on an old tuxedo that hasn’t seen use until today. It looked like how you’d imagine one to look, but I put on a royal purple tie to match my lover’s dress colour. Emerging from the room, Lilli slipped on some black high heels she had packed, and looked extravagant. She walked over to me with little grace, not used to her shoes. I held her hand to steady her, and we headed out to the car and went off to  Cidem Cheshire’s. The fancy restaurant asked for the reservation name, and I answered with mine. The Cheshire cat in a conservative maid uniform led us to a table for two, and let us decide on our food. Luckily I’d saved up for this, as fancy French restaurants weren’t covered under the tab.

After a hefty meal of rich dishes, the bill came out to $270 AUD. No problem, because she seems vastly happy about the experience. After paying, we both drove back to the house. “Hey Lil, wanna go on a walk? Just us, enjoying the night air.” “Sorry, hun. But I have.. other plans”. She lifts her tail, and smirks, making her voice a low, lustful growl. “I told you that I was going to give you the best sex of your life, didn’t I~?” She lifts her dress, revealing black, intricate lace panties. “You know, when manticores find their lover, they mold their bodies to give him the most pleasure possible during sex.” she lewdly whispers. I gulp. The lustful side of her was a bit scary, but facing these fears is possibly the best thing I could do. She bites my earlobe, and whispers something else. “Just lay back and relax while I blow your mind~” Her tail, with white spines extended, pierces my thigh like a hypodermic needle. “You’re all mine tonight~” she says as her tail pulls away.

After 2 hours of sex, she decides to go to bed with me. We take turns showering, and sleep, cuddled together happily.

When I wake, Lilli’s out of the bed, dressing. “Hey love, can we get some more clothes for me? I want a change of style for a bit.” “Absolutely. We do have to wait for that agent to deliver the paperwork, so not until then.” “That’s alright.” I get up, dressing myself in a simple outfit, a blue shirt and black pants. Lilli puts on something much more pleasing to the eye. White sweater and a purple skirt that goes to her knees. She turns to me, a small smile on her face as she embraces me and pulls me into a kiss. No tongue, but the passion is palpable. “So, what should we do while we wait for the agent, love?” She asks, separating from me. “I’ll be honest, I have no clue. Wanna watch a movie? A laughably bad one?” “Why would want to watch a terrible movie?” “To laugh at it, of course. Humans do it all the time, mainly with friends, and sometimes while drunk. I wouldn’t know, haven’t done it yet.” “I see. Why haven’t you done it?” “I have no friends” “Damn. at least you have a girlfriend now~” As she says this, she smiles smugly. “And a damn sexy one at that.” I say, rubbing her sides. “You flatter me, baby.” Leaning into my touch, we kiss again, this time being much more lewd and tongue-heavy. We end up collapsing to the ground together, still enveloped in the sloppy kiss. A ring of the doorbell. “Damn, just when it was getting fun~”

Heading downstairs with Lilli in tow, I open the door, seeing the overweight agent with a fair stack of papers. “Your papers.” He says in a boring, monotone voice which displays the annoyance he feels. He shoves the papers into my chest, “Get them back to my office at 3985 Weki Street by the end of the week, got it? Then we never have to speak again.” “You got it.” “Suddenly, Lilli chimes in. “What did he do to you to make you be such an asshole to him? It was your mistake, not his.” “This conversation doesn’t involve you.” I just take the papers and shut the door on him. “That’s enough of that.” I say, annoyance leaking from my voice. “I’ll get these signed and back to him, then we’ll go shopping, okay Lil?” “You got it, love.” I retreat to the kitchen table, and Lilli decides it’d be a great idea to sit on my lap. Wrapping my arms around her, I begin to sign the papers one by one, with at least 40 pieces of paperwork to go through. My writing hug isn’t enough for her, as she turns to me, pushing her breasts to the side of my face and rubbing them on my cheek. I kiss one, eliciting a small moan from the seemingly horny manticore. “Baby, give me attention. You have all week for those papers. Let’s get back to where we were~” “You’re lucky you’re so cute. And sexy.” “Damn right. Now let’s have our fun~” Grinding into my hips, making my arousal immensely clear. “Aw, so quickly? Too sexy for you~?” “Maybe.” I say, giving her a small kiss and embracing her tightly.

After the night turned to a blur of pleasure and her tastes, we both went to bed together, snuggled next to each other. She’s so warm, with her fur and body heat combined. After being woken up with kiss that I happily return, I get up. Seems that she woke up before me, and was already prepped for the day. “Baby, we still have clothes to get. Let’s go do that, okay?” “Alright, Lil. I’ll take you to the department store and we’ll get what you want. I don’t have to pay, after all.” “Aren’t you glad that agent asshole made a mistake? A sexy girlfriend, free food, and free house renovations. Now get up, Jay.” “Let me just shower first and then we’ll go, okay?” “I’m showering with you. Don’t try and fight it.” “Asserting dominance?” Not answering, she takes my hand and drags me to the bathroom. Turning on the water to a decently hot temperature, she strips and steps inside, erotically swaying her hips, as if inviting me with promises of pleasure. I take off all my clothes, stepping in with her. She takes action on this, rubbing against me like a cat would. She grabs some soap I have, and slowly lathers it all over her body,paying extra attention to her breasts and nipples As I try to reach out and touch them, she turns my hand away. “No touching for now~” Getting back to rubbing the bar of soap on her body, she circles her slit, before moving down and paying a great deal of  attention to her thighs.  They’re glorious, being the perfect thickness to hold and squeeze, and I’d imagine to hold my head to her crotch. Soaping down the rest of her tantalising legs, she puts it in my hand. “Wash my back.” “As you wish.” I rub the bar along her spine, getting every hard to reach place that she hasn’t covered. I torture her as she did me, making the entire process extremely slow. Rubbing the lower areas, close to her butt, the middle, all of it at a snail’s pace. Once I’ve finished, she takes the soap from me, puts it up, and rinses herself with the detachable showerhead. Once she’s done, she grabs the soap again and soaps my body down. Before getting to my growing tower, she soaps up her paws well, and takes me into them. Little did I know how wonderful paw pads felt against my organ. She keeps stroking, before leaving me hard and confused as she moves on to my legs. Rinsing me off, she resumes where she left off, my taking me into her cum-hungry mouth. Working her marvelous tongue across the tip, swirling it around and bobbing slowly up and down. She wraps her paws around my back to bring me closer, trying to get absolutely all of it down into her mouth. Continuing the bobbing motions, she twists her head to stimulate me more. And it works. It works so well. I rub the tip of her wing, which stimulates a moan from her, which in turn vibrates her tongue on my cock, making new, pleasurable feelings. After around 10 minutes of her bobbing and my wing-rubbing I finally can’t stand the urge to release. As I cum in her mouth, she moves her mouth from my cockhead, shows me the pearly essence in her mouth, and licks any stray drops from me. She then closes her mouth, and swallows the load. “Delicious~. I’ll be getting some.. payment later tonight, babe. We have things to do, so you’re gonna make me cum when we get back from shopping.” “So blatant about it. I like it.” “What can I say? Manticores love, love their boyfriends and husbands. And I’m no different.”

Getting out of the shower, we dry each other off with warm towels. I notice that her tail is dripping, but she quickly hides it and turns to look at me. “Not until later tonight, baby.” I decide to bring up something that’s been in the back of my mind for the past few days.“You seem to have flipped your personality on a dime after we first had sex.” “Because then I knew you’d accept the fact that I’m not human. After all, why fuck something you hate?” She embraces me, still naked, her chest pressing just below mine. “Thank you so much. For loving me.” She softly says, a tear coming down her face. “What happened that made you insecure about it?” She looks up at me, still with damp eyes. “I.. was seen only as a sex toy for a while. I worked in a small brothel.. I hated it. I left, signed up for the programme, and then I was just sleeping in a hotel room until I got assigned to you. And now I’m here, happier than I’ve ever been. With you, someone who sees me for something other than my tail.” “Wow. I’m so sorry.. Well, you’re not there anymore. You’re here, with me. And you’ve gotten me to love you.” “Aww. Falling for me? How flattering~.” Releasing me from her embrace and giving me a quick kiss, she gives a smile filled with genuine happiness. “Shall we go shopping now, love?” “I think we shall. Let’s get dressed, and then we’ll go.” “Y’know, I love you. We’ve only been dating for 3 days, and I’m already captivated by you. Well done, you managed to get a pretty girl to love you in just 3 days.” I pet her head, and rub her ears, which elicits another smile to rise to her face. Sadly, I have to stop doing so to go put on clothes. Going upstairs, I put on a white shirt, and khaki pants. Lilli puts on her black sweater and a black skirt, with some white thigh highs. Walking out the door hand in paw, I notice that my old car is back in my driveway. A nice, tan Cadillac. “Where’s the other car? That one was nice. It had heated seats.” “Oh, that was a rental car. This one broke down the day you came.” “Well, let’s see how I enjoy it~”  “This one also has heated seats.” “I like it already.” Getting inside and starting it up, I notice it’s running much smoother than before. “Better than I expected. Nice.” “It’s really nice in here.” She notes, sitting in the passenger side. The ride to the department store was filled with us making small talk, things that don’t really matter.

Once we arrive, she grips my hand, and lets me lead her to all sorts of clothing stores. First stop: Formal wear. Going into the posh plethora of suits, dresses, and tuxedos, she picks out a fine white dress, one with lace straps on the arms, and a slit down the leg, which starts at the knee. She also buys some short heels, incase we go to something overly fancy. Heading out after flashing the host ID, bag in hand, we head to the more casual store. Buying some simple shirts, pants, leggings, and different heights of socks, and ‘buying’ them, we head to our final stop. The.. undergarment shop. A wry grin on her face, she leads me in by the hand. Sticking close to her, looking nervous as I do so, she grabs several pairs of bras and panties, she then drags me to the dressing rooms with her. “So, baby, let’s see how these feel~” Taking off her top, and her current bra, she puts on one of her new ones. A pink one, that shows a dangerous amount of cleavage, and she puts my hands on it. “How does the bra feel~?” “It f-feels great, Lil!” The nervousness being blatantly obvious in my voice, she takes it off and puts on another, this one being black, with an intricate, albeit see through design. Feeling the fabric gingerly, she asks the question again. “So babe, how’s it feeling~?” “A bit rough, but-” “Not buying that one then. After seven more instances of this, she walks out of the dressing room with me. Showing the host ID to the cashier, and finally leaving. Once we get to the car, she lets out a loud, drawn out laugh. “Jay, you were so red! That was priceless!” “Never do that again, please..” “C’mon, you liked fondling my tits. Admit it~” I remain silent and start the car as she shoves her cleavage in my face. Knowing better than to distract me as I’m driving, we make our way back to the house in a silence only broken by a question of hers. “So, have you ever travelled anywhere outside of Australia?” “I haven’t. I’ve thought of going to Europe, or America, or possibly Japan. Maybe Germany or something. Why?” “I was on the internet this morning, and saw that there was some kind of contest for 2 free trips for up to 3 people. Anywhere in the world. Seems like it’d be worth trying, don’t you think?” “Well, what kind of contest is it?” “I.. think it’s a human statue competition. Strange, but it seems like fun.” “I think so too. When is it?” “The day after tomorrow. So, we’re going together?” “I have an idea. We both go, and look like we’re separate. That way we have an easier chance of winning.” “I have a better idea~”

“So, anything you want to do? Sorry that I’m not terribly creative.” “Stop putting yourself down. You’re too hard on yourself, baby. As for what to do, maybe we could go into nature for the night.” “Like camping?” “Camping?” “Going out into nature, setting up a tent, and sleeping outside, rather than inside.” “Sounds like fun! Just cuddling with my boyfriend in the tent, cuddling..” Her eyes flutter closed as she smiles, being rather happy. Opening her eyes again, she hugs me tightly which sends butterflies to my stomach. “I’ll go pack everything, just go relax okay darling?” “Before we go, I have to relieve some sexual tension~” Following this, I feel her paws wrap around me, and turn me towards the smiling manticore. “I told you, you’re going to pleasure me.” She growls, sitting down on the sofa. Spreading her legs wide, she toys with herself through the panties she has on by making slow circles with her claw. She then moves her underwear to the side, and curls her finger in a “come hither” gesture. I move to her, kneeling in front of my immensely hot girlfriend. I spread her lower lips open, and slowly lick the pink flesh of her dripping sex. A moan escapes her lips, and she raises one leg to hold me to her crotch. Feeling that there’s no going back, I begin to poke my tongue into her, tasting the aroused juices that she produced. Moving up, I kiss the now-exposed clitoris, sending jolts of pleasure through Lilli. I back away from the sensitive bud, putting my attention back on the folds that she lovingly squeezes my tongue with. “Hahh.. it’s so goood~” Hearing her praise, I dive in more, licking her with more fervour than before. “That’s right, fuck me with your tongue.” Her thigh tightens around my head, shoving me further into her. A long primal moan escapes her, and her sweet juices flood my mouth. Her leg swings back down, releasing me from her pleasurable prison. “Babe.. I love you.”

After the oral escapade, I go back to packing up the camping supplies. All the while, Lilli is cutting tags off of the clothes we bought. And with a final trip carrying the tent, the car is loaded for our little trip. Food, water, tent, semi-large mattress, and a blanket. All set. From behind me, I hear “So, baby, where are we going?” “Just to a small clearing in the forest. I used to go there all the time as a kid, and nearly got seduced by an Alraune when I was 17.” “I’m glad you didn’t get taken by her. After all, you’d be stuck in that plant, and you’d never be with me.” “You’re right. Anyways, it’s a long drive there, so let’s be off, Lil.” “You got it, baby.”

Being on the road for 3 hours seems to have tuckered out my manticore girlfriend. She has the seat on low heating, and has it comfortably reclined as she sleeps on her side. But finally, we arrive at the entrance to the forest in which our spot resides. “Lilli, wake up.” I shake her gently. She stirs, and opens her perfect, violet eyes. “Are we here..?” “Yes. Now we have a 5 minute walk to do.” “At least I can stretch my legs.” She opens the door, and stumbles out. She lets out a groan as she moves to the trunk to help me carry out our camping supplies. Managing to grab the chairs, coolers, and everything else we need in only a few trips. Locking the car with a loud honk of the horn, me and her set up the tent with relative ease. As I start the fire, she comes behind me and embraces me, wrapping her paws around my chest. She turns me around, and stares at me with her striking violet eyes before pulling me into a deep, loving kiss. There’s no lust behind this, only passion and love. So perfect.

After laying down on the less-than-comfortable air mattress, Lilli seems magnetised to me, as she clings to me in her sleep with the grip akin to that of a dictator on their country. As she happily snoozes beside me, I can’t help but think.

‘What would a good time to propose to her?’

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5 thoughts on “A Routine Broken”

  1. First off, your story would be a lot easier to read if you started a new paragraph each time someone began speaking.

    > hearing it’s gentle thuds

    Who are the two people talking when Jay and Lilli are leaving the supermarket? The same people from when they were walking in? There’s no indication of that.

    > Making omelettes with the leftover chevon
    Leftover? So you mean to tell me they went through most of 10 pounds in one night?

    You never said he moved onto the floor in the first sex scene.

    > “After all, why fuck something you hate?”
    …For a hate fuck?

    How did his rental get replaced with his real car? Wouldn’t he have to sign some paperwork to get it back? Assuming the rental company had the spare key for the rental, wouldn’t they want the one he was using and is presumably in his house back?

    > “What would a good time to propose to her?”
    When you’ve known her for more than a week?

  2. Please tell me the man turned in the paperwork this seemed like a oneshot and i NEED to know
    Idk why this is bothering me. Really liked the story . I mean to the comment above to explain why the guy thinks that in less than a week to want to marry her.
    All im saying is if you were a loner and now this gorgeous girl who seems to love you fully and gives you mind blowing sex whos to say that the thought dosnt run through a guys head even if only for a split second?

  3. I concur with the previous posters. It’d make it easier to read if you broke up the paragraphs a bit more.

    Australia there mate? I’d be thinking that the land down under might have a few Mamono of their own. Bunyips, the Yowee, Kangaroo Girls, Platypus, Drop Bears?
    Introduce a few of your own.


  4. The story is good, but the formatting is off. Make a new paragraph anytime there’s a new speaker, firstly. Secondly, putting quotation marks around internal thoughts can be confusing for the reader, as it can be mistaken for dialogue.

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