A Mid-Winter Nights Dream

“… and then she would say…”

“Do you have ANY idea what time it is? You do realize I have work at 5am right?” Bono yelled at the Leanan Sidhe whispering in his ear as he sat up in bed.

“I don’t care! Call out!” She giggled as she flew around his head.

“People on TFT are waiting for your next chapter.”

“Then they can wait until I get some damn sleep and after my shift at work,” Bono grumbled tiredly.

“Besides you made me use the last of my sick time earlier with that whole Regina’s Garden thing.”

“Stop being such a pussy! Sleep is for the weak! You need to write! I won’t stop until you write!” She insisted still buzzing around his head.

“I know you’re just in my head, you’re not real, just some part of my perverted over active imagination…” Bono said more to himself then anything.

“Maaaaybe, maaaaybe not! You still should write.” She whispered into his ear seductively licking the edge of his ear lobe.

“I know how to deal with this… internet porn!” Bono exclaimed, reaching for his phone.

The Leanan Sidhe flew in front of his face. She was cute, he had to admit, with brownish red hair, bright red lips, and a small but well defined nose.

“That won’t stop me,” she warned

“I’m willing to chance it,” he said moving past her to grab the phone on his night stand.

Let’s see… internet browser …favorites… fav porno site …yeeeahhh that’s what daddy needs…

“Come on! Forget that dirty old porn site, wouldn’t you like to just get on Word Press and write all those wonderful stories about humans and monster girls fucking… I’ll even give you a show to jerk it to while you write,” she offered as she pulled up her green fairy skirt to reveal her hairless, dripping snatch.

“We’re sorry, Bono’s baiting right now, and can’t come to the phone; please leave a message after the beep.”

“Ugh! You’re such a dick! I’ll be back, worse then ever! But I promise you, I’ll be baaaaaack!” She threatened as she faded away.

As he finished, Bono looked up from his phone. He looked left, he looked right. Nothing. No sexy little fairy voice keeping him up, nothing. With a sigh, Bono fell back into bed once more. He knew she was right. She would be back but damn it, he had the opening 5am shift which was a bitch in itself. He really needed some sleep. As he drifted off, through half closed eyes he saw a brief twinkle in the corner of the room that may or may not have been from the smoke detector… yeah she’ll be back.

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