A Meeting with The All Seeing Hakutaku

“What do I put down?”

A blank screen can be seen staring at her, as if though mocking her progress.

It had been months, and the deadline was creeping up… she could ask for an extension but she’d have nothing to show for it… ugggghhhhh!

She reached out and grabbed her tea, taking in what little contents were left in the mug that had long since gone cold.

Resting her head on her hand, she unconsciously began to scratch the base of her horn above her ear, trying to see if anything would come to mind… but nothing did.

What was she going to do?

Distracted by the sound of the door knob turning, she turned to face the entrance to her office.

“Jeez, why is it so dark in here?” a voice muttered, before a hand reached into the room and flipped the lights on. “You okay in here?”

The source of the sound popped their head in, his soft brown eyes already locking in to where she was, as if though knowing full well she would be there.

“Yeah… no… I-I’m fine.”

Had she really been in here that long? She hadn’t noticed the room go dark… and she still hadn’t managed any progress with all that time?!

“UGGGHHHHH!!!!” she groaned in frustration.

“Allie, you know that wouldn’t happen if you at least turned on the lamp by you.” The man responded as he entered the room, misunderstanding her pain.

“No it’s not that, it’s just… uggghhhh.”

The haku slumped down in her chair, defeated once again by her writer’s block.

Her fiancé walked over to her side, looking over to her screen to see her lack of progress and sighed.

“C’mon. Get up. Can’t have you staring at a screen all day.”

“But I can’t just leave without at least writing one line down!”

He couldn’t help but raise a brow as he looked down at her in her seat.

“Have you even eaten today?”

“I-“ she froze.

Had she?

The last thing she could remember having was a banana when she went to make her tea… about 4 hours ago…

“Not… really.”

“Mhm. I thought so. Get up, put on something, and get in the car. We’re going to grab a bite to eat.”

“But my story!”

“You can’t write on an empty stomach. We’ll go to Cathy’s. So, if you do get an idea, we can box it up and zip right back.”

She pouted.

He was right… she couldn’t write like this. Probably wasn’t going to come up with anything staring at a blank screen either… and Cathy’s did have those tasty sweet potato fries she liked so much…


“That’s my girl.” He said, leaning in to kiss her on the head right beside her horn.

“Oh shut up Zack.”

He didn’t even try to hide his smile as he left her office.

Standing up from her chair, she stretched back causing her spine to audibly crack, and then she did the same with her arms which responded with their own. She had been hunched over her desk all day, it’s no surprise her body was like this.

Looking down, she laid eyes on her bare legs along with the blouse she put on this morning. The only other thing she was wearing was her panties which were hidden beneath the blouse, she didn’t even bother getting a bra on when she woke up.

Ehh… all she really needed was to put on some shorts and probably a light jacket to be good to go. Couldn’t make is obvious that she had spent the entire day practically naked.

Heading into the bedroom, she ended up grabbing a skirt since they were closer and a jacket that had been thrown onto a chair in the corner. Stepping into the bathroom, she touched herself up, making sure it didn’t seem like she had just gotten out of bed.

In a few minutes, the two were in the car and arriving to Cathy’s Bar and Grill.

It was a decent local restaurant, with a pretty good selection of food and drinks. One of the few bars that wasn’t sports themed around here. The two made their way inside and went straight to the bar, nodding to the redhead bartender who winked back at them. They were regulars in here, so she knew what they’d be ordering.

Once they had found an empty pair of stools at the bar, Zack left to go to the bathroom.

“Hey there darling.” The freckled bartender greeted.

“Hey Kate.” She responded.

“I got your orders in. The usual unless you want to try to be adventurous with the menu.”

“No no. The usual is fine. I’ll be getting a mudslide… make it strong.”

“You alright darling?”

“I’m fine, just a bit disappointed in myself is all.”

“Aww, well we can’t have that. I’ll get you your drink to liven you up a bit.”


Allie had only been left alone for no more than maybe three minutes, and her mind was already back to her story.

Maybe if she did this… no that’s overdone. What about a hero who… ugghh, another hero? A rom com? Nonono. Perhaps a wanderer that got… what? Lost and found a remote village? UGGGHHHHH!

Zach returned to the scene, only to stop in his tracks after seeing what the haku was doing in her lonesome. Unconsciously, she was scribbling her finger across a napkin, only to immediately cross it out as she stared off into space. The napkin was beginning to shred from the constant scratching of her nail against it.

He turned to the bar to spot Kate, who had also been watching the scene, with a chocolate drink in hand. She too looked over to Zack as they both confirmed what they saw before them. So… she grabbed the bottle of vodka and began to pour a helping into the glass.

“I’ll make it extra extra strong… she looks like she’ll need it…” she muttered.


She was tipsy.

Maybe a little more than just that… but she needed this.

They hadn’t even gotten home and she was already rubbing her hand across his jeans. It was only a few minutes away, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t prep the meal.

He shifted in his seat… how adorable… she knew he didn’t like to do this while driving, but that look he gave her whenever she did…. It was hard to hide what they both wanted, and luckily so was he by the time they got home.

They haven’t even made it to the door and she had him in her arms, pulling his body against hers as she pressed her lips to his. The tingling sensation across her body wasn’t enough to overwhelm her, and the cravings wouldn’t end with something so simple as a kiss. Zack struggled to pull the keys from his pockets, not wanting to tear away from her, but fully aware that he was the only thing keeping this from going any further.

The two continued their dance between the tongues for several seconds until the lock on the door finally clicked.

Rushing inside they tore away at their clothes, leaving them on the ground while pressing their bodies against each other. His hands groped her breasts through the thin cloth of her blouse, her erect nipples poking against the fabric as she undid his belt.

Upon reaching the bedroom, they had removed all their clothes, save for her panties and his underwear. Zack tossed her on her back onto the bed, making her giggle as she stared up at him, biting her lip in anticipation. Leaning down onto her body, he shared another passionate kiss with her awaiting lips, only breaking to continue on his downward descent of her body.

He licked and kissed his way around her body, playfully taking his time on her nipples, until making it between her thighs. Zack pressed his face against her crotch, rubbing his mouth to the fabric of her panties, feeling her fur covered legs jolt besides him as he did so. After a few more kisses, he pulled the panties to the side to reveal her glistening pussy. With his thumb, Zack pressed against her engorged clit, rubbing it in circles as she let out a gasp.

The moans began to escape as he made little work of her folds, licking and kissing them relentlessly as he continued to rub her clit. This went on for several minutes until he decided that it was time.

Standing up, Zack pulled off Allie’s panties, tossing them onto the ground before doing the same with his underwear, revealing his stiff dick to her. Rubbing it against the lips of her pussy, she bit her lip in anticipation until finally.


He was finally in.

Pulling back till he was nearly at the tip, he pushed himself into her all the way to the base of his crotch. Keeping a steady rhythm, he grabbed onto her legs as he continued in their lovemaking. The two were panting as the room resounded with slap of his balls against her cheeks. Allie reached out her hands towards him, prompting him to let go of her legs and interlock his fingers with hers. Leaning forward, he pressed their hands against the bed as he looked down to her bare body. Her breasts jumping in a circular motion with each of his thrusts along her loving gaze staring back at him craving for more. Soon he came down to her, sharing their warmth with each other as she locked her legs around his waist and her arms behind his back. They shared another kiss, sloppy as it may have been, but filled with passion.

Breaking the kiss, she looked up to him with determination in her eyes.

“It’s my turn.”

Opening her legs, she rolled Zack onto his back until she was kneeling over him, his penis still throbbing inside of her.

Rising up from his shaft, she held onto his shoulders for balance until dropping down with an audible clap. She continued to do this, gaining speed with each drop, savoring the sensation that spread across her body.

Too wrapped up in the feeling, she retracted too far and caused Zack to slip out from her dribbling pussy, but she slammed back down too quickly to notice…

She shot straight up, her eyes wide, and her body stiff. Zack didn’t know what happened until he realized… his dick had slipped into the wrong hole.


There she was, frozen stiff. Allie could see herself, still sitting on top of Zack with a look that showed that she had messed up… wait a second. How was she able to see herself right now?

Floating in the air before the two was Allie… but she could see herself right there in front of her. What in the world was happening? Was this an out of body experience? And why was she rising up towards the ceiling?!

Her apparition ascended further and further, eventually reaching the ceiling and passing right through as if though she was a ghost. What was worse was that she was now gaining speed too!

“WHAT’S GOING ON!?!” she screamed as she made her way into the night sky.

She screamed as her being continued, passing the stratosphere and making its way towards the stars, flying ever faster to an unknown destination.


Where was she going? How did she do this? WHAT WAS GOING ON?!?!

Space began to blur around her, a series of colors flashing before her as she passed far off galaxies and nebulas.

Although it was only a few seconds, it felt as if though it had been several minutes until Allie noticed that she was slowing down. She looked in the direction she was flying to spot something odd, an object seemingly floating in the void of space, as if though waiting. Her body began to spin, her legs now facing ‘down’, towards the direction she had been going, with her descent now slowing down to a crawl until finally… she felt the ground.

Her legs were shaky, along with the rest of her, but she was glad to finally be on solid ground again… so to speak. There was nothing there, it was just more empty space, but it felt as if though there was. Like a perfectly translucent sheet of glass, invisible to the eye but still physically there.

She looked around, spotting the object she had seen before. A giant object stood before her, covered in what seemed to be rags of sorts. What was it? She couldn’t help but approach it.

It seemed like a statue of sorts… similar to that of Buddha. This… thing seemed to depict a creature, perhaps a person, seated on the ground while leaning down on itself. But the details couldn’t be spotted for the rags covered them, such as the form and shape of this being. What she could see was a mask, one that seemed to be the skull of some unknown cattle-like beast with horns protruding forwards, while a second pair of horns extended outward from the sides of the being’s head… similar to her own.

What was this?

“Hello Allie.”

She jumped back at the sudden voice.

It was not loud, nor was forceful, but the sudden sound had scared her.

The source of the voice revealed itself soon afterwards. The mask that had been staring down into itself began to raise as the furs and rags that covered the creature began to shift along with the body of the unknown being.

It grew taller and taller until it had sat up straight, it’s head looking down to her to assure her that the being was well aware of her presence. The tribal-like garbs that this being wore no longer hung down to conceal the creature’s shape, revealing a womanly figure, but not much else.

“Who are you?! Where am I?! How do you know my name!?”


The being chuckled at the haku’s response, possibly finding it amusing that a creature so small was making demands of her. But nonetheless, it seemed that she would humor her.

“I… am you.”


Allie nearly cussed at her, but had luckily decided against it.

“As I said. I am you, and you are me… in part.”

Allie was unsure what this being meant, speaking in fortune cookie nonsense. But before she was able to ask again, the being continued.

“Welcome young one, to the plane between dimensions.”

Lifting up her arm, the being reached towards her mask, revealing a very humanoid hand extend out from the sleeves whose fingers then clenched onto the skull.

Removing the mask showed that the creature was in fact a giant Hakutaku. The slight wrinkles by her eyes and the tired expression that she gave was the only indication of the being’s old age… but Allie was unsure what ‘old’ meant to this being.

“Who… who are you?” Allie asked once more.

“As I said, I am you.”

“No! Give me a straight answer!”

“If the answer is not what you’re seeking, perhaps you are simply not asking the right question.”

“Hmm… where am I?”

A reserved smile formed on the being’s face as she began to respond.

“You are in the space between the 3rd and 4th dimension.”

As if though sensing her confusion, the giant continued.

“Your mind has managed to gain entry to the area between time and space, no easy feat. It seems that your method in particular was induced by a cocktail of emotions… and the assistance of an actual cocktail.” She chuckled.

“Lets see here… a mixture of stress, joy, surprise, and regret having occurred all at once along with some minor inebriation overwhelmed your body and allowed your mind to peak, granting you entry into this plane.”

Absorbing the details that this woman was giving her, Allie was nearly in shock by the implications that this meant.

“But… if you exist here… in this plane above my own… that would mean that… you’re some sort of god.”

Once again, the being laughed under its breath.

“In a way, perhaps.”

“What are you?”

The creature smiled, satisfied with the question.

“As I have said, I am you. You are me. What I am is the culmination of all knowledge gathered by the Hakutaku species, which explains my form. To some who have met me, I am known as The All Seeing Hakutaku, the keeper of all secrets, purveyor of all knowledge, the librarian of life itself. But you my dear, may call me Ash.”

“Is that why you kept saying that you were me and that I was you? Since you know everything I know?”

“That is correct little Allie.”

This being, Ash… contained all the memories Allie had acquired in her lifetime… in a sense Allie was a part of her and Ash was her… and a bunch of other people.

This is insane…

“How did you come to exist?”

“In all honesty, I am not certain.”

Allie stared in annoyance towards Ash.

“Really? So much for ‘All Seeing’.”

“Did I not say I was the culmination of all knowledge from Hakus? Only a small group even know that I exist, and even less believe that I am real and not some sort of hallucination. I know everything they know, and no more. I can guess as to what brought about my existence, but I have no concrete answer.”

Ash sighed before continuing.

“Some believe that I am a purer form of elemental, being that of knowledge rather than a physical element. Hakutakus have been known to impart their knowledge onto others, a trait unique to the species. As such, knowledge is seen to be imbued into the very being of the Hakutaku, and thus also part of their mana. They believe that the residual mana is what created me and allowed me to exist within this plane.

Others believe that I am in fact the ancestor to all Hakutakus, a primordial being that brought about the species in my own image and am only able to exist through the continued lineage of my kind.

Or perhaps I could be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato.

What brought me into being, I truly do not know.

But, cogito, ergo sum.”

She shrugged.

“Although I may not know what I am or what it may entail, it is of no concern to me. And much like how I came into existence, I will likely have no say in how it may come to an end.”

“Damn, that depressing.”

“It’s normal amongst your kind.”

The two stood in silence for a brief moment before Allie decided to ask her about something Ash had mentioned.

“You said that others know of you… who were they? How did they make it here?”

“Ahh. Yes, a handful of others have managed to pass through. Many made their way here during their passing to the other side. Others, with the assistance of certain substances, have managed to peak in order to grab a glimpse of me in their hazy state. Few have done so through their dreams, though many don’t remember it. And a very, very small group have managed to meet her in the split second when all time seems to stop during a moment of great intensity.

You mostly fall into the latter category.”

“Huh… how long do they stay here?”

“Some minutes, most only a few seconds. There was one that kept me company for about a week, but they were in a coma.”

Allie couldn’t help but gulp.

“Oh, you needn’t worry about that. You’ll most likely go back in a few minutes or so.”

“What do I do in the meantime?”

“Exactly what we’re doing now. Ask me a few questions, and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.”

Allie pondered this for a moment before coming up with something worth asking.

“So… you’re a god… can you do godly things?”

“Such as?”

“Miracles? Answer prayers? I don’t know, I’ve never really met a god.”

“Hmm… no. At least not in the sense of what you may consider as ‘godly’.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, unlike the stories or legends of gods, I cannot make treasures fall from the sky, or curse others into becoming animals. I do not take on a mortal form and have my way with who I please, bringing about demigod children. No, I cannot do anything of that sort.”

“Then what can you do?”

“At best… I can influence.”

Ash continued before Allie could ask, as if though knowing she would.

“Have you ever been stuck on a question? Looking for an answer that you cannot find? Or perhaps forgotten the reason in which why you were doing what it is you were supposed to be doing? That moment of eureka, that moment when you remember, the moment of realization… that is me.”

Reaching towards the empty space before her, a faint light formed at the palm of her hand until it released a small batch of dimly glowing orbs into the air between them.

“I am the embodiment of knowledge. Usually those in these situations already have the answers they’ve been seeking, but are blind to them.”

She began to trace her finger between the floating dots, leaving behind a glowing trail and connecting them together into two trapezoidal shapes.

“All I do is lead them to the answers they already know… connecting the dots…”

Finishing her tracing, the trail began to glow brilliantly until it began move all on its own. It fluttered as if though it were a butterfly, flying around Ash before doing the same around Allie.

“And watch their ideas flourish.”

Allie marveled at the simple creation brought to life.

“I thought you said you couldn’t create things.”

“Hehehe. It is true, I cannot… at least not in your plane. Here, between dimensions, thought is given form, but it cannot escape. As such, it is useless anywhere else but here.”

Allie couldn’t help but wonder how much weirder this could get… but if she could do that… then perhaps…

“Hmm… actually… I have a request. I’ve been stuck in a rut recently… could you… help me with that?”

“I already did.”


Ash chuckled once again.

“I have given you all the tools you’ll need. Do not worry little Allie, I know you’ll be able to make do with it.”

“Wait, what?”

“Hmm… you’ll see. But it seems that it’s time.”


Allie barely had time to react before she felt herself rise from the invisible ground.


“Farewell for now, and good luck on your endeavors young one. I will be watching.”


And once again, she was flung into space.


She sat there, staring at the corner where the ceiling met the wall. Her body was still stiff, and her mind shaky from the journey… but she was back home, in her own body, in the bedroom… with a dick up her ass.

“Allie? Are you okay?”

She blinked, looking down to see the worried expression of Zack beneath her.

How long had she been gone… probably not long since he was still hard…

“Y-y-yes… I’m okay.”

“That was a but… sudden. But it happened so quickly. I didn’t think I’d just slide in there like that. We don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to.”

He didn’t know. He thought she was in shock because of the sudden anal!

“It’s okay…I’ll manage… but not there.”


Tossing and turning, sleep could not find her.

It was 3 am.

The experience had left an impact on her, and she wasn’t sure what to do… was it even real? She could remember it all so vividly.

She got up from bed and headed into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea to calm her nerves.

Even if it was real, what could she do about it… no one would really believe her, probably think she was hallucinating from some food poisoning or something. If they did though, it could make one heck of a story…


The morning came, the sun’s rays creeping into the bedroom and making it to Zack’s face and causing him to wake up.

He rolled onto his side to see that it was empty.

Sighing, he got up from the bed and stepped into the kitchen. Making two mugs of coffee, he went to the only other room Allie would be in at this hour.

Walking into the home office, there she was, passed out at her desk.

Gently placing the mug at the far corner, he leaned down kissed the top of her head, stirring her awake.

“Morning sweetie.”

She garbled some words before managing to look up and reach out for the coffee.

After a few sips, she mumbled something under her breath.


“I did it. I finished.”

He raised a brow wondering what she meant until she reached out and moved the computer mouse.

The monitor awoke, showing him the final page of the text document, revealing the word ‘END’ on it.

“Ahh, congratulations! I knew you’d be able to. C’mon, you must be sore from sleeping in that chair. Get into the kitchen and I’ll whip up an extra special breakfast to celebrate.”

“That sounds nice.”

Allie stood up from her chair, kissed his cheek and made her way out of the office. This time, not in defeat, but as a victor.

Once she left, Zack couldn’t help but wonder.

He made sure to save the document before scrolling to the top. He wanted to see what it was that took Allie so long to finally write…

‘A Meeting with The All Seeing Hakutaku’


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