A Love Stronger than Death

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Note: This was my first time trying to write a somewhat lewd scene, if it’s not good, I promise I tried my best.

A Love Stronger than Death

The darkness was pervasive, all-encompassing, all-consuming, and every other word or series of words that he could use to describe where he currently was. He didn’t know how he got here, he didn’t know where he was, and he certainly didn’t know how to get out. In fact, he didn’t even know who he was, but he knew for a fact that he was a he, that one fact seemed etched into his very being. He tried to piece together anything, but the wisps of memories he still held onto seemed to slip and slide around in his subconscious, unable to form a coherent thought. Even simple thoughts, things that should be easy to recall, seemed to allude him, any train of thought that lasted more than a few seconds seemed to derail into nothingness, much like the void he was in.

The void was consuming, he knew that, but he also couldn’t feel anything as well. Not only was there nothing to feel, nothing to touch, nothing to kick, he couldn’t even feel his limbs at all, and he certainly couldn’t use his non-existent limbs to check for other non-existent limbs. All of this added up to a hearty sense of confusion and disorientation, he couldn’t tell where was where and what was what. But before he could even think of panicking, the thought slipped his mind, like another wisp of smoke on the breeze.

Months passed like that. Or was it minutes? Days? Seconds? Years? There wasn’t anything to go by, but as time seemed to pass, he felt less and less connected, like he was drifting away on an invisible current. He relaxed against the current, letting it drag him off to parts unknown, perhaps to somewhere nicer. Before he could fully dissolve into the ether, a sensation shook through the void like a shock wave. Sound, it was a sound. In fact, it was someone talking, no, two people talking! This sensation was concrete, it was real, and in this land of nothing, that was everything. The voices came from a direction, allowing him to orient himself, and he felt the current, once a pleasant stream, now a raging tide, threatening to drag him away from the voices. He didn’t want that! He wanted to be near the voices!

Struggling against the shadowy surge, he felt new sensations, arms, legs, all to pull him closer to the almost heavenly voice. As he used his new limbs to pull himself closer, the voices grew clearer, if only by a fraction. One sounded like a young woman, her speech filled with worry and a discernible frustration. The other sounded like a woman, if only due to her slightly higher than normal tone, her speech sounded monotone and dull, like she only had a passing interest in what was going on currently. Perhaps the younger one’s frustrations lay with the monotone one.

As the voices grew clearer, memories appeared in his mind, like a slow drip, they filled his mind, allowing him to piece together the shattered and fractured mess that was his psyche. The first memories were fuzzy at first, a haze surrounding the edges of his vision, but as time went on, the haze dissipated, leaving him in the vision of a boy, or at least, he thought he was a boy. He stood in a village, small but undeniably vibrant, people flitted about, doing their business. A church stood on a hill, acting like a beacon for the town to rally around. His vision flashed and he was inside a shop with a man and woman. No. No they were his parents! His mind filled another crack, showing that the large bearded man and his skinny, waifish wife were in fact his father and mother, respectively. With that hole filled, another soon followed, his mother and father both ran the local store, the father tended the counter and the mother worked in the back rooms, when she wasn’t teaching him, their son. All in all, they were well respected members of their community and loved by all.

The surge grew stronger and stronger, trying in vain to drag him into oblivion. But he found new vigour, new purpose in reaching this voice in the heavens, he’d do anything to reach it. His efforts were rewarded with the voices growing even clearer, some of their speech was finally understandable, but most was muffled beyond hearing.

“I k— –‘s h–e —id! -t –s h-s d— na– -n -t!” The younger voice said, the desperation and urgency in her voice apparent, even if the words themselves were all but unintelligible.

“A– -‘m t–l–g –u, –‘s –en a —k —c- -e’s b— —ie-! T– –dy’- —k -o t– –u- —ld -e te–ou- -t b–t!” The monotone voice said, now with a smidgen more emotion to it. Perhaps she only used emotion when she was berating people. How fun.

With the voices came more memories, now as a steady trickle rather than as a series of drops. He sees himself, in the town, but there’s someone new in town. A new family, and more importantly, a new girl. A name appears in his mind, Elizabeth, it appears whenever he glances at the new girl, it must be her name. More memories flash by him, they become fast friends, bonding over their love of exploration. He chuckled briefly at a vision of him being scared by the girl, Elizabeth, holding a particularly large caterpillar. More memories, faster, he saw them together, slightly older, they were being taught by his mother, she said the name Frederick, Elizabeth said Frederick to him. His name was Frederick! With that one revelation, the void which once seemed to consume all light that dared to enter grew bright. He was in a fast-flowing river, an endless ravine waiting for him should he slip. Gritting his teeth, he pushed onwards up the river. One more memory appeared before him, it seemed simpler, more abstract, it felt like a fire on a cold night, like a gentle hug, like the sun on a clear spring day. And the only thing he saw from it was her, Elizabeth. Was this love?

The voices grew louder still, now starting to argue with each other. With the voices came the sound of dirt moving and rays of light appearing like a guiding presence. He pushed forwards, the stream suddenly growing weaker and weaker, as if it had decided to let him go all of a sudden.

“Yo- kn– -e c-n s-ve –m! I- h-s -een don-!” The normal voice said, her tone thankfully sounding considerably more positive than before.

“Ye-, b-t -he r–ks -re s–ll –eat.” Replied the monotone voice, also sounded more positive, or perhaps the tone was more resigned?

“I kn-w, -ut o-e –st -ake r–ks -or lov-.” The normal voice countered; her voice determined.

With those words, he felt himself being lifted by some otherworldly force. Free of the water and approaching the light, the final memories appeared before him, finishing the puzzle that was his mind. He saw himself, Frederick, getting older, growing into a teenager, then a man. He saw his father passing the store onto him as his health started to wane and old age approached.

And he saw his marriage to Elizabeth, his childhood sweetheart, and the love of his life.

It was a wonderful affair; all the town had gathered for the wedding and they partied throughout the night to celebrate their love and future life together. The looks he gave to Elizabeth and the looks she gave to him made him smile. But the mood soon soured as another memory appeared. It was him, in his bed, strength quickly fading from his body. He saw doctor after doctor, healer after healer and priest after priest come in, claiming to help him cure his ails, but all ultimately proving useless. With each day, Elizabeth, his beautiful wife, grew more distraught. With each failed remedy, she grew more desperate, more frenzied, begging and sobbing for anyone to save her darling. Were it any other time, she would have been labelled a lunatic and sent to the asylum, but in her circumstance, everyone just bowed their heads and comforted her. In his final day, he remembered what he said to her, “Find another to love, find love again and know that I shall smile down upon you.” The statement only served to worsen the tears. She said with a shaky voice how she would never love another like she loved him. He simply closed his eyes, repeating his vow before taking his final breath. As his perception faded and his consciousness faded from the mortal coil, all he could hear was her sobbing.

The light grew blinding as he was apparently unearthed from his tomb. The voices were clear now, his decaying ears apparently still functioning. “Look Ingrid! His soul still clings to the body! He can be saved!” The normal voice said, joy permeating every syllable.

The monotone voice tsked, “Only barely, you’d better hurry up and get that, thing, back to the manor. And don’t get dirt on the carpet! Ghoul’s were bitching to no end about that.”

The normal voice grumbled, “Don’t you dare call him thing! He is a wonderful soul, one who I pledged my life to! I shall ensure my promise stays intact!”

“Yes, yes you love him with all your heart. Now if you excuse me, I’m heading back to the lab. Come back when he’s fully recovered.” He heard footsteps growing distant, apparently the monotone voice, or Ingrid as she seems to be called, was walking off to her lab, whatever that was. As she did, the darkness began to encroach on his vision once more, this time however, it was less like an all-encompassing nothingness, and more like a comforting sleep. It might have been helped by the normal voiced woman’s singing, her almost inaudible humming seemed to lull him into a peaceful sleep. The sleep he fell into again seemed both instant and eternal all at once, it was as short as a second, yet as long as a decade. He wondered if he’d managed to die properly this time, having so stubbornly clung to life just before.

The first things that pervaded Frederick’s senses were smell of roses and sound of a slowly flickering candle, these small stimuli seeming like huge things to a man who must have spent day upon day in total and abject darkness and silence. When the senses registered in his returning mind, he tried to pry his eyelids open, finding them almost welded shut, most likely due to being buried. With considerable effort, Frederick managed to open his eyes, looking up at the royal purple ceiling. It was most certainly not any room he was familiar with, no room in his house, the store or the hospital where he spent his final moments had a purple ceiling, in fact, none of them had any purple walls whatsoever, purple being an incredibly hard colour to acquire. Looking around, he noticed how intricate and detailed the crown moulding was, with swirls and patterns that must have taken a talented artisan months, if not years to create.

Seeing as the ceiling wasn’t really giving him any concrete clues about his current location, Frederick begun to turn his head to the left. The action required far more effort that should be necessary for a seemingly simple action, feeling more herculean than mundane. After a few minutes of struggling, he managed to lean over to see the left side, the only thing of note was an open wardrobe, filled to bursting with all manner of expensive and exotic dresses. However, among the silken gowns and regal dresses, a few simple dresses caught his eye. Compared to the more elegant wares available, they looked rather plain, but there was something important about them, they were hers.

Mustering what little strength he could, Frederick turned to the right, hoping to find more clues as to his location. Whoever had brought him here had his wife’s clothing, and if they had that, what did they do with her? Looking to the right, he saw a simple oil lamp, gently flickering away, but more importantly, above it sat a portrait, his portrait. After a particularly lucrative deal struck with some wealthy merchants from the east, Frederick and Elizabeth found themselves with far more money than they could possibly need. They invested back into their store of course, upgrading facilities and adding new stock, but even after all of that, they still had a bit of gold to spend on themselves. Elizabeth suggested getting a portrait done, Frederick couldn’t say no to her smile and went ahead with it, hanging the resulting portrait of the two of them in the shop for all to see. For the painting to be here, in an unfamiliar room, means that someone must have broken into his home! This, alongside his wife’s dresses made his mind flip into full panic mode.

During his impromptu panic session, Frederick made the unfortunate decision to look down onto his new body, and boy oh boy, was it not a pretty sight. To call him a corpse would be an insult to corpses, at least they can be dolled up a bit to make them a bit nicer to look at, he was easily the most repulsive being he had the misfortune of laying his weary eyes upon. His skin was ashen and grey, devoid of any pigmentation and seeming to be made of parchment rather than skin. It was pulled over his skin, revealing a distinct lack of musculature and emphasising every single bone and ridge on his fatally malnourished body. In short, he looked to be 5 minutes into the grave, and yet, he felt fine. His stomach didn’t grumble, his body didn’t ache (at least when still), and he felt wide awake, by any measure, he should be dead, perhaps the two from before had something to do with it.

That’s when Frederick looked up, seeing a woman working on her makeup in front of an extremely ornate mirror. However, woman may not be a suitable descriptor, for this creature was certainly not a human. The porcelain white skin she had was far too like his ashen husk to be a mere coincidence. But everything else about her seemed to be created by the gods themselves to tempt even the most stoic and pious of men into debauchery. Her snow white hair was tied in a neat braid behind her head, trailing down to the small of her back, it seemed almost as silken and smooth as the sheets he rested on, or the dress she wore. Her figure was far less elegant, and far more arousing, featuring a narrow waist, tapering down into criminally wide hips and a rear that you could bounce a gold coin off of, trailing down to meaty thighs and slender, toned legs. Everything about this woman was built to seduce and temp, being in her mere presence felt like a grave insult to everything she must stand for.

With that thought, the mysterious woman turned around, revealing more of her alluring visage. Her face must have been sculpted by a master artiste, only that could describe the sheer perfection in that face. But as she gazed upon his broken form, her wonderful face seemed to darken, those cobalt eyes welling with tears. Wait, cobalt? Those eyes, and that face, no, it couldn’t be!

“Hello darling, I’ve missed you…” The woman, no, Elizabeth said, sadness emanating from every pore. “We’ve been apart for too long, my love. I wished that I could hold a grand ball to celebrate your return, but alas, there is much to be done, and much to be explained.”

Frederick looked upon his wife with as much shock as his paralyzed face could muster. Everything about this woman, from her eyes, to that smile, to her walk. It all screamed Elizabeth. She had brought him back to life…somehow.

Elizabeth smiled, tears still in her eyes, “I know this isn’t how you thought we’d next meet. I still remember the vow you made to me all those years ago. I’ll have you know that I tried! But every single suitor that came to me was an insult to me AND to you.” She said, disgust in every syllable, “They treated me like a trophy, a means to display their status, like some sort of show bird. It disgusted me, and in time it brought me into depression.” Her tone darkened, “No one could live up to you, no one could replace the hole you left in my heart, so with no other options, I did what many would consider unthinkable. For someone who lost their betrothed, someone who lost their eternal companion, it was all I had left.”

He kept listening, even if he could respond, he would’ve kept silent.

“I ventured out, crawled through the tears and mud to the forbidden manor on the hill, there I met someone, someone who took me in when I was at my lowest point and granted me new power.” To emphasise the point, spectral claws suddenly appeared around her hands, he looked apprehensively at the wicked looking claws before she dissipated them, “The person told me about how I could bring you back, and with my new found power as a Wight, bringing you back from the grave was a mere trifle!” Tears started to trickle down her face again, “When I found you in that grave, still clinging to this realm, you don’t know how happy that made me! I-I thought I might never see you again, that I might have to live an eternity without you…” She wiped the tears away, radiant smile returning, “And now you’re here! A-and we can be together forever! Just like we said we would! I know you’re not your usual self right now, but it can be fixed! And in a rather pleasant way, if I do say so myself! When your body and mind have recovered, and you can roam these halls with me, I shall introduce you to all the wonderful people that made our reunion possible.”

Frederick’s curiosity was piqued, the love of his life had saved him from death and was offering to return him to his normal, pre-disease state. It sounded too good to be true, but everything about the last days would seem to be impossible. And besides, he couldn’t do anything about it, what else could he do? Stay as a near comatose wretch?

He tried to say to her that he accepted, though rather ineffectively considering his rigor mortis, she managed to get it all the same, “Oh thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I promise you will never regret this!” Elizabeth said, happiness overflowing from her.

Elizabeth’s grin suddenly turned lecherous, a far cry from the demure, quiet girl she was as a human. “Well then, do you want to know what the plan is?” Frederick looked confused, “You and I, we shall stay in this bedchamber for fifty days and fifty nights. We shall make sweet love to each other for the entire time and I shall attend to your every whim and need, I shall receive your love, and you shall share in my spirit. In time, your body will recover, and you will become the lord of this very house.” Frederick looked even more confused; he was a lord? When did he receive that honour? He was a store owner, not a noble for Illias’ sake! Elizabeth chuckled, “I see your confusion my sweet, when I came to the lady of this manor all those years ago, she granted me her power, and when I passed from this world, I came back as a Wight, and as this manor’s owner, it’s lady. And as my rightful husband, you shall become its lord!”

Frederick was suddenly not so worried about lordship and titles and all that nonsense, for something far more pressing had made itself apparent. Elizabeth was bent down in front of him, her low cut dress making it perfectly clear that she had forgone a bra for this occasion, and if the steady dripping sensation on his leg meant anything, she’d also decided against underwear as well. The sight of those glorious orbs, now much larger in death, caused a stirring in his loins, a stirring he thought impossible with his emaciation. Elizabeth chuckled, lust growing in her eyes, “Your body is mere minutes from death, and yet you get so excited, hm?” Elizabeth straddled him, positioning herself over his rigid form, “Relax dear, we have a few years to catch up on after all!”

With a thrust she entered him, a meaty smack resounding throughout the bedroom. Elizabeth let out a powerful moan, more beautiful than a choir of angels singing their divine hymns. The feeling of being inside was almost paradoxical, her outsides were cool, almost chilly, as befits an undead creature such as herself, but her insides were surprisingly warm, the contrast only serving to enhance the supernatural pleasure felt between them.

Elizabeth was also feeling the near maddening pleasure that the one thrust had given. Ever since that awful night, she had never once given herself to another man, she gave her first time to her true love, and she was never going to sully it with another. But now, she was with her beloved again, and her new and enhanced body only served to drive her mad with pleasure. The one thrust seemed to touch every weak spot she could possibly have, and it was only through sheer grit and determination that she didn’t cum right there and then. A wave of realization hit her as she knew on some subconscious level that this was the pleasure that being with your beloved could bring. She could truly never be without him again; the mere thought made her sick to her non-functioning stomach.

After steadying herself and reeling from the sheer pleasure just one thrust had given her, Elizabeth began to slowly move up, the rigid pole scraping against every pleasure point in her. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip trying to stifle a moan as she reached the top, only the tip of his rod still inside her. Dropping down again, she let out a shrill scream as she came proper, cerulean eyes glowing and fluids gushing out of her as her inside gripped fitfully in an attempt to extract as much of his precious ambrosia as she could.

Frederick came soon after, the supernatural pleasure that his wife could grant to him would overwhelm even the strongest of men, for a bag of bones, he didn’t last long at all. With a dry moan, he expelled seemingly every drop of fluid his body could offer. Had he still kept hold of his rational mind, he might have wondered how this much semen was being produced by his body, but the otherworldly pleasure kept anything but his primal brain thankfully shut up.

In that moment, a stray thought made its way through his head, he thought about all the power she held over him, how for all intents and purposes, she had complete and utter control of him, he could be a mere puppet to sate her desires. A part of him immediately revolted at the mere notion, Elizabeth was one of the kindest people he’d ever known! To even suggest that she would be cruel to him in any way would be to do a disservice to her very nature! She would sooner tear out her now unbeating heart than harm him in any way. Even as she rode him, she was almost neurotic in how she carefully slid up and down, ever so careful not to damage his frail body, obviously she didn’t realise that if she hurt him in any way, her magic could just as easily repair any damage done to him. But as he rationalized this, another part of him secretly wished for her to dominate him, he was weak, he was powerless, and in a way, that aroused him.

They continued like that well into the night, their energies acting in a positive feedback loop to keep the cycle going ad infinitum. He would come rivers into her greedy snatch, said spirit energy would manifest into demonic energy which rejuvenated his body and kept his meat stick eager and aching for the pristine undead beauty before him.

Eventually though, Elizabeth decided that she’d had enough for one night. Her womb still tingled from the copious amounts of seed that it had devoured and it still ached for more, but the look on her beloved’s face showed utter exhaustion, so she decided to give him a rest, for now. With a giggle, she pulled the covers on top of her and fell into a peaceful slumber with her one and only.

Frederick lay still on the bed, Elizabeth’s comforting weight atop him. She cuddled him vigorously, twirling his brown locks in her fingers, humming an indistinct tune of some kind. “Wasn’t that just wonderful darling? A few years without one another can do wonders for your sex life it seems!” She giggled at her own joke, as she calmed herself, she noticed Frederick’s face, his mouth specifically was twitching and moving, and eventually became a genuine smile. Fresh tears started streaming down the Wight’s face, to know that her love had had even a small impact like this, it made everything worth it. “Darling, I know you’re in there, and I make this promise to you now. I shall stay beside you for eternity, never shall you be alone in this world, for I shall be your loving companion, for now and always.”

A tear proceeded to roll down his cheek. To hear his beloved, his darling wife, reaffirm that she would always love him, that she would stay beside him no matter what, it caused his emotions to boil over. He loved her, he always had, and he always would. Elizabeth hugged him even tighter in return.

It had been several days since Elizabeth had brought the skeletal body of her eternal love Frederick into the manor to which she called home, and for every one of those days, they spent every single hour, minute and second in each other’s arms, or in each other’s bodies. Even now, Elizabeth rides her beloved relentlessly, knowing that she can never truly harm him. Her lover’s body had made leaps and bounds compared to the mummified husk it was previously. Where once his skin looked more like paper than skin, it now looked relatively normal, if a little pale. His muscles, once non-existent, now returned to his body, giving it some much needed definition. Even his eyes, once hollow and sunken in, now looked perfectly normal.

But the biggest change that happened was when he gained control of his fingers. After a particularly intense round of cunnilingus, Frederick had flexed his fingers, trying to signal to his wife. Seeing what he wanted, the two proceeded to cuddle and hold hands for the rest of the night, Frederick did find it cute how she seemed to blush constantly when doing this seemingly innocent act, a violet tint coming to her pristine cheeks. It seemed as if the most innocent and innocuous activities were incredibly lewd to her, and vice versa, much to Frederick’s chagrin.

Elizabeth’s almost violent riding of his phallus was seen by Frederick as a direct response to his teasing. Said riding had gone on for almost a solid day straight, and she hadn’t shown any signs of stopping soon. After she rode out one climax, she’d simply begin riding again, ignoring any and all protests and slackened jaws.

Eventually however, some parts of Frederick’s body reactivated, like his stomach, which interrupted another amazon position session with its protests. Elizabeth blushed, penis still firmly lodged inside of her, before promising to feed him after this one last orgasm.

After a particularly violent climax, Elizabeth decided to feed her love in the most intimate way possible. Using her telekinesis to bring a tray of fruit over, she began to feed her love slowly, “It sure is a pain having that stomach of yours interrupt the fun!” Frederick smiled bashfully, “Oh don’t worry! I know it isn’t your fault! Besides, this is a good chance to have some real close time together, just a man and his wife…”

Picking up a large juicy grape, she dropped it into his mouth, manually moving his jaw to chew his food for him. The act caused Frederick to blush even deeper, his rigor mortis reducing him to a mere infant for his wife. More thoughts of inadequacy began to swim through his mind, thoughts of how much of a burden he was and how she could do so much better. Before he could lambast himself even further, Elizabeth butted in, apparently reading his thoughts, “Don’t you dare call yourself a burden! You are my love, the light of my life, I promised you that I would be beside you no matter what. Now be quiet and accept my love!” She said forcefully, putting a piece of sliced banana in his mouth. “Also, yes, I can in fact read your mind.” Well that’s one mystery put to rest.

The feeding continued for a while, once he finished chewing one piece, Elizabeth would daintily pick up another to put into his eager mouth. Once the plate had been finished, Elizabeth gained a rather large smile, “Darling, would you like to try something a bit more…unique?” Unique? Well everything about the stay here has been anything but dull, what could possibly be so different as to be unique? Frederick nodded his head slightly, curious as to what his mischievous wife had in store for him.

With that, her smile seemed to get even larger as what appeared to be spectral claws appeared over the top of her regular arms. If they were on anyone else, these rather menacing looking claws, tipped with what appeared to be quite sharp looking points, would be immensely frightening to Frederick. But on his loving and doting wife, he felt a strange sense of calm around him, perhaps it was because he was laying atop her rather generous thighs, he did feel calmer after she laid him down upon them. Said thoughts disappeared when she began to stroke his head with said claws. Her fingertips were the only parts of her that touched his head, their gentle scraping across his scalp was a very pleasant sensation to him, a gentle coolness that relaxed him in all the right ways. But her spectral claws seemed to disappear into his body, but rather than be like a ghost and do nothing but phase through him, he felt something odd. The claws seemed to be feeling around his very soul, caressing and touching his very essence, the feeling was strange at first, having someone fondle your metaphysical representation of your very being is always a little jarring, but after a while it became even more soothing than the head scratches. It felt like she was speaking to his soul directly, showering it in her love and reassuring him in the most intimate way possible.

With all this combined, Frederick needed to voice how much he loved her, but his vocal cords still felt stuck. He couldn’t just let this sit though, he forced his voice back, slowly croaking out, “I…love…you…” He had said these words so many times when they were both alive, but to Elizabeth, hearing those magical words again, after years of silence, was downright mesmerizing. A small tear ran down her cheek, “I…I love you too dear.” Frederick chuckled hoarsely, “Still…a…big…cry…baby…heh.” Elizabeth lightly punched his side, her undead strength giving it a bit more impact than she truly intended, “Shut up you! You don’t know how long I waited to hear you say that!” She turned her face to the side, hiding a blush, “I missed it so much. So you better say it a lot more now, okay! You need to remind me at least once a day about how much you love me! It’s the least you can do for missing out on all these years…” Frederick smiled, with his voice now back, if only slightly, he’d be happy to remind her every hour about how much she meant to him.

More days passed, and they played out mostly the same. Now, this in no way meant they were dull in any way, Elizabeth’s body was far more limber and flexible than she was as an ordinary human, and some of the positions she was able to perform left him so drained that he feared she may have accidentally killed him again. However, when she did wear him out like that, she always made sure to feed him and give him his dearly beloved head scratches afterwards. His body now was almost fixed completely, his skin was the same shade as when he was hale and hearty, and the muscle had fully returned to his frame. To any random observer, he was a completely normal human, nobody would have guessed that just a few short weeks ago, this man was rescued from the grave, a hollow shell barely clinging to this plain of existence. However, the process of restoring his body was not yet completed. His voice had returned fully, and he could thankfully chew his own food now, but his legs still stayed pinned to the ground, leaving him paraplegic for the time being, much to his frustration.

A few days prior however, after another round of immensely satisfying lovemaking, Frederick noticed he could control his arms again. They felt like lead weights at first, but he attributed it to not being used to using them after years of being dead. After giving them a few test swings, the discomfort left him, and he decided to surprise his resting wife in the most fitting way possible. As slowly as he could manage, he wrapped his arms around her narrow waist, hugging her gently as she began to stir. “Mnnnh, huh? Honey, are-are you hugging me?” Frederick nodded and more tears streamed down her face as she hugged him twice as hard, after he began to feel his bones creaking, he reminded Elizabeth that he was still unfortunately human. Whenever a slight milestone like this happened, Elizabeth’s default reaction seemed to be to burst into tears. But when it’s your own magic bringing your love back from the dead, perhaps this type of reaction is expected.

After Elizabeth was done crying and hugging Frederick over the fact that his hands had been freed from their paralysis, her smiled turned back into the lewd, almost Cheshire grin she wore when she wanted to fuck. Clearly, she realized how much more fun you can have when your partner is actually active rather than just a corpse with a functioning dick. “Now darling, I expect that you’re going to be a much more…active participant now?” He nodded wildly, the thought of groping every part of her driving every part of him wild. Elizabeth laughed, “That’s the spirit! Now then, let’s get down to business!”

With that, she plunged down onto him again, the feeling of being inside her was more comforting than anything now, as if her vagina has a home inside a home. The exquisite contrast between pleasant cool and maddening warm which would almost cause him to burst right there and then was more pleasant now. Perhaps her monster endurance was beginning to rub off on him, the thought was only reaffirmed when she began to move up and down again. No longer was she so overly worried about his safety, with his restored body, she knew he could take a lot more, and that she could give a lot more in return. Frederick looked up expectantly at Elizabeth, “C-can I…” He mumbled, looking and her breasts, both of which were swinging tantalizingly with each impact she made onto him, “Of course! Don’t think you’re just going to sit there and take it anymore!” He needed no further motivation, in a flash, his hands were on those perky white globes. The feel and weight of them was beyond perfect, they were large, but not obscenely so. They were large enough that his hands were slightly overwhelmed, but small enough where they looked perfect on her frame. Giving a tentative squeeze, he has rewarded with a low moan, the Wight’s body shivering in pleasure. Feeling a sensation of overwhelming lust take over, he got to work. With one hand fierce squeezing, and the other toying with a nipple, Elizabeth was brought to new levels of ecstasy that she’d never thought possible. With a scream more reminiscent of a banshee, she was brought to climax, her walls trying fitfully to extract his seed.

After such a violent orgasm, Elizabeth collapsed down onto Frederick’s chest, breathing heavily, and twitching slightly. She chuckled slightly, “Heh, who’d have thought my breasts of all places would be able to do that!” She looked down to see he was still erect, “I’m sorry dear, your endurance is clearly past mine already. Would you like me to finish you off?” He nodded, “Wonderful! I’ll be sure do it quickly, don’t want you to suffer for too long now!”

Moving down his chest, Elizabeth made sure to lay teasing touches all across his body, grinning wider and wider with each shiver and moan. Positioning her head over the tip, she started with a small kiss, earning a moan and an even bigger shiver. “Okay,” she said innocently. “Here I go…aah…” Opening her mouth wide, she slowly lowered herself down onto his throbbing rod, making sure to swirl her tongue around as she went down, she knew from experience that it drove him wild. After staying down for a few seconds, she slowly came back up, swirling her tongue all the way back up as well as gently dragging her teeth across the whole length. The slight friction cause Frederick to moan even deeper, his eyes trying desperately to roll back into his head.

As she returned to the tip, Elizabeth managed to lick up a small drop of pre-ejaculate. That one drop ignited her senses like nothing else, it was her lover’s essence after all. Throwing all caution to the wind, she dove back down, letting her instincts carry her to her lover’s pleasure. In this trance, she couldn’t focus on anything else except the throbbing rod in front of her, the glorious ambrosia it produced, and the wonderful man producing it, who at the moment was in just as much ecstasy as she was.

As she continued, Elizabeth felt his hand on her head, gently forcing her back down. She purred softly at the action, feeling tingly in all the right places at her lover’s spontaneous act of dominance. Soon, she instinctively felt his penis twitch, he was approaching the peak of his pleasure. This was the important part, to truly bring your partner to nirvana, one must continue to pleasure their partner even after they orgasm, for at that moment, they are the most sensitive to your ministrations. As she felt him peaking, Elizabeth increased her efforts. His dick jerked, and his essence poured out into her eager mouth. Fighting the blissful trance that came with consuming his spirit energy, she tried her best to ramp up her suckling, more licking, more dragging, she even started to gently knead his balls, trying to get everything out of his wondrous cock. When his spurts turned into mere drops, Elizabeth slowly pulled herself off with a final, long lick.

Consuming his energy was something all monsters had to do to survive, it was in their very nature. Some were able to eat other sources, like plants and meat, but the most efficient sources of energy, both magical and mundane, was spirit energy. And as Elizabeth swallowed the copious amounts of seed that her wonderful husband had released, she felt every single bit of magical energy fill her body. It truly was a wonderful feeling to be reinvigorated so much through the love two people share with each other.

Looking down, Elizabeth saw her husband passed out on the bed, a blissful smile on his features. His endurance may be increasing, but she knows all the tricks to knock him flat!

“The day is fast approaching my love. The day where I can show you around.” She said quietly to herself.

“I cannot wait! Everyone must be so excited to meet you! I did spend fifty days and nights with you after all!” She laughed softly, ever so careful not to wake him up from his peaceful slumber.

“I’m sure you’ll love them all…But not as much as you love me of course! I’d better find Ingrid soon, she wanted to see him when this day came.”

Putting her worries aside, she decided to deal with all that boring fluff later. For now though, Frederick was in some dire need of some cuddling!

The final day had arrived, fifty days and fifty nights since his beloved wife brought him back from the grave. His beloved wife who had become a powerful undead out of grief for him. Over those fifty days and nights, she poured her energy into his decrepit body, slowly but surely restoring it to its former glory. Despite every single one of those days being spent in this one room (which he later found out was Elizabeth’s room), he was never without entertainment, typically in the form of Elizabeth herself. Her transformation into a Wight had clearly sent her libido through the stratosphere, and the result of that was that she spent close to every single waking moment making love to him. Part of the reason why she did it so much was obviously because of the restoration of his body, but he also sensed that she wanted to make up for every single day where she couldn’t be with him.

Even the rare moments when she wasn’t making love to her were magical in their own way. From eating fruit with her, to having his head scratched by her hands and his soul scratched by her more spectral hands, nothing was boring with her. She even told him some funny stories about what had happened around the manor before he arrived. But really, all of this was secondary to the fact that he was reunited with his wife, and to hear that she hadn’t taken another man because she loved him too much warmed his heart to no end.

As he awoke from his slumber, he found himself alone. Concerned, he looked around the room, hoping to find some sort of clue as to why his wife was missing from the bedroom she had spent all of her time in. Frederick calmed himself before he had a panic attack, Elizabeth is probably just doing something important, it was the fiftieth day after all.

Testing his limbs, he noticed that he had feeling in his legs now. Feeling perhaps a little bit too cocky, Frederick decided to try to walk for the first time in what felt like forever. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, he looked upon his body. It was just as he recognized it from before the illness sapped him of all his strength, in fact, in many ways his body was even better than before! Many of the rather ugly and unsightly scars and birthmarks on his body were gone and his near-sightedness was fixed completely.

With a tentative breath, Frederick stepped forward onto the carpeted floor. Before his legs buckled from underneath him and he collapsed to the floor with an almighty thump.

At that precise moment, Elizabeth walked into the room, only to see Frederick lying in a heap on the floor. She rushed to his side, tears beading in her eyes, “Why did you get out of bed! You knew your legs weren’t strong enough!” Her voice quivered.

Frederick sighed, “I just wanted to surprise you is all, I wanted to do something without you having to worry about me…”

Elizabeth shook her head, “Darling, my role in this world is to support you in everything you do. And didn’t I say it earlier? You aren’t a burden to me! Seeing you come all this way fills me with more joy than you could possibly imagine! Now please, let me help you…”

Frederick raised his hand to Elizabeth, who pulled him up with a smirk on her face, “Now then, shall we try that again?” He blushed, before nodding. “I’ll hold your hand darling. Let’s just take a walk around the room to start with.” The walk was as clumsy and awkward as it could be. every few steps he’d stumble, or trip over his foot, and on one occasion, he fell directly into Elizabeth’s cleavage. He made sure to apologize profusely, before promptly being reminded that she was his wife, and that she was more than happy for him to faceplant into her chest as many times as he wanted.

Eventually the two managed to make a full circuit of the bedroom without him stumbling once. “Well done darling! You’re learning very quickly!” Elizabeth quietly cheered.

Frederick groaned, “You’re making it sound like I’m a toddler, darling!” He still loved her of course, but he didn’t like to be reminded of how weak he was compared to her.

Elizabeth huffed and crossed her arms, a pout on her face, “Darling, you’ve been in the grave for years, and have only just regained the muscle mass necessary to move around. Even moving around this room is a big accomplishment!” Her face softened, “Now, how about you take a walk around without me now? It should prove whether or not you’re good to go.”

Hearing those words, another burst of pride came to Frederick. He took a few steps, hoping to show how much he had improved. Only to fall flat on his face yet again. Elizabeth was on hand to pick him back up, but not without a few chuckles at his expense.

“Now, I think it will take a bit more time to get you truly back on your feet. And I know for a fact you don’t want to be cooped up in this room for any longer than you need to be.” Frederick agreed, while the room was in fact nice to look at, anything, no matter how beautiful it truly is, can become boring if looked at for fifty days straight.

Elizabeth clapped her hands together, “Right then! Let’s get you some new clothes!” She took his hand tightly, careful to not let him fall over. The wardrobe he thought to only be filled with Elizabeth’s various clothes and dresses apparently had another part solely dedicated to him. Filled to the brim with all manner of expensive and lavish wear, from rather gaudy jackets, to simple and elegant dress suits, the Wight clearly spared no expense when it came to his choice of attire.

Upon seeing the clothes, a dormant thought wormed its way into Frederick’s mind, “Hey, Elizabeth?”

She turned to him, “Yes darling? What is it?”

“Why do you still have your old clothes? I mean, you have all these fancy clothes in here that must surely cost a fortune. It seems rather odd to hang on to a couple plain cotton dresses, ya know?”

Elizabeth smiled, “Well, I may not wear them to a gala or to a meeting, but they still hold meaning to me.” She picked up a simple dress, one she wore regularly when tending the shop, “They reminded me of our time together, whenever I’d start to feel hopeless, I’d look at this and remember our time together. I’m not ashamed to admit that they got me through some tough times.”

Frederick chuckled at her sentimentality and picked out a rather casual looking waistcoat to wear. Elizabeth eyed it curiously, “You’re going with that are you?” He nodded, a more casual entrance might be nice, “Well, how about this!” She pulled out a matching suit jacket, “I’d rather you look presentable to the members of the manor, they can be rather discerning when it comes to fashion.”

He gave a long, tired sigh. Even when brought back from the dead, his wife still criticised his choice of clothing. Giving a tired smile, he replied, “Sure, sure, let’s just get this done with.”

“Splendid! Now then, let’s get you all dressed!” With that, Elizabeth closed her eyes as he felt what seemed to be invisible hands guiding his limbs into place. With that, the Wight began to delicately clothe Frederick, careful not to hurt him, nor damage the quite valuable pieces of clothing.

After several minutes of buttoning and adjusting, the clothes were in place and Frederick was admiring himself in the conveniently place floor-length mirror. “My, my, you are looking absolutely ravishing today, Mr Frederick! Shall you accompany me for a walk?” Her faux noble accent was cute, although she couldn’t quite get rid of the country intonation. “Why of course, Lady Elizabeth! It would truly be an honour!” His accent was not much better.

The pair stared at each other silently, hoity-toity expressions still in effect before bursting into laughter at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

With shaky and nervous steps, Frederick slowly made his way out of the bedroom he’d spent all of his new life in up to that moment. Elizabeth gently held onto his arm, smile still plastered on her face, guiding him down the unfamiliar hallway. Said hallway was only a little bit different to the bedroom, but just this small change of scenery was a treat to his eyes. The carpet was made of soft wool, and its luscious red colour was a treat for the eyes. Looking further upwards, he saw various desks, drawers, and tables, all painstakingly crafted and covered from top to bottom with intricate patterns.

As Frederick gawked at the various high-class furniture pieces that were interspersed throughout the hallway, he didn’t notice what appeared to be maid moving up to him. “Ah! Lady Elizabeth! You didn’t say you were coming out!”

The maid was dressed in an outfit reminiscent of those found in the more upper-class parts of the kingdom. A simple black dress, with white frills everywhere. She carried herself with a graceful air, and her face glowed with a joyful smile. Other parts of her were a bit different, however. Her hair was a dusty blonde and hung much lower than he thought would be allowed in a place like this, her arms were blood red and tipped with rather vicious looking claws, and her mouth, while cheerful, couldn’t hide the razor sharp fangs that lay within.

Elizabeth noticed Frederick’s staring, “Darling, this is Lucy! She’s one of our maids!” She turned to the maid, “Lucy, this is my darling husband. Introduce yourself to him!”

Lucy’s face dropped. Quickly dropping to a bow, she stuttered, “I-I’m t-terribly s-sorry sir! I-I didn’t know you were Lady Elizabeth’s husband!” The ghoul gripped her head, “Oh look what you’ve done now Lucy! You’ve insulted the lord of the house! You’re gonna be kicked out, and then…”

Elizabeth shook the panicking maid out of her delirium, “It’s okay! It’s okay Lucy! You didn’t know! Now calm down and introduce yourself.”

The maid shook her head before straightening her dress. “I-it is a pleasure to meet you Sir Frederick! My name is Lucy! I’m lucky to work here at the manor as one of the maids. Lady Elizabeth has told me all about you sir! You’re quite the celebrity around here!” He raised an eyebrow dismissively. A celebrity? Lucy noticed his scepticism, “Yes sir! You are the Lord of this manor after all!” Before she could continue, Lucy smacked her head, “Oh what am I doing! I have cleaning to do! It’s been a pleasure Lord Frederick!” With that, she rushed off down the hallway, likely to rooms unknown.

Elizabeth chuckled, “I found her on the streets a few months ago. She was just the most precious person I’d ever seen! I couldn’t let her rot out there, so I gave her a job here. She’s been a natural ever since!”

With the introduction out of the way, the pair continued onwards.

The journey through the manor was a rather long one. The manor itself wasn’t particularly large, Frederick surmised that he could walk the length in the span of a few minutes, but his inability to walk, coupled with Elizabeth’s paranoia at him potentially hurting himself, meant they were walking at a pace that could best be described as glacial. As they slowly trudged through the corridors, maids of all kinds moved by them. From zombies, barely capable of movement, let alone speech, to rather austere Dullahan, put in place most likely as guard detail, if they’re rather threatening greatswords meant anything. The one thing they all did however was bow or curtsey before him. It was just a little bit unnerving seeing all these monsters, who could easily kick his ass six ways from Sunday, treat him like some noble to be protected and served at all costs. In his mind he was still just Frederick, the humble store owner who just wanted to live a simple life.

After even more walking, complete with more bowing and curtseying from the various residents of the manor, Elizabeth and Frederick made it to the grand hall. There were already dozens upon dozens of monsters already gathered, some were in groups, some were alone, and some were very obviously and gratuitously making out with their husbands, much to the jealousy of everyone around them.

Walking up to an overhanging balcony, Elizabeth cleared her throat rather loudly. “My loyal subjects! I know over these past months I haven’t been the best of Ladies. But please be assured that my absence was justified! Behold!” With a jerk, Frederick was put in front of the crowd, “Over the course of these last few weeks, I have brought my beloved back from death itself! With his return, we can truly make this realm a paradise like no other! Rejoice! The Demon Lord’s plan grows ever closer to success!” With her impassioned speech, the crowd burst into cheers. Glasses of wine were being tossed here and there, husbands were being kissed like there was no tomorrow, Frederick even swore he saw a set of underwear be tossed across the room. For a group of supposedly regal undead, they really knew how to let loose when the time came.

From there a grand party broke out. Chefs brought out vast swathes of food, mainly for the men and the occasional living monster at the gala. Elizabeth, with an urgency not seen before, dragged Frederick down to the main floor, presumably to mingle with the various nobles she’d met over the years that he’d been gone.

The party went by in a blur, many dozens of undead introducing themselves to Frederick. Countess this, Duchess that, they all blurred together in the end. He did recall seeing a rather dark-skinned woman who he’d later realize was a Pharaoh from the desert kingdoms down south. The alcohol managed to stand out though, surprisingly easy to drink with a hint of fruit, though it must have been rather strong to make the whole party blur together.

Frederick awoke several hours later, a slight headache and marginally dirty clothes the only reminders of the party he’d attended just before. Rubbing his forehead, he looked around to see Elizabeth talking to a slightly smaller, purple skinned woman. Walking over, he heard her voice. It was particularly…monotone.

“Darling! Good timing! This wonderful woman is Ingrid! She’s partially responsible for bringing you back!” Elizabeth said, gesturing at the smaller woman.

Ingrid readjusted her glasses, “Yes, it is a pleasure to meet you Mr Frederick, or should I say, LORD Frederick?”

Frederick sighed, the title was already getting on his nerves, “Just call me Frederick, okay?”

Ingrid smirked, “But my lord! It would be a great disservice to call you anything else!”

Frederick palmed his face.

“Okay, okay, is Frederick fine?” Ingrid acquiesced.

“Yes, now can you please introduce yourself?” He just wanted to go back to the shop, it was so much simpler back at the shop. Please, Illias, I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO-.

Ingrid bowed before him, “My name is Ingrid von Schäfer. Fifth and final child of the Schäfer family. You can just call me Ingrid, darling.” It seemed to Frederick that Ingrid’s monotone voice belied a tongue as sharp as steel.

Elizabeth decided to step in, before Frederick spontaneously burst into flames from embarrassment. “She used to own this manor, but when I arrived, she passed it on to me! Now we can govern the town together!”

Frederick did a double take, govern the town? Why would she do that?

Ingrid noticed his confused expression, “Elizabeth dear, did you not tell your darling husband about what happened?”

Elizabeth shied away, clearly not wanting to talk about whatever had happened. Frederick stepped forward, a serious expression visible, “Elizabeth, What. Did. You. Do?”

“I-Ingrid, could you explain?” She whispered timidly.

Ingrid groaned, “Of course I’m the one who has to do it! I’m meant to be retired, but NOOO, I have to handle all this shit!” She pinched the bridge of her nose, clearly frustrated, “When I first unlocked Miss Elizabeth’s powers as a Wight, a large group of those ‘paladins’ as you call them, attacked the town. They must have sensed the energy coming from this manor. In retaliation, me and your wife managed to drive them back, turning the town into a demon realm in the process.” The lich said such horrifying words like it was nothing. Frederick’s loving wife had turned their town, the town they had grown up in, into a god-forsaken demon realm! The weight of this revelation piled on top of him, dragging him down in a sobbing heap.

Elizabeth, seeing her husband suffering, rushed to his side. “Darling! I know it sounds bad, but I promise you, no one was hurt! The people are much happier, and the town is as prosperous as ever! We’ve done actual good for the town! Much more than those sycophants over at the order did anyway.”

While Elizabeth was busy trying to console her darling about how wonderful the town was and how happy its citizens were. Ingrid was busy taking notes, “Hmm, interesting, it appears as if years of order conditioning can train a man to see happiness as abnormal.”

Elizabeth glared daggers, “Will you quit it! He needs me right now, and you’re not helping!”

Frederick whimpered softly. Was this Elizabeth the same one he married? She was an undead, was she a completely different person now? The old Elizabeth wouldn’t take over a town. Would she? She keeps saying how happy everyone is, maybe he needed to see it for himself.

“Everything okay now darling?” Elizabeth said, getting up off the floor.

Frederick sighed, feeling even more tired than when he was a corpse, “Yeah, it’s just a lot to take in, ya know?”

Elizabeth pulled him into a deep hug, “I know darling, and I don’t expect you to trust me immediately. I only ask you let me show you how happy I’ve made everyone.”

He smiled, just wanting to sleep a bit more, “Yeah, I can do that.”

Elizabeth was about to say something but was interrupted by what looked like a chef. She walked off with a grumble, talking frustratedly with said chef before suddenly smiling. Sending the chef back, she skipped up to Frederick, her eyes practically glowing (or maybe they really were glowing, he couldn’t really tell), “Darling, could you follow me for a moment?” Frederick shrugged, there must be something important going on or something.

Following Elizabeth, he was led to the grand kitchen. The shrine to all things catering was a massive improvement over the single stove he had back at the shop. Chefs of all sizes were darting around, making all sorts of wondrous smelling dishes. Upon seeing Elizabeth, the chefs merely gave a quick hello and returned to their work, apparently, they were exempt from having to bow to them.

Elizabeth chuckled, noticing his fascination with the marvellous kitchen, “Come on darling! I know the kitchen is impressive. But I’ve got something even more important!” And with that, she ran into the dining room, wonderful smile still beaming.

As Frederick sat down at the overly spacious dining room, Elizabeth re-entered the room carrying a covered silver platter. Upon reaching the head of the table, she uncovered the platter with showmanship befitting a master-class waiter. Revealing a single, grey, rather unappealing looking mushroom. It looked quite out of place on the large, ornate silver dish, rolling around slightly as she set it down on the table.

Elizabeth looks at you expectantly, almost nervously. This mushroom must be rather important. Frederick asked as such, “This here is a grey lamentation mushroom, carefully harvested from the darkest of demon realm forests.” Her eyes closed, “This mushroom has the capability of granting one of mortal flesh the power of undeath. In particular, if a man were to consume it, and his wife were to use her power to resurrect him, they would be bound together for all of time…”

That’s why the mushroom was so important, this unassuming little fungus would kill him. Or more technically, it would half kill him, sort of. When consumed, it would transform him into an undead incubus, a being capable of living beside an undead for all of eternity. The sentiment was not lost on him, Elizabeth had lost him once, she would not dare lose him again.

Frederick thought about what would happen should he not consume the mushroom. He would age, like any other human, and in time he would grow old and die. His wife, however, would stay just as immortal as she was right now. She would be forced to endure the heartbreak she felt for all those long years for the rest of eternity. The very thought of causing even a single tear on her wonderful face made his stomach wretch.

His thoughts then wandered to what would happen if he ate the mushroom. He would stay beside her, the woman he loved, the woman he pledged himself to all those years ago, for all of eternity. They could enjoy all of life’s pleasure, present, past, and future. They could be truly happy together. The choice was obvious.

Frederick took a short breath, “How are we going to do this?”

Elizabeth squealed in delight, the meaning in his words more than apparent to her. She calmed herself down enough to answer, “It’s all too simple darling! Just eat the mushroom, and you’ll fall into a wonderful sleep. When you wake up, we’ll be together forever! Isn’t that wonderful!”

“Yes, yes it is my love…” He said as he raised the mushroom to his lips, “Goodbye cruel world!”

As the fungi made its way down his throat, his only thought was that he should’ve chopped it up first.

As Frederick loosened his tie, he sighed heavily. Being the town planner meant having to deal with all sorts of people who say they just know what they’re doing, before proposing some of the most idiotic ideas he’d ever heard. Some days he felt like giving up on the town all together, but one person always kept him going.

“Ah hello Lord Frederick! Wonderful day today isn’t it!” Said Lucy cheerfully. The enthusiastic ghoul was manicuring the hedges today, and he had to admit that she really knew what she was doing.

“Eh, could be better.” He said, wanting to get inside as quick as possible.

“Oh well, I’m sure Lady Elizabeth will be delighted to see you!” Lucy said before returning to her yard work.

How long had it been since that day? Ah yes, 60 years, almost to the day! It almost seemed like yesterday when his beloved wife Elizabeth transcended him from the mortal coil. He counted his blessing every day that he could come home to someone as wonderful as her.

As he opened the door, he couldn’t even get a “hello” out before being tackled by Elizabeth. “Hello darling! How was your day!” Her cheerful attitude never stopped to brighten up even the darkest of days he had. He’d vowed to never bring any work woes into the home, despite Elizabeth’s protests.

Frederick hugged her as hard as he could before releasing her, “Day was alright, not the best. But it’s certainly better now that I’m back home!”

Elizabeth gave another beautiful smile. Just seeing one of her brilliant grins could brighten up even the gloomiest of doppelgangers. “Well, I’ve got good news darling!”

He raised an eyebrow, “You’re making steak for dinner?”

She chuckled, “Nope! Try again!”

He crossed his arms, “You got a new set of lingerie?”

She smirked, “No-Well yes I did, but that’s not what I meant!”

Frederick shrugged, “Alright, I give up, what is it?”

Elizabeth moved up close, touching her silken lips to his ear, “I’m pregnant…”

Frederick just stood there for a second, the thought not registering for a second. A grin soon appeared though, with chuckles starting soon after. This quickly devolved into raucous laughter and jumping all around the hall. “When did you find out!” He said excitedly, the thought of a child bringing immeasurable joy to his heart.

“I found out a few days ago, I wanted it to be a surprise!” Tears formed on her eyes, “I-I wanted to be a mother so much when we were human. But now we can! I’ll be a mother, and you’ll be a father! You’ll be a great dad; I just know it!”

All Frederick could do was just stand there and smile. Sure, things would be hard, raising a child always is. But the memories and moments that come from them make it all worth it. And he’d have all of eternity to make memories with.

This was truly paradise.

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  1. some mistakes here and there, such as using the word ‘allude’ instead of the correct which is ‘elude’. Also early on in the story, you had her enter him, instead of him entering her… (or surrounding/capturing him…)

    ‘allude’ is the word for referring to something, where ‘elude’ is to escape from something…

  2. Keep writing my man. I started writing for the first time a little over a year ago and found all kinds of ways to improve. Just stick with it and find a specific topic or story or idea that really clicks with you and you’ll find your stride.
    If you need tips or whatnot, I’m open.

  3. A handful of errors and typos here and there. ‘Her vagina has a home inside a home’ made me laugh pretty hard.

    Still an enjoyable depiction of the Wight and undead culture, though!

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