A long time coming

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Bowser was trudging through the halls of his castle, feeling highly unenthusiastic. His mood has been down in the dumps as of late, his mind endlessly circling the same thoughts over and over again.
He could often be heard muttering to himself. “What’s the point? Am I going to just quit? Arg, but for some reason I don’t want to quit. Why? What’s stopping me?”

King Boo was one of those who had started to actually worry about him, which was a somewhat surreal situation.
In an effort to find something to take Bowser’s mind of whatever he was struggling with, the boo had snuck into the outskirts of the mushroom kingdom to see if he could find anything interesting.
As it happens, he had come across one of those annoying little toads who had been eyeing a new kind of crown-looking thing with great interest.
Seeing an opportunity, King Boo had snuck up on his unsuspecting victim and given her a nice scare, enough to knock her down and out of commission for the forseeable future, and flown of with the new crown.

Once back in the castle, he had handed Bowser the crown and suggested to him that he should try a new style. The koopa king had seemed grumpy at first but eventually sighed and agreed to at least check it in the mirror in his room to see how it looked.
King Boo slowly drifted away from the door that Bowser closed behind himself, not really sure if the crown had been a good idea. Maybe he should have looked for something else instead?
Such thoughts were interrupted however, by an unfamiliar voice coming from Bowser’s room, shouting a very long “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH?!”.
Not caring to open the door, the ghost floated straight through it to investigate, only to stop in mid-air, completely stupefied.
The room had fallen into silence, and it would remain that way for quite a while.

–One week later–

Mario was taking a slow walk through the nearby forest. He had been feeling a little out of it lately. Not exactly sad or depressed or anything like that, but just a nagging feeling that something important was missing. Something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.
He absent-mindedly kicked a small pebble along the path in front of him as he went, trying to figure out what it was that wouldn’t stop bothering him.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden noise. It sounded like someone had stepped on a dry twig nearby.
Looking in the direction of the sound, Mario could see a slight movement from behind a large tree that stoop near the edge of the path he was on. It would seem that there was someone watching him.
“Who’s there?”
No response.
Slightly confused, Mario spoke again. “I know you’re there, why are you hiding?”
A hushed, feminine voice answered him this time. “A-alright, I’ll come out.”

Slowly, a foot wearing a black high heel emerged from behind the tree trunk. It was soon follower by a long leg covered in black stocking, then a tall body wearing a black dress, and then finally the face very slowly came into view.
Mario was astonished, for it was a very beautiful face. Smooth facial features, blue eyes, blonde hair mostly held up in a ponytail, but some bangs framed the face in a nice way.
It was a face he had never seen before, yet it seemed strangely familiar. He wondered why she seemed so shy, her eyes kept moving back and forth between him and something far of on his right.
Then he saw it, astonished that he hadn’t noticed it until now. The horns on her head, the scaly tail and the edges of a green shell on her back.
His thoughts became very confused. “Impossible! could it really be?? But if it is, then how?! And what’s with that embarrassed look? I can’t even…”

After several moments of silence, Mario finally spoke. “Bowser? Is that really you?”
She slowly raised her hands and started repeatedly poking her index finger’s tips together. “I-It’s, B-Bowsette, actually.”
Her face got redder as she said it, and Mario was hit with the realization that yes, this was indeed his old rival, but in a completely new form.
Stunned into silence once again, an entirely new question surged to the front of his mind. “Why is she acting like that? And why did she take a new name?”

Before he could collect his thoughts enough to ask anything however, Bowsette spoke up.
“I’m sure you have more questions than you know what to do with. Let me just start with this.”
She pointed to the new crown she was wearing. “I tried this thing on about a week ago, and it turned me into this form.”
Not knowing what else to do, Mario nodded. “Well, that part at least makes sense. But what’s up with her general behaviour?”
Bowsette nodded back and continued, her voice slowly growing more steady.
“At first I thought it was just a physical change, but I quickly realized it went further than that.”
She paused, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then exhaled it slowly before opening her eyes again, this time looking straight at him. “Please listen, there is much I need to say.”

“For some time now I have been having these thoughts. About you, me and Peach. I kept mulling them over in my head endlessly, not being able to make any sense of it all.”
“In the beginning I kidnapped Peach simply because I was lonely. I wanted some company and she was an easy target, so to speak. Then you showed up and foiled my plans. Being as stubborn as I am, I of course couldn’t leave it at that, and that was the start of our merry dance that you know so well.”
Mario nodded, silently listening.

“For the longest time I thought I did it because I was in love with Peach, and because I was jealous of you.”
She sighed and shook her head. “But, the longer it went on, the more my reason for doing it changed. Slowly, my aim became the conflict with you, Peach was just a means to get the ball rolling.”
She signed again and turned her gaze towards the sky. “Even then I kept lying to myself, kept telling myself that it was because of my feelings for Peach. But, deep down I knew the truth. A truth that it took my current transformation to finally see.”
She shifted her gaze back towards Mario, looking more determined this time.
“Mario, Peach is a bitch.”

Mario blinked in surprise, he had not expected those words to come out of her mouth. Then again, everything that was happening right now was highly unexpected, so he silently waited for her to continue.
“Mario, she knows damn well how both you and I feel, she knows what we’ve been through because of her, and she is a cold-hearted bitch who lets it continue.”
Her expression growing more angry, Bowsette continued her rant.

Slightly taken aback by her sudden intensity, Mario didn’t even think to protest as she continued.
“What you have done for her sake, it goes far beyond what anyone can be expected to do for any other person! Even me, the one you kept beating down, grew to respect you far more than anyone else!”
Catching herself, she suddenly quieted down again. Mario got slightly worried and slowly approached her. “Are, are you alright?”
Bowsette chuckled involuntarily, then spoke up again. “Mario, Peach has been playing us both for fools. She doesn’t love any of us, yet instead of making that clear, she lets us keep fighting over her. She only does just enough to hold our interest, but it’s all a facade.”

It was not a pleasant thought to consider, but try as he might, Mario could not definitively deny what Bowsette was saying.
He knew that something had been bugging him for a while now, could this have been it? This truth that he stubbornly refused to accept?
He had thought that Bowser was the delusional one chasing after Peach, but had he been doing the exact same thing?
“You know Bowse-, erm, Bowsette. When I think about it, during our conflicts, I was always having more fun trying to beat your various challenges. I actually dragged it out for as long as I could, like collecting twice as many stars as I needed, because on some subconscious level I didn’t want it to end. I never did figure out why, but it is probably because what you say is true.”
He steeled his resolve and looked Bowsette in the eye. “It’s because trying to beat you and all your challenges was what made me feel alive, unlike when I was with Peach.”

He sighed deeply. “Being with her never felt exciting, only anxious. I think on some level I realized that my feelings were never going to be answered, but I kept lying to myself because I didn’t want all my effort to have been a waste. As such, the only real enjoyment I had was when we where fighting. At least then I could forget about all the unpleasant thoughts and just enjoy the challenge.”

Bowsette moved her face back slightly, her cheeks slowly blooming a faint red.
She lowered her head a bit.
“So, I was right then.”
When she raised her head again, she had a determined look on her face.
“Sorry about all the rambling before, I pretty much just said whatever came to mind. I’ll say it properly now.”
She moved one of her hands to her chest. “This transformation changed me not only physically and mentally, but it changed my heart as well.”
“It finally allowed me to break free from my thoughts and feelings for Peach, made me see them, and her, for what they truly were.”
Her eyes hooded slightly. “It also changed my feelings for you. Before, I had come to respect you, so much so that I honestly didn’t mind losing to you all that much. And just like you, I derived far more enjoyment from fighting you then I ever did from having Peach around.”

Feeling that he didn’t exactly know where this was going, but anxious to find out, Mario urged her to continue. She nodded at him.
“It was really confusing at first, I spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with these emotions. But in the end, I decided to give it a shot.”
She suddenly closed the gap between them quickly, reached out her hand and grabbed Mario’s.

Before Mario could collect his thoughts enough to speak, she continued.
“My feelings towards you have become genuine affection, because my heart is now wholly female. And as such, I can tell even more clearly how unfair and cruel Peach has been to you.”
Mario blinked as he saw the face she was making.
“Any woman who was lucky enough o have you in her life should have been doing so much more for your sake, because you earned it several times over.”
She blushed deeply but maintained eye contact. “T-That’s, that’s why, I-I’ll be doing it from now on. Giving you what you deserve I mean.”
Her expression wavered and her voice trailed of. “If, if you want me to….”
Her face dropped downwards and turned away. “S-sorry. I’m still rambling aren’t I? Yea, there is no way you would want me after all is there? I’m just being silly again.”
Her hand released his and dropped, hanging limply at her side.
“Listen, forget I said anything. I’m sorry, I won’t bother you again.”
She turned around and slowly started to walk away.

Mario stood there as if frozen to the ground. What had just transpired had been all sorts of confusing. All kinds of thought were spinning through his head all at once, it was difficult to make sense of it all.
However, there was one specific realization that kept surfacing in the torrent of thoughts and emotions. One that would not let itself be silenced anymore. The truth about himself and his relationship with Peach and Bowser, and the knowledge that he could never go back to his old ways.

Slowly raising his hand, he opened it wide and then put force into it, slapping himself in the face.
It seemed to do the trick as his frozen stupor finally broke. He broke into a sprint and quickly caught up to Bowsette, reaching out and grabbing her hand.
She stopped mid-step, slowly turning her head. Her face was a mix of sadness and surprise.
Grinding his teeth to steel himself, Mario met her gaze with renewed resolve.
“Don’t say you are being silly.”
She blinked at him.
“What you did just now was not silly. Sure, you may have rambled. Sure, you may have been slightly incoherent and said things in a random order. But, that confession was probably one of the bravest things I’ve seen anyone do.”
He took a deep breath and continued. “I think I understand a little of how confusing your emotions must be right now, because mine are all jumbled up. However, I do know one thing clearly.”
He tightened is grip on her hand. “My heart won’t let me leave you alone after hearing all that.”

Bowsette’s face contorted, actual tears forming at the corners of her eyes now. Mario pulled her arm until she turned around to face him, then embraced her.
“Look, none of us really know where this will end up going, but if your heart truly is female now, and your feelings are genuine, then that’s what should matter. Lets give this a shot and see what happens.”
The arms that embraced him held on tight, really tight. His face got buried in her cleavage so he couldn’t see hers, but he could hear a quiet, fragile voice saying the same thing over and over again.
“Thank you…. thank you….. thank you……”
Mario found himself wondering which one of them had truly been the loneliest this whole time.

–A few weeks later–

Mario sat in a chair in the newly re-decorated living room. The slightly gloomy koopa king castle had seen a lot of change recently.
Outwards it was pretty much the same, but several rooms had been rebuilt and made a lot nicer. It seemed as if Bowsette had discovered a new talent for interior decoration since her change, and was putting it to use whenever she could.
As a result this room in particular was now rather pleasant and looked as if it actually belonged in a castle.

Thinking back on the last few weeks, Mario couldn’t believe just how different everything felt.
Up until recently, his existence had seemed so stagnated. Nothing ever really changed. His bouts with Bowser being the only thing to look forward to, even if he didn’t admit it to himself at the time.
Now though, every day felt fresh. Full of opportunity. Uncertain. It was a highly refreshing feeling.

Both him and Bowsette didn’t really have a clue how to interact at first, so a lot of their early conversations had been filled with stuttering and awkward pauses.
However, they had slowly grown more and more accustomed to their current situation, to the point where they could now talk relatively casually.
There was one thing Mario knew he had been neglecting to do however. Something important. So, he had chosen today to finally get to it, because today Bowsette would finish up a certain room that would be perfect for the situation.

As he sat there lost in thought, the door suddenly flew open. A beaming smile greeted him as soon as it did. “F-i-n-i-s-h-e-d! Come and take a look.”
Smiling back, Mario jumped to his feet and moved towards the room behind the door, his gait a little stiff.
The room in question was the master bedroom. They had been sleeping in separate rooms until now, partly because anything else had felt to awkward, but Bowsette had finally resolved herself to ending that arrangement and as such, made a project out of this room. And the effort showed.
The room was decorated with blue and golden wallpapers, a large red carpet and white curtains framing two large windows. In the center of the room stood a king size bed, complete with purple sheets and white curtains of its own surrounding it.
Lastly, the room was illuminated by a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“W-wow, you really didn’t hold anything back.”
Bowsette smiled, this time with a slight pink on her cheeks. “Hehe, don’t underestimate my newly discovered talent! This much is nothing to me.”
The corner of Mario’s mouth moved up slightly, he could easily guess how much work had gone into making all this in such a short time. The fact that it was done for his sake only served to make him more determined of what he now had to do.

He turned towards her and grabbed her hand, seeing her body stiffen when he did.
Extending his other hand to her face, he cupped her cheek with his palm.  Her slightly panicking expression was really cute.
He gently pulled on her arm to get her to lower her face towards him, then quickly moved his face close to hers. In her surprise, she opened her mouth slightly, and Mario seized his chance and covered her mouth with his own. After a few moments of being motionless due to surprise, Bowsette tried her best to kiss him back despite her embarrassment.

As far as kisses go, their first was far from perfect. They were not in sync at all and the whole thing felt clumsy at best. Yet despite this, Mario felt like this one act conveyed more warmth and emotions than any kiss Peach had ever given him. When he released her and pulled back a bit, his mind was filled with new determination. 
Bowsette stared back at him, her mouth slightly open, hot breath spilling out over her glossy lips. He had to admit it was a far more erotic sight then he had expected.
He smiled at her. “Not so bad for a first attempt, but I think we can do better. Don’t you think so too?”
After some hesitation, she nodded slowly.
“Good, then lets start practicing.”

Following that, they sat down on the bed, held each other and kissed for what felt like thirty minutes or more, only pausing momentarily to take a few deep breaths before getting right back into it. They slowly adapted to each other and refined their technique more and more.
For example, when Mario moved the tip of his tongue up to trace a line along the back of Bowsette’s upper jaw teeth, she licked the exposed bottom of his tongue.
When he held his hand behind her neck, she extended her tongue to let him close his lips around it and suck on it.
When she ran her fingers through his hair, he closed his mouth and worked up a pool of saliva, then slowly let it drip from his extended tongue into her waiting mouth.
When he gently scratched behind one of her ears, she moved her face down and traced her tongue from his collar-bone up his neck all the way to the chin.
When they both had one arm around the other’s waist and one behind their head, they just pressed their mouths together and let their tongues wrestle.

Eventually, Bowsette moved her hand to her chest and pulled her dress down, exposing her breasts. Her nipples where rock hard and tinted pink. She then moved it further down to Mario’s crotch, touching his erection through his pants. He pulled his head back slightly and let out a groan from the sudden, unexpected pleasure.
Grinning slightly, she leaned close to his ear. “If you like that, I can do much better.”
She unzipped his pants and pulled out his towering penis, stroking it gently with her palm. At the same time, the hand behind his head pulled him to her chest.
Realizing all to well what she wanted, Mario placed one hand on each of her breasts and began massaging them, taking one of the pointy nipples into his mouth and sucking on it.

She was shuddering now, her sensual voice flowing freely now that her mouth was unoccupied. The hand on his penis was massaging him, matching the pace he kept on her tits. It felt smooth and silky, but more than anything it felt caring, being careful not to case any pain or discomfort while still eager to please him.
Feeling mischievous, Mario moved one of his hands down and pulled up the skirt on her dress, then touched her underwear. They were so damp you would be forgiven for thinking she had been swimming with them on. Juices had even dripped down the insides of her thighs and stained the top parts of her stockings.
She let out a cute yelp when she felt his touch and stopped her hand movements. Mario pulled his head back to look at her face.
“Do you want me to stop?”
She looked back at him with an adorable face, then slowly shook her head. “I’m to far gone now. Even if I feel scared or uncertain, I would never want you to stop here.”
Her grip on his hair tightened a little. “Promise me you won’t stop. Even if I protest, I don’t actually want you to stop now.”
Mario slowly nodded and pulled aside her panties.

Touching her slit directly felt incredible. It was so soft and warm, and his fingers quickly got wet all the way to the base. Just knowing she was this eager was a massive turn on.
Mario easily slipped a finger into her. It was welcomed by a slight squeeze and a damp warmth.
Resuming his caress of her breast with his free hand, he also leaned close and started to slowly lick the soft parts of her throat. Through his tongue he could feel it quivering as her breath became uneven.
Her hand movements became more intense as she jerked him of while holding on to his body with her free hand. Mario noticed to is amusement that she moved to match his pace both when he sped up and slowed down his own movements.

After going back and forth a bit, he simply couldn’t hold it anymore. He moved his hand from her breast to behind her neck and kissed her passionately. She responded quite eagerly and soon their tongues were locked in an epic struggle as their hands steadily sped up.
Mario did his best to stimulate as many different point of her insides as he could reach while Bowsette moaned unrestrained and furiously jerked him.
It wasn’t long before they both climaxed, each spraying their cum into the other’s hands while almost screaming, mouths still connected.

Once the storm of emotions calmed down they sat there for a while, panting for breath. Bowsette slowly raised her cum covered hand and held it in front of herself. Her eyes became dreamy and glossy. “Such a strong smell, I wonder what it tastes like.”
Slowly, she inserted her index finger into her mouth, closed her lips on it and started licking up the white substance. When her finger was clean she did the same thing with the others in order.
The sight was so incredibly erotic that Mario could feel himself getting exited again despite his recent orgasm.  All he could think about was how that soft, damp warmth of her pussy would feel wrapped around his member, how her voice would sound and what kind of face she would make.

By the time she finished her last finger, pulling it from her mouth along with a slow exhale, Mario’s switch fully flipped and he quickly grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed.
Bowsette let out a surprised yelp and closed her eyes as she landed on her back, but she quickly opened them again, giving him a pleading look that was like pouring gasoline on a fire.
He got on top of her, lined up his erect cock with her opening, then almost violently pushed his hips forward, hilting himself in her in one stroke.
Bowsette whimpered and bit her lip, trying to hold her voice back. Mario stopped his hip movement and touched her face with his palm.
“Does it hurt?”
She looked up at him with moist eyes, then threw her arms and legs around him, locking him in a vice-like grip, and almost desperately kissed him. They spent a few minutes kissing like this before she pulled back and looked him in the eye again, giving him a small nod.

Nodding back, Mario snaked one arm under her back and around her shoulder, a grip that allowed him to better pull himself forward and into her. He cupped his other hand behind her head, then started thrusting.
It felt heavenly to pull in and out of her. The wet walls pressing down hard as if they didn’t want to release him whenever he pulled back, yet opening to welcome him when he pushed in again.
Her hips soon started to move too, and after a little trial and error she managed to match his pace.
Her face was utterly adorable with her ragged breathing through the open mouth, her flushed cheeks and moist eyes, and the way her expression changed in response to his thrusts.
Her sweet voice rang out, filling the room. Mario noticed that it’s pitch and tone changed depending on what part of her insides he hit against, and so made a little game out of trying  different angles.
It almost felt like her voice was an instrument and his dick was playing its strings.

As he kept going he could feel her hands wandering over his back and through his hair. He bent down and lightly licked her throat again and her smooth, creamy legs tightened their grip around him.
He noticed she was starting to show the same signs of cumming that she had displayed earlier, and as soon as he noticed this her pussy’s ministrations of his dick became almost frantic.
It was as if the mere idea of cumming on her own before him was something she didn’t even want to consider doing, because she bit her lip in a clear effort to hold herself back while doing everything she could to bring him to orgasm.

Deeply moved by such a display of devotion, Mario smiled slightly and whispered into her ear. “Do you want to orgasm of the feeling of my cum in your pussy?”
She looked at him and nodded vigorously.
His heart beating faster, Mario whispered to her once more. “Then don’t try to hold your voice back now.”
He then leaned in and kissed her deeply while speeding up his thrusts.
Bowsette did as he suggested and let her screams and moans flow freely, giving them to him to devour. Muffled by his mouth, she sounded so cute that it quickly brought him to his boiling point.
He could feel his dick expanding as a torrent of warm cum made its way to the tip, and evidently Bowsette could feel it as well because she became almost ecstatic.
With one final push, be buried his dick as deep as he could and erupted into her hot innards.

Her resulting orgasm was so strong that she had to tear her mouth away from him to scream. Her whole body shuddered as her arms, legs and pussy walls convulsed around him, each spurt of cum from his dick sending another wave of pleasure through her.
Mario instinctively held on to her as hard as he could and kept shooting more ropes of sticky white stuff into her.
Once the long mutual orgasm finally ended they both lost all their strength, collapsing in a head on the bed with racing hearts and ragged, uneven breath.

Mario could hear nothing but a buzzing noise in his ears as he slowly recovered his senses. After much effort he finally managed to lift his head enough to look at his lover’s face. She looked tired and sweaty, but her smile was the warmest he had seen yet.
He made an apologetic face. “I’m sorry, I don’t have the strength to get of you yet. I hope I’m not too heavy.”
Bowsette shook her head. “Not in the slightest. I can handle this much easily.”
Mario now noticed that she still hadn’t let go of him with her arms and legs, and his dick was actually still inside her too. His thoughts were interrupted however, by the gentle touch of her palm on his cheek pulling his face closer to hers.
“Can we stay like this? For a little while at least? It, it makes me feel calm and at ease.”
He nodded. “We can stay like this as long as you want. I’d stay in this position with you until I get hard again if you’d ask me to.”
Bowsette giggled in a cute manner and lightly kissed him. “Thank you.”
Mario nuzzled his head against her neck and just let the fuzzy warmth take over and fill his head.

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  1. I was wondering if someone would write a Bowsette story. It’s rather refreashing and I have really enjoyed reading this heart-warming story. Hoping you write more. 🙂

    I noticed a few typos.
    Being with her never felt *exiting*, only anxious.

    made me see them, and her, for what they truly *where*.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, I’m glad you liked it 🙂
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