A Holstaur Nurse

“Be a good little boy while mommy and daddy are on their trip!”

“God, they still treat me like a little kid”, Geoffry thought. It’s bad enough that they talk to me like I’m still four, but that was nearly nine years ago. I’m almost thirteen for crying out loud! Even worse, they think that I can’t handle being by myself for a few days after I had that seizure, so they went ahead and hired a live-in nurse until they get back.

Forcing a smile, Geoffry hugged his parents goodbye before shutting the large oak door behind them. He turned around and sighed heavily, looking around the spacious living room. “Guess I’ll watch some television or something until my captor gets here later this evening.” He says to the empty room. After raiding the fridge for a snack, Geoffry moved back over to flop on the large couch and flicked on the television. A few hours later, someone knocks on the front door.

“Must be her then.” Geoffry thinks to himself. Leaving the television on he answers the door, and standing on the other side of the threshold is a monstergirl. Geoffry knew that his ‘caregiver’ for the next week wasn’t going to be human, his parents told him THAT much. He wasn’t expecting this though.

She’s about a head-and-a-half taller than him, her prominent chest right in his face, hidden only by a baby blue buttonup shirt and presumably a very large bra. Her delicate face is dominated by the soft twinkling blue eyes and pouty lips; only the faint wrinkles under her eyes and around her mouth betraying the fact that she’s actually middle-aged rather than the young adult fresh out of college you’d think she was at first glance.

Two short horns extend from the side of her head, parting her wavy shoulder length snow white hair that’s streaked with midnight black strands. Her floppy bovine ears also poke out from behind her mane where normal human ears would be.

The tight gray denim pants she’s wearing end just above the knee, and the rest of her exposed digitigrade legs are covered in black and white spotted fur and end in hard cloven hooves. Between her legs, Geoffry spots a long cow-like tail swishing back and forth, the peach-colored appendage ending in a black tuft of more fur.

The rest of her lower body is nothing short of amazing. Her stomach is delightfully round, perfectly pudgy but not quite fat enough for it to be a turn-off, and her wide hips flare out to accommodate her jiggly thighs and substantial bottom; her soft body giving a man just the right amount of cushion for the pushin’ no matter what angle they’re going at. Judging by her animal legs along with the rest of the cow-like features he concludes that yep, she’s definitely a holstaur, and a fairly gifted one at that.

“Why hello there young man.” The holstaur says. “Looks like I’ll be taking care of you for the next few days while your parents are gone. My name’s Kaelee, and yours must be Geoffry.” He cringes a bit when Kaelee calls him ‘young man’.

“Are you going to show me where I’m going to be staying, or are you going to continue staring like a pervert?” Geoffry blushes a bit before looking away from her breasts in shame.

“Y-yeah. The guest room’s this way.” He nervously says before showing his new caretaker the plain room down the hall.

The guest room itself is fairly simple; an average sized bed in the corner with a small nightstand next to it. There’s a small desk and chair nearby, providing enough space for someone to sit down and either read or work on something. Other than that, there isn’t really much in the room other than the bare necessities.

“Is it okay if I do a simple check-up on you before dinner, Geoffry? I want an idea of what’s ‘normal’ for you, in case anything happens.”

“Uh, sure.”

With practiced glee, Kaelee starts to open up her bag in front of Geoffry, pulling out a stethoscope and other small instruments used to measure the well-being of a person.

“Can you get up on the bed and take your shirt off so I can check your breathing?”

“Y-yeah, I can do that.” Geoffry responds, a little more uneasy around the holstaur now. Up on the bed now without a shirt on, his caregiver leans in with the stethoscope and begins to measure his resting breath rate.

“Can you tell me what happened a week ago? Why you had that seizure?” The busty nurse asks.

“I’m not entirely su- god that’s cold!” The stethoscope touching his bare chest causing Geoffry to gasp in shock.

“Go on, I can wait.”

“Well, I don’t really know how it happened. I was just sitting on the couch watching television and all of a sudden it hit me.”

“Almost sounds like it might’ve been a photosensitive one. Was it your first?” Kaelee asks, moving around the cup of the stethoscope to different parts of Geoffry’s chest and back. He notices that she’s making a conscious effort to press and rub her enormous breasts all over his torso as much as possible.

“No, nothing like that.”

“That wasn’t a proper answer to my question.”

“Oh, uh, no. First one.” Geoffry answers.

“Hmm. Can you take your pants off for me? I need to check your reflexes next.”

“C-can’t you do that through my jeans?”

“Don’t be silly. There are certain things that I can’t see unless I can fully observe how each muscle moves under the skin.” Odd. Normally at a doctor’s appointment, they just hit my knee with the little rubber hammer and call it good, Geoffry thinks. Maybe there’s some new technique that just came out or something.

“I-if you say so.” Thoroughly embarrassed now that he’s half-naked in front of a woman and wearing only his underwear, Geoffry squirms on the mattress as Kaelee’s hands roam up and down his legs as she ‘tests’ his reflexes.

“A-are you done yet? I’m getting kind of hungry.”

“Not quite yet. There’s just one more thing I need to check, then I can feed you.”

“Feed me? What’s she talking about? What is this ‘last thing’ she wants to check, and why does she have that weird glint in her eyes?” Geoffry’s thoughts are interrupted when the holstaurus’ hand moves below the belt to handle his small package.

“Wh-what are you d-doing?” He gasps.

“Like I said, I wanted to make sure you were perfectly healthy. And judging by my examination, you’re VERY much so, Geoffry.”

“I-I don’t understand. H-how does down there have to do with seizures?”

“Oh, absolutely EVERYTHING, young man.”

“A-are you done? I’m really hungry now.”

“So you’re hungry, huh? Well let me help you then.” As Kaelee says this, Geoffry notices her free hand moving up to unbutton her blue shirt while her other one continues to stroke his member.

As the last button is undone, her full bosom sways free and exposing the pink nipples to his face. “My, my, someone likes what they see.” She says, feeling his member grow larger in her hands.


“Go on, drink up Geoffry.” Kaelee suggests as he is captivated by the creamy skin. With a shaking hand he reaches up to hold one of the orbs that’s as large as, if not bigger than, his head.

“It’s so soft.” He says with amazement, looking back into the holstaurus’ eyes, still holding the heavy flesh.

“Mmm, yes they are. If you want your dinner, you have to put your lips on them.”

“L-like this?” Geoffry asks, leaning in and lightly kissing the rosy surface, doing as she asked.

“Oh yes, just like that. But you have to keep them there and suck on it as well if you want your reward. Just let let me have mine.” She emphasizes this with a squeeze from her hand on Geoffry’s hard shaft.

“O-okay.” He starts to suckle on her teat, eager to find out what his ‘reward’ is going to be. In just a few seconds, Geoffry gets his prize as sweet milk flows from the nurse’s bosom. “Wow, it’s so sweet! It’s just like candy!”

“Glad you like it then. Drink as much as you want sweetie, I won’t stop you.”

Geoffry continued to suck on Kaelee’s breasts while she rhythmically pumped his shaft faster and faster until he suddenly pops off.

“I-I’m feeling kind of funny d-down there, K-Kaelee.” Geoffry gasps, her hands now rapidly caressing his nether regions.

“Oooh, are you now? Lucky for you I can help make it feel good instead.”

“R-really? H-how?” Instead of a verbal answer, she kisses him passionately on the lips and holds it there for a few seconds before lowering herself to be eye level with his crotch. “Wh-what are you goin-ah!” He gasps as the nurse’s hands are replaced by her fluffy tits as she frees his short member from his underwear.

“Before I help you, you have to promise me that you’ll let me know when it’s about to shoot out, alright?”

“Be-before what shoots out? What are you talking about?”

“Well then I’ll have to teach you, but you have to promise me that you’ll tell me.”

“I-I promise! Just make the weird feeling go away!”

“That’s a good boy. Now just relax while I fix things for you.” Kaelee says, her sensual voice heavy with desire, before she pushes her tits together and pumps Geoffry’s rod in and out of her cleavage. A few minutes pass as the holstaurus skillfully massages his small prick in her bosom before Geoffry’s breaths come out more and more ragged.

“I-I think it’s-ngh-I think it’s c-coming!” He gasps.

“Is it now? You’re being a very good boy listening to what adults tell you to do. I think you deserve another reward for being such a smart young man.”

“A-another r-reward? H-hngh!” Geoffry starts before his cock is engulfed in the stacked cowgirl’s warm mouth, and the sensation of her wet tongue wrapping itself around his length causes Geoffry to writhe in pleasure, his member erupting and coating her tongue and the rest of her eager maw. Kaelee lets a few spurts fill her mouth up before pulling off and swallowing, letting the rest of his jism coat her lower face and breasts.

“Mmm, I haven’t tasted something that delicious in a long, LONG time.” The holstaur quips, scooping up some of the white fluid coating her chin with a finger before sucking on it and letting the rest casually ooze downward and drip onto her denim pants, staining the dark fabric white and ruining it, or at least until they’re washed again.

“Y-you’re w-welcome, Kaelee. I really liked my reward too.”

“Oh, that wasn’t it. It’s something else. Something MUCH more enjoyable.” She says, her voice absolutely laced with lewd intentions.

“R-really? W-what is it then if what just happened wasn’t it?”

“You’re so cute when you stammer like that Geoffry, cluelessy asking questions you already know the answer to.”

“I really don’t know!”

“Very well, but you have to promise me that you’re ready and can listen to my directions again.”


“Are you absolutely sure?” Kaelee asks, and all she gets as a response is him rapidly nodding. “Okay then. The first thing you have to do is get off the bed and stare at the wall until I tell you to turn around, okay?”

“Y-yeah, sure, I can do that. That’s easy!” Geoffry says before standing back up on his shaking legs, and the cowgirl gives him a light peck on the lips before giggling slightly and gently pushing him away from the bed.

Not wanting to surrender his newest reward, the only thing that indicates that something is going on behind Geoffry is the sound of a discarded shirt gently meeting the floor and quiet grunts as the person behind him struggles to remove her almost too-tight pants.

The ashen garment soon meets its blue friend on the floor as the one bed in the room creaks and groans slightly as the now thoroughly aroused monster girl climbs up onto the somewhat ruffled sheets and adjusts herself a bit.

“Are you ready Geoffry?” The soothing voice behind him calls out.

“Yes!” He responds, still not wanting to turn around until he’s absolutely sure he’s allowed to but at the same time fidgeting slightly, craving the unknown reward.

“Someone’s eager, aren’t they? Well come on then, turn around young man. Claim your reward.”

Turning around, Geoffry was expecting something he’d get from a normal appointment like some candy or a cheap sticker, but not this. Kaelee’s laying down on the bed on her side completely naked, propping herself up on an elbow.

Her tail leisurely droops over her waist, covering her crotch with its tuft of hair while she crosses her legs at the ankle. She has a dopey grin on her face as she quietly laughs at Geoffry’s shocked face, the motion rocking her exposed breasts slightly, hypnotising the young boy.

“Well do you like it?” The holstaur nurse asks, her free hand sweeping across an imaginary presenting table.

“Uh, I don’t r-really s-see anything that looks like a reward to me.” Geoffry responds, blushing hard as he averts his eyes away from the naked cowgirl.

“You really don’t see it?” She says, slightly annoyed at the clueless boy. “It’s me, you idiot! I’M the reward.” Emphasizing her point Kaelee presses her free hand against her sternum.

“I-I don’t get it. Y-you’re my reward? W-what do you mean by that?”

“I mean that I want to make you feel good again Geoffry. Come lay down with me.” He registers her statement as a command rather than a request, but his thoughts are interrupted again as she reaches up and pulls him on top of her.

“That’s a good boy. Now, take off the rest of your clothing so it’s easier for me to work.” Rather nervously, he obeys and strips down out of the last of his garments to match the disturbingly dominant cowgirl’s state of undress.

“Good. Now play with me like I play with you Geoffry.” The monster girl under him snarls before she manhandles his rehardening manhood with one hand and wrapping the other around his torso, keeping him close and ensuring he can’t escape.

Not wanting to raise her ire, Geoffry does the only thing he can think of. He starts gently massaging her enormous bosom, sporadically holding or pulling the hard nipples sitting proudly atop the doughy flesh between two fingers. He almost stops when she lets go of his shaft, feeling her free hand move between her own legs as it begins to rub back and forth over her own sex.

“Ooooh yes, that’s it. Do-oh-n’t stop Geoffry. Keep going.” Kaelee gasps out as she works herself faster before she’s silenced by an unsteady kiss as Geoffry plants his mouth upon hers, doing it out of worry of not helping her enough rather than out of instinct.

Instinctively, the holstaur’s lips part as she moans even harder and Geoffry finds her broad tongue entering his own mouth while the hand pressed into the small of his back slides up before cupping the back of his head, roughly pulling his face further into her own. Mimicking her actions, Geoffry vacates one of Kaelee’s mounds and cradles her head much like she’s doing to him and explores her mouth a bit with his own appendage, albeit a lot more gently.

“Enough playing around, I want you to make me feel young again Geoffry. Take me.” His voluptuous caretaker says.

“T-take you? W-what do you mean by that, Kaelee?”

“I mean that I want you to make ME feel good this time.”

“O-oh, o-of course. But how would I do that?” Instead of voicing her answer, the holstaur currently laying between Geoffry and the mattress begins to move both of her hands from their spots on his body lower, and lower, and lower until they find what she wants. Grasping his hard shaft in both hands, she slips it into her warm, forgotten folds, causing the young boy to inhale sharply.

“Ooooooh yeeeeeees. That feels sooooo gooood, Geoffry.”

“G-glad you feel that way, K-Kaelee.” Geoffry stutters, still shockced and surprised at the forwardness of his older companion and current sensations around the length of his shaft.

“But I think I know a way to make us both feel better.”


“Mmm, yes I do little man, but I can’t do all the work.” She says, grabbing him by the waist before lifting him up and away from her, causing his stiff member to slide out from her slit before half-pulling, half-dropping him back down on top of her a few times.

“Come on Geoffry, you have to help me, my arms are getting tired.” Realizing his mistake, he wraps his arms around her wide torso, hugging her affectionately while beginning to gently thrust in her. “Oh, you’re such a goo-oo-ood boy Geoffry. Let me-hah-let me help you since you’ve been such a nice man.”

Once again Geoffry finds his vision stuffed with creamy titflesh, and instinctively starts to suck on one of the heavy udders, drawing out the sweet, sweet ambrosia from the cowgirl’s wobbly chest. Still thrusting gently inside her and suckling on her teats a few minutes later, Geoffry almost doesn’t notice the monster girl’s coming orgasm, and is only warned of the coming storm by the increasing thickness of milk flowing into his mouth and the tightening of the walls enclosed around his cock.

“Oh god! Oh, Geoffry! Come on, harder! Harder! I think I’m gonna-” Is all the ravaged holstaur manages to gasp before crying out loudly, screaming the name of her young lover out for the world to hear. Massive spurts of gooey cream erupt from her breasts, choking Geoffry while soaking him and the sheets at the same time.

The walls of her sex clamp down hard on the pumping shaft inside her and start rhythmically siphoning out what has been denied from her for so long. Unable to resist the pleasuring sensations any longer, Geoffry smashes into her pelvis hard as he coats the furthest reaches of her most intimate areas before collapsing on top of her, her mountainous bosom cusioning his fall.

“S-sorry for not telling you it was going to shoot out.”

“Don’t worry, Geoffry. I think your performance excuses your forgetfulness.”

“D-do you think I can still have some dinner? Milk sometimes helps me fall asleep.”

“Of course. After all, you’ve earned it.”

The next morning, Geoffry wakes up and finds himself very sore all over, trapped in bed with an unusually warm pillow. Of course a pillow would be warm if it was one of the sizable breasts that belong to a holstaur, and this particular holstaur is very naked, just like him, and holding him tight against her chest, snoozing lightly with a smile on her face. She stirs a bit before opening up one eye to look at him, and her smile grows a bit larger as she takes in the squirming boy.

“Well good morning Geoffry. Sleep well?”

“Yeah. Sometimes it gest cold during thie night, but this time around was one of those times that I felt warm the entire time, thanks to you Kaelee. And if I ever have any more problems again, I’ll ask my parents if you can take care of me.” Geoffry replies, smiling a bit and hugging the cowgirl around her waist lovingly. She nearly suffocates him in her bountiful cleavage when she returns his display of affection before letting go after longer than would be appropriate.

“Thank you Geoffry. You really know how to make an old, tired cow feel youthful and loved again.” The mature nurse says with a hint of melancholy in her voice.

“Well you’re my most favorite old, tired cow in the whole world.” Smiling even wider, Geoffry’s holstaur nurse practically smothers him in her giant breasts before giving him a tender, but amorous, kiss.

“I love you Geoffry.” She whispers, breaking the kiss for but a moment.

“I like you too, Kaelee.”


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