Ravenous Girls

Cassidy gnawed at the pencil, a distraction from the matter at hand. Or plated claw, in her case. Within a few moments her sharp teeth sawed through the wooden stick with a muted, damp crack.

“Did you—Again?” said her friend, Desya, the large, fluffy ears atop her head pricking at the noise.

The green-plated wurm made a face as she spat out the eraser end along with a few splinters and threw the remnants into trash bin hiding in the corner of the room. Alongside the other four pencils that’d fallen victim to her chewing.

“I can’t help it!” Cassidy wriggled in place before collapsing across the low-rise table. And her homework. “It’s so boooooring!”

Desya sucked in a chest-swelling breath and let it out in a nostril-flaring sigh. A quick motion of her furred paw adjusted her glasses across the bridge of her nose.

“How can you find the history of our nation boring?” She asked in a demure, almost hushed tone, “Did you at least finish reading those passages?”

“…No,” Cassidy said, looking away.

“After all this time?”


Desya’s shirt strained against her ample bust in another sigh. “Where did you get up to?”

Hauling herself upright, Cassidy knew she was in a scolding and attempted to buy a few moments with a nice, long stretch. Her great, serpentine body uncoiled itself as her human-half worked out the kinks and stiffness that’d set in across her back, shoulders, and arms from almost a full hour of holding still–and that same, rolling motion continued all the way down her long, scaled body to the tip of her tail. 

She was at the tail end of another growth spurt, which meant she was still adjusting to her new size. Which meant she often hit her head on the ceiling during such things as a good stretch, if she wasn’t careful. And so another crack joined its kin on the ceiling in her room. Two more holes from her horns joined the other matching pairs.

“Ah!” She gasped, gazing upon her carelessness with a claw to her lips, “Mom’s gonna kill meeeee…”

Desya was similar to Cass in the sense they were both lamia-types. However, Desya’s scales were softer, more delicate–along with the rest of her–and all but the bottom of her serpent’s body was covered in long, white fluff.

Though Desya was still wearing her school attire, poofed out as it was by the fluff of her arms and paws, Cassidy had changed within minutes of getting home into a baggy, oversized shirt for maximum comfy. From her low vantage, coiled up on herself, this gave Desya a nice view up that shirt.

Such were the wurm’s tits the shirt’s hem hung away from her taut, muscular body, allowing a casual observer unfettered access to the bottom of her breasts. She could juuuust make out where the wurm’s large, suckable nipples tented the thin cotton. Then there was a band of fabric just below her midsection hiding the rest of her bits that served as underwear for their kind.

Shifting in place, smooth scale sliding over fluff, the bunyip felt a pang of… Jealousy. The only thing Desya possessed that was bigger, she had to admit to herself in a strictly factual way, was her intellect. Though her snowy fluff was, arguably, better than the firm scales of her friend. So she told herself. It was fun to touch. People loved to touch her fluff. Including Cassidy.

She felt warmth rise to her cheeks and shook her head to clear away those pesky thoughts.

“Just… please, where did you leave off?” Desya said, trying to force some cheer into her words as she tapped a big, fluffy digit on the Extra-Large Tablet Computer For Those With Endowed Paws and/or Claws™. She noted the page number but thought to herself no, Cass must’ve nudged the page when she stretched. Or something.

Cassidy drooped back to ground level, shaking the bits of drywall out of her long, black hair. “Do I have to?”

“Yes, you have to. Miss Wan is giving you this one last chance, remember?”

“Eerrggh. Fiiiiine,” Cass groaned, slumping over the table. One claw tapped at her chin and the other skimmed the lines of text. “Ah. Right here.”

Desya looked. “Right there?”


“You’re sure?”

“Mostly sure?”

Cassidy’d managed to make it to the third paragraph on the second page. In an hour. Out of over thirty pages of material. Desya’s head rolled back and her eyes turned heavensward in silent prayer.

She’d been assigned as the wurm’s study partner at the beginning of the year. It’d been fortuitous, in a sense, for the quiet girl without any friends. Something about Cassidy made her easy to talk to and her energy could be motivating. Or infectious. In another sense, it’d been the most difficult, patience-testing challenge of her life.

She had a suspicion Miss Wan hadn’t assigned them together wholly at random. Considering her first two years at school had gone by without anyone she could call…

Desya noticed how close their faces had drifted together and jerked away.

“Oh! Something wrong?”

“N-no,” Desya said, trying to hide within her clothing and excessive fluff, “N-not with me, anyway! You!” She pointed at the wurm.

“Me?” Cass pointed at herself.

“You’re not even, you have so much—You need to apply yourself.” She adjusted her glasses again, “You need to finish reading and answer the questions tonight.”

The great, hulking wurm who could rip through walls with ease and carry Desya without breaking a sweat pouted, tapping the ends of her claws together. “Can’t you just give me the answers?”

“How will you learn if I tell you them?”

“Buuuut it’s so uselessssss!”

“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” Desya said, nodding to herself.

Unconvinced, Cassidy crossed her arms below her breasts, pushing them up and out with a harrumph. “How am I gonna repeat starting a war over a cheese tax?”

Desya blinked. Then again when her gazed shifted to the wurm’s face. “That’s…” Several things left her dumbstruck. She sagged, head hung in resigned defeat. “You might be president or something one day?”

“See? See?” Cassidy puffed up with pride.

“But,” Desya said, eyes flashing with inner light, “You still need to know for the test.”

While neither of them had need for shoes, victory had gone to the other non-existent foot.

“C’mon, don’t make me do this stuff right when we get home from school! Let’s take a break!”

“Feels like all we’ve done is take breaks,” she grumbled, under her breath, “But, fine.”

Cassidy clapped her claws together, “I have just the idea, too!”


Even before she’d finished the “oo” sound, Cass had set to rummaging in her closet. Stacks of boxes weighing as much as a person were shoved aside with ease and others lifted and shuffled. In scant seconds the wurm returned, bounty held proud in her clutches. A largish, colorful box.

Containing a game. On the box lid: Lamia Twist

“…Are you serious?”

“What? Come on! You’re the only friend I’ve got I can play it with! Everyone else has legs!”

“I really would rather not.”


Much as she wanted to remain steadfast in her refusal, that eager, puppy-dog look in Cassidy’s eyes ate away at her resolve in a hurry. 

“Oh, fine. But not for long, got it?”

“Got it!”

Cassidy beamed, stampeding downstairs into the spacious living room. By the time Desya slithered along and poked around the corner, the game was already setup. Impressive considering Cass had also moved the couch, loveseat, and entertainment center against the walls.

Given that it was designed for those girls and boys with long, serpentine bodies instead of legs on the lower half, the play mat was large, easily a ten foot square, and made of grippy material. Once it was unfolded, it covered much of the room, leaving spare little space between the edges and the furniture. Each colored spot was spaced wide apart and large enough to accommodate multiple lamia at once.

In place of a spinner was a small electronic device that called out where to move, since it was easy for participants to get themselves into a place where no one could actually a spin a spinner.

Well, Desya thought, it humored the wurm, and who knows, maybe a round or two would help burn off some of that boundless energy she had. Which would probably make it even more difficult for her to focus on something like studying and homework, but those were problems for future Desya to solve. Present Desya had her own issues to contend with. Namely the fact that unlike the limber, active wurm, her body was not very flexible, all things considered.

“So, why do you like this again?” Desya asked, quieter than usual, which meant her voice was barely above a whisper.

“What was that?” Cassidy said, humming to herself with a smile on her face as she surveyed her work, claws poised on what would be her hips, if she possessed them.

Desya forced her words a little louder.

“I dunno, it’s just fun, I guess?” said Cassidy, head cocked just so, wearing a big smile that reached to her eyes and then some.

The bunyip couldn’t help but share in that simple eagerness, finding herself smirking along. Which made her sigh just a little. They took their places on either side of the mat, facing one another.

“Ready?” Cassidy said, rubbing her claws together.

“Mmmm,” Desya nodded.

Tapping the play button, the electronic box called off a starting timer.

“3…2…1… Left hand green.”

Easy enough for both of them.

“Tail tip blue.”

Required a bit of curving from Desya, but Cassidy’s spots made it simple–just slithered straight on.

“Mid-section red. Right hand blue. Upper body yellow. Tail tip green. Right hand yellow.”

Despite the fact it was only the two of them and there was ample room to move elsewhere, they wound up encroaching upon one another by the fourth move. Scale brushed fluff in more than one place. Cassidy carried on easily, but Desya found the close contact… New. She didn’t know what to make of it, other than the fact it made her heart beat fast.

“Right hand green. Tail tip green. Upper body red. Left hand yellow. Mid-section red.”

In a creative feat to reach one of the markers, Cassidy shot underneath Desya and popped out the other side. Not to be outdone, Desya had attempted the same thing, but not quite as successfully. In fact, thanks to her blunder, she’d effectively hamstrung herself and limited her movement. Anything that required her to move her mid-section was going to end in her defeat unless she could overpower the wurm.

So, yes, defeat was assured.

And, because of their mirrored movements, Desya and Cassidy were face-to-face, in a manner of speaking. Face-to-crotch, more actually speaking. Waiting for the next command, Desya couldn’t help but… inhale.

Neither could Cassidy.

“T-this is kind of…” Desya squeaked, the scent of musk filling her nostrils. Cassidy was attractive, but… no. She didn’t think of her friend like that. Right? Her face burned hot. It wasn’t that she didn’t, but more that… She needed someone with a little more.

Someone like her. No one else would understand.

Cassidy was in the same position. Staring her friend’s concealed sex straight on. Unlike Desya, however, she’d acted before. Several times, in fact. And, unlike Desya, Cassidy had thoughts about her fluffy friend long before now. Why wouldn’t she? She was a still-growing girl with strong desires to show her friends just how much she appreciated and loved them. Oh, how much love she could fill them with. But with this one, she wanted to hold back. 

The speaker prompted another position. They both moved, or attempted, tangled up as they were. Trying to move in two different directions meant the duo moved slightly where Cass had wanted, but overall, their positions remained the same.

Save for Cass all but mashing her face into Desya’s bottom when she tried to move. Through her jeans and band of underwear, Cass could smell her.

She smelled good. A heady, earthy aroma, of pussy and… That was new. There was no mistaking that scent, since it was so much like her own.

Blood flowed, both with and against her will. Her mother wouldn’t be home for a good, long while. The floor was clear. They were already entwined. But Cass was trying to be a good girl and not fuck all her friends.

“Oh, ha ha ha, w-what a position, huh?” The wurm strained to make herself laugh.

Desya was having similar thoughts. Similar reservations, albeit for slightly different reasons. The bunyip, poor thing, was inexperienced. With anything other than her collection of toys, at any rate.

“Yyyeah,” Desya swallowed, struggling to both keep her face away from Cass’ crotch as much as possible and also against the desire to bury herself and huff and breathe and… “N-not like this is anything, not that it’s…”

Cassidy may not have had the book smarts, but she knew her friend was in desperate need—though anyone with a working nose or eyes or ears could figure that out. What kind of friend would she be if she didn’t help out? A good girl would help her friends. Cassidy was the best of girls.

“Desya,” Cassidy said, in a sort of husky, attempting-to-be-seductive way.


The wurm licked her lips. “I…” she cut off, suddenly at a loss. She’d never been one for words. Showing, not saying. “You feel good,” she added, shifting the length of her body, rubbing against Desya and her fluff.

“…Y-you do, too,” the other lamia woman meeped, “B-but we can’t…”

That clever part of Cassidy’s brain fired off. Giving up the game, she let go, dropping the both of them to the ground, but also that much closer together. The wurm buried her face in her friend’s crotch again, huffing. “You smell so good!”

Before Desya could formulate a response, something rubbed against her cheek through tented fabric. Two somethings, actually. It couldn’t be. But it was! How very much like her. “W-wait, you’re, you’re…!”

Cassidy mumbled something into Desya through her skirt, but she couldn’t make it out. Not that it mattered. Cassidy grew and grew, straining the material of her lowerwear. Already they were so big and the smell… Gulping, Desya shuffled down her friend’s underwear, eyes wide and breath caught, until they finally sprung free, slapping her across the cheek.

“You’re huge!”

The wurm snickered in response as she continued to grow, reorienting the two of them so they were laying on their sides, still all tangled up. Two massive cocks like a stallion’s greeted Desya, but they were something… More. Each with a ring of soft, fleshy barbs around the crowns and medial rings, and then, to add to it, knots adorned the base of each imposing pillar. Each was thick as her forearm and longer than. Bigger than her toys, even.

Another prompt from the game. It went ignored.

Faced with such a display of wanton lust and sex and fuck, Desya’s reservations fell away. Without a word her mouth open and her long, serpentine tongue shot out, dragging up one of the hulking, crimson-colored shafts from its knotted base all the way to the blunt tip. When her muscular organ rolled over Cass’ spines, pressing on them, lifting them up as it dragged, the wurm shivered deep. Knowing she was making her friend feel so good already, on top of the heady musk wafting off those cocks, from the wurm’s cunt… It made her head spin. 

Though nowhere near as impressive as Cassidy, Desya’s pair of hemi-dicks were still more than respectable; long and tapered, just like most other lamia possessed. They pressed against her bottom, straining with need, and Cassidy was more than willing to help out, unbuttoning and discarding the strip of fabric, exposing her friend’s cocks and pussy to the world.

Desya slurped greedily at each cock to leave a growing trail of spit across each one. Not wanting to be outdone, though certainly not accustomed to it, Cassidy licked gingerly at one of the tapered cocks inches away from her face. One lick was all it took for her to get hooked and she dove in with gusto.

Both of them lay there, tangled up, cocks slapping each others’ faces, licking and slurping, jerking off a cock in each claw, each paw, as their tongues ran up and down each shaft, slurped up every errant bead of precum. Desya kissed all over, worshipping the pillars, until she finally resolved to take one into her maw. Opening wide as possible, was all she could to do work one of the blunted heads between her lips, her tongue pressed flat.

Cassidy moaned out and rocked her body in reflex, trying to drive more of herself into a hole. The bunyip gagged on the sudden intrusion of cock rammed down her throat, but didn’t dare pull off. Heaven. Absolute heaven. Eyes fluttered shut and her head bobbed back and forth on the fuckmeat, paws working the other shaft.

Faced with her own twin pillars, Cass had an easier time of wrapping her lips around one of the much smaller tapered shafts, easily gulping it down her throat. Such a new, lurid thrill had her throbbing. She could get used to sucking cocks; she finally understood why everyone wanted hers all the time.

The eagerness with which Desya consumed her was hurrying her along, new experiences aside.

“Y-your throat is soooo…” Cassidy moaned out, popping off one of the dicks, biting her lip, “G-getting cloooose…”

Desya attempted to say something, based on the way she hummed around Cassidy, but she was far too… consumed. Hungry. Greedy.

Poor Cassidy was pushed to the edge so fast and she had no desire to hold back.

“D-des, I’m, I’m c-c-CuuMMIIING!”

Her cocks bucked and jumped, the flares and knots swelling as the first gouts of white-hot spunk erupted. One pumped straight down a surprised Desya’s neck and the other, jerked off in a frenzied pace, hosed her down, covering her face and chest in sticky seed. She did her best to drink down the prodigious loads, but her stomach hit capacity in the first opening salvos and she coughed and sputtered, forced off the cock surging down her throat. The flare and all those delicate barbs just barely slipped free, teeth dragging across, with a wet pop.

“Mmmfuuuck!” Cass howled as the sharp sensation coaxed one last surge of spunk from her depths to splatter messily across her friend’s face in a dual volley that covered her glasses and left thick dollops of jizz dripping onto the mat.

The bunyip’s long tongue slathered up all the cum on her face and chest where it could, cleaning up every drop that hadn’t made it into her mouth. Being so full of delicious, hot seed drove her wild, urging her to jam herself into Cass as hard as she could. The wurm was just as eager to swallow the cock mashing itself against her lips, her face. In one smooth motion the dick was down her throat, right where it belonged.

Mere seconds after Cass covered her, Desya went off like a bomb.

Her cunt tried to squeeze around nothing, spasming all the while, taking the rest of her body with it for the ride that had the bunyip trembling from ear to tail tip. She shot down Cass’ throat and sprayed long, pearly streamers into the air, her pointed dicks surging and jumping with every load. What didn’t go down the wurm’s gullet splattered across the both of them, adding to the already ample mess.

Panting, hearts racing, skin flushed and glowing in the aftermath, both girls collapsed and laid entwined for a short time. Both girls were still hard.

“That was amaaaaazing,” said Cassidy, giggling with one eye half-closed, running a claw across her friend’s cum-soaked top, pausing to grope at the soft mount of flesh underneath.

For all her eagerness, Desya had little to say, instead simply humming and smiling and nodding. Cass’ cock poked her face again and her tongue darted out to lap up the small river of left-over semen drooling from the tip, sending a shiver through her friend’s body. “Y-you’re still so… Hard,’ she said, quietly.

“So are you…”

“Well… That’s…” Desya fidgeted with her sticky clothing, heart hammering. She took her glasses off, carefully, licking them clean in the process, and with a bit of a toss, placed them upon the nearby coffee table. With the same slow, deliberate movement she brought her paws to her shirt and started unbuttoning it. A broad, toothy grin adorned her face.

“…That’s?” Cass said, watching from her upside-down vantage as her friend removed her shirt, then her bra, revealing her huge, heavenly breasts. Desya squished them together and giggled. Her twin cocks and pussy twitched as they responded to the thought before her mouth could form the words.

“Fuck me,” she said, in a demure tone, but she rapidly built in volume and intensity: “I had no idea, but your cocks, they’re so big and the smell and fuckmeIneedtheminmeee!”

It didn’t take much to set Cassidy off, but the neediness, the eagerness and desire in that voice launched her into low orbit. Bobbing cocks slapped Desya across the face, which only served to draw lusty moans from her lips and attention from her paws. Going more by feral intuition rather than any coherent thought, the wurm unwound from the lamia knot, trampling the game speaker in the process.

Mere seconds passed until Desya was lying on her back against the floor and Cassidy towered over her. Both panted. Dripped. Flushed. Desired. Needed.

The wurm’s shadow eclipsed the bunyip. Though her form may have been blurred, Desya needed no aid to see what was looming ever closer. 

Cassidy slithered low, most of her body pressing down on Desya’s. She lined up a massive, blunted tip to Desya’s waiting quim and prodded, as if testing.

“Yessss….” Desya hissed, licking her lips, eyes glittering. 

Barely cognizant of Desya as anything other than a place to bury herself, let alone the fluffy lamia’s words of acquiescence, Cassidy dove in. Her thick crown met a moment of stiff resistance from Desya’s sodden pussy, its lips struggling to yawn wide enough to accept the gigantic insertion. 

She slipped in with a wet squelch and a happy, back-arching moan from Desya that had her cocks trembling stiff, cascading enough pre to wash away, clear out all the leftover cum. Inches slid in with ease, stretching the bunyip’s cunt open, impaling her on so much thick fuckmeat.

“Shooo gooood!” Desya moaned out, drool pooling from a corner of her lip as Cass finally buried her bottom cock to the hilt, its twin gliding across the fluffsnake’s belly on a trail of pre and cum.

Cass’ claws fell to either side of Desya to support herself, shoulders, chest, everything heaving. Her shirt was soaked through in cum and sweat, dangling low. 

“Fuuuuck you’re so tight,” said the wurm, her lower body twitching in reflex–to which Desya cooed and squirmed, and then, lifting her paws up tugged at Cass’ shirt. Then tore it off her body after a quick slash of a claw cut it apart.

Breasts larger than Desya’s swung free, great, big, doughy pendulums hanging above her face, nipples erect as the rest. Desya reached out to pinch each, taking them between her fluffy digits, delighting in the faces Cass was making, the way she gasped out. Her temporary position of superiority was cut short as the wurm started to undulate.

Cass’ cock drew out, Desya’s pussy clinging to the bucking stallion in desperation. She speared back in, slamming well over a foot of girthy cock back into the bunyip. The smaller woman mouthed a silent O before clenching her teeth and squealing out. Paws fell away from the wurm’s breasts to her own, kneading and massaging and pinching and twisting–and for a moment, she gazed between the valley of her flesh to see her belly was bulged out, its shape distinct.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckme!” Desya chanted, mind racing, cocks and pussy spasming.

More than happy to oblige, Cass pumped into her friend hard and fast, filling the room with the sound of clapping scales and flesh, adding to the raw, overpowering musk. Over and over the wurm pummeled, stuffing the cunt wrapped around her, pounding away at the entrance to Desya’s womb like a beast possessed.

So tight, so wet, so hot, so, sososo…! Cass grunted, straining to hold herself back from a second climax so soon.

“C-can’t,” she hissed, eyes clenched shut.

Desya’s cocks rubbed against Cass’ belly, dragged and bent with every heavy thrust, adding to her stimulation–her body twitched, a jolt of lightning shot the length of her spine. She drew tight. Threw her head back and cried out a long, lurid moan in time with her cocks surging to hose down the wurm’s stomach in seed that plopped messily down across her. Her cunt bit down in reflex, spasming around Cass, milking that mighty cock for all it was worth.

There was no holding back. Cass let out another feminine grunt and shivered, her steady tempo falling into a jerky slap against Desya. She didn’t quite get herself buried all the way, leaving the knot on her bottom cock to swell in place almost halfway. It stretched Desya out, but failed to tie them together. 

“FuuuCCCK you got even—MMM!” Desya clawed at her own tits, at the mat, at everything she could get her paws on.

Both pillars fired off just as the knots engorged, hosing down Desya’s tits in heavy, powerful jets that left indentations in the flesh. Within the first shot her womb filled, and by the fifth jizz spurt out from between the strained seal.

Mind blanked, whited out in pleasure, Cass stumbled, almost collapsed. Yet, despite her exhaustion, she was still raging hard. As was Desya, eyes burning with intensity.

“D-d-don’t stop! Make me cuuum agaaaaain…!”

Already they were both drenched in cum. Pools of it ran off Desya to the mat. 

“Mmmppph! Gonna, gonna pump you sooo full!” Cass joined in, still twitching from the orgasmic aftershocks, from the way the cunt still milked at her. More. She needed more. Needed everything she could take!

Pulling upright, away from Desya, she yanked her cock free from its holster. A deluge of spunk poured from the well-fucked, gaping hole, along with a surprised, needy noise from Desya. “W-what are you doing? Fuuuuck meeee!”

Cass didn’t hear. She was too focused on one thing. Bundling her cocks together she pressed them to Desya’s cunt, much to the bunyip’s surprise and pressed forward, bowing those cuntlips inward. Adding more and more weight, more and more strength…

“Wait! That’s too muuuuuUUUUMMMPHHFUUUCK”

…Somehow she worked one blunt head in, the second prying its way in a moment later, leaving the bunyip painfully stretched. So tight it made Cass hesitate, but the desperate need to breed took over and she rammed herself in inch by inch, having to hammer herself deeper and deeper, using the coils of her body for leverage and weight.

Desya thrashed about the length of her body, somehow managing to coil and bind around Cassidy. Paws bit through the mat to scrabble at the carpet below. Back arched so much as her organs were rearranged, as the wind was pressed from her lungs. Her heavy breasts sagged to the side to give her an eyeful of the tremendous amount of cock stuffing her, bulging her belly in an obscene display of two shafts burying themselves ever deeper, greased by all the leftover wurmspunk in her cunt, as it was churned up.

“Can’t get enough,” Cassidy grunted, having finally buried herself to each of her knots, “Neeeed mooore…”

Desya, meanwhile, heard nothing, every other sense seemingly overridden by the one that let her feel how well and truly stuffed she was, how stretched and molded around those magnificent cocks she was.

The outstroke turned that up to 11 as the soft barbs caught and scraped along her, overstimulating her already hyper-sensitive nerves. In a shriek she came again, but so weakened and spent already, she did little more than twitch and shake, pussy barely tightening and hardly any cum spurt from her cocks.

Cass’ exodus nearly turned her inside-out, her cunt clung so fiercely, the lips pulling out–and popping around those fat, barbed rings before the wurm jammed them back inside. Despite the fierce resistance the tight cocksleeve put up, the second thrust had both fat invaders knocking at the entrance to Desya’s already-flooded womb.

Both girls lost themselves entirely, falling into a writhing mass of sex, each trying to coil about the other. Words failed completely, devolving into nothing more than the guttural cries and moans of rutting animals. Cass clung tight to Desya, arms and claws wrapping the other girl in a tight embrace. Tits flattened against each other. Sweat and cum dripped from their bodies all while Cassidy fucked her friend hard, relentless, driving her pillars of steel deep as they could go.

Desya’s eyes long since rolled up into her head, big fluffy ears flattened the same, and she would have gone limp had it not been for a deep, overriding instinctual command to wrap up whoever, whatever, was fucking her. There was a dim awareness of pain radiating from her belly and pussy every second, but it didn’t matter. It hurt so good. She came again. And again, lightning running up and down her nerves in what felt like endless orgasm, yet she’d long run dry. 

Claps of wet, cum-drenched flesh echoed in Cass’ ears. The piercing musk flooded her nostrils. Heat from Desya’s cunt, the tightness, the way her own stomach rubbed against her cocks through her friend. Everything drove her further and further into a fuckfrenzy, to pound and impregnate the hole gripping her, spread so much of her virile seed there’d be no chance of not knocking Desya up.

Over and over, pounding into that sloppy hole, she rode that constant edge of climax but couldn’t get there, her body still recovering from her double orgasm in the span of minutes. She wanted to cum so bad. Had to come so bad. Nothing else mattered.

Fuck her until I cum! Socloseneedtocum! Cumcumcumcumcum!

Seconds or minutes. Neither knew. Or cared, ticked by. Desya came again, lost in hypersensitive pain and joy and pleasure.

Just as Cass was about to fuck herself to collapse, she twitched. She could feel it setting off deep within her, that boiling delight. Hissing and moaning, she bit down on her lower lip so hard it bled. Stars exploded and she blanked as her body committed itself to the singular purpose of breeding. She bore down hard, clinging and grabbing to squeeze herself tighter and tighter to Desya, forcing her thick knots inside that pussy, right where they belonged.

The girl couldn’t even manage a scream as her cunt was stretched open around not just those thick horsecocks, but the balls of flesh at their base, opening her far more than she ever thought possible. Another orgasm had her crying out in anguished bliss as the first knot slid in with a pop that sent tremors through her and again as the second forced its entry through sheer pressure and strength.

Moments later, Cassidy reached her crescendo. Only one blunt crown managed a seal against Desya’s womb, but that was all she needed. She erupted so hard faint bumps appeared where the rush of spunk splattered against inner walls. Desya’s belly inflated with every jelly-like burst of cum flooding into her womb, held there by the seal of the flare. Some half-dozen shots went off before the wurm collapsed against Desya, boneless. With Cass’ twinned knots unable to form a seal, rivers of spunk from the other cock simply rushed out in a deluge.

There they both laid for some time, gasping for breath. Such was the exhaustion both of them closed their eyes and faded into a nap for several minutes before a slight shift tugged at their knotty tie, rousing them.

“Oh. My. Fuck,” Desya said, unable to focus on much of anything, “I can’t believe I, we…”

Cassidy blinked one weary eye, lifting herself off just enough to glance around the room and then back at her friend. “We… Sure made a mess, didn’t we?”

The bunyip squirmed as the realization she was soaked nearly her entire length in semen settled in. She pawed around within reach for her glasses, and fortunately, managed to find them. However, like most everything else, they were dripping in jizz. It clung to her face, in her hair, everything. A sigh escaped once her paws drifted down her body to squish the ample cum-belly Cassidy had given her.

For the first time since she could remember, she felt… content. Satisfied.


“Huh? What?”

Desya managed to plant a small, almost chaste peck on her friend’s lip. They locked eyes and the bunyip gave a coy smile. “We should do this again…”

“What? Right now?” Cass balked, aware of her own limits. Strong as she was with all her endurance, it was all she could do just to remain upright.

Desya giggled, patting her belly and smiling, “Maaaybe. It was amazing…”

Cassidy scratched a cheek. “I mean, sure, that was… I’ve never gotten both my cocks in the same hole before! I could feel myself rubbing against myself and, and…” She shivered in delight, and again when her movements caused her knots to rub together.

“I wanna stay like this foreevveeer~ C’mon, let’s go again!”

For once, Cass found herself on the back foot, so to speak. “We can’t! I mean… What time is it? Oh, oh no, We gotta clean up before mom gets home!”

Desya pouted, arms crossed–but she got a reminder that another round so soon wasn’t a good idea as Cass forcefully withdrew herself, her still-inflated knots grinding against places still so very, very sensitive. Almost made her pass out.

Even as they cleaned and scrubbed and washed, both the room and themselves in the showers, one thought bounced around in her mind: Cassidy.

She smiled.

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