Family (Chapters 4-5)

Chapter 4: The first night

Reimu took a moment to look at everyone as they all walked to their rooms. Most of them were acting as they usually did, but they all appeared to be just a little tense.
“No wonder”, she thought to herself. “None of us have done anything like this before”.
Orin dashed past Reimu where she stood, laughing, and a second later Okuu came flying after her. The shrine maiden quickly threw out two amulets, one towards each of them, that turned into a barrier in front of them. A dull ‘thud’ was heard as they both slammed into each barrier and came to a complete stop.
“Please keep the running to a minimum inside the house” she proclaimed.
Orin had both hands pressed against her forehead and Okuu was rubbing her nose.
“When in someone’s house, follow their rules” Reimu continued. “If you want to run do it outside please”.
“Ok, s-sorry” they both said in unison before they went outside (where they started running around again as soon as they crossed the doorway).

Reimu sighed and asked Marisa, “Are you sure those two are volunteers?”
“Yep”, her friend answered. “Satori said that she often reads their minds when they don’t think she is, and according to her they both grew quite fond of you after you beat them up. They were thinking about you a lot while in heat apparently so she decided to grant their wish ze”.
“Man, some people are so weird”.
Marisa laughed in her mind, many of their ‘guests’ could be said to have started liking her friend in the same way.

“It’s surprising actually”, Reimu continued. “I was expecting Flandre to be the one making noise”.
“Well, it seems like she was making a LOT of noise when everyone else in the household was moving here, threatened to break the whole mansion if they left her behind ze”.
“I seriously hope they can keep her in a good mood then”.
“Sakuya said that they are going to make the cupboard in Remilia’s room into a room for her the same way they had their basement set up, personally I think she will be happier here with so many people to talk to”.
“Nevertheless, we must keep an eye on her whenever she isn’t in her room”.
“Agreed ze”.

Everyone spent the rest of the day installing themselves in their rooms. Since they all knew it was going to be a lengthy stay they had brought a lot of luggage, and at the end of the day you would be forgiven for thinking that all the rooms where pieces of different houses that had somehow been taken out and put together to form a new house.
Reimu’s room looked like it always had, Marisa’s room was full of cauldrons, mushrooms and books, Alice’s room looked like a sewing workshop, Aya’s room had a lot of notebooks, pens and a small darkroom (for development of camera pictures) as she was planning on recording the whole thing (perfect scoop material as she put it).
Suika’s room was similar to Reimu’s, as she had been staying at the shrine for a while now, Remilia’s looked like her own room in her mansion (complete with the large bed that had been moved there), Patchy’s was full of books and a few other things, Sakuya’s looked like a typical servant’s room (except it was a little fancier), and finally Orin and Okuu shared a room that had a lot of pet toys and other similar stuff in it.

As Marisa looked out a window she saw that the artificial sky she had put on the inside of the barrier had turned to sunset red so she walked over to Alice’s room and knocked on the door.
“Enter”, she heard from the inside and opened the door.
Alice was sitting at her desk bent over several pieces of paper.
“What are you drawing?” Marisa asked.
“Designs for baby clothes”, Alice replied. “Reimu asked me if I was willing to make them since I’m good with needle and thread, and I agreed”.
“How very diligent of you, make sure to design something cute for the little ones” Marisa said in a sweet voice as she poked Alice’s cheek with her index finger.
“H-hey, I’m serious about this!” Alice said in an elevated tone.
“Hehe, I know you are, and that’s what makes you so cute right now ze” Marisa replied with a huge grin on her face.
The doll-maker blushed a little before turning back to her designs.

Marisa put her arms around her friend’s neck and said, “You are forgetting something though, aren’t you?”
“Wh-what do you mean?”
“Well, first we need some candidates to wear those wonderful designs of yours, so why don’t we get started on that first?”
Alice’s face got redder as she fell silent for a moment, then she put down her pen, looked at Marisa and said, “I know, I’m just a bit nervous right now so I tried to focus on something else to calm down a bit”.
As it where, Reimu and Marisa had made a schedule for Reimu’s ‘nightly activities’ with everyone else and used dice to determine the order, and Alice had gotten the first night.
Marisa leaned closer as she stroked her friend’s jawline with one hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll be with you, it will be like when you helped me test my potion, just with an extra step included. You will do just fine”.
Then she softly kissed Alice’s lips and felt the tension drain from the magician’s shoulders.
After about a minute Alice stood up from the desk and said, “Ok, I’m ready”.
Marisa nodded and they both left the room and walked over to the soundproof room in the back.

The black witch had concocted a special potion that when consumed made a penis grow on your body within minutes (it more or less temporarily transformed the clitoris into a penis), but only if you were aroused. She had tested it together with Alice to make sure that it had the desired effect (Alice had given her a handjob and a blowjob, ‘training’ as Marisa put it) and that the semen she ejaculated was indeed fertile (she had tested it in her lab of course).
She had also made sure that the food supply outside the field contained a varied diet with all kinds of nutrition, as both the pregnant mothers and the growing kids would need it (also energy medicine to go with it for Reimu in case it was needed, curtsey of Eirin).
The greenhouse behind the shrine was used to grow ingredients for her potion, as they required a special care while they grew and needed to be used within minutes after harvest for the best effect, although it was also used to grow a few other things (like tea leaves for Sakuya’s tea).

When they entered the soundproof bedroom Reimu was already there, sitting on the large bed.
Alice stiffened a little again but then closed her eyes firmly, opened them again and walked in. Marisa followed and closed the door behind them.
“How did the potion taste?” she asked.
“Not good, but not horrible either” came Reimu’s answer.
“Good, now then, shall I begin by telling you a little something?”
Reimu and Alice looked puzzled, neither one knew what Marisa was on about.
“You never forget your first love, even when you start other relationships your first love will always hold a special place in your heart”. As she said this, Reimu looked slightly confused.
“Why did you bring that up now?” she asked.
Marisa smiled and answered, “because, Reimu, you are Alice’s first love”.
“Marisa!” Alice yelled.
The witch just smiled and kept talking. “She has always been a shy girl and not very good at being honest with herself. She never told you about it, but she has loved you for a long time, not just recently”.
Alice buried her face in her hands as even her ears turned red.

Reimu stared at her in surprise for a moment before she said “I can’t believe I never noticed! Sorry Alice, my stupidity must have caused you a lot of pain”.
The blonde girl slowly lowered her hands (her face was still red) and quietly said “No, it’s not your fault. I did my best to hide my feeling from you, same as I did with how I felt about Marisa. I’m the stupid one”.
Marisa walked up to Alice and grabbed her shoulders from behind. “Then it’s a good thing you two stupids have finally gotten a chance to make up for past mistakes isn’t it?”
She then quickly moved one hand down to Alice’s chest and started lightly groping her breast. A small yelp escaped the blonde magician’s lips as Marisa leaned closer and started trailing the tip of her tongue along Alice’s neck.
The black witch gently stroked her friend’s cheek with her free hand as she slowly moved her tongue up the neck, then along the jaw, then further up where she lightly touched several parts of the ear before taking it into her mouth.
Alice clenched one hand and held it in front of her face, slowly opening and closing it, while her other hand grabbed a fistful of her skirt as her knees visibly moved closer together. Her eyes were closed and her lips trembled, ever so often soft moans escaped them as Marisa moved her tongue back and forth between the neck, ear and jaw.
Reimu noticed that she was touching herself, she massaged her breast and lightly touched her lips with the other hands fingertips. She felt a heat growing between her legs and started squeezing her breast harder as she moved her other hand down to her navel and started stroking it in a circular motion. She felt the heat get more intense and within moments the fabric of her skirt started to bulge outward. Of course she knew what this was, Marisa had told her in detail how the potion would feel when it worked, so she lifted her skirt and looked at her new penis for the first time.
She heard a small gasp and looked up, Alice was now holding her cheeks with both hands and had a slightly shocked expression on her face. For some reason this made Reimu more exited so she stroke a suggestive pose, did her best to make her face look just a little mischievous and slowly said “Do you like what you see Alice? Come here, please find out what it tastes like for me”, then beckoned her with a small wave of the index finger.

Alice was breathing heavily as a small smile slowly spread across her lips. Marisa put both her hands on Alice’s breasts and urged her forward. They slowly walked up to Reimu and sat down on their knees, then the doll-maker reached out with her hand and gently grabbed the tip of Reimu’s penis.
“It’s a little different from Marisa’s, but I can’t quite describe how”.
“Hehe, it probably tastes different from mine as well, why don’t you go ahead and find out?”
Alice slowly closed her mouth around Reimu’s new member and started sucking on it with a dreamy expression on her face. The shrine maiden thought that it felt similar to getting your clit licked, but it was definitively a different sensation.
Marisa continued to caress Alice’s breasts and started kissing her neck again, her friend let out stifled moans as she took the penis deeper into her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around it as much as she could.
“O my god” Reimu thought, “the warmth of her mouth, her saliva coating my dick and dripping of it, those sweet muffled moans, it’s making me crazy”.
She could feel a new sensation building in her abdomen, she assumed based on what Marisa had told her that this was the buildup towards an orgasm. She put one hand on Alice’s head and started to slowly run her fingers through her hair.
“That’s good, keep going just like that, I’m cumming soon” she panted as her breathing became more labored.
Alice picked up her pace a little and it didn’t take long before Reimu could feel the built up pressure start moving up through her dick. She grabbed Alice’s hair a little tighter and put her other hand’s index finger into her own mouth and sucked on it as a stream of hot cum started to flow into the blonde girl’s mouth.
Alice held half the penis’s length in her mouth and greedily drank down everything it released. When she had swallowed every last drop she looked up at the shrine maiden with an embarrassed smile that was so cute it made Reimu grab her and pull her up into a tight hug. She could feel Marisa putting her arms around both of them and one of her hands worming it’s way into her panties.
“I think you are wet enough now, how about moving on to the main event?” the witch whispered in her ear.

Reimu parted Alice’s lips with her tongue and inserted it into her mouth. She then sat down on the bed and let her still swollen member stand freely. Marisa lifted Alice’s skirt and revealed the laced panties she was wearing. With a shy smile the blonde magician pulled her panties to the side, revealing her glistening pussy, then straddled Reimu’s dick and slowly lowered herself onto it. She trembled slightly as it slowly entered her but kept going until the entire length was swallowed by her pussy.
As Alice sat there trying to get used to the feeling Marisa leaned in and planted a kiss on her mouth, Reimu soon joined in and started to lick and kiss her neck. She started moaning again and soon Reimu laid down on her back and pulled Alice down on top of her. The shrine maiden then started kissing her again and began to move her hips up and down.
Alice’s head started to buzz as both her mouth and her pussy were penetrated by the girl she loved. She started moving to match Reimu’s thrusts and answered the kiss. It was a weird sensation to get penetrated by a penis, different from a pair of fingers, but she liked it and craved more (also, just like whenever she did it with Marisa, she felt that having sex while fully clothed like this really added to the excitement).

When Reimu could feel the next orgasm building she grabbed Alice tighter and started moving faster. They were both panting and moaning loudly as they surrendered to the pleasure of each others bodies and went wild. As her dick started to spray it’s load Reimu plunged it as deeply into Alice’s pussy as she could and held her hard. She could feel the blonde girl’s walls convulse around her penis and hear her long, pleasurable scream as she came while getting filled up.
Afterward they both laid there holding each other, Reimu’s dick still inside, their breathing slowly returning to normal. Reimu was the first to speak.
“How do you feel Alice?”
“Wonderful actually, and very happy”
“You look kinda tired, do you want to rest here for a bit?”
“Yea, just give me a few minutes please, I’m a bit dizzy.”
Reimu got up from the bed, put the cover over Alice and silently slipped out of the room. Marisa was standing outside the door.
“So, everything went well as far as I could see.”
“Yea you could say that” Reimu replied. “It’s surprising though, I never would have guessed that Alice secretly loved me for such a long time.”
“She is just good at being dishonest with herself, it took me a while to get her to confess her true feelings.”
“Take good care of her tonight, she looked tired.”
“It’s mainly relief from letting out all the emotions she normally keeps hidden, it’s not unusual for her ze.”
They both laughed a little, then Marisa opened the door and peeked inside. “Looks like I can bring her back to her room now” she stated.
“Ok, I’ll be heading back to mine as well then” Reimu replied.
“Just a moment, before you go, will you play a little game with me?”
“Um, sure I guess.”
Marisa leaned closer and said “It’s simple, if I can guess who your first love is I win, if I get it wrong I lose, what do you say?”
Reimu smiled and said “That’s unfair, you already know the right answer” before putting her hand or Marisa’s cheek and kissing her softly.
As she turned around and started walking the witch said “How about flipping it then, you try to guess who my first love is.”
Reimu turned her head around and said “That is also unfair, as I already know who it is.”

Chapter 5: Pet training

Reimu woke up the next day feeling better then she had in a while. It had been some time since she last had sex with anyone (with the exception of Marisa last week, when she had delivered Yukari’s news), but the main reason she felt relieved now was because she could finally stop worrying over how she would feel about all this once it started.
She had been worried that it would feel weird to make a baby under these circumstances, but at some point last night she had realized that she actually longed for a child in her life (and probably had for some time).
As such, feeling and seeing Alice’s will to carry her kid made having sex with her a very pleasurable and happy experience.

When she had gotten dressed and opened her door, there was someone waiting for her just outside her room. Someone with black hair, a pen and a notepad.
“Ayaya, so how was last night?” A certain reporter asked in an eager tone.
Reimu sighed and said “Aya, do you remember the first time we kissed?”
“Of course! How could I possibly forget such a thing?” The tengu happily replied.
“Good, then I’m sure you also remember what I said I would do if you ever wrote something about it in your paper”.
“Yes I do”.
“That still stands you know, and I’m pretty sure everyone else here would agree with me on this point. So why are you asking me about it?”
“Don’t worry, don’t worry. This is more like a journal, not for publishing”.
Reimu looked at her questioningly and asked “What’s it for then?”
Aya looked away for a second before answering “Nothing special, I just think info like thing might come in handy later on”.
Reimu shook her head and tried to look dejected as she said “You’re just gonna have to ask Alice, I doubt she will be all that willing to talk though”.
“A good reporter is never deterred” Aya answered before speeding of.
“Except by threats of violence and pain” Reimu said to herself once the tengu was out of earshot.

As she walked towards the kitchen, Reimu thought back to her first kiss with the wild Aya. It had been a while back during a week when the reporter had come by the shrine every single day for ‘interviews’ about incidents and how to solve them. She had been quite pushy (more so then usual) and the shrine maiden had gotten the feeling that the tengu wasn’t actually fishing for information but rather trying to tease and agitate her.
It had become with a danmaku battle that ended with Aya on the ground and Reimu kneeling down over her asking for an explanation.
At that point Aya had just smiled and said “You finally pushed me down” before quickly throwing her arms around Reimu’s neck and kissing her. After the initial surprise Aya had admitted that everything she had been doing was to get Reimu’s attention. Reimu had sighed and said “Why didn’t you just try telling the truth? It’s what a journalist is suppose to do in the first place”.
The tengu’s response had simply been “Ayaya, where would the fun had been in that?”

As she entered the kitchen Reimu thought to herself “Even though I knew how she felt about me, I didn’t expect Aya to come along for this. Maybe I’m just bad at noticing people’s true feelings”.
Sakuya was already there and greeted her. “Good morning, I hope you had a good nights rest”.
Reimu could not help but smile a little. “O it was good alright, that’s for sure”.
“Wonderful, I am just about half done with breakfast, please just wait a little longer”.
“You don’t have to do it all by yourself you know, especially now that there are so many people living together here”.
“I am the head maid of milady, this much is nothing to me. Besides, we will be getting more company not to far into the future, I have to get accustomed to this kitchen so that I can produce appropriate meals when the time comes”.
“Hmm, you do have a point, but this is my house, and I say that you don’t have to do it all yourself. Please let me help”.
“As you wish, you may set the table then while I finish up here”.

By the time the rest of the house’s inhabitants had all woken up Reimu and Sakuya had prepared a breakfast of a large variety, as everyone had different tastes and preferences.
When Alice and Marisa entered the room and saw Reimu, Alice blushed and Marisa flashed a big smile. Reimu smiled back before inviting them all to sit down at the table.
Reimu had decided that she would change her seat every day so that everyone got the chance to sit next to her, and today she was sitting between Marisa and Alice. The witch was happily talking about all kinds of things, like she usually did at times like these, while the puppeteer was rather quiet.
“Ah, you’re not eating much Alice, that’s not good ze” Marisa said after a while.
Reimu looked at Alice’s more then half-full plate and said “Here, let me help you with that”.
She then picked up a piece of omelet with her chopsticks, moved it towards Alice’s mouth and said “Here, say aah”.
The blonde girl blushed furiously but she complied and Reimu put the omelet piece into her open mouth.
“How does it taste?” she asked.
“D-delicious” Alice replied.
Reimu could hear several people, including Marisa of course, letting out a quiet “aww”.

Shortly after that the door flew open and the two hyperactive pets came running into the room. Reimu quickly repeated yesterdays process and again two dull ‘thuds’ could be heard.
“What did I say about running indoors?” she asked.
The two of them quietly sat down at the end of the table, rubbing their faces. Okuu then materialized her three Yatagarasu legs on her feet and right hand and conjured up a miniature sun to boil her tea water, then dismissed them again (it looked like they dissolved into glowing particles whenever she did this) and happily started drinking her tea.
The shrine maiden sighed and whispered to Marisa “I think we will have to re-arrange the schedule a little. Satori was right, I have to deal with these two right away”.
“Shall we move them up to this night then?” the witch asked.
“No, I’ll deal with them in the afternoon”.
“Do you want some help?”
“No thanks, I have to show them that I can take charge and act like a proper master for this to work. Besides, I would feel bad if I took up all your free time. Your lovers are here as well, you should get to spend some quality time with them.”
“Does that mean I get the bedroom tonight then?”
“Yep, wish me luck”.
“Hehe, you won’t need it ze”.

Reimu spent the rest of the morning checking up on everyone, making sure they had installed themselves in their new home, as well as checking that Flandre was in her room and docile (the inside of the closet now looked like a carbon copy of the SDMs basement).
As she went outside and observed Orin and Okuu as they were speeding around the grounds she thought about what methods would work best on them. She wanted to be perceived as strict but fair, and not be pointlessly cruel.
As she was sitting there lost in thought, Remilia came walking and sat down next to her.
“What are you thinking about Reimu?” she asked.
She told the vampire about her thoughts and asked “Do you have any advice? How do you normally handle Flandre?”
Remilia looked at the cat and the raven and said “You have to be strict when you teach them to obey you, but also be nice towards them when they do. They will then associate obedience with something positive and be more inclined to listen to you. It works a lot better then threats of punishment for disobedience”.
She paused for a second, then looked directly at Reimu with her red eyes and continued “However, always remember that as the master, you have a responsibility”.
“Believe me, I know. I didn’t decide to do this crazy project lightly, I know I have a heavy responsibility to bear. Not just towards the kids, but all of you as well”.
The vampire stood up, turned towards Reimu, then put her hands on her friend’s shoulders and their faces so close that their noses almost touched.
“You are not alone in this Reimu. I for one will be here to help you every step of the way, and the same goes for everyone in my household, even if they aren’t here as mother candidates”.
After a moment of silence Reimu put her arms around her friend and said “Thank you Remi, that means a lot to me”.
They both smiled before sharing a gentle kiss. They always did seem to find a strange comfort in each others company, and today was no exception.

Later that day, once lunch was over and the table cleared, Reimu called out to Orin and Okuu and told them to follow her. She lead them to the soundproof bedroom and closed the door.
“Now then, lets see if you two can learn some new tricks” she proclaimed in a deliberately haughty voice.
They both tilted their heads questioningly as Reimu took out two bottles (Marisa’s potion and some of Eirin’s energy medicine) and drank them both down. She then walked over to the bed and sat down on it.
“Come here little birdie” she said in a sweet voice as she beckoned Okuu with her index finger.
The two pets looked slightly confused (but also a little exited) as they started moving forward. Reimu quickly pointed her finger at Orin and said “No, you stay where you are for now” in a strict voice.
The cat let out a surprised “nya” but did as she was told, looking just a little dejected. Reimu’s expression softened a little as she said “Wait there quietly until I tell you and you will be rewarded” in a pleasant tone.
Orin looked a little happier as she at down on the floor and started watching Okuu expectantly.
The shrine maiden reached out her hand and started patting the raven’s head. She kept it up until Okuu’s face started looking more relaxed and then lifted her hand.
“Ah, do it more” Okuu pleaded.
Reimu smiled and said “Now now, what do you say when you ask your master a favor?”
The raven’s face looked like she was genuinely thinking hard for a moment before it lit up in an ‘aha’ look and she said “Ah, do it more please”.
“Good girl, there you go” Reimu said as she resumed her patting and Okuu smiled, looking pleased with herself.
Orin was now watching them with an intense look on her face and her two tails were visibly flailing around at a fast pace. Reimu looked at her, smiled and said “Pay close attention to what happens next” before grabbing Okuu’s hand and saying “Come, sit here little birdie” and patting her legs.
Okuu sat down in Reimu’s lap, her legs over the shrine maiden’s left leg. Reimu wrapped her right arm around the black bird’s back, looked into her eyes and said “Do you want me to continue?”
“What was that word you say now again?” Reimu asked as she put her left index finger under Okuu’s chin and gently lifted her face up.
“P-please master, please continue”.
“Good girl. Stay as still as you can now and don’t touch me with your hands until I tell you to”.

Reimu stroke her finger up and down along Okuu’s neck as she slowly moved her face closer. The raven clenched her hands and held them in front of her chest as her breathing got heavier. Reimu then slowly parted her lips and let the tip of her tongue show before putting her left hand behind Okuu’s neck and pulling her into a kiss. Her tongue easily slipped into the already open mouth and started licking the back of the teeth.
Okuu’s shoulders trembled slightly as she closed her eyes and let out muffled moans. Reimu moved her left hand down and lifted the raven’s skirt. She then lightly poked at the wet stain on her panties.
The bird threw her head back and let a loud moan escape her. She almost reached out her hands towards Reimu’s but stopped herself and pulled them back, trembling.
“Please master, don’t stop!” she pleaded.
“If you want me to continue, then tend to this” Reimu answered as she pointed to the now visible bulge on her crotch.
The raven got down on her knees in front of Reimu and lifted up her skirt. Her face lit up as she saw the now fully erect penis right in front of her face.
“You can use your hands and mouth now, make me feel good” Reimu commanded.
“Yes master, gladly” Okuu replied as she leaned in, grabbed the base of the dick with one hand and closed her lips around it’s head.
As she started sucking Reimu thought “Ahh, she is a little clumsier then Alice, but just seeing her trying so hard is making me feel really excited”.
She threw a glance at Orin, who now had her hands under her clothes and was masturbating while breathing heavily. She smiled, waved at the cat and said “Ok, that’s enough, you can come here and help your friend now”.
Orin quickly ran up to them, paused for a moment to stare at Okuu slobbering all over Reimu’s dick, then got on her knees and started running her tongue along and around the shaft.

Reimu reached down and put her hands on their heads and started patting them. They both looked really pleased as they continued, taking turns swallowing the head and licking the shaft.
The shrine maiden soon felt the pressure build and said “Ok, I’m going to come soon. I will give you half each, make sure you don’t spill it or swallow it”.
They nodded before continuing their licking and sucking. When Reimu felt it coming she grabbed Orin’s head and held it steady as she put half her dick’s length into her mouth and started spraying her cum.
Once she had filled up the cat’s mouth she quickly pulled it out, grabbed Okuu’s head and plunged it into her mouth where she continued to come.
When her orgasm was over she looked at them and said “You caught it all in your mouths right?” They both nodded. “Good, then share it with each other now”.
The two pets looked at each other for second before Reimu gently pushed their faces together and commanded them to mix the semen with a kiss.
They then hugged and joined their mouths, moving their tongues around to stir up the mix of cum and saliva.
“Good, now drink down half each” Reimu continued.
They did as they where told and swallowed down the mixture, both showing a dreamy expression as they did.

Reimu patted their heads and said “Good girls, here is your reward”. She then took her clothes of and ordered them to do the same.
Once everyone’s clothes was on the floor she walked up to Okuu, grabbed one of the ravens legs and lifted it up, exposing her glistening honey pot, then shoved her penis into it in one fast stroke.
Okuu screamed as she threw her arms around the shrine maiden and held on tight. Reimu let her stay that way for a few moments while gently stroking her cheek.
“It’s alright, I will give you what you want now, just hold onto me” she said in a kind tone.
Okuu whimpered a little and then nodded, lifting up her other leg and wrapping them both around Reimu’s waist.
As the raven was surprisingly light, Reimu didn’t have any trouble holding her up. She put her hands on Okuu’s but cheeks and started to move her pelvis back and forth, plunging her dick into her honey pot.
Reimu felt the tight pussy squeeze her dick and let out a small gasp. She then stuck her tongue out and licking Okuu under her chin.
The bird’s breathing got heavier and small tears formed in the corner of her eyes. “Hah, hah, hah, I love it when you do that master” Okuu panted. “Please, fuck me hard!”
“You are so cute when you’re begging like that” Reimu said as she resumed her pumping of the ravens pussy.

As the bedroom was filled with wet sounds and pleasurable moans, Reimu looked at Orin and said “take care of this for me” as she tilted her head towards her own behind. “Yes master” the cat answered and crawled around her on all fours, then put her hands on Reimu’s butt and stated licking around her anus.
Reimu felt a new surge of pleasure at this double service. She picked up her pace and could feel Okuu’s folds squeezing her dick tighter as she pounded her cunt hard. The raven screamed and tightened her grip with her arms and legs as she did her best to match the pace with her own movements. Her black wings were extended to their full length and visibly quivering as small tears fell from her eyes.
The floor was stained by drops of pussy juice and saliva as Orin now stuck her tongue into the shrine maiden’s butthole and wiggled it around as much as she could. Reimu could feel the orgasm coming and pushed her penis as far into Okuu’s honey pot as she could, then let it all out in her deepest parts. She could feel the folds convulsing around her dick and Orin’s tongue moving in and out of her anus, the whole thing felt heavenly. She kissed Okuu who greedily kissed her back as she folded her wings around Reimu’s body and took in all of the semen.

When their orgasms passed Reimu sat down on the floor with her dick still inside as they both panted, trying to catch their breath. “Hah, hah, master, I feel so warm and full” Okuu said in a dreamy voice as she put a hand on her belly.
“It feels like the warmth is spreading through my body”.
Reimu smiled and patted Okuu’s head. She then looked at Orin (who was touching herself again) and said “Well then, I think it’s your turn now”.
“Yes. Please do whatever you want to me master” the cat answered.

Reimu commanded her to get on all fours and lift up her tails. Orin complied and then stuck out her butt a little, showing her dripping wet honey pot. Reimu placed herself behind her, grabbed her hips and plunged her dicks full length ito the eagerly waiting pussy.
Orin arched her back and let out a loud “Nyaaaa!”
Reimu leaned forward and put her hands around the cat’s breasts. She then began massaging them as she took the tip of Orin’s cat ear into her mouth and sucked on it.
“Nyaaaa! I’m weak at my ears master” she cried as her folds gripped Reimu’s penis harder. The shrine maiden put her hands on Orin’s hips again and said “That was a wonderfully cute reaction, now I really want to fuck you hard”.
“Nya, do it master, pound my cunt hard and fill my belly up with semen like you did with Okuu, please!”
“That’s a good girl, and good girls get what they ask for” Reimu said as she started thrusting.
The shrine maiden thought to herself that Orin’s pussy felt different, it had it’s own way of squeezing her dick and a different texture, but was every bit as exiting to fuck.

Okuu sat down to her right and said “Will you let me serve you master?” in a slightly shy voice.
Reimu smiled and said “Sure, you can take care of my breasts”.
“Thank you very much” the raven replied before putting her mouth on one of Reimu’s breasts and her hand on the other. She alternated between moving her tongue in a circle around the nipple and sucking on it while massaging the other breast gently.
Reimu could feel her dick getting harder and she increased the speed of her thrusts. Orin was meowing loudly and rocking her body back and forth in sync with the movement.
When she felt the orgasm coming she leaned forward, put two fingers into the cat’s mouth and started moving them in and out at the same pace as her thrusts. Orin eagerly sucked on them as muffled moans escaped her mouth.
When she couldn’t hold it anymore Reimu plunged her penis deep with one final thrust and let out her cum directly into Orin’s womb. She pulled her fingers out and the cat let out a long “Nyaaaaaaaa!”

Afterward they all laid down on the bed, Reimu in the middle with one arm around each pet. They both hugged her tight and snuggled up to her as close as possible with pleased smiles on their faces.
“There is still plenty of time until the evening, lets stay like this for a while” Reimu said, then gave them both a soft kiss (first Okuu then Orin), then let herself relax and feel enfolded by their warmth and love.

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