A Working Vacation

“Toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, underwear…” Art went over the contents of his suitcase. Business trips were always his least favorite part of his job and sadly this was going to be a week long one. A week away from his beautiful daughters and loving wife combined with cold hotel beds and terrible road side food. Art sighed and rubbed his eye. “Looks like I have everything for tomorrow, now all I need is my…” Art looked around the room for the missing item. “Messenger bag.” He walked over to the closet. Maybe he left it in there when he was picking out a suit? Art flicked on the light and took a look. Nothing but clothes and the occasional dust bunny. Art scratched his head. “Under the bed maybe?” He got on his knees and peeked underneath the king sized bed. Nothing but more dust bunnies. Art made a mental note to vacuum sometime in the near future. He stood back up and sat on the bed. He rubbed the back of his neck and thought. “Hmmmm, maybe I already put it in the car?” Art’s train of thought was interrupted by the pitter patter of paws on hallway rug. Art sighed and stood up, he knew exactly where his bag was.

Art followed the sounds down hallway and heard the cubs bedroom door close. He stood in front of it for a moment before knocking firmly. “Girls, I know you have my bag.” Art tried the handle, it wouldn’t budge. Art sighed and knocked again. “I know you don’t want me to leave girls but I gotta! It’s my job!” Still no response and the handle still wouldn’t budge. “I promise we can have a movie night when I get back!” Art tried the handle again with more force, still locked. “Just think about it! You three, mommy and me all on the couch underneath your guys favorite blanket!” Art tried the faded brass handle again, something Vanessa insisted they not replace because it “had character,” it was still locked. Art put his back against the door and slowly slid down to the door and rested the back of his head against it. Time to break out the big guns. “I’ll make caramel corn…” He said in a voice just above a whisper. Not even 5 seconds later he heard the click of the lock mechanism. Art stood himself back up and grabbed the handle. He groaned a little as he turned it “now I gotta make caramel corn…”

The door opened fully and Art saw his bag sitting in the middle of the bed, not a cub in sight. “This is a trap, this is such a trap” Art thought to himself as he walked right into it. He slowly approached the black bag and extended his arm as far as it would go, trying to minimize the distance he had to go into the room. As soon as his finger tips grazed the shoulder strap the cubs sprang their trap. They emerged from their closet and attacked with lighting speed and deadly precision, clad in their paw print pajamas. The twins went for his legs, Immobilizing him (sort of) and knocking him off balance, making it easier for the oldest to go in for the kill. With a powerful leap Eva slammed into her father’s chest and knocked him back onto the cornflower blue bed spread. Eva “pinned” Art’s shoulders and looked down at him with a combination of a predatory gaze and a look of smug satisfaction.

“Looks like you fell right into our trap daddy!”

Eva flopped down on his chest and hugged his neck. “Now you can’t leave tomorrow” she said hopefully. Art sighed and pat his daughters back.

“Honey… I still have to leave tomorrow, I don’t want to but I have to.” Eva tightened her grip on his neck

“Can you sleep in here tonight then?”

Art smiled wryly, “only if you 3 let me get changed into my PJs.”

Eva rolled off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. Gabby and Layla looked up at their sister, unsure of what to do next.

“Let ‘em go girls, we have him for the night.” The twins did as they were told and hopped onto the bed alongside Eva. Art stood up and stopped at the doorway.

“I’ll be back in a little bit love’s.” He headed down the hallway to his room, Layla called after him.

“We’ll get the bed ready for you daddy!”

“Sorry we tackled you!”

Called Gabby. Art walked into his room and fished his pajamas out of his carefully packed suitcase. Vanessa was busy brushing her teeth.

After he had changed Art poked his head in the bathroom, Vanessa saw him in the mirror and gave him a little wave before spitting in the sink.

“Hello my dear” Art stepped into the bathroom


he walked up to his wife and rubbed her arms. “The girls want me to sleep with them tonight, sorry if you wanted to cuddle.” Vanessa wiped off her mouth with a hand towel.

“Ahhh, don’t worry about it. We’ll have plenty of chances in the future. Go be a good father to our little fur balls.” Art sighed a little


Vanessa cocked her head,

“what’s wrong?”

Art pressed his lips together.

“The girls really don’t want me to leave tomorrow, I guess I just feel kinda like a shitty father that’s all. Seeing so many sad looks from such adorable faces really hurts” Vanessa gave Art a sympathetic look and pulled him in for a hug.

“It’s out of your control, try not to feel too bad about this whole thing.” Vanessa gave him a small squeeze. “Besides, they’ll have me. I’ll be sure to give them double the hugs and attention while you’re gone.” Art smiled

“Thank you my big tuff chuff.”

Vanessa smacked the side of his head and sighed.

“You know I hate that nickname.” Art reached up and rubbed her ear, eliciting a small chuff from her,

“but it’s true thooough~.”

Art said playfully. Vanessa looked down at her husband and gave him a big minty fresh kiss, slipping in just a little tongue before pulling back. Art looked up at his wife with a slightly confused look.

“That’s in case I don’t see you tomorrow morning.” The jinko winked at him and gave him a little pat on the head. “Goodnight my love.” Art planted a small kiss on his wife’s cheek.


Art gave Vanessa a little wave and left the bathroom. He headed back down the hall to the girls room and took a peek inside. A little space had been cleared for him and the cubs were all kneeling on the bed, giddy with excitement and staring at him eagerly with their big amber eyes. Art took his place on the bed and was immediately swarmed by his daughters. The twins went straight for his face and planted kisses on each of his cheeks.

“Goodnight daddy!”

They said in unison. Art rolled on his side and the two placed a pillow over his arm before snuggling up to each other and pressing up against his chest. Inseparable, ever since the day they were born. It was rare not to find the twins together, whether it be around the house, at school or sleeping; they always stayed with each other, never letting anything come in between them. They were also daddy’s girls. While Eva always went to Vanessa for hugs and attention Gabby and Layla always went straight for Art. Showering him with love and affection whenever they wanted something. Art stayed strong… Most of the time, sometimes giving in to their adorable looks and sneaking them extra pieces of candy. He didn’t feel too bad though, because he knew Vanessa did the same with Eva. The eldest cub latched onto his leg and rested her head against his thigh, Art reached down and pat her head. “Goodnight sweet pea, sweet dreams.”

Eva yawned and closed her eyes.

“Goodnight dad.”

Art reached over and flicked off the bedside light and placed his arm over the twins. It felt odd being the big spoon for once, especially with two jinkos. Art took a deep breath and slowly fell asleep, the gentle and adorable snores of his daughters lulling him off to dreamland.

When Art woke up he felt a wet patch on his leg and had lost all feeling in his arm. He carefully slid his arm out from under the twins and clenched and unchelched his fist, trying to get the blood flowing again. It came in little tingles followed by the feeling of thousands of needles poking his hand. A fantastic way to start the day… Art then turned his attention to the wet patch on his leg. He gently lifted up the covers and saw the culprit. Eva was always a drooler and last night was no exception. “Now my pajama pants are gonna smell like jinko spit.” Art thought to himself. He dropped the covers back down and took his phone from the bedside table. “6:59” one minute before he was supposed to wake up. Art frowned and thought of the best way to slip his leg out of the clutches of his daughter. “Replace it with a pillow maybe?” He thought to himself. Art’s plans were cast to the side when he heard his alarm go off and his phone rattle noisily on the bedside table. He desperately groped for his phone and managed to silence it. He clutched the phone tightly and held his breath.

3 seconds…

5 seconds…

10 seconds…

20 seconds…


Art looked over at the twins then carefully lifted up the covers again. Eva remained still for a few moments before her eyes fluttered. Art hoped he could avoid it but it looked like the universe was working against him, the sad looks… They were coming. Eva gently squeezed her father’s leg, she was too tired to try and stop him. Art heard the little sniffles and his heart broke clean in two, he didn’t even need to see the sadness in her eyes.

“D-do you really have to leave dad?”

The little cub asked in a voice barely above a whisper, her voice was a mixture of exhaustion and sorrow. Art could feel her trembling against his leg. He decided to see if the universe really was working against him. Art opened up a text to his boss

“Hey, my car isn’t starting, I think it’s something with the spark plugs.”

Art saw the three dots and held his breath.

“Sorry to hear that. Call a cab and head to the nearest car rental office. Be sure to hang on to the paperwork so we can comp you afterwards.”

Art sighed

“Alright, thanks”

Art looked back down at his daughter. “I do, sweetie… I’m sorry.” He said as mildly as possible. He pulled his daughter off his leg and set her with the twins, Art gently rubbed her head. “I promise I’ll call every night.” Eva held Gabby tightly and nodded her head, trying her best to hold back a torrent of tears. With a heavy heart Art got up from the bed and went downstairs. He gloomily looked down at his legs and descended the steps, noticing the tear stains on his leg. “Spit and tears…great.”

Art made his way to the dining room and was surprised to see Vanessa, fully clothed and standing by her suitcase. “Uhh, are you going somewhere honey?”

“Yeah. With you. And so are the girls.”

Art noticed the three small tiger striped back packs sitting by Vanessa’s suitcase.

“Wait, what?”

“There’s a nice little theme park right by where you’re being sent. And since you’ve been working so late these past few weeks… I thought maybe we could make it a mini vacation before school starts up for the girls.”

At the top of the steps three pairs of jinko ears were twitching, honing in on every word their parents were saying.

“I don’t know… I feel-“

Art was silenced by a big fuzzy paw digit on his lips. Vanessa had a stern look on her face and a paw on her hip.

“I already packed the bags with everything the girls need, and put everything else in the car. And I notified the hotel. One room for the girls, and one room for us… Is that really going to be a problem~?”

Art remained silent and shook his head, Vanessa smiled triumphantly “Thought so.” She gave him a little wink. Three little pairs of paws ran down the steps and into the dining room. The cubs all had bright hopeful looks on their faces.

“We’re going with daddy on a business trip?!”

Asked Eva excitedly

“Yes!” Responded Vanessa with a huge grin on her face. The three cubs cheered and ran up to hug their mother. Vanessa got down on her knees and embraced her daughters. Loud and frequent chuffs could be heard coming from all four jinkos. Vanessa looked down at her daughters then  up at Art. “Hurry up and go get dressed! I’ll be waiting for you all in the car. The girls scampered up the steps at lighting speed, leaving the two alone downstairs.

“Yeeeeah, about that…” Vanessa gave him a confused look with a hint of worry.


“I-I kinda told my boss that our car wasn’t starting… We’re going to have to take a cab to the rental car office.” Vanessa narrowed her eyes at her husband. “What?! Eva was crying and begging me not to leave! I had to try something!!” Art backed up towards the steps a little before dashing up to his room. “They said they’d reimburse me!” He called out as he ran up the steps. Vanessa sighed a little and went to get the bags out of the car.

“Sakaali was right, it’s easier to assert yourself when you get everything ready.” 

 “No minivans?” Art asked.

“Sorry sir, we’re all out.” Said the rental clerk. The cubs looked up at Art with worry in their eyes, Art smiled at his daughters.

“Don’t worry girls, mommy and daddy will sort this all out.” He looked back at the clerk. “Got anything else that could accommodate four jinkos?” The man took a quick glance at the screen.

“Actually yes! We have an Escalade available, we can charge you the minivan rate for that.” Art looked at his family.

“Sound good?” Vanessa put her arm around her husband

“Sounds fantastic.” Art looked back at the clerk

“I guess we’ll take it!”

“Perfect! I’ll get the key and papers ready for you.” Art looked down at his daughters.

“Now girls, you three need to be extra careful not to scratch the seats in this car…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that sir, we frequently rent to manmo. It’s covered in the rental agreement.” 

“Goodnight girls! Just remember we’re right across the hall if you need us!”

“Goodnight!” Layla called back as she and her sisters ran into their room to play with their newly won stuffed animals. Art smiled and squeezed Vanessa’s paw.

“I’m going to sound really sappy right now but…thank you.”

Vanessa blushed a little. “I was prepared for a miserable week away from my loving family but instead my amazing wife takes it and turns it into a fantastic week filled with plenty of family time.” Art went in for a hug. “That big cold hotel bed is going to be so much warmer with you in it with me.” Vanessa blushed harder. Art smiled, there was nothing cuter than a full grown jinko blushing like a carnation. Art took advantage of the moment “If I was a hunter I’d call you my greatest catch.” Art went in and planted a kiss on his wife’s lips. He felt the heat radiating from her face, no doubt turning a few shades redder. Art tired to break the kiss but was stopped by two powerful paws on the back of his head. Vanessa pressed herself into him and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Art felt the rough tongue he had grown so used to over the years dart past his teeth and lay itself over his own tongue. Art’s eyes went wide and he tried to pull back but found it impossible to do, Vanessa would break the kiss when she was good and ready. A minute later it happened. Vanessa gasped and pulled back, panting and letting her tongue hang out of her mouth. The jinko had a wild look in her eyes, A mixture of pure passion and unbridled lust. She wiped off the saliva around her lips and placed her paws on Art’s shoulders.

“You really shouldn’t say things like that so early into our vacation… Now I’m all riled up and you have no choice but to share a room with me.” Vanessa pulled her husband into a near bone breaking hug. She stooped down to his ear. “We’re gonna fuck like bunnies tonight… Hope you don’t got too much work tomorrow.” She gave his ear an enormous lick, one that said he wouldn’t be walking right for a couple days after. Vanessa fumbled around for her keycard, her paws trembled with excitement as she tried the lock again and again. Art knew that these would be her last lucid moments before she gave into her carnal desires, he tried to get one last word in before that happened.

“L-lets try and not rip up the bed… I don’t think damage to the room is covered in my travel expenses.” With one more swipe Vanessa got the door open. She grabbed Art’s arm and pulled him into the room, having totally lost herself to desire.

“No promises~.”

Art emerged from the room an unknown number of hours later, clad only in his boxers and covered in hickeys and bite marks. He held the ice bucket in his arms and sighed. He was sweaty, exhausted and sore all over. One thing was on his mind… Ice. The room next door opened and a man in a similar state to Art stepped out, also clutching an ice bucket. The two men looked at each other

“Hellhound?” The man asked

“Jinko…” Art responded.

“Ahh.” The man pointed to a few small holes on his leg. “Manticore” The two walked in silence to the ice machine and took turns filling up their buckets. Wordlessly the two took the bags out of their respective buckets and tied them off. They both placed them inside their boxers and sighed happily as the ice went to work. The two waddled back to their rooms and stopped before they went inside. They looked over at each other and nodded, silently wishing the other good luck and a speedy recovery. The man next to him entered the lion’s den as Art entered the tigers den, both hoping not to wake the sleeping beast that lay within.                                                        

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  1. Already honing their predatory skills. They’ll grow up just fine.

    Poor, Art, he has to be one of the happiest and sorest guys in the world.

    Hm. For some reason, I kinda want to know the story of the guy with the Manticore.

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