Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 31)

“How are those little ones getting past security? Why do they keep sneaking out of the building where we can’t catch them?” Katy asked frustrated by the lack of control.

“They are clearly emboldened, and more tenacious than we gave them credit for. Everyone knows it’s practically a secret right down to the genetic code of a Kikimora” Fubuki shrugged.

“Regardless they have to stop, the trek is only so safe…I’m just thankful the worse they have to deal with is traffic” Katy sighed.

“Which luckily they were thoroughly taught to look both ways. Come on~ cheer up, we got you that fountain, just leave everything to me, I’ll keep this place afloat, you just get some good hibernation going before the cold catches up to you” Fubuki said.

Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 13: Longing

Sammy and Nica settled down for a nice soak in the bathtub, reveling in the memories of the last few days.
Sammy felt bad for not being able to return the pleasure that Nica gave her, and decided to take a further step forward.
Entwined in Nica’s gigantic tub, the pair explored each other like never before.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 30)

“Excellent news, it would appear as if we finally have an advocate who understands our plight. We might come to an agreement soon” Rin said.

“That’s great to hear! I was worries the usual charms, and barriers wouldn’t be enough, and we can’t push them beyond, the poor little ones will be unable to even go inside the building at that point” Katy said.

“She’ll be meeting with us after we finish renovating the area, though a lot of their realm had seeped out, it had ceased, at least for the time being all attempts to spread.” Rin said.

“Guess that just leaves cleaning up the mess…well at least we avoided a catastrophe, I’ll be sure to let the staff know right away.” Katy said.


My face had contorted into a sneer of disgust as I peered into the depths of the laundry basket. Lurking at the bottom with all the innocence of a grinning alligator was a pair of Chasity’s boxers. Her splodgy, crusty, cum stained boxers. With a sigh of the inevitable, I reached in and extracted the offending garment, pinched between my thumb and forefinger. Holding them up to the light only made matters worse. By the looks of it, a considerable cornucopia of slugs had decided to host an Acid House Rave, utilising the crotch area as their dance floor…

The Pilgrimage: Hosannas in Extremis (4)

From Vampires to Atlach Nacha, Baphomet and Witches, your travels since rescuing the Countess Maris and seeing her Consigliere Marcus returned to health have been anything but uneventful. The Sabbath seek a new home beyond the restrictive governance of the Four Empires, a task which you were singularly unequipped to assist with.

Driven forward by the Mysterious Song, you and Doyle, an itinerant Bard and one of the few naturally born sons of Human and Mamono parentage, left Albany, hoping to complete her seemingly unknowable story. All the while in the back of your mind, you feared the mumblings of the Witch Tina, who had forseen your death at the hands of yet another song… The Secret Song at the Centre of the World, whose sound was as of teeth in flesh.