Guilty x Creatures : Assassin Arc : Chapter 24

Chapter 24 : Early Morning Anton grumbled to himself as he reached over to his nightstand and shut off his phones alarm. Still several hours away from dawn in their part of the world, the room around him was completely dark, so before pulling his arm back to himself he grudgingly flicked on his bedside lamp.…

An Arrival of a Rival. CH10

After a much-needed night with Faulkner and Karika, Reiza mentally prepares herself as she heads back to her apartment to grab her belongings.

Thankfully, she doesn’t have to go back alone as Karika, Faulkner, and the rambunctious graduates of Faulkner’s class will be there by her side.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 16

It is now Saturday the second day of the weekend getaway and the morning gets off to a shaky start with an ongoing thunderstorm raging outside and Ezraphel making a discovery that is immediately concerning. Meanwhile following the greatest romp she’d ever had with her fiancé Amelia wakes up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world.

Foreign Affairs: Chapter 9

Three months would be a short time to arrange such a meaningful wedding. The government in Gisland had to be contacted of course, but not before the official story was set straight with everyone who would be asked questions. The wording of the prophecy would be exactingly selected, forged on paper that looked far older…

Fettered strings of Love and Symphony

Christmas. A time for cheers and laughs for all. But not everyone sees this festive holiday positively. Sometimes, the very memory of it brings pain and misery.

Loosing his passion for music, a secret admirer makes herself known. Let’s hope that she brings the cheer needed to lift his spirits.

An Arrival of a Rival. CH9

Having been violated physically and mentally, Reiza was found by Karika before taking refuge in Faulkner’s apartment.

Maddened and guilt ridden by their self perceived failure of protecting Reiza, Faulkner and Karika had little choice to be stow their frustrations away to avoid causing more problems.

To bring her the closure she needs, Faulkner and Karika work together to bring Reiza back to her peppy self.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

Cow Bogey

Species: Ogre, Beastman Habitat: Unclear Disposition: Gentle, devoted, dominant, maternal, sporty Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy   The cow bogey is a milk-producing monster that scholars and manufacturers have heavily studied due to its unique properties. The milk produced by their plush udder first comes out as nothing more than simple plush, and only naturally…