Wormhole Ch.15

Now storming out to do battle with the Skarliks on his own, Jason finds the odds are not in his favor. Could he win? Could he Get back to Earth? What will become of him and Veina? Is he making the right choice? Jason can only contemplate as things go from bad to worse. But the night is darkest just before the dawn…

Cat Bogey

Species: Ogre, Cat, Beastman Habitat: Unclear Disposition: Gentle, devoted, dominant Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy, sleep   The cat bogey is a  monster who cannot get a good night’s sleep for most of its early life. Whenever they try to sleep, they get a longing to hold something, but they find nothing helps. It’s only…

Fabularis – Chapter 2

Taken inside a mysterious book, Francisca has been offered a strange power that just might change the course of her life – and many others. She now takes her first steps in understanding that power… and is faced with the first of many decisions she will have to make.

Foreign Affairs: Chapter 8

“What?”  “You heard me,” Greenglass said, giving Rowan a smug look over the top of her spectacles. “If only someone had been there to tell you about the complication to any trade route we try to establish in the north.” Did she gain something from being so meaninglessly petty or was this some kind of…

An Arrival of a Rival. CH3

A rivalry between Karika and Reiza had formed without Faulkner’s knowing. Tied between the two vying for his attention, it’s only a matter of time before their shenanigans get him into all sorts of problems.

As the weeks pass by though, the parents of the two girls make their debut, shedding a little more light on both of their kid’s perspectives pasts.

(Artwork by anchet7/maddoxfanx.)

Daily Life With A Lilim: Easter Special

So Ezraphel found out about Easter which by itself wasn’t such a big deal but never in his life would Stanley thought his girlfriend’s enthusiasm about it would have her do something like this. Now Stanley found himself forced to take part in the most childish, inane and pointless activity to ever be devised for a religious festival celebrating the resurrection of Christianity’s messiah.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt commences!

Bombacio: The Land of the Bogeys

The following is a chronicle of the history, physical, and metaphysical properties, and a general guide of the Bogey’s home realm Bombacio, as well as its inhabitants. Events may or may not be dramatized by order of the lilim Betiliena for reader enjoyment.   Bombacio in its current state is entirely unrecognizable from its original…