Wizardquest Part 1: Humble beginnings

You are a Wizard, a man who reached the age of 30 while denying the opposite sex, and was rewarded with magical powers. However, should you have intercourse, all your powers will be lost. A difficult prospect when you live in a world full of horny Monstergirls! Join the wizard as the quest to restore his precious Communion glass begins and becomes something that will change his life, and the world.

Welcome to the world of Wizardquest, my first attempt at writing back on /monster/. A CYOA that spanned 7 months and created one of the most endearing stories known to the board as both the characters, and the author evolved through the process. The humor can be crude, and the grammar can be poor, but take time and enjoy the story for what it’s worth!

Recluse’s Cove

To say I’m not much to look at would be understating things considerably. I grew up in a nice home with loving parents and a big sister before a raging fire took all of that away one winter night. I was the sole survivor, but the right side of my face was badly burned and I no longer had a roof over my head. I was taken to an orphanage run by the Order where my burns were treated, but never fully healed. The clergy at the orphanage were kind, but that did little to change the fact that nobody was interested in adopting me. Perhaps the one bright spot was Sister Vermalis, a nun slightly older than my sister who would often take me out picking berries and mushrooms. It was thanks to her, I learned which ones were edible and which ones to stay away from- invaluable skills for my rather solitary existence.

Currently living alone in a ramshackle seaside cabin, I was used to the sea depositing an occasional gift on the stretch of beach that doubled as my front yard. Despite never venturing out into the briny deep any further than

Dead on Arrival

“The best way to explain is to start off with this. I’ve been alive for a while, now. I don’t keep count of how long, but it’s been long enough for me to commit mistakes. Those mistakes, though small, ended up piling up one after the other year after year, until tales started forming. I’ve heard a few of those tales myself, and they were uncannily accurate. Those tales spoke of the undead, of people rising from the grave.”

Do lawyers come from Hell?

The nature of a Demon is to form contracts with their chosen partners. The only thing known about the contracts is just their existence, not the means to do so, nor the contents, not even whether the signer did so out of free will. Some shiver at the thought that a kid who barely learned how to write could be deceived into signing such a paper. Others, even a member of the inquisition, assure that it has happened already.

Adrift – Chapter 3

Buddhist Monks claim that, with enough concentration and meditation, one can abandon the boundaries of the flesh and ascend to a state where the mind and the world are one… or something like that.

The way Cole was focusing on his notebook was akin to that of a monk trying to achieve a state of Zen.

Adrift – Chapter 2

“Whew, this will be enough.´´ – Setting down a small crate full of recovered screws, Cole looked upon the task he had set upon himself, and all he had gathered to fulfill it.

Neatly arranged upon a makeshift table made of some crates and a large sheet of metal, laid a wide selection of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, drill bits, hacksaws, bolt cutters and a couple of soldering irons. There was also an old drill and a rather rusty crowbar, along with a battered but still functional multimeter by the floor.

Adrift – Chapter 1

The boredom of the night shift.

In a cold, starless night, where the silence’s so thick you could almost slice it, the sole source of entertainment in this out-of-town scrapyard was an old, refurbished Toshiba laptop that should have probably been scrapped and made into a toaster about decade ago.