New artist! Cowfee

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Hello, Cowfee here.

I draw a variety of things, monster girls, animal girls, anime girls, etc.
I do commissions and take requests sometimes, take a look at my gallery if you’re interested. If you do want me to draw something keep in mind I like to draw soft bodies.


Week (Month) in review! 24/2 – 23/3

New Stories:
Jophanlitvisk added If Monster Girls Took Over The World…(Side Story Collection C)
Coyo added The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 2
and The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 3
I should’ve done this sooner The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 4
this is a lot of effort The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 5
never again The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 6
maybe like 2 weeks next time The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 7
who am I kidding, I’m so lazy The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 8
Lady Tyrannica added Elysium, Ch.1: Despair
and Elysium, Ch.2: Help
also Elysium, Ch.3: Dance
plus Elysium, Ch.4: Healing
and after Elysium, Ch.5: Joy
not forgetting Elysium, Ch.6: Happiness
this is a lot of lesbian smut Elysium, Ch.7: Time
BreakawayRepublic added Questionable Advice
Burned Pineapple added Umbra, Chapter 13
and Umbra, Chapter 14
continuing on with Umbra, Chapter 15
I’m growing my beard again, feels good Umbra, Chapter 16
AceTheWritefag added a few things too starting with Tales From Deleor: The Wanderer’s Guest
and then Tales from Deleor: Lone Wolf
seems like this will be a running series Tales from Deleor: Revenant Memories
run out of witty things to type Tales from Deleor: Matter of Faith
Cursed Item Merchent added New Life
Mousykins added Lich Part 7
Kitsoviet isn’t dead and added Small Town Blues Ch. 5
Many Eyed Hydra published H-Space MGB: Hunting Arachne
Monster Girl Examiner added Hell’s Kitchen Sink 2: Catfished
and later also added Swords to Plowshares
Carthois added Legend of Luck: Part One
Jexx added Panty Raiders Chapter 10
Losenis only pretends to be white All’s Fair in Love and War – Ch. 10
The Grub added Tails of the Chain Gang – Diamondback
And finally for this month Shadowman1234561 has a too many numbers in his name Pervy Vagabond

Yeah, okay. This is super late and kinda only happened because someone hit me up on the discord server (hint: join, so you too can tell me to do the things I totally said I was going to do but then never do).

In my defense, Zelda came out and then that consumed like 2 weeks of my life and then I got Total War: Warhammer which took another 2 so that was fun. Everyone makes fun of me for playing Vampire Counts but I don’t really care.

I’ll finish this off with the Monster Girl of the month, Zoras!

i'd fug a fish
Notice how like half the zoras are thirsty as fuck for Link?

Ratings and story quality and why it’s mostly a pile of crap

Time for some “sit down and listen” real talk for a few minutes. Ever since I added the rating system and enhanced the whole thing, the situation about a stories quality not being reflected in the score just got a lot worse than before, which is mostly due to tons of people who read stuff on the site and just blindly rate everything 5 stars.

some of you would probably give 50 stars if possible

Let’s break down the arguments I will inevitably recieve personally.

  1. But I don’t rate 5 stars on everything!
    Yes… yes you do. If you give 5 stars to 20 stories and then rate a single one 3 stars, you are part of the problem.
  2. Rating is hard!
    Not really. You don’t even have to be registered to rate. A single click at the end of the story will do the trick.
  3. But ratings are subjective!
    Yes and no. If you eat at a restaurant, chances are there are some you like more and others you like less, even though the food is generally good. Would you give every single restaurant the highest rating? Does that pizza place on the corner deserve the same score as the BBQ place in the center of the city with free beer and naked waitresses serving Filet Mignon?
  4. Giving less than 5 stars is bad for the author and demotivating!
    While it can be demotivating to recieve, let’s say 10 single star ratings, giving 5 to everything makes the whole process utterly trivial and meaningless. If you give a more nuanced score, the writer will be able to check much better which stories did something good and which stories did something bad. In a sea of 5 star ratings, your vote is meaningless.

This small picture to the right is an excerpt of what my ratings database looks like, page per page… I salute that one guy who had the balls to give something else than 5 stars.

So what should you rate then?

3 stars is average. 3 stars is not a bad story. You might enjoy a 3 star read but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. 4 stars is good. Hell if most of you people would give 4 star ratings instead of 5 stars all the time, the whole base situation would be a LOT better than it is right now.

5 stars is a -perfect- score. You have never seen something like it, the grammar is solid, the storytelling is impeccable, the worldbuilding draws you in, the characters are a joy to experience… and honestly not many stories deserve that rating.

All you do if you give 5 stars like a donkey that has a pavlovian reflex is to diminish all the good stories that deserve 5 stars.

At the same time, if you read something you don’t like, give it 1 or 2 stars, that is perfectly acceptable. It doesn’t mean you’re an ass. You are leaving valuable feedback for the author. More importantly you leave valuable feedback for other readers as well.

Our ratings are horrible.

And if you give 5 stars all the time, you are not helping. Take a step back and breathe and reevaluate.

Thanks for your time!

Scribbles & Some Updates

Yo, Dan here. Uploaded a few new sketches up on my gallery. Check ’em out. Did them during a live stream.

Speaking of live stream, I’m gonna be streaming more regularly. As in, on every Saturday n’ Sunday at 3 PM (MST). I’ll be playing some games then draw for a bit. Peep the link if ya interested in that.

In other news, I made a Discord server. If you got an idea for a drawing you wanna run pass me, maybe you wanted to keep up-to-date on whatever projects I’m working on, or you just wanted to say hi to me, then come on in.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention this, but I got my Etsy stop up.

So, if you wanted to buy a sketch I’ve done, you can do so by clicking the link above. If you’re short on cash, that’s fine, but if you can share the link around I’d super appreciate it. Thanks!

Week in Review 17/2 – 23/2

New Stories this week:
BurnedPineapple added Umbra, Chapter 12
Johanlitvisk added If Monster Girls Took Over The World… (Chapter 4)
and If Monster Girls Took Over The World… (Chapter 5)
Coyo18 added The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 1

And finally two last Valentines Day event submissions:
Shock Heaven added First Date Preparations
Abaggijawah added Lovers Leaping

If I’ve missed anything from this week let me know in the comments or in the Discord channel. But after the Valentines event it’s been a reasonably quiet one.

For now I’ll leave you with the Monster Girl of the week: The Tsuchinoko.

japan agrees, don't bother them about it
fat snek is best snek

Valentines 2017 Results page available

Boy what a ride.

Let’s make this short and sweet:

First place in art goes to Axem with his Scylla picture

by Axem

And the first place in writing goes to

rserenity – Two Apart
Jonas is hot on the tail of his enemy: the top general in the monster army, a dragon of considerable combat and tactical prowess. He’s found an invitation she left behind and charges forward, certain of a trap but determined nonetheless. What he encounters, however, is something completely different.

You can find the full results here:


…also reachable through the top menu.

Thanks for everyones patience and I will reach out to every participant personally.

Week in Review 10/2 – 16/2

Valentines day Stories:
LightningFlare added Pokémon: Day of Ascension
Sloth added The Succubus Student Council President: Chapter 1 Rendez Vous
AceTheWritefag added The Love Dinghy
Cathois added A Red Admirer
StolenDonut added Gift
Losenis added Terror lurking in the night
BreakawayRepublic added Night of the Amethyst Serpent
Ashenm added Kobold in a Candy Store
Johanlitvisk added In the Spirit of the Day
RSerenity added Two Apart
BreakawayRepublic added My Blue Valentine

Also published this week:
BurnedPineapple added Umbra, Chapter 11
ShadowMan1234561 added Date with an Alp

This is MiFi0, one of the moderators from the discord, taking over the weekly review from Aftyn as he has resigned from the position. I’ll try to be on time with these, but I make no promises all the same. Feel free to bug me in the chat if I forget.

This week saw the submission deadline for the Valentines event so most of the published stories for the week are for that. Winners will be announced soon. I think. I actually have nothing to do with the judging so I’ve got no clue as to a time frame, sorry.

Monster girl of the week, the Kikimora.

best meido, japan agrees don’t bother them about it