Valentines Day Event 2017

Hello! Today were kicking off the Valentine’s Day Event Writing and Drawing Contest!

some MGs simply can’t cook

From Feb 1 to Feb 14, writers and artists will be able to create an original piece that emphasis the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Pick a monster girl and go write or draw about them going on a romantic date or doing some other Valentine’s Day related event. Art entries and Writing entries will be kept separate, to ensure fair competition. That also means no Original Characters.

You’ve got a lot of freedom with this event so go ahead and create to your heart’s content!

What do I do? – Write a Valentines Day story with any MG you like. Or draw some Valentines Day artwork.

Limitations? – No existing OC character. Apart from that, anything goes. The content must be released within the 2 weeks until the event ends. Already previously published works are not eligible.

How do I enter? – Simply submit your Story or Art to SnowDrakE on the TFT Discord. If you don’t have Discord, use the Contact page and send me a link to the work. Remember to use a proper email in that case.

When will it end? – 14th of February, middle of the day US timezone (whenever the post will go up).

How or what do I win? – The stories and art will be judged separately by a panel of 5 people who will not participate in the contest. Top places in art and writing may be eligible for Steam prizes, nothing too fancy, subject to further announcement as Valentines approaches.

Brought to you by Aftyn and SnowDrakE
…but mostly Aftyn.

Business Yeti + PSA

Finished a commission of MGE’s Yeti in a business suit, so check that out.

Also, I’ll letting you guys know that I’m gonna be opening up an Etsy store soon to sell some of the sketches I’ve done. So if ya wanna cop one of my monster girl sketches, then you’ll be getting a chance soon. Planning for it to open on Friday. So, follow my Twitter to know when the store launches.

Welcome to 2017!

Hey Folks, welcome to a new year and hopefully new beginnings!

I’ll be taking over the weekly update posts in place of Donitor, so hopefully I can live up to the wonderful work he’s done so far.

The primary purpose of these posts will be to inform readers about various things that are happening in Monster Girl related news. We’ll be resuming story updates starting Monday and we’ll still have Monster Girls of the Week as they’ve proven to be popular, and various events are being set up for the future that both writers and authors can take part of.

In other news, it would appear that an OVA of Monster Girl Quest has been produced and will be available some time this month for about $20 US dollars.

Twas the night before Christmas

Charon by .less

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Well perhaps except for one.
Her name was Charon, and there was still much to be done.

A girl with long hair of white, and a staff to guide the dead,
The boatman smiled at her recent work, her craft painted a bright cherry red.

For Christmas was her favorite holiday, one she would never dare miss,
scavenged lights adorned her house, a rainbow lighting up the abyss.
She twirled on her toes, pure delight at the sight,
It was a shame she had forgotten,

That Christmas doesn’t come to the Underworld.

It was a dark and dreary place, full of ash and bleak air,
Only the dead belonged here, a venture Santa could not dare.
But this did not stop Charon, with tinsel in hand,
As she decorated her dead branch; a stand-in, you’d understand.

Baubles and bright things, she adorned on her tree,
With great care and precision, unaware that it was crappy.
But that didn’t stop her, she continued all the same,
A shame then still,

That Christmas doesn’t come to the Underworld.

The time soon drew near, panic set in for she still had to sleep
With a leap and a bound, she hopped into bed with nary a peep.
The house was quiet now, devoid of all sound
Except from the shadows, crawled out a Hellhound.

She was Helen, a hellhound, the pet of the pun loving girl
Unwilling of course, her jokes made her hurl.
Dull crimson eyes with teeth to match, she was a full blown murderess
Like her cousin, Cerberus.

But the sight of the sleeping boatman, made even her flames dull
She was innocent at heart, even if she was a numbskull
With a great heavy sigh, she proceeded to work
Turning bone to comb and fur to scarf, she strove to produce her own handiwork

Christmas doesn’t come to the Underworld.

But that didn’t stop her, for she too was young once
At least she could make someone happy, even it was for this dunce
Each present was set with diligence and care
Her tail whole was wagging, even down to its root hair.

Everything set, she kissed Charon good night
It was fine, she told herself, it would never come to light.
She crawled atop the bed, and tucked her tail in,
So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night

Slight issues after wordpress update

This is just a heads up, no need for alarm.

Apparently the recent upgrade to the newest WordPress release has broke at least one Plugin I use to manage content on the site. I have already isolated the culprit and checked back with the original developer if there will be a fix coming soon.

Failing a proper fix within the next days, I will rewrite the functionality on my own by this weekend.

Symptoms you may encounter are database and memory issues. If you want to help me identify them, leave me a message on Discord where you found these errors, in case you run into them. All of the normal content is unaffected. Stories and your glorious pictures are good to go.

Your humble dataslave,