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Another quick site update on whats going on in the background.

This week has seen a good increase in activity, we have new artists on board and lots of tiny issues have been fixed in the background. The Stories archive now displays properly (finally!) and I am working on adding some kind of filter/search/sort functionality to the page itself. Also, the search function on the site works like a charm. Don’t forget to use it.

Alas, this week also gave rise to a lot of bot account registrations, which is why I deleted several accounts and will introduce something to at least make it harder for bots to sign up. If any normal user gets hit by that, poke me and I will deal with it.

Speaking of poking me, new Contact pages and others will be coming soon.

Off to a good launch

It’s been a busy week, but the site is now steadily growing and more functionality is getting added.

Bobanon moved several big stories here, so be sure to check them out. Comments are open on an individual basis, up to the Author, but feel free to login and leave comments on them.

.less is the first artist to have his own Gallery here. Everything is running nicely and we will see how much bandwidth that takes up. So far, everything is available in original high quality resolution, no loss of quality.

If you like to host your writings and/or artwork here, get in touch with us.

Enjoy your stay.