MGEEC Ch.5 Ex Giant Family: Cyclops

Monster Girl Encyclopedia Encounter Compendium entry 5.

A lonely Hunter chases his prey when he stumbles across a lost, introverted cyclops looking for the nearest village. But what she wants there seems to be a touchy subject for her. But whether he wants to know or not, Amren will very soon get wrapped up in it anyways.

(So, just a quick disclaimer. I’ve been uploading these stories pretty frequently and I don’t want anyone to think that I stole these from somewhere. I’ve been working on this series on another site and I’m just transferring what I had so far here over time. I just didn’t want to spam them all at once, so I spaced their uploads out a little. Once I’m up-to-date with my stories, I will of course take a lot more time to post new ones. I hope you all enjoyed my works so far nonetheless.)

The Nurse Will See You Now

Nurse Artemis certainly knows how to make an impression. Dark skin, bright red hair, a firm, muscular body with child bearing hips and cleavage you could drown in… crowned by glowing red eyes and bright white fangs. A vampire is an apex predator designed to hunt human beings… and now she has her eyes set on one of her patients, and there’s no going back.

The Knight’s Tale

1 v 3 has never looked so good, and losing a fight sounded so sweet. In the midst of a pitched battle between the forces of the Demon Lord and a Crusade of the Order, Ser Luke von Drachen will find himself in dire straits against a bevy of lethal beauties, all determined to claim him as a war prize!

Wolf Control

Re-releasing some of my earlier works. Believe it or not, this was my first Greentext.

A worker employed in Monster Girl Control (Sub-division of Animal control) picks up a feral wolf girl.