What have we been up to?

There has been a ton of updates and an influx of new Writers especially. TheGrub and Eyepop are now hosted successfully and Bobanon uploaded part 11 of his Laska story.

The site has seen several updates, most importantly some visual enhancements, from better excerpts for long posts up to a slightly wider content area to make reading easier.

If you would like to get your Artwork and/or Stories hosted here, please simply register and throw me a mail per the Contact page to get in touch with me. Registering is free, there are no ads on the site, the process takes 1 minute (depending whether I am online) and you’re good to go.

Comments are always appreciated.

Spam? Spam.


Another quick site update on whats going on in the background.

This week has seen a good increase in activity, we have new artists on board and lots of tiny issues have been fixed in the background. The Stories archive now displays properly (finally!) and I am working on adding some kind of filter/search/sort functionality to the page itself. Also, the search function on the site works like a charm. Don’t forget to use it.

Alas, this week also gave rise to a lot of bot account registrations, which is why I deleted several accounts and will introduce something to at least make it harder for bots to sign up. If any normal user gets hit by that, poke me and I will deal with it.

Speaking of poking me, new Contact pages and others will be coming soon.