Bird’s Eye View: Chapter 2- Bird’s The Word

I turned around to see two rather homely women- both human and standing at the entrance. The shorter, chubbier one with scraggly blonde hair was looking at Perri and myself with a disgusted sneer on her face while she held up a camera phone.

“Remember that golf-ball sized clump of bird shit on the hood of your car last week?” the taller, far more masculine one began to bellow out. “I guess we know who the responsible party is.”

The gruesome twosome took a couple of steps into the pharmacy.

“Wonder what she’s doing here. Don’t those things eat like…..worms and seeds and shit like that?” chubs asked loudly as she was walking right past Perri.

“You know, I heard that these bird-girls are an all female species. They need human men to reproduce.” Chubs said.

“Really? Apparently they haven’t heard of these things called ‘standards’.” Butchie sneered at her friend. “Seems like they’ll sleep with any pathetic, trashy piece of shit to keep the species going.”

As I’m gritting my teeth, Perri seems to be trying to burn a hole into the countertop using just her eyes.

“Ew…what kind of loser is desperate enough to try and score with a girl who’s part bird, anyway?”

Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World Ch. 16

Chapter 16: Team Excercise

Anja, Jaina and Kalaydus decide to officially put together a hunting team. The only thing left is to welcome Anja as a new member. A warm… warm welcome.

(I decided to devote an entire chapter to smut after ending the last one a bit early. So no plot, only sex this time.)

MGEEC Ch.12 Papillon Family: Mothman Pt.1

Encounter Compendium Chapter 12 Part 1/2

An overthinking weaver meets a simple-minded Mothman in his storage room who absolutely adores him. He tries to hold back from submitting to his urges but the more she tempts and opens herself up to him, the harder that becomes.

The Flute, The Dancer, The Temple

Set in a world roughly, if vaguely, answering to the MGE universe. An eastward-bound trading caravan stops over for some days in a coastal town, and one merchant’s young assistant has a literally life-changing encounter with one of the residents – an apsara, a Mamono priestess of the goddess of love, who offers him a purpose beyond his wildest dreams.

Blind Faith

Her mood grayer than the storm clouds above her, she walks with no destination. Her home is destroyed, and her once-prosperous village is long gone. She has no hope, until a gesture of kindness from a stranger sparks something within her…

MGEEC Ch. 11 Ogre Family: Blue Oni

The change towards the acceptance of Mamono in Zipangu didn’t come over night. It was a tough and arduous process pushed forward by the mission of Zeno Oto, a scholar and representative of monsters that wanted to join the public. Along with his assistant Maika, he travels the land to win allies while discovering a lot more than just stubborn resistance.

Love as pure as water

People generally avoid introducing themselves to their romantic partners via plane crash, but this story is an exception. A lonely pilot and an uncertain sea bishop save each other, and start to find more to love with every passing day.

Harem for the Holidays

The real meaning of the season is giving of yourself to others. Unfortunately for this Mall Santa, certain individuals want him to give of himself very directly, and perhaps far more literally than he had intended.

Art credit: Kanachirou