Stuck in the Blizzard

“You!” she said, her large singular eye still focused on the device on her hands. “Fix my Game-Station Four.” I blinked twice before I was able to process what she just said.

“What? Your Game Station? What are you talking about?” I asked her in confusion. She rolled her eye before focusing back to the device.

“My Game Station. I was playing, um…” Her eye glanced upward for a moment before returning back to the device. “…a game, yeah, when suddenly it shut off! The TV doesn’t turn on, and the lights just went off.” Her voice clearly indicated that she was annoyed at this turn of events.

“The whole building suffered a power outage. There is no power to be had right now.” I calmly explained.

“Well then fix it then.” she commanded. I felt a slight tug to do something.

“Fix what? A power outage? In this weather?!” I could feel my voice rising from that last question. Her singular red eye finally stared right into my eyes, her iris lighting up with bright red.

“Do it now.” She commanded. I could feel a pull of my feelings with her words.

A Crescent Date Before Christmas

Disclaimer: This is not one of my best pieces of writing and in hindsight is a bit cringe. I wanted to try something a bit different with the Christmas format while also including some references to my other works, but the end result isn’t up to my usual level of quality. For many people Christmas…

The Bird and The Cage Chapter 6

In the disarray of her vision, she saw something faintly and her head locked on it. Heart pounding, her eyes went wide as she saw the small hole in her nest. Frantic, she moved to it, laying flat to look through it and saw a small tunnel just beyond it, her mind snapping to attention. The jumble of thoughts and fears in her mind filtered away and one key memory sprung to mind before she jumped to her feet and flew out of the cave.

The Diary of a Chimeranologist: Fragment Three

After a sojourn in the desert, many would consider an island getaway to be ideal. But in the dawn of the 19th century, such tropical paradises often harbor the barbous moments of man’s history. Can the intrepid kikimora explorer, Sashenka Demidov, overcome the darkness of man or will she be devoured by a darkness from beyond the stars?

The Bird and The Cage Chapter 5

It started off as a faint squeeze on his leg that Cullen almost didn’t register at first as he was transfixed by the predatory glare of his captor, but the sensation began to grow tighter, causing him to squirm and tear his eyes away from her. He glanced down at his sprawled out legs and saw that her feet was progressively growing tighter and tighter around his calves, which caused him to narrow his eyes in confusion at them before he struck him what she was trying to do, his eyes shooting up at the sight of her talons growing closer to his fragile skin. He tore his gaze back to her, and saw a sadistic gleam enter her eyes as his own panicked look met hers; he swore he could see her smirking at him. 

The Diary of a Chimeranologist: Fragment Two

The early 19th century roars ahead as modern science begins taking shape. Its adherents charge ever onward to discover the unknown and detail the obscure. Despite being a woman, the intrepid kikimora of noble birth, Sashenka Demidov, counts herself among them. Having narrowly avoided the grip of death in the forests of South Africa, she awakes in an inhospitable land of red sand and scorching heat, determined to continue her quest to shine a light upon the monster girls of this world.

The Bird and The Cage Chapter 4

Cullen remained rooted to the spot, unable to tear his gaze away from the blood around the creature’s lips. It had to be a dream–that’s it, he must’ve still been dreaming. This wasn’t real, none of it, why would this fantastical creature be before him? It had to have been the exhaustion from the hard work over the past few days, and he was just having a very bad nightmare. He shut his eyes and lightly slapped his face with his hand, hoping to awaken from this nightmare into the comfort of his own bed. But once he opened them, he could only see the same monster before him, it’s eyes filled with confusion.

Young Lives & Old Scars

”Sincerely, I believe that there isn’t any string of words that can come close to describing what goes through your mind when everything around you is shouting that death is a stone’s throw away. I for one have never been able to find that magic combination of words . . . though sometimes I wish I could, since it would mean one less failure haunting me. And tonight, I can feel that incident so vividly…”

The Bird and the Cage Chapter 1

Cullen chuckled as images of the last time Isabel had “played” with Silas. He had come home to see her laying on his back, with her arms wrapped around his neck, a defeated look on his face as he looked up hopefully at him to save him from the menace that was his little sister. He had, of course, left him there.

The Bird and the Cage Introduction

His eyes narrowed suddenly at one set of tracks, however: they didn’t seem to be from any animal that he knew of that lived in the woods. The tracks were bird-like, but the imprints were bigger than any bird that he knew of. Curious, he placed his hand next to the track and saw they were almost the same size, with the tip of his fingers being the difference. The way the tracks were spaced was odd as well: instead of the typical straight and parallel nature of most bird tracks as they hop along the ground, these tracks were spaced as if the thing was walking like a man–one in front of the other, albeit, if the man making them was drunk.