After some minor delays, it’s time to release the results I guess! I’d like to start by thanking everyone who has entered this time. In the end we had eight writing entries and two art with both familiar and new names in here.

And let’s start with our two art entries shall we:

Axem – Dahnuki
Ehrrr – FoxTen

Once more, click on the image to see the full size version.

And now thew writing submissions:

Coyo, Debts of a Danuki –
TwoHeavens, Shrine Fox Serenade –
Midnight-Chan, How to Bag an Asshole –
BreakawayRepublic, One Night at The Jade Dragon –
Jake’s, Say It’s Only A Paper Moon –
Eins, Birth of a Wish –
AnonMD, A Divine Taste –
Spazival, Caramel Sunset –

Judging was once again done by four judges, this time those being EyePop, Carthosis, ducc and myself. However this time judging was done by three judges for each category based on our strengths. EyePop, ducc and myself did Art while for Writing it was Cathosis, EyePop and me.

We used the same scoring system as the last competition again, with the judges examining each piece and rating it 1 to 8 for writing and 1 or 2 for art.


1st Place – Axem (4 points)
2nd Place – Ehrrr ( 5 points)


1st Place – TwoHeavens (9 points)
2nd Place – AnonMD ( 9 points)
3rd Place – Breakaway Republic (9 points)

4th Place – Coyo (12 points)
5th Place – Eins (13 points)
6th Place – Spazival (16 points)
7th Place – Midnight Chan (19 points)
8th Place – Jake (21 points)

Writing ended up with an interesting conundrum this time in that we had three with the exact same sum and average scores. The tie was eventually resolved by going with which submissions had more higher ranks which left us with the results here.

All the judges will provide feedback upon request and EyePop in particular has written some very extensive critique for each.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Thank you once again to everyone who has participated, I’m glad to see the passion that the community shares for fluffy tails of all kinds still continues. It was also to see a lot of tanukis being played off as the boundless tricksters they’re traditionally portrayed as in legend.

I’m sorry again for the slight delay at the end there, poor time management and family things got the better of me. The tentative time frame for the next competition is roughly sometime mid May. I’ll give two weeks warning before it begins again.

Once again, if you have any questions or suggestions on the competitions, don’t hesitate to message me either on the site here or on the discord.

TFT successfully upgraded to WordPress 5.1

Heads up that we jumped a few upgrades right to a major release, so while the update went very well, there might be a few odd bits and pieces that don’t play as nice anymore.

One of the biggest changes and the reason why I held off on updating the core of the site for so long is that with WordPress 5 comes a completely new editor that would objectively be worse for writing.

I have enabled classic editing mode to circumvent that. Nevertheless, if you think something isn’t behaving as it should, please poke me on Discord.


2019 Valentines Writing Event – Vote Now

Slight deviation from the usual 2 hour speedwriting. This event allowed a generous 24 hour timeframe for writing, the topic was “Post-apocalyptic valentines”.

Only 6 entries unfortunately, a few people pulled their submission before the end.

A wasteland for two
Lia (Dragon Bioweapon Girl)
It can happen
To Begin Anew

We will stick with the same voting rules, everyone has 1-3 votes, to be spread around as you see fit. Voting period will span 2 weeks. Enjoy reading!

Post Apocalypse Valentines (pick 3)

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Full day writing event

Heya guys,
it is time for the next writing event. As announced this writing event will not be limited to 2h. Instead it will last 24h, to give you a bit more time to map out the story.

The topic for the event will be provided on 23rd of February midnight GMT+1 (Saturday night to Sunday)
Make sure to send in your entry till 24th of February midnight GMT+1
No page limitation.

Prizes will be as usual, place 1-3.
Voting period will last 2 weeks.

Entries to be handed in to Snow or me (Nella).
Looking forward to this event.

“Not my Valentine” Creative Event

Hey guys,
as promised last year I want to start another creative event with it’s own unique “voting power” reward.

You will receive a 2x vote power for one of your chosen votes (if there are multiple).
The duration of this reward will last till the end of April.
You are eligible from the moment your entry has been handed in (including this months speed writing).

The deadline for the creative event will be  the 28th February midnight GMT+1, starting from today.

Accepted entries are:

  • Cookery/Bakery
  • Handycrafts
  • Any situation/scenery that fits the topic
  • artwork (you are the artist, no commissions, no previously used art)

The topic for this creative event will be, “Do not be my Valentine. / You are not my Valentine”
So either a “refused” Valentine or an intentional messing up of Valentine’s Day.
Make sure it is visible that you are the “owner” of the entry (a nametag in the picture or signature)

For any questions and handing in the entries you can catch me on discord: Nella.
If i should not be responsive via Chat or PM talk to Snow.

Looking for you creatives heads.

Kitsune vs Tanuki writing and art competition!

.less with the good stuff again, thanks man

First competition of 2019 from me, still kind of amazed I managed to keep focused enough to run a third one of these. But hey, it’s a ton of fun and doesn’t take much effort on my end so we’ll keep things going.

The format remains the same, you have 30 days to make your submissions and they will end at 0300 UTC (I thought to actually specify a time this time around). Like always, Art and Writing will be judged separately.

Rules for Writing:

Must involve a Tanuki or Kitsune as a major character (main character, or main love interest etc.).
Whichever is not a major character must be involved somehow (major, minor, mentioned only in passing it’s your call).
Must involve some form of shapeshifting/transformation.
Story must end in a “good end” (can involve suffering, but at least end with them in a good place). 
No re-use of already written/published stories.
Maximum 25,000 words length.

Rules for Art:

Must involve Tanuki and/or Kitsune as the main focus of the art.
No gore/NTR.
No re-use of already drawn/published art.

How to enter:

Submit your story to me via the TFT Discord  preferably via PMing it to me directly. If you don’t have or want to use Discord, you can use the Contact Page on the site and in that case please make sure to mark that it’s for this competition and use a valid email address so I can get back to you.

When will the competition end:

On the 3rd of March at 0300 UTC. Judging will go for two weeks following, with the results announced on the 17th of March also at 0300 UTC.

Prizes to be won:

Prizes are the same as last time.
1st Place – $50 Steam Voucher and one free Humble Bundle Key from my long list of unclaimed keys
2nd Place – $25 Steam Voucher and a free Humble Bundle Key
3rd Place – $10 Steam Voucher and a free Humble Bundle Key

Click here if you wanna see all the keys I have up for grabs, I seriously have so many unclaimed keys. The prize pools are separate for Art and Writing, but the prizes for each place are the same for both.

How will the judging work:

Entries will be judged by a group of four judges who will not be participating in the competition. Art and Writing will be judged separately.

And away we go! These competitions are a blast for me and I hope everyone can enjoy themselves this time too. Remember that most importantly these are a fun way to practice and improve your skills and as always if you have any questions or need clarification on anything don’t hesitate to hit me up on discord, I’m always around. I have no life.

fuck I’ll do the month in review thing like tomorrow I promise

Speed Writing Event Jan 2019 (Fireworks)

We had 9 submissions for this one, standard rules, 2 hours time to write. Nice turnout overall.

The events topic was:

“Firecracker/fireworks competition (may be in connection with new years or not) use at least 2 MGs from the following list:
alraune, thunderbird, ignis, mermaid, sylph, mummy, kraken, hinezumi, beelzebub”

Favorable Seas
A Night to Remember
The First Polovian New Year
Shock and awe
Dyaro’s Star
Junkyard Gals

Please login to TFT and vote for your favourites below. Each user has up to 3 votes. 1st place will get a 10$ Steam gift, 2nd and 3rd will net a 5$ Steam gift. Winners will be contacted next week.

New year, new speedwriting! Pick your top 3 below:

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