Winter Writing Event

The final competition of 2019. For anyone that made their New Year’s resolution to be write more stories, this is the last chance you’re getting before the holiday season kicks into full gear.

Now, for this event, I will be hosting not one but two competitions. The first competition will begin on the 29th of November and will end on the 13th of December. The rules will be posted here just before the beginning of the competition and on the TFT Discord.

The second competition will be a speed writing competition, lasting a total of 48 hours. This will happen immediately after the two-week competition, so on the 13th until 15th of December, and will have its own rules. The rules will be posted here just before the beginning of the competition and on the TFT Discord.

Both competitions will begin and end at 2200 EST, 1900 PST, 0300 UTC (the following day).
I will post a link to a timer for the deadlines within the rules.

Here is the timer for when the first event begins.


Submit your story to me directly via Discord, I will be in the TFT Discord. You are free to post your stories on TFT once you finish them. If you do not want to use Discord or can’t for whatever reason, just comment on the announcement with a link to your story.


Must involve one of the following monster girls as a major character or a minimum of two as minor characters: Bicorn, Echidna, Hellhound, Unagi Joro, Apophis, Pharaoh, Wight

Must take place during the winter (No holiday requirement, but you can if you want)


No reusing old/published stories

Cannot reuse the same story for both competitions

Maximum 25,000 words length

Countdown Timer


Must involve one of the following monster girls as a major character or a minimum of two as minor
characters: White Horn, Elf, Dark Elf, Glacies, Ice Queen, Yuki-Onna, Tsurara-Onna

Must take place during a major holiday in the winter (Xmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, etc.)


No reusing old/published stories

Cannot reuse the same story for both competitions

Maximum 25,000 words length



1st Place – $25 Steam Voucher
2nd Place – $15 Steam Voucher
3rd Place – $5 Steam Voucher

Voucher can be exchanged for any other online gift card of equal value or purchase of a game on steam/gog/etc of similar value upon request.


Entries will be scored by a series of judges who will not be participating in the competition.

As a reminder the rules for these events will be announced within this very post when the time of their listed starting dates begins.

Until then, good luck.

Some cleaning

Heads up, we’re getting a ton of spam registrations, so I have cleaned out the user database.

If you never commented, rated or sent messages or did anything with your account, chances are your user account might have gotten removed in the process. Of course you can always register again.


Bird’s Eye View Quick Update- Artwork, Profile Added

Still working on Chapter 6, but I managed to commission some artwork of Perri Greene the falcon harpy- the narrator’s homestay in Bird’s Eye View.

The pictures are by Tipsypaipai, and I was so pleased with how they came out I thought I’d share them (I did the text of the ‘Perri’s Secrets’ profile, though).

In all likelihood, Akagane the Tanuki lawyer will be next.

Perri playing keep-away with the narrator’s Stetson.
Perri Greene the falcon harpy admiring her new favorite food.
Bonus art- Perri seems upset about something.

Update on Gamedevelopment on Twitter

In case you are not on the Discord or not following the Twitter or both, here is a link for you.

Things still missing before we hit the alpha release:

  • Better item management (weapons and armor are important and not exactly optional)
  • Experience (we got the battles running, now you need to level up)
  • Better UI (not intuitive right now, especially not the party management)
  • Sound Effects (falconpunch.wav)

Yep. Last stretch.


Beautiful feedback

So apparently someone is trying to mirror the whole site:

First off, unregistered user. Couldn’t even be bothered to login. Secondly, I have been keeping the site up and running and safe from EU laws and content theft for years now. Third, if you’re so concerned about the site, there is a nice big Patreon link on the right side that will allow me to upgrade the hardware and get us more speed.

I have kept the site up completely free for years, now I get donations to cope with the traffic. (It’s just a little more traffic!) If you want to have the site faster, please support it. I don’t even have any advertising running anywhere.

As for backups, I make backups regularly.

I don’t upload content, the artists upload content because they trust me to provide a stable platform. If you have no faith, by all means, go and make your own site. More sites are always better. But at least make sure to leave control in the artists hands.

At the very least, I’d assume you’d have the balls to come to the official Discord and ask me directly.


An Ode to Charon

Once upon a time back in the good ol’ glory days on a certain image board, people happily and freely conversed and about their favorite monster girls to their hearts content.

It was a period of golden age enlightenment. People waited eagerly for greentext post stories or contributed original drawings of their favorite monster girls, and some of those very same people from those bygone days are even still with us here today.

In those paradisaical days, amongst the intellectual thinkers and savants, a single question arose:

Could we make an original monster girl?

The challenge was great of course.

Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia was the textbook encyclopedic source of all things monster girls, and it already had an impressive array of entries.

Various ideas were put forth;

A scarecrow girl?

Maybe a north american type of fox girl?

Perhaps even a clown.

Out of the cacophony of bickering noises and arguments of whose waifu was the best, people’s tastes being shit, and centaur worship mucking about, a single sentence united them all.

“What about Charon?”

The Greek mythology ferryman of the dead.

Tasked with guiding the recently departed over the River Styx in exchange of payment with coin, which was buried with the deceased.

A serious topic indeed.

Was it even possible to turn such a morbid bleak concept into a cute, loveable character?

The denizens of the thread toiled, contributed to her mannerisms and personality, and lo, something beautiful happened.


Charon, the pun loving, awkward and  lonely ferryman of the dead was born.

She was a lonely girl, residing in a void filled underworld that rarely received visitors much less the departed. And they were often at times morose, melancholic, or downright irritable at the notion of being dead, and poor dear Charon would be stuck having to row them over to their final destination while listening to their anguished wails or final curses.

But Charon is kind at heart, and not wanting to let her passengers suffer, did the only thing she was capable of doing to alleviate the situation.

She told puns.



No one knows how it started. Perhaps she found a joke book floating in the flowing river, or maybe centuries of isolation had driven her to seek new ways to entertain herself. 

Either way, the boat ride suddenly became even more awkward as Charon, in all her glorious awkwardness, would begin to deliver lame pun after lame pun. 

“Adult” Charon



So heres to you Charon, our cute and loveable pun-loving ferryman of the dead.

Rserenity Author Update: Touched by Angels survey and next projects

Hey! This is rserenity, also known as rs or rsanon. Blogs usually aren’t my thing, given I don’t have a much of a following, but today’s a little different. I’m very sporadic with story postings and wanted to say where I’m going next as well as share the results so far from the survey I posted on my most recent story, “Touched by Angels”.

First off, I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who has read my stories, especially if you’ve given them a rating. Furthermore, if you’ve ever left a comment, either in the survey or on a story, I want to thank you doubly. Feedback is incredibly important for a writer and your comments really help me out. So, to all of you: thank you.

A very short bit about me: I’ve been writing since early 2013. My pastebin is still the most complete compilation of my writings, though the stories here have a touch more editing to them. My background is almost entirely monstergirls, starting with multiarms and manticores and eventually getting to angels. My stories tend to include smut more often than not, but there’s still plenty of smut-free writing out there.

Next, to the survey. Click here to see the full results.

That’s the whole survey minus the comments. I figured I should keep those private, just to be safe. Note that I will keep the survey open! It’s just that the responses have slowed to a crawl and I wanted to share what I’ve got with everyone.  It’s nice to see all of the character ratings. It gives me a good idea of where I might need to work and who I should be including the most. I can’t really say if it’s what I expected or not, since I didn’t have a clear idea of what to expect. I suppose since I liked Grace, I expected her to be rated a bit higher than she was, but I also understand why she wasn’t. She’s more than a little crazy.

As for Adrianne, I was very happy to her see rated so highly. It’s probably pretty obvious from my writing history that multiarms are my thing and Adrianne was how I was able to fit that into the story. I hope she continues to be a favorite.Next are the kinds of scenes you all wanted to see. I was a bit surprised to see two of the options favored so heavily over the rest. You all must know what you like. I just want to be clear: I like what I like, and I’m writing this for fun, so I’m going to write what I enjoy the most. I can’t guarantee anything for the next chapter. That said, I’m already outlining some scenes that include the popular choices here and I don’t see why I wouldn’t follow through with writing them. I’m especially happy the “Supernatural” option was fairly popular, since I like to write creative scenes.

I should also mention the absence of the “Sex” option since a few people mentioned it in comments. All I can say for now is it’s not going to happen any time soon.I think you all had made a pretty clear choice here. More GFD. Got it. However, don’t be surprised to see the fully non-con scenes continue, since I enjoy them too.

This answer is about where I expected it. It was a little tricky to word, but I think I got the idea across. You want a little more than I’m giving you now. I think I can do that, though just to be safe, I won’t be adding too much more detail. Long smut scenes can be exhausting and get bland if they go on too long. Plus… you would not believe how often I go to the thesaurus.Now with this, I’m in a tricky spot. I’m very resistant to bringing in new main characters as the more you get, the more difficult it is to properly develop each one. Also, an appropriate dynamic has all the characters interacting with each other and that web of interaction gets exponentially more complex the more characters there are. I told myself I wouldn’t be adding anyone unless there was a strong interest in it. Looking at these results, there’s a clear interest in adding a demon, plus only 30% of the respondents are opposed to a new character in general. Is that significant enough? Hard to tell. What I’m leaning toward at the moment is to include her, but only as a one-off. I won’t say any more though, I’d like to keep what happens a mystery until the next chapter is posted.

These results are both surprising and not surprising at the same time. Surprising because of exactly how much they vary. Not surprising because I figured the last two chapters would have the results weighted a little in their favor being that they were more fresh in respondents’ minds. I suppose I should be happy with this, since it implies I’ve grown as a writer since chapter 1, but I also think it’s best not to look too hard into it. If I could remake this survey, I would’ve also included a text answer to allow people to explain why they liked chapters 4 and 5 so much.

With the survey results finished, the next question is: what am I doing now? At the moment, I’m working on a sequel to “Fly High or Not at All” and “Two Apart”. While “Two Apart” was never intended as a sequel to “Fly High or Not at All”, they did both occur in the same universe and I felt I’ve put together a pretty good story to tie them together. If you like dragongirls, you’ll like what I’m working on.

After that I will likely start working on the next chapter of “Touched by Angels”. I can’t really give you any kind of timeline for either one of these. Having a full time job and other hobbies, I just work on these things while I can, and when I finish, I finish. I’m not sure how long the “Fly High” sequel will be, though I estimate around 30k words. Then the next chapter of “Touched by Angels” will probably be of similar length to the rest of them. If you’re dying for some kind of estimate, well, consider during my 2-year hiatus, “Touched by Angels” and 2 other minor short stories (about 8k words) were the only thing I wrote. That should give you a very general idea of my writing pace.

That’s all I had to say today. Don’t forget I’ve got an Imgur gallery for “Touched by Angels” here and for “Fly High” and “Two Apart” here. If you want to contact me, you can ping me in the official TFT discord (I go by “rs”) or send me a pm on this site.

Wizardquest published! Now in Hardcover!

Hey everyone! Everyone’s favorite series about Wizards is available for purchase! This is the down and dirty edited version with artwork at the back.  The test copy came in and the font looks good, so it’s ready for selling the hardback!
If interested in the hardback, please email for information on pricing and shipping.  
If interested in the ebook, which also has the artwork, please follow this link to Amazon
And for those of you who have already series, please leave a review on Amazon! Or review after you’ve read! Thanks for all the support over the years!

WordPress update fucked TFT a bit

No need to panic if you can’t see any stories right now. Admin is working on it to unfuck what needs to be unfucked.

Edit: Shits unfucked. God I hate it when new features get shoved down your throat and it breaks old stuff. Stories are rescued!

Edit edit: I have successfully removed the bloody new block editor shenenigans. Less hate when trying to do stuff for the authors and artists now.

Darkens Heir Dev update April 2019

Since the last announcement a whole lot of stuff has been done. The tutorial dungeon is pretty much finished, the initial level of the Catacombs is done, we have acquired about 400$ worth of game assets for the interface, sound, music and 3d objects, etc etc etc…

An introduction to those who see this for the first time. We have a 4 man team working during their free time in the evenings and weekends for the past months to create a solid Monstergirl RPG Dungeoncrawler. Fans of the old Wizardry or Might&Magic series should feel right at home. The project is realized in the Unity Engine and should run on any standard PC. The player will fight, steal and cheat his way through dungeons and capture Monstergirls along the way. Those Monstergirls can be used as partymembers for combat, or they can be used back home in your town, crafting resources and items, dancing in taverns for gold and getting their butts spanked.

Also we are working on getting a running playable demo out as soon as possible. Currently we are looking at roughly end of April to May for a stable alphaversion, which would contain the first dungeonmaps, a working dialogue system, the first town vendors and shops and a basic combat system. Depending on free time and reallife, dates are subject to change, might even happen earlier. To get your hands on the demo and also support development, please consider supporting us on Patreon. If you are inside the TFT Discord and you are within the gamedev tier, you will get first dibs on the newest builds and also have more regular updates on the progress.

Dungeon Update

A quick comparison on how the dungeons have developed:

new textures – camera movement – realtime lighting and shadows
planning the layout and hooking up events

…compared to an older screenshot:

early flat wall design – flat doors – first light experiments

Art update

Elakan has cleaned and colorized the first 2 common monstergirls for the initial dungeon, the Goblin and the Hobgoblin! They will have flat colors for now because that is easier to work with.

welcoming committee


A rundown on the commit changelog since new years:

  • CameraPan script added to PlayerObject prefab, CharCreation screen initial redesign 30/03/19
  • Props added and seams closed in Dungeons/DungeonHideout1, Torch light emission fixed 26/03/19
  • Dungeons/DungeonCatacombs1 added, Prefabs/pillar_A created, Mesh Collider added to prefab walls 26/03/19
  • Wall collision now prevents movement. Audio added for collision feedback. Changes applied to DungeonHideout1 25/03/19
  • Dungeons/DungeonHideout1 completely done with 3d assets, events placed, UTAGE not hooked up 24/03/19
  • add new Critical handling to AttackTarget, add critical hit status effects to Unit Stats 22/03/19
  • Fonts added. Dungeon 3d assets added. Prefabs created for mapmaking. 18/03/19
  • UI Party Canvas layout fixed for player slot 2 and 4. Dungeon props assets included. 28/02/19
  • fix font after tutorial deletion 19/02/19
  • add utage NPOI crap to gitignore list, delete tutorialinfo 19/02/19
  • UTAGE Version 3 upgrade base added 19/02/19
  • UTAGE removed, SampleScene cleaned of redundant objects. Prep for new version. 18/02/19
  • Cleanup some of the Roguelike tutorial leftovers, upgraded to new Unity version 17/02/19
  • Raycasting on movement in dungeon to check collisions 14/02/19
  • Link Fixed Unit Display Healthbar to PlayerParty 10/02/19
  • Add missing DeadUnit tag in project settings 10/02/19
  • Fix some debug refs 10/02/19
  • Copy Player Party canvas to Battlescene 10/02/19
  • Fill Player Party up with 4 members 10/02/19
  • Player Party interface extended for all 4 positions 10/02/19
  • Canvas interface size normalized in multiple scenes for 1980×1080, backgrounds moved to camera layer 09/02/19
  • Fix invalid scene name in RunFromBattle script 03/02/19
  • use real combat system for damage calculations, disable crit lookup for the time being, fix refs to destroyed gameOnbject of dead units when logging debug info, go back to city / title when units are dead… 03/02/19
  • Add missing DamageText implementation for BattleScene that prevented the nextTurn to be executed, fix typo for HUDCanvas in battle code, link Animators in UnitStats and Prefabs 27/01/19
  • New design for City and CharCreation, new basic button style included. UI Canvas set to 1080p scaling. 25/01/19
  • Converted music assets added, small size. Removed unnecessary assetstore files for space. 18/01/19
  • delete large stuff 16/01/19
  • Huge asset update, music added, minor UI changes for health and manabar 11/01/19

If you want to support the game or the site, please check our Patreon –