I’ll keep this brief since I don’t think very many people care at this point. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating well, I was suffering from near constant anxiety attacks, I was losing friends and I let my grades slip. Instead of ignoring what was bothering me I decided to grow up and face it. I deleted all my stories and commissioned art off my computer, so unless someone archived my stuff it’s gone for good, in conclusion just forget I ever existed, I was never anything special.

I wish I could have been less of a drama queen about all of this,

thanks for your time 

11 thoughts on “Hey…”

  1. Bummer, I enjoyed your stories. But it’s your content after all, and your decision what to do with it.

    I wish you all the best. Good luck with figuring out your life.

  2. Sure. Just keep in mind that your stories and constant new chapters made a lot of people happy, including those that aren’t registered or actively participate in the community and yet checked frequently to see if you posted a new story. I’m sure they thank you too.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Damnation. I know wherefore you’re coming from. I’m sorry you feel that you’re not worthy of our time, but you are worthy of our time.
    I looked forward to seeing more of your stories. Still do in fact.

    TFT can be a tough crowd to please. Don’t let harsh reviews get in the way of your ability to produce your art. Your stories are your own edification.

    I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

  4. I can understand your decision, but with that said you will be missed.

    Thank you for co-writing those tales featuring Vanessa and Sakaali.

  5. I don’t usually post because of my shyness, but I feel that I should make an exception for you. If only to clarify something.

    If you ever want to come back, do not think I will judge you. Doesn’t matter if it is a week, a month, or ten years, I am not going to blame you for anything. And though an autistic person like me certainly cannot speak for others, I do believe many of us feel the same.

    I do not come to TFT to be judged, and I do not come to TFT to judge others. I might talk about someones artistic work, though I am usually to shy for that, but I will not judge someone for leaving if they feel they have to. I will not push you into coming back, but never think I will ever blame you for leaving.

  6. It is rough out there, life can be pretty relentless, remorseless and just plain brutal. Just know you’re a very well respected author here and we all enjoyed your contributions. That being said, do what you believe is best for your health and yourself. We will all miss you and wish you the best.

  7. Art and Vanessa were a bit of an inspiration for me, a way to see how one could write this sort of material and make it come to life off the page. I will lament their loss.
    But I understand the reasoning and make no complaints. I do hope that life will balance itself back out for you. Here’s one willing and eager reader you will have waiting should you ever choose to take up the pen again.

    Best wishes to you mate.

  8. Art and Vanessa were one of my favorite couple in this community, that’s what got me into liking Jinkos. It’s a shame that you are leaving as not only the characters you created dissapear also, if you ever come back here you have an eager reader waiting.

    Good Luck

  9. I’ve been a Lurker here for a long time and I made an account here just for this, I’m going to miss those stories, had I been home today I could have archived them myself but sadly I was at work and only got a quick read on my phone. You have my condolences and I hope things will eventually improve for you.

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