Pseudo-MGE Profile: Displacer Beast

Displacer Beast by Barbariank


Displacer Beast
Family: Chimaera
Type: Devil Beast
Habitat: Forests, The Fairy  Kingdom
Disposition: Capricious, aggressive, sadistic
Diet: Carnivorous, wild animals, men’s spirit energy, etc
A chimeric beast with four arms and two squid-like tentacles protruding from their shoulders. Intelligent, sadistic, and lustful they enjoy violating men who wander close to the Fairy Kingdoms. Rather than brute force, they rely on their skill with manipulating light to appear farther or closer than they actually are in order to trick their prey. Nothing causes the passion of one of these beasts to blaze out of control quite like the sweet ecstasy of a man pinned beneath their hips.
The underside of their tentacles has evolved to harbor many hook-like growths, useful for grasping or striking things. If they come in contact with human skin, however, similar to Demon Realm silver the skin will nettle and burn with want for more. In this way, human men struck by a Displacer Beast’s tentacles will find himself desiring her to strike him or grasp him with her tentacles during sex.
In a cruel, ironic twist, they are sought after by men who desire a more sadistic relationship that contrasts with the soft, doting love of the Titanias and members of the Fairy family. In this way, there are no shortages of husbands for these peculiar creatures.
Despite their cruel, sadistic disposition when interacting with men, Displacer Beasts have a softer, unspoken side to them. The desire of their man to hold onto their backs with the tentacles of their wives will cause their heart to skip a beat while they shake their hips on top of them. In latching onto them with both tendrils, Displacer Beasts will attempt to milk more and more of their husband’s spirit energy, as if fully giving into the desire to bear his children.
Often times in social circles, these beasts will compare their sexual experiences in a contest between grips or lashes, depending on their husband’s preferences. The more times he seeks to be lashed by her tendrils, or how firmly he wishes her to grip onto his back the more intimate the sex.


The backs of their husbands will be a proof testament to their wife’s love for them, as often times during the wild, bestial sex they will scratch his back with all four paws during orgasm. In this way, with his desire to be held so firmly by all four of her paws and tendrils, a man attacked by one of these beasts will win her heart for accepting her for what she is.

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