Just in case you were wondering…

…if you’re the only pervert who likes this stuff…

Monster Girl Global Domination awww yeah


Summer is slowly starting, the sun is shining, birds are singing and we’re reading about massive paws and tender femdom. Life is good.

To make life even better, we are going to hold a writing competition next week! Stay tuned for updates and leave a comment if you’re interested in joining. It will be a 2 hour speed writing about a randomly picked monster. Entries will be anonymous until votes are done. IRC participation will be required, a webclient will be provided if you have no clue about all that.

Leave a comment if you prefer weekdays/weekends. Due to the nature of sitting in multiple timezones, you might wanna pick a day where you don’t mind staying up late.

4 thoughts on “Just in case you were wondering…”

  1. I would like to participate, though Fridays or Saturdays are easiest for me, I usually can swing evenings so long as it’s not an ungodly hour. I live in the US along the east coast. That being said, I can always catch a nap before the writing starts and go to bed after.

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